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Presenting the ITM PGDM iConnect 2014-16

AICTE Approved
ITM - Business School
ITM - Global Leadership Centre
ITM - Institute of Financial Markets
Institute for Technology and Management
I have had the privilege to be at the helm of the ITM-
Group of Institutions since the very beginning, and I
have had the unique pleasure of witnessing thousands
of careers taking off and dreams coming true, as
our students turn to face the world, emboldened by
their experiences at ITM and their desire to achieve
something big.
You are reading this message because you too, are
looking forward to start something that you hope will
transform your life, your career and even the planet!
I am confdent you have taken the frst steps towards
making that transformation happen.
The MBA/PGDM is in a state of crisis, as business
schools have taken the easy way out for too long. At
ITM, weve realized this and have gone back to our
roots and questioned everything we have taken for
granted. In the last 2 years, I have personally led an
initiative to dramatically change how we prepare
students for business careers, called The Rethink
Over the last 2 years I have personally met hundreds
of CEOs and industry leaders and sought their insight
and their expectations of business school graduates.
We have looked inward, and broken down our PGDM
program, cast away the parts that were obsolete and
completely redesigned the PGDM. In the pages ahead,
you will read and understand just how radical the
changes are!
Over the years, we have come to pride on our Merit as
the only currency accepted philosophy for admissions.
ITM-Business School has never sold a seat nor do
we believe in the practice of collecting donations or
capitation fees or allow infuence or lobbying to affect
our admission process. Complete transparency and
equal opportunity for all have been ITMs bedrock
principles for admissions.
- Dr. P.V. Ramana
ITM-Group of Institutions
Welcome to a Radically Different
Business education
You have already taken the frst decision to seriously consider studying for a career in business.
By reading this prospectus you are into the next decision phase which business school do I
choose? Not all PGDM programs or all schools are the same and an increasingly important
question asked by potential employers is...Where did you get your PGDM?
ITM Growth Story
1992 -
2010 -
ITM-Business School founded in 1991 was
amongst the frst private, non-aided business
schools in India.
ITM - Global Leadership Centre
ITM - Institute for Hotel Management
ITM launches its University in Raipur
ITM - Institute of Health Sciences
ASIAGraduate School of Business
ITM - Coastal Institute of Technology and Management
ITM - Institute of Fashion, Design & Technology
ITM - Institute of Financial Markets
We quickly expanded our footprint, establishing
campuses in Bangalore, Chennai and Warangal.
ITM - School of Culinary Arts, Mumbai
ITM-Executive Education Centre
ITM - College of Engineering, Nagpur
2013 ITM Skills Academy
Recent Rankings
l A3 Rating
by Business Standard - Indias Best B-School Survey 2013
l 39 overall, 12 in Western Region
2013 Businessworld Ipsos B School Survey
l 18 Tier 1 amongst top MBA Colleges
by Careers 360 2013
l 37th Rank
by NHRD B-School Survey 2012
l A7 Rating
by AIMA Best Business School 2012
l A+ Rating
by Business India 2012
ITM - Business School, Bengaluru
l B3 Category Business School by AIMA Best Business School Survey 2012
l 140th Rank by Business World - Overall 2012
l B3 Category Business School by Business Standard Survey 2012
l 10th Rank in the State of Karnataka by CSR 2011
l 15th Rank among Top Emerging 40 Top B-Schools of Excellence by CSR 2011
ITM - Business School, Chennai
l A6 by AIMAs Best Business School 2013
l A6 by Business Standard 2013
l Ranked 87th by MBA Universe 2013
ITM - Business School, Navi Mumbai
l A3 by AIMAs Best Business School 2013
l A3 by Business Standard 2013
l 18th Rank All-India, Careers 360 Magazine B School Survey 2013
l Ranked 29th by MBA Universe 2013
l NAAC Accredited A Grade
l NBA Accreditation
ITM - Business School, Warangal
l Rated as one of the top 90 Best B-Schools in India by MBA Universe in 2013
l A Grade B-School by the Indian Management-AIMA B-School Survey in 2012
l Rated as one of the Best B-Schools in India by Discovery Education Media Pvt. Ltd. in 2012
l Ranked as one of the Top Emerging B-Schools of Excellence in India by
CSR- GHRDC B-School Survey in 2012
l 150th ranking in the OVERALL & 93rd in the Return On Investment (ROI) by
Business Today Best B-School Survey 2012
ITM - Institute of Financial Markets
l A at Pan India Level by CRISIL
l A* in Maharashtra
For 22 years, ITM - Business Schools have been consistently ranked
among Indias elite business schools.
The ITM PGDM iConnect
2014 -16 edition
This changes everything.again
In 2011, we had a vision of the future of business
and the challenging times that lay ahead for
aspiring business professionals and the Institutions
that trained them. We realized that the global
business environment has become so much more
complex, and that technology, economics and
market dynamics are deeply entwined.
Frankly, we realized that MBA programs are
woefully inadequate preparation for the jobs that
await aspiring management professionals. The
MBAs value as a training program for managerial
talent was waning, companies were fnding it hard
to fnd recruits who could hit the ground running
and be productive from the frst day on the job. Day
Zero productivity was the demand, and B-schools
across the world had failed in supplying that
We came to the urgent realization that the ITM
PGDM program must change radically, in order
to maintain our leadership and reputation as a
provider of high-value education. In mid-2011 a
senior management team, led by Dr. P.V. Ramana,
Chairperson of ITM-Group, began interacting with
hundreds of business leaders, from CEOs to HR
and functional heads, to try and understand the
talent gap their companies are facing.
At the outset, we forced ourselves into a Blank
Slate approach - We agreed to challenge
everything about the ITM PGDM, from curriculum
to pedagogy, training and placement. Once we
wiped the slate clean, our team began to conduct
extensive open-ended discussions with hundreds
CEOs and business heads across India.
The learning we gleaned from these hundreds
of interactions have been carefully analysed and
consolidated into four core focus areas. Building
up from these focus areas, we redeveloped the ITM
PGDM into a program that we call iConnect
The iConnect 2014-16 edition mandate
Complexity and Proximity
Todays business professional is required to assimilate torrents of knowledge and data, develop actionable
insights at lightning speed and perform as part of large teams, often spread across geographies and time zones.
Combined with this increasing complexity, the distance between producers and consumers has shrunk, thanks
to the revolution in communication through the Internet, social media and mobile technology. Managers are no
longer removed from customers- everyone in an organization, regardless of position has a sales and service role.
Our collective output of new knowledge of every
facet of life has created a mass of business and
technological know-how that has overtaken the
capability of any MBA program to deliver.
iConnect is designed to meet many of these
challenges. Doing away with purely classroom-
rooted methods, iConnect seeks to open up the
world to the student, bringing together the forces
of academics, self-development, professional
development and real work experiences together
into a cohesive and mentored learning experience.
Each year since we launched the ITM PGDM
iConnect 2012, we have dramatically changed the
structure, content and delivery of the program.
Similar to the development of complex software,
iConnect is designed to be in Beta phase for
a long time, as we experiment with new ways of
delivering on its mandate.
single customer,
out of millions, can reach
out directly to the CEO of
a company- to express his
dissatisfaction through the power
of social media- this proximity,
a sort of public intimacy, has
changed how companies
view their customers
The ITM PGDM iConnect program has been designed to:
1. Deliver updated, streamlined industry relevant curriculum
2. Develop analytical, quantitative, communication and interpersonal skills as a core
component of the learning experience.
3. Help identify the students specialization choice early in the learning lifecycle, and
deliver targeted learning towards developing capabilities in the chosen feld.
4. Develop and practice the values of good work ethics, professionalism, social
consciousness, organizational responsibility, humility and humanity.
5. Provide enriching and immersive industry experience, with continuous faculty
support, employer feedback and academic rigor.
6. Prepare students for professional life during the entire program duration, through
planned and continuous interventions in interpersonal, professional, language and
leadership skills.
Introducing the ITM PGDM
iConnect program
This changes everythingagain! The ITM PGDM iConnect continues to undergo
radical changes to its structure, schedule and content, with each iteration focused on
refning and enhancing the program.
The 2014-16 edition highlights are:
A rescheduled and streamlined iConnect
Core internship.
Greater focus on communications
skills, through additional training in
English speaking.
Redesigned NGO project.
Redesigned Capstone Project .
Refned and focused Insight Sessions, now
delivered by a team of expert industry
trainers and core faculty.
