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The Origins of Islam
by D.M. Murdock/Acharya
The Islamic World is no longer somewhere else... instead, Chicago, with its 50
mosques and nearly hal a million !uslims, is part o the Islamic world.
The "arvard #luralism #ro$ect
%n %pril &00' survey by C%I( ound )* percent o !uslims in %merica saying it
is +absolutely undamental+ or +very important+ to have ,alai -similar to radical
Wahhabi Islamic ideology. teachings at their mosques -)/ percent o
respondents also e0pressed agreement with the statement +%merica is an
immoral, corrupt society+..
1r. !oorthy !uthuswamy
The 2ur3an tells us4 +not to ma5e riendship with 6ews and Christians+ -545'.,
+5ill the disbelievers wherever we ind them+ -&4'*'., +murder them and treat
them harshly+ -*4'&7., +ight and slay the #agans, sei8e them, beleaguer them,
and lie in wait or them in every stratagem+ -*45.. The 2ur3an demands that we
ight the unbelievers, and promises +I there are twenty amongst you, you will
vanquish two hundred4 i a hundred, you will vanquish a thousand o them+
Institute or the ,ecularisation o Islamic ,ociety
,ince Islam is one o the world3s astest growing religions, through conversion but mostly
through reproduction, there is a tremendous need to address this sub$ect, which, because o
cra8ed Islamic anatics, stri5es ear in the hearts o many non:!uslims. Competing with
Christianity, with some &/0 million people dead in its name Islam represents one o the
Like Like
"#$E A%&'C(ES )##*S )(#+S V'DE#S %AD'# ,#%U$ AU&"#%
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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! Geert Wil$ers/s /Fitn#3
The 'o.ie/ Re.ie1
! The 'or*on "h&r%h
! 'y Go$ is i--er th#n
! One Worl$ Reli-ion
! The Pre5Ni%ene Ne1
Test#*ent Re.ie1
! Prin%ess Di#n#
! Proo+ Go$ Doesn/t E,ist
! Ori-ins o+ Isl#* ( Isl#*i%
! Reli-ion is 'ent#l Illness
The Se%ret History o+
Ro%k /N/ Roll
St&2i$ I$eolo-y
)olt#ire on A!r#h#*
The W#lls o+ Jeri%ho
Who #re the An&nn#ki? (
Wh#t is the Pl#net
Wh#t is Go$?
Wh#t is the Se%ret?
! Who is Jes&s "hrist?
! Reli-ion 6 S2irit&#lity
! "hrist "ons2ir#%y Arti%les
! 7&otes +ro* L&n#ti%s 6
! Stell#r Ho&se P&!lishin-
-$urdock.s scholarshi is
relentless! ///the research
conducted by D/$/ $urdock
concerning the myth o0 1esus
Christ is certainly both
2aluable and worthy o0
consideration/- 3Dr/ *enneth
(/ ,eder4 5ro0essor o0
Archaeology4 Central
Connecticut State Uni2ersity4
Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries:
Science and Pseudoscience In
-' 0ind mysel0 in 0ull
agreement with Acharya
S6D/$/ $urdock/// ' 0ind it
undeniable that///many4
many o0 the eic heroes and
ancient atriarchs and
matriarchs o0 the #ld
&estament were ersoni0ied
stars4 lanets and
constellations///- 3Dr/ %obert
$/ 5rice4 The Pre-Nicene New
-' can recommend your work
whole7heartedly!- 3Dr/
%obert Eisenman4 !aes the
"rother o# !esus and The
New Testaent $ode4
-///' ha2e 0ound $urdock.s
scholarshi4 research4
knowledge o0 the original
languages4 and creati2e
linkages to be breathtaking
bloodiest and most repressive ideologies that human5ind has yet come up with.
This sub$ect is highly important not only because o Islam3s e0pansion and the coming
together o its leaders rom around the world, but also because
certain !uslim leaders, an0ious to rectiy Islam3s bad rep, are
ma5ing statements such as, +There are '.9 billion !uslims in
the world, and **.*; are peace:loving+ -"aitham <unda5$i..
