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Carly Pomarius

5265 Windmill DR., Rockford MI 49341

Phone: 616- 260-1632
I am seeking a k-5 general education or k-12 special education teaching position where I
will be able to provide students with a caring and interactive learning environment.

August 2009- December 2013
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, Michigan
Major 1: Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching
Major 2: Special Education

August 2014
Early Childhood Endorsement (ZS), 0-8 years of age

December 2013
Elementary Education Certification, Grades k-5
Cognitive Impairment Endorsement. Grades k-12

June 2013
First Aid Certification
CPR Certification
AED Certification

Classroom Experience:
May 2014-June 2014
Student Teaching in a Preschool Severely Multiply Impaired Classroom
Ken-o-Sha Center at Campus, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan
While student teaching at Ken-o-Sha, I had many responsibilities. I was
responsible for getting students set up in active learning activities, circle time,
student hygiene, feedings, and more. I was given the opportunity to work closely
with a number of different professionals both throughout the school and in the
classroom such as nurses, paraprofessionals, other teachers, and a number of
different therapists.

January 2014- April 2014
Long-term sub in a 6th Grade Self-Contained Classroom
Burton Middle School, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Beginning in January I took over in a 6th grade self-contained classroom while
the teacher was out on maternity leave. During this experience I was responsible
for lesson planning, classroom instruction, grading, and classroom management.

September 2013-December 2013
Student Teaching in a 2nd Grade General Education Classroom
Kent City Elementary, Kent City Community Schools, Kent City, Michigan
While student teaching at Kent City Elementary, I had many responsibilities. My
responsibilities included: lesson planning, unit planning, classroom instruction,
organization, classroom management, participating in grade level planning and
much more.

January 2013- May 2013
Student Teaching in a 6th Grade Self-Contained Classroom
Burton Middle School- Grand Rapids Public schools Grand Rapids, Michigan
My time at Burton Middle School included 2 distinct experiences. For the first ten
weeks of my placement I was in the classroom one day a week. My
responsibilities included helping with classroom organization, running a small
group, and helping with instruction. For the second ten weeks my responsibilities
grew. I was responsible for lesson planning, classroom instruction, grading, and
classroom management. For 5 weeks I was in complete control of the class.

September 2012- December 2012
Teacher Assisting in a K-1 Resource Room
Cedar Trails Elementary- Cedar Springs Public School, Cedar Springs, Michigan
While teacher assisting at Cedar Trails Elementary, I was responsible for helping
the classroom teacher with classroom projects, and individual work with students.
I was in charge of a daily center, focusing on name writing, categorizing, fine
motor skills, letter recognition, and more.

Work Experience:
May 2009- Present
MVP Athletic Clubs
Kids Stuff Employee
Supervisor: Julie Johnson
As a kids stuff employee my responsibilities range from taking care of kids, to
cleaning, to organizing. My first and foremost responsibility is to watch children,
ages 6 weeks to 11 years, while their parents work out at the gym. This includes
playing games, doing crafts, supervising the kids gym, feeding babies, running
special programs, and much more.

June 2007- August 2009
Aunt Candys Toy Company
General Sales Associate
Supervisor: Candy Lancioni - (616)-866-8783
As a general sales associate my responsibilities included greeting customers,
check out, inventory, gift wrapping, helping customers, organization, cleaning, and

Volunteer Experience:
Winter 2010- Present
Gods Kitchen- Grand Rapids, Michigan
Gods Kitchen is a soup kitchen type establishment serving the citizens of
Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a volunteer, I help with the preparation and the
serving of meals.

December-March 2012-2014
Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association (CCSA) - Belmont, Michigan
Ski Instructor
I have volunteered with the CCSA the last two winters. The CCSA is a downhill
skiing program for persons with disabilities. I gave weekly ski lessons to a child
diagnosed with ADHD, and a hearing disability during the 2012-2013 season.
During the 2013-2014 season I gave lessons to a young boy with cerebral palsy.

March 2014
Odyssey of the Mind
Judge/ Official
This winter I had my first experience with judging for Odyssey of the Mind. I
participated by being a staging area judge for the primary division during a
regional competition. As a staging area judge I was responsible for greeting teams
as they arrived and collecting important documents. I will be volunteering again at
the end of March in the state competition as a judge.

September 2013- Present
International Reading Association

Joanne Hewartson
Preschool SXI teacher at Ken-o-Sha at Center Campus

Kim Stockhill
2nd grade teacher at Kent City Elementary

Stephanie Linsley
9th grade teacher at Rockford Freshman Center

Valerie Musch
6th grade CI Self-Contained teacher at Burton Middle School