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*My Autobiography
*During Iraq and travelling to Jordan
* I was born in Iraq on 25
of June 2002. After a year, my
parent celebrated my birthday. I was turning 1. When I
was little, my father didnt let anyone touch me. Then I
started going to kindergarten. I learned writing and
speaking Assyrian/Chaldean (B.C.). My brother was born
on April 11, 2004. When I was 2, I met my cousin, Mariam,
and played with her before she moved to Jordan. After
that, my father got a message from the United Nations
and told him he could work there, so he went while my
mum, brother and I stayed in Iraq. One day we got a
message from my father and it said come to Jordan, visit
me. and we visited him. My mother liked Jordan so we
brought our bags with us and from then on, we lived in
*Baghdad is
the capital
city of Iraq.
*I lived at the
*Iraqs Traditions
Iraq has many traditions like:
Different marriage way
different food like Dolma a famous food in our country
Different religion like Kurdish and Assyrian/Chaldean
Different language
Different celebrations
Different money like 5$ is 1$
Different culture
Different car driving side
Different traffic light

*Different countries
*When I finished kindergarten we had a summer
holiday to Rome in 2006. We stayed there for 5
days. After that we went to Sweden and we
stayed there for 7 month so my mother could
see her brothers and sisters. When it was a
windy cold night, my family and I wanted to
see my fathers nephew in Denmark on April 5,
2006. Then after we went to Denmark, we
went back to Jordan.
*Different places in Jordan
*During my summer holiday, on May 5, 2006 my family and I
went to Petra, Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea and the Jordan river.
*Petra is an ancient, historical city in the south of Jordan and
which is famous for its rock-cut building. Another name for
Petra is the Rose city due to the colour of the stone out of
which it is stamped.
*Mount Nebo is a high point in Jordan, approximately 817
meters above sea level, mentioned in the Bible as the place
where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land that he
would never enter.
*The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering
Jordan to the east, and Palestine and Israel to the west. Its
surface and shores are 427 metres below sea level.
* The Jordan River has meaning in Christianity, it being the site
where the Israel crossed into the Promised Land and where
Jesus of Nazareth was baptized by John the Baptist.


*Dead Sea

* The Jordan River and where Jesus was

*Jesus baptized
Before now
*New member of my family
*One sunny day, on June 1
, 2009 my family and
I went to the shopping centre. Then I realised,
my mother was pregnant. Days passed. My
mother, my brother and I went to Sweden and
my new sister was born on June 23, 2009.
*Here and there
* When I was in grade 5, my parents agreed to live in Sweden so we
started packing up. When we arrived in Sweden we took a house and my
parents signed me up to a school that teaches English and Swedish. By
then I memorised the way and I was going and coming home by myself. I
had a call from my cousin and she said she and her family were coming
to stay with us. She joined the same school as mine so we went and
came back together. I have to admit it was fun but the language was
hard for my parents and my father couldnt find a job so we went back
and I. I went back to Jordan and turned to grade 6 and by that time lots
of events happened like going out with my friends, having a car crash(
but not that hard),buying lots of stuff like games, decorations and food.
But everyone derived my parents crazy about going to Australia by
saying how peaceful, fresh and how people are kind so they finally
agreed and started packing up all again. Me, my brother and my sister
were jumping of excitement but it was kind of hard since they had to go
to a lesson for Australia's rules. After that I told my friend and they
prepared a surprise for me at a club, and they all gave me gift
memories. When we finally arrived on September 5, 2013 they said
something about the saint Francis school so I joined up and thats how I
came here and met u all.