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A practical Guide to Summer Training for MBA students of Lovely
Professional niversity
P a g e ! 2
" am grateful to #r San$ay Modi% Sr #ean% Lovely &aculty of Business and Applied Arts 'L&BAA(%
)*o is t*e inspiration +e*ind t*is +oo,% #r- .a$es* /erma% Associate #ean % #r- Giris* Tane$a%
0ead of #epartment '#11( from Sc*ool of Business% for t*is sagacious advice and inputs% Mr
Sures* 2as*yap% 03S% #epartment of &inance % for +eing a constant source of motivation-
" am grateful to all faculty mem+ers at L&BAA for contri+uting to t*is document-
" e4tend my gratitude to all t*e management teac*ers of yesteryears )*o *ave contri+uted to
t*e pool of ,no)ledge and *ave *ad a *uge impact on curriculum of management education-
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T*is +oo, is a compendium of sample topics for summer training of MBA students- An attempt
*as +een made to ma,e it as compre*ensive and concise as possi+le- T*e topics given *erein
are for t*e purpose of guiding t*e students to c*oose t*eir summer training pro$ects and can +e
modified as per t*e re6uirement of t*e company- T*e topics *ave +een classified into areas of
speciali7ation for t*e sa,e of convenience and clarity- "n addition to +eing a guide for summer
training t*is +oo, can also +e used to pee, into t*e $o+ re6uirements of various speciali7ations
and can +e used to decide on t*e rig*t speciali7ation for a student-
"n addition to sample topics t*is +oo, contains various guidelines to +e follo)ed in order to
derive t*e ma4imum +enefit out of t*e t)o mont*s of summer training- "t contains t*e rules of
niversity and t*e code of conduct t*e student is e4pected to o+serve during t*e period of
T*e +oo, also contains a section on t*e activities )*ic* are generally done +y various
departments of a company- T*is s*all *elp in )idening t*e perspective of t*e students and also
increase t*e e4posure *e can receive-
All t*e formats for t*e various components of t*e course *ave +een presented in anne4ure at
t*e end of t*e +oo,-
" )is* you all t*e +est for your summer training- 0ave fun8
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Ac,no)ledgements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
Preface --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Professional Goals during Summer Training--------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
:ode of :onduct-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
Mar,eting------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;
&inance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <
0ospital and 0ealt* Management --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
0uman .esource Management ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15
"nformation Tec*nology ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
.etail Management ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1;
"nternational Business --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1=
T*e activities of t*e various departments ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1<
A>>?@.? " 1 ?valuation Parameters-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
Anne4ure """1 "mportant deadlines---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2;
A>>?@.? "/1 Pro$ect Topic Performa------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2<
A>>?@.? /" 1 &eed+ac, on fortnig*tly report +y faculty guide 'for faculty only(--------------------51
A>>?@.? /"""1 Attendance S*eet------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 54
A>>?@.? "@ 1 Guidelines for Summer Training .eport----------------------------------------------------------59
Anne4ure @ A .eferences --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5=
P a g e ! 9
Professional Goals during Summer
T*e purpose of summer training is to
ac6uaint t*e students )it* t*e practices
follo)ed in t*e industry and at t*e same
time give t*em an opportunity to do
researc* on some relevant topics in
t*eir area of speciali7ation-
1- To underta,e a meaningful pro$ect
2- To )or, *ard and s*o) initiative to
)in confidence
5- Bor, *ard to get PP3'Pre1Placement
4- Aim at ma4imi7ing learning-
9- Building relations )it* peers to
t*oroug*ly understand t*e strengt*s
and )ea,nesses of systemCs
policies and procedures-
;- nderstand systems% procedures and
=- #iscuss dou+ts and see% if% you can
ma,e suggestions-
<- Try to relate t*e practice to t*eory
and find out reasons for difference
+et)een t*eory and practice
Code of Conduct
T*e students s*ould o+serve t*e follo)ing
guidelines )*ile t*eir summer training-
1- Ad*ere to a formal dress code-
2- Be punctual in attendance-
5- Avail leave only if aut*ori7ed +y t*e
pro$ect *ead-
4- Ad*ere to organi7ationCs policies and
9- se appropriate professional
language in communication at
P a g e ! ;
;- Avoid any conduct t*at may cause
em+arrassment or disrepute to t*e
=- Assure t*at all actions and +e*aviors
promote t*e favora+le image of t*e
<- >ot ta,ing action )*ic* disrupts t*e
normal functioning-
Survey on preferences for insurance
companies with special reference
to a particular player
"nsurance is considered one of t*e most
difficult products to sell- T*e sale is
mostly pus* sales% driven +y t*e sales
agentD employee- 0o)ever% t*e
companies spent a lot of money on
advertisement and promotions- T*e
student *as to identify t*e ,ey factors
driving t*e sales and s*ould try to come
up )it* some ideal "ntegrated Mar,eting
:ampaign design for t*e product-
T*e focus *as to +e on customer
interaction and ,no)ing t*e actual
c*allenges involved in ma,ing t*e deal
ICC World Cup ffect on the
promotions of various products

A cric,et )orld cup *as al)ays captured
t*e attention of mar,eters and
consumers ali,e- A lot of researc* and
studies *ave +een done on t*is topic-
T*is topic can +e used +y more t*an one
student% varying it as per t*e companyDproduct in
Most of t*ese pertain to t*e large
companies- 0o)ever% t*is is a gala
event )*ic* affect +usiness at all levels-
T*e students *ave to study t*e impact
of t*e )orld cup on t*e +usiness and t*e
sales of t*e company t*e student is
doing interns*ip )it*-
Impact of price on the "uying
Pricing *as a lot of affect on t*e +uying
+e*avior of individuals- T*is is reflected
in t*e price discounts offered +y t*e
producers and also t*e convenient
pricing 'multiples of 9% 10(- T*e topic
re6uires t*e students to study t*e effect
of t*e printed price 'M.P( on t*e +uying
+e*avior of t*e customer-
After t*e study t*e student can suggest
some modifications in t*e price 6uantity
com+ination in order to ma4imi7e t*e
revenue of t*e product in 6uestion-
Market Survey for a new product
"n an ever prospering middle class t*ere
is a perpetual need to ne) products and
product categories- :onfectioneries and
+everage un*eard of ten year ago% are
no) a standard part of our dietary plans-
T*ere are studies on t*e c*anging
demograp*ics of t*e decision ma,er in a
typical *ouse*old purc*ase decision-
Any company loo,ing for additional
revenue streams ,eeps on launc*ing
ne) products- T*e student *as to do a
T*is topic can +e used +y more t*an one
student% varying it as per t*e companyDproduct in
P a g e ! =
survey to identify t*e needDgap in some
category and suggest a ne) product to
+e launc*ed in it-
Pull ffect in Insurance Sale
Bit*in an increase in t*e private sector
$o+s t*e ur+an consumer *as started
loo,ing for insurance covers to reduce
any and all types of ris,- At t*e same
time% t*e individual does not entertain
t*e calls of t*e insurance sales agents-
T*is dic*otomy creates t*e need to
analy7e t*e ,ey factors affecting t*e
sales and find out t*e scope of
generating pull effect in insurance sales-
T*e student *as to find out t*e effect of
mar,eting communication A in terms of
+rand recall% in t*e decision ma,ing
process of t*e individual-
ffect of Packaging on sales of
consumer products

T*ere are a lot of products in mar,et
)*ic* are purc*ased on impulse or are
small tic,et +uysE +ottled )ater% c*ips%
soaps% eata+les etc- in t*e case of suc*
products t*e pac,aging plays an
important role- T*is study s*ould focus
on t*e role of pac,aging in t*e sales of
t*e product in 6uestion-
Marketing Communication needs of
%ligopoly Companies
T*ere are some companies )*ic* *ave
a near monopoly t*eir product segment
or at +est t*ey can +e descri+ed as
oligopolies- 0P:L% BP:L% "3:L are
t*ree suc* e4amples in t*e petrol and
T*is topic can +e used +y more t*an one
student% varying it as per t*e companyDproduct in
