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Configuring the TIA

Steps to configure TIA in brief are as follows:

1) Create a new project in TIA via start menu.
2) Add the required CPU.
3) Set the IP address of the plc.
4) Create a sample project.
5) Download
The detail description of all above steps is as follows:

Step I:

Fig: 01 Opening TIA
From Start menu select TIA as shown in fig: 01 shown above.

Step I:

Fig: 02 Create a new project in the portal view
In this you create a new project at the desired location shown in fig: 03 below.

Step I :

Fig: 03 Project creation.
Select Create new project and then write the name of your project in project name field.
Also select the browse option in the same window to choose storage location for the new project which
your are creating. The steps are as shown in fig 03

Step I (2):

Fig: 04 New project is created.

Step II (1):

Fig: 05 Adding the required CPU.
In this you right click on the Add New Device and select the type of PLC you want.
Then click OK.

Step II (2):

Fig: 05 (2) Adding the required CPU.

Step III :

Fig: 06 (1) Assigning the IP address.
In the IP address field type the IP address you want to give to your PLC and click on add subnet
mask to create the connection.

Step I V (1):

Fig: 07 Adding the DB block.
You click on the ADD NEW BLOCK under the program block and select the DB block. Take care to remove
the remove the symbolic access. Then click on OK. Your DB block is added.

Step I V (2):

Fig: 08 Add the DB.
In this you create DB with specific address under the DB block also specify the data type.

Step IV :

Fig: 09 Creation of PLC program in OB1.
In this a small move block is created and after that we save the project.

Step V (1):

Fig: 10 Download the project.
You now download the project by right clicking the plc select download to device ALL.

Step V (2):

Fig: 11 Compiling configuration
After you click download a compiling window opens. When the compiling is complete you click on load.

Step V (3):

Fig: 12 Loading the program
You click on load

Step I (2):

Fig: 13 Download complete.
Click on finish the program will be successfully downloaded in plc.

Step I (2):

Fig: 14 Output of the project.
In this window you change the value in modify value column then click on monitor value.
This completes the configuration of TIA .