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Layne Norton FAQ

Layne Norton Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Compiled by Hypertrophik from the Layne Norton Str8flexed thread at Mu!ular
-pdated$ .anuary /80 +118
Layne Nortons Media on youtube.com
Layne Norton2 liftin3 #id0 home #id0 and other random tuff
#n Laynes $.%. "ork:
#n Laynes "ork:
#n Laynes interest in $o"erli&tin':
#n Li(er )n*yme +alues:
Layne on Ultimate talk radio:
#n Laynes ,tats durin' te -../ 0N1F Mid America Muscle 2lassic o(erall 3een
A typical day &or Layne:
Food 0n&ormation:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n pumpkin as a carb source:
Nutrition Ad(ice &or yout:
#n optimal ratio &or ome'as:
#n Laynes &requency o& eatin' e''s
#n calculatin' carbs durin' re&eed days:
#n di&&iculty to sleep durin' dietin':
#n countin' &at &rom supplements:
#n carb cyclin':
#n bulkin' "it no carbs:
#n "en to take ALA:
#n bene&its o& 2issus:
#n i& Layne takes Aracidonic acid:
#n antio4idant supplementation:
#n Fiber supplements:
#n ,tudies concernin' ,esamin as a &at loss supplement:
#n )4pired 5ey $rotein:
#n /6carbo4y6-6amino676pyroben*ol(789 diol) as a sleep aid:
#n Accelerade:
#n learnin' o" to squat:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n $re(entin' muscle loss durin' MMA trainin':
#n ,quat ,tance:
#n stren'tenin' back:
#n per&ormin' 11 curls :
#n %eadli&ts:
#n trainin' "it soulder problems:
#n stretcin' "ile %2 trainin':
A ,ample o& Laynes Upper body $o"er trainin' day :
#n :est!,oreness "ile per&ormin' Laynes ;ypertropy!$o"er trainin' pro'ram:
#n ;i' 0ntensity 2ardio durin' te o&&season:
$rotein 0n&o:
#n red meat inducin' an insulin response:
#n $rotein denaturin' and te e&&ects on Amino Acids:
,tudy %iscussions:
#n Anti6o4idants! $ro o4idant:
2ontest $rep:
#n "at to do "en pro'ress stalls durin' pre contest prep:
#n cuttin' protein durin' prep:
#n upper body prep &or a contest:
Layne Norton FAQ
3able o& 2ontents
$art A: <eneral Nutrition
#n Fruits and +e'etables
#n =uice $lus (s :e'ular +e''ies
#n s"eet potatoes (s oats
#n :ed Meat:
#n dietary &ats:
#n 1lood $ressure:
2omments on an old scool "ei't 'ainin' sake:
#n 1o"el Mo(ements durin' %ietin':
#n eatin' &at &ree lo" su'ar yo'urt durin' diet
#n pre"orkout &ood:
$art 1: Food 0n&ormation:
Laynes Fa(orite tastin' "ole &ood protein source
2ocoa and 3estosterone le(els
#n orse cestnuts and (ascularity
#n Alcool
#n Ni'ttime nutrition:
#n ni't &eeds:
#n Fast &ood &ried products:
#n 5ater consumption
#n Fiber 2aloric (alue:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Laynes main carb source:
#n Fiber #ne:
#n 5ole )''s and 2olesterol 2oncerns
#n Milk:
#n 2ountin' Fibers durin' %iet:
#n Acesul&ame >:
#n Fruit 2onsumption:
#n ,alt intake:
:e'ardin' )'' quality:
#n )?)>0AL bread
#n Lettuce:
$art 2: %iet $roducts
#n %iet ,odas
#n 2alorie &ree products
$art %: $rotein 0n&o
#n $rotein 0ntake $
#n te need &or $rotein ,akes! #ptimal amount o& $rotein ! 5ole Food (s 5ey
#n A'in' and $rotein 2onsumption:
#n te trend o& more protein is better
#ld scool (s $resent day di&&erences in $rotein consumption
3e use o& Micro"a(es and $rotein %e'radation:
3e use o& Micro"a(es and $rotein %e'radation:
#n $roducts lo" in 2arbs
Absorption o& 12AA "it &ood
)'' (s 2asein $rotein be&ore bed
#n ,oy $rotein
#n %i!3ri!lon' peptides di'estion and assimilation:
#n countin' protein &rom carb sources:
#n <luconeo'enesis a&ter lar'e consumption o& protein:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 2icken (s 1ee& bioa(ailabilty
#n <emma $rotein
#n $rotein Absorption:
#n <emma bein' equi(alent to soy:
#n "en to take 5ey 0solate:
#n Muscle 'ro"t:
#n 5ey ;ydrolysate:
;eatin' ! 2ookin' and $rotein quality:
#n buck"eat &raction protein:
<eneral $rotein!12AA questions :
#n amounts o& sake layne uses a day:
#n $rotein requirements! $)$30%)6bound amino acids (s &ree &orm amino acids
#n $rotein $o"ders:
#n %enaturin' e'' protein:
#n 2e"in' and denaturin':
#n $rotein Frequency
#n $rotein Absorption:
#n 2alculatin' protein requirements:
$art ): 12AAs
#n 5y te pre&erence o& 12AA o(er 5ey in $5# sakes
#n 12AA Absorption
#n 12AA dosin':
#n 2aloric +alue o& @tend! 12AA e&&ect on insulin
#n 2ountin' 12AA to"ards $rotein requirement:
#n 1ene&its o& Leucine ! 12AA
#n 12AA 3imin':
#n bene&its o& 12AA supplementation:
#n 5y Layne likes 12AA supplementation:
:ecommended 12AA dosin':
#n 12AA supplementation on a ti't bud'et
122A (s )AA
$o"der 12AA (s 2apsule 12AA
Layne Norton FAQ
#n sippin' 12AAs
%o 12AA bea(e like creatine in terms o& ,aturation! Ma4imum amount o&
recommended 12AA
#n durin' "orkout nutrition:
#n Usin' Leucine as a replacement o& carbs in $5# nutrition durin' lo" carb
12AA timin' issues $
#n te need o& 12AAs:
#n 12AA e&&ecti(eness durin' >eto'enic diets:
#pinion on di&&erent 12AA products:
#n 12AA stability!$otency in ,olution:
#n %issol(in' 12AAs
#n usin' 5ey and 2arbs (s. 12AA and 2arbs:
#n cyclin' $rotein and 12AAs:
#n te e&&ects o& )AA! 12AA on >eto :
#n 12AAs and Fastin':
#n 12AA dosin' bet"een meals:
#n studies tat su''est compositional can'es "en supplementin' "it
#n sippin' 12AAs:
3roublesootin' 12AA dosin':
#n determinin' 12AA amounts:
$art F: $re!$ost 5orkout Nutrition
$re 5orkout meal:
#n $re"orkout meals:
#n $eanut butter in $5# sakes:
#n de4trose in $5# sakes
#n "ole &ood consumption a&ter a $5# drink
2omments on a $5# drink
#n ni't time $5# meals :
#n di&&erences bet"een $5# carb sources
#n 2arbs be&ore!durin'!a&ter trainin':
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Laynes $ersonal $5# sake
#n durin' "orkout sakes:
#n 5M, in $5# sake:
2omments on carb source in a $5# sake:
#n $5# sakes durin' a 2ut:
#n recommended amount o& su'ar in $5# sakes:
#n Leucine in $5# sakes:
#n Milos ,arce( durin' "orkout sakes:
#n $rotein sources &or $5# sakes:
#n carboydrate intake "it $rotein $ost "orkout
3roublesootin' Foam in $5# sake
#n a(in' - $5# meals:
$art <: ,tudy %iscussions
Modulation of mu!le protein metabolim by bran!hed7!hain amino a!id in normal and
mu!le7atrophyin3 rat&
8imin3 of amino a!id7!arbohydrate in3etion alter anaboli! repone of mu!le to
reitan!e exer!ie
8he 9ffe!t of :rotein and Amino A!id Supplementation on :erforman!e and 8rainin3
Adaptation "urin3 8en ;eek of <eitan!e 8rainin3
Caffeine i er3o3eni! after upplementation of oral !reatine monohydrate&
=n mixed7mu!le fra!tional ynthei rate >FS<?