diesel category- T*ese companies
)*ic* *ad a very laid+ac, attitude in t*e
yesteryears *ave +ecome active
advertisers no)-
T*e students need to study t*eir
mar,eting communication needs if any
and analy7e *o) t*eir needs are
different from t*e players in more
competitive productDservice categories-
Consumer perception a"out the
T*e consumer perception a+out a
company is a very important factor in
t*e success or failure of any company-
:ompanies spend a fortune to create a
good perception- T*us% it is very
necessary for any company to ,no)
*o) t*e consumer perceives it-
T*is study s*all focus on t*e various
aspect of consumer perception ranging
from +rand recall to +rand e6uity and
t*e general opinion of people even if
t*ey are not customers rig*t no)
'potential customers or influencers (
(rend analysis of sales during
different times of years
Many products *ave a cyclical demand%
pea,ing at some peculiar time of t*e
year- "f a company is a+le to predict t*e
trend correctly and timely% t*ey can
ma,e good use of t*is data- T*e
inventory management% staff
management and also t*e promotions
can +e varied according to t*e trend-
T*e student s*all study t*e cycles and
trends for t*e product in 6uestion and
suggest )ays to ma4imi7e t*e revenues
P a g e ! <
+y ma,ing use of t*is data- T*e student
s*ould dra) results from +ot* past and
present data-
ffectiveness of Integrated Marketing
Plan of the company
>o) a day t*e mar,eting and
promotions e4penditure forms t*e ma$or
part of t*e +udgets of any company-
Bit* t*e advent of alternative c*annels
of promotions% mar,eters *ave
increased opportunities for promotional
activities- At t*e same time a large
num+er of avenues add to t*e already
prevailing state of confusion- T*e
purpose of t*is study is to analy7e all
Market positioning of the products
T*e positioning of any product defines
t*e mar,eting campaign it *as to follo)%
its +udget% t*e price of t*e product and a
lot of ancillary activities- T*us% t*e
positioning of t*e product is a very
important decision t*e company *as to
ta,e- Many a time it so *appens t*at t*e
company does not ,no) t*e correct
positioning it *as in t*e minds of t*e
consumers- T*is leads to a mismatc* in
t*e actual and t*e appropriate efforts
done +y t*e company-
As a part of t*is study% t*e student is
re6uired to evaluate t*e positioning of
t*e companyCs product and $udge t*at
)*et*er it is a correct positioning or
s*ould t*e company re)or, its plans for
t*e positioning-
Working capital management at the
:ompanyCs +ig c*un, of funds usually
gets stuc, in )or,ing capital- "n order to
run t*e +usiness smoot*ly +usiness
needs t*e appropriate amount of
)or,ing capital- But )or,ing capital at
any time s*ould not +e moreDless t*an
t*e re6uirement of t*e company-
Appropriate amount of )or,ing capital
needs to +e maintained-
Bor,ing capital *as t*ree ma$or
All t*ree need to +e properly managed-
:as* conversion cycle needs to +e
minimi7ed% .eceiva+le turnover and
paya+le cycle need to +e optimi7ed- All
t*e factors *ave t*eir effect on
profita+ility of t*e +usiness- Students )ill
study t*e )or,ing capital management
tec*ni6ues follo)ed +y t*e company so
as to maintain t*e li6uidity )*ile
maintaining t*e profita+ility and suggest
means to improve t*e )or,ing capital
cycle )it*out *ampering profita+ility-
Pro*ect financing
"n a +usiness companies *ave to )or,
on ne) pro$ects in order to en*ance
t*eir profita+ility- But +efore a ne)
pro$ect is ta,en up its via+ility *as to +e
c*ec,ed- "t s*ould pass certain
parameters- 3nce t*e company decides
to go up )it* a pro$ect t*en t*e pro+lem
P a g e ! F
of its financing comes- 0o) to finance a
pro$ectG #ifferent financing instruments
*ave to +e evaluated- Students )ill
study t*e financing instruments used +y
t*e company for financing a pro$ect out
of availa+le options- :ause for selecting
a particular instruments- T*ey )ill
analy7e t*e availa+le instruments and
suggest t*e company a+out ot*er
profita+le options-
+atio analysis to know the financial
position of company,
.atios tell all a+out t*e companyCs )ell
+eing- #ifferent ratios are used to get
information a+out companyCs )ort*% its
profita+ility% li6uidity H solvency-
Students )ill get t*e information a+out
t*e different ratios of t*e company- T*eir
composition and )ill compare it )it*
t*eir peer group- B*ile analy7ing t*e
ratios if t*ey find any fla) in companyCs
)or,ing t*ey )ill suggest t*e measures
to t*e company to improve t*eir )or,ing
)*ic* )ill automatically improve t*e
-udgetary control techni.ues used "y
the organi'ation
Budgeting is a control device in t*e
*ands of t*e company- #ifferent
+udgets are prepared +y t*e company
for t*e efficient )or,ing of t*e company-
Because +udgeted figures give a
parameter to t*e company against
)*om t*e results *ave to +e evaluated-
Students )ill study t*e different
tec*ni6ues used +y t*e company for
+udgetary control% reasons for t*e use of
a specific tec*ni6ue- 3utcomes of t*e
tec*ni6ue in t*e form of increased
production% increased sale% less
e4penditure% reduced la+or turn over%
improved cas* position etc-
Inventory control techni.ues used "y
the company
"n any production *ouse inventory
constitutes t*e ma$or portion of t*eir
)or,ing capital- "nventory must +e
managed properly so as to reduce t*e
c*ances of s*ortage as )ell as e4cess
of inventory- Production *ouses use
various inventory management tools
suc* as AB: analysis% I"T% L"&3 &"&3%
stoc, levels etc- Student is re6uired to
study t*e various "nventory control
tec*ni6ues used +y t*e company%
reasons +e*ind t*e use of a particular
tec*ni6ue% +enefits of using a particular
tec*ni6ue- Students )ill e4plore t*e
opportunities to use ot*er "nventory
control tec*ni6ues not used +y t*e
Cash Conversion cycles and its Impact
on the profita"ility
&irms typically follo) a cycle in )*ic*
t*ey purc*ase inventory% sell goods on
credit% and t*en collect accounts
receiva+le- T*is cycle is referred to as
t*e cas* conversion cycle- Sound
)or,ing capital policy is designed to
minimi7e t*e time +et)een cas*
e4penditures on materials and t*e
collection of cas* on sales-
S*ortening t*e cas* conversion cycle
leads to *ig*er profita+ility and valuation
of t*e company% provided t*e ot*er
factors are constant- Generally% a
dra)+ac, of s*orter #aysC Sales
P a g e ! 10
3utstanding '#S3( is loss in sales- T*e
students *ave to study *o) t*e
companies are ac*ieving t*ese mutually
contradicting o+$ectives and suggest
means to improve t*e cas* conversion
cycle )it*out *ampering sales-
+eceiva"les management techni.ues
used "y the company
A company gets receiva+les )*enever it
sells goods on credit- .eceiva+les are
an important component of )or,ing
capital as )ell of +alance s*eet-
Students are re6uired to analy7e t*e
current receiva+le management
tec*ni6ues- B*et*er t*ey are managing
t*e receiva+les t*emselves or using
t*e factoring tec*ni6ues- 0o) muc*
time it ta,es to convert receiva+les into
cas*G &ind t*e possi+ilities to improve
t*e receiva+le cycle-
Capital "udgeting techni.ues used "y
the companies/
B*enever a ne) pro$ect is under ta,en
+y a company its financial via+ility
needs to +e c*ec,ed using various
capital +udgeting tec*ni6ues- Students
)ill analy7e t*e tec*ni6ues adopted +y
t*e company% reasons +e*ind t*e
adoption of a particular tec*ni6ue 'suc*
as pay+ac, period% >P/% "..( its
+enefits over t*e re$ected tec*ni6ues-
Cost reduction techni.ues used "y the
company and their effectiveness/
:ompany can increase its profita+ility +y
increasing its saleDselling price or +y
reducing its cost- "ts easier for a
company to reduce its cost- Students
)ill study t*e various cost reduction
tec*ni6ues used +y t*e company suc*
as 2"J?> and t*e +enefits derived +y
t*e company after t*e use of t*ese
0PA1s and growing scope of
>PACs are a part and parcel of +an,ing
industry- But +an,s can use t*ese
>PACs for t*eir +enefit +y resorting to
t*e tec*ni6ue of Securiti7ation- Students
)ill +e re6uired to study t*e >PACs of a
particular +an,% *o) t*ey are generated
and *o) securiti7ation )or,s in reducing
>PACs- Telling complete procedure
follo)ed +y t*e +an, along )it* re6uired
+isk Management in 2ife Insurance
B*enever )e tal, a+out .is,
management it is all a+out under)riting
process- Students are supposed to learn
complete under)riting process follo)ed
+y t*e life insurance company- T*ey
*ave to find *o) ris, can c*ange t*e
premium re6uirements-
+isk Management in General
B*enever )e tal, a+out .is,
management it is all a+out under)riting
process- Students are supposed to learn
