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Nearly 80 million Americans have this debilitating
disease or are slowly developing it. And theyre not even
aware of whats happening
Because their symptoms develop overtime, Robert
Bazell, Chief Science and Health Correspondent for
NBC Nightly News, calls these people a walking time

As the seventh leading cause of death, this disease
claims nearly 200 lives every single day.

And the threat has doubled in the past decade.
Im talking about Adult Onset or type 2 diabetes
caused by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood as
a result of the bodys inability to metabolize sugar
Sadly, many diabetics never have the chance to
control their blood sugar because they discover they have
the disease only after suffering one of its serious
complicationscomplications that include heart attack,
blindness, loss of arms and legs, kidney damage, and

But this doesnt have to happen to you. Because type
2 diabetes is almost entirely preventable.
And heres more good news
A simple blood test can detect whether your blood
sugar is at diabetic levels. And if it turns out that you
have developed diabetes, it is not only treatable, its
Researchers at several prestigious universities, inclu-
ding UCLA, have shown that you can stop diabetes in its
tracks in just THREE WEEKSand you can do it with
out medication.
Using an all-natural approachthe approach used
by Dr. Richard Bernstein, one of the worlds foremost
experts on diabetestest subjects experience dramatic,
measureable results, including:
Lower cholesterol and fewer free radicals
in their blood.
Higher levels of nitric oxide, which keeps
arteries clear and blood flowing.

A charter member and Fellow of the American Asso-
ciation of Clinical Endocrinologists, and a member of the
editorial board of The Open Diabetes Journal, Dr. Bern-
steins lifelong dedication to diabetes research and
treatment has resulted in six published books and

hundreds of peer-reviewed articles for major health publ-
In his book The Diabetes Solution, he rails against the
high-carb diet touted by mainstream medicine and the
American Diabetes Association (ADA). Much of what
is still considered sensible nutritional advice for diabetes
can, over the long run, be fatal, he says. I know,
because it almost killed me.
Richard Bernstein was only 12 years old when he was
diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the juvenile (and much
less common) form of the disease. And he was absol-
utely diligent in following his doctors advice. (After all,
his doctor was the president of the ADA.)
For 20 years, he stuck with the low-fat, high-carbo-
hydrate diet he was given. But his illness progressed,
stunting his growth and causing painful kidney stones,
frozen shoulders that made [him] cry to put on a shirt,
deformed feet, and neuropathy. When he complained
to his doctor, he was told, Dont worry, it has nothing
to do with your diabetes. Youre doing fine.
But Richard knew he wasnt doing fine. He had to
inject himself with large doses of insulin to compensate
for the high-carb diet. And at only 32 years old, he was
chronically ill and aging prematurely. He didnt think he
would live to see his children grown.
A Pioneering Effort Changes
the Face of Diabetes
Then, in October 1969, Richard opened the latest issue
of the trade journal Lab World and saw an advertisement
for a blood-sugar meter. Using a single drop of blood,
the device gave a reading within one minute. It was inte-
nded for medical professionals to determine whether
an unconscious patient was drunk or diabetic.
The figures are alarming but very real
In America, diabetes is listed as a cause of death on
70,000 death certificates every year. But the true number
is probably closer to half a million
285 million people worldwide are living with diabetes
4 million of those people will die from diabetic
By 2030, the number of case of diabetes around the world
will rise to 438 million
80% of diabetes patients will die of cardiovascular
It weighed 3 pounds and cost $650. Richard tried to
order one, but it was only available to doctors and
hospitals. Fortunately, his wife was a physician, so
she ordered it for him.
And that was the beginning. Keep in mind that
diabetics did not test their own glucose levels back in
1969. For one thing, there was no way to do it.
There were no home monitors. Plus, doctors did not
think patients should take an active part in their own
medical care.
Richard Bernstein thought otherwise.
He believed that he could get his blood glucose to
Always researching, he found that diabetes had
not only been prevented, but reversed in animals.
But when he tried to discuss this with his doctor,
he was told, Animals arent humans. And besides,
its impossible to normalize human blood sugars.
Frustrated, but not deterred, he went forward
with his plan to monitor himself and get his blood
glucose to normal levels. Applying his own techni-
ques for using diet to control and reverse diabetes,
his health began to improve dramatically. He knew
he was on to something big.
Excited, Richard wrote articles about his techniques
and submitted them to one medical journal after an-
other. The result was a stream of rejection letters.
He was sure that many lives could be saved and
millions could benefit from what he had learned
if only he could get the information out to the
public. So in 1979, at the age of 45, he gave up his
job as an engineer and enrolled in medical school.
He figured that with a M.D. after his name, he
might finally be taken seriously.
A Total Departure From
the Standard Diabetic Diet
Dr. Bernstein was now in control of his blood
sugar and healthier than he had been in years. And
he had done it with a very specific, all-natural diet.
What he discovered was that by returning to the
diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, blood glucose
levels could be normalized very effectivelyand
very quickly.
It made sense to him. For eons, people could eat
only what was available in their immediate environ-
ment. Meat, and vegetables that might be in season.
But this was totally at odds with the ADAs recom-
mended diet, which is high in complex carbs and
practically devoid of fat.
Most diabetics have been conditioned to fear fat.
Theyre told it will raise their triglycerides and
cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.
In fact, diabetics do tend to have high lipid pro-
files. These can lead to cardiovascular problems
and other complications, but it is not because of
excess dietary fat.
The real culprit, Dr. Bernstein confirmed, is
carbohydrateswhich are basically chains of
sugar molecules. Some of those chains are longer,
and thus, complex. But whether simple or
complex, the body still digests those molecules as

