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BME nyelvvizsga feladatok vizsga 2

I Grammar section
a) Complete the text with the words given
I .. (1) stand the sound of ambulances. he sound of thei! si!ens ho"ling goes !ight
th!ough me. I #um$ .. (2) time I see a $olice ca! . (%) a fi!e engine. I cannot bea!
the sight of blood& es$ecially "hen it is my o"n. I $anic (') somebody faints& falls
ove! o! cuts himself. In sho!t& I am no good in an eme!gency. I f!eeze& "hile othe!s& b!ave! and
mo!e $!actical .. (() I am& take cha!ge of the situation. I am envious of ()) $eo$le*
they !emain calm+ they make the $atient comfo!table (.. (,) taken a cou!se in -i!st .id&
they kno" e/actly "hat to do about b!oken ankles& bu!ns and hea!t attacks)+ they send fo! the
docto!+ and& as if this "e!e not enough& they make cu$s of tea fo! the $atient0s an/ious !elatives&
and see .. (1) eve!ything that should be . (2) is done.
It is all !ight fo! them& these self3confident $eo$le (14) kno" the !ight thing to do. Mind
you& I am glad they e/ist& because& if it "e!e left to me& the "hole "o!ld . (11) d!o"n&
bleed to death o! die of hea!t failu!e& "hile I sea!ched .. (12) my $ockets& vainly t!ying to
find the sc!a$ of $a$e! on "hich I once sc!ibbled the tele$hone numbe! of the nea!est hos$ital.
.s fo! co$ing .. (1%) in#u!ies& my o"n o! anyone else0s& "ell& on one of my !eally good days&
I might be able to $ut a $laste! ove! a . (1') small cut in the time it "ould take someone
else to !eset a b!oken leg& $ut it in s$lints& give a blood t!ansfusion& and (1() a th!ee3
cou!se meal fo! the victim0s family. 5n the othe! hand& the!e is one thing I am !eally good at* I
am a "onde!ful hos$ital visito!. . fo!tnight .. (1))& fo! e/am$le& little Michelle& the
daughte! of some (1,) f!iends of ou!s& had an accident and had to go into hos$ital
.. (11) t!eatment. .s I "o!k 6uite nea! the hos$ital& I decided to $o$ in and see he!. I took
he! some g!a$es to . (12)& and some comics to !ead. he g!a$es "e!e #ust the "ay I like
them* !i$e and s"eet and #uicy. he comics only had one o! t"o good ca!toons& .. (24) I
en#oyed doing the $uzzles (es$ecially the kind "he!e you have to #oin u$ dots to make a $ictu!e).
I also "atched 7 fo! a "hile& and a kind nu!se b!ought me a cu$ of tea. Michelle "as not ve!y
hung!y& so I ate he! su$$e! fo! he!. 8es& the!e is no doubt that my st!ong $oint& "hen fit comes to
eme!gencies& is my "onde!ful 9bedside manne!0.
b) Circle the letter of the correct answer
Ancient Hungarian Cuisine
:u!ing the nation0s .. (21) histo!y ;unga!ian cuisine got .. (22) f!om many ethnic
gast!onomies. In the fi!st cou$le of centu!ies .: ou! ancesto!s lived in the Eu!o3.sian ste$$e. hey "e!e a
semi3nomadic g!ou$ .. (2%) lived .. (2') hunte!s and fishe!men.
.!ound (44 .: the Magya! t!ibes mig!ated and settled do"n nea! the <ive! :on. hey got into contact
(2() u!ks and Bulga!ians and lea!ned . (2)) about cooking f!om them.
=ou$ "as a ve!y im$o!tant . (2,) in ;unga!ian cuisine at that time& as it is today. . $e!fect ;unga!ian
lunch al"ays sta!ts "ith some kind of sou$. It "as a (21) meal and mo!e like a ste" in those nomadic
yea!s. hey usually se!ved sou$s "ith a small . (22) $asta& ta!honya. >e still have ta!honya as a
ga!nish in ou! menus.