We have completely redesigned the ITM
PGDM program, literally from the frst day-
frst-class, right up to convocation. Weve
removed all the existing courses and replaced
them with brand new, completely re-written
courses, focused on the skill-sets you need
now and the know-how you will need in
your career future. Weve taken the usual
2-month summer project and expanded
it into a 22-week internship thats called
iConnect Core, as it is an integral part of the
iConnect experience. Weve transformed pre-
placement training into a full-credit Career
Management module thats designed to give
you a competitive edge in fnal placements.
Weve left nothing untouched in developing,
what we believe is, one of the most radically
different PGDM programs any b-school offers
in India.
The ITM PGDM iConnect program is a two-
year full-time program, with a completely
redesigned program schedule, curriculum,
internship and training process. The program
is no longer formatted on a trimester or
semester pattern- rather a set of discrete
terms of study, industry immersion and
applied research that takes students through
a developmental journey from inexperienced
fresher to corporate-ready manager. Heres
how it all starts:
2014 2015 2016
June 2014 to
March 2015
April to
September to
January to April May onwards
Consolidation Capstone Reconnect
l Start Up
l Program Induction
l Foundation
22 Weeks
16 Courses Live Projects 8 Courses
Project Support
Sessions &
Insight Sessions 1:
l Business
l Career Management
& Training
l Personality
l NGO Project
Sessions 2:
& Training

1. The Initialization
Starting with a short pre-term startup session, you will
be allotted your program specialization within a few
weeks, based on your choice and a career assessment
activity that will help you decide what specialization
suits your profle. With this, the frst academic
term of the program commences. This term, called
The Initialization is of 10 months duration and
delivers a set of 16 courses, which include core and
specialization subjects.
The Insight Sessions
In parallel, you will begin a journey towards an enduring
and rewarding career through the Insight Sessions. Insight
is a range of workshops, seminars, feld experiences
and other sessions that will prepare you in ways that an
academic program cannot- challenging you to build
your attitudes, holistic management, character building,
communication skills, analytical capabilities and more.
Finally, you will engage in a co-curricular NGO/CSR live
project with an NGO, NPO or Charitable Association to
build your sensitivity to the harsh realities of the real world
and understand what it means to be socially responsible.
2. The iConnect Core Internship
Next comes the radically different part of the ITM
PGDM program, the iConnect Core. iConnect Core is
a 22-week industry internship, but its designed to be
much more than an extended summer project. You will
be placed with companies to work on specifc projects,
and to support functional teams within the company
and in the feld. ITM faculty members, who will be
embedded alongside you at the internship company
will provide guidance and insight. They will support
your work at the company, and will also mentor and
train you when you are back in the classroom.
(Note: for PGDM iConnect: International Business
students, the iConnect Core will be shortened, to allow
for the International Study Term)
3. The Consolidation
Once iConnect Core is completed, you will take
up the next full-time academic term, called The
Consolidation. This term is of 4 months duration, in
which you will take 8 advanced courses to complete
your specialization focus and partifcipate in the
second tranche of Insight and Career Management
Sessions, designed to prepare for fnal placement.
Final placement begins in October/November.
4. The Capstone
The fnal session of the ITM PGDM iConnect is The
Capstone. True to its name, The Capstone is a multi-
disciplinary live project taken up by teams of students,
designed challenge their understanding of the various
courses taught in the preceding terms and their
profciency in business analysis and strategy.
5. Reconnect
The Radically Different ITM PGDM ends with a life-
long connection to the people who have made your
experience so enriching, as you pursue your ambitions
and professional goals. As an alumnus of the ITM Group,
you will get numerous opportunities to reconnect with
your cohort and your faculties & help to extend the
iConnect experience far beyond the boundaries of your
business education.
ITM - Business School, Chennai - Winning Team
ITM PGDM iConnect
The ITM Post Graduate Diploma in Management
(PGDM) is a 2 year, full-time AICTE approved program
with a choice of specializations and campuses:
Institution Campus
PGDM iConnect
ITM-Institute of
Financial Markets
Navi Mumbai Financial Markets
Leadership Centre
Navi Mumbai
International Business
Retail Management & Marketing
Human Resource Management
Leadership Centre
Chennai International Business
ITM-Business School Bengaluru
Marketing & Digital Media
Human Resource Management
ITM-Business School Chennai
ITM-SIA Business
Marketing & Digital Media
Supply Chain & Operations
Pharma Management
ITM-Business School Warangal
ITM-Business School Navi Mumbai
Information Technology
ITM-Business School
(Planned to open
in 2014) Subject to
AICTE approval
Greater Noida
Marketing & Digital Media
Human Resource Management
Hospitality Management
New & Enhanced Specializations
Marketing and Digital Media
(Currently offered in our campuses in Bengaluru
and Mumbai) Marketing specialization has been
thoroughly revised
in select ITM PGDM iConnect campuses and
now includes an in-depth study of Digital Media
Marketing in addition to the mainstream marketing
methodologies. India is one of the fastest growing
digital media markets in the world. With the advent
of broadband and 3G, Indians are becoming
voracious consumers of digital content. The way
brands reach out to customers has changed ever
since Digital Media became so popular. Consumers
& businesses are increasingly shifting their attention
from traditional marketing media- television, radio,
and print ; to digital media. Today, companies have
realized that digital media is not just a component of
the marketing mix. A long-term, strategic investment
of resources in digital media is now the norm for
companies across industries, whether in the B2B or
B2C space. Digital marketing budgets are increasing
dramatically, and digital media campaigns are
becoming a pivotal part of effective marketing plans.
The Marketing and Digital Media specialization
enables students to understand the role of digital
media in successful marketing strategies. How does
Digital Media ft into the marketing mix? What is its
future worldwide & in India? Why is Digital Media
overtaking traditional advertising & communications
media ?
In the form of a dual-specialization, the curriculum
for this program includes a full suite of modern
Marketing courses, as well as in-depth training in
Digital Media Marketing, with a 120+ hours of training
that spans the basics like Search Engine Marketing,
to advanced topics such as Social Media Marketing,
Digital Analytics and more. The curriculum is
designed and delivered by practicing professionals
in the digital space.
Other campuses: Since the study and practice of
Digital Media is highly relevant to marketing majors,
we offer Digital Media Electives at all other campuses,
which gives our students practicable know-how in
Digital Media Marketing and Management.
Supply Chain and Operations
(Currently offered in our Mumbai campus)
The logistics and supply chain management industry
in India has been receiving greater attention in the
last few years. Yet, in spite of its huge potential,
the sectors growth has not kept pace with Indias
wider economy and this is a threat to our future
The acceleration in industrial production and
changes in consumption patterns have resulted in
a high demand for basic and specialized logistics
management, both at the local, and cross-border
levels. Indeed one recent study suggests the Indian
logistics industry will grow at 15-20 per cent per
annum between now and 2015, by which point it will
be worth $385 billion.
This specialization is designed to equip students
with concept and practices of Supply Chain
Management, which will help them take up
challenging jobs is supply chain discipline to
contribute directly to overall corporate success. The
rigorous training during the program will expose
them to take a wide sweep of SCM operations and
strategic activities.
The Supply Chain and Operations Management
specialization covers modules on Strategic
Procurement & World Class Manufacturing,
Networking & Distribution, IT Systems & Outsourcing,
Sustainability & Regulation etc.
Pharma Management
(Currently offered in our Mumbai campus)
The Pharmaceutical industry in India is the worlds
third-largest in terms of volume and stands 14th
in terms of value. The Indian healthcare market is
experiencing double-digit growth in the last few
years. In addition, amendments in IPR laws in-line with
TRIPS is boosting R&D and launching of new and
generic drugs leading to a great need of managerial
talent to meet the challenges in this high growth
This new PGDM iConnect specialization is designed
to meet the needs of the Pharma industry, to equip
the students to take up challenging managerial
positions in the various functional areas in leading
pharmaceutical companies.
This course is a general management course
concentrating on Pharmaceutical Marketing
Strategy, Operations, Finance, Supply Chain,
Product Development and HRM. In addition, course
modules on Intellectual Property Rights, Contract
Management, Business Process Outsourcing, IT
Systems, Regulations and Clinical Research will also
be covered.
With the redesign of the ITM PGDM iConnect program in 2012, weve
modifed, enhanced and created new specializations, considering that the
industry has moved because the industry has moved far ahead of what
business schools have traditionally taught.
Laptop & Libraries: ITM students have
access to a wide variety of knowledge
resources on both digital and paper
(Will be offered in
Greater Noida campus)
The Hospitality Management
specialization consists of
management courses, hands-on
supervisory experience in operations,
and a professional internship in a hospitality
related business. The curriculum allows
students to develop skills and knowledge for a
career in hospitality management cadre or open their
own hospitality business. A PGDM in Hospitality Management
produces highly skilled and profcient professionals who are
empowered to serve an increasingly dynamic hotel and tourism industry
around the world.