$art ;: 3rainin':
#n le' trainin':
#n squats and lo"er back:
#n Upper back:
#n restin' bet"een sets:
#n o(ertrainin':
#n rep!set scemes:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n ;i' +olume trainin':
#pinion on routine by 36nation:
Frequent trainin' and ,oreness:
Li't %ay "orkout
#n 2est de(elopment:
Laynes 5orkout =ournal:
#n 2al(es:
#n circuit trainin':
#n Layne per&ormin' 3raditional squats:
#n squats &or 'lutes and ams:
#n "armin' up:
#n Laynes %ynamic delts routine $
3ou'ts on a le' routine:
#n inner ti' de(elopment:
Quad elp
#n splittin' le' routines:
#n te e&&ects o& calistenics on reco(ery
#n "orkout e&&ort:
#n &ront squat &orm:
#n 3otal 1ody 3rainin':
#n takin' a "eek o&& &rom trainin':
#n trainin' adaptation:
#n $us!$ull!Le's routine:
#n layne per&ormin' deadli&ts "it a trap bar:
#n squat &orm:
#n Laynes "orkout sceme:
#n 3rainin' till &ailure:
#n ack squats:
#n <lute am raises (<;:) :
#n "orkout duration:
#n la''in lats:
#n trainin' metodolo'y durin' te -67 "eek cut :
#n (astus medialis trainin'
#n ,prints &or quad s"eeps:
#n ;ea(y!Li't trainin' :
#n +olume trainin' durin' dietin':
Layne Norton FAQ
#n soulders bein' stron'er tan cest:
#n nutrition a&ter a sprint "orkout:
#n %2 trainin':
#n $recontest trainin':
#n increasin' "ei'ts on deadli&ts:
#n laynes pre&erred "orkout :
#n 'au'in' "orkin' sets:
#n %umbbell lateral raises:
#n 2aloric intake &or la''in' parts! ;i' intense cardio durin' bulkin'
#n %eloadin':
#n e4pandin' te ribca'e:
#n ;003 "it "ei'ts:
#n >nee ei't rack deadli&ts:
#n incorporatin' an' cleans and po"er cleans to "orkout routine:
#n abdominal trainin':
#n 1ack "idt:
#n MMA trainin'
#n Ma46#3 trainin':
#n :est days:
#n $ro'ressi(e o(erload ! +ariety:
$ost contest trainin':
$art 0: 2ardio
#n )mpty ,tomac 2ardio:
#n doin' ;003 and lo" intensity cardio
#n per&ormin' cardio ri't a&ter "ei't trainin':
#n te AFat burnin' ?oneB
#n 2ardio bein' catabolic:
#n $er&ormin' 2ardio to reduce body&at durin' a cut:
;003 (s Lo" intensity cardio
#n 5eter or not ;003 Aburns muscleB or not:
#n an )&&ecti(e ;003 $rotocols:
#n 0ncorporatin' ;003 "it a speci&ic 5ei't li&tin' routine:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n $ost ;003 Nutrition
#n ;003 durin' a precontest cut:
#n per&ormin' ;003 on a bike:
#n drinkin' a sake "en doin' ;003
#n Ma46#3 cardio 0nte(al trainin' ! $ost 2ardio nutrition
#n oter &orms o& 2ardio
=o'!sprint!Co' &or your cardio ;003
#n ;003 on a track
<eneral ;003 questions
#n ;003 soreness
#n re'ulatin' carbs!calories on cardio "en bulkin'
#pinion on te <6Flu4 &rom 1erardi:
#n ,ubstrate Utili*ation durin' cardio
12AAs around lo" intensity cardio
#n 2ardio durin' te 9 "eek 1ulk! - "eek 2ut protocol
#n te 5ind!$aracute sprint:
#n carb intake accordin' to di&&erent &orms o& 2ardio
