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A-List Update # 20

Notes at the Edge and Beyond

August-December 2012

December 22, 2012

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What is most important, now more than ever, is your inner and
outer completion as a spiritual self having a human experience.

With this comes the urgency of the high attractor something that
changes as your consciousness continues to expand and your higher
self and your lower self become one.

In turn, this becomes ever more intimately involved with the higher

this may occur with imperceptible subtly at first, and yet in a
moment, a greater awareness becomes you and then some.

Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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The Update following this will be #21 and I expect to have it ready in the
coming weeks. It is the conclusion of the series of in-depth A-List
Updates. It is centered on the following:

Ascensi on, Death, and Tr ansfi gur ati on
The Human Problem The Problem of the Hi gher Self
Addi ti onal Remar ks on the Correcti on Energi es and the
Larger Process Underway

Commentary will continue at the NES forum. In the event of something
of urgency for email distribution, I will maintain the present A-List.

We have done our best to explain how things are in this realm, why they
are this way, and what is changing and how. This has been one of a
rare few published sources in English that has unfolded a coherent set of
perspectives on the ascension and transformation process, the nature of
reality, the true Light, and the Dark forces.

None of this was written to be popular or sensationalistic and it has
never been advertised. It is not written for those who only want the
quick and easy and the content has evolved over the years to assist as
many as possible in their spiritual evolution.

This work has been intended for those who are serious about
penetrating a distorted and false reality to discover what lies beyond
and who are serious about their evolution as a spiritual being.

As I finish reviewing my notes and correspondence, new posts will be
made at the NES forums. We will try to keep the forum accessible
through major Internet search engines.

Main NES link: http://www.newearthsummit.org/forum/ and main
PFCN/Updates: http://www.pfcn.net/napsum-bul1.html .

Thank you and gratitude to each of you for being here!


Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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Tempus fugi t
December 22, 2012

Dear Friends and Readers,

Recently I found printed correspondence from over a year ago, yet it seemed to
me that not even a few months had lapsed. It also seemed to me that it was barely
a year ago I was discussing the coming decade through 2013, yet it was ten
human earth years ago according to my computer files. In other words, this
represents an increasing (quickening) of the passage of time/events the closer my
human level of awareness approaches a major change point. Some portion of my
greater being is well aware of this and already well established on the other side
of this existential change point. While my human self is informed of this, from my
human level point-of-view, I also have an inferential knowing. Many are
reporting unusual time compression or condensation in their immediate
awareness as well as in their memory of their past experiences. Tempus fugit!

Whatever one has come to believe about it, the period around December 21,
2012 represents a virtual demarcation or temporal marker. I am watching
December 23
as well as around January 15
for something significant.

Other than being an emotionally charged time for humans and an over-used fear-
meme, 2012 is about consciousness and spiritual existence more than anything
else and what it is that has been learned by those spiritual beings who have
enmeshed in a human existence here. When I use the term spiritual beings, I
include the spiritualized human level self, so no one is off the hook from giving
proper attention to what is Real and Truly important over that which is not.

All of this may be of great significance to some and mean very little to others.

Some will proceed to consciously transcend this reality in ways unique to each
while some may only abstractly think about such possibilities.

Of those who do make these changes, some will continue to be of spiritual service
at various levels to the larger transformational process in this realm.

Indeed, it is most likely that the majority of human selfs will find spiritual
revelation once they are no longer in their human form, however this may occur
for them.

In addition to the correction energies and all that is related it flooding this realm,
the days surrounding 12-21 of 2012 is also a focus of the dark forces of chaos.
These forces are working from human and higher levels to stimulate chaos and
conflict at all possible levels from the personal to the global. I am noting this as a
Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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caution, not as something not to jump into imagining to help or out of curiosity.
Practice detachment. Stop paying attention to the news for a while.

Those most connected and aware of the process have been acutely aware of the
tangible and stepped up changes they have been experiencing since the latter part
of November this year.

If there ever was a time to stay focused on your completion process, higher
attractors and to be detached from the apparent social 3d reality, this is it.

This is not a time to misapply these nascent energies and non-duality
consciousness (higher Oneness) with an intent to manifest anything into the
human 3d realm. There are some teachers who are promoting this and no doubt
others will follow on in some fashion as they try new ways to spin the
falsehoods in 3d of create your reality.

This has some correspondence in the higher as above levels of consciousness
realized there is no basis for any war in heaven (as humans have come to phrase
it). It is a fundamental incongruity for those of the higher light of the higher
Oneness to be in conflict with the Dark. This is something that took a long time to
properly understand. While there may be some certain tactical and defensive
concerns, the process underway is primarily about the dissolution the Dark and
returning to the true Light that which originated with it separating out the

The enormous creation beings which have encapsulated the dark realm are an
important element in a process that is reaching into all vibrational states,
including those that underlie 3d matter reality.

