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Title : [Rec]

Genre : Horror
Director : Jaume Balaguer and Paco Plaza
Year : 2007
Duration : 75 Minute
Stars : Manuela Velasco - ngela Vidal
Ferrn Terraza - Manu
Jorge-Yaman Serrano - Young policeman
Pablo Rosso - Pablo
David Vert - lex
Vicente Gil - Adult policemen
Martha Carbonell - Mrs. Izquierdo
Carlos Vicente - Guillem Marimn
Mara Teresa Ortega - Grandmother
Manuel Bronchud - Grandfather
Akemi Goto - Japanese woman
Chen Min Kao - Chinese man
Mara Lanau - Mari Carmen, Jennifer's mother
Claudia Silva - Jennifer
Carlos Lasarte - Csar
Javier Botet - Tristana Medeiros

REC follows a television reporter, ngela Vidal (Manuela Velasco), and her cameraman, Pablo, who
cover the night shift in one of Barcelona's local fire stations for the fictional documentary television
series While You're Asleep. The firehouse receives a call about an old woman who is trapped in her
apartment. When they arrive, ngela and Pablo film the police breaking down the door. The woman
becomes extraordinarily aggressive and bites one of the policemen. Meanwhile, the terrified residents
gather in the entrance hall and look on as the police and military seal off the building. A firefighter who
remained in the old woman's apartment is bitten and plummets through the stairwell to the lobby floor.
The camera crew, remaining firefighter and the second policeman go up again and are attacked. The
officer shoots the old woman. The camera crew remains trapped inside the building with the residents
and continue recording in spite of the policeman's pressure to stop recording. ngela interviews a little
girl named Jennifer who lives in the building. Jennifer is ill with what her mother claims is tonsillitis.
She says her dog, Max, is at the veterinarian because he appeared to be sick as well.
A health inspector wearing a hazmat suit arrives and attempts to treat the injured, who become
suddenly and fiercely violent despite their critical injuries. The health inspector explains that the time
frame in which the disease takes effect varies by blood type. The health inspector also reveals that
sometime during the previous day, a dog with the illness was taken to the veterinarian; the dog
became violent and attacked and killed other pets at the clinic. The dog was euthanized, and was
traced back to the apartment building. Jennifer, the girl who owned the dog, then suddenly vomits
blood on her mother and escapes upstairs. The policeman handcuffs the mother on the stairs and
proceeds upstairs with the firefighter Manu. Pablo follows them. They find Jennifer, and the policeman
tries to subdue her with a syringe that the inspector gave him, but she bites him. Manu and Pablo run
outside where they find that the infected are trying to burst in the hallway through the textile shop.
They are forced to leave the handcuffed woman and they run upstairs into an apartment, where the
inspector tells the distraught residents that this unknown but virulent disease is infecting people,
causing them to turn into bloodthirsty savages. More and more people in the building become
infected, and ngela, Manu and Pablo are forced to fight them off. Eventually they learn that there is a
key to a door in the apartment building workshop, which leads to an exit via the sewer system.
However, the key is located on the fifth floor in the manager's apartment.
After finding the key, ngela and Pablo appear to be the only human survivors, everyone else being
dead or infected. Rather than making their way to the workshop, they are forced upstairs to the
penthouse by the remaining infected. They then search the penthouse and discover that its owner
was an agent of the Vatican who was charged with researching and isolating a suspected virus
believed to be the biological cause of demonic possession, which was later confirmed to exist in a
young girl named Tristana Medeiros who was raped by a group of priests. The agent kidnapped and
brought the girl to the penthouse to conduct his research and possibly cure her; during this time the
possession managed to mutate and become contagious. The agent decided to seal her off,
presumably to let her die of starvation and dehydration. A door to the attic opens and Pablo uses his
camera to look inside. A boy jumps at the camera and breaks its light. Pablo turns on the night vision
to see in the dark and discovers the sealed door referred to earlier by the agent on an audio tape. The
agent abandoned his efforts to cure the girl after failing to engineer a vaccine. Tristana, now a horribly
emaciated figure, begins searching the penthouse, holding a hammer. ngela and Pablo try to
escape, but Pablo trips and is viciously attacked with the hammer by Tristana, causing him to drop the
camera. ngela picks it up and runs, only to fall and drop the camera as well. She searches for it in
the dark but is unable to find it. The camera continues to record as the cries and screams of the
possessed Tristana Medeiros are heard on the tape recorder, and ngela is dragged into the
darkness, screaming.
I like this movie because of its thrill of being trapped with zombies in a building can be felt by the
audience especially by the shaky camera technique of this movie.the plot was very interesting,the
way the reporters being trapped in that apartment,and the best thing in this movie,was none of
them survive in this unexpected tragedy.
The movie was good and funny sometimes,but the story took very long time to start the tragedy,and
there wasnt any solution from the police that isolated the building to resolve this tragedy,plus the
ending of this movie wasnt the end of the tragedy,so the audience still confused and not
satisfied.But this movie is worth to be wathed for entertain our adrenaline.