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English Premier League

The English Premier League has been in existence since 1992. Since that time 20
players have managed to oin !hat is called the Ton up "lub #or scoring 100 or more
goals in the Premiership during their career.
$ith the top t!o scorers all%time separated by &' tallies( it is a mountain o# goal
scoring giants to overta)e in order to reach the pinnacle o# the English game*s elite.
+id#ielders as !ell as stri)ers have managed the #eat and no one can deny that
some players could have done more i# not #or road bumps in their careers.
,lan Shearer*s record at the top could be one o# the hardest to ever beat( and
currently( only one member o# the club truly has a chance o# catching him.
This table sho!s the players !ith the highest goals tally in the English Premier
.Place Table /ere0
1. ,lan Shearer 1 220 Premier League 3oals
,lan Shearer( 45E( !as born on 1'th ,ugust 19&0. /aving started his career at
Southampton( he !ent on to become one o# the most proli#ic scorers o# all time !ith
5lac)burn and his beloved 6e!castle.
3reat in the air( predatory #rom close range and deadly #rom distance( Shearer !as
at one time the complete stri)er.
,#ter the #irst ten years o# the Premier League( Shearer !as named as the
outstanding player o# the decade. /e is also listed in the 787, 100 greatest living
2. ,ndy "ole 1 19& Premier League 3oals
,ndy "ole !as born on 1:th 4ctober 19&1. /e began his career !ith ,rsenal( but
played ust one game be#ore moving to 5ristol "ity. /is goal scoring exploits #or The
;obins caught the attention o# <evin <eegan at 6e!castle( !ho signed the stri)er in
199'. "ole partnered Peter 5eardsley( !on the 7irst =ivision and continued scoring
in the Premier League #or the #ollo!ing t!o seasons.
/e !as sold controversially to +anchester >nited in 199:? !here he !ent on to
achieve huge success. /e !as the top scorer in Europe #or >nited in the treble
!inning season o# 1999%99( a season in !hich he and =!ight @or)e contributed :'
goals bet!een them overall.
3. Thierry /enry 1 1&A Premier League 3oals
Thierry /enry !as born on 1&th ,ugust 19&&. /e moved to ,rsenal a#ter a relatively
success#ul career in 7rance and 8taly( but !as regarded by many as an overrated
!ide player. ,rsene $enger converted /enry to be a stri)er and the rest( as they
say( is history.

/enryBs goals !on the Premier League t!ice #or ,rsenal( including the '0 league
goals he scored as ,rsenalBs #amous 8nvincibles !ent the entire 200'CA season
unbeaten. /enry !as t!ice a!arded the P7, Players Player o# the @ear a!ard( and
also !on the 7ootball $riters Player o# the @ear a!ard on t!o occasions.
7or 7rance( /enry scored :1 goals in 12' appearances and has $orld "up and
European "hampionship !innerBs medals.
4. ;obbie 7o!ler 1 12' Premier League 3oals
;obbie 7o!ler !as born on 9th ,pril 19&:. /e gre! up in Toxteth( a rough area o#
Liverpool( and !ent on to become one o# the best players ever to represent the
;eds. 8n 199: and 1992 he !as a!arded the P7, @oung Player o# the @ear a!ard.
;eno!ned #or his natural #inishing ability( in 199A 7o!ler scored three times in A
minutes( '' seconds against ,rsenal( still the #astest hat%tric) in Premier League
:a. Les 7erdinand 1 1A9 Premier League 3oals
Les 7erdinand( +5E( !as born on 9th =ecember 1922. /e began his career scoring
goals galore #or lo!er league /ayes( and continued to do so !herever he !ent.
/is #irst big move !as to top #light Dueens Par) ;angers( !here he spent eight
years banging in goals #rom 199& to 199: be#ore earning a high pro#ile move to
6e!castle >nited. 4n Tyneside( 7erdinand developed a #rightening stri)e
partnership !ith ,lan Shearer.
:b. +ichael 4!en 1 1A9 Premier League 3oals
+ichael Eames 4!en !as born on 1Ath =ecember( 19&9 in "hester( England. /e is
the son o# a #ormer #or!ard o# the 19&0s( Terry 4!en.
+ichael 4!en began his youth career in Liverpool in 1991. /e progressed through
the ran)s and on his debut !ith the senior team in 199&( he scored. 8n his #irst #ull
season in the English Premier League( he #inished the season as the oint top%scorer
!ith 19 goals.

Liverpool !on a cup treble o# the >E7, "up( 7, "up and the 7ootball League "up
and 4!en !as a!arded the 5allon dB4r. /e !ent on to score 119 goals #or the ;eds
in the Premier League.