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For Performance or Payment

ISSUED BY: Kenny A. Martin, Principal Account holder

c/o the General Post Office Bond Number: 2008026221
5709 Yachtsman Ct. , BOND VALUE: 1,000,000.00 Dollars
Browns Summit, NC. 27214 DATE ISSUED: 11.23.2009
The State of North Carolina, The United States of America DATE EXPIRED: 11.23.2029

Tim F. Geithner, The Secretary of the Treasury FIDUCIARY/BOND OFFICIAL/TRUSTEE
Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington,DC. 20003-3116


Judge Ronald Suster
Cuyahoga County Common Pleas CASE NUMBERS CR-09-0=520296A, CR-09-520295A, CR-09-522781
1200 Ontario St 11 FL Rm 20B
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
pay in the amount of 1,000,000.00 US Dollars
One Million dollars and zero cents

For Sharon Cox, 289-70-2062 CASE NUMBERS CR-09-0=520296A, CR-09-520295A, CR-09-522781

By/On/Through: Kenny A. Martin,Principal, hereinafter referred to as: “Creditor”

Private Offset Account No. 231-78-3371
Tracking Number 2008026221

In the matter of: Kenny A. Martin, Accepted for Value and Exempt from Levy and
credit to the Department of the Treasury and Charged to: Martin, Kenny A.; 231783371. NOW, THEREFORE, the undersigned
Creditor being of sound mind and honorable intentions, for the purposes of protecting secured interests, reserving all rights of
recourse, remedy and subjugation, and maintaining the honor of the above-named Account Holders and Accounts, does by
necessity hereby issue this Private discharging and Indemnity Bond to wit: In my rightful Sui Juris Status, the Creditor does
hereby knowing and with full disclosure, bind and obligate myself jointly and severally by this instrument as a voluntary surety for
all of the above account holders and accounts, each severally, without limit.

The undersigned Principal: Kenny A. Martins, herewith accepts for value the enclosed instrument entitled: "Certificate of Birth",
and all endorsements front and back. The Principals (1) the only legitimate acceptor of said instrument, (2) the only party to have put any value
to said instrument, and (3) the contributing beneficiary of the same. This is done in full accord with Public Law found at Chapter 48,48 Stat. 112,
Public Policy found at House Joint Resolution: 192 of June 5, 1933, and the Uniform Commercial Code.

Bond Order
The Fiduciary shall pledged and register this Government Obligation(bond) as an asset as best suits the needs of the Department of the Treasury,
Cuyahoga County Common Ples and the Principal: Kenny A. Martin, 231783371. Please send receipt to Principal

The Bond Official shall verify registered definitive Government obligation(bond),establish book-entry account and provide the custodian

The Fiduciary shall discharge and vacate all preexisting and current Liabilities as may exist without exception for, against and
on behalf of any and all of the above-noted Account Holders and Accounts, each severally, including, without limitation, Kenny A. Martin, Private Offset
Account No. 231783371, dollar for dollar through the above-noted Private Offset Account up to and including the full Face Value amount of this Bond

Please deposit this bond as a credit to an account, bearing the Account number: 2008026221 for future
identification purposes, to be used as a set-off against any bills, taxes, or claims, and the like, against the Principal: Kenny A. Martin, as listed
on said "Certificate of Birth" or any bills, taxes, or claims, and the like, against the Debtor: KENNY A. MARTIN, 231-78-3371
(KENNY A. MARTIN is Debtor to Kenny A. Martin, Secured Party, as listed on the enclosed U.C.C.-1Financing Statement), with said claim(s)
being "accepted" and endorsed by the Principal: Kenny A. Martin

The Fiduciary shall shall satisfy this bill of exchange from the account 2008026221, Bond number 2008026221 in accord with 371 US 132.

Please set-off any bills, taxes, or claims, and the like, issued against the Principal: Kenny A. Martin,as listed on said "Certificate of
Birth", or issued against the said KENNY A. MARTIN, 231-78-3371, to zero or to a balance favorable to me, the Principal

Tim F. Geithner., Secretary of the Treasury, Department of the Treasury, has thirty (30) days, Fed. Bank Rev P. 7012, starting from
the date of delivery of this negotiable, SILVER BOND for set-off, as witnessed by the signature affixed to the United States Postal Service "PS Form 3800" ,
to dishonor this Bond by returning it to the Principal at the exact, mailing location shown above. Failure to return this Bond within the
time stated above shall constitute Secretary Geithner's acceptance of this bond, his agreement to honor this Bond, and his agreement to set-off
all associated transactions and claims submitted to the Department of the Treasury by the Principal, as they occur, in full accord with Public Law,
Public Policy, and the terms and conditions contained herein.

This Bond shall be pledged as an asset as best suits the needs of the Department of the Treasury,and expires at the moment the Principal:
Kenny A. Martin, dies. All Rights Reserved

Kenny A. Martin, Principal
Exemption ID # 231783371