How do you thank someone
for saving your life?
Thats what Mandy R. wrote after only 11 days on his
program to treat and reverse out-of-control diabetic glucose
Mandy was devastated when she was diagnosed with
diabetes. Ten members of her family had died of
diabetic complications, and she knew that conventional
treatment promised little more than a long, miserable road
to declining health.
Mandys physician had given her the standard diabetic diet
and told her to come back in three months. Her blood
glucose levels remained high and she dreaded the thought
of progressing to medication.
Thankfully, she found and immediately started following Dr.
Bersteins program. In less than two weeks her blood
glucose dropped almost 50%!
Page 2 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks
Warning: Follow the ADAs
High-Carb Diet at Your Own Risk
(It will keep you on diabetes medication for life!)
You will not be able to prevent or reverse diab-
etes if you follow the guidelines issued by the
American Diabetes Association. Those recommend-
ations will rob you of your healtheventually your
eyesight or your limbsand finally your life.
Even the ADA recognizes that bread is as fast-
acting a carbohydrate as table sugar. But do they tell
you to avoid bread? No. According to their excha-
nge system, foods on the Other Carbohydrate
List (which includes cookies, cake, doughnuts, ice
cream, and pie) can be substituted for foods from
the starch, fruit, or milk lists.

Dr. Bernstein maintains that you can exchange
all you likebut the effect on your blood glucose
is the same. It goes up. And it goes up fast.
Meanwhile, your pancreas has to work overtime
to produce more insulin to handle the sugar over-
load. And while it tries to catch up, high blood
sugar is wreaking havoc in your body.
To make matters worse, the more carbs you eat,
the more you want. Overwhelming carb cravings go
hand in hand with insulin resistance and metabolic
syndrome, which greatly increase the risk of
The Ultimate Solution
Dr. Bernsteins solution for preventing and reve-
rsing diabetes is not the typical low-carb diet. Unlike
the Atkins or the South Beach diets, there are no
phases. There are no jump starts or treat days.
His plan is designed to end carb addictionand
uncontrollable cravingsonce and for all. You eat
enough to feel satisfied, but not scuffed. And your
blood sugar stays normalized around the clock.
Needless to say, you eliminate simple sugars and
even sugar-free products from your diet. (Most
sugar substitutes are a fast-acting type of carb that
raises blood sugar immediately when ingested. A
notable exception is stevia, a natural sweetener.)
Grains, milk, starchy vegetables, fruit and fruit
juice, and canned soups are digested as sugar, so
theyre out. Ditto for snack foods and breakfast
Whats left when you stop eating all those carb-
rich foods?
Plenty of good, healthy, real food
that will reverse diabetes and its
frightening complications
Most vegetables and protein-rich foods have virt-
ually no carbohydrates. Cheeses have just a small
amount, and non-meat soy products generally have
6 grams of carbohydrate per ounce.
Lets take a closer look at how Dr. Bernstein and
thousands of his patients have completely erased
the fear of the damage diabetes can do.
The Crucial Difference
Here are two sample meals: one recommended
by the ADA, the other a typical low-carb dinner
following the Bernstein guidelines.