complete under)riting process follo)ed
+y t*e general insurance company-
T*ey *ave to find *o) ris, can c*ange
t*e premium re6uirements-
+isk Management in -anking
Ban,ing +usiness itself entails a lot of
ris,% +ecause t*e +an,ing +usiness
mainly consists of lending money to
P a g e ! 11
people- Lending money implies ris, of
+ad de+ts- Students are e4pected to
learn a+out ris, management
tec*ni6ues follo)ed +y t*e +an,s and
*o) t*ese tec*ni6ues *elp t*e +an,s
reducing t*e ris,-
A study on "anking procedures
Ban,ing itself is a +ig industry- "t is
composed of lot of procedures say%
ma,ing drafts% clearing% assigning t*e
M":. codes to non M":. +an,
c*e6ues- A student doing *isD*er intern
in t*e +an,ing sector is e4pected to
learn all t*e +an,ing procedures and
)*at is t*e use of follo)ing t*ese
Comparative study of loan procedures
followed "y "anks
Loans are t*e life +lood of t*e +an,ing
+usiness- A procedure *as to +e
follo)ed to grant a loan- Students )ill
study t*e procedure follo)ed +y +an,s
in granting t*e loans- T*ey )ill also
compare t*e loans of different +an,s
issued in same stream- T*ey )ill +e
re6uired to find out t*e possi+le causes
of difference in interest c*arged +y
different +an,s for same ,ind of loan-
Portfolio Management
Portfolio construction is itself a tedious
tas,- "t needs consistent re+alancing of
t*e assets as per t*e needs of t*e
investor- Students doing t*eir intern in
financial planning )ill +e re6uired to
,no) all a+out t*e construction of
portfolio% *o) and )*y t*e portfolios are
re+alanced- T*ey )ill also study t*e
effect of re+alancing on t*e portfolio-
3ospital and 3ealth Management
Study on Patient Satisfaction
Students can )or, upon various
departments li,e "P#D3P# to measure
t*e satisfaction level of t*e patients
regarding t*e services provided +y t*e
*ospital- T*ey can find out t*e areas in
)*ic* t*e patient satisfaction level is lo)
and can develop a model for improving
it% t*ere+y *elping t*e *ospital to retain
customers and increase revenue-
Gap Analysis
Students can use t*e S?./KAL scale
to measure t*e service gaps e4isting in
t*e service delivery system of t*e
*ospital- T*ey can find out t*e causes of
t*e e4isting gaps- &inally t*ey can
develop strategies to close t*ose gaps
and t*ere+y improving t*e service
(A( of 2a"oratory Procedures
Turn Around Time 'TAT( is t*e time
period +et)een collection of sample for
diagnostic test and delivery of report-
T*e students *ave to record t*e TAT for
a definite time period- T*ey *ave to find
out t*e average TAT for eac* procedure
and compare )it* a +enc*mar,- &inally
design a model to improve up on t*e
procedures *aving *ig*er TAT- T*is )ill
*elp t*e *ospital to improve t*e
responsiveness parameter of t*e
service delivery process-
Patient )low in %P4
3P# is t*e unit of t*e *ospital )*ere
patients *ave t*e first service encounter-
3ften it is seen t*at most of t*e
P a g e ! 12
*ospitals face pro+lems of overcro)ding
and longer )aiting time period in 3P#-
T*is ultimately leads to t*e
dissatisfaction among patients- Students
*ave to do a detail study on eac* and
every procedure ta,en in t*e 3P#- T*ey
*ave to find out t*e lacunae in t*e
service delivery process and finally
develop a model for optimum service
Comparative Study with 0A-3
>AB0 is t*e +ody responsi+le for
accreditation of *ospitals in "ndia )*ic*
certifies t*e 6uality management
practices in t*e *ospitals- >AB0 *as
developed certain guidelines and set
standards for *ospital to +e certified-
Students *ave to evaluate t*e service
delivery system of t*e *ospital as per
t*e >AB0 guidelines and *ave to
compare t*e status of t*e *ospital )it*
t*e +enc*mar, set +y >AB0- &inally
t*ey *ave to suggest and recommend
t*e *ospitals to reac* t*e >AB0
standards- T*is )ill *elp *ospital to
attract more patients especially
international patients t*ere+y increasing
t*e revenue-
Medical Audit
Medical audit is one of t*e ma$or
process for ac*ieving 6uality *ealt*care
service delivery- Students *ave to c*ec,
medical records of t*e inpatients for a
definite time period and also t*e past
records- T*ey *ave to find out t*e
missing components in t*e records-
&inally t*ey *ave to develop a c*ec, list
for maintaining t*e medical records-
Materials and Store Management
Students *ave to study on t*e
parameters for selecting t*e vendors for
*ospital supplies- T*ey also *ave to do
an in1dept* study on vendor rating
system on t*e e4isting vendors of t*e
*ospital- T*ey can collect t*e
information from t*e mar,et and *elp
t*e *ospital in getting t*e +est vendors-
T*is )ill *elp t*e *ospital in 6uality
assurance and cost cutting +y improving
t*e supply c*ain efficiency-
5rinary Catheteri'ation Infection
"n most of t*e *ospital infection due to
urinary cat*eteri7ation is very common
giving rise to complications and
increasing t*e lengt* of stay of t*e
patients- Students *ave to develop a
c*ec, list for all procedures regarding
urinary cat*eteri7ation- T*ey *ave to
,eenly o+serve eac* procedure during
t*eir stay in t*e *ospital- T*ey *ave to
find out t*e deviations in t*e standard
procedures- &inally t*ey *ave to develop
a training module for t*e medical and
Para1medical staffs for follo)ing t*e
+est procedure-
4esign and )acilities in the mergency
Casualty 4epartment
Students *ave to do an in1dept* study
on t*e design% e4isting facilities% process
and patient flo) in t*e emergency
department of t*e *ospital- T*ey *ave to
find out t*e lacunae in t*e a+ove areas-
T*ey *ave to develop an ideal design
for t*e department for smoot*
operations- T*is )ill *elp *ospital to
reduce t*e overcro)ding and improve
P a g e ! 15
t*e overall operations of t*e emergency
Medical -illing 4epartment
Students *ave to do an in1dept* study
on different +illing procedures in t*e
*ospital suc* as insurance
reim+ursement% TPA +ills% ?S" H :G0S
+ills etc- T*ey *ave to also find out t*e
patient satisfaction level regarding
+illing- T*ey *ave to find out t*e areas
of improvement and suggest procedures
for optimum +illing process-
3uman +esource Management
+ecruitment 6 Selection process
.ecruitment H Selection encapsulates
attracting% screening% and selecting
6ualified people for a $o+ in an
organi7ation- Bit* t*e c*anging times
t*ere *as +een a paradigm s*ift in t*e
.ecruitment process )it* a gro)t* of
$o+ searc* engines H *ead*unters for
e4ecutive recruitment- T*ere *as +een a
constant focus on identifying critical
competencies )*ile *iring prospects
)*ic* encompasses not only visi+le
factors li,e 2no)ledge% S,ills H A+ilities
+ut also invisi+le H +elo)1t*e )aterline
competencies li,e Traits% Motives% Self1
:oncept etc-
T*e student is e4pected to underta,e a
study on t*e recruitment H selection
process of t*e particular organi7ation
and also study t*e recruitment H
selection tec*ni6ue +eing follo)ed in t*e
particular industry and compare t*e +est
practices in +ot* t*e cases-
(raining and 4evelopment process
T*e Training H #evelopment Scenario
in "ndia *as undergone a radical
over*aul )it* a sole purpose of
augmenting t*e performance of
"ndividuals H Team mem+ers in
organi7ational settings- T*ere *as +een
a gro)ing focus on 0uman .esource
#evelopment and t*ere is constant
attempt +y organi7ations to +ecome
Learning 3rgani7ations- At every step
Training H #evelopment *as +een
lin,ed to Strategic goals of t*e
organi7ation to augment t*e value
generated +y t*e program-
T*e students are e4pected to study t*e
training and development system of a
particular organi7ation- "n t*is pro$ect%
t*ey can analy7e t*e different
tec*ni6ues of training and development
+eing employed along )it* ot*er critical
training and development issues li,e t*e
proficiency of trainers% e4pectations from
trainees% timing% +udget etc-
Impact of remuneration on Motivation
T*is topic is an attempt to e4plore t*e
critical motivation factor for employees
over t*e ages .emuneration H its
impact on motivation levels- T*e
students are e4pected to analy7e t*e
correlation +et)een .emuneration H
Motivation level of employees- Generally
it *as +een opined t*at *ig*er
remuneration *as an impact on t*e
motivation levels of employees +ut it can
+e different for different industries as
)ell as different levels of management-
Students can researc* t*e impact of
monetary as )ell as non1monetary
P a g e ! 14
+enefits on different levels of
Impact of recession on 3+ policies
.ecession *as played ma$or role in
+usiness decisions over t*e years and
0. policies form a critical part of it- T*e
recent slo)do)n in t*e "ndian ?conomy
impacted almost all t*e critical 0.