5the! ancient ;unga!ian dishes . (%4) stuffed cabbage& beef sou$& fish sou$& and the famous goulash.
hey a!e .. (%1) ve!y $o$ula!. .ncient ;unga!ian cooking used seve!al ty$es of g!ains& like millet& oat
and . (%2) "heat.
he most delicious dishes (%%) in a single $ot. his $ot "as usually the bog!?cs& a cast i!on kettle&
hung on an i!on stick ove! the fi!e. Bog!?cs is a ve!y $o$ula! cooking utensil today& "e use it fo! outdoo!
.fte! settling do"n in the @a!$athian Basin ou! ancesto!s inco!$o!ated $o!k in thei! cuisine. >e often cook
$o!k dishes today . (%') in the villages "he!e almost eve!y family !aises its o"n $o!k and butche! it
du!ing "inte! time "ithin a g!eat feast called disznAto!.
In the ea!ly middle ages afte! the consolidation of the ;unga!ian =tate& ;unga!ian cuisine had influences f!om
both "este!n and easte!n nations. Es$ecially the g!eat invasions left . (%() ma!ks on ou! cooking.
Bing Matthias in the 1(th centu!y int!oduced "este!n culina!y methods. ;e ma!!ied to an Italian $!incess&
Beat!ice& so Italian flavou!s en!iched ;unga!ian gast!onomy.

21 . colou!ed B colou!ful @ colou!ing
22 . influenzas B influences @ influenced
2% . that B "hom @ most of "hich
BME nyelvvizsga feladatok vizsga 2
2' . #ust like B like @ as
2( . "ith B to @ to"a!ds
2) . many thing B lot @ much
2, . meal B meat @ dishes
21 . fully B com$lete @ com$letely
22 . !ound3sha$ed B !ound3like @ !oundish3"ay
%4 . a!e B is @ "as
%1 . ho"eve! B yet @ still
%2 . late B late! @ much late
%% . have al"ays made B al"ays made @ "e!e al"ays made
%' . s$ecial B es$ecially @ s$ecies
%( . its B thei! @ them
he >edge"ood ;otel C =$a is a ............. (%)) lu/u!ious 7ancouve! bouti6ue hotel. . (%,) amidst the
ga!dens and "ate!falls of the fashionable <obson =6ua!e (%1) 7ancouve!0s th!iving cosmo$olitan
do"nto"n co!e& the >edge"ood .. (%2) a landma!k. D!ivately o"ned and o$e!ated by E!eek bo!n
o"ne!& Eleni =kalbania. he >edge"ood has been a family3!un hotel . ('4) a home a"ay f!om home
fo! countless guests.
he abundance of flo"e!s& fine anti6ue $ieces and o!iginal . ('1) cha!acte!ize the eighty3th!ee !ooms
and .. ('2). Bacchus& the a"a!d "inning !estau!ant and ba!& offe!s a t!uly uni6ue e/$e!ience.
Bey featu!es of the hotel is Eleni0s $e!sistent .. ('%) detail. =uch that the >edge"ood has become an
intimate oasis in the hea!t of 7ancouve!.
he hotel has !eceived nume!ous a"a!ds .. ('')& both fo! its Bacchus Ba! C <estau!ant (best ba! in
7ancouve! fo! the $ast nine yea!s)& along "ith the hotel being !ated . ('() in Fo!th .me!ica by key
$ublications such as @ondG Fast !avele! and !avel C Heisu!e.
<ecently the >edge"ood has . (')) as a membe! of the $!estige <elais C @hateau/& a collection of
the "o!ld0 s finest hotels and !estau!ants.
ake advantage of this inc!edible geta"ay $ackage . (',) only on =undays. his s$ecial 7ancouve!
;otel Dackage includes ('1) accommodation in E/ecutive <oom& o! =uite& the Bacchus signatu!e
!oast chicken dinne! ($ou! deu/) ca!ved table side in Bacchus& continental buffet b!eakfast Monday mo!ning&
and valet $a!king.
