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Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell.

A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration
August 7
, 2011
By Crystal Clark


Mastering the Art of Multiplicity

Theres a video on youtube many of you have likely seen, that begins with a gentleman standing
behind a podium making the following statement: If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, you
experience a golf ball size reality.

That one statement sums it up, and youll notice he left out raise your vibration although it may
have been referenced by others in the video. The common theme of raising our vibration is likely a
matter of semantics, every bit as much as a lack of understanding how creation and co-creation

This lack of understanding is a symptom of inadequate knowledge being disseminated over many
generations, resulting in improper mental processing that has us locked into a left-brained mode of
only seeing the cartputting the cart before the horse to such a degree that we no longer even see
the horsewe only see EFFECT, not CAUSE.

In order for us expand our awareness/consciousness of what we call reality, we have to be
*willing* to do itto want to see more than we currently do. An essential mechanism behind the
manifestation of this want or desire, is for the individual to realize that there IS more to seethere
IS more to experience. Whats so interesting about this concept, is that it doesnt require us to
necessarily go anywhere special to experience this something moreit is and always has been
all around us. What we have not been able to do for many generations, is accept this ideathe
idea that this level of reality is the only one small part of a greater reality.

As an example I used on Veritas, when we were much younger, my husband and I were sitting in a
park late at night when something very large zoomed over our heads in the sky. It was glowing
white and left a trail of smoke behind that was glowing in the moonlight. It was astonishing when
it happenedwhat was it? It lit up the sky as it passed over and went out of sightthere was no
sound involved when it went overhead, and no sound of it crashing.

I was shocked and delighted and turned to my husband expecting him to be just as surprised, but
he wasnt. I didnt understand at first. I asked him if saw what just happened, and he replied that
he had no idea what I was talking about! We like to play occasional jokes on each other so I
thought this might be the case, because I just couldnt understand how he didnt see something
that large, bright, and low to the ground, just zip right over us in the night sky. But he wasnt
jokinghe literally didnt see it.

Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell. A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration.
Years later I was sitting with the wonderful psychic woman who initially helped me find my path,
and I took the opportunity to ask her about itwhy didnt he see it? What she explained to me, is
what many people today refer to as a psychic block. She told me that he couldnt see it with his
eyes, because he couldnt see it with his mind. He was living in a small space of reality that his
mind believed had clearly defined borders, and therefore that same mind edited out what was
going on outside of that border as though it never actually happened.

He was just as kind and loving then as he is now, so it certainly wasnt a vibrational issue. The
only difference I can attribute it to, is the type of family environment we each grew up in. His
family wasnt much for anything strange, whereas my family was. My mind was more open to
other parts of reality because the environment I experienced as a child was also openI was told
more than once there were great mysteries out there that people didnt seem to want to talk about.
As far us our upbringing, the one word that was never used in either of our households in this
regard, was vibration. All we were given was two different experiences that contributed to our
ability to see the world in a certain way.

Expanding our awareness is part of learning about multiplicitythe simplicity of creation which
creates endless and multiple aspects of itself. We are but one aspect of it, as are the ants, trees,
clouds and solar systems. In this sense, were not just being asked to understand the outer or
physical nature of things (effect/cart), were being asked to understand our inner nature as well,
and the source of ALL things: cause. Where is the horse that drives all of this? Is it in us? Are we
connected to it? Is it our soul? Where does the soul come from? Do we have one?

There have been many, many great minds who have incarnated into this wonderful world with us,
to alter the family environment we were growing up into help us expand our awarenessto help
us see that we live in a reality of endless possibilities. A great deal of what they came to share with
us was blocked out by an enormous shadow. But again, when we expand our awareness into the
infinite within, as well as the infinite without, we make some much needed and very profound

People like Telsa, Edgar Cayce, and Walter Russell were offering a different future for us, but as
Walter Russell so wonderfuly and simply stated: A man could be sitting only ten feet away from
food, but still starve if he does not reach out and take it, and also eat it. The beauty of that
statement and its simple meaning is one Ive tried to convey many times in my own work, in
various ways. However simple it may be, it has a tendency to fall of deaf ears because of an
addiction that large numbers of our fellow man cant seem to shake: the addiction to doing

Granted, this has been bread into the human species over many generations in the form of
belittling and degrading the human family constantly, but theres something else going on that
MUST be addressed. While weve repeatedly been told that we arent intelligent enough to handle
important matters (enter Government/Nanny state), and we arent worthy enough to talk directly
with our own Creator (enter religion), we certainly didnt put up much of a fight. And now that
were constantly being barraged with natural extinction level event/catastrophe memes, even
though the signs of technologies (that destroy nature) having run amok are all around us, we are
Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell. A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration.
again acquiescing to the addiction via theres nothing we can or should do because were
doomed anyway.

