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Course to which admitted IIPM(pgp-c) ISBE A/B ICHE

Month & year of admission May 2011
Place of study (IIPM centre) SATBARI, NEW DELHI

Specialization Area MARKETING

Name Yogesh Nitharwal
Thesis Id Allotted SS/11-13/M-28/Delhi/IIPM PCP C
E-mail address nitharwal.yogesh@gmail.com
Thesis Topic Channel Management Study - Airtel
Phone Number +919785775808
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Airtel the biggest telecom player in Indian market in terms of subscribers and revenue. It is
operating in 20 regions of the country. From the days of initiation Airtel maintained an image of
better networking, better consumer service in terms of CRM and a brand of high image which in
other words can be said as Airtels USP. In Odissa market Airtel entered in the year of 2004
December and within three years of time it captured a lions share in the market. In some of the
major cities Airtel is a market leader. After four years of operation in Odissa market Airtel played
a game as it reduces the margin from distributor to retailer because it got the brand loyalty from
the subscribers and succeeded with its PULLING strategy in the market also with some highly
innovative value added schemes. In particular Cuttack market the Airtel faced a great challenge
after the reduction in margin. Lots of strikes were done against company and many retailers refused
to sale Airtels products and this made Cuttack the toughest market in the Eastern part of the
country. It put a challenge in front of the sales team to maximize the sales. Though Airtel has 32%
market share in Cuttack but it still facing tough challenge from its rivals.

Airtel Subscribers:
1. Total number of subscribers in India is 9, 89, 08, 993.
2. Airtel has a market share of 31.65% of total 29, 93, 49, 436 GSM customers.
3. Airtel has 23 circles in India, has agreement allover the country except North East provision of
the Country.
4. Airtel started its operation in Orissa in the year of 2004, 4th Dec.
5. Up to the latest report Airtel has a total 24, 96,023 subscribers in Orissa.

Airtel in Cuttack:
Population of Cuttack is nearly 7, 00,000 and 40% of this total population uses mobile phones.
From total mobile subscribers Airtel has a market share of 32%, having highest market share in
the Cuttack region.
Airtel has setup 55 BTS (towers), showing its quality and reputation of network coverage.
Over 1620 Retailers (registered up to 6th May 2009) available in this Urban area and many more
retailers sales Airtel vouchers also (these are not registered).
(Those retailers sale Airtel sim are considered to be registered)

be overlooked. Had these limitations been overcomed, the findings would be more accurate.
1) Time Constraints



Philip Kotler Principles of Marketing
Kotler Marketing Management
Pryank Azad retail Management

Although the project has been worked out at its best yet there are some limitations which cannot

Channel Management is a vast and important field in marketing and the success of any
brand depends on how well it can communicate to its target customer & how well its
channel partner are being managed. This thesis will help me get better understanding of
channel Management strategies used by successful brand which will help me in my future
career growth and development and will give a strong base for a successful career.
Secondary data: The data was colleted from the Airtel head office in Bhubaneswar. They provided
all the list of top 18 retail outlets under PK Agency. These outlets are Navaratna awarded.
Primary Data: Data collected from all the top retail outlets. Through conducting an informal

Our objectives are
Finding out the top (Airtel Navaranta awarded) retail outlets and also some other outlets in the
prime locations of Cuttack region.
Extracting information from them about At what cost they are selling Airtel sim.
What the retailer prefers to sale (which sim they are trying to push out) by what information
providing to the customer
These are the thing that I have to extract from the retailers. We worked in team covered up maximum
retailers possible in the given time period (2 days) after making a list of top retailer outlets.
Some of the limitations are :
2) Data Constraints


NAME OF GUIDE: Mr. Durgesh Nandini

PHONE NO: 08285214704

EMAIL ADDRESS: durgesh.nandini@gmail.com
DESIGNATION: ASM Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage

Beverage Ltd.


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Student Name: Yogesh Nitharwal

Thesis Id:
SS/11-13/M-28/Delhi/IIPM PCP C
Title : Channel Management Study - Airtel

Phone No.: +919785775808

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