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1. What do you want the reader to perceive?

2. Is it explicitly stated?
3. What impression(s) are you trying to make?
. What attitude are you trying to show? !or example" patriotic# diplomatic$
%his section is an opportunity &or you to ela'orate on the in&ormation you have provided earlier. (ou
may discuss a special talent# a personal experience or an activity that you have 'een involved in that
is relevant to the course you are applying &or admission.
)s your essay is limited to only 2*** characters (including punctuations and space)# do present your
ideas in a &ocused and thought&ul manner.
I always wonder to mysel&" a&ter twelve long years o& agoni+ing education# what have I gained?
I see mysel& in sixth grade. )t one speci&ic time# we were learning a'out )rchimedes, principle. I was
hoping to gain knowledge o& how )rchimedes discovered the principle or how it came to 'e- instead# I
was only given the &ormula and some exercises to apply the &ormula. .ater# as I continued my
education /ourney# the sixth0grade story 'ecame the &ormula &or every su'/ect in school" the students
were given the &ormula or material to learn 'y heart and some exercises to apply it. We were 'rought
up 'y an education system that re1uires the students to learn 'y heart all material# not necessarily
understand or appreciate the 'eauty in everything- thus the knowledge was soon &orgotten.
%o 'e success&ul# one must &irst 'e passionate a'out something. %o 'e passionate a'out something#
one must &irst appreciate the 'eauty o& that thing. %he education system has not done its /o' well.
Pallas Athena
The major competing tradition regarding Athena's parentage involves some of her more
mysterious epithets: Pallas, as in the and Tritogeneia (also Trito, Tritonis, Tritoneia, Tritogenes). A distant
archaic separate entity named Pallas is invoked (literate reeks cannot remem!er the gender

as Athena's
father, sister, foster sister, companion, or opponent in !attle. Pallas is often a nymph, a daughter
of Triton (a sea god), and a childhood friend of Athena.
"n every case, Athena kills Pallas, accidentally, and there!y gains the name for herself. "n one telling, they
practice the arts of #ar together until one day they have a falling out. As Pallas is a!out to strike Athena,
$eus intervenes. %ith Pallas stunned !y a !lo# from $eus, Athena takes advantage and kills her.
&istraught over #hat she has done, Athena takes the name Pallas for herself.
%hen Pallas is Athena's father the events, including her !irth, are located near a !ody of #ater named
Triton or Tritonis. %hen Pallas is Athena's sister or foster'sister, Athena's father or foster'father is Triton,
the son and herald of Poseidon. (ut Athena may !e called the daughter of Poseidon and a nymph named
Tritonis, #ithout involving Pallas. )ike#ise, Pallas may !e Athena's father or opponent, #ithout involving
Triton. *n this topic, %alter (urkert says +she is the Pallas of Athens, Pallas Athenaie, just as ,era of
Argos is Here Argeie. -or the Athenians, (urkert notes, Athena #as simply +the oddess+, h thes,
certainly an ancient title.
Another version of the myth of the Athenian maidens is told in Metamorphoses !y the .oman
poet *vid (/0 (1 2 34 A&)5 in this late variant ,ermes falls in love #ith ,erse. ,erse, Aglaulus, and
Pandrosus go to the temple to offer sacrifices to Athena. ,ermes demands help from Aglaulus to seduce
,erse. Aglaulus demands money in e6change. ,ermes gives her the money the sisters have already
offered to Athena. As punishment for Aglaulus's greed.
Personal Essay
Please #rite an essay of no more than 788 #ords on a topic of your choice or on one of the options listed !elo#. 9our
#riting #ill help us get to kno# you as a person, apart from the courses you took, grades, test scores and other
o!jective data. "t #ill also demonstrate your a!ility to organi:e your thoughts and e6press yourself. The !est essays,
the ones that illuminate an applicant's distinctive aptitudes, e6periences, or characteristics, tend to !e focused,
reflective, and most of all, #ritten such that the applicant's o#n voice and personality shine through.
3. ;valuate a significant e6perience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and
its impact on you.
<. &iscuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.
0. "ndicate a person #ho has had a significant influence on you, and descri!e that influence.
/. &escri!e a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative #ork (as in art, music, science, etc) that has
had an influence on you, and e6plain that influence.
7. A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life e6periences adds much to the educational
mi6. iven your personal !ackground, descri!e an e6perience that illustrates #hat you #ould !ring to the
diversity of the 9ale'=>? 1ollege community or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity
to you.
@. Topic of your choice.
Additional Essay
Please #rite an essay of no more than 788 #ords on a topic of your choice or on one of the options listed !elo#.
3. %hat does the noun AprogressB mean to youC
<. "f you could change one thing a!out your community, #hat #ould it !e and #hyC
0. &escri!e a moment in your life #hen feelings, ideas, things, or people came together #ith such po#er that
your perspective on an issue of importance to you #as fundamentally altered.
/. Travel through time fifty years from no#. "t is the year <8@<. %hat, in your vie#, might !e the most important
issues in your country at that timeC