functions +e it 0iring #ecisions% Training
H #evelopment% :ompensation etc- T*e
student is e4pected to analy7e and
study t*ese impacts H its effects on t*e
sustaina+ility of t*e organi7ations in t*e
long term-
Change management
:*ange management is an
indispensa+le part of any organi7ation-
Students can study different tec*ni6ues
adopted +y organi7ations for managing
c*ange or for reducing t*e resistance to
c*ange- T*ey can focus on any ma$or
c*ange program initiated +y t*e
organi7ation and can trac, t*e transition
during t*e unfree7ing% movement H
refree7ing stage-
(alent management
T*e students are e4pected to study t*e
different tec*ni6ues organi7ation employ
to groom t*e most valua+le assets i-e-
its employees H *o) it attempts to +uild
up on its 0uman :apital +y identifying
t*e *ig*1pots- T*e students can
underta,e a study on t*e different
initiatives )*ic* organi7ations are ta,ing
for maintaining t*e pool of talent t*roug*
t*e Assessment :entres H
#evelopment :entres H *o)
organi7ations are focusing on second
line development-
Competency Mapping of particular
T*e student is e4pected to understand
t*e process of Mapping :ompetencies
for "ndividuals in t*e organi7ation H
attempt to prepare :ompetency Models
for critical positions in 3rgani7ation- T*e
lin,age )it* eac* and every step li,e
.ecruitment H Selection% Training H
#evelopment and :ompensation needs
to +e esta+lis*ed after t*e same to
$ustify t*e entire process-
Work life "alance
Students may study t*e impact of )or,
life +alance tec*ni6ues on t*e
employeeCs productivity and turnover
rate of t*e organi7ation- /arious
concepts li,e &le4time% Io+1S*aring%
and Telecommuting etc- may +e
Performance management system
T*e students are e4pected to underta,e
an in1dept* analysis on t*e Performance
Management system in t*e organi7ation
)*ic* )ill encapsulate a detailed study
on Performance Planning% Performance
Managing% Performance Appraisals% and
Performance Monitoring +eing follo)ed-
P a g e ! 19
Information (echnology
Study of Supply Chain Management
System of an I( %rgani'ation
T*ere is a net)or, of interconnected
+usinesses involved in t*e process of
providing product and service pac,ages
re6uired +y end customers of an "T
company- T*e students need to study
t*is net)or, and suggest means to
improve its efficiency-
7"usiness and its role in inventory
Students study *o) information and
communication tec*nologies '":T( are
utili7ed in support of all t*e activities of
+usiness in vie) to control "nventory
system- T*is pro$ect s*ould entail
studying t*e impact of +etter inventory
management on t*e profit of t*e
(otal .uality management for I(
TKM is used to reduce t*e errors
produced during t*e manufacturing or
service process% increase customer
satisfaction% and streamline supply c*ain
management in "T industry- T*e student
need to study t*e current processes and
suggest improvements if any-
-rand positioning and advertising of
I( Products
T*e positioning of any product defines
t*e mar,eting campaign it *as to follo)%
its +udget% t*e price of t*e product and a
lot of ancillary activities- T*us% t*e
positioning of t*e product is a very
important decision t*e company *as to
ta,e- Many a time it so *appens t*at t*e
company does not ,no) t*e correct
positioning it *as in t*e minds of t*e
consumers- T*is leads to a mismatc* in
t*e actual and t*e appropriate efforts
done +y t*e company-
T*e student is re6uired to analy7e t*e
positioning of t*e "T Products and t*e
related advertising campaigns-
Impact of -udget and Schedule
Pressure on Software
4evelopment Cycle (ime and
T*e pro$ect re6uires analy7ing t*e direct
and indirect impact of Budget assigned
to pro$ect +y management to)ards t*e
pro$ect on development of soft)are in
terms of time and effort- At t*e end of
t*e study t*e student s*ould +e in a
position to critically analy7e t*e
effectiveness of t*e use of t*e +udget-
Consumer "uying "ehavior of e7
marketed I( products
?1commerce *as emerged as a lo) cost
and easy medium of selling soft)are
products- T*oug* it is cost efficient%
companies are still grappling )it* t*e
issues of reac*ing t*e consumers in a
muc* cluttered cy+erspace- T*is study
)ill try to gauge consumer perspective
to)ards t*e "T product provided +y
companies on internet% and suggest
means to increase t*e reac*-
Implementation of cy"er law in I(
T*e students need to analy7e t*e
concept of :y+er La)s )it* special
P a g e ! 1;
reference to t*e follo)ing issues 1 *o)
muc* consideration is given +y "ndustry
to)ards t*is and *o) it is implemented
+y t*e 3rgani7ation-
Some practical implementations can
also +e discussed-
+etail Management
Study of effectiveness of merchandise
availa"ility and consumer
shopping "ehavior
:ustomers follo) a specific pattern of
visiting to nearest convenience store-
Basically it depends upon type of
merc*andise a store *as- So effect of
merc*andise selection +y a store
manager on foot fall of a store s*ould +e
Staffing management and fle8i timing
implemented in +etail stores
.etail sector recruits large num+er of
staffs for smoot* operation- "ssue arises
+ecause of e4tended daily )or,ing
*ours and retail stores are open = days
a )ee,- So% impact of )or,force rotation
and fle4i+le timing offered to staffs
s*ould +e studied-
Materials handling e.uipment used
for cost reduction on shop
"n a )are*ouse% space management is
+ased upon types of ve*icle and
material *andling e6uipment used daily
on t*e s*op floor- 0o) it ma,es t*e
system efficient can +e analy7ed-
+etail stores and degree of automation
used for competitive advantage
?very store )ants t*e *ig*est degree of
automation done in t*eir store- But it
costs a lot to setup t*e infrastructure for
automation- As a conse6uence all
retailers do t*e automation in p*ases-
Study t*e degree of automation and
future planning for t*at store so t*at it
more automated-
+etail stores1 warehouse management
Students need to study *o) t*e )are
*ouse is coordinates )it* individual
retail stores for effective inventory
management- Also% analysis s*ould +e
done on +asis of centrali7ed and
decentrali7ed store-
a study of supply c*ain management
)*ic* sometime depends on t*ird party
vendor- Generally t*e logistics are
important factor +ut largely outsourced-
Study a+out t*e vari
Study of +etail location and layout
T*e retail stores decide on t*e location
depending upon t*e mar,et segment
and merc*andise mi4-
Students )ill study t*e impact of t*e
decision a+out a specific site related to
a retailD)are*ouse on t*e long term
strategy- T*ey s*all also% t*e utili7ation
of carpet floor area for inside layout of a
Customer relationship management
:ustomer relation officers are t*e first
ones on t*e store )*o interact )it* t*e
P a g e ! 1=
customer and *elp t*em in t*eir +uying
process- T*e study revolves around t*e
training )*ic* is provided to t*e
customer relations*ip managers and t*e
)ays t*e company uses to ,eep t*em
updated )it* various training and
