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Adm|n|stranve Law and

Adm|n|stranve Agenc|es
AlberLo C. Agra
rofessor of Laws, ALeneo Law School
Adm|n|stranve Law
uenluon: All Lhe laws LhaL regulaLe or conLrol
Lhe admlnlsLrauve organlzauon and operauons
of Lhe governmenL
1. lnLernal and LxLernal AdmlnlsLrauon
2. Law LhaL ConLrols and Made by AdmlnlsLrauve
3. SubsLanuve or rocedural AdmlnlsLrauve Law
4. Ceneral or Speclal AdmlnlsLrauve Law
Adm|n|stranve Agenc|es (Aas)
An agency whlch exerclses some slgnlcanL
form or comblnauon of execuuve, leglslauve
or [udlclal powers
8ranch" of CovernmenL
lnclude boards, commlsslons, deparLmenLs,
bureaus, omces, auLhorlues, governmenL
corporauons, governmenL lnsLrumenLallues,
and local governmenLs
Creanon of AAs
1. ConsuLuuon
2. Congress (Law)
3. resldenL (Lxecuuve Crder, by auLhorlLy of
4. Supreme CourL (ueclslon)
3. AdmlnlsLrauve Agencles Lhemselves (Arucles
of lncorporauon, by auLhorlLy of law)
6. Local CovernmenLs (Crdlnance, by auLhorlLy
of law)
Charter: Lnab||ng Instrument
1. name of AdmlnlsLrauve Agency
2. rlnclples
3. MandaLe and urpose
4. owers
3. 8elauonshlps
6. !urlsdlcuon
7. SLrucLure
8. 8udgeL
9. ulssoluuon
Character|sncs of AAs
1. Slze
2. Speclallzauon
3. 8esponslblllLy for 8esulLs
4. varleLy of AdmlnlsLrauve uuues
3. uelegaLed AuLhorlues
6. AccounLablllLy
7. 8elauonshlps
1ypes of AAs
1. Cers graLulues, granLs or prlvlleges !"#$%
2. erforms speclc governmenLal funcuons !'()%
3. underLakes publlc servlce !*+,,%
4. 8egulaLes buslnesses aecLed wlLh publlc
lnLeresL !-./%
3. Lxerclses pollce power Lo regulaLe prlvaLe
buslnesses !,0/%
6. 8esolves conLroversles !-1)/%
Adm|n|stranve ke|anonsh|p
Areas: pollcles, operauons, budgeL, declslons,
day-Lo-day, pollcy and program coordlnauon
1. Supervlslon and ConLrol !"23456378 976
2. AdmlnlsLrauve Supervlslon !3=>= :3;928<378 976
)3>?@98A2B #>37C534D "2AE57C3 976 /A<;A7378
3. AuachmenL !3=>= :"+F 976 *+,,%
uelegaLed, noL lnherenL, owers
SubordlnaLe, noL Superlor, Lo Lnabllng
Llberal, noL SLrlcL, lnLerpreLauon of owers
8aslc owers
1. lnvesugauve
2. 8ule-Maklng or Cuasl-Leglslauve
3. Ad[udlcauve or Cuasl-!udlclal
Invesnganve owers
Lxpress CranL
1. ConLempL
2. Subpoena
3. Search
!"23437C3 AG CA?743@
7A8 23H?5236%
Lxpressed or lmplled
1. lacL-llndlng
2. Ccular
3. vlslLorlal
1esLs of valld uelegauon: CompleLeness Anu
SumclenL SLandards
uenluon: ower Lo lssue 8ules/ llll ln deLalls/
Pow (noLWhaL') a Law wlll be
naLure: lnferlor/ SubordlnaLe (cannoL change,
amend or conlcL wlLh charLer or law)
1ypes (llCS): rocedural, lnLernal, enal,
lnLerpreLauve, ConungenL and SupplemenLary
1ypes of ku|es
!"#$ &'()* +,-./0(12)
Supp|ementary Lxpressed or
Interpretanve L or l noL 8equlred
Connngent L 8equlred
ena| L 8equlred
rocedura| L or l 8equlred
Interna| L or l noL 8equlred
Inva||d Lxerc|se: ku|e-Mak|ng
3(4 5,.$
CreaLes Abollshes
SLrlcL 8equlremenLs Llberal 8equlremenLs
no 8equlremenL 8equlremenL lmposed
SLaLed 8equlremenL AlLer/ ueleLe 8equlremenL
Lnumerauon Lxcluslve Add/ ueleLe 8equlremenL
no Classlcauon ulscrlmlnaLes/ Classles
LlmlLed Appllcauon Lxpanded Appllcauon
llxed erlod Change erlod
Conunue racuce ulsconunue racuce
CranL ower nulllfy ower
uas|-Iud|c|a| ower
CranL of ower: Lxpress
uenluon: uecldlng conLroversles, 8esolvlng
conlcung clalms and posluons
LxLenL: Cuesuons of Law and/ or lacL
(dependlng on CharLer)
LlmlLauon: Sub[ecL Lo !udlclal 8evlew
C|asses: uas|-Iud|c|a| ower
