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April 23, 2014
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SUBJECT: Bolted Carbody
PURPOSE: Crack Inspection to Avoid Damages
APPLICATION: PC3000/6; PC4000/6; PC5500/6; PC8000/6
Before carrying out any repairs, read all the safety instructions
in the Operation and Maintenance Manual of your shovel, and
those contained in Parts & Service News AH10509, (Release of
New General Safety Precautions).
The local safety rules must also be observed.
Excavator frames are of torsion-resisting design for a long service life.
Because of high dynamic stresses during operation, defects in material may occur.
That is why visual inspections have to be carried out at regular intervals, at least every half
year or every 3000 working hours.
When performed in time, these cracks can be mended and serious consequential damages
can be avoided.
1. Visual inspection of marked areas
2. Crack Inspection
3. Measures to be carried out when cracks are found
4. Drawing with the most stressed areas marked
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For crack inspections, proceed as follows:
1. Visual inspection of marked areas
- Clean testing area to be grease-free.
- Carry out visual inspection for cracks very carefully.
2. Crack Inspection
In order to exactly determine cracks and their course, the test set,
Part No. 966 225, is available.
All testing means mentioned herein are contained in the above-mentioned test set.
Crack detection testing kit PN 966 225
No. PN Description
1 966 229 Permanent magnet
2 092 846 40 Magnetic powder
3 092 847 40 Cleaner, spray can, 500 ml
4 092 845 40 Contrasting agent
5 232 723 40 Universal box
- Remove paint in the area to be inspected, clean grease-free by means of cleaner.
- Spray on white contrast color so that surface is covered well, permit to dry.
- Apply permanent magnet in such a way that the presumed crack is between the
poles, check crosswise.
- Spray on magnetic-particle powder between the poles.
- Magnetize for at least 15 seconds, expect effect.
- Cracks become clearly visible as black lines.

The inspection along the crack should be repeated several

times, in order to avoid errors.
- Mark the cracks (trace).
Cracks in paint may indicate cracks in steel structure!
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3. Measures to be carried out when cracks are found
(Refer also to the PSN AH08507a Repair welding procedure)
- If small cracks are detected, they can be removed by grinding to a depth of 2 mm.

Grind only as long as cracks do not go straight through.

Avoid notches from grinding.
- In case of deeper cracks, inform your local Komatsu Distributor and Komatsu
Field Service Manager for your region, in order to coordinate the further
procedure for welding repairs.
Info to your Komatsu Field Service Manager to include as much as possible:
- Illustration of corresponding attachment part showing course of crack
- Photos
- Copies of spare-parts catalogue sheets, with course of crack sketched in.
The more information about location and size of the crack, the better we can
detect the cause and the more efficiently the welding repair can be carried out
later on.
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4. Drawing with the most stressed areas marked
We recommend carrying out the described crack inspection at these areas at regular
intervals, at least every half year or every 3000 working hours.