The mayonnaise is getting sorted out in ways that are analogous to consciously
removing the underlying source of disease and pain in a human body.

This is a time to allow and encourage the high vibrations of correction energies
to flow in and through you with no intent or direction on your part. Just let them

From our human point-of-view there will be the tangibility of the next stages of
global economic collapse, war and chaos, and big changes in the planetary and
space environments, some of which have been described by various researchers
and seen by some through dreams/visions. But this is only phenomenal to the
3d state of attachments. It is like the narrow band of the named electromagnetic
spectrum that humanly visible light occupies.

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The correction energies and its various agencies are doing what is possible to
literally cut the tendrils of the dark control and parasitization. While this is not
the big transformation, it does provide additional breathing space at the
lower levels of human consciousness to take in some of the new air that is being
introduced via the correction. Similarly those who are oriented to ascension and
transformation are receiving another type of new air to improve their capacity
in transcending the parameters of their existence in this realm.

What is most important, now more than ever, is your inner and outer
completion as a human self.

With this comes the urgency of your high attractor something that can change
as your consciousness continues to expand and your higher self and your human
self become one. In turn, this becomes ever more intimately involved with the
higher Oneness. For many, I dare say most, this may occur with imperceptible
subtly at first, and in a moment a greater awareness becomes you.

This is how you will Know Truth and Beauty for yourself.

As you come into a greater state of being, there occurs bridging of vibrational
states, even when there is no more physical body to connect through into the
lower levels such as 3d. We discussed this in the Feb-Mar 2011 A-List Update
and again more recently with the analogy of an elevator in a transparent glass-
like building and being able to view multiple levels at the same time.

In the forthcoming Update, we discuss the supramental relative to ascension and
the transformation of the subtle bodies and matter. We also touch on the work of
Aurobindo and Mirra who explored vibrational states that lie just below normal
3d awareness, corresponding to what could be called 2d and 1d.

Over the years I have preferred to describe the major changes as leading to a
existential bifurcation a change in consciousness, vibrational, state and reality.
For those spiritual beings focused on reworking the challenge of individuation
into lower densities without separation from true Source, new earth would be
one descriptor. One versions I am familiar with is part of a new creation and it is
not solidified in an earthly sense and human levels of individuation from higher
level beings have not yet occurred.

I know there it is a dream of many for this earth to be remade into a pristine
creation space. While this is very possible, I could not say it is with absolute
certainty. Much depends on how the coming years play out in this realm on earth
and elsewhere.

Earths planetary environment has become too damaged to support healthy life
patterns and humanity as it is presently configured, lacks the consciousness at
the human and the higher self to pursue a path of spiritual evolution. At best
Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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humans will rebel against how things are being done, but not against the nature
of what humans are engaged in doing.

Nevertheless, there is a fraction that has the potential to become spiritual human
beings and they will be aided by various physical and non-physical beings toward
developing this potential.


Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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The Future An Existential Bifurcation
December 20, 2012

How the near term future plays out depends on how the correction energies
and larger transformation process move ahead. As to human-influenced events
such as wars and economic collapse, these are partially limited by a partial
foreknowledge by the human shadow power elite of larger events outside their

To add to previous Updates concerning the likely near future, I would note that
the energy of some high-impact events have been spread out over some months,
but the impetus bound up with them has not been expressed fully. In other
words, I still anticipate some dramatic high-impact events within the human
realm of influence political, military, and economic. And I continue to expect
planetary changes to grow in frequency and magnitude in the period from now
into and through 2013.

Various populations of humans are being subject to social and material stress
that is growing in severity. It is connected to the larger impetus behind the
collapse of civilization, regardless of the particulars of any of the apparent
issues. In other words, something will give way, like an overflowing dam that
suddenly bursts from hidden structural failures.

At the level of ordinary human consciousness, there is such a tension and stress
that it should be no surprise when it is noticed that many people will snap and
go berserk with violent outbursts. In most cases, people will reacting to the social
control pressures, not against what it is they do or why, only how. A simple
example might be with workplace incidents where employees have become too
constrained and unable to express themselves. But as it is throughout human
society there is not the consciousness to exist, to be, in any fundamentally
different way. This is due to thousands of years of constrained and ingrained
patterns that have served to shape the expression of human civilization. Thus it is
relatively easy for the social controllers to give people illusions of change.

Globally, the human power elite will continue their internal competition while
preparing for global conflict intended that is to decide the terms of their own
balance of power and to reduce the human population to a more manageable

As to a longer term view of humans on earth, I have described the most likely
possibilities as have others and at this point I do not know any basis for any
one of these likely futures. Much will be determined by what occurs in the
coming months and how that plays out over the next few years of human calendar

However some sense of this can be inferred from In the essays forthcoming in
Update #21, a cascade of events is described which will occur during the period
Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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described in various schools of human eschatology something that I prefer to
call an embarkation to a more evolved state as spiritual beings.

