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You are NOT REGISTERED until you SIGN and SUBMIT your Voter
Registration Form
EASY INSTRUCTIONS to complete your voter registration: 4. SIGN and SUBMIT the completed form to the
Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your Assembly
1. PRINT this form. Make sure you print pages 3 and 4 (Form 8) Constituency (AC). You will find your EROs address below.
on one page in back to back print format. This is your
Aplication Form- the official application required by the While submitting your Application Form, do not forget to ask for
Election Commission to register you as a voter. Receipt of Application.
2. FILL additional fields, if applicable. Check Check out www.jaagore.comto join the Jaago Re! movement!
If any fields on Page 4 (eg. Date, Place) are empty and fill
them by hand.
3. ATTACH additional documents. Alongwith your
Application Form, you must also submit the following
documents (if applicable).

a. Address Proof document (if you are applying for correction
in Address details)
b. Identity Proof document (if you are applying for correction
in Name details)
To view the complete list of VALID address proof and
identity/age proof documents, refer to Page 2.
Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AERO) of Assembly Constituency
Shri Krishna Jadhav
Tahsildar, Thane
Ph: 25331164 Mob:9967442571
1. ADDRESS Proof document 1. I am registering to get my voter ID card
This document is required for the BLO (Booth Level Officer) to When you register to vote, you are registering only to get your
come and verify your residence status. It is therefore not name included in the electoral rolls (also called voter list) and
essential for the address proof document to have your name. It NOT to get a voter ID card. To get a voter ID card, you have to
needs to have only the address of the place where you are register separately.
staying. Remember, on election day, only 2 things are mandatory for
Any one of the following documents is acceptable for address you to be allowed to vote:
Your name should be present on voter list
1. Landline phone bill You should have a valid IDENTITY PROOF. Voter ID card is
2. Mobile telephone bill only one of the valid proofs
3. Water bill
4. Electricity bill 2. I can vote only from the place of my birth / permanent residence
5. Property tax receipt As a citizen of India greater than 18 years of age, you are
6. Bank statement eligible to vote from any place in India, provided you have been
7. Passport an ORDINARY RESIDENT i.e. you have been staying at your
8. Ration card current address for at least 6 months or more.
9. House Lease/Rental agreement
10. LPG receipt 3. I do not have a valid ADDRESS PROOF document to register for
11. Driving license Voting
12. Identity cards given by the employer It is not essential for the address proof document to have your
name. It needs to have only the address of the place where you
2. AGE Proof document name. It needs to have only the address of the place where you
If you are a first time voter, you will also need to submit an age are staying. You can use address proof document on the name
proof document. You can submit the proof of Date of Birth from of your parents, relatives, friends etc. with whom you are
any government agency authorized document like: staying.
1. Birth certificate
2. Passport 4. As a voter, I can vote in 2 kinds of elections State Assembly
3. PAN Card Elections & General Elections
4. Driving Licence As a registered voter you can vote in more than 2 elections!
5. State board exam certificate etc. Besides General and Assembly elections, you can also vote in
your Local Body Elections or Municipal Corporation Elections,
3. For STUDENTS only as called in cities.
If you are a student residing outside your native city in a hostel /
mess, you might not have any of the above mentioned address 5. Registering to Vote is a cumbersome process
proof documents. In this case, you can get a Student Earlier perhaps, but not any more! With Jaago Re!
Declaration Form (Page 5 of this form) signed by your college not only can you fill and submit your registration form
dean/principal/registrar and submit it along with your voter easily, you can also get to know when your name gets on the
registration form. voter list.
And all of this from the convenience of your home!
While all efforts have been made to make all data on the website ( www.jaagore.com ) or this Registration Form as error free as
possible, users are requested to refer to the officially published error free copies of the Constitution of India, Acts, Rules and Orders
made there under and to the latest editions of the various Handbooks, Compendia and Reports published by the Election Commission
of India (ECI), for their authentic version. Tata Tea Ltd. will be responsible for any loss to any person caused
by any shortcoming, defect or inaccuracy in the above data. We also do not assure that any particular person will be on the electoral
rolls of ECI.
[See rules 13(3) and 26]
Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll
The Electoral Registration Officer,
148-Thane Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency.,
I request that entry relating to myself appearing in the electoral roll for the above Constituency is not correct and
it should be corrected. Correct particulars in support of my request are given below:-,
I. Applicant's Name Surname (if any)
Part number of electoral roll : Serial number in that part :
Age as on 1st January2011# Years: 33 Months: 0 Sex (Male/Female): Male
Date of birth, if known: Day: 12 Month: 01 Year: 1978
Father's/Mother's/Husband's Name Surname (if any)
II. Particulars of place of ordinary residence (Full address):
House/Door Number: 406, JANKI NIWAS CO-OP SO
Street/Area/Locality/Mohalla/Road: DR MOOSE ROAD, NEAR TALAV PALI
Town/Village: Mumbai
Post Office: Pincode: 40602
III. Details of Electors' Photo Identity Card (if issued, in this or some other Constituency)
Electors' Photo Identity Card number :
Name of the Constituency :
IV. Details of entries to be corrected
*My name / *Age / *Father's/Mother's/Husband's name / *Sex / *Address / *Electors' Photo Identity Card Number
corrected in terms of information provided in this Form above.
Place :
Date : Signature or thumb impression of the elector
Note Any person who makes a statement or declaration which is false and which he either knows or believes to be false or
does not believe to be true, is punishable under section 31 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950 (43 of 1950).
In case of Union territories having no Legislative Assembly and the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
# Please give the year i.e. 2003, 2004, etc.
* Strike out the inappropriate alternative.
Receipt for application
Received the application in Form 8 of ** Shri/ Shrimati/Kumari AMIT PRABHAKAR DABKE
Date: Signature of the officer receiving the application on
behalf of the Electoral Registration Officer
**To be filled in by the applicant.
Details of action taken
(To be filled by Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency)
The application of Shri/Smt./Km. .. for
correction of entry in the electoral roll in Form 8 has been accepted* / rejected*
Detailed reasons for *acceptance [under or in pursuance of rule 18*/20*/26(4)] or *rejection [under or in pursuance of rule
17*/20*/ 26(4)] :
Place :
Date : Signature of (Seal of the Electoral
Electoral Registration Officer Registration Officer)
* Strike out the inappropriate alternative
During continuous updating after final publication of electoral roll.