In addition, we were sold on money (pun intended) and social status early on, so going along to
get along was easier. When religions told people they didnt actually have to personally act to
bring about change because they could just pray and repeat the names of saints to get raptured out
of here, people lined up to hear it. When this addiction began to wear off, it was traded for
another: you dont need to actually do anything to change your realityjust meditate and raise
your vibration and youll ascend out of here. When this addiction began to wear off, another one
was offered: Our space brothers and sisters are going to come and fix everything, so again, just sit
there and look cute and dont actually do anything to change your situation. Also, part of this
addiction to doing nothing, comes from a very deep-seated fear of being wrongfear of being
ridiculed for being wrong. This fear runs so deep, that elements of the shadow world are creating
false personas on social networking sights to publicly ridicule and emotionally harass anyone
discussing things they dont want them discussing!

Whats more important in the end: Doing what is right, or being ridiculed for doing what is right?
If we go back to how fast an individual will starve if they are too lazy to actually get up, grasp the
food and eat it, it does put things into perspective. This is especially true, if we can connect it back
to the idea (a universal law) that everything that exists (given) is for the purpose of re-giving.
When this chain is broken, altered or ignored, the cycle stopsthe cycle of Nature and Life
stops. Nature is impeccable when understood and respected, because it was based on the same
principle. A blossoming tree in the spring and summer, drops its leaves in the cooler months so
that it can re-give what it was giventhis is the cycle of life.

Can you imagine if the grass, roots, and earth were told not to take those resources in to survive?
Where would the tree get what it needs to continue its growth? Or what if the tree refused to drop
its leaves (re-give)? When our babies are born and they are hungry, we dont ignore them. We
dont ask Jesus to come and feed them, or sit in the corner and meditate so we can ascend out of
here before they die, nor do we ask the aliens to come and feed them. We physically get up,
acquire food for the child, and physically feed it. We take what creation gave us (food), and we re-
give it to another creation so the feedback loop of life can continue. Again, notice how the phrase
raising your vibration didnt enter the picture. The only thing required for the individual in this
scenario to continue the cycle of life, is to re-give what had been given, to someone who needed it.

The word duality has suffered a similar fate in our modern culture, with a little help from
shadow. Can we really claim to be in the Light (enlightened), if we dont understand the meaning
and purpose of the two primary motive forces that create everything we see? If we truly
understood these forces, we wouldnt find ourselves saying that were going to ascend beyond
duality. What we can and are doing, is opening ourselves up to more of reality, by understanding
how its actually created. With this information we ascend beyond previous boundaries and
become more effective co-creators of reality.

There is only One thing that exists in non-duality (lack of motion), which is something Walter
Russell so eloquently explains: The mind of the Universal Creator. He also reminds us to take a
closer look at contradictions, such as why we believe that the true answers can be found in the
Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell. A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration.
place of stillness by quieting the mind, yet again, we hear we have to raise our vibrationsthe
opposite. There is no movement (creation) without vibration, which means there is no stillness
when there is movement. Or, alternatively, we are told that the only thing we have to do is be
love, yet the entirety of everything that exists is based on Love, and love does One thing: GIVE.

What is Unity Consciousness then? When we understand why we need meditation to commune
with the ONE, we realize that the faster we vibrate, the more impossible this communion becomes.
There is ONE mind from which all of creation sprang, or was projected from, and it is formless
motionlessit does not vibrate. The only thing that does vibrate, are the projections that we call
reality/form. It takes two motive forces (duality) to create the motion that projects reality, but the
ONE mind is formless.

One of the reasons Walter Russell felt the information was so important, stems from the rightful
realization that we cannot become aware/conscious co-creators, if we are NOT aware/conscious of
how creation works!

During meditation, in the stillness, we have communion with One Universal Mind, where
Creators thoughts become our thoughtsCreators knowledge becomes our knowledge.
However, very much like the story of starving with food only ten feet away, reaching out and
grabbing it is only the first step. You will still starve if you dont actually do something with the
food in your hand (knowledge in your mind)you still need to eat it (apply it). By the same
token, the trees knowing they must drop their leaves in the proper season to re-give what they have
been given, is not the same as actually doing it. This giving and re-giving, and stillness and motion
are the foundations of everything, and Walter Russells work does a magnificent job of explaining

Prayer and meditation have a very valuable and quite necessary function for the upliftment of our
civilization. The stillness is every bit as important as the movement. I have experienced it many
times, as you likely also have. Its during that one still moment of communion with the Universal
mind, that we are given the information and instruction we need to solve our own problems. When
we leave that stillness and come back to the world of dynamic vibration and changing form, we
have a choice to make: do we act on what we learned? Do we re-give what we were given? If we
arent prepared to do so, we should seriously consider why we asked for the information.

Before I end the article, I want to provide some pertinent information about Walter Russell. People
like Walter Russell and many other great minds, were able to connect spirituality to what we refer
to as advanced technology. People like John Searle, Slim Spurling and Ralph Ring emulate
Russells view of the world in many ways, because they understood that nature has all the
answers. Walter Russell expands this view for us by explaining the reason nature has all the
answers: The ONE CREATOR created everything in the image of his imaginings, and they are
based on lovelove does only one thing: it gives for the purpose of re-giving. This helps us
understand that outer physical nature, is a reflection of the CREATORS inner nature.