Were this statement true, it would be both rightening in its
enormity and reassuring in its docility. "owever, Islamic
doctrine is anything but +peace:loving,+ as it constantly calls or
the slaying o +idolaters+ and +inidels+ -e.g.,2 &4'*', *45,
*4/7., among other harsh commentary in the =oran as well as
other te0ts such as the hadiths.
While this '.9 billion igure seems to be high or the present, according to various
predictions and stated Islamist goals Islam will sweep the world, but, contrary to the best
wishes o some o its adherents, this invasion will not be peaceul. It would be sae to say
that ew non:!uslims would li5e to see this world ta5en over by Islam, which, along with
Christianity, represents the worst o Oriental despotism. !any uturists and visionaries
would li5e to see this planet pry itsel ree o religions, especially those stuc5 in the 1ar5
%ges. Indeed, to those who en$oy the ultimate reedom o e0pression, these predictions and
predations are chilling, because Islam is a ervid theocracy with little room or individuality,
not to mention that it utterly denigrates the emale aspect o creation.
!omen Oppression and "ul#ural $igo#ry
This repression o the emale is sadly ironic when one considers the roots o Islam, but it is
not une0pected in a world that, or the past several
thousand years, has done everything within its power to
sub$ugate women simply because o physical dierences, a
male:domination need shared with the apes and other
+lesser beasts.+ While some may claim that this sub$ugation
and enslavement o women is a cultural tradition, rather
than a religious one, it matters not, or it comes
hand:in:hand with religions which teach that there is some
separate outerspace god who is e0clusively male. In Islam,
this god is interpreted through the minds o !uslims as
being an %rab or #ersian man, as opposed to the 6ewish man o the 6udeo:Christian
ideology. This racist, ethnocentric, culturally bigoted and se0ist interpretation o any
+ininite+ god would appear to be absolute nonsense. >et, in what seems to be supreme
arrogance and megalomania, many individuals would li5e the entire world to believe it is
What are the origins o Islam? Well, the !uslim religion is obviously built upon the 6udeo:
Christian tradition, but it is also a reaction to said tradition, which e0cluded and viliied the
various %rab cultures. @i5e their 6ewish brothers and sisters, the ,emitic %rabs trace their
lineage to the biblical patriarch %braham, who is depicted in the <ible as having mated with
"agar the Agyptian, producing the progenitor o the %rab race, Ishmael. While the 6ewish
contingent interprets this tale to $ustiy its own ethnocentric ideology, !uslims interpret it to
it theirs, claiming that +Bod+ would ma5e o Ishmael3s people a +great nation+ -Ben &'4'9..
Typically, instead o searching or the truth about this tale, its proponents have turned it
into a political competition or global domination.
The %ic#ional &a#riarch
@i5e numerous biblical characters, %braham is evidently a mythological construct, not a +real
person.+ %s superb independent scholar <arbara B. Wal5er states in The Woman's
Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets -5:). concerning %braham4
+This name meaning 3Cather <rahm3 seems to have been a ,emitic version o
India3s patriarchal god <rahmaD he was also the Islamic %brama, ounder o
!ecca. <ut Islamic legends say %braham was a late intruder into the shrine o
the =aaba. "e bought it rom priestesses o its original Boddess. ,arah, 3the
2ueen3 was one o the Boddess3s titles, which became a name o %braham3s
biblical 3wie.3 Old Testament writers pretended ,arah3s alliances with Agyptian
princes were only love:aairs arranged by %braham or his own proitEwhich
unortunately presented him as a pimp -Benesis '&4'). as well as a would:be
murderer o his son -Benesis &&4'0..