development program
9isual merchandising and
/isual merc*andising can +e ac*ieved
effectively +y )or,ing on some
neglected areas of t*e s*op li,e floors
or )alls and even ceilings- T*is can +e
studied in detail +y t*e students and
some implementa+le suggestions
s*ould +e given-
Security measures for reducing the
store1s theft
/arious steps are ta,en +y a retail store
to ensure safety and minimi7e s*rin,age
)it*in a store- Some e4amples are +ar1
codingDsecurity and tagsD.&"#s-
Analy7e t*e effectiveness of a+ove
met*ods and suggest some ne)
met*ods also for en*ancing safety and
security for t*e specific company-
International -usiness
Export import policies of the
T*e student needs to study t*e e4port
import policies of t*e company and
relate it )it* t*e prevailing geopolitical
and economic conditions of t*e
countries of t*e )orld- T*ey s*ould also
study t*e effect domestic mar,ets *ave
on t*ese policies-
Business Unit Strategies
Many companies organi7e t*emselves
as independent +usiness units in
different mar,ets- ?ac* unit *as its o)n
accounts and strategies- T*e students
need to analy7e t*e strategies
+usinesses are using for effective
mar,et penetration and profita+ility in
different +usiness units-
Market segmentation strategies
Mar,et segmentation *as a ,ey role to
play in t*e strategies formulated +y t*e
companies- A product )*ic* is mass
mar,et product in one country can +e
treated as a premium product in some
ot*er country- T*e company *as to
realign its entire mar,eting plan to
accommodate t*is c*ange-
T*e student )ill study t*e mar,et
segmentation strategies of t*e company
in t)o or more different mar,ets-
(ransfer pricing techni.ues followed
"y company
T*e student needs to study t*e transfer
price tec*ni6ues )*ic* are +eing
follo)ed +y t*e companies and analy7e
t*e same-
Management Compensation
A multinational company *as to
structure t*e compensation for t*e
management as per t*e need of t*e
country- T*ere are a lot of factors t*at
affect t*is decision- T*e student *as to
study t*e management compensation
for a company for different mar,ets-
P a g e ! 1<
)inancing of Pro*ects of the companies
T*e pro$ects situated in different
mar,ets )ill *ave different uses and
various modes of financing A ranging
from &oreign :urrency :onverti+le
Bonds to loan from local +an,s 1 can +e
used- T*e student *as to study t*e
various options% analy7e t*em and
suggest t*e +est option for a given
(he activities of the various
"n addition to t*eir respective pro$ects%
t*e students are e4pected to utili7e t*e
time spent at t*e organi7ation t*ey are
)or,ing )it*- T*ey need to o+serve and
understand t*e various activities and
processes of t*e organi7ation- T*ese
activities *ave +een classified in t*ree
sections as given +elo)-
Accounts& )inance 4epartment
1- B*et*er t*e accounts are
computeri7ed or manualG
2- &ormat of t*e e4penses and
ad$ustment vouc*ers-
5- Ban,s transactions and +an,
reconciliations process-
4- Suppliers and #e+tors control
ledgers and process of
maintaining t*e records-
9- Process of issuing #e+it and
:redit note to t*e customers and
;- 0o) many types of #aily .eports
are +eing Generated and t*eir
=- 0o) many types of costing +oo,s
are +eing maintainedG
<- T*e process of Approving of
Suppliers Bills on t*e +asis of
F- Payment procedures to t*e
10- Process of ma,ing :as* &lo)
and &und &lo)-
11- 0o) do t*e recoveries maintainG
12- Met*od of ma,ing Budgeting-
15- Met*od of calculating t*e
depreciation- 'As per "ncome Ta4
Act and as per :ompanies Act(
14- Met*od of doing t*e inventory
19- Met*od of stoc,s ta,ing for +an,
1;- Met*od of ,eeping c*ec,s of
1=- Process of sanctioning
employees imprest and met*od
of ad$ustments-
1<- All details re6uired for t*e
finali7ation of accounts-
1F- "mportant +oo,s and records of
t*e company secretary
P a g e ! 1F
20- "mportant returnsand process of
filing t*e return for .3:-
21- LD: opening procedure and LD:
22- Processing of ?4portD "mport
#ocuments and t*eir formats-
25- BDL &orms and its procurement
+y t*e s*ipping companies etc-
24- :B: formalities and issuance of
containers for t*e +onded
29- "dentification of s*ipping
companies and sc*eduling t*e
loading and unloading t*e
2;- Placing t*e orders to t*e
suppliers to import t*e goods and
formats of all related documents-
2=- ?4ecution of ?4port orders and
t*e procedures-
2<- ?:G: formalities-
2F- Transit "nsurance Guarantees
50- LD: H Bill discounting procedures
)it* t*e +an,s-
51- :opy of t*e ?4cise Gate PassD
"nvoiceD :*allansD ?4port
3uman +esource
1- :opy of t*e Standing 3rders-
2- :opy of t*e 0. policy-
5- 0o) many statutory returns are
+eing filled on mont*ly +asis
'P&D?S"DLa+our #ept%D GratuityD
"nsurance% (
4- :opy of all c*allans for t*e
9- Bonus policyD Annual increment
policyD incentive policy%
;- .ecruitment process and met*od
of o+taining re6uirements from
t*e respective departments-
=- Appraisal met*ods +y t*e
different departments-
<- Maintaining of comparative
statements of t*e competitors-
F- Any S:. activity and its flo) and
10- &orecasting and Budgeting of
:S. activities-
11- :alculation of per employee cost
to t*e company and product-
12- Preparation of mont*ly salary +ill
and procedure-
15- :alculation of )or,ing days and
overtime *ours-
14- Specific polices for t*e motivation
of t*e employees-
19- :ompensation polices in case of
some accident or mis*aps in t*e
1;- Staff )elfare activities-
P a g e ! 20
1=- Staff Training and #evelopment
1<- Mont*ly &eed Bac, System of t*e
1F- Promotion Polices%
20- LTA Polices-
Marketing 6 Sales
1- :ustomers 3rders .eceipts
2- 3rder Processing Procedure-
5- "ssue of Production .e6uisition%
4- Statement of "nventory in t*e
Bonded )are*ouse-
9- #ealers and #istri+utor
Appointment &ormalities-
;- Procedure of "ssue of #ispatc*
advise to t*e dispatc*
=- Setting of customerCs eligi+ility
<- Maintenance of ?4ciseD /AT
records and t*e formats of all
F- Treatment of re$ected goods at
t*e dealersDretailers godo)ns-
10- #iscount Polices-
11- Pricing policies-
12- #e+it >oteD :redit >ote issue
15- "nvoicing and procedure-
14- Jone )iseD Area )ise controlling
of sales-
19- Procedure of targeting and sales
1;- Met*ods of ,eeping )atc* on
competitor activities-
1=- Statements )*ic* are mostly
prepared in t*e department as
part of M"S-
1<- Procedure of maintaining
coordination )it* ot*er
departments suc* as
procurement departmentD storesD
Production #epartmentD KT
#epartmentD #ispatc*
#epartment etc-
1F- Strategies of ,eeping t*e pace
)it* Logistic #epartment-
20- To understand "S3 norms and
maintaining t*e procedures-
21- Branding H Advertisement
22- After sales services polices-
25- Mar,et .esearc* polices%
24- :ustomer .elations*ip Polices%
29- Bac, 3rder treatment polices%
2;- #istri+ution and Logistics polices%
2=- Sales force compensation
2<- "mprest H incentive policies-
P a g e ! 21
A00:5+ I 7 valuation Parameters
MG>;02% MGT
:3.S? T"TL?E Seminar on
Summer Pro$ect