5f all the g!eat $lates you0ll find at Bacchus <estau!ant C Diano Hounge in the >edge"ood ;otel C =$a& the
one on the "all tells the sto!y best. It0s the $late insc!ibed "ith the 2441 -ou! :iamond ."a!d f!om the
@..I.... It is a $e!fect com$anion to the >edge"ood0s o"n -ou! :iamond !ating& an honou! indicating
. ('2) this !ooms0 se!vice is second to none.
>alk th!ough the ;o!nby =t!eet ent!ance& and Bacchus <estau!ant0s attention to detail is immediately a$$a!ent.
8ou a!e instantly . ((4) lu/u!y& "ith !ichly u$holste!ed fu!nitu!e& "a!m& da!k "ood& and light fi/tu!es
im$o!ted f!om 7enice $e!sonally by o"ne! Eleni =kalbania "hich e/tends the hotelJs b!and of elegance. .
la!ge canvas de$icting Bacchus himself& E!eek god of "ine and !evel!y& $!esides ove! the !oom. <egula!ly
"inning 7ancouve! magazineJs a"a!d fo! Best Ba!IHounge& the Bacchus ho$s "ith do"nto"nJs move!s and
%) . leading B leaded @ leade!
%, . Hocated B Is located @ Hocating
%1 . at the middle of B in the hea!t of @ the hea!t
%2 . became B has become @ "ill be become
'4 . $!oviding B $!ovided @ $!ovide
'1 . "o!ks of a!ts B "o!k of a!ts @ "o!ks of a!t
'2 . suit B suits @ suites
'% . attention to B attention "ith @ attendance "ith
'' . in the 1224s B last decade @ ove! the yea!s
'( . one of the best hotels B the best hotels @ some of the best hotel
') . acce$ted B been acce$ted @ been acce$ting
', . offe!ing B that offe!ed @ offe!ed
'1 . night B night ove! @ ove!night
'2 . "hat B that @ ho"
(4 . su!!ounded by B su!!ounded "ith @ su!!ounding "ith
.. x !" # . points
BME nyelvvizsga feladatok vizsga 2
B) rskszsg
$ou have %ust spent a wee& at a hotel but you have left your &eys there. 'rite a letter in which you in(uire
whether they have found them or not.
>!ite do"n the details of you! stay (date& !oom numbe!& etc)
desc!ibe the $!oblem and give the details of the keys (key3case& ho" many keys and "hat kind)
give hints "he!e you may have left them
ask them to send them on $ost K do not fo!get to give you! add!ess
C) Reading comprehension
'embley )may not open until *une)
>embley =tadium may not no" be !eady to host a ma#o! event until Lune 244,.
he statement comes a day afte! the M,(,m Hondon venue0s o"ne!s& >embley Fational =tadium Htd (>F=H)&
said . (1)
he stadium should have been !eady in .ugust 244( 3 but no" it may not even be finished fo! the 244, -. @u$
Builde!s Multi$le/ said it "as Nsubstantially com$leteN a$a!t f!om some seats& (2)
It said >F=H needed to stage test events so the stadium could gain the !e6ui!ed licences and a$$!oval to o$e!ate.
NOnless and until >F=H hold and successfully com$lete this se!ies of test events... Multi$le/ "ill be $!evented
f!om achieving $!actical com$letion&N the statement to the .ust!alian stock e/change !ead.
Multi$le/ had analysed (%)& and found Nit is unlikely that the stadium "ill be
able to hold a test event fo! 24&444 s$ectato!s befo!e Lune 244,N.
>embley has been $lagued by $!oblems and soa!ing costs . (') to demolish the old stadium
and build a ne" one.
>F=H on Monday said the =e$tembe! deadline fo! com$letion of the !edevelo$ment "ould be missed&
. ((). But it said it e/$ected the venue to be !eady by the end of the yea!& nonetheless.
he latest statement means the -. @u$ final is again likely to be held in @a!diff ne/t May.
BBC, 1 August 2006
a) but >=FH had not begun& o! not finished& some ma#o! "o!k.
b) since it "as decided eight yea!s ago
c) ho" long these "o!ks "ould take
d) it "as used to hold not only s$o!ts events but conce!ts in the com$le/.
e) and blamed Multi$le/ fo! the delays
f) it should be finished this yea!.
+) ,ead the following text and answer the (uestions
Death on Delivery
@h!is =antella "as feeding his infant daughte! last uesday evening in the living !oom of his to"n house in
<ocheste!& Fe" 8o!k& "hen he hea!d the boom. NIt "as like someone slammed a doo! ha!d enough so that it
shook the house&N he e/$lained. .t fi!st he thought it "as his "ate! heate! blo"ing u$. >hen no gushe!s of "ate!
follo"ed& he "aited until the child "as aslee$ befo!e looking out his doo! and catching sight of the blasted3out
"indo" in a to"n house 2( ft. a"ay& the one !ented by a "oman named Damela Hazo!e3Hanza. . bomb had gone
off& killing Hazo!e3Hanza and a male f!iend. he bomb "as one of fou! such devices that e/$loded almost
simultaneously in diffe!ent $a!ts of "este!n Fe" 8o!k& killing five $eo$le and hanging a necklace of te!!o! along
2(4 miles of the Fe" 8o!k3@anada bo!de!.
he shi!tbo/3size bombs& delive!ed by mail o! $!ivate cou!ie!& "e!e $ackaged in b!o"n ca!dboa!d and "!a$$ed
"ith ta$e. =eve!al bo!e the !etu!n add!ess of an i!on3and3metal com$any in Dennsylvania. In each "as a fishing3
tackle bo/. >hen the latch "as o$ened& it connected an elect!ical ci!cuit and set off seve!al $ounds of dynamite
su!!ounded by sh!a$nel. 5ne bomb killed Eleano! -o"le!& ()& in >est 7alley& nea! Buffalo. .nothe! "as o$ened
by he! husband <obe!t& %1& at his #ob in an a!mou!ed3ca! ga!age in nea!by @heekto"aga+ it killed him and a co3
"o!ke!. . thi!d ble" u$ Hazo!e3Hanza and he! f!iend+ she "as Eleano! -o"le!0s daughte! f!om an ea!lie!
ma!!iage. .nd on the =t. <egis Indian <ese!vation nea! the state0s no!the!n ti$& an e/$loding $ackage lace!ated
the legs of Hazo!e3Hanza0s uncle& >illiam Hazo!e.
Identical $a!cels "e!e sent to the -o"le!s0 daughte! Hucille and he! boyf!iend but "e!e detonated safely by
autho!ities. .ll fou! e/$losions occu!!ed "ithin 24 minutes. It "as as if someone "as t!acing the -o"le! family
t!ee33in fi!e and blood.
.t fi!st some Fe" 8o!ke!s fea!ed te!!o!ism o! a !andom kille!. But by >ednesday evening& "hen $olice a!!ested
Michael =tevens& (%& and Ea!l -igley& ()& the g!udge began to seem ve!y s$ecific. =tevens0 gi!lf!iend is a "oman
BME nyelvvizsga feladatok vizsga 2
named B!enda Hazo!e @heve!e. he in#u!ed >illiam Hazo!e is he! uncle+ the dead included he! mothe!& he!
ste$fathe! and he! siste!33all a$$a!ently victims of a man they seem to have ost!acised.
@heve!e met =tevens and moved in "ith him soon afte! he got out of #ail in 1212. ;e had se!ved 24 months fo!
ove!selling ads in sto!e cou$on books unde! the alias :avid @!editfo!d33Na con man "ho thought he "as sma!te!
than anyone else&N a defence atto!ney !ecalled to Fe" 8o!k Fe"sday. =tevens !e$utedly suffe!ed f!om
emotional instability33at his 121, t!ial he launched into a s$eech about Limmy @agney. Mo!e se!iously& in 1222
local me!chants =usan Batz and Lohn =$inelli filed a $olice com$laint "hen& they say& afte! nine months of
ha!assment that included c!uising thei! block and stealing thei! ga!bage& =tevens th!eatened to bu!n thei!
business do"n.
