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Does God exist?

Is there
consciousness outside of the body, or
life after death?
by Anny Vos on December 10, 2013
The questions in the title of this post
have always been aske by humanity!
"pirituality an reli#ion say yes to most
of these questions, whereas science
mostly enies it! $or a lon# time matter
was all that was real to science,
althou#h there are scientists who
somehow mana#e to combine reli#ion
an science!
"cience an spirituality are like min
an soul, like male an female, two opposites that have #ot out of balance since we
ate from the Tree of the %nowle#e of &oo an 'vil! (t is uality in action! (t is ri#ht
an left, whereby in the past millennia the left has #ot a ba reputation! 'ven the
wors say it! )i#ht is bein# ri#ht, bein# in possession of the truth! *eft is sinister,
literally so, because the wor sinister is erive from the *atin wor sinister which
means left!
+f course this is a very stran#e interpretation when we look at nature as it functions
in uality! The human boy has two arms, two le#s, two eyes, two ears, two lun#s,
two kineys etc! Are they suppose to fi#ht over who is ,ri#ht- or are they create in
orer to function to#ether an as such #ive epth to our vision, stereo versus mono
to our hearin#, an so on.
'ven in politics ( think ri#ht an left shoul stop fi#htin#, each presumin# they are
,ri#ht-, because left alone each sie woul #o off at the eep en, harpin# on one
aspect only an for#ettin# the other! /hen they meet in the mile, there will be
harmony an balance an a prosperous society!
An that of course is what the involution an escent of the soul into the worl of
uality an matter, an its evolution an ascension within the same is all about! This
is also true for science an spirituality! They shoul not fi#ht each other but also not
behave like they are about two totally ifferent areas of life that have nothin# to o
with each other! 0y now we are iscoverin# that everythin# is connecte, entan#le
as quantum physics calls it, an that we cannot e1pect the worl to keep functionin#
as before when we are estroyin# one aspect of life after the other! +r when ten
percent of the worl population claims ei#hty percent of all resources, if not more!
The e1citin# thin# is that the frontiers of science an spirituality are approachin#
each other, as 2oshua alreay mentione in his article 3oul &o )eally be +utsie
of his 3reation.
(n the conte1t of spirituality it has alreay been mentione that this worl we live in is
not real! (t is calle an illusion! 0uhists call it maya an the 0ible calls it a eep
sleep, ,tarema- in 4ebrew! (n my article The (nner 0eauty of the 0ible "tories5 The
"oul-s 2ourney 0eneath the *iteral (nterpretation, ( e1plaine this sleep as the
escent of 6an into the worl of uality an matter! (t is, but the literal meanin# is
also true! The worl of matter is a worl of a eep sleep, a ream worl, which was
create for us to e1perience everythin# we wante to e1perience in orer to #ain
conscious awareness!
8ou coul compare this ream worl to a computer #ame, a virtual reality, in which
we start to play a #ame but after a while #et so involve that we totally for#et it is a
#ame! /e become ealy serious about it an think it is the real worl9the only real
(n )eality there is no time involve in this #ame because all possibilities have
alreay been pro#ramme into it from the be#innin# an when you play the #ame,
you etermine what you want to e1perience by choosin# one of the possibilities that
are alreay there! These ifferent possibilities are sometimes also calle parallel
realities or even parallel universes! (n each of those ,universes- there alreay is a
you who has mae a certain choice! 0y choosin# which one of them you want to play
you close off some other possibilities for the time bein#, but you open up a whole
new ran#e of choices, an so on an so forth! At the same time the choices you i
not select o remain part of the #ame, shoul your path lea you there a#ain later in
the #ame! +r in a new roun!
'ach player is the star of his or her own show an etermines by the choices he or
she makes how the other players will behave :from the numerous array of their
choices ; realities ; universes<! (n that way we each create our own worl with its own
truth, which is sensible within its own frame of reference but not necessarily to
another player who has create a totally ifferent worl, in which completely ifferent
thin#s are true! 0ecause we are all entan#le however, we o ten to share ieas
with other people an as such often make the same or similar choices, which will
result in our worls bein# lar#ely :thou#h not totally< the same, which causes us
even more to think that we, our #roup ; reli#ion ; political party etc, must be ,ri#ht-!
As it is =ust a #ame, however, a worl of illusion, it is no use to start fi#htin# about
who is ri#ht an who is wron#, as everyboy is ri#ht in his own worl an wron# in
that of the one he isa#rees with! 0ut then a#ain, fi#htin# also creates e1perience,
an throu#h it, in the lon# run, #reater awareness! That will only happen thou#h
when we let #o of our ,ri#ht- to be ri#ht an start to look at other people-s views from
a more open perspective!
