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Curriculum Vitae

Paul, media,

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Candidate Details
Name: Paul Stephensen
Street Address: 22 Solar Street
Suburb/City: Coorparoo Brisbane
Country: Australia
Phone: +610409339738
Date of Birth: 02-11-1964

• Masters of Creative Industries (Communication and Design)(KI43) QUT, 2005

• Certificate 4 in Information Technology (CNO304), South Brisbane Institute of TAFE, 2003

• Graduate Certificate in Digital Media (KC35) QUT, 2002

• Diploma of Information Technology (CNO305), South Brisbane Institute of TAFE, 1998.

• Certificate in Training and Development (Level 1), Yerronga Institute Of T.A.F.E, 1996.

Current Employment
Employer: MelbourneIT/Webcentral
End Date: October 2008
Role: E-business support consultant.
• Monitor incoming telephone calls to the various direct and wholesale support queues.
• Answer incoming calls, verify the identity of callers
• Escalate calls from customers to the other points of escalation as required.
• Log jobs for other level customers to the online job system.
• Encourage customers to log jobs using the Mission Control interface for future support.
• Resolve and complete jobs which can be completed quickly, including the following:
• Password control Resending welcome letters via e-mail or fax to original contact only
• Control panel Testing accessibility to a customer’s control panel
• FrontPage access Test logon/logoff capability only to a customer’s site
• E-mail Assist customers in setting-up MS Internet Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora Mail
clients only. Test functionality of mailboxes. Provide quick logon/logoff walkthroughs of the Web-
Mail interface.
• Exchange connectivity Point SMTP customers to the “Server Guide” pages in Mission Control for
instructions. Troubleshoot customers Exchange connection problems.
• FTP access Assist customers in setting-up WS-FTP, CuteFTP and Fetch (Mac) only. Test FTP
logon/logoff capability only to a customer’s site (customer to provide logon details if possible).
• DNS troubleshooting Verify DNS records using the available DNS links on the WebCentral Admin
• Refer calls relating to complaint situation to the Technical Support Supervisors for direction.
• Perform other duties as directed by the Technical Support Supervisors.
• Key performance indicators include
• 100 email and phone contacts per day
• Average talk time of 4:40 per call
• Call availability 80 percent or higher

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Employment History
Employer: Queensland University of Technology
End Date: Dec 2007
Start Date: Nov 2007
Role: Research Assistant

• Assessed the ongoing information management and systems development needs, issues and
capabilities for the research network (

• Implemented practical solutions for the provision of an open source network of electronic
portfolios for the research network.

• Installed and configured an installation of WordPress-Mu. WordPress-Mu is a weblog tool that hosts
up-to 32000 weblogs. The client now has his own online social network to facilitate research and
promote publications.
• Created and managed the associated database. Uploaded files and artefacts.
• Provided documentation and one on training with the client and
• Provided support using email and telephone.
Reason for leaving
Short term contract that was completed to the employers’ satisfaction.

Employer Name: Queensland University of Technology

End Date: November 2007.
Start Date: Nov 2005
Roles: Project Coordinator, Business Analysts, Web Developer, Research Assistant.

• Development of project proposals, Development of funding approvals and grants.
• Development of user requirements and the provision of advice on information systems capabilities.

• Development of project management procedures for the implementation of the Digital Multimedia
Assessment Portfolio research network.

• Assessed the ongoing information management and systems development needs, issues and
capabilities for the DMAP ePortfolio research network.

• Designed and implemented an open source network of electronic portfolios for the Digital
Multimedia Assessment Portfolio research network.

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• The Digital Multimedia Assessment Portfolio research network can host 32000 ePortfolios and
integrate Web 2.0 streaming multimedia. This multimedia can then be commented on by a
postgraduate student’s supervisors and key stake holders.


• Created a new conceptual framework that allows for the design of an implementation strategy for
the selection of open source contentment management systems.

• Created a reinterpretation of the DMAP conceptual framework for the critical analysis of electronic
portfolios in a creative arts environment.

• Installed, configured and designed a network that supports 320000 blogs.

• The design and implementation of 5 case studies and carried out focus and one-on-one interviews

• Proved that it is technically possible to incorporated streaming video, music and photos from Web
2.0 websites such as,, and using open source
software in a University environment.

Reason for leaving

I have taken a leave of absence due to financial constraints and family responsibilities.

Queensland University of Technology

Start Date: Jul 2007
End Date: Aug 2007
Position/Title: Research Assistant
• Preparation of a policy brief on the impact of Social Networking Tools and Technologies on Politics
and Government.
• Background report prepared for Cisco Systems Australia to advise the Special Minister of State,
Gary Nairn MP.

Reason for leaving

Short term contract which was completed to the employers’ satisfaction.

Employer: Queensland University of Technology

End Date: November 2005 Start Date: April 1999
Role: Customer Support Officer
• Answered incoming calls and queries to the helpdesk.
• Solved technical problems as required.
• Escalated more complex problems to level 2 and 3 technical engineers and other sections of the
University were appropriate.
• Followed up on for clients and supervisors.

• Performed clerical duties and general tasks associated with the efficient running of the help desk.

• Provided support services to staff and students over a variety of operating systems including;
Windows XP for up to 400 personal computers.
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• Liaised with Systems staff to ensure the smooth operation of Faculty networks and computing
Reason for leaving
I left this position as I was offered a two year scholarship to study a research maters degree with Creative
Industries faculty.

Skill Summary
Non Technical Skills Computer Skills
• Analysis of complex strategic and • Adobe Illustrator
conceptual issues. • Macromedia DreamWeaver
• Development of information management • Macromedia Fireworks
solutions. • MS Office
• Implementation of business systems. • MS PowerPoint
• Measurement and performance of business • MS Project
systems outcomes. • Photoshop
• Development of open source information • HTML
systems. • TCP/IP
• Identification of issues and opportunities
impacting on the education sector/agency.
• Windows XP
• Strong analysis and problem solving skills. • Windows Vista
• Excellent facilitation and communication • Managed Exchange
skills. • FTP clients
• Ability to work and build strong • Entourage and Mac-mail
relationships across all levels of an • WordPress
organisation. • WordPress MU
• Ability to prepare effective reports. • Joomla
• Ability to prepare high quality submissions • Media Wiki
and briefing papers. •
• Ability to provide corporate training and

Contact details for genuine referees enquiries are available on request.

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