=tevens and @heve!e& %1& have a t"o3yea!3old son. <ecently& ho"eve!& @heve!e seems to have sou!ed on
=tevens& fo! "hich he a$$a!ently blamed he! family. Hocal ne"s$a$e!s said last "eek that his !elations "ith
them& es$ecially he! mothe!& had nose3dived. ;e "as !e$o!tedly !esentful of being e/cluded f!om hanksgiving
and @h!istmas festivities.
-igley& the olde! sus$ect& had boa!ded at =tevens0 house& d!unk "ith him at a ba! called McEhan0s& and "as
!ega!ded locally as a ha!mless layabout unde! his younge! f!iend0s s"ay. Hast Lune& =tevens sent -igley on a
deadly e!!and to Mount 7e!non& Bentucky& $olice say.
he!e& unde! the name Heslie 7. Milbu!y& -igley bought (( lbs. of Do"e! D!ime dynamite. (Eove!nment officials
late! noted $ointedly that e/$losives can be sold ove! the counte! as easily as guns could befo!e the B!ady Bill.)
Back in Fe" 8o!k& the t"o used a!ound '1 sticks0 "o!th to c!aft last "eek0s bombs& acco!ding to the fede!al
com$laint cha!ging both men "ith t!ans$o!tation of e/$losives ac!oss state lines "ith intent to kill o! maim& an
offence $unishable by death.
;ad =tevens been $lanning the mu!de!s fo! half a yea!P 5! "e!e the fatal $ackages o!iginally intended fo!
some othe! $u!$oseP 5ne $e!son "ho "ould doubtless add many 6uestions of he! o"n "as& unde!standably&
6uiet. <eached by !e$o!te!s at the house she sha!ed "ith =tevens& B!enda @heve!e e/cused he!self f!om talking.
NI0ve had a day&N she said. NI0ve lost most of my family.N
1. >ho commited the c!imeP (2 $ont)
2. >hat can "e lea!n f!om the c!iminalsP (2 $ont)
%. >hat "as the connection bet"een the victimsP (2 $ont)
'. ;o" "e!e the victims e/ecutedP (2 $ont)
(. >he!e did the c!iminals obtain the needed e6ui$mentP (2 $ont)
). >hat 6uestions "e!e !aisedP (2 $ont)
,. >ho could ans"e! the 6uestionsP (2 $ont)
1. >hat "as the bomb likeP (2 $ont)
2. >hat "as the fi!st idea of the $oliceP (2 $ont)
14. >he!e did =tevens send -ingley last LuneP (2 $ont)
D. ranslate the !ollo"ing te#t into $%ngarian
Don&t read on 'y (a)
=cience is like a flashlight+ "hat it illuminates de$ends on "he!e it is $ointed. !aditionally& O.=. scientists have
been f!ee to decide fo! themselves "he!e to focus thei! !esea!ch. -!om time to time& $oliticians and inte!est
g!ou$s "ould lobby fo! s$ecific agendas33s$ace e/$lo!ation& say& o! .I:= o! b!east cance!. But by and la!ge&
science in .me!ica has been !un by the scientists.
hat is about to change. In "hat could be the most significant !edi!ection of O.=. science $olicy since >o!ld
>a! II& the @linton .dminist!ation this month is launching an ambitious @abinet3level effo!t to set national
$!io!ities and $ush the count!y0s vast fede!al !esea!ch $!og!am to"a!d those goals. In effect& the gove!nment has
g!abbed the flashlight.
he immediate aims& as D!esident @linton neve! ti!es of saying& a!e to boost the economy& st!engthen O.=.
indust!y& $!otect the envi!onment& im$!ove education and c!eate #obs. he scientific !esou!ces that could be
a$$lied to that cam$aign a!e immense* mo!e than ,44 fede!al labo!ato!ies& hund!eds of unive!sity !esea!ch
facilities& 2 1I2 million scientists and enginee!s& and a national !esea!ch budget of Q,) billion. But the !isks& say
c!itics& a!e e6ually immense. By $utting blinde!s on the $u!suit of kno"ledge& they fea!& the .dminist!ation
could f!ust!ate a !esea!ch community that is the envy of the "o!ld.

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