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# Historical source Date Origin of False doctrine # Historical source Date Origin of False doctrine
1 Acts 8:9-21 A.D 33 Simon Magus, after baptism was
rejected by Peter, and possibly is first
18 Tertullian and Origen 210 Develop a doctrine of Trinity,
2 Justin Martyr, Apologia
(A.D. 160)
45 Simon Magus arrives in Rome, sets up
rival Christian church of Babylonian-
Gnostic mixture
19 Tertullian 210 Use of sign of the cross
3 Irenaeus, Adversus Heresies
(A.D. 190)
60 Simon Magus teaches message of grace
vs. law at Rome
20 Hippolytus Refutation
of all heresies
217 Roman Callistus claims church has
power to forgive all sins
4 2 Thes. 2, Peter, Jude,
Epistles of John, Revelation
60-66 Apostles warn mystery religion
infiltrates church. Earliest heresies
were grace vs. law, Gnosticism and
saying the resurrection is already past
by spiritualizing it
21 Origen Homilies Lev.8 248 Mankind born with original sin
5 Acts 20:29-30;
2 Tim. 5:6-8;
Ecclesiastical History

A.D. 324
66 Approx. death of Paul. He had
predicted after his death false teachers
would arise teaching heresies, as was
the case, such as Gnosticism.

22 Cyprian, Epistle 74 250 Roman bishop Stephen claims Mt.
16:18 successor to Peter
6 Hippolytus, Refutation of
all Heresies (A.D. 220)
68 Approx. death of Simon Magus in
Rome, his church continues with
Gnostic Christian elements.

23 Arnobius Adv. Gentes 300 Prayers for the dead mentioned
7 Eusebius, Ecclesiastical
68-70 Death of Peter, fall of Jerusalem,
Church flees to Pella, loss of church
headquarters that weakened Jewish
Christian base, permitting more
Gentile-Gnostic teachings.
24 Council of Arles 314 Roman bishop most glorious
8 Eusebius, Ecclesiastical.
95 Death of John, last obstacle against.
heretics and false leaders
25 Eusebius, Eccl. His. 321 Constantine Decreed Sunday rest
9 Epiphanus, Adversus

Haereses A.D. 378
135 Hadrian defeats Jews, bans Judaism &
Feasts; expels from Jerusalem 15
Jewish Christian bishops
26 Eusebius, Eccl.;
History & Life of
325 Nicean Council backs Easter, Trinity
Roman calendar; Constantine backs
Catholic church & pays clergy, is vs.
other churches & their writings
10 Pseudo-Epistle of Barnabas
(A.D. 135)
135 Sunday observance introduced,
Sabbath day & Jews attacked
27 Eusebius, Life of
330 Constantine moves East, power in
Rome left mostly to Roman bishop
11 Eusebius, Ecclesiastical.
150 Easter mentioned vs. Passover;
Polycarp & Polycrates opposed it.
28 Philocalian Calendar 354 Christmas officially Dec. 25
12 Justin Martyr 160 Bread and wine, now with water, at
29 Henry Chadwick, The
Early Church, p. 161
360 Opulence of Roman Damasus intro.
lavish dress, staff, mitre,

title Pontifex Maximus in A.D. 365
13 Irenaeus,

Adversus Heresies
180 Infant baptism practiced by some,
although widely opposed.
30 Jesse Hurlbut, History
Christian Church
360 Decree to destroy all writings not
backing Catholic Church
14 Theophilus of Antioch,
Apologia Ad Autolycum
180 First time term Trinity is used 31 Synod of Laodicea 365 Canon 29 against Sabbath keeping
15 Irenaeus Adv. Heresies 189 Discussion about infant baptism 32 Imperial Edict;
Council of
381 Emp. Theodosius declares Empire
Catholic, persecutes others; Trinity
16 Eusebius, Eccl. His. 196 Victor of Rome enforces Easter Sunday
& excommunicates disobedient
Eastern churches
33 Ambrose, De
397 Confession to priest & penance
17 Clement of Alexandria
Stromateis (A.D. 215)
200 Teaches immortality of soul,
purgatory, heaven & hell
34 Gregory of Nyssa 394 Daily Mass established
# Historical source Date Origin of False doctrine # Historical source Date Origin of False doctrine
35 Henry Chadwick

The Early Church

p. 168
400s Pagan temples converted to churches,
such as the Roman Parthenon
51 Dec. Pope Leo IX 1050 Mass a sacrifice and obligatory
36 Jerome Against Vigilantius 409 Backs use of candles & relics for
52 Pope Gregory VII 1079 Celibacy of clergy obligatory
37 Council of Mileum II, Canon
416 Infant baptism is required for all
children of Catholics
53 Dominican Alan de la
Roche 1424-1475
1090 Rosary introduced by Peter the Hermit,
later approved by Innocent III
38 Catholic Encyclopedia 440 Pope Leo the Great called the first
Pope for vigorous defense of Roman
bishops supremacy
54 Dec. Pope Urban II 1095 Indulgences begin for crusades
39 Council of Chalcedon 451 Perpetual virginity of Mary adopted 55 Council of Verona 1184 Inquisition formally established
40 Pope Gregory I Letter to
601 Christianization of pagan practices in
Britain. Doctrine of purgatory, prayers
to Mary and saints
56 4
Lateran Council 1215 Transubstantiation, vs. Waldenses
41 Catholic Encyclopedia 617 Boniface III first Roman bishop to
assume the official title of Pope
57 -- Innocent III 1215 Annual confession; 7 sacraments
42 Council of Toledo, canon 41 633 Priests to have a tonsure, or a round
shaving of hair, on crown of their head.
58 Pope Honorius III 1220 Adoration of host (wafer) Mass
43 6
Council at
681 Priests should wear distinctive dress 59 Council of Valencia 1229 Lay persons are officially forbidden to
have or read the Bible
44 Catholic Ency.

Pope Constantine
709 Practice of kissing Popes foot begins
with Pope Constantine
60 Decree Pope Innocent
1251 Protection by a cloth (scapular)
invented by monk Simon Stock
45 Catholic Ency. Pepin the
750 Pope Stephen II given Italian states by
Pepin, king of Franks, on a fraud
61 C. of Constance 1414 Laity not to drink from cup at Mass
46 Second Council of Nicaea 787 Worship of cross, images and relics
now officially authorized
62 Council of Florence 1439 Purgatory officially dogma, doctrine of
7 sacraments needed for salvation
affirmed on pain of death for refusal
47 Decree of Pope Leo IV 850 Holy water with salt, blessed by priest,
comes into use
63 Council of Trent 1545 Tradition is equal in authority with the
48 Dec. Pope Nicolas II 927 College of cardinals formed 64 Council of Trent 1546 Apocryphal books added to Bible
49 Decree of Pope John XV 995 Canonization of dead saints is first
done by Pope John XV
65 Decree Pope Pius IX 1854 Immaculate conception of Mary
official; infallibility of Pope in 1870
50 Decree Pope Gregory V 998 Fasting during Fridays and Lent begins 66 Pope John Paul II 1985 Reaffirms only clergy can forgive sin