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India Aviati on 2014: CEOs Call for Indi geni sati on, Single Certifying Agency

for Ci vil/Mil itary Fl yi ng

Bangalore, March 14, 2014:
The CEOs forum at the ongoing India Aviation show at Hyderabad (March
12-16), has largely felt that the Indian aviation industry would be better off with
single certifying agency authorised to issue civil and military flying rights
simultaneously for any aircraft produced in the country. The participation of high
profile CEOs from Indian industry chaired by Secretary, Civil Aviation, Mr Ashok
Lavasa, had free-wheeling discussion on several contentious as well as
on-going business challenges. Dr. R.K. Tyagi, Chairman, HAL said single
certifying agency would be in the national interest as it would mean huge
savings in terms of costs and time. It is absolutely must to give fillip to our own
products both in civilian and military segments and reduce dependency on
foreign products, he added. The theme of the forum was Development of
Sustainable Air Connectivity.
Dr. Tyagi and others also focused on the critical issue of some Indian products
getting approval from relevant certifying agencies in Europe and USA. For
example, our products such as Dhruv helicopter (civil and military variants) has
proved its metal in the most challenging situation why shouldnt it fly in America
or anywhere else?, he asked insisting that quick procedural solutions must be
found at various levels to pave way for Indian products to fly abroad. We need
to create right technological eco-system, he added,
The forum also hailed the recent IOC of LCA (Tejas) and opined that with
multiple Indian agencies involved, LCA is the best example of what the Indian
industry could achieve on the indigenisation front. In this context offset
opportunities should be encouraged at various stages, some CEOs felt.
Another significant aspect that emerged at the Hyderabad Show was the
captains of American industry discussing their willingness to collaborate on
Indias Regional Transport Aircraft (RTA) initiative. India is keen to develop
70-100 seater passenger aircraft with joint efforts of HAL and NAL through
J V/Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The initial funding of Rs. 20 crores will be
borne by the J V partners. HAL Board has already given approval for the J V/SPV
with the hope that Indian skies will see its own regional transport aircraft in


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