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Learners Materials

Department of Education
Republic of the Philippines
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developed and reviewed by educators from public
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Health Grade 3
Learners Material
First Edition, 2013
ISBN: 978-971-0468-21-8

Republic Act 8293, section 176 states that: No copyright shall subsist in
any work of Government of the Philippines. However, prior approval of the
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other things, impose as a condition the payment of royalties.
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Development Team of the Learners Material

Reviewers: Mark Kenneth S. Camiling, Rhodora L. Formento, Evelina M.
Authors: Rizaldy R. Cristo, Minerva C. David, Aidena Nuesca, J ennifer E.
Quinto, Gezyl G. Ramos, Emerson O. Sabadlab
Illustrator: Eric de S. Guia, Fermin M. Fabella, Raemon C. Dela Pea
Encoders: Danica Nicole G. Baa
Proof reviewer: Salvacion Olinares
Focal Person: Nerisa M. Beltran


Table of Contents

Quarter 2 Personal Health/Prevention and Control of Diseases
and Disorders

Lesson 1: Health and wellness ............................................ 2
Lesson 2: Sickness troubles .................................................. 7
Lesson 3: Factors on the go ................................................ 10
Lesson 4: Be healthy with clean body ............................... 13
Lesson 5: Build up for a healthy fight ................................. 17
Lesson 6: Get protection from your health ....................... 22
Lesson 7: Clean for better health ....................................... 26
Lesson 8: Living up a healthy life ........................................ 29






Good health keeps us away from diseases. Taking care of oneself
is one way to be healthy. This module will help you understand
health and wellness to practice healthy habits to prevent
common childhood diseases. So now, get ready to learn and be
healthy. Always remember that health is wealth but we need to
work for it.

Lesson 1: Health and Wellness

Healthy Idols
Do you know a healthy person? Write the name of the healthy
people that you know. List or draw as many as you can.

Answer: What makes them healthy? What is health?

Lets Try!

Activity 1: Healthy One
Draw yourself inside the circle.
What are the activities that make you healthy?

Health is the complete well-being of body, mind, feeling,
spirit and relationship with others.
Lets Do This!

Activity 2: Wellness on Go
Which pictures show a healthy person? Encircle the correct

Good health is called wellness.

Activity 3: Lets Go for Health and Wellness

Use the codes to unlock the message for wellness. Write your
answer on the boxes provided.

Healthy lifestyle equals wellness.

I promise to keep my body healthy.
I will ______________________________.
I will ______________________________.
I will ______________________________.
I will ______________________________.

Pupils Name: ___________________________
Parents Signature: ______________________

Healthy Promise
Write your own healthy promise. Sign at the bottom of your
promise. Ask your parents also to sign.


Lets Check!

Lesson 2: Sickness Troubles

Oh My, Im Sick!
Have you been sick?
List diseases that you have experienced.

Activity 1: Sickness Bingo
Complete the human bingo.
You may ask the help of your family and friends.
Write their names on the appropriate boxes.

Has Colds today

Got Dengue

Was absent in class
because of
Influenza/ Flu

Parasitic intestinal

Knows what is

Had Chickenpox

Lets Try!
Lets Do This!

Sore Eyes

Read about

Got Measles when
still a baby

Heard news about

Suffered from

Had Mumps

Activity 2: Just Cant Forget It
When was the last time you got sick? How did you feel?
What did you do about it?
Write a short paragraph about your experience.
Put a title to your work.

Health Advisory
Visit your barangay health center.
Ask for a recent health advisory/news on diseases.
Make a poster about the advisory you learned.
Include a brief description, its effect and who are mostly affected.
Be ready to present it in your class.

Lets Check!

Disease is an abnormal condition of the body which affects
the normal function of our body and mind. There are diseases
which commonly affect young children like you.

Lesson 3: Factors on the Go

Picture Says
Study the pictures below.
What does each picture show?

Activity 1: Sickness Factors
Identify the contributing factors of diseases.
Write H if it is Heredity, L if it is Lifestyle and E if it is environment.
Put your answers on the blank provided.

