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Reginald G. Walker, J r.

September 9, 2012
Advertising & Promotion
Dr. A. Arora

Assignment #3: Weeks 3 & 4

1. In Chapter 1, Promotional Mix is discussed. Comment on Promotional Mix, which is also
called Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Mix. Discuss in detail (about 1 page) with

---In my own words, Integrated Marketing Communications is a way for companies to
communicate with their consumers and customers. What I mean by this is---this approach allows
for forms of marketing communication strategies used by companies to be simplified for the
customers because everyone doesnt have a college education by they still are willing to
purchase products so companies have to be able to implement their simplified marketing
communications approach to the overall public. Companies goals are to make all aspects of
marketing communications such as advertising, the 4 Ps (place, promotion, price and product),
public relations, direct marketing, online communications and social media work together to
achieve a common goal and the common goal is to elate customers, sale their product, and to
maximize sales. However, to do this, companies must be willing to dumb it down for
customers so they will be willing and able to purchase their product or services. Without that
simplification, all is lost and the good or service will not sell because the lack of communication
between customer and company. This point makes IMC very more significant to a company then
it has ever been especially since technology is growing outstandingly and rapidly every other day
or week or month and the young customers are utilizing social media for information more now
than ever and companies have to find a way to communicate to those younger customers so they
can sell their product and services to all ages. IMC is also called the Promotional Mix since it is
the tools for IMC and is used to show the different forms of communication; from internet
marketing to public relations to personal and professional selling. It all goes hand and hand.
Companies must use the promotional mix to attract their target market and customers because
customers are looking to be entertained which is how advertising comes into the picture. Then
theres sales promotion like coupon and buy one get one free deals that companies have to entice
the customer to buy their product and to continue to shop with them. Companies, whether it is
known or not, also depend upon word-of-mouth (WOM) and electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM)
because what way to get your name across but through other people and it is priceless to that
company. Thats why certain companies will take down your contact information upon
purchasing their product or service so that they can keep in touch and contact with you, hoping
that you will show their product off to friends and family members so that they will ponder upon
purchasing the companys product or services. For example, auto motor companies practice this
particular procedure. Upon purchasing an automobile, the sales representatives will take down
your contact information and the company will stay in contact with you for the rest of your life.
They will even contact you on your birthday and send you birthday wishes with special
discounted offers on new deals at their dealership or store location. Companies love to build
relationships because they know that those customers will remain loyal and keep coming back
and telling people about them and their product and/or service; this is why integrated marketing
communications is needed throughout the business field because it allows for companies to
communicate with their customers to provide even better product and services.

2. Visit the Website of any ONE of the advertising agencies given below and comment on the
work done by the advertising agency. Share information about the clients and the (print, TV,
radio, billboards and even Internet / Mobile / Interactive) ads made by the agency. Comment on
any awards won by the agency. Leo Burnett Y&R Brands Euro RSCG McCann Worldgroup
J WT DDB Worldwide Ogilvy & Mather Grey Group BBDO Worldwide TBWA Worldwide
TBWA\Chiat\Day DraftFCB Wieden & Kennedy Publicis Worldwide M&C Saatchi CP+B
Saatchi & Saatchi.

---Before I get into BBDOs particulars like their clients and forms of advertising, I wanted to
tell a little about this prestigious advertising agency company. BBDO is actually the worlds
most awarded advertising agency. They have 15,000 employees in 289 offices across 81 nations.
It is the second largest global advertising agency network in the world with its headquarters in
the wonderful state of New York. BBDOs mission is to create and deliver the worlds most
compelling commercial content across all mediums and screens. They achieve this through their
obsessive focus on The Work, The Work, The Work, The Work is what they do every day to
reinforce or change behavior. BBDOs core competencies include: advertising, branding, email
marketing & eCRM, mobile & social media, strategy & planning, interactive marketing, direct
marketing, and design.
Now I will get down to the nutty grittyBBDO has an array of relationships which were
established through trust, respect, and the impact of what they accomplish together with
longevity. They have been partners with Armstrong in the US for over 90 years and General
Electric since 1921, just to give you an idea of their credentials and establishment. Their clients
are American Red Cross, AT&T, Bayer, Campbells, Diageo, ExxonMobil, FedEx, GE, HP,
Hyatt, J ohnson & J ohnson, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, P&G, PepsiCo, SC J ohnson, Starbucks and
Volkswagon. These are really established companies and Fortune 500 companies for that matter.
BBDO expects nothing but the best and gets nothing but the best with these clients. It would take
all day to name all of the prestigious awards that BBDO has won but the latest award that they
won which pertained to the advertising that they do for Mars especially for M&Ms; however,
this specific award was won for the new Twix global campaign: Mars was awarded Advertiser
of the Year at Cannes. Here are a few advertisements from BBDO for their clients: