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What Drives Us
High quality power system services focused on employee safety and a community oriented corporate culture.
A full range of power system services and an industry-leading team.
The communities where we live and work.
HMI Programming & Design
PLC Applications, Programming & Design
Plant Automation Design
Full Functional Checkout
Field Calibration Services
Loop and Tuning Checks
Equipment Commissioning
Custom Programming
Basic On-site Training
Automation Simulation SCADA Design
Our automation team is lled with experts and professionals
who work closely together to provide our clients with superior
results. We stay on the leading edge of service and technology.
Doble Insulation Power Factor Testing
Transformer Services
- Assembly
- Vacuum dry-out
- Vacuum oil processing services
Specs for Oil Processing Units
- Cryogenic Dry out
- Hot oil circulation
- Transformer oil analysis
SF6 Testing
IR Scan
Our specialty services offer a range of testing and
processing options that dont t into the categories
of our other offerings.
Motor Control Centers (MCC)
Circuit Breakers
Circuit Switchers
Circuit Reclosers
Motors/Motor Starters
Instrument Transformers
Power Transformers
Busways/Bus Structures
Surge Arrestors/Surge Packs
Insulating Oil Analysis
SF6 Analysis
Metering Systems
Protective Relaying
Protective Devices
Grounding Cables
Power Cables
Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, and adhering to national
and international standards, our eld services ensure the safe,
efcient, and reliable operation of any electrical equipment.
Power System Equipment Maintenance
Safety and Switching Operations
Equipment Operation-electrical and Non-electrical Perspective
Protection and Control for Generation and Distribution Systems
Substation Safety
Grounding and Bonding
Power Transformers
Power Cable Terminating, Splicing, and Testing
Motor & Generator Testing
NETA Standards and Specications
We offer a variety of customized training services to meet the specic
needs of each of our clients. We can give your team the experience
that suits them best, whether thats in the classroom or on-site.
Transmission, Distribution & Generation
Protection and Control Schemes
Plant and Utility Distribution
Lightning Protection
Computer Aided Drafting & Design
Systems Studies
Energy Audits
Ground Grid Studies
Power Factor Correction
Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design
Protective Device Co-ordination
Dynamic Stability Studies
Reliability Analysis
Power System Studies
- Short Circuit
- Coordination
- Arc Flash
- Power Quality
- Motor Start-Up
Ground Grid Design
Soil Resistivity
Power System Modelling
- Dynamic Stability
- WECC/NERC Testing & Reporting
Engineering Site Services
- Project Management
- Construction Scheduling
- Equipment Evaluations
- Factory Acceptance Testing
We have a team of experienced engineers that can provide a host of services to a number of different
industries. Through design, analysis, and engineering site services, our well versed staff is willing and
ready to put in an impressive effort for every one of our clients.
Maintenance Work Scope Development & Planning
- Plant routine work processing
- Shutdown & major maintenance planning
- Predictive maintenance using maintenance plans
Project Management
- Project scope development
- Creating and managing project schedules
- Procurement of goods and parts
- Human resources and capacity planning
- Financial Analysis (Estimating, Budgeting, & Forecasting)
- Reporting
Training, Coaching, and Mentoring on Maintenance Processes
and Associated Tools in Industry
Our qualied personnel are experienced at managing maintenance
work, project management, and maintenance training.
95% of projects are with repeat customers,
and most customers use more than one service.
In high and low economic times, employee turnover rate is
consistently well below industry average at 5-7% annually.
Oil & Gas Mining Utilities Public & Government Forestry
AT ORBIS WE UNDERSTAND the needs of the oil & gas industry. Weve satised the power system requirements of
numerous oil & gas clients and have the technical capacity to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Our years of experience
on projects in Canada, the United States, and South America have given us a precise understanding of how our expertise can
translate to your success.
Our service capacity enables us to satisfy any jobs technical requirements.
We have experience on remote and restricted job sites, nationally and internationally.
We use efcient strategies that translate to quality work with minimal downtime.
Service depth to get the job done. On-time and on-schedule.
WE HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE with the power system needs of the mining industry. Our focus on safety has helped
us meet the demanding safety requirements necessary to work in isolated environments, and has allowed us to provide
our clients with timely installations and maintenance. Our project managers have the experience to keep your project on
schedule and the technical expertise to rebound from any set-backs.
Our eld technicians perform quality work to minimize client downtime.
We are safety certied to work in remote and restricted areas.
Our international experience has made us adaptable and knowledgeable.
Providing service to remote and restricted areas.
AT ORBIS WE RECOGNIZE the unique needs of the utility sector and have had success with a number of past projects.
We stay ahead of our industry and stay apprised of the latest technologies and techniques. Orbis is certied by the Western
Electric Coordinating Council and the North American Electric Reliability Council to perform specialty WECC/NERC testing
and reporting. We strive to maintain the latest in safety and technical requirements so that our clients can feel condent
in our abilities.
We have a depth of experience completing projects in the utility industry.
We are meticulously detailed when it comes to safety and procedure.
We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of our industry, in both technology and technique.
Leading in process and practice for power systems.
PUBLIC & GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS such as hospitals, universities, and water treatment facilities have their own specic
needs and challenges. Orbis works with public sector organizations to create projects that can work within set schedules and
budgets. Our teams consist of specialized and experienced personnel that are experts in their elds.
We are experienced with the eld engineering and technical needs of public & government facilities.
Our teams provide timely maintenance services that are conscious of resources and budget.
Our staff are certied and diligent in safety procedures and requirements.
Foresight and versatility to complete any project.
THE FORESTRY INDUSTRY FACES many unique challenges. At Orbis, we understand the importance of plant uptime and the
need for reliable power systems. We are aware of the amount of waste created by unexpected outages, and do everything we
can to prevent downtime so you can maintain production.
Our technicians are skilled at repairing equipment, and can lower your costs by avoiding unnecessary replacement.
We have the capacity to keep costs down while maintaining exceptional quality.
Our years of experience optimizing power systems can reduce power consumption.
Experienced at reducing power consumption.
Every year, Orbis employees drive over
500,000 km to work with clients.
We service two of the worlds largest mining companies, Albertas biggest
utility companies, and all of northern Canadas utility companies.
We service 13 countries: Canada, US, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Oman,
Madagascar, Trinidad, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Egypt, Cuba, and China.
A Dedicated Team
Every member of Orbiss team is equipped to take ownership of the projects theyre working on. We give them time and resources to keep
up with the latest industry knowledge so that they can be condent in representing our high standards.
Safety Focused
Since being incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta in 2001, Orbis has been meticulous about safety. We are a member of NETA Accredited
Companies Certied Technicians (the leader in electrical testing), are certied by the Alberta Construction Safety Association Certicate
of Recognition (COR) process, and have received awards recognizing our strong safety focus.
Community Advocates
Orbiss strong corporate culture is one of inclusion and support. Our team is a family, tight knit and supportive. That support doesnt end
with our treatment of co-workers. We believe we have an obligation to actively involve ourselves in the communities where we live and work.
We contribute time and resources to worthy causes that improve the quality of lives of our communities.
Orbis is an engineering and eld services rm capable of handling the full range of industrial and commercial power system needs.
We set ourselves apart by focusing on knowledgeable employees, meticulous safety protocols, and a supportive corporate culture.
Orbis continues to grow by holding to these values. Our success starts at home, and is transferred into the
exemplary service we offer for all our clients power system needs.
P 780.988.1455 F 780.988.0191 Toll Free: 1-866-88-ORBIS #300, 9404 41 Ave, Edmonton AB, Canada T6E 6G8 orbisengineering.net