The course emphasizes on preparing students for senior management roles & as such
they will have to demonstrate self direction and originality in solving problems as well as
being able to act autonomously in planning and implementing tasks at a professional level.
The course will also develop the ability to think critically, and appraise and apply academic
models relevant to the international hospitality industry.

The economic slowdown notwithstanding, the hospitality sector in India is booming and has room for
more. The growing number of hotels, stepping in of multinational chains, Spas, and holiday resorts
is evidence of the fact that this sector is on the upward swing. Therefore there is a defnite demand
for qualifed professionals who can manage & cater to discerning customers. This is where a PGDM
in Hospitality Management comes into play.
Our Campuses
ITM-Business School offers the AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management
(PGDM) iConnect programs at its campuses in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Navi
Mumbai, Warangal and Noida.
The iConnect experience, an enhanced offering of modern curriculum, immersive industry
exposure through the iConnect Core Internship, intensive personal and professional
development through the Insight Track and the Career Management Track, combined
with a CSR internship, all come together to create an experiential learning process unlike
any business school in India.
All our campuses offer a full suite of learning resources, comfortable environments,
experience and qualifed faculties and plenty of opportunities for learning and
performing, both inside and outside the classroom.
Dr. Sarita Iyer
Director, ITM - Business School, Bengaluru
ITM - Business School, Bengaluru
In 1992, ITM established its second Business
School in a city that has earned a proud name
for itself, as the Silicon Valley of India. ITM-
Business School Bengaluru is situated in
South Bengaluru, a fast emerging hub for
technology giants which provides the right
ambience for intellectual pursuit and industry
integration. The campus started functioning
from 8th October 1992 with the frst batch
of PGDM students. It moved to its present
campus in the year 1997. In 2011, the ITM-
Business School, Bengaluru campus has been
dramatically, and completely upgraded-
with all new infrastructure, classrooms,
library, a new auditorium and more.
ITM-Business School Bengaluru has a vibrant
campus life, a diverse community of students
and access to plenty of academic resources.
Academic team
Led by Director Dr. Sarita Iyer and her team
of seasoned full-time faculties, ITM-Business
School Bengaluru has created an environment
of serious academics combined with a
wealth of industry exposure and co-curricular
Dr. Sarita Iyer is an Alumnus of the frst batch from
ITM-Business School (1991-1993) with an
MBA in Human Resource Management. She
pursued her M.Phil in Marketing and her
Doctorate from the Golden State University
USA. She has 4 years of Industry Expertise in
The Taj Group of hotels and Alpic Finance and
over 15 Years of Rich Academic Experience.
Her last stint was at the Garden City College as
the Dean for a period of 10 years. She is widely
published, and has featured as a speaker in
many conferences, owing to her forte in the
felds of Advertising, Retailing and Marketing.
Programs Offered:
ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in
Finance, Human Resource Management and
Marketing & Digital Media
Prof. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer
Dy. Director, ITM - Business School, Chennai
ITM - Business School, Chennai
ITM-Business School, Chennai was established
in 1993. Over the past 17 years, the school has
made its presence felt among the students of
not only Tamil Nadu but also from all corners
of India, who have successfully launched their
careers here. Rated as one of the leading
Business Schools in India, it is ranked among
the top business schools of Chennai. ITM-
Business School, Chennai has a sprawling
4-acre campus and a unique locational
advantage, being located inside the SIPCOT
IT Park at Siruseri. It is in the midst of top IT
companies like TCS, Cognizant, Hexaware
Technologies, which make its setting and
ambience ideal for a Business School.
ITM-Global Leadership Center, Chennai
is a centre of excellence in specialized
management education, located in the
Chennai campus. The Center offers the ITM
PGDM iConnect : International Business
Academic team
The Chennai campus has a strong & experienced
cohort of full-time faculties by Prof.
Lakshmi Mohan Iyer, Deputy Director &
Professor at the school. A highly qualifed
and industry experienced faculty group
delivers the ITM PGDM iConnect program,
bringing an array of professional and
teaching experiences into the classroom
Prof Lakshmi Mohan Iyer is a professional with
over 20 years of rich experience in teaching
and training heading Institutions and having
about half a decade of corporate exposure
in companies like Elbee and DHM. She is a
Post Graduate in Management and Education
Management, a Masters in Literature and
strongly believes that learning is empowering!
Programs Offered:
ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in
Finance and Marketing
ITM PGDM iConnect : International Business
ITM-SIA Business School, Mumbai
The campus of ITM-SIA Business School,
Mumbai was founded in partnership with the
South Indian Association (a charitable society).
Located in the suburb of Dombivli, the campus
features excellent infrastructure, academic
spaces, seminar halls, IT Labs with the latest
PCs and a well-stocked library and reference
facilities for research and project work.
With its proximity to our fagship campus in
Navi Mumbai, ITM-SIA Business School will
beneft through the sharing of key faculty,
development resources and placement
Academic team
The Mumbai (Dombivli) campus is headed by
Dr. Vinod V Sople, Director of ITM-SIA
Business School. Dr. Sople leads a team
of top-notch core faculty, many of whom
have served at our Navi Mumbai (Kharghar)
campus. In addition, the campus taps a
network expert visiting faculty from industry
to deliver specialized training to students.
A Ph.D holder in Management, Dr. Sople
has worked with the industry for 22 years at
various positions in various functional areas.
He has an academic experience of 12 years
and has been associated with ITM for the last
10 years. He has been teaching Marketing
Management, Logistics and Supply Chain
Management, Marketing Strategy, BPO, IPR
and other subjects. He has also written four
books on Logistics Management, Managing
IPR, Legal Aspects of Marketing and BPO:
Supply Chain of Expertise, respectively.
Programs Offered:
ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in
Finance, Supply Chain & Operations Management,
Pharma Management and Marketing & Digital
Dr. T. Dayakara Rao
Director, ITM - Business School, Warangal
ITM - Business School, Warangal
ITM-Business School, Warangal was
established in 1995 as a fully residential
campus nestled in the educational township
of Warangal where the historic Kakatiya
University and NIT are located. The city is
130kms (~2 hours) away from the mega-city of
Hyderabad and well connected to it by several
trains and buses.
The campus was designed to refect the
indigenous architecture of the region around
Warangal, which is replete with history and
ancient civilization. Characterized by its
lush plantations and large central garden,
the campus has developed new academic,
administration and hostel buildings in keeping
with the demand for high-quality, modern
Academic team
ITM-Business School Warangal is led by
Dr. T. Dayakara Rao, the Director, a Ph.D. in
Managerial Economics with over 25 years of
academic experience, and a dedicated group
of highly experienced full-time faculties,
along with several visiting faculties enhancing
the careers of the students with their rich
experience and insights.
Dr. T. Dayakara Rao is an M.Phil and Ph.D at the
Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics(GIPE),
Pune. Dr. Rao started his academic career at
IIM Ahmedabad as a Faculty Research
Associate. Later he held various positions
in university / institutes like: South Gujarat
University - Surat, Vignana Jyothi Institute of
Management - Hyderabad, ICFAI Business
School - Hyderabad, GIDC ROFEL Institute
- Vapi, Institute of Business and Training
- Bhubaneswar, Institute of Science and
Management -Ranchi.
Programs Offered:
ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in
Finance and Marketing
Dr. Ganesh Raja
Director, ITM - Business School, Navi Mumbai
ITM - Business School, Navi Mumbai
The Navi Mumbai area has blossomed into
an ecologically rich, landscaped and planned
community of 14 townships, spread over
a vast area of 343.7 sq. kms. The Kharghar
Township, where the ITM-Business School,
Navi Mumbai is located, is a marvel of Indian
City Planning, with a burgeoning population
living and working in world-class facilities
with extra-wide roads, dramatic boulevards
and breathtaking architecture. The Business
School campus is spread over 2.5 acres in the
heart of the Institutional Area. A thriving and
vibrant population of students create a unique
community atmosphere that encourages
serious study and professional development.
Academic team
Led by Director Dr. Ganesh Raja, a
diverse team of full-time faculties bring
their tremendous industry expertise
and academic excellence to deliver
top-notch academic inputs, helping students
take big strides in their professional lives at
ITM Navi Mumbai.
Dr. Ganesh Raja (Director), has a Ph.D in
Marketing and a Masters in Marketing
Management from the Jamnalal Bajaj
Institute of Management Studies.