+In the tale o Isaac3s near:5illing, %braham assumed
the role o sacriicial priest in the druidic style, to wash
6ehovah3s sacred trees with the <lood o the ,on4 an
ancient custom, o which the sacriice o 6esus was only
a late variant. 6ehovah irst appeared to %braham at
the sacred oa5 o ,hechem, where %braham built his
altar. @ater %braham build an altar to the oa5 god o
!amre at "ebron. Aven in the Fth century %.1.,
Constantine said %braham3s home at the Oa5 o !amre
was still a shrine4 3It is reported that most damnable
idols are set up beside it, and that an altar stands hard
by, and that unclean sacriices are constantly oered.3+
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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and highly stimulating/-
3%e2/ Dr/ 1on )urnham4
5astor4 5resbyterian Church4
"ouston4 &8
-Acharya S deser2es to be
recogni9ed as a leading
researcher and an e:ert in
the 0ield o0 comarati2e
mythology4 on a ar with
1ames ,ra9er or %obert
+ra2es3indeed4 suerior to
those 0orerunners in the
0rankness o0 her conclusions
and the 2olume o0 her
e2idence/- 3)arbara ;alker4
The %oen&s 'ncyclo(edia o#
Myths and Secrets and Man
Made )od
-'.2e known eole with
trile 5h/D.s who ha2en.t
come close to the scholarshi
%ho %as !esus*- 35astor
Da2id )ruce4 $/Di24 North
5ark Seminary4 Chicago4
-&hirty years ago4 when in
di2inity school4 ' might ha2e
had second thoughts about
becoming an Eiscoal riest
i0 a book like D/ $/ $urdock.s
%ho %as !esus* had been
a2ailable to me/- 3)ob
Semes4 %etired uni2ersity
ro0essor o0 "istory and
%eligion4 ,ounder and
E:ecuti2e Director o0 &he
1e00erson Center
-$s/ $urdock is one o0 only a
tiny number o0 scholars with
the richly di2erse academic
background <and the
necessary courage= to
ade>uately address the
>uestion o0 whether 1esus
Christ truly e:isted as a
walking7talking 0igure in 0irst7
century 5alestine/- 3Da2id
$ills4 Atheist +ni,erse
1oin me
Acharya S
Allah'(emake of #he Moon )oddess
This description o %braham3s origins means that 6udaism is built upon hoary myths, such
that neither o its oshoot religions, Christianity and Islam, can truthully claim to be o
divine or +inspired+ origin. %s concerns the god o Islam, %llah, Wal5er -&&. has this to say4
+@ate Islamic masculini8ation o the %rabian Boddess, %l:@at or %l:IlatEthe
%llatu o the <abyloniansEormerly worshipped at the =aaba in !ecca. It has
been shown that 3the %llah o Islam3 was a male transormation o 3the primitive
lunar deity o %rabia.3 "er ancient symbol the crescent moon still appears on
Islamic lags, even though modern !oslems no longer admit any eminine
symbolism whatever connected with the wholly patriarchal %llah.+
Indeed, the =oran veriies %llah3s lunar or night:s5y status4 +(emember the name o our
@ord morning and eveningD in the night:time worship "im4 praise "im all night long.+ -2
/)4&7. %nd at 2 &4'9*4 +They question you about the phases o the moon. ,ay4 3They are
seasons i0ed or man5ind and or the pilgrimage.3+
In Pagan Rites in Judaism -*/., Theodor (ei5 states, in a chapter called +The ancient ,emitic
+%ll ,emites had once a cult o the moon as supreme power. When !ohammed
overthrew the old religion o %rabia, he did not dare get rid o the moon cult in a
radical manner. Only much later was he powerul enough to orbid prostration
beore the moon -=oran ,ure F47/.. <eore Islamic times the moon deity was
the most prominent ob$ect o cults in ancient %rabia. %rab women still insist that
the moon is the parent o man5ind.
+,ir B. (awlinson traces the name Chaldeans bac5 to
the designation o the ancient capital Gr -Chur. to be
translated as moon:worshipers. The ,emitic moon:god
was 3the special deity and protector o women.3 The
<abylonians worshiped the goddess Ishtar, who is
identical with the great %rabian goddess and has the
epithet Our ady!!! ,he also has the title "ueen of
#ea$en, which really means the 2ueen o the ,tars.
,he was horned and was, as all lunar goddesses,
represented by a heavenly cow.
