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Foundations of Service Science


1. Subject: Foundations of Service Science
2. Master program: Advanced software services (SSA)
3. Professor: Monica Dragoicea
4. Student name: Srdan Alexandru-Cezar
E-mail: sardanalex@gmail.com
5. Project title: Business Review A service for online community
driven customer feedback
6. Working perspective
Businesses make more money if their customers are happier. How can one
organization know what your customers like or dislike about your products? How can
organizations find what features are required from clients?
Customer feedback can provide extremely valuable insight for a business and their
products. In order to efficiently direct the feedback from customers to companies, a new
service can be created. The service provider constructs an open system in which service
consumers (the companies and the product customers alike) can interact, share feedback
and engage one another.
This service is targeted towards the Business sector, enabling corporate customers to
improve their products in a smart way.

Foundations of Service Science


7. Concept description
Business Review is a novel service that connects customers with companies in an
online community. Customers can review the product or services they use, and they can
provide feedback to the company that provides the products and services they are using
through targeted product reviews.
This way, a one-to-one connection is forged between the company and the customer that
provides valuable insight for the company, providing them with the capability to run
analytics tools and make more informed business decisions based on the collected data.
Businesses can also invite their customers to join a discussion, and customers who post a
review can often get a direct reply. Also, by engaging with customers, the company might
limit the fallout from a bad review and set things straight with the unsatisfied customer.
Customers can also interact with one another and share opinions or experiences related to
a specific product or service, can upvote or downvote companies, products or services,
engage in surveys and direct discussions with businesses.
The service offerings of these systems are:
The connected community used for company user interaction
Data analysis and statistics tools for companies
Communications platform
The service will be available online, accessible from any communications device with an
internet connection. To facilitate the delivery of the system, cloud computing resources are
used to provide the underlying infrastructure for the online community. These resources
are physical, and are leased from an external cloud provider.
Also the service provider owns internal resources in the form of development hardware
and physical workspace for its employees. The workspace is shared by the companys
Also the scale of the computing infrastructure dictates part of the financial costs related to
operating the service. Other costs are reserved for: development and marketing.


The service evolves by growing the active user base. This way the quality and also
quantity of the data improves. The companies that use the service can help to sustain this
growth by encouraging their customers to provide feedback.
The growth and evolution of the service can be constrained by the number of end users. If
the engagement of the end users is low, the system will fail to deliver efficiency.
The service has a big potential to grow and reach a big number of users. This can be
achieved through marketing and advertisement. Also companies that use the service can
encourage their customers to use the service also to engage with them easier. This is in
the interest of both the service consumers and service provider and therefore value is co-
created in this way.
Some business providers might opt to offer similar features directly to their customers.
This can create competition for the proposed service. But the service proposed in this
document creates a lot more value, is easier to deploy and access, and is more cost
effective. This said, there is a low chance that customers will opt for another model.
Being a platform that encourages free speech, the service does not have many legal
constraints. The service provider is also allowed to monetize the data it collects but must
not do it in a way that can affect competition of the subscribed businesses.
No physical goods are produced by this service; the service provider offers data and tools
acquired from end users to the subscribed businesses. Also the service provider will
provide research support for the businesses.
The system interacts on a B2B and B2C level. Also the service provider works in
partnership with the corporate customers in order to co-create value.
The metric for judging value created by the system is the customer satisfaction index of
the users that use the products offered by the corporate customers. If the corporate
customers can increase the satisfaction of their own customers than the service was
effective. The frame of reference is the previous statistics of the corporate customers.

