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About OMNI X

Omnix ofers a wide range of products and services that provides its customers with a totally integrated Best of Class
solution. Omnixs strengths lie in the ability to integrate diferent technologies including telecommunications,
IT infrastructure, software systems, media content, control systems, security, access control and audio visual systems
to deliver comprehensive integrated solutions.
Omnix was established in 1987 with the vision to become the leading System Integrator providing information
management solutions to the Enterprise, Education, Government, Telecom and Hospitality markets. Omnix is
headquartered in UAE and covers the Middle East through our branch ofces in Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
and Jordan. In addition to our regional ofces, Omnix has established ofces in Montreal, Canada to cover North
America and Western Europe and provide access to these important markets and technologies.
Omnixs goal is to deliver innovative and fully-integrated ELV solutions. The company focuses on providing
turnkey systems and services that meet its customers needs and requirements by linking users to their
entire business environment and content. These solutions are designed to fulfll the requirements of any size
business while maintaining fexibility to model the diferent organizations.
Hospitality Education Government
Corporate Consultants Banking
Residential Consumer Healthcare
Omnix activities encompass the
following areas of specialization:
In addition to the above Audio Visual
disciplines, We provide turnkey
solutions for the following Low
Voltage Projects:
Typically, services and engineering
provided on a project may include:
System Activities include
Design & Installation of
Large Scale Projection
Systems such as this
example from the
Sheraton, Doha for the
Mena Conference.
Organi zati onal & Responsi bi l i ty Char t
Early stages of design involve clearly understanding the clients requirement in terms of application, budget,
performance etc., From which the design proper can be made.
Once a brief is given, or a specifcation received, the design is developed according to the facility in which it
is to be installed every system ofered is project specifc and bespoke.
Final stages of design work includes schematic drawings of the system design to allow information to be
clearly communicated amongst the engineers to ensure quick and reliable manufacture and installation.
Engi neeri ng
Proj ect Executi on
Omnix developed an internal procedure to ensure that information is shared across the various disciplines
required to complete a timely and successful installation of systems. That procedure is shown in the
schematic diagram opposite. In the event of a successful tender, a Project File is immediately raised and
a Project manager appointed to control logistical aspects of the works until its completion. The project
managers duties include:
Management of site installation team
Coordination of site works with other contractors
Attendance at site meetings as required
Generation of cable schedules and power requirements
Generation of works program
Client training
Testing, Commissioning
As built documentation
Overall Engineering responsibility is the function of the engineering manager. His duties include:
Compliance of systems with relevant standards
Compliance of systems with performance parameters/specifcation
Specifcation of other services (such as power requirements)
Design responsibility for custom equipment
Allocation of engineering resources
Typi cal Acti vi ti es on a proj ect i ncl ude:
Programmer Adminstration
On Site
Off Site
Stock Control
Chai n of Command:
Best Engineering Practices are employed at every stage of design, installation and testing of equipment to
ensure that equipment installed provides maximum performance and can easily be serviced.
Engi neeri ng
Testi ng
Engi neeri ng
Custom Bui l d
High Quality Rack
All amplifcation and processing equipment is installed into purpose built 19 equipment racks, with lockable glass doors and
metal sides. Ventilation fans are installed into the roof of the equipment racks. All internal cables are properly loomed and
terminations are sleeved and heat shrinks attached. Proprietary label systems are used on all cables for ease of identifcation.
All equipment racks are fully tested prior to shipping.
Engi neeri ng
Custom Bui l d
High Quality Rack
24/ 7 Techni cal Suppor t
Audi o Vi sual System
24/7 Technical Support is a team composed of members with the knowledge and ability to support our clients
accordingly and efciently. Adding the 24/7 title make the services even better and the availability of the team
delivers a timely resolution to any issues facing our clients.

24/7 Technical Support can be customized to ft to any organization that needs a support which specifes a clients
needs. This team works as a support to clients and simultaneously tends to work with the clients customers with care
and attention that client expects from one of their own employees.

With Omnix 24/7 Technical Support, we provide wide-range fast solutions; services and maintenance of hardware
and software of products involve (i.e. Switches, servers and etc.), and better relations with loyal clients and their

24/7 Technical Support can be contacted directly through Toll Free number (800 66649)
24/ 7 Techni cal Suppor t
Scope of Work & Ser vi ces
Digital Signage:
Installation and Confguration is a part of our work. We install Digital Signage players
on-site. We confgure them before-hand and makes sure that once installed every
player is in place and working 100% as expected. Using a remote connection, we
monitor the health status and rectify any issues immediately.
