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Checklist Go Live


Go- Live & Support Phase
Objecti ve:
The objecti ve of this checklist is to confirm that the Go Live phase has been compl eted to
the customer s satisfaction and that all issues have been resolved, or that there is an
executabl e action plan to resol ve them
1. System Readiness
!erif" that all actions to #et the $%P s"stem properl " confi #ured accordi n# to the bluepri nt
have been conducted and availabl e in the producti ve environment
1. 1 Project ana!ement
%re there an" issues outstandi n# preventi n# a Project
'es (o
)f "es, provi de ade*uate documentati on
+ave the customer metri cs for project success been met& 'es (o
)f not, are the" anticipated to be met in the near future& 'es (o
1. " System ana!ement #a$$ instances%
+as o,nershi p of the producti ve environment been
transferred of to the support or#ani-ati on&
'es (o
%ll hard,are is installed and operati ve& 'es (o
+ave s"stem admi nistrati on procedures been defined& 'es (o
.ackup / restore have been tested& 'es (o
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Checklist Go Live
$"stem Chan#es mana#ement is established and
communi cated&
'es (o
$tartup7shutdo,n procedures have been tested& 'es (o
8ob schedul es are available and tested& 'es (o
%lert moni tors are activated& 'es (o
9isaster recover" plan is read"& 'es (o
:ser admi nistrati on responsibil i t " ;ho can authori-e
ne, users, ,hat access ) #ranted <securi t"=, >
'es (o
The operati n# s"stem is secured & 'es (o
The net,ork is read" for producti on envi ronment& 'es (o
+i#h? availabi li t" solution is in place & 'es (o
+ave CC@$ procedures been refined for producti on& 'es (o
+as the s"stems admi nistrati on staff been ade*uatel "
'es (o
+as the $%P +ot Line been informed of the producti on
start date&
'es (o
1. & System Readi ness #Producti on%
%re there an" problems ,ith the performance of
the Producti on s"stem&
'es (o
)f "es, please explai nA
%ll interfaces are tested and operati ve& 'es (o
%ll printers are operational& 'es (o
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Checklist Go Live
". 'ompany Readiness
To confirm that the end users and the s"stem support personnel are read" for the Go?Live
".1 (nd )ser Readi ness
+ave all end? users compl eted (avi#ati on traini n#& 'es (o
End user documentati on is availabl e and updated ,here
'es (o
+ave all end? users compl eted business process traini n#
for their specific functi ons in the $%P s"stem&
'es (o
+o, man" end? users are currentl " usin# the $%P R71
Transacti on users&
)nformati on users&
)nternet users&
%ll :ser )ds have been created in the s"stem and
appropriate securi t" level assi#ned
'es (o
%re there addi ti onal traini n# re*ui rements& 'es (o
)f "es, is a traini n# schedule and list availabl e& 'es (o
"." Producti on Support Readi ness
Can "our operati ons staff maintai n dail " support& 'es (o
Can "our help desk resol ve business and functi onal
'es (o
+as a help desk facili t" been created and staffed& 'es (o
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Checklist Go Live
;hat is "our lon#? term product support strate#"& Explain 'es (o
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Checklist Go Live
&. Data Readiness
To confirm that all data, as a#reed in the bluepri nt, has been properl " mi #rated and is
available in the ne, s"stem
&.1 'ut- over
+ave all automated conversions been run& 'es (o
+ave all automated conversion results been verified& 'es (o
+ave all manual conversions been compl eted& 'es (o
+ave all manual conversion results been verified& 'es (o
+ave all manual outstandi n# transactions <open
documents= been entered into the s"stem&
'es (o
+ave balances <G7L, inventor"= been verified& 'es (o
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