+The "ebrew tribes, or rather their ancestors, were the
latest wave o migrants rom %rabia. The cult o their
god was associated with !ount ,inaiEthe mountain o
the moon. The e0perts assume that the name Sinai derived rom ,in, the name
o the <abylonian moon:god. In A0odus -74'. ,inai is called the 3mountain o the
Alohim. This suggests that it has long been sacred.3
+In the Old Testament, which is a collection o much earlier, oten edited
writings, the moon appears as a power o good -1eut. 774F. or o evil -#s.
'&4').. Traces o ancient moon:worship were energetically removed rom the
te0t by later editors. % ew remained, however, and can be recogni8ed in the
prohibitions o 1euteronomy. In F4'* the Israelites are warned4 3%nd lest thou
lit up thine eyes upon heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and
the stars, even all the host o heaven, and be led astray to worship them, and
serve them,3 and in '/47 the punishment o stoning is prescribed or the person
who 3hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or
moon, or any o the host o heaven...3 The @ord predicts -6er. 94&. that the bones
o 5ings and princes o 6udah will not be buried, but spread 3beore the sun, and
the moon, and all the hosts o heaven, whom they have loved, and whom they
have served, and whom they have worshipped.3+
In The Origin of %ll Religious Worship -&5:&)., concerning %rab astrotheology, which was a
continuation o this ancient ,emitic lunar tradition, Charles 1upuis states4
+The !oon was the great divinity o the %rabs. The
,ara8ens gave her the epithet o Cabar or the BreatD
her Crescent adorns to this day the religious
monuments o the Tur5s. "er elevation under the sign
o the <ull, constituted one o the principal easts o the
,aracens and the sabean %rabs. Aach %rab tribe was
under the invocation o a constellation Aach one
worshipped one o the celestial bodies as its tutelar
+The Caabah o the %rabs was beore the time o !ahomet, a temple dedicated
to the !oon. The blac5 stone which the !usulmans 5iss with so much devotion
to this day, is, as it is pretended, an ancient statue o ,aturnus. The walls o the
great mosque o =uah, built on the oundation o an ancient #yrea or temple o
the ire, are illed with igures o planets artistically engraved. The ancient
worship o the %rabs was the ,abismus, a religion universally spread all over the
Orient. "eaven and the ,tars were the irst ob$ects thereo.
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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+This religion was that o the ancient Chaldeans, and the Orientals pretend that
their Ibrahim or %braham was brought up in that doctrine. There is still to be
seen at "ella, over the ruins o the ancient <abylon, a mosque called !esched
Aschams, or the mosque o the ,un. It was in this city, that the ancient temple
o <el, or the ,un, the great 1ivinity o the <abylonians, e0istedD it is the same
Bod, to whom the #ersians erected temples and consecrated images under the
name o !ithras.+
As#ro#heology a# Mecca
One o the sites or this %rab worship o the +hosts o heaven+ was !ecca. (egarding the
=aaba o !ecca, that holiest o !uslim holies, Wal5er -F9/. writes4
+,hrine o the sacred stone in !ecca, ormerly
dedicated to the pre:Islamic Triple Boddess !anat,
%l:@at -%llah., and %l:G88a, the 3Old Woman3
worshipped by !ohammed3s tribesmen the =oreshites.
The stone was also called =ubaba, =uba or =ube, and
has been lin5ed with the name o Cybele -=ybela., the
Breat !other o the Bods. The stone bore the emblem
o theyoni, li5e the <lac5 ,tone worshipped by votaries
o %rtemis. How it is regarded as the holy center o
patriarchal Islam, and its eminine symbolism has been
lost, though priests o the =aaba are still 5nown as
,ons o the Old Woman.+
%nd a translator o the =oran, H.6. 1awood -'., says4
+@ong beore !uhammad3s call, %rabian paganism was showing signs o decay. %t
the =a3bah the !eccans worshipped not only %llah, the supreme ,emitic Bod,
but also a number o emale deities whom they regarded as daughters o %llah.
