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What you will need

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ollie Ali
What you will need

A computer Soundcard with 1/8
microphone input and headphone output
A digital audio workstation (software). E.g.
Audacity, Cubase, Logic.
A microphone 1/8

output for direct input
into computer sound card.
Headphones 1/8

input for direct input into
computer sound card.

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Ollie Ali

1) Turn on the computer.

2) Plug the microphone into the microphone
3) Plug the headphones into the headphones
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Ollie Ali
4) Open digital audio workstation, in our case

5) Check the microphone level by speaking into
the microphone and observing the sound
input meter.

6) If it is working, you may start recording by
clicking the Record button.

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Ollie Ali
7) Say what you want to record, by speaking into
the microphone, but not too close to avoid

8) When you are finished click the Stop button.

9) Listen to the recording with you headphones
by clicking the play button.

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Ollie Ali
10) Edit the track, by highlighting and deleting
bits you would like to remove by pressing the
delete key.

11) If the volume of the track is too low, add
the normalize effect by going to effect, and
clicking on normalize. This will increase the
volume of the file to a sensible level, without
allowing it to clip.

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Ollie Ali
12) When you are satisfied with the Podcast
audio, you may export the track by going to
file, and clicking export. You want to export it
as a WAV file for the best quality, as it is a
lossless format and therefore does not overly-
compress the file.

13) Save the file in a relevant place with an
appropriate file name for easy finding.

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Ollie Ali
14) Open Adobe Dreamweaver

15) Open the template file, and then load up the pages
you will be adding the audio to.

16) Find the place you would like the audio to go, and
then click Insert, Media, Plugin. Then choose the audio

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Ollie Ali
17) To test it is working, click F12 to open the page as a
webpage. The audio should play.

18) Save the file. You have successfully created a

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Ollie Ali
Frequently Asked Questions

Why isnt the microphone working?
Make sure the microphone level is turned up in
Audacity, the microphone is in the microphone
input port, and then reopen audacity.

Why arent the headphones working?
Make sure the headphones level is turned up in
Audacity, the headphones are in the headphone
output port, and then reopen audacity.

Why wont the file save?
Make sure there is enough storage space in the
desired destination, and that the file name is valid
(not containing any disallowed symbols).

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Ollie Ali
Why isnt Dreamweaver working properly?
Make sure you have created the Site and saved it
to the correct place. This is done by clicking
Manage Sites, name it something, choose the
website folder, and click save.
Why cant I import the audio into Dreamweaver?
Make sure that the file has a WAV or MP3
extension. A FLAC file wont work.

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Ollie Ali

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