High Speed Internet Access (HSIA):
Omnix provides market leading HSIA solution to the Hospitality sector. With the
use of our toll free number and the availability of the team, 24 hours 7 days a week,
hotel guests can contact us directly when they are facing internet issues and get
immediate guidance.
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV):
IPTV is replacing SMATV throughout the Middle East region. Omnix design,
install and confgure IPTV systems with a qualifed team of network specialists. 24/7
monitoring and service is available both on-call and on-site basis.
Hotel Interactive Television (HiTV):
Omnix is pioneer in installing HITV for the Hospitality sector. We provide fully
customized pages, Video and Audio On Demand, HDTV channels and multiple
languages according to clients requirements. 24/7 support ensures a consistently
operational service and enhanced guest experience.
Warehouse | Facility
Omnix Warehouse
Omnix having the warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai with 9
members team run by Mr. Hasan (Warehouse Manager) who is
responsible for receiving project related materials and keeping
them safe in clean environment, and delivering them to site in
time during projects installation period.
The warehouse is positioned with 9500 square feet and
mezzanine foor with 300 square feet space with all necessary
facilities such as racks, forklifts and trucks.
Meeting Room / Boardroom Solutions
Fi ni shed Sol uti on
Some of the Maj or Accounts
Par tners
Maj or Proj ects
Burj Al Arab
Bespoke Hotel Interactive TV & IPTV Upgrade
AMX Room Management Control System
Video On Demand (VOD) & Audio On Demand Systems
Site-Wide Audio Visual Systems
On-site 24x7 Maintenance Services
Atl anti s, Dubai , UAE
Total Audi o Vi sual Systems
I ntegrati on i ncl udi ng:
Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Building Access Control
Pedestrian Access
I s a Large Scal e AV &
Securi ty Package
Systems I nvol ved:
Audio Visual System
Board Room & Meeting Room
AV & Video Conferencing Facilities
Public Area & Reception Digital
Signage Displays
Large Scale Auditorium AV
Systems Large Custom
Projection Screen with Video
Conference & Broadcast Facilities
Campus Wide Digital Signage
& TV Distribution
Digital Signage & TV Distribution
Integration with over 200 meters
of LED ticker
Maj or Proj ects
Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi , UAE
State of the Art HD Broadcast Studio for
State of the Art HD Editing Suite for Studio
Portable HD Recording & Distribution
Facilities throughout the building
Fiber Optical Distribution of Broadcast
Content both inter ally & to Outside
Broadcast location
Maj or Proj ects
Mubadal a, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Background Music System (BGM)
IPTV System
Touch Panel Controller
Video Conferencing System
Maj or Proj ects
Ameri can School of Dubai , Dubai , UAE
9 Ways of Dimming
Stage Lighting
Manual Rigging with Counterweights
Stage & Auditorium Drapes
Projections System
Intercommunication System
Theatre Communications
Full Audio Visual System
AMX Control System
Portable Dimming
Maj or Proj ects
Structured Cabling System 56000 points
using Copper CAT 6 UTP Cabling & Fiber Optic
Campus-wide & inside building Backbone
Cabling for Voice, Data & Video Applications,
covering the entire Terminal 3.