He has over 21 years of experience in the
Service industry. He was associated with
Credit Market Services Limited (a Financial
Technologies venture), Bahrain Economic
Development Board as Country Manager for
India and Dun & Bradstreet and was part of
the start-up team that orchestrated the India
launch of the company. In his engagement with
the ITC Welcome Group he was responsible
for Market Development and several Product
Programs Offered:
ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations
in Finance, Marketing and Information
ITM - Global Leadership Centre
Established in 2002 ITM-Global Leadership
Centre, is a center of excellence in the
development of specialized programs focused
on emerging market trends. From its inception,
the Centre has collaborated with industry
associations, industry-leading companies and
foreign institutions to ensure that its program
curriculum stays relevant and updated; and to
provide signifcant real-world exposure to its
students. Whether it is the unique European
or Asian Study Tours as part of the PGDM:
International Business programs, or the extended
internships that are a part of the PGDM: Retail
and PGDM: HRM programs- ITM-GLC has proved
itself as the B-school for specialists. Located in
the same campus as the ITM-Business School,
Navi Mumbai, ITM-GLC shares the academic
resources, faculties and infrastructure of the
business school.
Programs Offered:
ITM PGDM iConnect
International Business
(Offered at Navi Mumbai and Chennai campuses)
This program has been offered at the Navi
Mumbai campus since 2002. The Global Study
Term, which is the highlight of the program, has
made the PGDM:IB program a unique and career-
defning experience for hundreds of students.
The program highlight is the 10 week Global
Study Term. The entire cohort of students travels
to Europe to be trained by international faculties
and get directly exposed to the realities of
business in the European Union. The experience
is highlighted by visits to prominent government,
industrial and corporate organizations, talks
by business and policy experts and cultural
immersion activities.
1. iConnect Core will run for 3 months from February
to April 2015, followed by the Global Study Term
2. For 2014-16 batch, by popular demand, both
Chennai and Navi Mumbai IB students will be
going to Europe for the Global Study Term.
Details of the term schedule, and partner
institutions are being worked out and will be
informed in due course.
ITM PGDM iConnect
Retail Management & Marketing
(Offered at Navi Mumbai campus)
The ITM PGDM iConnect Retail Management &
Marketing is a result of the constantly evolving
modern marketing scenario. Keeping the retail
industry in focus, it prepares students to take on
the challenges offered by hyper-paced retail
With a complete student-centric approach and
a curriculum specially crafted to meet the needs
of the booming retail industry in India, the ITM
PGDM iConnect Retail Management & Marketing
program has launched hundreds of Alumni in to
rewarding careers in the Retail Business and
Services Marketing felds.
With the iConnect Core, students of the Retail
program will beneft from an extended industry
immersion in the Retail industry, giving them
intensive exposure to retail operations- more than
any Retail focused program in India.
ITM PGDM iConnect
Human Resource Management
(Offered at Navi Mumbai campus)
The ITM PGDM iConnect Human Resource
Management program has come to fruition
because the HR function has grown to become
key component of organizational strategy. Today,
the industry demands HR professionals who are
capable of seeing the bigger picture and helping
organizations gain a competitive edge with a
global workforce.
In todays changing scenario, the Human Resource
function is responsible for building an intricate
web comprising recruitment, mentoring, training
and employee performance & management. As
businesses constantly evolve, the dynamics of
HR must also keep up. An organizations most
valued assets are the people who work there
and contribute effectively and collectively to the
With the iConnect Core, students of the HRM
program will beneft from in-depth exposure to
the HR function, from strategy to execution and
operations. With a strong foundation in HRM
practice, students of this program are poised to
take up accelerated roles in HRM at Indias top
companies and HR Consulting frms.
Academic Team
ITM-GLCs programs are delivered by a group of
passionate, highly experienced faculties led by
Prof. B.V.R Murthy, Deputy Director. Prof. Murthy
has over 27 years of experience in Industry in
the areas of Production Planning and Control,
Maintenance Management, Production Services
with leading organizations like Larsen and Toubro
Ltd, Mumbai, DRDO (Ministry of Defense). He
holds an M.Tech from IIT Chennai in Mechanical
International Experiences
The trip to Europe was the best experience so far,
may it be in terms of education or culture. When we
landed in Budapest it was the best feeling ever, it
just started and we were thrilled just by the thought
of spending 3 months there. The hostel was in the
prime location of Budapest, staying with 60 friends in
the same hostel was also a very different experience.
We studied in ESSCA . The college was an experience
in itself with amazing infrastructure and a great set
of faculties. We went for various industrial visits
like Audi, ThyssenKrupp, Budapest airport, match
supermarket and many more. In addition we were
given live projects to work on and understand the
European Market.
Language was a barrier which led to communication
gaps but the experience was different and helped us
understand the diffculties that one might face in a
foreign environment and gave us an opportunity to
learn and overcome such diffculties. We tried their
traditional food. Some of us liked it and some did
not. Nevertheless we throughly enjoyed experience
of cultural difference and felt it has its own charm.
The weekends passed exploring Budapest and
many students visited other countries like Austria,
Italy, Germany and many more. Time few and fnally
we were set for Caen, France. In between we had a
stop in Brussels, Belgium. It was a great experience;
we visited the European commission, chocolate
factory, famous Belgium beer brewery and many
other places. The famous Belgium chocolates and
waffes were really tempting and delicious. While
walking down the streets we were amazed to see
people singing Indian songs and asking us about
many famous actors and movies.
It was now time and we were all set for France,
it was a lot of travelling but the excitement
level was really high. The hostel was amazing
and we had single rooms. We started with
our study at LM-Normandie which is a very
structured university & minutely set out plan. This
university had the perfect balance of tours, visits,
studies and fun. Though the place Caen was very
small but the fun was no less. We went to visit
many of the beautiful historical places like St.Mont
Michael, the memorial etc. The factory visits included
a visit to guy degrenne, cheese factory, cider farms
etc. Like Budapest, here also we spent our weekends
exploring adjoining places like Etretat, Switzerland
and various other countries.
One month passed without anyone one of us
realizing this and it was time for us to go. Finally we
landed up at our last destination i.e. Paris, he Heart
of Europe and an exquisitely beautiful city. After a
lot of hard work, studies, assignments and exams
we fnally were free for 3 days to have fun and we
did not waste even one moment of it. We visited
the Eiffel tower, Disney land, beautiful markets and
all other monuments that Paris was famous for. Now
fnally came the time to bid good bye and mixed
feelings landed in each ones heart (one of meeting
the family and 2nd one of leaving the place). This
Europe trip is one of the most crucial parts in each IB
students Life. If given a chance all of us would love to
undergo the same journey.
Global Study Term (PGDM: International Business, Navi Mumbai)
by - Ms Tanika Agrawal, a graduate of the class of 2011-13
Travelling abroad is one of the best experiences
one can ever get. When there is an opportunity
to travel with friends for education for an
extended stay of three months, the feeling is just
overwhelming. The trip to Singapore for three
months is one of the most amazing things and
we had a wonderful time travelling, sharing and
learning. The trip gave us exposure to different
culture, cuisines, education, and different
methods of teaching and life styles.
We, students of PGDM; International Business
at ITM-Business School Chennai, studied Asian
Business and Economics at East Asian School of
Business(EASB). During the three months course,
all classes were held thrice a week. A total of six
subjects were covered over the period with two
subjects a month. At the end of every month,
there will be a presentation relevant to the subject
and this involved extended research and analysis
on the topic followed by written examination for
each subject. The topics covered in all the subjects
were in accordance to the current scenario in the
Asia-Pacifc region and the teachers were industry
experts who shared their life experiences and
Apart from education we were involved in a lot
of activities that involved a lot of traveling and a
great amount of fun. Singapore is a place for visit
and exploring. When a group of friends are ready
to explore the city, the fun and frolic is boundless.
We embarked on a journey through the
country and there were a lot of culture enriched
places which we discovered and this helped in
understanding the Chinese customs. We tried
different cuisines which were a depiction of their
traditional values.
This trip paved way to explore countries around
Singapore and we travelled to Malaysia and
Indonesia. Malaysia, which was once a part of
Singapore, was so very different in many ways
in terms of law and order. Travelling through
Indonesia showed the richness of their culture
and heritage. The country which is still developing
is one of the places to shop since the cost is quite
cheap when compared to Singapore.
Three months few away like the wind and it was
time to come back to the place where we belong.
The experiences, memories and knowledge
which the land of rules and fne gave us for a
lifetime and none of us can erase it from the
eyes of brains. We were able to make friends
with people from different walks of life and
understand their ideology and ethics.