It will appear as a cascade effect for various reasons. Partly due to the influence
upon the human level of perception of a compression or condensation of the
perception of the flow of time (events) at the human level of awareness and is
closely coupled with changes in ones state of awareness and ones energy bodies.

Expressed slightly differently, as ones awareness expands in all possible ways, it
encompasses so much more and slips free of the traction of time and the hold of
the 3d material realm.

This will also affect many who have never considered the sorts of the things
discussed in these pages.

And there will be those who will slip away from all of this, like water flowing away
from shore. For them, a new adventure of a new state of being beckons. What
involvement they may have in this realm is something unique to them and their
greater being to consider. Their human self will become a part of their greater
awareness and therefore will cease to be as it may have previously identified its
beingness when looking out of a human point of view.

To remind those who may read with a check list in mind, over recent years, we
have discussed a wide range of changes that are associated with the ascension
and transformation process. Most of this is still very relevant.

What has changed most since the articles in Global Awakening News is that a
high level process has been worked out to support the prime directives of
separating the dark from the true light and for maximizing the opportunities for
all concerned to learn and evolve as spiritual beings from all that has transpired
in the fallen realms and that this process of correction energies is reaching
into the levels of density at the human level and beyond.

Over the years we have highlighted some of these events occurring in the human
social and planetary environments. Over a fairly short period of years a
confluence of minor and major catastrophic events has been occurring, growing
in frequency, duration, and intensity. This constitutes a material or as below
dynamic which corresponding to a larger pattern of cascade events.

Overall, the extant population of humans on earth will continue their attempts to
adapt to these changes, usually hoping or fighting for an imagined better life.
But sooner or later the social and material matrix will fail planetary
environment, social structures and processes of control, human level
consciousness will continue to degrade, etc. Ordinary human existence will
degrade into some variation of hunter gatherers in a landscape that cannot
support healthy/healthful plant or animal life.

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This will most likely be unfolding over the coming few years, simultaneous with
dramatic changes in the state of awareness and 3d presence of those who are
focused on a path of spiritual evolution. It is an existential bifurcation.

There are many plans afoot among the human global elite and many plans among
others not from the human realm and these plans vary according to the level of
consciousness being expressed. Within the human realm, plans of the global
power elite are not in accord with the correction energies and Higher Oneness.
And there various facades of social movements, etc. that pretend at oneness
and social justice yet are only new ways to keep the matrix world order
running at the expense of the nave and innocent.

In the larger picture, there is nothing anyone can do about the agendas and
actions of the human power elites, it is all so over the top and beyond the
capacity of ordinary humans to change anything substantial. Further, there is so
much to lose and nothing to be gained in getting involved with such matters.

This version of human existence is rapidly drawing to a close. With an escalation
of the wars and other types of disasters, these increase material and emotional
suffering and with that a greater desire for release from this existence by many.
For the vast majority of humans are unable to lift their sights beyond the narrow
limits presented to them by a society based upon falsehoods and insanity.

The control systems are highly adaptable and can accommodate almost anything
that does not fundamentally challenge their power or authority. Those who
imagine they are thinking of radical new ideas are only helping to develop new
adaptations of the control systems. Yes indeed.

Those who are spending their time and money and other energies trying to
expose what they believe to real truths of the global control systems, etc. are not
waking up anyone in any meaningful way, no matter what they imagine they
are doing. There are essentially three categories of responses elicited by these

Anger and upset, over the latest issues they are presented with, is
channeled into acting out against anyone or anything. Some may even
prefer armed conflicts. These responses reinforce the very paradigm they
imagine themselves fighting to end. Righteous social justice causes will find
appeal here as well.
Depression and withdrawal into a state of internalized oblivion and escapism.
Occasionally this may erupt into external acting out.
Submission and catatonic immobility making it easy to manipulate and
control people. As long as there are calories with which to fill their bellies and
something, anything to occupy their attention when they are not sleeping,
this would constitute the masses, as in described in books such as 1984 or
Brave New World.

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And then there are the new age, self-empowerment and related types who
promote variations on a theme of deluded dreams and false hopes for an
impossible golden age or you create your own reality, etc.

Despite all this, it is in the disintegration of illusions of civilization that many
reject enough of the old paradigm and open to something entirely different and in
so doing, perhaps eventually find an opening to a spiritual existence rather than
one of endless struggle and suffering. In some ways it is could regarded be
something of one last chance for so many to gain access to spiritual free will
means and thus make a genuine choice, perhaps for the first time in their human
lives to seek a new way of being.