The ADA tells you to make starches the center-
piece of the meal. They define a low-carb diet as
one with 130 or fewer grams of carbohydrates per

Compare that with Dr. Bernsteins definition of
30 grams of carbohydrate per
day6 grams at breakfast, 12
grams at lunch, and another 12
grams at dinner.
American Diabetes Assoc. Dinner Bernstein Guideline Dinner
Pasta w/ vinaigrette dressing 1 cup Steamed broccoli 2/3 cup
Fish 3.5 ounces Salad w/ dressing 1 cup
Granola Bar, Banana Steak 4-6 ounces
Page 3 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks
Before you dismiss that as too spartan, consider
the doctors reasoning
[The ADAs carb limit is] four times higher
than what I recommend and makes it impossible to
maintain [blood glucose] control Until the
creation of flour and bread, humans could not get
anywhere near 130 grams of carbohydrate a day.
Early man did not suffer from obesity and heart
disease and diabetes. He couldnt get enough carbs
to make it possible!
Research continues to confirm the benefits of
Dr. Bernsteins low-carb plan. A study done at the
University of Toronto in Canada in 2009, for exam-
ple, compared a low-carb, high-fat diet (26% carbs)
with a high-carb, low-fat diet (58% carbs, including
whole grains). After 4 weeks, all of the participants
in the study experienced similar weight lossabout
9 pounds.
BUTthose on the low-carb diet also experienc
ed a drop in blood pressure, lower LDL and total
cholesterol, and higher HDL cholesterol, improving
their overall cholesterol ratios.
Diet alone reduced their risk of heart disease in
ust four weeks!

Ultra-Low-Carb is Not Just a Diabetic
DietIts a LONGEVITY Diet!
Dr. Bernstein maintains that an ultra-low-carb
diet is the only answer for diabetics and anyone
with a high risk of developing the disease. That in-
cludes people who are 45 and older, have a family
history of diabetes, or are overweight. In fact, he
asserts that it is the solution to the obesity epidemic
that is destroying the health of more people every
On a truly low-carb diet, you dont get fateven
when you reach the years of the so-called middle-
aged spread. And if youre already fat, you dont
stay fat.
It has to do with insulin.
Insulin is a fat-building hormone. When you eat
fewer carbohydrates, your body produces less
insulin to stabilize your blood sugar. As a result, the
fat you eat is metabolizednot storedand is elim-
inated from your body. With lower blood sugar over
all, even existing body fat begins to melt away.
In Dr. Bernsteins experience, People who des-
paired of ever losing weight, ever having energy,
ever being able to carry on a healthy sexual relat-
ionship, have said again and again the diet was the
main thing that helped them regain control of their
lives. Ive seen people shed 50 or more pounds in a
few months and say they had never before felt in
control of their appetites or their lives.
Prevent or Reverse Diabetes in Just

Diabetes is a killer. It causes all kinds of things
to go wrong with your bodybut since it takes
years to develop, you dont see it happening. The
end result is heart disease, kidney failure, eye
problems, and neuropathy.

Even more frightening, diabetes now accounts
for 70% of all lower limb amputations.
Thats a
high price to payespecially when a simple, safe,
and effective natural solution already exists.

FinallyNormal Blood Sugar
Can Be Yours

Dr. Bernsteins solution puts you back in charge
of your body. No more answering to your doctor, or
dealing with nagging stress over what your blood
tests will reveal. Because when you follow this
method you can expect:

Tight controlno more ups and downs. Just
steady, constant, balanced blood sugar each and
every day.
Automatic weight losswith insulin under
control, you can sit back and watch as the fat just
melts off.
Dependable energywithout the spikes and
crashes, youll be thinking more clearly and
feeling better fast.

Page 4 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks
And while it may sound restrictive and difficult,
remember that youll be eating so many delicious,
rich whole foods you wont even mind cutting carbs
and sugars. By resetting your cravings to a more
natural, more original state, youll enjoy the deep
satisfaction of meals that truly nourish. You might
be surprised at just how easy it is to make fun and
tasty meals that work with the diet.

Try this easy recipe for a Sunday game day meal:

Changing the way you eat and following Dr.
Bernsteins successful diet approach puts you on the
right path. But there are few other simple ways you
can enhance your health and manage your blood
sugar better.

Be Good to Your Gut

Recent evidence suggests a link between
metabolic diseases and gut bacteria.
has shown that gut bacteria can initiate the inflam-
matory state of obesity that leads to metabolic

And now a recent study examined the differences
in gut bacteria between diabetics and non-diabetics.
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen
studied 36 men with a broad range of age and body-
mass indices (BMIs). Half of the men were type 2
After testing all of the subjects gut bacteria,
researchers found that the diabetics had a different
composition of flora. Much to their surprise, gut
flora had a larger correlation to type 2 diabetes than
a subjects BMI.
That means that the bacteria in your gut could
be a bigger factor in determining whether you get
type 2 diabetes than your weight.
The researchers even suggested that measuring
and modifying gut flora could help patients combat
diabetes and other metabolic diseases such as
This study builds on earlier research that linked
gut bacteria and obesity. These studies have found
similarities in bacterial populations observed in both
obese subjects and diabetics.

