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Dr. Samir Shah, PMP, CSM Associate Clinical Professor in Management Information Systems Provost Fellow – INDIA Partnerships Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Center of Teaching Excellence

Email: SNS_107@yahoo.com

Department of Management LeBow College of Business Drexel University Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Phone: (+1) 717-877-6812

Dr. Samir Shah has more than 20 years of progressive experience in various dimensions of information technology management within academia, private and public sectors in USA.

Dr. Shah is currently working as the Associate Clinical Professor within the Department of Management at LeBow College of Business (http://lebow.drexel.edu) at Drexel University (http://www.drexel.edu), Philadelphia, PA. Additionally, Dr. Shah has been named as “Provost Fellow – India Partnerships” to explore the possibilities of academic collaborations between LeBow College of Business and universities in India.

Drexel University has more than 25,000 students and has been ranked among the nation’s 100 best universities for the past five years. The LeBow College of Business within Drexel University is among the elite 20% of business schools accredited by AACSB International.

Prior to Drexel University, Dr. Shah was a faculty member in Information Sciences & Technology (IST) at Penn State University, York, PA. Additionally, from fall 2007-2012 he served as “Director of Commonwealth Campuses India Initiative” at Penn State University where he spearheaded the India Initiative by developing and managing articulation agreements as part of the collaborative twinning degree program between Penn State University’s Commonwealth Campuses and colleges/universities in India. As of fall 2013, almost 100 students from India came to Penn State University under this arrangement.

Penn State University (http://www.psu.edu), with twenty-four campuses, has been named one of the top universities in the world, ranking 49 th , and considered in the top 1% of higher education institutions


active alumni and the largest student-run philanthropic organization on the planet

Penn State has more than 100,000 students, 17,000 faculty and staff members, over 500,000

Dr. Shah’s teaching records both at Penn State University and Drexel University is a testament of his effort to train problem solvers who combine theory with real-world practice and with improved communication, an aspect critical to successful Management Information Systems -related problem solutions. His teaching, particularly through his understanding of multicultural issues, includes orchestration of global classroom projects in his MIS/IST courses by interacting and collaborating with students, faculty, and industry professionals both domestically and globally (particularly, from India).

The purpose here is to see not only how well students in US and India came up with technical solutions but also to provide them an opportunity to learn how to deal with global “management” challenges in terms of project requirements, communication, negotiations, cultural sensitivity, risk tolerance, and the ability to accommodate radically different work patterns.

cultural sensitivity, risk tolerance, and the ability to accommodate radically different work patterns. Dr. Shah Page
cultural sensitivity, risk tolerance, and the ability to accommodate radically different work patterns. Dr. Shah Page

This experience allowed Drexel, Penn State, and students in India to discover the strengths of each other’s educational system and to build a unified approach to the problems set by the real-world customers that enabled them to develop solutions that showed a blend of American and Indian pedagogy. The impact on students typically is remarkable both from the point of of exposure to real-world experts and from the point of an international dimension to these interactions.

In the summer 2013 issue of the LeBow’s Market Street magazine a story titled, “Night and Day – Students Experience Challenges of Outsourcing - http://www.pagegangster.com/p/kExg3/#/page/19of Dr. Shah’s MIS 347 project was published. Stories about this project experience also appeared in one of the premier gujarati newspapers (http://sandesh.com) in India.

Dr. Shah continues to enjoy a well-deserved reputation as a professor and recently received the Distinguished Teaching Fellow award, Center for Teaching Excellence at LeBow College of Business. He also received the Leadership and Innovation Award by Government Technology (http://govtech.com) in 2012. In 2010 he was also the recipient of INDIA EMPIRE NRI (Non- Resident-Indian) Award for Excellence in Software and IT in India. He became the first member of the Commonwealth Campuses to win the University-wide IST Faculty Award during his tenure at Penn State University. The Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania (http://tccp.org) named him as Technology Educator of the Year in 2006.

Dr. Shah’s exemplary track record as a teacher has been complemented by his performance in his record of his scholarship activities and service to the university/professional community. He is involved in advising students, serving on committees, and international academic partnerships.

Dr. Shah’s research interest is to investigate whether the agile software development methods can alleviate some of the challenges associated with the traditional offshore outsourcing of software development. Additionally, his interest is to explore how to effectively use the project management tools and “outsourcing” techniques in managing global information technology projects successfully.

Dr. Shah has presented both individually and jointly at various national and international conferences. His co-authored book chapter, “IT and the Agile Government: The role of Information Technology in improving the efficiency of government functions”, has been published in the book by the Springer Publishing.

Dr. Shah’s leading efforts and industry connections in bringing together top MIS executives as part of the first ever LeBow’s MIS Advisory Board to be inaugurated shortly will surely add values to the growth and quality of the college. Since his arrival at Drexel, Dr. Shah has accepted the role of a SAP-University Alliances Faculty Coordinator where he is responsible for engaging SAP customers and partners on campus in terms of student recruitment, student connections, advisory board contributions, and the faculty support.

At Drexel University he serves as an adviser for Pragathi, the Indian Graduate Students Association at Drexel; committee member of Drexel’s Council of International Programs (CIP); advisory board member for the Business Professors Teaching Summit (LeBow).

In terms of professional community he serves as the advisory board member for the Pennsylvania Executive Leadership Forum (http://www.govtech.com/events/Pennsylvania-Executive-Leadership-

Executive Leadership Forum ( http://www.govtech.com/events/Pennsylvania-Executive-Leadership- Dr. Shah Page 2
Executive Leadership Forum ( http://www.govtech.com/events/Pennsylvania-Executive-Leadership- Dr. Shah Page 2

Forum-2013.html?page=advisory) along with CIOs from the state and local governments of Pennsylvania.

As part of his service Dr. Shah has served on many committees/boards both as part of the university and professional organizations in USA and India. Dr. Shah has also earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from the SCRUM Alliance.

Through his many activities on the teaching, research, and service front the overall impact on his students continues to be remarkable as he helps them to develop not only necessary technical skills but “people” skills at global level which will be helpful to position themselves to be as more “effective” MIS leaders as they make their ways into the industry.

position themselves to be as more “effective” MIS leaders as they make their ways into the
position themselves to be as more “effective” MIS leaders as they make their ways into the