Can you think and be aware from your non-human higher consciousness? If
not, then the following could further stimulate your process.

How viable is human social-physical existence?
To what extent is the human species a viable vehicle for spiritual
What is the state of your own process of internal completions?
What are your determining limiters to your human existence, if any?
Can you contemplate your purpose of being in the realm of
humans on earth now as well as in a future period?
Do you react in any way to all the terrible news about the state of the
planet and humans? How do you react? Why? How do such responses
contribute to your evolution as a spiritual being?

Focus upon your as a spiritual consciousness. Sooner or later there will be a
breakthrough and higher order of help will be evident.

There you have it.


Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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The New Energies
December 4, 2012


As the vibrational energies in the 3d range become cleared and heightened, a
wide range of responses will be experienced, including intensified anxiety-stress,
depression, anger, as well as feeling and being energized in a pleasing way.
Feeling high or low, even manic is quite possible. There is no state of mind or
body that can be taken as an accurate indication of anything more than major
changes in reality. So pay attention to your inner state and higher connection.
Conscious breathing is helpful and daily refresh your intention of connection to
the correction energies and to your own higher being.

Here I would caution against jumping to conclusions that all the planetary toxic
waste will be cleaned up, as if magically. The greater beings working to clean up
the energetic space are, for now, mainly focused on the subtle energy levels and
clearing the dark entities from the region immediately above, below, and within
3d. This is providing a little more energetic breathing space for those who need

What will do you do with your added energy and somewhat improved breathing
space? This is not for me to tell you.

I will however, repeat my previous cautions against dissipating ones hard-won
new spiritual capacities by engaging anything large or small of the dominant
human paradigm. Nothing. Just because you have a little more breathing room,
does not mean you must attempt to rescue the Titanic as it is already sinking.

Perhaps you can do more to help the situation by setting the example of taking
flight and perhaps others will get the idea when they notice you. Otherwise, you
can have the experience of being with as they grip the ships railing. Undoubtedly,
there will be those who choose the latter course and will go down with the

These are the sorts of decisions that are coming. There is no right or wrong. I
should add here, that there are already preparations underway to assist those
who will be making this transition from the human physical to a different state of

Some of us came here to observe, some to assess the situation for the higher
learning, and some came here assist in the birth of a new creation matrix
(Baby). Some did a bit of each. All done now for the most part. Presently some
are helping to guide in the balance of the changes which in turn will make it
easier for more to return home in their own higher level being.

Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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While it is likely that our eternal essence (true light) that has been visiting in 3d
will have little difficulty rejoining its greater essential being, there is nevertheless
the question of what is appropriate to our awakening to our true nature while in
still human form. The 3d environment is already a cesspool of all of the detritus
and effluent of human society since its founding on this planet. This situation is
worsening due to the ongoing insanity of human society and a bio-terraforming
process by various agents of the dark.

While it is important to maintain the most healthy and vigorous physical and
mental state as well as our energy bodies, there comes a point of consciously
letting go of our human form. This is something we have described in various
articles. To most, this is confounded and twisted up with deliberately distorted
human beliefs systems about death and life. And these distorted beliefs are
one of the impediments to conscious ascension and accepting the correction

For those who sooner or later acquire greater capacities in their energy bodies
focused upon the human 3d physical levels, it is possible that some may vibrate
out directly or aided somehow. In most instances, however, I would anticipate
the advancing self and lightbody letting go of its human biological form.

All this is closely bound up with the lower self the sub-conscient that is most
associated with monitoring and operating your human vehicle. It will loyally
keep you going until whatever occurs that makes it impossible to carry on
carrying you in this realm. And this is why we have been emphasizing the
importance of ones inner and outer completion, the high attractor, and ones
spiritual learning from this realm. A lengthy article on the theme of Death,
Transfiguration, and Ascension will be ready for circulating in the near future.


Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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The New Energies Short Update
December 15, 2012


Speaking of the new being, the new consciousness: It is like the clearest water
and most quickly moving fluid that has passed a most sublime filter I have
noticed the start of a stream, it is not a flood yet, but for the first time, I see it
moving out of what has been the old and the decrepit into the new and higher
vibrational space this is as seen from that new space. The cascade events will
hasten this flow.

The mayonnaise separation (and upgrading) process is at work! In the earlier
"test stages" of this process over the recent years, this has only involved those
who made them available for such "experiments".

There are some teachers who are becoming vaguely aware of non-duality
consciousness (true higher Oneness). Some of them are promoting (the misuse
in my opinion) of these energies in 3d vibrational space, in the human realm as
they give a new spin to the falsehoods of this realm of existence and
corresponding notions of you create your own reality. All this does is to further
keep one mired in a decrepit reality, one that is scheduled to go away. This is an
inappropriate use of these new energies. If you are a conductor/conduit for the
correction energies it is best to let these flow outward from you with no thought
as to their direction or application. None whatsoever.