If there is one more chance to go to the place
which helped us all bond, there can be no reason
to say no.
Singapore Study Term (PGDM:IB Chennai)
by - Hamsa Mohan and Sriram Mukund
ITM - Institute of Financial Markets
ITM-Institute of Financial Markets was
established to train the next generation of
Indian and International capital markets
professionals and to provide access to the
latest knowledge and tools used globally.
The Institute offers a range of educational
programs catering to the needs of fresh
students as well as experienced professionals
in the broad feld of fnance, Capital Markets,
Insurance and Risk Management.
ITM-IFM programs are conducted in our
spacious, well-appointed classrooms and
conference suites, fully equipped for modern
pedagogical methods, at the ITM campus
in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, with extensive
utilisation of our modern, Business Simulation
Lab and training facility.
What makes the Financial Markets program
unique is the live Business Simulation Lab that
forms the center-piece of this program. This
Business Simulation Lab gives our students
the ability to hone their trading and analytical
skills in a realistic market environment, using
the very same software and tools that are in
use at modern dealing rooms the world over.
ITM PGDM iConnect Financial
The Financial Markets program was launched
in 2004 to fulfll the demand within the fnancial
Markets for individuals having superior
knowledge of fnancial instruments, their
valuation and trade including Equity and Debt,
Research, Scientifc Asset Allocation Process,
Portfolio Hedging & Foreign Currencies.
The program enables students to develop
a framework for Fundamental & Technical
Analysis to evaluate alternative investment
avenues and maximize returns with minimum
In addition, the program trains students
to clear global certifcation programs the
NCFM capital Market Module, International
Investment Management and Derivative
Module from CISI UK, the FPSB CFP program
and the APRM certifcation from PRMIA.
Under the iConnect Core, Financial Markets
program students will undergo an extended
industry immersion with leading BFSI sector
companies, developing deep insights into
the working of fnancial markets and the
economics behind them.
Academic Team
The ITM-Institute of Financial Markets is
powered by a team of highly experienced
faculty, who bring decades of direct
experience in the fnancial markets into
the classroom. Many of the core faculties
have doctorates in fnance and economics.
The team is led by Dr. Latha Chari.
She is a doctorate in Finance from BITS
Pilani, Post Graduate in commerce and a
FCMA (Fellow member of the Institute for
Cost Accountants of India). She has a total
experience of about 2 decades of which
is equally divided between academic and
Industry experience.
Student Internships
The iConnect core is a totally new approach to student internships. The feedback we
received from CEOs, HR Heads and leading entrepreneurs during Project Rethink was
that a 2 month summer project was far too short to be meaningful. Below are some
select experiences, as told by our students- to give you a favor of just how intensive
and learning-rich the iConnect will be in 2014 - 16
Company : Sahara Group
Project: A Change in Customers perception
towards Sahara City Homes
Shipra Shukla
PGDM 2011-13 (Marketing)
The law of being a successful management professional requires the aspirant to do
the following:
1. Charter unknown territories.
2. Solve last minute disasters
3. Surprise your boss
4. And lastly, of course: keep the customer happy!
I got the opportunity to work with one of Indias most impressive and customer-
friendly Organisation: Sahara. During the internship, I was assigned to work
on the launch of Sahara city homes in the companys advertising and PR
department. I went ahead and interacted with people and dealers associated
with these township projects. The best thing about this internship was I got the
frst hand experience of how things actually work in a corporate. My internship
experience was everything I thought & have indeed learned a great deal, I hope
for a possibility for full time employment at Sahara, but if not, Im grateful for the
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity fulflled and the valuable experience to add to my resume.
Company: State Bank of India(SBI), Sahara India Mass Communication(SIMC)
Project: Conduct a survey on the effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal System
Ms. Amita Trivedi
PGDM 2011-13 (Human Resources)
I had a split internship at two companies. My frst internship of two months with the
oldest bank in India gave me an opportunity to be a part of the working culture of SBI
Learning Centre. Through my work, I got a chance to interact with the employees who
introduced me to the other side of the coin, i.e., nitty-gritties of the banking system.
The perceptions of various cadres added to my knowledge and enabled me to look
at the ins and outs of circumstances before coming to a decision or implementing
it. The next 3 months at a completely new organisation: SIMC helped me to clearly
distinguish between the functioning as well as the work environment of a PSU and a
Private Sector Organisation. The study at SIMC gave me a practical knowledge about
the concepts studied in class. This period of three months was an exposure to the
real corporate environment. Being a fresher it added to my experience. A frst hand
interaction boasted my communication skills, thereby enhancing my confdence.
Company: Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.
Project: Financial Analysis, Projections and Project Viability Test
Subrata Barisal
PGDM 2011-13 (Finance)
OHPCL is a leading public sector enterprise owned by the Government of Odisha.
Every single day of my summer internship was a tutor in itself. Not only was it an
opportunity to learn new things but also to apply the theories already learnt. I was
assigned the task of analyzing the fnancial reports of the company and making
projections for the next 5 years. I also tested the feasibility of one of the projects under
consideration of the organization.Overall, it was an insight, just like a window, to the
corporate world that enthused me even more to be apart of the profession
Company: MediaCom
Project: Dealer Market Analysis (Analyzing media
penetration and touch points for smaller towns)
Nikita Chotalia
PGDM 2011-2013 (Retail Management & Marketing)
MediaCom is one of the worlds leading media agencies. It handles media planning
and buying supported by keen consumer insight, analysis and experience. It is
proud to call some of the worlds most successful brands as clients, including P&G,
Coca-Cola, Volkswagen Group and many more.My experience here had exceeded
my expectations in all terms.The learning curve was steep but not beyond my reach.
The theoretical learnings that I got through subjects like Soft Skills, Organization
Behaviour, Business Ethics, Integrated Marketing Communications and Market
Research are not limited to text books but practiced in every single sense in the
corporate world. The hands on experience and relationships that were gained
during this internship are immeasurable to all others! Last but not the least, I felt
more appreciated and valued that I would have anywhere else.Being absolutely
pleased with my decision to work with MediaCom, it seemed like the best ft for me.
Company: Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, Mumbai
K.Ganapathy Subramaniam
PGDM 2011-13 (Finance)
Being the frst corporate interaction as a budding management
graduate, this internship was a great opportunity to experience the practical
applications of theories which were learned during the frst year. Apart from that,
this internship gave many new learnings including knowing the basic functions
of a retail branch, about the CASA concept, about the break-even concept of
an organization and about the various factors that are involved in deciding the
break-even period. In a nut shell, this two month of internship was knowledge
enriching, fun-flled, exciting and has turned into a foundation for the future
building to be constructed.
Company: Porsche, Hungary
Project: Buying Behavior Of Consumers And Brand
Strategy For The Automobile Sectors In Europe & India
Kshitij Chitranshi
PGDM 2011-2013 (International Business)
Kunal Kishore
PGDM 2011-2013 (International Business)
Summer project in Europe was an exhilarating experience. The entire
trip offered us immense exposure needed for overall development of an
individual. We had an opportunity to interact and study under world-class
professors who not only gave us theoretical knowledge but also provided
hand on experience through various industrial visits in both Hungary
and France. We visited European Council which was one in a lifetime
experience and were given unique insights by their very own members.
All in all it was bundled with lot of knowledge and useful experiences.
Learning from the entire trip has been very valuable and defnitely
benefcial for ones personal growth.
As a student of International Business, the summer school program at
ESSCA, Budapest and EM, Normandie gave an up-close experience of
the European way of life their culture, lifestyles, education and economic
system. Travelling across the continent, you get thinking more of how a
cluster of diverse nations achieved seamless integration across borders
to become the largest economic zone in the world. As part of my
automobile project, we were taken to the plants of Suzuki, Porsche, Audi,
Renault and Knorr Bremse. The visit to Audi, Gyor was truly remarkable
as we witnessed the creation of their TSi, V6 and V10 beasts from scratch.
The courses, lead by world-class faculty, was engaging and gave deep
insights into the economic, social and cultural fabric of Europe.
Company - Bank Of India
Title: Comprehensive Credit assessment
Neelkamal Saxena
PGDM: Financial Markets
My project concerns with the Comprehensive Credit assessment and
Monitoring Policies for SME in which i need to asses the credit worthiness.
I also learn credit appraisal process with various banking policies and
Risk management tools. This all is done after carefully evaluating the
fnancials and securities provided by the borrower. Various fnancial ratios
are calculated for the past and future data provided by the borrower after
checking the veracity of the same and also read various credit risk policies
of the bank. It was an enduring experience in my life of handling practical
cases and worked with live environment.