L T P :.?#"TS Attendanc
:A MT? ?TP
0 0 0 5 0 0 0 100
Course Objective:
To ena+le students to develop and relate management t*eory to practice-
To *elp students in ma,ing an informed career c*oice after e4posure to t*e
actual )or, environment-
P a g e ! 22
M%42 ! +esearch &Consultancy pro*ect components (
S. no Component Marks Total
Body Language
%&'ee( Bac) *External an( #nternal+ Mar,s Beig*tage
A- "nternal &eed+ac, +y Mentors 10 10
B- ?4ternal &eed+ac, +y
a- Attendance '10 mar,s(
'A+ove F0L M 10mar,s
<01<FLM <% =01=FLM;%;01
;FLM 4% 9F1;0LM 2(
+- "ndustrial feed+ac, '19 mar,s(
29 10
"otal 'EE,BC- ./
.& 0resentation an( 1ritten Report
%// 2/
"O"! E"0 %//
P a g e ! 25
Communication skills
Question Handling
Audio/Visual Aids
$nt%oduction-&u%'ose and ()*ecti+es
Amount o, -o%k done (Lite%atu%e .e+ie-
and .esea%ch /ethodology"
Quality o, -o%k done(0ata Analysis1 0ata
$nte%'%etation1 2indings"
.ecommendations and .e,e%ence

"otal *0resentation an( 1ritten Report+ 80
"O"! 3R-S O' E"0 ./4 2/ 100Marks
M%42 # Sale pro*ect components (
S. no Component 3ar)s "otal
3ale demo
Communication skills
Content- sale st%ategy1 '%oducts
kno-ledge1 selling '%ocess1 allocation o,
%esou%ces1 4a%gets achie+ement1
Question Handling
Audio/Visual Aids
20 100
$nt%oduction to com'any and ()*ecti+es
Amount o, -o%k done (3elling &%ocess1
4heo%etical Conce'ts1 2unctional '%ocess
Quality o, -o%k done (0ata '%esentation"
.ecommendations1 .e,e%ences 5
20 100

Total*0resentation an( 1ritten Report+ 2/
"O"! 3R-S O' E"0 ./4 2/ 100Marks
M%42 $ Community 4evelopment Pro*ect (
S. no Component 3ar)s "otal
Body Language
20 100
P a g e ! 24
Communication 3kill
Question handling
Audio/Visual Aids
$nt%oduction and ()*ecti+es o, the &%o*ect
Amount o, -o%k done (67ecution 1 0ata
Collection and 0ocumentation"
Quality o, -o%k done (Analysis1 2indings1
Quality o, %e'o%t"
.ecommendation and .e,e%ences
20 100
Total *0resentation an( 1ritten Report+ 2/
"O"! 3R-S O' E"0 ./4 2/ 100Marks
P a g e ! 29
Anne4ure ""1 Guidelines
1- T*e evaluation procedure of summer
training pro$ect report )ill +e
completed on 9
% ;
and =
2014' Su+$ect to c*ange (-
2- T*e evaluation panel )ill consist of
t)o faculty mem+ers- T*e "nternal
feed+ac, component )ill +e
evaluated one faculty 'Mentor( and
t*e ?T? component )ill +e
evaluated +y t)o faculty mem+ers-
5- &our Types of reports
a( .esearc* pro$ect +ased report
+( :onsultancy Based .eport
c( Sales +ased report A for t*ose
students are engaged in selling
during t*e training-
d( :ommunity #evelopment
.eport1 Students t*ose are
engaged )it* t*e >G3DPu+lic
SectorD.eputed Associations%
e-g- A"?S?: for e4ecution of
:ommunity #evelopment Pro$ect
during t*e training period-
4- PedagogyE
All t*e students are re6uired to
do summer training for ; )ee,s-
'Less t*an ; )ee,s )ill not
T*e students are re6uired to
prepare a report on t*e +asis of
summer training )*ic* s*ould +e
su+mitted at t*e time of t*eir
presentation turn-
T*e students )ill register for t*e
NSeminar on Summer Pro$ectC
course for t*e purpose of
>ame % #esignation and Sign of :ourse Planner
Approval of 0o#1&
Approval of 0o&
P a g e ! 2;
Anne8ure III7 Important deadlines
1- Pro$ect Topic Performa
'Anne4ure1"/( must +e su+mitted
to t*e faculty guide and respective
sc*ool training coordinator )it*in
seven days after starting t*e
summer training t*roug* e mail-
2- T*ree fortnig*tly progress
'Anne4ure1/( reports must +e sent in
soft copy to t*e respective faculty
guide and respective sc*ool training
coordinator +y every 19 days interval-
0ence t*ree reports to +e send +y t*e
&ortnig*tly Progress .eport 'Anne4ure1
/( '&or Training Period from

Iune to 19
.eport su+mission date t*roug* ?1
report1 1 Iune to 19
Iune 1=
report1 1;
Iune to 50
Iune 2
report1 1
Iuly to 19
Iuly 1=
5- &aculty Guide )ould give
a feed+ac, on t*e fortnig*tly report
'Annue4ure1/"( t*roug* email
)it*in 5 days of students mailing
t*e fortnig*tly report-
4- 0ard copy of t*e fortnig*tly
progress reports 'Signed and
stamped +y companyCs official(
must +e su+mitted at t*e time of
t*e presentation ot*er)ise t*e
mar,s for t*e same )ould not +e
9- T*e students at t*e time of
t*eir presentation must su+mit
"ndustry &eed+ac, &orm
'Anne4ure1/""( and t*e Attendance
s*eet 'Anne4ure1/"""( of t*eir stay
at industry )*ic* *as to +e signed
and stamped +y t*e industry
pro$ect guide-
;- T*e industry feed+ac,
form and attendance s*eet s*ould
+e su+mitted in t*e sealed
envelope +y t*e students at t*eir
presentation turn to evaluators-
=- 3ne final *ard copy of t*e
report along )it* a :# in pdf
format must +e produced at t*e
P a g e ! 2=
time of t*e presentation turn for
evaluation- T*e report must +e duly
signed +y t*e faculty mentor- T*ree
Summer Training reports s*ould +e
made +y t*e students1
' one is to su+mit to t*e respective A3
office % one is self copy )*ic* is to +e
presented at t*e time of presentation for
evaluation and one for su+mission to
company% if demanded +y t*e
company(-&or guide lines on *o) to
ma,e report refer to anne4ure1@"-
<- T*e front page of t*e report must
+e in t*e prescri+ed format-
F- >ames and ?1mail "#s for training
coordinators of different sc*ools are as
a- K1 'Sc*ool of Business( A .ac*ita
Mangli, <F1<010;<<525
+- K2 'Sc*ool of Business Administration(1
#iya 2anda
c- K5 'Sc*ool of Management(1 Amanpreet
d- K4 'Sc*ool of :ommerce H ?conomics(1
>itin1 F<05950590
10-B*ile sending t*e reports t*roug* e1mail
to faculty guide and training coordinator%
students are re6uired to follo) t*e title of
t*e su+$ect in e1mails% as follo)s1
.oll no- )it* sectionD .egistration no-
DStudent >ameD >ame of t*e report'?it*er
pro$ect topic report or fort*rig*tly
%%&ll stu(ents are informe( to complete
their summer training before 5
ugust ./%67 as the evaluation 8ill be
sche(ule( on 7 9
an( on :
./%6 *subject to change +& Stu(ents are
a(vise( to come along 8ith summer
training project reports *"8o Reports in
har( copy an( 00"s+ an( be present on
these (ates for the evaluation of the
seminar on the summer training& $o
presentation 8ill be sche(ule( after
these above mentione( (ates&
P a g e ! 2<
A00:5+ I97 Pro*ect (opic Performa

!OVE!; 0RO'ESS#O$! U$#VERS#";
,E0R"3E$" O' 3$<E3E$"
'To +e sent t*roug* email to faculty guide as )ell as to training coordinator of t*e
respective sc*ool +y prescri+ed dates(
>ame of T*e Student
.eg- >o-
:lass% Section and .oll
Mo+ile >o-
>ame of t*e
#ate of Ioining
Pro$ect Topic
3t*er .esponsi+ilitiesE
:ompanyCs #esignated Supervising Aut*orityP
P*one >o '3(
?1Mail E
Signature of
Aut*ority')it* stamp(
P a g e ! 2F
To +e Sent toE t*e faculty guide t*roug* email 1
:*ange of Topic s*all not +e allo)ed later on-
T*is information is re6uired to ,eep trac, of studentCs performance during summer
training t*roug* telep*onic calls and surprise visits-
P a g e ! 50
&ortnig*tly Progress .eport A>>?@.? /
' e1 mail to faculty guide and training co1ordinator of sc*ool (
School $ame===================================================