1. ulrecung (correcuve/ award) - I9CJK9>34
2. Lnabllng (granL/ permlL) - I2A96I976
3. ulspenslng (exempL/ relleve) - 9<7348B
4. Summary (compel/ force) - C3943 976 634548
3. LqulLable
Adm|n|stranve roceed|ngs
CharacLer: Adversarlal
!urlsdlcuon: uened by Law/ CharLer
naLure: ower Lo Ad[udlcaLe noL uelegable
(power Lo hear/ recelve evldence can be
uue rocess: ueclslon, lmparual 1rlbunal,
nouce and Appear/ uefend
Adm|n|stranve roceed|ngs
nouce and Pearlng: 8equlred buL sub[ecL Lo
lull Pearlng: Clalms, 8ebuual, Lvldence and
Cross-Lxamlnauon (noL lndlspensable)
Lvldence: SubsLanual
ueclslon: 8ases, lorm, arues, All lssues and
uas|-Leg|s|anve or -Iud|c|a|
Appllcauon for raLe lncrease by a parucular
publlc uullLy !MN%
lncrease raLes for all buses !M1%
Semng quallcauon sLandards !M1%
ulsquallfylng a candldaLe !MN%
rocedures for applylng for a franchlse !M1%
8evoklng a speclc franchlse !MN%
uas|-Leg|s|anve and -Iud|c|a|
!2#/0 6,(7/89,:/0/(. 6,(7/83$;/7.(1<$
CranL Lxpress Lxpress or lmplled
arues arucular All/ SecLors
Adversarlal ?es no
ConLroversy LxlsLs none
nouce and Pearlng 8equlred noL 8equlred
rlmary/ Lxhausuon Appllcable noL Appllcable
1lme asL/ resenL luLure
ubllcauon noL 8equlred uepends
8es !udlcaLa Appllcable noL Appllcable
Iud|c|a| kev|ew
1. Ceruorarl
2. rohlbluon
3. ln[uncuon
4. Mandamus
3. ueclaraLory 8ellef
6. Appeal
Defenses: Iud|c|a| kev|ew remature
1. uocLrlne of llnallLy of AdmlnlsLrauve Acuon
(ueclslon of AA musL be nal before !udlclal
8evlew, Lxcepuons - lnLerlocuLory, proLecL
rlghLs, vlolaLe ConsuLuuon, excesslve use of
2. uocLrlne of rlmary !urlsdlcuon (AA
concurrenL wlLh courLs, needs admlnlsLrauve
dlscreuon and experuse of AA)
Defenses: Iud|c|a| kev|ew remature
3. uocLrlne of 8lpeness for 8evlew (ConLroversy
musL be real, presenL or mmlnenL (noL
fuLure/ lmaglnary/ remoLe)
4. uocLrlne of Lxhausuon of AdmlnlsLrauve
8emedles (exhausL all admlnlsLrauve
remedles before recourse Lo courLs,
condluon precedenL, wlLh 19 excepuons,
namely: ILCS DkILD DAkN CLkN1
Lxcepnons: Non-Lxhausnon
Cuesuons essenually
AdmlnlsLrauve 8emedy
ls ermlsslve
ure quesuon of Law
Small amounL LhaL
exhausuon wlll be
uuer dlsregard for Due
no plaln speedy
SLrong publlc InLeresL
Conunued and
unreasonable Delay
Lxcepnons: Non-Lxhausnon
lrreparable Damage by
AlLer Lgo 8ears
approval of resldenL
no admlnlsLrauve
kevlew ls provlded
lnslsLence on
exhausuon wlll lead
Lo Nulllcauon of
Clvll acuon for damages
Land noL parL of publlc
Speclal keasons
lmmedlaLe [udlclal
no Declslon rendered
1ranscendenLal lssues
!"#"$%"% '$ ()*"+)$"%% '# ,--+).,()'$ (' .'/0(%
#1234156 78
,9:121;5<351=> ,?5172
"BC3A;5172 78
01D>2>;; 87< 0>=1>E
.72?>D5 AA noL yeL flnal, sLlll
AA should be Laken aL
AA process noL yeL
no conLroversy
(fuLure/ lmaglnary/
FC35 C3; 57 G>
AwalL declslon of AA Allow AA Lo assume
CompleLe Lhe whole
AwalL maLLer Lo
become real/ presenL/
->29>2?6 G>87<>
endlng ln a speclflc
sLep/ phase Lhen flled
ln courL
no AA case yeL: flled
wlLh courL
rocess compleLed
only ln 1 sLep ln whole
process Lhen flled ln
endlng or no pendlng
AA case
,9:15; 78
?es ?es ?es no
"B?>D5172; lnLerlocuLory = merlLs
reserve sLaLus quo
roLecL rlghLs
vlolaLe ConsLlLuLlon
CreaL damage
Lxcess of power
!udlclal dlscreLlon
CuesLlon of law
CuesLlon of law,
LranscendenLal lssue,
consLlLuLlonal lssue,
esLoppel, lrreparable
ln[ury, no plaln
remedy, vlolaLe due
process, unreasonable
delay, alLer-ego, publlc
,DD41?3G14156 57 H+
329 H@
C! C! C! C! and CL
1nANk CU.