I am happy to work with a Public Sector Bank of such a great repute and
learn practically about the Credit Appraisal Process.
Company: Dena Bank
Project: Forex Operations and Export Credit
PGDM 2011-13 (Finance)
Summer Internship is the start of a new journey towards the corporate
world. Getting pure fnance profle especially in Foreign Exchange is
a diffcult thing, but I was lucky enough to get a profle of my choice. It
was a great experience handling variety of currencies like USD, GBP,
Japnese Yen, Swiss franc and much more currencies, which I have
only seen only in News. The settlement of various payments along
with the fuctuation of basket of currencies with the home currency
was a unique and amazing experience. However, there was little
negative side, which includes space and few other constraints. But
Im very much satisfed because I got to learn something which has
given a new dimension to my career and also for the huge interest
which I have developed for the area of Foreign Exchange.
Company: Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.
Project: Market research and consumer UNA to design &
develop a BTL campaign.
Soumava Chakraborty
PGDM 2011 -13 (Marketing)
I had a brilliant time during my internship. The frst one month was
based on market research, consumer profling, shop audit and fnally
a BTL promotional campaign. In the second month, I was assigned
to work with a market research frm for a campaign called Consumer
Activation Program. Single handedly, I successfully managed and
monitored the whole program. Got hands on experience of how a
BTLcampaign works and working knowledge of FMCG marketing.
The experience gained during the internship has sharpened my
marketing and negotiation skills and given me a great on feld
Company: Raymonds
Project: Capital Budgeting of Raymonds Franchisees,
Currency & Corporate Planning
Mukul Sethi
PGDM 2011 -13 (Financial Markets)
I was fortunate enough to work in Raymond, which is a prestigious
private company in the feld of retail & textile. During my internship
in treasury department at Raymond, I have performed three
projects wherein I have learned at lot of things and had a wonderful
experience in the feld of fnancial markets. For successful completion
of my projects, college has played a pivotal role where they helped
me in each and every aspect of projects.
The learning environment,
Campus facilities and technology
Over the last two years, we have worked towards
developing a high standard of facilities and technology
to each of our PGDM campuses. Each campus, while
unique to itself- shares the same technology, teaching
and learning resources as the other campuses in the
Learning Resources
Libraries and Reference Sections are fast losing out to
digital archives and collaborative workspaces at ITM.
Each campus boasts of large libraries, with updated
volumes and subscriptions to a large number of
newspapers, magazines and journals.
In addition, students from any ITM campus can access
a wealth of proprietary digital content through our
subscriptions to EBSCO, one of the worlds largest online
knowledge repositories with over 200 journals and
other research databases. Not limited to text databases,
multimedia resources are also available for reference.
Fully equipped Classrooms
Considering the number of hours students spend
in them, we have developed our classrooms to be
comfortable spaces, equipped with the whole range of
electronic teaching aids. Each and every classroom in all
of our campuses provide Audio/ Video equipment, LCD
projectors, internet connectivity, PA systems and more.
Equipped with modern furniture, these comfortable
& spacious classrooms are the core of the learning
experience at ITM.
ITM has always been at the forefront of technology
adoption in the education sector. As early of 2003,
we have offered a student laptop program to our
postgraduate students. Each campus offers high-speed
Wif connectivity with dedicated broadband internet
lines, allowing students to stay connected throughout
their course of study.
ITM is an early adopter of open source software, and
we are proud to be have one of the largest academic
deployments of Linux and Unix in the country. Students,
faculty and staff run Linux and use robust open source
software to accomplish their tasks, with greatly reduced
down-time from system instabilities, virus and malware.
Computer Labs
Each ITM campus also has large computer labs, used
for conducting IT courses, workshops, assessment tests
and to provide access to ITMs course repositories, case
archives and other intranet-bound content from the ITM
Email and Messaging
With a high-availability hosted email server and Google
Apps for Education subscription, email and messaging
is effortless, especially as most professors accept online
submission of class assignments. Every
student of ITM, past and present is allotted a life-time
email account at itm.edu.
Hostel Facilities & Dining
Hostels facilities are optionally available at select
ITM campuses, either operated by us or through a
collaboration with reputed private hostel operators. The
one exception to this is ITM-Business School Warangal,
where hostel accommodation is compulsory due to
the relative lack of accommodation facilities near the
campus. Shuttle Bus services are provided between
the hostels, nearby stations and the campus, wherever
applicable. Bus services are also available on weekends,
to enable students to travel to they city centre for
recreation and shopping. Each campus offers cafeteria
facilities, coffee & tea services and even stationery and
convenience stores for the comfort and well being of
Medical and Wellness Facilities
ITM takes health, safety and wellness of its students
very seriously and works with the student body and the
local community to improve the lives and lifestyles of its
students. Our campuses have dedicated clinical
facilities and primary care hospital tie-ups for students,
complete with qualifed doctors, nurses and non-
emergency medical equipment. Incoming students are
advised on health and safety concerns. In addition, the
Institute provides health insurance to all students, which
helps to cover the expenses of any hospital visits and
medication. The Institute also inculcates wellness habits
in the student body through
yoga, meditation and spiritual development. Mentors
and counselors are assigned to students to advise and
guide them through their development as business
Recreation and Sports
Most of our campuses provide student recreation
opportunities both on-campus and off-campus.
On-campus facilities include a theatre/seminar spaces,
where seminars and cultural events are performed;
spaces for guest lectures, workshops, exhibitions,
competitions and cultural evenings take place.
Organized sports routinely take place on campus, with
in-house and inter-collegiate competitions dotting the
academic calendar. Several Student Clubs operate out
of the campus enlivening the campus with business
themed events, festivities, cultural and traditional
celebrations & more.
I am highly satisfed and happy with
my choice of studying at ITM-Navi
Mumbai. The excellent experiences
Ive had over the last 15 months,
starting from the level of quality
education provided and the assistance
from the faculty, will defnitely help
me in future endeavours.
I have been able to recognise my
potential by taking part in educational
as well as cultural activities.
Vivek Gupta
PGDM 2012 - 14
Student Testimonials
College is the best time of your life... I
came to ITM for my masters and until my
PhD, ITM would continue to remain my
I learnt that education is not preparation
for life but it is life itself and we are
living this life in a small world called
ITM. Teachers here are just like your
friends...they are the best helping hand.
So spend your best times gracefully and
please dont worry about placements,
placements are like marriages, they are
made in heaven and there is a match for
every individual!
Anirudh Pundir
PGDM 2012 - 14
Career Management Services
Top 5 Recruiters
ITM-Group of Institutions truly believes that a diverse
participants profle ensured by our admission process
provides a wealthy talent-pool for companies to recruit
from. The number of PPOs (Pre Placement Offers) and
quality of various projects that our students take up
with industry is a benchmark for others to follow. ITM
strongly believes in inclusive economic growth
of the country and the driver of that growth is
entrepreneurship, hence we have established
incubators for start-ups at Campus level and provide
them all support required to make their dream come
true. Final Placement is the one event that every PGDM
student looks forward to. With hundreds of Indias best
companies coming on campus with a variety of job
profles, the placement process at ITM gives students
a world of opportunities to make their career in the
widest range of industries.
At ITM, Career Services is integrated into
overall PGDM program, exposing you to
workshops, which focus on topics such as:
Self Assessment
Career Profling
CV and the writing of a cover letter
Career Strategies
Competency based mock interviews,
aptitude test training and GD practice
Time Management
Personalized Coaching
The ITM Career Services team, the alumni and
the faculty are a networking resource to assist
you in gathering the necessary information to
develop your career focus.