Try adding fermented foods rich in probiotics to
your diet. Youll also want to include a supplement
that contains multiple strains of both:

Lactobacillus acidophilus (L. acidophilus)
for the small intestine.
Bifidobacterium bifidum (B. bifidus) for the
large intestine.

By resetting your gut flora, you may have the
power to avoidor even correctdiabetes and
Squelch Inflammation
Inflammation plays a big role in diabetes.
Cutting sugars is a great first step to reduce
inflammation, but its important to help your body
with the process.
Vitamin D has a long and positive track record
with diabetes because of its strong anti-
inflammatory effects.
A team of researchers at Warwick Medical
School in the UK conducted a review study on the
Butter-Parm Addiction Wings

This recipe serves 8 and yields only 1.3 grams of
carbohydrates per serving!

4 lbs. chicken wings (preferably free-range and
organic if available)
cup butter
1 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 tsp. dried garlic
2 tbsp. dried parsley
2 tsp. paprika
1 tbsp. oregano
1 tsp. salt
tsp. pepper

Cooking Instructions:
Preheat oven to 350. Pat wings dry with a paper towel
and set aside. Combine all dry ingredients. Line a
shallow baking sheet with foil. Melt the butter.
Drench wings in butter, then roll in dry ingredients
until coated. Place wings on baking sheet making sure
not to crowd them. Bake for one hour. Serve alone or
with a crisp salad.
Page 5 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks
vitamin. They looked at 28 studies with nearly
100,000 participants.
People with high levels of vitamin D saw a 55
percent reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Your body makes vitamin D when sunlight hits
your skin, but most of us (especially in the northern
hemisphere) cant get nearly enough that way.
So without sun exposure youll want to take
vitamin D3 daily. You can get it in liquid or capsule
forms. Its available online or at health food stores.
A common daily dose is around 2,000 IUs, but some
experts say to take upwards of 4,000 to 10,000 IUs
a day.
You can get vitamin D in many foods. Fish like
salmon and mackerel are good sources. If you eat
salmon, make sure its wild-caught. A study from
Boston University says it has the highest vitamin D
content of any fish at 988 IUs for a 3.5 ounce
serving. Youll also be getting omega 3 fatty
acidswhich are the gold standard in reducing
inflammation naturally.
Vitamin D can also be found in foods like nuts,
seeds, oils, and leafy vegetables. But the levels are
much lower.
You may also substantially lower inflammation
and reduce your risk of diabetes by taking both
omega-3 fatty acids and alpha lipoic acid (ALA).
In 2011, researchers at Harvard University
published a ten year study of over 3,000 adults.
After collecting blood samples and following the
study participants for a decade, they found that
those with the highest blood levels of omega-3s and
ALA were significantly less likely to develop
You can find both omega-3 and ALA
supplements in your local health food store and
online. ALA comes in a variety of forms and
dosages1200 mg daily has been used in studies to
provide blood sugar support.
You can boost your consumption of omega-3s by
eating foods like wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, and
grass-fed beef. You should also consider taking a
fish oil supplement. Carlsons lemon flavored is the
brand we recommend. It tastes great and the liquid
is much easier to stick with than swallowing
capsules every day. In the Consumer Labs report,
Carlsons received the highest marks for purity and

It is not just a shame, it is downright criminal
that organized medicine doesnt teach people how
to prevent or reverse diabetes. Typical for
mainstream medicinethe focus is on treating
symptoms of the disease, rather than removing the
root cause.

To see if your efforts at blood sugar control have
been effective, you should regularly monitor your
fasting blood glucose levels. Levels of 95 and
below are best. You can also have your hemoglobin
A1c level checked, which will tell you how your
blood sugar levels have been over the past 3
months. Levels from 4-5.9% are considered normal.

Between the FDA, which supports commercial
farming and the cash crop of high-fructose corn syr-
up...Big Pharma, which has a vested interest in
selling diabetes drugsand the American Diabetes
Association, which has actually accepted funding
from companies that make candy, soft drinks, and
artificial sweetenersthe truth is buried so deep
that it seems impossible for it ever to see the light of

But courageous scientists like Richard Bernstein
will not be silenced. This is a man who fought his
own way to healthand now in his 70's, he still
works to get the word out about the natural, safe,
effective cure for diabetes that he discovered.

His message is loud and clear: there is relief for
diabetes and the horrendous damage it can inflict.
Dr. Bernstein, and the thousands of people he has
helped, are living proof.
Page 6 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks

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