$art =: ,upplementation
#n Aracidonic Acid
#n Liquid aminos (s $o"der aminos
#n +itamin 1 ,upplementation
#n 1anned 2ompounds!,upplements:
#n )stro'en 1lockers
#n 5ey $rotein
#n +itamin and Minerals
,upplements &or 1ulkin' to pre(ent e4cess Fat 'ain
#n %iuretics
#n M23 (Medium 2ain 3ri'lycerides) ,upplementation
#n 1#%D #23AN) by MAN ,ports :
#n ,teroids
#n ,upplements tat Layne 3akes
#n #me'a 7 ! E ,upplementation:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n :eco(ery )n*ymes:
#n 2a&&eine Use
#n MyAlli #32 &at loss aid
#n F6>eto %;)A le'ality
#n reco(ery ,upplements
#n 2issus:
#n Antio4idants:
#n Li(er pills:
#n Leucine supplementation "it 12AAs
#n <u''elsterones
#n Abdominal &at reduction:
#n Usinic A20%:
#n ;o" to take Fat 1urners G 5en to do cardio
#n Fat burners administration
#n 1olus $rotein dosin'
2reatine and >eto'enic diets
#n Fis #ils
#n %L6$enylalanine ,upplementation
#n penylananine and ar'inine and teir e&&ects on insulin secretion
#n 5indo" o& #pportunity
#n <lycerol ,upplementation
#n Fat loss capsule administration
#n Arms sakin' durin' trainin'
#n 2LA
#n Acetyl6L62arnitine
#n N# supplements:
2reatine "it 5M, (s %e4trose
#n $rimal N-.
L6Ar'inine Absorption
+asocar'e +s $rimal N-.
L6Ar'inine and <; le(els
#n <lucose %isposal A'ents (<%As)
#n :ed 5ine!<rape pytonutrient bene&its:
#n +anadyl ,ul&ate (<%A)
#n $roormones
#n 2reatine 5ile 2uttin'
Layne Norton FAQ
#n ,timulant use and its association "it cortisol le(els
#n #il supplements:
#n mi4in' "ey "it carbonated "ater:
#n 2issus:
#n %;)A
5M, (s +itar'o:
#n "at to e4trapolate leucine dosin' to
#n 2itrulline Malate
#n <lutamine as a 'lyco'en :esyntesis a'ent 2omments on tis study: )&&ect o&
oral 'lutamine on "ole body carboydrate stora'e durin' reco(ery &rom
e4austi(e e4ercise
#n 1eta6Alanine
#n natural t6boostin' supplements:
#n Nettle root )4tract:
<eneral supplement in&ormation:
#n $rima&orce 12AA dosin' :
#n Ar'inine and #rnitine 2ombo
#n Ar'inine absorption "it oter aminos
#n Anabolic $ump and Dello" <old
#n @tend durin' cardio and post "orkout
#n 3yrosine %an'ers:
#n >6:6ALA :
#n @tend 0n'redients:
#n %ialene 9 &lusin' :
#n ALA
2omments on a ,peci&ic ,upplement ,tack:
#n ALA supplementation durin' te - "eek cut protocol
#n +itamin ) to4icity:
#n an e&&ecti(e supplement stack
#n 5M,:
#n %i'esti(e en*yme supplementation
#n ,esamin!ALA!2romium!<%A durin' 1ulkin':
#n N6Acetyl 2ysteine
#n $eptopro A;ydrolysed 2aseinB
#n Multi(itamins
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 1eta6Alanine dosin':
,peci&ic ,upplementation: 2reatine:
#n 2reatine:
2reatine durin' &at loss pases
#n >re6alkalyn
2reatine and contest day:
#n 2a&&eine and 2reatine:
#n :e'ular 2reatine Monoydrate (s mirconi*ed 2reatine MonoydrateH
0s su'ar required &or creatineH
#n 2reatine 1rands