+f course this ream worl is not only about problems an ifficult e1periences! (t is
also an increibly beautiful worl in which we can choose to have ama>in#
e1periences by bein# appreciative of its beauty an its #ifts an by bein# thankful
an lovin# an willin# to share! (t is about lettin# #o of =u#ment! 0y this attitue we
will be steere in the irection of the centre of ?nconitional *ove an awakenin#,
re#arless to what reli#ion or political party we belon# :or not<!
The concept of time, place an matter, cause an consequence, an karma an
reincarnation, was create to be part of this #ame, because it #ives us the possibility
to efine thin#s, to #ive thin#s a place an a meanin#, to learn an #row by
e1perience, which is after all the iea behin the creation of this #ame, this ream
worl! 6aybe we coul see the #ame also as a self@creatin# #ame towars the en,
as its possibilities may have been pushe further than was ori#inally intene,
=u#in# from the epths we have sunk to! 0ut then a#ain A when we wake up after
all that, the conscious awareness we will have #aine will be all that #reater tooB
All this shoul make it a bit clearer why &o oes not interfere more in all that
happens in this worl! /hy there is no =u#ment! Do we interfere when our chilren
play cops an robbers an o we take the robbers to the police when they come
home afterwars. Do we interfere, as lon# as there is no )eal ama#e.
'verythin# that happens, whatever happens, in this ream worl is not )eal, no
matter how real it all may be to us! An we are slowly awakenin# to this Truth!
0ecause the only Truth with a capital T in this #ame is *ove, ?nconitional *ove,
an that steers us in the irection of awakenin# a#ain! An everythin# that steers us
in that irection, even if it is not the Absolute Truth yet, is a step on the laer as it
were, because it leas us upwars! An the only thin# we can take with us when we
leave this ream worl, is the conscious awareness we #aine urin# the process of
our awakenin#!
(n science steps in that irection were taken with 'instein-s relativity theory!
'verythin# is the same stuff5 some phase or form of ener#y! ( think it was also
'instein who came up with the iscovery of the time@space@continuum! Time an
space are not two ifferent thin#s but somehow one! "o if the one oes not e1ist
outsie of this ream worl, as 2oshua writes in his article, then the other oes not
That leaves us with matter an also that oes not e1ist ob=ectively! (t has been calle
a ense form of ener#y! 0ut an eye@opener for me in this respect was the
e1planation ( once saw on television about our five senses!
/hat we perceive throu#h our senses is consiere to be all that e1ists by many
people, incluin# many scientists! 4owever, that proves not to be the case at all!
'verythin# is some form of ener#y that vibrates on ifferent frequencies,
wavelen#ths, or patterns! ( am no scientist an am sure to #et etails wron# because
( can never remember them, but ( am able to unerstan the principle behin the
e1planation! +f all these wavelen#ths an frequencies our five senses pick up only a
very limite ran#e :e1tene a little by what can be measure by our measurin#
evices<! 'ven many animals either see, hear or smell more than we o! This shoul
make us more humble in this respect, as it severely limits our possibility to perceive
everythin# there is with our senses! 0ut there is moreA
/hat we o see for instance is not the actual ,thin#- we are lookin# at but a selection
out of, an interpretation of, all incomin# si#nals by the brain, receive by the senses
:limite to the frequencies we can receive< or otherwise :e!#! intuition<, an base on
memory, e1pectation, assumption, ima#ination, beliefs, pre=uice, focus etc!
"ome e1amples5
6emoryC when 3olumbus approache one of the 3aribbean (slans with his
fleet, it is sai that the native people there i not see the ships comin#, as
they ha never seen such lar#e ships before an i not know they e1iste!
"o their brains filtere them out! The brains ten to filter out what they o not
know :or o not believe<!
Dre=uice;assumptionC when one of my au#hter-s friens, who is 6oroccan,
went to help a woman who ha ha an accient, some bystaners who
arrive later on the scene attacke him because they were convince he
wante to harm her! Dre=uice automatically sees an enemy an a threat in
everyone who is ifferent! An is answere in kin eventually which to those
with pre=uices proves them ,ri#ht- to be#in with!
$ocus on somethin#C when you are pre#nant :or esperately want to be<, all
of a suen you see pre#nant women everywhere, whereas you harly
notice them before, when you focusse on other thin#s! This is prove by A!