Previously I have mentioned differences in the experience of the flow of time:
(see NES post A Large-field View)
http://newearthsummit.org/forum/index.php/topic,1374.msg5936.html#msg5936 )

Time functions differently at different vibrational states of being. One of the
effects is that it will seem as though the transformational process will be drawn
out from the point of view of consciousness referencing human earth time. At the
level of consciousness on the other side of the process, there will be an entirely
different expression and awareness of Time. What I am saying by this is that
the prime directives which I have described previously under this thread are
being given the needed time for them to work.

At the human level of existence, life as it is referred to, will become increasingly
difficult as the level of human material and emotional suffering grows.

This is not some perverse punishment as many will subjectively presume,
rather it is simply the logical extension of a reality system that, due to its internal
defects, is disintegrating. This is the case at all vibrational levels of the fallen
systems, not just within the narrow sphere of human 3d awareness.

Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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And so it is under way...
December 19, 2012


It is one of the reasons some are here at this time in this vibrational state on this

Suffice for now that there are others now having similar experiences in these
recent weeks and months. I anticipate many more to be "lighting up" in various
ways. Initially this will be mostly invisible to ordinary 3d awareness as well as to
the vibrational ranges "seen" by most clairvoyants.

I will not attempt to give any "name" to this process so as not to diminish this in
any way and I will not go into details of how this has been emerging in some, as
that too has a limiting effect on these nascent energies that are part of the new
creation process and the "cosmic correction" and the associated ascension and
transformational process that is underway.


And so it is under way...
(continuation from above posting)

December 20, 2012

Contemplating how it is we are here now, at this time in this vibrational state on
this earth, I continue to find the entire process fascinating and have had glimpses
of the process on both sides of the main transformational filtering and processing

To push the envelope of what is possible and to be conduits for the correction
energies from Creator of All, etc. This further extends the reach of these energies
throughout 3d and adjacent vibrational ranges.

To push the envelope of what is possible in ones own light bodies, human and
higher level consciousness, and more. Serving the greater process, this also
hastens the entire correction process which is under way. This is discovered as
ones awareness and light fields expand upwards, downwards, outwards, inwards,

Pushing the envelope of the human bio-form, facilitates the process of the
transformation of the entire mayonnaise mixture that includes 3d matter in
its suspension/mixture. Some may drop their human bio-form as part of this
Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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process, while some may pursue the transformation of the energetic-bio-matter
into light body as well.

So this all becomes part of the basis to find ways to remain here on this planet as
long as it is tolerable or practicable.

To each their own is how it works. There is no sine qua non or graduation
criteria. There is no failure.

Sometimes, we need to send parts of ourselves home and let more of our higher
levels descend in to help with the process. In some ways it may for a short while
feel like you are dying. Well, you are in many ways, but not according to any
ordinary human conventions.

To those on this path, there is no going back. Moreover, it is becomes ever more
essential to be detached from the large and small dramas of the personal and the
social/global human realm. You can observe and note what seems to be
occurring, but do not react or become personally entangled.

These nascent energies require your fullest and most welcoming attention.


Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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Correction Energies A Large-field View
Started November 25, 2012


Note: This is written solely to help our greater understanding as we are now
positioned at the edge of a cascade of total changes.

In past essays we have talked about Prime Creator and The All seeking what
may lie beyond its vastness of the enormity of Its being and even greater

The Error of the Dark initially was not recognized to be such a great problem as
steps had been taken to recall this to a point before its origination and establish
Time as a large-scale limiter. However these efforts simply were not enough to
catch a hold of all that had already begun to extensively replicate and individuate
from this initial moment of mis-creation.

In trying to understand this, it helps to bear in mind that the dark force possessed
some (but not all) of the information needed to create, replicate, spread and act
much like a potential new Creator. Act much like is the operative concept, as it
was not equal and was missing some important qualities that only prime Creator
and The All included in its vastness.

Eventually (after a very long time) it was realized at true Source that this error
was so distorted in its core impulses that it believed itself to be Source and sought
to replace the true Source. Like a growing cancer, this replicating and expanding
influence caused a growing energy drain upon the greater All of Creation.

Like an immense amoeba, The All had been collecting and organizing the
immensity of energy and consciousness required to extend a portion of itself far
out beyond the extensive void that it seemed to be surrounded with. It knows that
it is essential that it maintain full connection with this portion of itself (and vice
versa) throughout such in extraordinary undertaking.