ITM-Business School
Navi Mumbai
Citi Bank Dubai
Century Finanical Brokers
EROS Group Dubai
Acheivers Zone
Power Weave
ITM-Business School Bengaluru
Northern Trust
Jaro Education
Citi Bank
XL dynamics
ITM-Business School Chennai
ING Vysya Bank
BNP Paribas
Federal Bank
ITM-Business School
JP Morgan
InSync Analytics
XL Dynamics
Coffee Day Beverages
ITM-Busines School
South Indian Bank
ICICI Securities Limited
Transport Corporation of India Limited
UCO Bank
ITM-Global Leadership Centre
South Indian Bank
Federal Bank
Aura Integrated Solutions
Aditya Birla Insurance
ICICI Securities
ITM - Institute of Financial Markets
Navi Mumbai
Transparent Value
City Union Bank
Adver.sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul.ng
Shipping & Logis.cs
Adver&sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul&ng
Shipping & Logis&cs
Adver&sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul&ng
Shipping & Logis&cs
Financial Services
Financial Research
Public Rela;ons
Banking and Insurance
Social Media
Non Banking Financial Services
Adver&sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul&ng
Broking Firms
Financial Services
Banking Sector
Financial Services
Tele Communica3on
Travel & Tourism
Real Estate
Highest Annual CTC (in Lacs)
Annual CTC
(in lacs)
ITM - Business School
Bengaluru 6 3.25
Chennai 7.5 4.45
Navi Mumbai 7.25 (Domestic) / 18 (International) 4.8
Mumbai 5.5 3.5
ITM - Global Leadership Centre
IB Chennai 7.5 4.16
IB - NM 18 (International) 4.58
RMM 18 (International) 4.18
HRM 7 4.18
ITM - Institute of Financial Markets FM 9 4
Banking Sector
Financial Services
Tele Communica3on
Travel & Tourism
Real Estate
Adver.sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul.ng
Shipping & Logis.cs
Financial Services
Financial Research
Public Rela;ons
Banking and Insurance
Social Media
Non Banking Financial Services
Adver&sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul&ng
Shipping & Logis&cs
Adver&sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul&ng
Adver&sing & Media
Engineering & Manufacturing
Pharma & FMCG
Real Estate
Research & Consul&ng
Shipping & Logis&cs
Broking Firms
Financial Services
Eligibility & Application
Minimum eligibility for application to the ITM-PGDM
programs is a Bachelors Degree from any AIU recognized
University with minimum 50% marks aggregate. Final
year students may also apply. In addition, candidates must
have appeared for one of the following MBA Entrance
tests where applicable, and as per AICTE guidelines.
How to Apply
You must send your completed application to:
PGDM Admissions Offce
Institute for Technology and Management,
1001, Platinum Techno Park, Plot No. 17-18, Sector 30 A,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703
Tel.: +91-22-6129 4000 / 4074 / 4078
For assistance contact us:
Toll Free: 1800 209 9727
Email: pgdm.admissions@itm.edu
Application Instructions:
Please read the Application Instructions sheet
of the ITM - PGDM Application Kit for detailed
You must maintain a valid email account
& phone number throughout the selection
process, so that we may contact you.
Please do not submit any originals
or photocopies of documents/
marksheets along with the application
form. You will be required to submit
attested photocopies of required marksheets &
certifcates during the GDPI process. See the
Selection Process section below.
The entire application form must be flled in.
Incomplete forms shall be rejected. Overwriting,
striking off or erasing anywhere on the form may
lead to rejection, so please be careful. Any wrong
or misleading information in the application
form will disqualify your application and if already
admitted, will lead to the cancellation of your
While flling out the Academic Records
section, the basis of computing percentage
marks obtained by you would be based on
the practice followed by the board/institution
for where the you have graduated.
If your marks are calculatedin Grade Point
Averages (GPA), they need to be converted into
percentage score as per the conversion scheme
of your institution.If your institution does not have
conversion scheme for GPA, you can calculate it
by dividing obtained cumulative GPA (CGPA) by
the maximum possible GPA and multiplying by
100. eg: 3.5 (CGPA) / 4.0 (Max GPA) x 100 = 87.5%
IMPORTANT: You must keep a photocopy of the
flled application form for future reference.
Once the application form is accepted by ITM,
an Application ID will be communicated to you,
which must be quoted in all future
An Application processing fee of Rs. 1000/- is to
be submitted along with flled application form
by Cheque/Demand Draft/Pay order in favor of
Institute for Technology and Management,
payable at Mumbai. The Processing fee is non-
Please send a soft copy or scan of your passport
photograph by email to photos@itm.edu. The fle
name should be your form serial number followed by
your frst & last name. (eg. 1234_amit_shah.jpg)
The form serial number, applicant name, mobile
number and email id should be mentioned on the
reverse side of the Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay
order. Please do not staple the Cheque / Demand
Draft / Pay order.
Selection Process:
Shortlisting for GD/PI and fnal selection for admission to
the above programs is based on your overall academic
performance & followed by scheduled Group Discussion
& Personal Interview. Short-listed
candidates will be called to attend the GD/PI Process
selection rounds, Call-letter for the Selection Process
is send through courier/post and e-mail. The selection
criteria for fnal admission is based on multiple factors:
Past academic performance
Entrance test scores
GDPI performance
Work experience (if any) after completion of your
Extra curricular activities, other interests and
A combination of all the above factors are used to
determine the eligibility of candidates to be
called for GD/PI and offered fnal admission. A high
Entrance Test score above does not guarantee a call
for selection process or Admission Offer.
You must bring the following documents to the GD/PI
venue to participate in the selection process:
1. Application Form: Photocopy of your flled
application form.
2. Entrance Test Scores: Original score sheets (with
an attested photocopy) of all management entrance
exams given and where the scores have been sent
to you. If scores are published on the web, an
attested printout of the web page showing your
result shall be permitted. If you have not yet received
your Test Score Card, please provide a photocopy
of your Test Admit Card.
3. Mark sheets and Certifcates: Originals and attested
photocopies of all mark sheets and certifcates
including Std X, XII, & all years / terms of graduate
4. If you have work experience, relevant Photocopies
of Experience Letter / Pay Slips / Offer Letter.
5. Important: ITM shall not retain any original
documents or marksheets. We will only verify the
originals against the photocopies and return the
originals to you.
6. A Demand Draft for Rs. 25000/- in favor of Institute
for Technology and Management, payable at
7. On successful completion of your GD/PI, you may
be offered admission to one or more programs,
based on your overall performance in the Selection
Process. Should you choose to accept the offer of
admission, you must submit the above-mentioned
demand draft of Rs. 25,000/- which represents
Part-I of the Program Fees. You will then be given
a confrmed Offer of Admission, as well as a receipt
towards the initial fee payment. At this point,
you are required to submit attested photocopies
of all the above documents.
7. Should you choose not to accept the offer of
admission, you are under no obligation
to make any payment. Please note that after such a
time, the offer of admission may be revoked.
8. Three colour passport size photographs.
9. Proof of Identity in the form of Voter ID,
PAN Card, Driving License, AADHAR card
or passport.
Important Note: Please write your Form Serial Number,
Application ID, Full Name and email address on the back
of all photocopies.
General Instructions
Please quote your name, date of birth
and form serial number in all your
communications with us.
We welcome the applicants and parents
to visit any of our campuses to experience
our programs, infrastructure & people.
Any dispute arising from matters given
in this document are subject to Mumbai
jurisdiction and no other court shall have
jurisdiction in this matter.
Please keep a photocopy of the
completed application form and an
additional copy of the frst four pages
of your flled application form, which is
required at the time of Interview.
ITM awards a limited number of scholarships to
candidates who have demonstrated academic, social,
cultural/arts or personal achievements, and whose
personal or family fnances are inadequate to support
the costs of the PGDM program. The scholarship awards
are in the form of full or part waiver of Academic Fees
and other costs at the sole discretion of the Scholarship
If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please contact the
Admission Counselors at
1800 209 9727 or
email (pgdm.admissions@itm.edu)
to receive the scholarship application form by email.
* ITM uses the CAT and other scores for short-listing
candidates for our selection process. Neither IIMs nor
other Test Administrators or regulatory bodies have any
direct role in the selection of applicants.. ITM follows
the guidelines of AICTE and other applicable regulatory
bodies in its selection process.
Prestigious Alumni
With a dedicated placement cell, business links, live projects, internships and fnal
placements, the ITM-Group of Institutions has been a leader in establishing winning careers
for many students.
The Alumni students are placed in leading industries, and some of them possess top
management positions in reputed frms. Some of the major recruiters are 99acares.com,
JP Morgan chase and co., Idea cellular ltd. etc. The pre-placement training program
emphasizes personality grooming and overall personality development, and the program
syllabus revolves around business communication, organisational behaviour, and business
etiquette and lifestyle management.
Messages from our Alumni...
ITM-Warangal could be termed as Gurukul as
the word Gurukul is not only meant for a place
where hefty curriculum are designed and taught,
but also a place which nourishes the thoughts of
its people. In ITM-Warangal I have learnt so many
things which I am leveraging today and those are
really helping me to grow not only personally but
professionally as well. It has never guided us to
become successful; we were always directed to
achieve excellence in whatever we do, as success
always follows excellence. We always learnt that it
does not matter to be the best, but what matters
is that we should give our best.
