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May, 2014

Dear Partners in Jesus,

May, 2014 Dear Partners in Jesus, PO Box 192, Wilmore, KY 40390 Thank you so much

PO Box 192, Wilmore, KY 40390

Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and encouragement. I (Y. Herman) made it back to Indiana and praise God that He protected me from thieves, stomach problems, malaria and dengue fever. I had a touch of stomach woes right after leaving Indonesia, but it wasn’t as severe as the bout I had on the last trip. Praise the Lord! There were times when I prayed fervently for protection, like when our taxi driver took a crazy risk and passed another car on a blind curve. Thank you for praying!

passed another car on a blind curve. Thank you for praying! A simple church on the

A simple church on the island of Batam

I arrived in Singapore on March 27 and did a

four day spiritual preparation, fasting and praying. From there, I had a three day ministry trip to the island of Batam, not far from


I went on to three different provinces on the

island of Java. For two weeks I met with graduates of Ohio State, seminary students and faculty members, also speaking in two churches. In the city of Malang, I joined the local prayer team to cast demons from an occultist, homosexual man. Jesus did it! PTL! After visiting two more islands and praying with individuals, I landed by boat in the far northeast island of Halmahera. There I visited a mission hospital and orphanage, sharing the gospel with the sick and encouraging the staff. His grace

was sufficient, and He gave me peace and confidence as I ministered in the small quarantined rooms of those with severe TB and Aids while they were coughing incessantly.

God showed His mercy as He sent me to meet some of these precious but very sick people. Fejon was sitting on his bed, his tattooed neck looking very thin, when I entered his room. He appeared to be at least 20 years older than his 30 years. He has Aids and an advanced stage of TB. Emaciated and fragile, Fejon coughed and spit constantly. The next day he could no longer sit up. However, Fejon opened his heart to Jesus. He prayed along when I asked him to repent of his sins and to trust in Jesus.

In the next small, hot room was an 18-year- old girl, Miniam, with the same horrible diseases. We thank God immensely because she also opened her heart to Jesus and received salvation. Praise the Lord! Her doctor told me that she had sex with her boyfriend two times when she was 14 years old and had contracted HIV/AIDS.

she had sex with her boyfriend two times when she was 14 years old and had

Fejon, too weak to sit up

Another man (in his 40’s) was worse. He was incoherent and his skin looked like it was rotting. I could only pray hard that Jesus would enter his subconscious, into his spirit and give him dreams/visions of some kind. It was heart rend- ing. Aids and the accompanying diseases have taken a heavy toll. But, praise God again that his wife (also infected with Aids) and his son prayed to welcome Jesus. PTL!

In another isolation area I met a man (in his 30’s) and his wife who were both infected with Aids and TB. He was still mobile but also very ill and thin. God was at work, and that day, when it was time to pray, both he and his wife opened their hearts to Jesus. Praise God! Another three patients with TB and two with Leprosy also welcomed Jesus into their hearts. It was so thrilling to hear them repeating the sinner’s prayer. One of the lepers was of another religion but she bravely prayed to our Lord Jesus.

another religion but she bravely prayed to our Lord Jesus. Two female lepers next to me

Two female lepers next to me welcomed Jesus into their hearts.

Another note of praise is the work of Jesus in Naim, a man in his 40’s, who was injured in a horrific motorcycle accident. He also accepted Jesus into his heart. On the same day, four other souls prayed to ask Jesus for forgiveness.

Thank you very much for your prayers and your support which made this ministry trip possible. Someday we will all meet in heaven and they will thank you.

Our Lord also opened the way for me to share Jesus with an Iranian couple as we flew from L.A. to Tokyo. Then, from Tokyo to L.A. He gave me the chance to witness to an Indian chemical engineer. While flying from Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) to Surabaya, East Java, I witnessed to a Dutch civil engineer (working for an oil company). Also, Jesus

provided the chance to share His love with two taxi drivers in Singapore and 7 or 8 motorcycle taxi donesia.

drivers in In-

Two and a half years ago, in Malang, East Java, we prayed for a lady with Parkinson’s disease. The house church leader there forgot to tell me the results of that when we met the past two years. This time he remembered, and I was thrilled to hear that she had been healed at that time. Praise our living Lord. He answers prayer because we believers are in His heart and in His mind.

Connie and I were blessed to be able to attend Yoshua's graduation in Kansas City two weeks ago, and Yohan flew in from California to meet us there (and surprise his brother). It was a blessed reunion as we hadn't all been in one place in 1 1/2 years. Praise God that He helped Connie drive home from Kansas City by herself as I flew on to Cali- fornia from there for ten days of ministry. Yosh will join the International House of Prayer staff soon, and Yohan is starting a new film job next week so they'd appreciate prayer too.

God bless all of you!

Herman & Connie