5- >ame and address of t*e 3rgani7ationE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
4- >ame and #esignation of t*e Pro$ect "n c*arge in t*e organi7ation
9- Pro$ect Title
Progress during t*e fortnig*t 'from QQQQQQQQQtoQQQQQQQQQQQQ(
Signature of t*e StudentE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
P a g e ! 51
A00:5+ 9I 7 )eed"ack on fortnightly report "y faculty guide ;for faculty
To +e emailed to t*e student )it*in 5 days of receipt-
Suggestion regarding t*e progress during QQQQQQQQQQQQQtoQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
P a g e ! 52
A>>?@.? /""1 "ndustry &eed+ac, &orm
!OVE!; 0RO'ESS#O$! U$#VERS#";
,E0R"3E$" O' 3$<E3E$"
>alan(har=!u(hiana <" Roa(7
,istt& -apurthala7 0hag8ara
"ndustry &eed+ac, &orm
'To +e signed and stamped +y t*e industry Pro$ect guide- T*is is to +e su+mitted at t*e time of
presentation +y t*e students in sealed envelope(
5- 0o) do you ran, *imD*er on t*e follo)ing = attri+utesG 'Please R(
Evaluation Criteria Very
1 Punctuality
2 Ad*erence to company
5 :onduct D Be*avior
4 "nitiative
9 ?agerness to Learn
; Approac* to)ards t*e
= Kuality of Pro$ect )or,
4- B*at are t*e prospects of t*e students of +eing recruited +y t*e organi7ation on
t*e completion of *is degreeG
0ig* Moderate Lo)
P a g e ! 55
9-Any specific o+servationsDsuggestions for furt*er improvementG
Signature #ate
Particulars of t*e Pro$ect "nc*arge of t*e trainingE
>ame H #esignation E
P a g e ! 54
A00:5+ 9III7 Attendance Sheet
!OVE!; 0RO'ESS#O$! U$#VERS#";
,E0R"3E$" O' 3$<E3E$"
tten(ance Sheet
'To +e maintained +y industry Pro$ect guide- T*is is to +e su+mitted at t*e time of
presentation +y t*e students(
Iune Iuly August
P a g e ! 59
>ame and #esignation of t*e industry pro$ect
Signature of t*e industry pro$ect guide
A00:5+ I: 7 Guidelines for Summer (raining +eport
!OVE!; 0RO'ESS#O$! U$#VERS#";
P a g e ! 5;
,E0R"3E$" O' 3$<E3E$"
<ui(elines for Summer "raining Report
&ont Si7e E 12 Times >e) .oman
Line Spacing E 1-9
Paper Si7e E A4
Margins E 3ne inc* on all sides of t*e page
0RESE$""#O$ O' "?E RE0OR"
ii. TitleD cover page ' Anne4ure @""(

iii. :ertificate +y the Project-Incharge
iv. Ac,no)ledgements
v. Ta+le of contents 'including list of ta+les and illustrations(
vi. A+stractD?4ecutive summary P
C?0"ER 0!$
As mentioned in t*e evaluation parameters in anne4ure1
T*ere can +e t)o types of repots researc* report and sales report and for evaluation
parameters refer to anne4ure1
P ?4ecutive SummaryD A+stractE
T*e report s*ould carry an a+stract 'or e4ecutive summary( in t*e initial pages of
t*e report- "t *elps t*e reader to get an overvie) of t*e report- T*e lengt* of t*e
e4ecutive summaryD a+stract can +e upto 51; pages and s*ould t*ro) lig*t on t*e
follo)ing essential informationE
- PurposeD o+$ective of t*e study and its significance
- Scope of t*e study and met*odology
- &indings and recommendations
P a g e ! 5=
PP Bi+liograp*y must +e presented in t*e follo)ing formatE
Anne8ure : +eferences
T*is section is an introduction to )riting
references and covers t*e most
common types of material in +ot* print
and electronic formE +oo,s% c*apters in
+oo,s% conferences and t*eir papers%
official pu+lications% dissertations and
t*eses% $ournal articles% images% pictures
and illustrations% maps% internet
"ip @ Saving "ime
Ma,e sure t*at you get all t*e reference
information you need )*ile you still *ave
P a g e ! 5<
t*e source material 'e-g- +oo,( in front
of you- Sou )ill )aste a lot of time if you
*ave to *ave to go +ac, and find t*is
information later- &or e4ampleE if you
ma,e a p*otocopy c*ec, t*at you *ave
t*e page num+ersT if you intervie)
someone ma,e a note of t*e dateT if you
print a )e+ page ma,e a note of t*e full
)e+ address and t*e date on )*ic* you
accessed it-
1hy shoul( # inclu(e references in
my 8or)A
1- "t s*o)s t*e range of reading
)*ic* you *ave done- T*is gains
you mar,s-
2- Sou may support your arguments
)it* t*e opinion of ac,no)ledged
e4perts and use data from
reputa+le sources- T*is can ma,e
your o)n arguments more
5- "t is a +asic academic
re6uirement to s*o) details of t*e
sources of your information% ideas
and arguments- #oing so means
t*at you cannot +e accused of
plagiarism% i-e- stealing from
anot*er personCs )or,-
1hen shoul( # inclu(e references in
my 8or)A
1- B*enever you 6uote someone
elseCs )or,- T*is does not $ust
include )ords +ut ta+les% c*arts%
pictures% music% etc-
2- B*en you re)rite or parap*rase
someone elseCs )or,-
5- B*en you summarise someone
elseCs )or,-
1hy shoul( # give such (etaile(
T*e purpose of t*e details provided is to
ma,e it easy for someone else to follo)
up and trace t*e materials )*ic* you
*ave used- Bit*out full references% your
tutor may +e led into t*in,ing you are
trying to ta,e credit for someone elseCs
)or, i-e- plagiarism-
1hat are the most important points
about my list of referencesA
1- 2eep it accurate- T*is means t*at
t*e mar,erDtutor does not )aste
time if t*ey )is* to consult t*e
items you *ave listed- "f your list
is full of errors you )ill lose
2- Provide all t*e relevant details-
T*is ma,es it is easy for t*e
mar,er to identify t*e items )*ic*
you *ave listed- Again% if some of
t*e important information is
missing you )ill lose mar,s-
5- se a consistent format for your
references- T*is )ill ensure t*at it
is easy to locate a reference
)it*in your reading list-
1hat (o # nee( to inclu(eA
T*e most important parts of a reference
are as follo)sE
1- T*e person's( )*o N)roteC t*e
)or,E 1 T*e Aut*or's( or
P a g e ! 5F
2- Anyone )*o edited% translated%
arranged t*e item-
5- T*e name of t*e )or,E 1 usually
t*e Title-
4- Any additional information a+out
t*e name of t*e itemE 1 usually
t*e Su+title-
9- T*e person )*o puts t*e )or,
into its p*ysical formatE 1 usually
t*e Pu+lis*er-
;- T*e date )*en t*e )or, )as
made availa+le or pu+lis*ed 'not
necessarily )*en it )as )ritten%
=- T*e place of pu+lication 'if
<- P*ysical details of t*e item suc*
as /ol- >o- page num+ers etc--
F- Any additional information *elpful
to locate t*e )or,s 'suc* as a
)e+ address% a catalogue
num+er% t*e title of a series% etc-(-
?o8 (o # Cite an #tem in the "ext of
my 0rojectA
.esearc*er need to provide t*e
follo)ing information if you mention
anot*er piece of )or,% +oo, etc- in your
(a) When quoting directly from
someone elses work give:
Aut*or's( follo)ed +y t*e year in
round +rac,ets-
e-g- UAs )it* any investment%
)or,ing capital e4poses t*e
+usiness to ris,-V /erma '2005(
(b) If there is no author give either:
A statement t*at t*e )or, is
anonymous 'Anon(follo)ed +y
t*e year in round +rac,etsE
e-g- Anon- '200;(
Title follo)ed +y t*e date in round +rac,ets-
e-g- ?ncyclopaedia Britannica '2005(
(c) If the author produced more than one work in the same year:
se letters to indicate t*is
'pro+a+ly it is +est to arrange t*e
items alp*a+etically +y t*eir title
e-g- Sing* '2004 a(
Sing* '2004 +(
(d) When referring to or summarising
put both the author(s) and year.