Meanwhile, the Dark grew to encompass what we have termed the fallen zone of
creation, and eventually included entire universes in its distorted model of being.
In its own immense spiritual insanity, the Dark effectively set itself on a course to
replace prime Creator. From its own diseased perspective this made sense since it
assumed that it was the real creator and its way was correct. Along the way, the
Dark found ways to reinvent itself, modify and even develop its own version of
self-correction. This is what the movie trilogy The Matrix describes, regardless
of the notions of the story writers.

Global Awakening News A-List Update August-December 2012
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It was the energy drain of the dark which caused this immense exploratory effort
by The All to be limited and obliged an enormous redirection of a portion of its
energies and aspects of Itself to address the growing problem. As a microcosm of
this exploration process, it is what happens (under ideal conditions) for a larger
being to explore detailed levels of existence, especially those of unknown
densities. An example of the danger of being cut off by the unexpected is quite
evident in this realm where so many beings became mired in a cosmic version of
a tar pit.

It is easier to spin an aircraft carrier around on an earthly ocean or rearrange a
solar system that to prepare and accomplish such an enormous effort at
correcting something of such enormity. At first there were modest forays of
highly developed beings into the darkened regions, but many of these became
trapped or otherwise sidelined and cut-off due to complex unknowns that were
encountered. More and more of the higher level beings were tasked with finding
out what happened, eventually the problem came to be understood and some
channels of communication established between those behind the lines and the
zone of non-duality and higher Oneness far outside of the zone of battle for a
battle it became.

While errors or undesirable results occur in the realms of non-duality, these are
readily addressed in the context of greater unifying field of non-duality
consciousness that permeates the vastness of true Creation.

The Dark governs through conflictual duality where even parts of itself are in life
and death battles with one another (one of the sources of false oneness). Given
the situation, most consciousness operating from higher Oneness had a very
difficult time in understanding the intricate complexities of something which it
had little or no point of reference for, except perhaps at a high level of generality.
So we can see there have been two vastly different sets of playing rules and syntax
and agendas.

This resulted in elements of the true Light engaged in battle with elements of the
false light the Dark and vice versa of course. The situations where the true Light
was mostly successful was at certain very high levels of Dark were the error could
be comprehended and the impetus to proceed along those pathways withdrawn
and of course in those more microcosmic levels where essentially sections of
corrupted/damaged creation would reclaimed through teaching or through their
re-absorption or annihilation into true Source.

The topic of Time is a complicated one which we have discussed previously in
various contexts. So I will limit myself here to merely remind that Time is a
consciousness Itself that emanates from true Source. One of the actions emerging
from Time is perceived differently depending on the level of consciousness doing
the perceiving or experiencing, especially given the broad operating parameters
of Time.

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Aeons can go like a single breath to consciousness operating at a high level
while to more discreet expressions of consciousness at lower levels of density
(like 3d Earth) it would seem that little or no change has occurred. And indeed,
essentially no substantive change has occurred for humans until very recently.

This enigmatic situation, described obscurely in certain ancient human records
that are distorted to conform to dark side agendas, describes an endless parade of
small and grand cosmic cycles, ad nauseum. This can only support being cut off
from the higher realms of creation and lends itself to false creation paradigms
that are inserted into the lower levels of consciousness. For example, it is all
gods plan, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

I bring this up here because as your consciousness (the one reading this) expands
to encompass far more than you might imagine, your perception of time can
oscillate between eternal timelessness to the pace of time of an earthly human
life on a speeding train about to encounter a great unknown. This further can
reinforce tendencies toward manic highs and lows ranging from it is all going to
work out fine to near panic that you are stuck in a situation in which it and you
are about to be annihilated.

Does this make any sense?

Tempus fugit. A little more patience if you can manage it.


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Where We Are At and the Boundary Layers
October 1, 2012


Over a long time, until very recently, there have been two energetic barriers: one
maintained by the Dark to keep in those trapped here and to allow in newcomers
(like a one way door). The other barrier has been outside of that one, a little
farther out, and was of the true Light. The purpose of that outer barrier was to
prevent the Dark from spreading and infecting any more of creation.

These barriers have been described in many ways by various spiritual teachers
and over a very long period of history.

Over the recent several years, major breakthroughs have occurred as in
breaking through. And more of the higher Light (correction energies) has been
able to get in to the lower levels within or behind the dark barriers. Rather than
decades or millennia as before, this process took merely a few years to complete.

The region above 3d and touching in on the astral (4d) region is being cleared
and for some it may appear to have been removed, however this may be
perceived, it will be a new boundary to contain the darkness that has been more
concentrated in the 3d regions from leaking or escaping. This represents a new
stage in the correction process and at times it may feel like the filter of a coffee
press pot. If your inner periscope penetrates this layer, it might appear to be
very clear and void of much of anything, except the Clear Light. To some it might
appear to be like the white light and rolling waves which are in place to
complete the clearing the clearing process and maintain the desired state.