Dubai I nternati onal Ai rpor t Termi nal 3
Maj or Proj ects
Eti had Towers, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Business Center
Ballrooms AV / Control System / Lighting Control
Meeting Rooms AV / Control System / Lighting Control
Video Conferencing
Maj or Proj ects
Command and Control Center
Video Conferencing
Rear-Projection Video Wall Cubes
AMX Control
Breakout Command Rooms
Full Interior Design and Furnishing
24 x 7 Support Services
NCEMA, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Maj or Proj ects
Bateen Pal ace - Presi denti al Communi cati ons
Turnkey Solutions
AMX Control System
Recording System for Satellite Channels
Lighting Control
AC Control System
Security System
Access Control & CCTV Systems
Maj or Proj ects
Al of t Hotel , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Hospi tal i ty
Jumei rah Creeksi de Hotel , Dubai , UAE
Audio Visual System
Access Control
Guest Room Management Systems
Converged Networking Systems
Structured Cabling
Media Hubs
Dimming Control
Digital Signage
Kempi nski Hotel - Mal l Of the Emi rates, Dubai , UAE
Hospi tal i ty
Hotel Interactive TV
Broadband Connectivity
Audio Visual Systems
Digital Signage
Hospi tal i ty
Mel i a Hotel , Dubai , UAE
AV - Meeting Room / Board Room
AV Ladies Restaurants, Marco Pierre White Restaurant,
Sports Bar, American Bar, Lounge Area, Spa & Swimming
Pool Areas
BGM Central Room Equipment
Portable DJ & Sound Systems
Portable Video Conference System
Digital Signage System
Hospi tal i ty
Multi-Purpose Hall
27 Set Motorized Rigging System
Local Control System
Fully-Operational Counterweight System
Internally-Wired Lighting Bar System
Motorized Curtain Track System
Stage Machinery
Stage Machinery and Rigging Systems including
control systems are to be provided for two areas
within the Madinat Resort - a 900 seat theatre and a
large multi-purpose venue.
Comprehensive Rigging Systems
A 26 line counterweighted fy bar system similar
to this installation is being provided in the theatre
of the Madinat Resort in Dubai. A motorside bar
system is also being designed and installed into the
facilities large multi-purpose venue.
Madi nat Resor t, Dubai , UAE
Westi n Hotel , Dubai , UAE
Dubai Festi val Ci ty, Dubai , UAE
Hol i day I nn, Dubai , UAE
Emi rates Tower, Dubai , UAE
Jumei rah Beach Hotel , Dubai , UAE
The Conrad Hotel , Dubai , UAE
Le Royal Meri di en, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Sheraton Hotel , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Shangri l a Hotel , Dubai , UAE
I nterconti nental Hotel , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Fai rmont Hotel , Dubai , UAE
Dubai International Airport Hotel Terminal 3
Al Bustan Pal ace Hotel , Muscat, Oman
Mi l l eni um Ai rpor t Hotel , Dubai , UAE
Four Poi nts by Sheraton, Dubai , UAE
I T I nf rastructure
Fully-Automated Boardrooms
Video Conferencing System
Recording System
Digital Signage System
Meeting Rooms
Nati onal Qual i fi cati ons Authori ty ( NQA) , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Large Scal e Proj ects
Meeting Rooms
Board Rooms
VIP Rooms
HH Suite
Digital Signage
Mi ni str y of Forei gn Affai rs, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Large Scal e Proj ects
Large Scal e Proj ects
Qatar Foundation / Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), Doha, Qatar
Professional Sound System
Professional Production Lighting System
Professional Video Equipment
Professional Projection System
Stage Rigging Equipment
Stage Curtains
Audio Visual Production Equipment
Mena Conference, Doha, Qatar
Sharj ah Cul tural Pal ace, UAE
Dubai Pol i ce Audi tori um, Dubai , UAE
Wireless Translation System
Video Conferencing System
Stage Lighting and Curtain Control
Connectivity to Dubai TV Studio
Audio and Video Projection Systems
Audi tori ums
Dubai Pol i ce New Head Quar ters
Fully-integrated 450 seats auditorium with stage lighting, state of the art equipment, translation system,
AMX control. Sheikh Suites, Commander & Deputy Commander-in-Chief Ofces, Press Rooms, Meeting Rooms,
Lecture Rooms, VIP Waiting Areas, Classrooms, TV & Radio Studios.
