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309 The Peninsula Court  8735 Makati Ave. cor.

Paseo de Roxas  Makati City


Customer Interaction Associates/Technical Service Representatives/
Novenix Corporation (NOVENIX)
32 November 2009

Description of Work:

Provide NOVENIX with suitably qualified Information Technology

professionals, managers and leaders who will undergo the StaffRIGHT
Solutions (SRS) and NOVENIX recruiting process.

• Source suitable candidates for the role of IT professional through
various channels.
• Screen candidates in communication skills, customer service
orientation, commitment and suitability for call center work.
• Endorse suitable candidates to NOVENIX for client screening process.

Details of Proposed Service

1. SRS will source suitably qualified candidates at SRS’s own expense.

2. SRS will screen candidates for minimum requirement, communication

skills, customer service orientation, suitability for call center work and

3. NOVENIX will provide SRS with exam and interview schedules with the
intention of SRS scheduling candidates for exam or interview at an
NOVENIX-designated site.

4. SRS will notify NOVENIX of the names of candidates being endorsed for
the NOVENIX selection process prior to the candidate arriving at the
NOVENIX site and will provide the candidates with SRS Endorsement

5. NOVENIX will provide SRS with feedback, including assessment results

within a 24 hour period of the candidate taking the NOVENIX selection

6. NOVENIX will notify SRS of all candidates who have signed an NOVENIX
employment agreement on the same day of the signing of the

… because people matter and results count. 1

309 The Peninsula Court  8735 Makati Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas  Makati City

7. Once the candidate has commenced NOVENIX Orientation training or

employment, SRS will invoice NOVENIX per successful hire.

8. SRS will provide a replacement guarantee for SRS candidates who

resign from NOVENIX for non performance related reasons within a
three (3) month period of the candidate beginning training.

Proposed Costs of Service:

Type of Work Cost per Hire

Support Positions (IT programmers/ 15% of employee’s
analysts, HR, Training, Finance, guaranteed annual
Team Leaders) income*
Asst. Managers, Shift Managers, 18% of employee’s
Operations Managers, Senior OMs, guaranteed annual
Directors income*

Terms and Conditions

1. This proposal is valid from November 23, 2009 and shall remain valid
indefinitely unless and until both parties agree to amendments or
termination of the agreement. Should this contract be terminated or
amended, both parties agree to provide one (1) month notice prior to
the termination or amendment to this contract.

2. Payment in full for all hired CIAs/CSAs/TSRs will be invoiced by SRS and
paid by NOVENIX 60 days upon receipt of invoice.

3. Please make all checks payable to Staff Right Solutions, Inc. A late
payment fee of 5% of the invoice total will apply for accounts over due.

Staff Right Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer you these services and we look
forward to partnering with NOVENIX. Please sign below to indicate your
acceptance to the terms mentioned above in this agreement
Novenix Corporation Staff Right Solutions, Inc.
Signature Signature
Name Aristeo de los Reyes Name Andres A. Diaz, Jr.
Designation HR Manager Designation General Manager
Date Date

… because people matter and results count. 2

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