8. Point of view on the need of the Business review service
There is a continued need for the optimization of business client communication
optimization. The market offers great opportunity for service providers to offer integrated,
easy to use, knowledge intensive services to corporate customers and help them optimize

Foundations of Service Science


their customer support process and also help them discover new opportunities to improve
their products.
The idea for this service appears as a natural response for the businesses that want to
create products that are tailored more towards what the client wants. More and more
companies are adopting this strategy of involving their customers in order to create better
and more likable products, and also establish a stronger connection with their customers.
This idea offers the answer to all of these problems by facilitating the communication
between companies and customers with the promise that using this service, the
companies can create better products, increase customer satisfaction and increase sales
and grow profit.
Because companies are so interested in what their customers think and because
customers always want a product that tailors greatly to their needs, this service idea is
highly monetizable.
Concepts Business review
Resources Physical: staff, office space, desks, computers
Conceptual: web communication platform, digital data, analysis and
statistics tools, computing platform
Access rights Owned: furniture, equipment
Leased: cloud space, computing platform
Shared access: discussion boards
Privileged access: statistics and analytics data
Entities Producer: private users
Provider: company providing service (Business Review Inc), staff of
the company providing the service
Clients: companies, corporate users
Object: product reviews, customer inquiries, customer suggestions,
analytics and statistical data


Stakeholders Customers: commercial companies and businesses, corporate users
Provider: company providing service (Business Review Inc), staff of
the company providing the service
Competitor: companies that develop own customer review system
Interactions Value cocreation interactions: custom analytics and statistics tools,
structured digital data.
Governance interactions: contracts with companies using the data
analysis products and communication system, contracts with
cloud/computing infrastructure provider
Networks External: partner companies, computing infrastructure providers
Internal: engineering and marketing teams
Outcomes Value realized: increased customer satisfaction for partner/customer
businesses, new product design and placement for partner companies
Information sources: clients of the partner/customer businesses,
market surveys, online surveys, statistics and analytics of data

Figure 1. Characterization of the Business review service system

9. A comparison between existing services and Business review
Until now some companies implemented their own system for communicating with
customers and gathering customer satisfaction data and reviews.
These systems are not as transparent or complete as Business review
An advantage of this approach though is that the business operating this service is
the direct beneficiary and has no restrictions on how to manage the data
They cannot complain if the service they provide doesnt work efficiently. They have
to revise internal processes and do audits themselves
Also they usually doesnt ask for feedback regarding this service

Foundations of Service Science


Usually they use some IT components to deliver this kind of service (embedding
customer feedback forms in the website for example) and they also rely on other
companies to provide them with survey data that they can analyse.
In contrast Business review works can provide a better and more efficient service, using
IT tools to gather and provide data analysis. Corporate clients can ask the service provider
to customize the offering to better suit their needs and can offer feedback to the service
10. Description of the Business review service proposal
The Business review service relies on a high performance high availability computing
infrastructure that is leased from a cloud computing provider. On top of this architecture,
the software engineering team constructs the platform and the tools that enable the
service and provide value to the customers. A large part of the operation costs go in
running the architecture and R&D for the software that makes the service possible. This
solution gives the best financial flexibility as the service provider pays only per usage fees
of the infrastructure. This way the costs scale with the number of users making the service
very cost effective.
The stakeholders are:
Customers: Commercial companies, businesses or corporate users that sign a
contract with Business review Inc.
Provider: Business review Inc. provides its customers with product and company
reviews that it collects from users and also provides statistics and analytics tools
and reports that its customers can use to make sense of the data.
A typical use case for this service involves a company that sings a service contract with
Business review Inc. The service provider presents to the company data that was gathered
about the companys products prior to signing the contract. Also the services provider uses
the online platform to further engage people to write reviews about the customer company
and its products. The service provider presents all this data to the customer company. Also
reports and data analysis are generated and presented to the customer.


The following diagram describes the business process:

11. Final conclusions
The service idea described in this document is viable and can be easily
implemented with the help of IT systems (actually it relies on IT systems to deliver core
functionality). It can be implemented because it is cost effective, highly available and
Factors that influence the adoption of this service are social, and rely on the
willingness of people to contribute to the reviews database. Also it relies on the company
staff to find a way to engage people to contribute. There are no legal or competition
restrictions related to this service.