e-g- /erma '200=( descri+es
*o) t*e +usiness is
e4posed to ris, +y )or,ing
P a g e ! 40
*i+& uthors
a( Single Aut*or
&amily name first% t*en a comma
and space and t*en personal
name's( or initial's(- e-g- Sing*%
+( T)o Aut*ors
List t*e aut*ors in t*e form a+ove
)it* UHV +et)een t*em-
e-g- Mo*ammed% A- H 2*an% I-
c( T*ree Aut*orsE
List t*e aut*ors as a+ove )it* a
comma after t*e first and UHV after t*e
e-g- Pryce1Iones% T-% Patel% /- H
Bro)n% P-
d( More t*an t*ree aut*ors
s*ould +e listed )it* only t*e first
named follo)ed +y t*e Gree,
term Uet alV- T*is translates as
Uand ot*ersV-
e-g- 0ussain% I- et al-
?ditors are treated t*e same as
aut*ors e4cept t*at ?d- or ?ds- is
put in +rac,ets after t*e editor or
editors names-
e-g- Bal,er% T- '?d-(

Corporate uthor
A corporate aut*or is a group
)*ic* ta,es responsi+ility for
)riting a pu+lication- "t could +e a
society and professional +ody% an
international organisation% a
government department or any
ot*er group- A government
pu+lication s*ould +egin )it* t*e
country% t*en t*e department%
t*en any committee or
e-g- Great Britain- #epartment for
?ducation and S,ills
e-g- PriceBater*ouse:oopers
*ii+ ,ate
T*e date of Npu+licationC s*ould +e
"f t*ere are a num+er of different
reissues or reprints of t*e item give t*e
earliest date of t*e edition you are
referring to-
e-g- if t*e information in t*e +oo, reads
U1F<F reprinted in 1FF0% 1FF2% 1FF9%
1FF;% 2000V give 1F<F-
P a g e ! 41
"f it is not possi+le to ascertain t*e date
put t*e follo)ingE Wn-d-X or WundatedX or
Wno dateX-
*iii+ "itle
T*e title s*ould +e copied from t*e item
itself if possi+le and s*ould +e in italics-
"f t*ere is no title on t*e item you may
need to invent a descriptive title- "n t*is
case you s*ould put it in s6uare
+rac,ets W X-
*iv+ E(ition
"f t*ere are different editions of t*e )or,
you s*ould give details of )*ic* edition
you are using- e-g 5rd ed
*v+ 0lace
B*ere appropriate you s*ould include
t*e place )*ere t*e item )as pu+lis*ed-
e-g- >e) #el*i '"ndia(
"f t*ere is more t*an one place of
pu+lication given c*oose t*e first one-
e-g- for Paris% >e) Sor,% London
give UParisV
*vi+ 0ublisher
"f t*e item is pu+lis*ed give t*e name of
t*e pu+lis*er as it appears on t*e item-
e-g Sultan :*and H Sons
"f t*e item is unpu+lis*ed it may still +e
possi+le to give t*e name of t*e +ody
responsi+le for issuing t*e )or,-
e-g- /erma % .- '1FF<(- "mpact of
Mar,et 3rientation on :orporate
Success- npu+lis*ed P*#
t*esis% niversity of 0imac*al
*vii+ Other #nformation
Sou may )is* to include ot*er
information a+out t*e item suc* as its
"SB>% p*ysical format 'e-g- Lecture%
Be+ Site% ?1Mail% internet address% etc-(-
More detail is given in t*e section
,E"#!E, EB30!ES
*i+ Boo)s *or reports+
"nformation a+out a +oo, s*ould% if
possi+le% +e ta,en from t*e title page
and t*e +ac, of t*e title page-
"t is usually laid out li,e t*isE
P a g e ! 42
2otler% P- '200;(% Marketing Management% 12
?d- >e) #el*iE Pearson Pu+lis*ers Ltd-% pp- 1125-
Aut*or #ate of Title ?dition Place of Pu+lis*er Pages
Pu+lication Pu+lication
*ii+ Electronic Boo)s
?lectronic Boo,s s*ould +e treated very
similarly to print ones- Sou need to
include t*e address of t*e )e+site at
)*ic* you vie)ed t*e )or, and t*e date
on )*ic* you vie)ed it-
.os*an% P- H Leary% I- '2005(
Financial Analysis- Se+astopol% :AE
:isco Press
Wavaila+le atE
==5 vie)ed on 11D05D200<X
*iii+ >ournal rticles
Pu+lications t*at are pu+lis*ed regularly
)it* t*e same title and often a volume
andDor part num+er are usually ,no)n
as serials- T*ese could include
pu+lications pu+lis*ed annually%
6uarterly '4 times per year(% +imont*ly
'every 2 mont*s(% mont*ly% )ee,ly or
Popular serials e-g- Business Borld% are
usually called maga7ines +ut more
academic pu+lications are often ,no)n
as $ournals-
T*e reference from $ournal s*ould +e
laid out li,e t*isE
Aut*or Sear Article Title Iournal
2umar% G- B- '2009( :*anges A*ead in 0ealt* :are Management- 0. Maga7ine%
/ol 90% >o 15% pp- ;01;1-
P a g e ! 45
/olume PartD"ssue Page >um+ers
*iv+ 1eb Sites
A )e+ page s*ould +e treated similarly
to a print )or, in t*at it may *ave an
aut*or or editor and a title- "t may +e
dated and t*e main site 'of )*ic* t*e
page is a part( may also *ave a
pu+lis*er and may also give an address
in t*e Ua+out usV or UcontactV section-
Sou s*ould include t*e address of t*e
)e+ page and also include t*e date on
)*ic* you vie)ed t*e page-
Barger% I- '2000( A +iograp*y of
Leopold Paula Bloom
lyssesD+loom-*tml Wvie)ed 11D0=D200;X-
All references s*ould +e given
T*e literature revie)ed s*ould +e
arranged as per t*e re6uirement
of t*eme-
P a g e ! 44
A>>?@.?1@" .eport on Summer Training
!OVE!; 0RO'ESS#O$! U$#VERS#";
,E0R"3E$" O' 3$<E3E$"
Report on Summer "raining
Submitte( to !ovely 0rofessional University
"n partial fulfillment of t*e
.e6uirements for t*e a)ard of #egree of
Master of Business Administration
Submitted by:
Name of the student
Uniersity !oll No"
,E0R"3E$" O' 3$<E3E$"
!OVE!; 0RO'ESS#O$! U$#VERS#";
>!$,?R $E1 ,E!?# <" RO,