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: MINWR/E/2014/00118
Name Of
: Naresh Kadyan
Date of
: 17 May 2014
Received by : Ministry of Water Resources
Forwarded to : Ministry of Water Resources
: Room No. 425, 4th Floor,

Shram Shakti Bhawan,

Rafi Marg, New Delhi.110001
We all have been taking water for granted because it is normally available to us
all the time. But facts suggest something else. It is true that two-third of the
Earth is covered with water but out of this, only three per cent is suitable for
drinking while the other part is salty water. The quantity of water has remained
same since the time Earth was formed but its quality is deteriorating day by day.
Water conservation has become really important in recent times looking at the
global climatic change and the scarcity of water that it is causing. We need to
save water for our future generations and for a healthy survival of our planet.
But do all of us understand that? I fear not. Most of the people are either
unaware of the gravity of this situation or are too lazy to do anything about it.
Some may think that what difference will it make if a single person starts taking
the action while some others dont even realize how much of water they are
wasting every day. Here are 10 ways by which people waste water most
commonly. If any of it sounds familiar please stop doing it, immediately:
Washing the car, Diving in swimming pools, Dish washing, Sprinklers and
Fountains, Flushing, Bathing, Shaving, Using Hot Water, Leaky taps and
faucets, Running water while brushing teeth. Where as recharging process of
ground water are not on the priority of people, high profile part of the Society
can waste drinking water but poor people do not get sufficient, un polluted
water to drink, public needs immediate counseling towards conservation of
nature, tree, water, Earth, animals and air. Hence Kadyan Khap International
demands immediate steps should be taken towards awareness of public,
rationing of water, as per requirement of functions, wastage of water should be a
cognizable offense in legal terms. Abhishek Kadyan and Miss Sukanya Kadyan
further demands that recharging of ground water be mandatory for every one
and their performance needs attention.
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
Date of
: 09 Jun 2014
Details :
A reply in the matter was sent vide Ministry's letter No. L-25011/16/2014-PP
dated 30.05.2014