%mong these were %l:@at, %l:G88a and !anat, who represented the ,un, Ienus
and Cortune respectively.+
Arabian Ma#riarchy
Concerning the nation o %rabia, Wal5er asserts that, prior to the encroachment o Islam, it
was a matriarchal culture or over ',000 years4
+The %nnals o %shurbanipal said %rabia was governed by queens or as long as
anyone could remember....
+!ohammed3s legends clearly gave him a matriarchal amily bac5ground. "is
parents3 marriage was matrilocal. "is mother remained with her own amily and
received her husband as an occasional visitor....
+#re:Islamic %rabia was dominated by the emale:centered clans. !arriages were
matrilocal, inheritance matrilineal. #olyandryEseveral husbands to one
wieEwas common. !en lived in their wives3 homes. 1ivorce was initiated by the
wie. I she turned her tent to ace east or three nights in a row, the husband
was dismissed and orbidden to enter the tent again.
+1octrines attributed to !ohammed simply
re:versed the ancient system in avor o men. %
!oslem husband could dismiss his wie by
saying 3I divorce thee3 three times. %s in
Aurope, the change rom matriarchate to
patriarchate came about only gradually and
with much strie.
+..."owever, the history o early:medieval
%rabia is nearly all legend. @i5e <uddha,
Conucius, 6esus and other ounders o
patriarchal religions, !ohammed lac5s real veriication. There is no reliable
inormation about his lie or teachings. !ost stories about him are as apocryphal
as the story that his coin hangs orever in mid:air 3between heaven and earth,3
li5e the bodies o ancient sacred 5ings.
+With or without !ohammed, Islam succeeded in becoming completely
male:dominated, ma5ing no place or women e0cept in slavery or in the
seclusion o the harem. Islamic mosques still bear signs reading4 3Women and
dogs and other impure animals are not permitted to enter.3
+Hevertheless, traces o the Boddess proved ineradicable. @i5e the virgin !ary,
%rabia3s 2ueen o "eaven received a mortal orm and a subordinate position as
Catima, !ohammed3s 3daughter.3 <ut she was no real daughter. ,he was 5nown
as !other o her Cather, and ,ource o the ,un...+
!ho !ro#e #he *oran+
%s concerns the =oran, the !uslim holy boo5, Wal5er -5'7. says4
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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,reethought +ear
+!ohammedan scriptures, oten erroneously thought to have been written by
!ohammed. !oslems don3t believe this. <ut many don3t 5now the =oran was an
enlarged revised version o the ancient Word o the Boddess =ore, revered by
!ohammed3s tribe, the =oreshites -Children o =ore., who guarded her shrine at
+The original writing was done long beore !ohammed3s time by holy imams, a
word related to ,emitic ima, 3mother.3 @i5e the original mahatmas or 3great
mothers3 o India, the original imams were probably priestesses o the old
%rabian matriarchate. It was said they too5 the scripture rom a prototype that
e0isted in heaven rom the beginning o
eternity, 3!other o the <oo53Ei.e., the Boddess
hersel, wearing the <oo5 o Cate on her breast
as !other Tiamat wore the Tablets o 1estiny.
,ometimes the celestial =oran was called the
#reserved Tablet. There was some resemblance
between this and other legendary boo5s o
divine origin, such as the Gr:te0t, the <oo5 o
Thoth, and the Amerald Tablet o "ermes.
+%s in the case o the 6udeo:Christian <ible, the
=oran was much rewritten to support new patriarchal laws and to obliterate the
igures o the Boddess and her priestesses.+
In The &reat Religious eaders, Charles Crances #otter says o !ohammed, +It is very
doubtul that he read any o the <ible4 indeed, it has not been proved that he ever read
anything, or wrote anything. "e called himsel 3the illiterate prophet.3+ O course, much o
the =oran is based on the <ible, both Old and Hew Testaments, combined with pre:Islamic
%rab and other traditions.