Therein lies the art of mastering multiplicityfrom ONE universal mind that is without form, all
form arose. This ONE mind used two primary motive forces, and this is the trinity from which
everything else derives. The ONE gave rise to the Mother-Father Creator (the dual motive forces
Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell. A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration.
that create material form), but the ONE was also before them both. Understanding the mind of the
ONE and how creation functions is simple, but even so, it creates endless and multiple things by
ensuring that everything co-creates everything else. We can, and were meant (created), to do the
same. As history clearly shows however, we have free willwe can choose differently.


Walter Russell once sent his work to Tesla, who replied that he should lock it away for a thousand
years because mankind wasnt ready

In 1921 Walter Russell experienced what he referred to as The ILLUMINATION during a 39 day
and night period. His work is based on what he learned, while working directly with Source during
this period. He was taught how the ONE still mind electrically projects its thoughts into reality via
two-way motion (dual motive forces).

During his 7 years of Presidency at the Society of Arts and Sciences, he was allowed to infuse new
ideas about the elements of matter; his work on hydrogen led to the discovery of its isotopes and
heavy water. He charted the two atomic bomb elements (not for the purpose of making the bomb)
which he then copyrighted under the names Uridium and Urium. He mailed a copy of his new
periodic charts to 1000 of the foremost scientists of the time. Twenty years later these elements
were renamed Plutonium and Neptunium without giving him any credit whatsoever for having
been the first person to actually discover them, and provide knowledge of their existence.

[NOTE: I have included the definition of cosmogony as he refers to this word often. Its easy to
remember as genesis of the cosmos= cosmogony].

Cosmogony: Any theory concerning the coming into existence or origin of the universe, or how
reality came to be.

Walter Russell was somewhat baffled by the accepted cosmogony of current science, and viewed
it as transient (a non-eternal source), discontinuous, and unbalanceda one-way universe
whose beginning was being explained by a tremendous source of heat/mass (the source of the
heat/mass never being explained), which is slowly radiating away into smaller masses that expand,
until they eventually die in heat-death. He explains that out of this unnatural theory came the 1

and 2nds laws of thermodynamics, which have no validity.

Walter Russell is referring to the Big Bang cosmogony here, which he found to be an incredibly
unnatural theory, because it gives constantly until the source of the energy burns out or diesa
one-way model, or what he also referred to as heat death.

As great minds throughout the ages have tried to convey by teaching the workings nature and its
laws, the idea of a one-way universe or energy flow, is indeed un-natural. Its akin to saying there
is *only* output until deathno input. If this were the case, in nature we would see that every
winter when a tree loses its leaves, they would never grow back again. Natural law is based on
cycles of giving and receiving for a continuous manifestation of creationthe feed-back loop.
Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell. A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration.
This explains why he felt the accepted and perpetuated cosmogony (Big Bang) was discontinuous
and unbalanced.

Walter Russell saw the pattern of giving and taking (cause and effect) repeating itself in every
phenomena of motion. In our own bodies, we take energy in so our dying cells can be replaced,
and energy healers are also aware that in daily life in our general dealings with our fellow man, if
we take more than we give, or give more than we take, imbalance that can fuel dis-ease is

Walter Russell may have been largely marginalized in a world that worshipped greed, but when I
have my own quiet time, I often wonder what the world would look like if things had been
differentwhat it may look like, if we have the courage to change.

Awareness of what is right, is not the same as actually doing it, and when one addiction is
continually traded for another the result is the same: spirituality without morality. Edgar Cayce
said that to know to do good and not do it is was sin, and older cultures expressed that when we
deviate from the laws that give us life, we create our own punishment.

In my personal view, this is the most important message for our race at this moment in time: when
we deviate from the laws that give us life, we create our own punishment. Or, As Walter Russell
was taught during his illumination: in whatever measure we break the law, it breaks us equally.
The supreme Law is love, and it withholds nothingit is mankind that withholds.

You deserve betteryour planet and your children deserve better. Give them what they need,
because the law of cause and effect is simple: we cannot give what we do not have, and we do not
have what we are never given. This same ideology was once expressed another way: Give a man a
fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. This is what
nature does, and nature is based on love.

Love doesnt withhold knowledge
Love doesnt withhold food
Love doesnt withhold shelter
Love doesnt withhold the rain
Love doesnt withhold the sun
Love doesnt withhold the wind
Love doesnt withhold cures

Love GIVES of itself so that it can be RE-GIVEN.

Personal Commentary on UNIVERSAL LAW, NATURAL SCIENECE AND PHILOSOPHY by Walter and Lao Russell. A Home
Study Course 1950
Article may be shared freely (not for sale) without alteration.