$ocus on somethin# elseC ( once saw a test bein# taken, where people in
shirts of ifferent colours were runnin# aroun an passin# balls to each
other! The people who took the test ha to count the number of times the
people in the re shirts were passin# a ball! +nce the test ha starte, a man
in a #orilla suit entere the picture an starte walkin# back an forth between
all these people throwin# balls to each other! Afterwars the people who were
takin# the test were aske if they ha seen the man in the #orilla suit! Almost
half of them ha notB Their focus on the people in the re shirts cause them
to see nothin# but that!
'1pectationC ( myself ha a similar e1perience! /hen ( visite one of our
national parks for the first time, where there are woos, heaths, san unes,
wil life an also a museum of moern art, ( i not see a hu#e blue shovel,
more than man hi#h, which stoo outsie the museum in between the
surrounin# trees! ( i not e1pect a blue shovel in a woo, so ( i not see it,
even thou#h ( was stanin# ri#ht in front of it!
/hat we perceive after the interpretation of all these si#nals has been escribe as
a holo#ram! +n the internet you can fin e1planations about that uner the title The
4olo#raphic ?niverse! 'verythin# we see, hear, smell, taste an touch is not real but
an interpretation of si#nals an is calle a holo#ram, pro=ecte, on a screen as it
were, on some area at the back of the brain! 4owever, our boies an our brains
themselves are also not real, but part of that holo#ram!
/hat remains an is the only ,thin#- that is )eal is 3onsciousness, e1periencin#
itself in a multitue of ways in this ream worl!
The only 0ein# is &o, /ho is All that (s an can never be totally escribe by any
+ne Eame!
"o it appears we have been askin# the wron# questions! /e have aske ,evil-
questions! /e #ot Live backwars!
The question shoul not be, FDoes &o e1ist.G (t shoul be, FDo we e1ist as
separate entities. An if so, what are we e1actly.G
6y answer to that is, no, we are not separate entities in )eality! /e are entan#le
aspects of the +E' that is e1periencin# itself as separate entities in this #ame!
Durin# our escent into this ream worl we left most of our faculties behin an put
a blinfol on :we became ,blin- to the +neness an unity of the )eal /orl, as (
e1plaine in The "i#nificance of the 0iblical "hepher in orer to be able to play the
#ame! /e took on the form of a holo#ram, a fractal holo#ram! /hen a mirror breaks
into a multitue of pieces, you can still see the whole picture in every piece! As such,
we, as a piece of A** T4AT (", of &o, still have in us all the potential of &o! (t
means we are of ivine ori#in! /e are sparks of the $ire that &o is, or rops of the
+cean that &o is, to name but a few analo#ies, an remain part of the whole, even
if we appear to be separate for a while!
(t shoul not be, F(s there consciousness outsie of the boy.G but F(s there a boy
besies consciousness.G
6y answer is, only in this ream worl, where it is a fantastic tool for us to
e1perience thin#s! "een from )eality however, it oes not e1ist!
A#ain, the question shoul not be, F(s there life after eath.G (t shoul be FDoes
eath even e1ist, or is it =ust a oorway on our way home to the worl of hi#her
awareness where we came from.G
( think both birth an eath are oorways to a worl of another frequency! 0irth an
eath are one really, two sies of one coin! /hen you ie in :leave< one worl, you
are born in :enter< another an when you are born in :enter< one worl, you must
have ie in :left< another! At least, that is how we woul e1perience it from here but
it is very well possible that in the )eal /orl we e1ist in all worls at the same time,
as ( have hear we o, but that concept still escapes my comprehension at this
/ith a view to all this we shoul maybe remain more aware of the fact that, even
thou#h we are awakenin#, we are still a part of this ream worl! /e may have left
the worl of slavery but we are still in the esert, fully en#a#e in the stru##le of the
crucifi1ion of our e#o, an all the realities of this ream worl are still very real to us!
4owever, even if we o not e1perience it as such yet, we are now able to
comprehen that this ream worl is not real!
As such we shoul also be aware of the fact that we o not yet know the Absolute
Truth an we shoul not preten we o! 'verythin# that we learn an that points in
the irection of the only Truth in our ream worl, unconitional *ove, is not
necessarily a Truth in its own ri#ht yet but it is a step in the ri#ht irection! (t is a step
on a laer of consciousness! All we can o is climb the steps of our own laer,
an remain aware of the fact that they mi#ht be ifferent from the steps of someone
else-s laer! An that is okayB