Amit Kumar Varandani
Business Analyst, HCL Technologies Limited,
Sydney, Australia
Batch: 2006-08
The time spent at ITM has fostered in me an
intense spirit of competition as well as the
ability to meet all challenges upfront. It has
ingrained in me a mindset of positivity and
self-drive, which have steadfastly propelled
me towards continual success.
Shajai Jacob
Senior Vice President & Deputy Chief
Marketing Offcer at YES BANK
Batch: 1999-01
ITM Bangalore has been an experience of a
lifetime. Had one of the best relations with
the seniors and the faculty. We successfully
conducted QUIVER Corporate Quiz in
Bangalore with none other than Quiz Master
Dereck Obrien hosting the show. The long
hours on and off classrooms, projects, events
and the simplistic approach made ITM
Bangalore one of the best places for preparing
us for the corporate world. ITM Bangalore
was the workshop where education was
well blended with real life experiences that
prepared us to brace up the challenges ahead.
Pranjit Konch
Associate Director Marketing with Biocon
Limited, Bangalore
Batch: 1998-2000
For any management student Learning Outside
the Classroom is much more important than
learning inside the classroom. In this regard
ITM-Business School Chennai was one of the best. The
staff of ITM (Director and his team) made sure we met and
interacted with maximum number of corporate frms in
the two years that we spent there. The student-organised
management meet, MANAQUEST 2000 that we organised
in my batch, was a totally unforgettable experience! As an
entrepreneur today, when I look back, I realise what a great
value addition these exposures and interactions have given
me. At the same time, having fun was very much a part of
our lives. I will always cherish those two years I spent in ITM,
and want to wish ITM and its team all the very best in the
days to come.
Natchi Muthu Lazarus
CEO, Open Minds consulting
Batch: 1999-01
ITM was not only an education institute for me but it
presented me with kaleidoscope of experiences which
made me a professional even before I stepped out into
the corporate world. Two years of studying and living in
ITM was the most cherished time of my life. The Learnings,
the surviving, the small but profound insights given by our
visiting faculties, the fun, the GPAs massacre and the late
nights presentation preparations, the ups and the downs ,
every moment spent with ITM is still nurtured by everyone
of us , because you change the moment you become an
ITM ite, it helps you to fnd the best of you.
Ritika Patel
AM HR (Employer Branding & Internal Communication)
Mahindra 2 Wheelers Ltd.
Batch: 2007- 09
ITM is a Knowledge-Laboratory in itself; where Masterpieces of Management
are created, through rigorous transformational experiments. The buzzing
Campus is like an Incubator, that provides a conducive environment for
individual growth & holistic development. Its USP lies in the unconventional
ways of imparting education, coeval teaching style & methodology, usage of
neoteric pedagogical tools and contemporary syllabus; which stretch beyond
the four walls of a training room. ITM strongly advocates the idea of providing
practical exposure beyond curriculum, in order to yield industry-ready
professionals for the job-market.

Equipped with ultra-modern & high-tech infrastructure and facilities; ITM
Campus is a Hot-Spot - A Hub where a host of activities & events take place,
thereby creating an interface for networking & learning, through interaction
and exchange of ideas & information. ITM Culture favors inculcation of humility,
groundedness & right attitude. My Experience at ITM has been indeed an
Enriching one; Ive walked out as a different person, much better & improved!
Navin Pamnani
KFCH Restaurants (India) Pvt. Ltd. [Franchisee for KFC in India, A Member
Company of KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad]
Batch: 2010-12
One of my most memorable days! I am thankful to
ITM for what I am today. A blend of fun, academics,
friendship and sharing. The visiting faculties at ITM
Kharghar were one of the best things to look forward
to, as they added value to specifc courses. The support
which we got from our management with regards to
fnal placements was great. Thanks to Prof.R.S.S.Mani
for the same.
Sanyukta Dutta
Manager HR - East with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India
Pvt. Ltd.
Batch: 1999-01
Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert
Einstein. ITM gives a right kind of platform to portrait all the
traits that you posses and also helps you to develop new
competencies which are the right ft for the industry. Apart
from that, many industry leaders come to address the students
that acts as an add on to the overall holistic environment
created by the Institute. My experience with ITM was beautiful
got to learn so many things, apart from studies. This place has
given me a bunch of friends and the staff in the institute is very
helpful and cooperative. Last but not the Least.ITM Rocks!!!
Shiree Jain
Associate Consultant and Research Analyst Capgemini India
Private Limited.
Batch: 2008-10
I am thankful to ITM-Business School
for what I am today. I carry the culture
and goodness that my institute and
professors passed on to me and will
cherish it for the days to come.
Senior Equity Research Analyst at
Irevna, a division of CRISIL Ltd.
Batch: 2003-05
I owe a lot to ITM for the excellent grooming
I received which stood me in great stead in
corporate life. This I feel is the uniqueness of ITM-
Rahul Bahri
Assistant Vice President-Products, Canara HSBC
Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance
Bath: 2002-2004
Name Year Company Designation
Rahul Bahri 2002-04
Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of
Commerce Life Insurance Company
Assistant Vice President
Abhineet Kesarwani 2005-07 OnMobile Global Limited Regional Manager (North India)
Sanchita Pal 2002-04 Agilent Technologies Functional Lead, LSCA Contracts Specialist
Narayan V Swami 2001-03 3M India Ltd Senior Analyst
Vasant Kamat 2000-02 Accenture Manager
Name Year Company Designation
Kumar Vishwanathan 2000-02 Corporate Shared Services General Manager - HR
Kaushik Saha 2007-09 Indian Overseas Bank Marketing Manager (regional offce)
Ramakrishnan KV 2006-08 Thinksoft Global Services Business Analyst
Aneesh Suresh 2007-09 Micro Technologies India Ltd Manager Corporate Strategies
Nitish Rajan Srivastava 1998-2000 Weidmller Electronics India Pvt Ltd Country Head - Sales & Distribution
Name Year Company Designation
Bharat Parekh 1991-93 DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd. Managing Director, Equity Research
Naresh Sharma 1991-93 Reliance Lifestyle Business Head- Books & Music
Rajaram Natarajan 1994-96 Hinduja Global Solutions Vice President Operations
Aakarsh Bharadwaj 2010-12 Idea Cellular Ltd., Mumbai Territory Sales Manager
Saurabh Srivastava 2008-10 TV Today Network Ltd (Aaj Tak) Senior Executive
Rahul Prasad 2003-05 Volkswagen Group Sales India Senior Manager HR
Name Year Company Designation
Shweta Singh 2008-10 ARYA Systems, Hyderabad Asst Manager- Human Resources,
Pallavi Razdan 2009-11 Hindustan Pencils Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai Product Executive
Smita 2009-11 Capgemini India Ltd. Hyderabad Research Analyst
David George 2006-08 Deloitte Consulting India Private Ltd. Consultant - US Tax
Ankur Nagar 2006-08 TNS India Private Limited Project Director
Social Consciousness Initiatives
The study and practice of business is incomplete without
understanding and experiencing the effect of business practices
on our human society and our planet. Corporate Social
Responsibility is becoming a core value at most organizations
today, and most companies in the Fortune 500 are following the
tenets of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet & Proft.
ITM has always fostered a culture of giving and sharing-
evidenced by the many long-term CSR initiatives that we have
undertaken in the past decade. Our objective is to inculcate
the values and practices of CSR into every student who passes
through our doors.
The NGO project, which has been a mainstay of the ITM PGDM
program for many years, has also been redesigned in keeping
with the objectives of the iConnect initiative.
Instead of taking up a project for a few weeks to obtain a
certifcate at the end, ITM PGDM iConnect students will involve
themselves with intensive, concurrent NGO projects. In this
manner, they will be sensitized towards the need of CSR, and
be able to experience and participate in the socially conscious
business practices of NGOs, charities and foundations that are
dedicated to the upliftment of people and the planet.
In fact, many NGOs have had their briefng sessions with the
students where expectations are clearly laid out, and names like
Kotak Education Foundation, Akanksha Foundation, Dharam
Bharti Mission and Sujaya Foundation have already confrmed
their participation in the program along with many others.
The NGO project has been designed to be concurrent, allowing
students to spend a part of their program schedule at the NGO
project site, and actively participate in the operations of these
organizations. Like every part of the iConnect redesign, the
concurrent NGO Project is a full-credit course and performance
in the project will affect the students overall grade.
Admissions Open for PGDM Programs (2014-2016)
Apply Now!
Admissions Offce:
Platinum Techno Park, 1001, 10th Floor, Plot No. 17-18, Sector 30A, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400 703
l Toll Free: 1800-209-9727 l pgdm.admissions@itm.edu l www.itm.edu
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