Audi tori ums
Dubai Pol i ce Academi c Col l ege
7 x 4 Meter Screen with Masking System
Long Throw Projection
7700 Ansi Lumen Projector
Stage Lighting
Fully-Equipped Control Room
Full AV Control System
Lighting Control
Conference & Wireless Translation System
32 Floor Lectern
Dolby Digital EX Cinema Surround System
Audi tori ums
Aj man Cul tural Centre, Aj man, UAE
Audio Visual System
Stage Lighting System
Motorized Rigging System
Video Conferencing System
Projection System
Theatre Automation
Camera Recording System
Outside Broadcasting System
Audi tori ums
Dubai International Convention Centre,Sh. Rashid
DICC, Dubai, UAE
Mi crosof t Mi ddl e East, Dubai , UAE
Sharj ah Engl i sh School , Sharj ah, UAE
Lighting Control System (DMX 512 Based)
Lighting Bars
Lighting Dimmers
Audio Equipment
Audio Control System
Audio Rack
Audio Source Rack
Fiber Optic & UTB Patching
Audi tori ums | Educati on
Gul f Li brar y, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Two Level Auditorium
3D Virtual Reality Theatre
Translation System
Full AV System
Digital Signage System
Library System
E-training Rooms
Conference Rooms
CCTV system
Access Control System
Security Tagging
Gate Automation
Audi tori ums | Educati on
Gul f Li brar y, Abu Dhabi , UAE
Two Level Auditorium
Audi tori ums | Educati on
Gul f Li brar y, Abu Dhabi , UAE
3D Virtual Reality Theatre Digital Signage System E-training Rooms Translation System
Library System Video Conference System Non-linear Editing System
Audi tori ums | Educati on
Jumei rah Col l ege, Dubai , UAE
Ameri can Uni versi ty of Dubai , UAE
Zayed University (Dubai & Abu Dhabi Campus)
Facul ty of Medi ci ne and Heal th Sci ences, UAE Uni versi ty
2.23 x 3.84 Meter Rear Projection Screen
Fully-Equipped Control Room
In-house Lighting
Full AV Control System
Dimmable Lighting Control
Dual Control from Lectern &
Control Room
8 x 6 Meter Screen
Long Throw Projection
Fully-Equipped Control Room
Stage Lighting
Full AV Control System
Lighting Control
Curtain Control
Dual Control from Stage & Control Room
250 Seat Lecture Theatre
Educati on
Kuwai t Uni versi ty Di stant Learni ng Center
Audio Video and Data dual streaming
through IP and ISDN
40 Students
PTT (push to talk) microphones with
camera tracking
Multiple Video and Data display (rear,
front projection plasma & CRT)
Video Conferencing lighting system
Touch panel control systems controlling:
displays, projections, audio system,
lighting, video sources.
Instructor equipped with motion
tracking camera control
Integrates all AV equipment
Structured cabling management
Color coded and labeled connectors
Integrated full AV control with RF touch panel
Lighting control
Secures AV investment
Educati on
Knowl edge Vi l l age, Dubai , UAE
We have provided design build solutions
for a 400 seat multi-purpose theatre and
4 conference rooms. All areas are
comprehensively equipped.
Sound Reinforcement System
Stage Lighting System
Outside Broadcast Infrastructure System
Curtain Systems
Simultaneous Translation Systems
Data Projection Systems
As with all conference rooms much efort is made to incorporate
Audio visual equipment with minimal impact on interior design.
As with this example at knowledge village where projectors are
Concealed when not in use.
Projection Systems
Educati on
International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC)
Efects Lighting System
Al Aqi l i Conference Room
Emaar Proj ect | The Dubai Mal l
VIP Rooms
Dubai Mari na, Dubai , UAE
Automated Sales Center Theatre & Executive Boardroom
Dubai Museum, Dubai , UAE
Pearl Museum at NBD New Head Quarter Bldg.,
Dubai, UAE
Khal i fa Stadi um, Qatar
Al Sadd, Qatar
Sharj ah Mal l , Sharj ah, UAE
Dubai Mal l , Dubai , UAE
The worlds biggest single site People
Counting System with 480 nos Thermal
Covering all entrances / exits & zones
Total Counting & Zonal Counting
(foor wise & area wise)
Real-time reports & customized reports
Large Scal e Shoppi ng Mal l s
Al Ai n Mal l , Al Ai n, UAE
Peopple Counting System - 34 Thermal Sensors
to cover all entrances and exits
Digital Signage System
Background Music System
Lighting Control System
Radio Wave System
Large Scal e Shoppi ng Mal l s
Al Rahba Hospi tal , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Tawam Hospi tal , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Nursing Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Emi rates Hospi tal , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Saad Medi cal Center, Khobar
Mafraq Hospi tal , Abu Dhabi , UAE
Radio Broadcast Studios and Transmission Rooms.
TV Broadcast Studios and Transmission Rooms.
O.B. Vans for Radio, TV and Security.