This could lead to large and substantially safe exit portals for those who are
most ready. The superhighways were prepared, but what remained has been
achieve safe and widespread enough apertures to the higher levels. But just
because someone may say beam me out (or whatever comes to mind) does not
mean that is what will happen. There are filters in place and we have discussed
various dynamics of the overall ascension and transformation process over recent
years. So the question becomes ever more urgent as what is truly Real and what
ones High Attractor is.

While it may feel and appear to some as if it is void, it is not the void, nor is it
the high level personal void I have mentioned that some may find accessible
through ones highest levels of being.

When you focus attention mostly to the region under the press pot filter (the
extant human realm) what is noticed is an increasing proportion of the
degeneracy of the dark expressed through human and non-embodied modes.

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It was in anticipation of this, we have tried to explain and suggest over the recent
years to deliberately distance oneself from what does not serve ones higher
spiritual aspirations. Those who have attended to this will be best prepared and
those who have not will find themselves in spiritual emergency mode as ones
own higher process suddenly become a matter of spiritual life and death to the
more spiritually aware human self.

The present stage should not take very long and is preliminary to a more
intimately personal stage in the transformation process. It has been toward this
end that much of this writing has been shared, to help with the deeper and
broader spiritual Learning and to help prepare those who can develop the
capacity to make the largest contribution possible to the larger process.

One may find the need to hold ones breath while you adjust your spiritual
snorkel to get to the new air from above. Some may find that their head or
neck is already getting the new air, but the rest of ones subtle body is still
immersed in the dregs and muck.

That said, consider practicing raising the rest of yourself up toward your higher
energetic points toward the new air. Your own higher level then becomes an
interim and convenient nearby high attractor at least until you are out of the
dregs and can better set your sights upon even higher attractors.

A little more patience.

Further updates and additions to come


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Where We Are At and the Boundary Layers

October 19, 2012


In earlier essays I have mentioned the presence of some immense beings who
have seemingly encapsulated the fallen spaces, and with it, Earth is a tiny speck
within their immense bodies

In that regard, since this first came up, looking from afar towards Earth, it
appears as though the planet is now surrounded by substantial beings of the
higher light -like the ultimate in antibodies in the human blood stream -and
while they are working to clear the vibrational regions above and below that of
human 3d, they also await instructions as to what is to occur with this planet and
even this solar system, etc.

They are densely packed - looking as if they are radially arrayed to the earth's
core, like some giant seed ball.

As it has been for so long, the higher level concern is the optimal transfer of true
light ( separation of the mayonnaise) with the least of losses. The dark is unable
to expand further and will be further diminished. Eventually it will be as if the
Dark never existed. In the short term, this means that in the human realm and
related spaces, there will be a more intense desperate feeding frenzy by various
non-human dark forces and which has also infected/affected many humans.

Thus this is to be minimized during the process. How? I am not sure.

So yet another reason to be very clear as to your relations with others and the
various organized entities/institutions of human society.


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A Further Update to Where we are at
November 30, 2012


Other than correspondence, I have needed to be somewhat quiet these recent
months. While I have prepared drafts of a few in-depth discussions, (probably
my last ones for the foreseeable future) it is has been difficult to complete them
for publication. One reason is that I needed to see how things would be unfolding
to the 3d level for anything I write to have more meaning in the present context.

For now, here is a short update to the larger situation, as I see things.

I noticed a few individuals promoting their own versions of a cosmic correction
or notions of using non-duality to manifest human desires and thus propping
up the dark side falsehood that you create your own reality, etc. These notions
are mostly about trying to bend higher level energies to maintain a false reality.
Of course there are still probably a few opportunities remaining to make a deal
with the dark side for fame fortune or power. But even these in-store specials
are running out fast.

In correspondence with some here, and in earlier articles, and NES postings, I
have tried to explain the processes that are underway, how it looks, and what one
might anticipate from their human level of awareness. As to ones upper levels,
some are on board but too many of our higher levels are still out of the loop
due to a (temporary) state of arrested development.

In considering any of this, it is best if one finds ways to think and see from a
higher level or non-human point-of-view. To reference this primarily from a
human level yields a bleak outlook. But when one understands this from a higher
level, one can then find high compassion that does not requiring reacting to any
of this, only noting it and paying attention to the greater learning.

To restate something I have written about before and which bears repeating:

Imagine an immense caring and profound regard that Creator of All has for The
All of Itself and all beings within and that it wishes to take the most care in
effecting the needed changes here, at these levels including humans on Earth an
environment which until recently has been terribly mired in an immense and
distorted field of consciousness we have termed the Dark.

The situation here has been one of the most difficult to correct in nearly every
respect. But there has also been so much spiritual learning that has been accrued
and so much potential developed.