(egarding the unoriginality o the =oran, Islam e0pert 1r. 1aniel #ipes says -The Jerusalem
Post, 5J'&J00.4
+The =oran is a not 3a product o !uhammad or even o %rabia,3 but a collection
o earlier 6udeo:Christian liturgical materials stitched together to meet the needs
o a later age.+
<iblical scholar 1r. (obert !. #rice li5ewise concurs as to the pre:Islamic nature
o various 5oranic te0ts4
+The =oran was assembled rom a variety o prior "agarene te0ts -hence the
contradictions re 6esus3 death. in order to provide the !oses:li5e !uhammad
with a Torah o his own....+
Islamic e0pert 1r. Berd:(. #uin concludes4
+!y idea is that the =oran is a 5ind o coc5tail o te0ts that were not all
understood even at the time o !uhammad. !any o them may even be a
hundred years older than Islam itsel. Aven within Islamic traditions there is a
huge body o contradictory inormation, including a signiicant Christian
Thus, the =oran was not written by !ohammed.
The Yemeni *oran
%dding signiicantly to this important scholarship was the
discovery in '*/& at ,ana3a, >emen, o thousands o parchment
ragments rom the =oran, consisting o possibly the oldest
e0tant quranic manuscript ever ound, dating to the /th:9th
centuries. (egarding these ragments, the proessor who
photographed them, 1r. #uin, remar5s4
+,o many !uslims have this belie that everything between the
two covers o the =oran is $ust BodKs unaltered word. They li5e to quote the te0tual
wor5 that shows the <ible has a history and did not all straight out o the s5y, but
until now the =oran has been out o this discussion. The only way to brea5 through
this wall is to prove that the =oran has a history too. The ,anaKa ragments will help
us do that.+
Concerning the te0ts and #uin3s conclusions, The %tlantic Monthly3s Toby @ester states4
+...some o these ragments revealed small but intriguing aberrations rom the
stand =oranic te0t. ,uch aberrations, though not surprising to te0tual historians,
are troublingly at odds with the orthodo0 !uslim belie that the =oran as it has
reached us today is quite simply the perect, timeless, and unchanging Word o
Bod.... What the >emeni =orans seems to suggest, #uin began to eel, was an
evolving te0t rather than simply the Word o Bod as revealed in its entirety to
the #rophet !uhammad in the seventh century %.1.+
Others weighing in on the value o the >emeni discovery have included 1r. %ndrew (ippin, a
proessor o Islamic ,tudies4
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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+The impact o the >emeni manuscripts is still to be
elt. Their variant readings and verse orders are all
very signiicant. Averybody agrees on that. These
manuscripts say that the early history o the
=oranic te0ts is much more o an open question
than many have suspected4 the te0t was less
stable, and thereore had less authority, than has
always been claimed.+
In this same regard, Islamic history proessor 1r. (. ,tephen "umphreys summari8es the
importance o the study o how the =oran was created and the >emeni hoard in this quest4
+To historici8e the =oran would in eect delegitimi8e the whole historical
e0perience o the !uslim community. The =oran is the charter or the
community, the document that called it into e0istence. %nd ideally though
obviously not always in reality Islamic history has been the eort to pursue and
wor5 out the commandments o the =oran in human lie. I the =oran is a
historical document, then the whole Islamic struggle o ourteen centuries is
eectively meaningless.+
The evidence reveals that the =oran was created over a period o decades, i not centuries,
by a number o hands, rather than representing a single, divine +revelation+ rom the
%lmighty to !ohammed.
!ho !as Mohammed+
@i5e that o <uddha, 6esus, !oses, et al., !ohammed3s
historicity is questionable. "e seems to be yet another religious
igurehead invented to create a +state+ religion. "is +history+ is
ull o antastic legends, but even i we were to ind a +historical
person+ there, it would not be one o very high or aable
character. %s #otter says4
+O women, his taste ran to widows with a temper... Cor
recreation he delighted in cobbling shoes. #erhaps his
greatest $oy was when he beheld the severed heads o his
+"is disli5es were $ust as varied. "e detested sil5:lined
clothes, interest charges, dogs, others3 lies, 6ews and
Christians. "e hated poets, and said, 3Avery painter will
be in hell.3
+"e was inordinately vain. % clever woman poet satiri8ed
him. ,he was slain when asleep with her child at her
breast, and the vengeul !uhammad praised her murderer. Once he tortured a
6ew to ind the location o hidden treasure and then had him 5illed and added
the widow to his harem. ,trange indeed was the character o the prophet. "ow
could such a person inspire such reverence and devotion? It is one o the pu88les
o history.