________ 1. Mang Pedro got lung disease because of smoking.
________ 2. Rene has a family medical history of heart disease.
________ 3. Lito acquired diabetes from eating too much sweets
and fats.
Lets Try!
Lets Do This!

________ 4. There was a malaria outbreak at the evacuation

________ 5. Dengue is carried by mosquitoes which live in dirty and
moist areas.

Activity 2: Friend or Foe
Classify the items below.
Which are like friends who can make us healthy?
Which are like foes who can make us sick?
Write in the appropriate column.

Your heredity, lifestyle, and environment are contributing
factors of diseases.
Heredity includes the genes you inherit from your parents.
Lifestyle refers to your health practices
Environment includes your surroundings and all its elements.
Rest Smoking Clean body Immunization
Germs Polluted air Dirty water Check-ups
Exercise Balanced diet Household pests
Abnormal Tissues


1. _______________________
2. _______________________
3. _______________________
4. _______________________
5. _______________________
6. _______________________


1. ___________________________
2. ___________________________
3. ___________________________
4. ___________________________
5. ___________________________
6. ___________________________

Maze for Health
Complete the maze below.
Write along the maze 5 items that can make you healthy.
Write on the Stop signs 3 items that can make you sick.

Lets Check!

Lesson 4: Be Healthy with Clean Body


Sing a Song
Sing the song to the tune of Clap your Hands

Cleanup your Body
Brush your teeth so gaily, gaily, gaily
Brush your teeth so gaily,
Brush, brush, brush
Wash your face so gently, gently, gently
Wash your face so gently
Wash, wash, wash
Comb your hair so lightly, lightly, lightly
Comb your hair so lightly
Comb, comb, comb

Lets Try!

Activity1: Cleaning is Fun!
How do these items help you?
Describe how each item below helps you.

1. ___________________________________

2 ___________________________________

3. ___________________________________

4. __________________________________

Activity 2: Check for Health
Put a check () inside the box if the statement is a hygienic
practice and (X) if it is not.

Lets Do This!


1. Luis washes his feet before going to bed.
2. Ali bites his nail when bored and nervous.
3. Carlo brushes his teeth after every meal.
4. Leo takes a bath only when it is a sunny day.
5. Ana always washes her long and shiny hair.
6. J uan takes off his slippers when playing outside.
7. Kat changes her favorite dress every other day.
8. Patrick washes his hands before and after eating.

Activity 3: Post for Health
Make a poster on ways to keep the body clean.


Check the appropriate column for your health behaviour. Do this
in your notebook.

Lets Check!

One way for you to prevent catching common childhood
diseases is to maintain proper hygiene at all times.

Healthy Practices Always Sometimes Never
1. I take a bath.
2. I wash my hair.
3. I clean my face.
4. I brush my teeth.
5. I change my clothes.
6. I cut my nails regularly.
7. I change my underwear.
8. I consult a doctor twice a

9. I wash my wash after using the

10. I wash my hands before and
after eating.

Collage for Hygiene
Collect pictures proper hygiene practices. Make a collage and
paste it on a card board. Give a title to your work.

Lets Do this at Home
Lets take note
Health is personal. You are the one responsible for your own

Lesson 5: Build up for a Healthy Fight

Being Active Is Fun!
Look at the pictures. Imitate the movement of each animal.

Lets Try!
J ump like a bunny

Stretch like a cat

Run like a gorilla

Walk like a spider


Activity 1: Get Physical Pyramid
List your physical activities.
Write appropriate activities for each level.
Make sure to follow the pyramid for your health.
Do this in your notebook.

Activity 2: Balanced Diet with Pyramid and Plate
Study at the Food Plate and Food Pyramid below.

Lets Do This!
Cut down
3- 5x a week
2-3x a week

I need at least 30-60 minutes of daily physical activities to
maintain a healthy body.

Complete your healthy plates for a day based on the food plate
and food pyramid above. Draw this in your notebook.

Activity 3: Get Enough Rest and Sleep
Now, lets check your bedtime for a week.
Record your bedtime and wakeup time daily.
Ask your parents to sign in the last column.



