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A patient came to your clinic with a 5 years old denture.

The patient wears

the denture during day and night & now the denture becomes ill-fittting
and the patient requires a new one. What is the first step in your
a- Recovery therapy
b- Pharmacotherapy
c- Alveoloplasty
d- Vestibuloplasty

The most accurate type of denture acceptance:
a- Exacting
b- Indifferent
c- Philosophic
d- Hysterical

First cells that migrate from blood to tissue during acute inflammation:
a- PMNs
b- Lymphocytes
c- Basophils
d- ..............

9 years old child has bilateral loss of maxillary first & second primary
molars, what is the best spcae maintainer?
a- Hawley
b- Nance
c- ...........
d- ...........

If a deep incision is made medial to the lower eyelid while performing (
) .. what is the structure that is most likely to be injured?
a- Lacrimal gland
b- Lacrimal canaliculi
c- Infraorbital nerve
d- Inferior lateral nasal cartilage

Bleaching agent most commonly used in intracoronal bleaching:
a- Carbamide peroxide
b- Sodium perborate
c- Hydrogen peroxide
d- Superoxol

Epithelial layer not present in alveolar mucosa:
a- Stratum granulosum

A patient came to you with a severly stained upper central incisor. The
tooth has distal caries and is vital, what is the best restoration?
a- All-ceramic crown
b- PFM crown
c- Ceramic veneer
d- Partial veneer crown

Handpiece is flushed for 3 minutes at the beginning of the day to get rid of
which kind of bacteria?
a- Pseudomonas aeruginosa
b- Actinomyces
c- Spirochetes
d- Streptococcus sanguis

Fibers that are embedded in cementum
a- Sharpeys fibres
Patient with a recent gold onlay has pain with chewing only, why?
a- Occlusal interference

Sequence of serial extraction:
a- C, D, 4

In countries with higher annual population growth rates, the need for
community based preventive programs would be greater for:
a- Dental caries
b- Periodontal disease
c- Dentofacial anomalies
d- Dental fluorosis

Step deformity after mandibular fractures is due to:
a- Upward pull of masseter & temporalis

Origin of lateral pterygoid muscle:
a- Infra-temporal surface of the greater wing of sphenoid & lateral surface
of lateral ptergoid plate

While injecting LA at the maxillary second molar, the patient develops
sudden swelling. You concluded that you injected to a wrong area, what is
a- Plexus of veins
b- Posterior superior alveolar nerve
c- ...........
d- ...........

Defect in pseudo Class III:
a- Skeletal
b- Dental
c- Soft tissue
d- Functional

Patient with chronic renal failure, what is the disease he might develop?
a- Secondary hyperparathyroidism
Radiographs are helpful in diagnosis of:
a- Pulpal health
b- Pulpal death
c- Pulp calcifications
d- ................

Purpose of performing gingivectomy in a patient taking phenytoin:
a- Elimination of infrabony pockets
b- Elimination of pseudo pockets
c- Permit healing by primary intention
d- ....................

Treatment of internal resorption:
a- Complete extirpation of pulp

Most common tooth extracted by surgery:
a- Lower third molar

Patient complaining of pain clicking in TMJ. There is deviation of mandible
while opening, but the mouth opening is not limited, what is the diagnosis?
a- Internal derangement with reduction
b- Internal derangement without reduction
c- Rheumatoid artheritis
d- .................

Patient with complete denture came to you. There is no complain from
speech or mastication, but there is angular cheilits & glossitis, what is the
most likely diagnosis?
a- Vitamin B deficiency
b- Scleroderma
c- Xerostomia
d- ...............

Hypercementosis & ankylosis are seen in:
a- Pagets disease

Bone of skull arises from:
a- Neural crest
Before restoring a cavity with glass ionomer we put:
a- Polyacrylic acid for 10 seconds

You are going to perform a surgery for a patient on warfarin therapy.
Which of the following should be present on the same day of the surgery?
a- PT is 2-2.5 INR

Fluctuant swelling in the maxillary anterior area, where to do first incision?
a- The most fluctuant point
b- The base of the swelling
c- .......................
d- ......................

Mode of action of saliva:
a- Bacterial clearance & remineralization

In clinical research we need to:
a- Get written subject in patients own words

Following bleaching, composite restoration is placed
a- After 1 week

Before restoring a primary tooth you put:
a- Calcium hydroxide
b- Zinc oxide
c- Varnish
d- Just clean & dry

Indication of fixed Maryland bridge:
a- Fractured abutment
b- Recurrent caries
c- Periodontal disease
d- Discoloured teeth

Already sedated child presents with physical struggle, what should dentist
a- Conscious sedartion
b- Redo sedation
c- Tie with board
d- ......................

Hemiseptal defect:
a- One-wall defect
b- Two-wall defect
c- Three-wall defect
d- ...................

Hedstrom files have more cutting efficiency than K-files because:
a- They have more positive rake angle

Pain in irreversible pupitis is due to:
a- Increased intrapulpal pressure

Which of the following has the characteristic of substantivity?
a- Chlorohexidine

Reversal lines indicate termination of .................... activity:
a- Osteoblastic
b- Osteoclastic
c- Osteocyte
d- Fibroblast

Periodontal abscesses are more common in:
a- Molars

Gutta percha main coponent:
a- Zinc oxide

Which of the following can be placed under composite?
a- Varnish
b- Zinc oxide & eugenol
c- Calcium hydroxide
d- Zinc phosphate
1- a & b
2- b & c
3- c & d
4- None

Grey indurated zone in the gingiva in the canine / premolar area that have
been persistant for 3 days, what is the most likely diagnosis?
a- Aphthous ulcer
b- Pemphigus
c- ..................
d- ..................

Tissue change of greatest concern:
a- Metaplasia
b- Dysplasia
c- Hyperplasia
d- Hypertrophy

Functional cusps in Class I normal relationship:
a- Maxillary palatal & mandibular buccal

Principle of GTR:
a- Space creation & wond stabilization
b- Surface biomodification & wound stabilization
c- ....................
d- ....................

Condition that requires antibiotic prophylaxis:
a- Artificial valve replacement

Tooth with a large carious lesion and there is discoloured dentin, how to
remove it?
a- Excavator
b- Large bur with low speed
c- Large bur with high speed
Why do we use low speed in primary teeth?
a- To reduce risk of pulp exposure

Whlie preparing a tooth for a crown great care must be taken while
preparing proximal surfaces, why?
a- Risk of injury of adjacent tooth
b- Gingival contour

Pain character in irreversible pulpitis:
a- Severe pain on cold & lingering

A solder has the following characteristics except:
a- Pitting