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1. Why do most people works?

2. Whats is economics
3. Please Give free Opinions about Indonesians economy system based on American or Rusian
4. Give free Opinions about a person economy free
5. How about your opinion about Karl maxs imagine or central control of economy
6. Please you give free opinions about mixed economist in Indonesia with the phenomenom and
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9. 1. What differences between demand is in enlactic and demand is elactic. Please give your
opinions is other than ilubration (Example)
2. in elacticity of supply their a response to change in price, is related to demand, please give
your free opinions the statement about it.

1. The reason of most people work is all people have many needs in their life, such as primary
needs, secondary needs, and tersier needs, for filling this bill above actually people need money.
Money is nice but is not only that a reason people get up to work, because they enjoy working.
They find their works personally rewarding and they felling at a job well done.

2. Economics is all people activity about trade, market, production, consumtion and distributions.

3. Indonesia Economic system is consistent with the philosophi and ideology of this country,
different with American or rusian system but is democrazy economic system based on pancasila
charecteristtic and based on UUD 1945.

4. My opinions about a person economically free that a conditionts when a person can do what
he wishes with own property, time and effort but this personal freedom is different in many
country because the limit is different.

5. I dont agree with karl max imagine about sentral economic, because then authority full on
governments, and no private property at all.

6. Indonesia have mixed economist system with various phenomenom and troubles such as
inflation, industrial problem, and many more. Indonesian economist system are included at
pancasila and UUD 1945 but the implementations is not same in regional state.


9. 1. The difference between elactic and inelactic demand is a product that consumers will
increase their consumtion of under favorable conditions. Example : soda pop sales increase
around in holidays. When soda pop is routinely offered at partiets. Soda pop sales can increase
due the sales promotion, when price at low
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