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Y.H. Dimri Construction & Development Ltd. construction 10

development &
construction 5
Other Senior Executives Line of Business
Iris Dimri Constructing residential
Manager, Customer Division neighborhoods and
exclusive projects
Nurit Twito
VP Finance
Established 1989
Shlomo Huri
VP Operations

Ygal Dimri
CEO and Chairman of
the Board

Y.H. Dimri Construction and Development, one of the leading construction Beersheva, Netivot, Sderot, Ashdod, Gan Yavne, Modi’in and Netanya.
companies in Israel, has been erecting exclusive residential quarters and In recent years the company also expanded its activities in income-
industrial, commercial and tourism projects in Israel and Eastern Europe. producing properties, planning to build in the coming years a hotel in
Founded twenty years ago by Ygal Dimri, the company was successfully the Ashdod Southern Riviera, a mall in Gan Yavne, a commercial and
led by his vision and substantial expertise in the field, attaining a office center in Ashdod and a commercial center in Beersheva.
noteworthy reputation in Israel. Y.H. Dimri maintains a professional staff
International Operations
of architects, engineers and project managers, alongside a marketing
Y.H. Dimri commenced its international operations in 2006, acquiring
and sales team, supported by customer service and inspection service
land in the Czech Republic and Romania. Planned for the first stage
capable of attending to all customer requirements.
of construction are 200 apartments in the Czech Republic and 4800
apartments and a commercial center in Romania. In Europe, just as
Financial Strength in Israel, the company has prepared and organized for building at a
The company’s reputation is based on a robust economic foundation high quality and at competitive prices, primarily in countries that have
and financial strength. As of 2004, the company has been traded on the recently joined the European Union. In 2008, Y.H. Dimri held land for
Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, while displaying one of the highest profitability construction of 3,639 apartments, with 932 being built and another
level in the construction sector of Israel. The company maintains a 2,707 in various planning stages.
broad range and variety of equipment including heavy mechanical
Projects in planning and construction stages
equipment and trucks, and owns plants for the manufacture of metal
Modi’in: 249 exclusive apartments in three high-rise projects in
and wood products employed in various construction processes.
the Shimshoni and Kaiser quarters Netanya: A unique residential
Advanced Technology complex of 392 units in 4 towers – planned for the Ir Yamim site in the
Y.H. Dimri employs advanced technological means in its projects and Poleg quarter (company’s share: 326 residential units) Netanya:
has been granted ISO 9002 certification. Integration of innovative A unique residential complex consisting of 295 residential units in
construction methods in its work is the result of the company’s the Ramat Hen quarter in the west of the city Netanya: 215
commitment to the highest standards of construction. exclusive high-quality units along the seafront of the Ir Yamim site
Gan Yavne: 123 one and two-family homes Ashdod: 769
Customer Service
residential units in three projects Netivot: 377 residential units in
Since Y.H. Dimri holds customer service to be of the highest value,
projects integrating apartment buildings and cottages Sderot: 26
every one of its customers benefits from personal service at every
high quality residential units – in high-density housing Beersheva:
stage of contact with the company. The company offers a variety
522 residential units in five projects in the city’s center, Neve Zeev
of services attuned to all customer needs, from the moment of
and Ramot, integrating spacious building and cottages Ashkelon:
purchasing an apartment, through the building process and handover,
Three projects totaling 564 apartments Rishon Letzion: 77
and concluding with the inspection and warranty period.
apartments in an exclusive project in the west of the city Mall
­High Quality Projects in Gan Yavne Commercial center in Beersheva Exclusive
Company activities cover the entire country – it is currently planning and apartment hotel in Ashdod Commercial center and offices in
constructing some 30 projects in cities such as Rishon Letzion, Ashkelon, the Ma’ar quarter of Ashdod.

Dimri Towers At the Park project – 122 residential units, Modi’in Grand Dimri – 339 residential units, City Site, Ashdod

ATTORNEYS Shapira Mintus ACCOUNTANTS Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar ADVERTISING Lam-Margalit
ADDRESS 1 Jerusalem St., Netivot 80200 TEL 972-8-9939000 FAX 972-8-9944437 E-MAIL hadar@dimri.co.il WEBSITE www.dimri.co.il

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