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Organized crime reviewer

Learning Objective 1
1. Where do many Americans get their ideas and images about who is involved in
organized crime?
Many Americans derive their ideas about who is involved in organized crime rom !"#
movies# and novels.
Learning Objective $
$. %ow did many organized crime grou&s originate?
Many organized crime grou&s are oshoots o ethnic gangs that ormed out o a need or
association# &rotection# and deense against &olitical# economic# and social isolation.
'. What goals do organized crime grou&s have in common?
Most organized crime grou&s share in common the goals o continuation and &ro&agation
o the grou&# underlying loyalty among members# inancial or economic gain# and &ower
and inluence beyond the limits o the grou&.
(. What is another name or the American Maia?
Another name or the American Maia# is La )osa *ostra.
+. %ow did the )olombian cartels originate?
)olombian cartels originated as drug rings organized to increase and control &roduction
and distribution o cocaine. !hroughout the 1,-./s# the smugglers gathered &ower in the
cocaine trade# setting u& cartels centered in various tight01nit amilies to control the
movement o cocaine into the 23.# O the a&&ro4imately $. or so cartels# the most
&rominent came to be the cartels based in cities o Medellin and )ali.
5. %ow are 6amaican &osses &olitical?
Originally# 6amaican &osses sent considerable money rom the &roceeds o their criminal
enter&rises is sent bac1 to 6amaican0based &osses# which then was used ti control local
&olice on the island# and to o&en schools in &overty stric1en areas.
-. With what ethnic organized crime grou&s are tongs# triads# and 7a1uza associated?
!hese are Asian organized crime grou&s.
8. Why are organized youthul street gangs so diicult or law enorcement to
!heir structures are rather luid# and their members are highly mobile.
,. %ow did outlaw motorcycle gangs originate?
Motorcycle gangs began in the 23 shortly ater World War 99 as veterans returned home
rom the war# and began hanging out together riding motorcycles.
Learning Objective '
1.. %ow have ederal asset oreiture laws assisted law enorcement in its &ursuit o
organized criminals?
2nder :ederal asset oreiture laws# &olice agencies are able to seize money and &ro&erty
obtained through criminal activities. !hese unds and &ro&erty are unneled bac1 into the
war on crime on the side o law enorcement.
11. What does ;9)O stand or# and how does it assist in curbing organized crime?
;9)O stands or ;ac1eteering 9nluenced ad )orru&t Organizations. 9t &rovides or
&rosecution o entire organized crime grou&s or a &attern o criminal activity.
Learning Objective (
1$. Why can an individual not avoid a cons&iracy charge by bac1ing out o the crime at
the last moment?
!he charge o cons&iracy involves the &lanning o some criminal event# not the e4ecution
o that &lan. !hus# one who is involved in the &lanning o a criminal event is guilty o
cons&iracy# even i he or she does not &artici&ate in the actual crime.
1'. What eects did the )om&rehensive )rime )ontrol Act o 1,8( have on organized
crime investigations?
9n addition to reorms in bail and sentencing# this act e4&anded oreiture authority and
&rovided amendments intended to aid in the investigation o money laundering.
1(. %ow might com&uters assist investigations o organized criminal grou&s?
9n addition to maintaining data bases o inormation and &roviding or systematic
retrieval o this inormation# com&uter can be used to contact other agencies to share
Learning Objective +
1+. %ow would you characterize the uture o organized crime grou&s in the 2nited
Organized crime grou&s will continue to grow and s&read as more and more grou&s ind
organized crime activities a lucrative means o economic su&&ort.