Crossword Puzzle Time
Answer the puzzle below.

Vertical (Down)
1. Basic exercise that uses legs and feet
2. Nutrients found in fruits
5. Fun activities outside

3. Opposite of being weak
4. You must do it every night

Lets Check!

My body needs enough rest and sleep to be healthy.
Children like me need 10-11 hours of sleep at night.
I also need to rest after doing a physical activity so that my
body can regain strength.




4. 5.


Lesson 6: Get Protection for your Health

Read aloud
Read the dialogue between Roy and Eva.

Lets Try!

Activity 1: Get Rid of Germs
What are the diseases that can be prevented through
immunization? Color them.

Lets Do This!

Immunization gives protection against specific diseases. I must
have complete immunization. I can go to the barangay health
care center for free immunization.

Activity 2: Know Your Immunization Record

Ask your parents what immunizations you have had.
List them in your notebook.

My Immunization






Immunization Core
Why is Immunization important? Write 1-2 sentences below.

Lets Check!

Structure (2)
Total (5)

Lesson 7: Clean-up for Healthy Environment

Community Check-up
Look around your community.
Write in the circles the things that make your community healthful.
Write outside the circles the things that make it unhealthful.
Do this in your notebook.

Lets Try!
Lets take note
A healthy environment ________________________________________

Activity 1: Cleaning-up
Circle the pictures that show ways to keep the surroundings clean.

Activity 2: Clean-up Promise
Make a promise on how you will keep your surroundings clean. Do
this in your notebook.

Lets Do This!
Lets take note
Everybody must take part in keeping our environment clean.
A healthy environment makes people healthy..

Draw a picture of ways you can keep your environment clean.
Your work will be marked as follows:
Content-----6 pts.
Creativity2 pts.
Neatness2 pts.

Observe the surroundings of your house.
Describe it. Are your surroundings healthy?
Write a plan on how you can keep your home surroundings
Content (3)____
Lets Check!
Lets Do this at Home

Lesson 8: Healthy Choice

Poem Reading
Read the poem and try to act it out.

Life is What We Make It
by Minerva C. David

In life we always make
A choice we have to take.
It may be good or bad,
Be happy or be sad.

Healthy foods, we must eat,
Bad habits we must beat.
Smoking and drinking,
Not good for our well-being.

Life is what we make it.
We can be sick or fit,
Follow health practices,
Say goodbye to diseases.

Lets Try!

Activity 1: Healthy Habits
Encircle the pictures that show healthful habits.
Lets Do!

Activity 2: Healthy Story

Use the pictures to make a short story about healthful practices.
Write your answers in your notebook.

Healthy and Happy Together

Lito and Sila always help in _____(1)_______
the house. They make sure that their surroundings are clean. They also keep
their bodies clean.
Before eating, Sila _______(2)_____________.
Sila loves to eat________(3)____________ and Lito too.

They keep their bodies fit by ___(4)______ .

They also have regular_________(5)_________.

They are happy and healthy children.

Activity 3: Checklist for the Parents

Ask your parents to put a check in the box that matches your
lifestyle. Copy and do this in your notebook.
Lifestyle YES NO
1. Take a bath daily.
2. Play all day long.
3. Drink milk everyday.
4. Stay up late every night.
5. Eat fruits and vegetables.
6. Help in household chores.
7. Sleep for 8-10 hours daily.
8. Watch TV most of the time.
9. Drink softdrinks after every meal.
10 . Play video games during free time.

Parents Signature

Activity 4: Healthful Prayer
Write a short prayer for good health and for you and your family.


Daily Record
Record your daily activities. Check if they are healthful for you.

What I Eat

Breakfast: _________________________

Lunch: ____________________________

Dinner: ____________________________

My Active Games
I walk _____________________________
I run ______________________________
I play _____________________________

My Rest and Sleep
I rest when I am ______________________
I slept at_____________________ last night.
I woke up at ______________.
I slept for ______________ hours.
Lets Check!

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