And so there has been at least two high level prime directives:
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One is to extricate the most of the true Light from this realm (separation of the
mayonnaise) from the fallen or Dark zone.

The other is to maximize the spiritual learning of the potentials and problems of
lower levels of density, including that which has been learned under the influence
of the dark.

To accomplish these directives also requires the liberation of as many evolving
spiritual selfs a manner that maintains their individuation so they can be
reintegrated with their own respective greater beings. This includes of course a
portion of those light beings with embodied human presences on earth.

This is all about optimizing a situation that otherwise would have ended in a type
of annihilation of the lower levels of existence and the re-absorption of most of
the true Light without much of the learning retained. To the higher levels the
problem would have been resolved, but too much hard-won spiritual learning
needed by so many larger beings would be lost and their evolutionary
development substantially delayed.

By the term learning, I am of course referring to spiritual understanding of the
nature and dynamics of many vibrational levels of existence from the most dense
and lowest to the most expansive and highest. This has been made possible
despite all attempts by the dark to entrap and control those of the Light in a
seemingly endless darkness forever cutoff from the higher Oneness of true
Creation. This is something we have discussed in various GA:News articles

To restate this, when all is said and done, it will be as if the Dark had never
existed and traumatic effects it has had on the beings of true Light will have been
totally corrected. But that the future speaking to the present.

Recently we have noticed a substantial clearing of the 4d astral spaces and then
greater attention paid to clearing of the sub-basement levels (quite a horrendous
situation). This is all part of the mayonnaise separation process I have written
about. At some point fairly quickly, the mayonnaise loses its apparent stability
too quickly and becomes to disordered and confused. In order to achieve as much
as possible of the prime directives, it is now necessary to advance the changes
in the 3d vibrational range and at a larger scale than before.

Previously I described how the entire fallen zone was being enveloped by these
immense creation-scale beings and that earth looked like the smallest little speck
within their enormous bodies. A few years ago when introducing the incoming
correction energies, we also described a buffer zone around this planet
specifically. More recently this has taken on the appearance of something like a
densely packed radial array of energies/beings like a super-dense sycamore seed
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ball. Fully engaged with the correction energies in the clearing of the regions
directly above and below 3d, these entities also provide a buffer zone to prevent
the dark side from interfering with the greater correction process. They are also
awaiting further instructions as to what is next for this entire planetary system.

Related to this, there are now groups of immense beings moving into and through
3d vibrational space and perhaps they will be more apparent in the near future.
This is likely related to whatever is coming next via the correction energies and
overall transformational process. I compare their presence to that of a large scale
descent of a collective supramental state something generally not possible on an
individual level under the distorted conditions of this world.

While they are developing their structures and forms, they are gaining familiarity
with the situation here. I do not know what effect, if any, they will have upon the
material qualities of 3d. What I am aware of is that it is the energetic space that
is of greatest interest, in effect clearing vibrational space as part of the
mayonnaise separation process like the distillation of pure flower essences
into a temporary vessel or space pending further refinement and application.

To be a little more plainly spoken, this sorting out of the mayonnaise mixture is
also closely related to large scale changes to the human global population. As
orderly a process as possible is preferred.

Soon I will post a shortened version of the corrections invocation.

Let us attend to our own inner and outer completions process and re-imagine our
own unique higher attractors this could be anything that is beyond your human
existence. Perhaps lightbody, perhaps your high attractor is more like a
generalized high intention for spiritual home, to experience true non-duality
being, etc. There is no handy check list or menu to pick from. It is for you to
develop your own sense of an interim high attractor. To each it is unique and it is
not something immutable, rather only interim to your larger process.

You are a spiritual being that has been having a human experience, be it what it
may or has been.



When I say that these immense beings will be more apparent, this will most likely
be something noticed by sensitives through their inner seeing. Eventually they
may well become more apparent to ordinary human visual sensing.

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An Invocation, An Intention, An Attention
Every evening before retiring and during the day as well

(Slightly improved version)

* I call upon my lower, middle and higher self. I call upon my highest source
origins and my connection to the highest levels of true Oneness and Creator of

* I invite and call in the fullest extent of the highest of the correction energies to
enter and descend my entire being down to my human levels and beyond.

* I invite and call upon the fullest extent of the highest of the correction energies
to enter and flow through the space between my atoms and create and maintain a
continuous flow through the entirety of all of my being.

* I call upon the correction energies to clean, clear, or dissolve any and all dark
side influences in my being at any and all levels of my existence.

* I call to me all the particles of the true light in my being as the particles of true
light in my being call me to them.


Ask and allow these energies to flow through you. Do not direct or intend them
in any manner whatsoever. These energies have their own built-in guidance.
Just let them flow through you. Over time your own capacity will grow and so will
the process of the larger changes that may concern you and the totality of your
own greater being.

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