Omnix is responsible for delivering most of the major broadcasting projects in the Middle East including
Al-Jazira Satellite Channel, Dubai TV and MBC Dubai Media City. Omnix Broadcast Division is
specialized in consulting, system integration, installation and commissioning of turnkey projects for the
following sectors:
Emirates Media - Avid Non-linear video editing
suites, Avid News
Dubai TV - Avid News
MBC Avid Non-linear video editing suites,
Avid News
Ajman TV Avid Non-linear video editing suites,
Avid News
Post Production: Rahbani, NU Media,
Animation Art
Reference Production and post production studios:
Microwave equipment for TV, Radio and LAN
Security systems for small to large organizations.
TV Studi os
Emi rates Hi l l s | Luxur y Vi l l as
AMX System Controlling
Jawhara Gallery for H.H. Sheikha Fatma
Bint Mubarak, Abu Dhabi
Home Theater | Securi ty | Zoned Musi c | I nternet
Resi denti al Systems
Its your world. Take Control!
The worldwide leader in digital projection
The leader in architectural audio
The ultimate black crystal
rear projection screen
Develops and produces cables
according to German and
international standard
HI-Fi and video or internet
and communications system
in every room of your home
Better sound through
Lighting and lighting control
solutions for entertainment and
Innovative company specializing in
the manufacture of LED luminaries
The consumer electronic
media center PC
Home Theatre Projectors
Interactive Boardroom
Mobile Projectors
Meeting Room Projectors
Installation Projectors
I nFocus Master Di stri butor - Mi ddl e East
I nFocus Deal er Channel - Mi ddl e East
Dubai , Uni ted Arab Emi rates
Burj Al Arab Hotel
Atlantis Hotel
Dubai Convention Centre
Waf Pyramids and Shopping Mall
Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Royal Mirage
Le Meridien Beach Hotel
Dubai Media City
Crowne Plaza Hotel
JW Marriott Hotel
Inter Continental Hotel
Meridien Hotel
City Centre Hotel, Deira
Granada Rooms, Meridien Airport Hotel
Creek Golf and Sailing Club
National Bank of Dubai, Deira
Lloyds Bank Head Quarters Building
National Bank of Fujairah
Al Mussalla Towers
Al Owais Science Centre
Al Owais Cultural Centre
Jumeirah College
Sheikh Zayed Military City
Signal Corps
American University of Dubai
Al Tayer Business Centre
Emaar Properties
Emaar Properties (Arabian Ranches)
Microsoft ( M.E.)
Dubai Police Academic College
Dubai Police New Head Quarters
Al Barsha Police Station
General Dept. of Services & Supplies
Al Rifaa Police Police Station
Dubai Aluminum
Fitra / Parmobel
HSBC Bank (ME)
Dubai TV
Dubai Municipality
Dubai Business Channel
Emirates Media
MBC Dubai Media City
Dubai Gold & Diamond
Carefoure Hypermarket, Shindagha
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Garghash Motors
Armed Forces Ofcers Club
Experi ence ( Sampl es)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Sea Palace
(Ofce of the President)
Police GHQ (Abu Dhabi)
International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC)
Ministry Of Education (Abu Dhabi)
Abu Dhabi Securities Market
Zayed University
(Dubai, Abu Dhabi Campus)
HH Sheikh Zayed 1 Private School for Girls
Zadco / Gasco Headquarters Auditorium
PJ OReillys
South African Embassy
General Directorate of Police
Regional French Consulates / Embassies
Shams Abu Dhabi in Reem Island
Abu Dhabi Financial Center
Ministry of Presidential Afairs (MOPA)
Department of Transport
UAE University (FHMS
Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences)
Al Bustan Rotana Hotel
Al Ain Model School
Emirates International Hospital
Zayed Military College
Water & Electricity Department
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Sharjah Cultural Center
American University of Sharjah
Sharjah TV
Mega Mall
Sharjah City Centre
Sharjah Civil Aviation HQ
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Experi ence ( Sampl es)
Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Ajman University
Ajman TV
Kempinski International Hotel
Camel Race ClubTV Studio
Motorola, Qatar
Ras Lafan Liquefed Gas Company, Doha
Radisson Hotel, Riyadh, KSA
Fours Seasons Hotel, Riyadh
Le Meridien Gulf Hotel, Khobar
Saad Medical Centre, Khobar
Mawarid Marketing Ltd
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Cultural Centre
Qatar Foundation / Qatar National Convention
Centre (QNCC)
Khalifa Stadium, Doha
Al Sadd Stadium, Doha
Ramada Extension
Qube, Doha
Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel
QTV News Studio
Qatar TV Studio-1
Experi ence ( Sampl es)