+It was not that he developed a great theology, either, or what little theology
Islam has, worthy o the name, was built up ater !uhammad had long been
%ccording to the hadiths or hadeesErecords o the purported sayings and acts o !ohammed
and his companionsEthe #rophet was indeed o a character that would repulse any decent
human being. One ater another o the hadiths discuss !ohammed3s insatiable se0ual
appetite, which included having se0 with his +wie+ 3%isha, who was * years old and had not
even reached puberty. Iarious Islamic authorities have also claimed that !ohammed began
+thighing+ 3%isha when he married her at the age o si0.
%s to how such a character could inspire such reverence
and devotion, we would submit that it was because
!ohammed and Islam were created by yet another action
o +the brotherhood+ or purposes o competition with
6udaism, Christianity, Loroastrianism and other religions.
%s H.% !oro8ov says4
+...until the Crusades Islam was indistinguishable
rom 6udaism and...only then did it receive its
independent character, while !uhammad and the irst
Caliphs are mythical igures.+
<ehind the creation o such ideologies are usually those
who beneit the most, particularly +third:party+ weapons
manuacturers, since these divisive creeds are orever
setting one culture against another.
/0e# My &eople )o!/
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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1espite the unconvincing attempts by well:meaning individuals to assert the paciicism o
Islam, the act is that it is a desert warrior3s religion and was not spread by peaceul means.
%s Berald <erry says, in Religions of the World -)&.4
+#artly because he needed unds and partly because his ollowers were not
s5illed in agriculture as were the natives o >athrib, M!ohammedN organi8ed
ighting bands to raid caravans. "aving no ties with the older religions, he sent
them out even in the peace months. This started %rabia3s "oly War.
!ohammed3s whole movement too5 on the character o religious militarism. "e
made the !oslem anatic ighters by teaching that admission to #aradise was
assured or all those who died ighting in the cause o %llah.+
In the end, Islam, which means +submission,+ is built upon older myths and traditions and
was designed to usurp the power o Christians, 6ews and women. While we have no quarrel
with all %rabian culture, we do have a big problem with ideologies that are illed with
hal:truths and lies. <ecause o arrogance and bigotry, ancient cultures, along with their
variety, $ustice and beauty, have become nearly obliterated. In eect, the Western
monolithic religions represent a massive degradation o culture.
I this planet3s inhabitants would simply become educated to the origins o their traditions in
ull, we could live in a world o tremendous beauty and 5nowledge, as opposed to ugly,
superstitious and repressive ideologies that are e0clusionary and bigoted. Islam arose
because o the repression o Christianity and 6udaism, as well as an unbalanced emale:
oriented culture. @i5e those traditions, Islam is utterly out o balance, and we may all suer
or it, particularly i the predictions come true that Islam will be the most dominant religion
in the world in the ne0t decades.
%s previously stated, there are ew non:!uslim women or men who would wish to live in
such a world. <ecause o this aversion, we would e0pect to see in the uture innumerable
ghastly battles and wars waged in the name o one god or another, as has happened ar too
oten in the past, especially with these monotheistic %brahamic aiths o 6udaism,
Christianity and Islam. %ll told, these three are responsible or the deaths o hundreds o
millions o people, so why are they deemed +&reat religions?+ The +greatest+ thing about
them is their death toll.
I this world is to survive into the coming age, we will need as many people as possible to
drop all o these divisive doctrines. What we need on this planet, right now, are honest,
caring and whole human beings who are motivated not by potential avors and rewards rom
sadistic and ethnocentric deities in the s5y but by innate decency and integrity. Only in this
way can we all live in peace rather than ear, which is the weapon wielded by religion to
convert the +aithul.+
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%llah the !oon Bod
Origins of Islam | Islamic History | Muslim Religion Roots http://www.truthbeknown.com/islam.htm
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