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This Lease Deed is being executed on this 12

day of May, 2014 between Shri Prem Narain Singh
of 645A/461, JANKI VIHAR, JANKIPURAM, LUCKNOW 226024 herein after called the Lessor /
Landlord / First Party.
Indian Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956) resident of 645a/461, JANKI VIHAR,
JANKIPURAM, LCUKNOW 226024 called the Lessee / Tenant / Second Party.

And whereas Shri Prem Narain Singh who is the landlord / owner of the premise known as 645-
let out a portion of the said property to Smt. Maya Singh (Lessee).

And whereas the parties have decided to record the terms and conditions of the tenancy
agreement in writing. Now this deed witness and the parties hereby agree on the following Terms
and Conditions:-
1. The relation between the First Party and the Second Party shall be that of the Landlord
(Lessor) and Tenant (Lessee) in respect of First Floor of aforesaid Premises under Tenancy.
2. Whereas the Lessee who is interested in the lease of said portion is already continuing
Business of Industrial Testing & Analysis Laboratory in the said premise first floor with effect
from 24 July, 2009. The deed will be for the term of eleven months and lessee has agreed to
pay Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) per month as a rent, till the completion of 11
months of lease, i.e., on 11
April, 2015 and after the expiry of this agreement which would be
due in 11
April, 2015, requested the landlord / owner to let out the said portion to him.
3. The Lessor is agreed to let out the said portion on the mutually agreed terms & conditions of
lease settled between the Lessee and the Lessor.
4. That the registration charges, if any, levied by the authorities with respect to tenancy shall be
borne by the Lessee.
5. That the Lessee shall pay the rent to landlord every month in advance, latest by seventh day of
each month. The rent of Lessor may be paid either in cash or in cheque mode. In case of
deduction of tax at source wherever applicable under the Income Tax Law, the lesser would
provide tax certificate for the deduction made for Income Tax.
6. That the Lessor agrees and grants the permission in advance to the Lessee for fixing of sign
boards, hoardings, fixtures, dish antenna, net / cable connection etc or any other necessary
addition for the promotion of the business.
7. That the Lessee can make any new construction or addition in the existing structure at the
premises without damaging the strength of the building for the purpose of business
8. That during the tenancy period, the Lessee will pay all taxes including service tax and any other
taxes imposed by the Government / Local body and charges of water, sewerage, electricity bill
and other charges which may be payable in respect of such premises by the Lessee but the
property tax will be borne by the Lessor.
9. In the event of any defaults or any fine / penalty imposed for non-payment of the bills /
charges in time or any other non-compliance, all cost / charges / penalties / expenses shall be
borne by the Lessee.
10. The Lessee shall be responsible for all damages, losses and breakages to the Premises and its
fittings due to the negligence of the Lessee.
11. The Lessee shall inform the Landlord of any damages, breakages or losses and shall notify, if
any repairs are needed. The Lessee shall not with hold rent payment if the Lessor cannot get
repairs done.
12. That the executant shall not use the accommodation for any illegal and immoral purpose as
13. In case, the Lessee holds over or does not deliver the possession of the Premises on the expiry
of the period fixed in the agreement or on termination of the tenancy as provided in this
agreement, the Lessee shall continue to be liable for payment of the rent proportionately for
the period if the Lessee remains in possession and deprives or prevents the Lessor from taking
vacant possession of the Premises.
14. That on expiry of the lease period the executant shall vacate and handover vacant possession
of the accommodation to the Landlord in the sound condition.
15. The Lessee shall permit the Lessor and / or any of her agents, surveyors and workmen, duly
authorized by his / her to enter into and upon the Premises at all reasonable times for the
purpose of either viewing the condition of the Premises or doing any work or things as may be
necessary for any repairs, alterations, maintenance or improvement of premises or articles or
things therein.
16. That if any of the party intends to terminate the tenancy before the expiry of the lease period,
a written notice to this effect shall be placed at least 30 days in advance.
17. The Lessee is not entitled and not authorized to sublet, sublease or assign or sell whole or any
part of the Premises to any person or entity.
18. The jurisdiction of lease agreement related disputes between the parties shall lie in Lucknow
Bench of UP Courts.

Witness: 1: Lessor

2: Shri Prem Narain Singh
(Landlord / Lessor)


Smt. Maya Singh
(Tenant / Lessee)