#n 2reatine Loadin':
#n 2reatine ,tability :
#n ;o" muc does Layne $ersonally consume 2reatineH
#n 2yclin' 2reatine:
#n 2reatine durin' last "eek o& contest prep:
2reatine and <lutamine consumption:
,peci&ic ,upplementation: ,ci(ation $roducts:
@tend and 5$0:
#n %ialene 9 :
$art >: >eto'enic %iets:
#n >eto'enic diets:
#n %a(e $alumbos %iet
#n )&&icacy o& >eto'enic %iets:
2omments on a speci&ic keto'enic protocol
#n arti&icial ,"eeteners and >eto'enic diets:
#n metods to deli(er creatine more e&&ecti(ely durin' >eto'enic diets
Layne Norton FAQ
#n $eanut 1utter and $rotein 0solate $ost "orkout
;ittin' te "all "it >eto: - cases
<luconeo'enesis and >eto'enic diets
,olute Load on >idneys durin' keto'enic diets:
%ebate on no bull radio :
#n 2ardio "ile on >eto:
#n 3rainin' durin' >eto'enic %iets :
12AAs and >eto'enic diets
$art L: %ietin':
#n maintainin' &at loss a&ter a lo" calorie diet:
#n researc tat studies te e&&ect o& &at 'ain "en returnin' to maintanence &rom a
restricti(e caloric cut.
#n =oint $ain durin' %ietin'
#n te 2ut %iet:
#n %a(e $alumbos diet:
#n te 1ody &at ,etpoint:
#n te Metabolic %iet:
#n te book sliced:
#n calculatin' macros:
#n countin' Fiber durin' dietin':
#n 1ulk 2yclin':
#n Fat calories:
#n Leucine durin' dietin':
#n :e&eeds:
#n carbs durin' te ni't:
#n $5# sakes durin' -67 "eek cut:
#n trainin' durin' dietin':
#n 2arbs durin' bulkin':
#n 2arb timin':
#n ceatin' durin' dietin':
Layne Norton FAQ
#n metabolism slo"in' durin' dietin':
#n Leptin
#n #&&season bulkin'
#n )''s:
#n Females &ollo"in' te contest prep article 'uidelines:
#n droppin' calories &or contest prep:
#n spreadin' carbs durin' a lean bulk:
#n countin' &iber:
#n 2aloric cyclin':
#n laynes 1ulkin' article:
#n addin' "ei't:
#n te setpoint teory:
#n stimulants durin' dietin'
1ulkin' on a bud'et:
#n li(er!kidney support supplements:
#n coosin' a diet &or contest prep:
#n dietin' books:
#n type o& &oods durin' dietin':
#n Fat stora'e
#n introducin' carbs "ile on >eto!lo" carb diets:
#n carbs around cardio:
2ereal durin' dietin':
#n "y cereal durin' dietin':
#n carb types around cardio
#n bein' an autor o& I,ci(ations8 ,o"time 2ut %ietI
#n maintainin' muscle mass durin' a cut.
#n 2ardio: 3imin' ! 0ntensity
#n >eepin' Fat 'ains to a minimum durin' a bulk
$art M: 2ontest $rep
Laynes 2ontest $rep article:
#n per&ormin' ;003 and lo" intensity cardio:
#n Laynes pre(ious articles re'ardin' lo" intensity and ;003 cardio:
#n te 2ut diet:
Layne Norton FAQ
3ou'ts on a pre contest diet:
#n a(oidin' certain &oods be&ore contest:
#n nutrition durin' contest day :
#n Last "eek o& 2ontest $rep:
#n ,odium Loadin':
#n countin' sodium! applyin' preparation ;:
#n readCustin' te contest prep diet "ile on it &or a "ile:
#n (e''ies durin' contest prep:
#n ;003 durin' contest prep:
#n startin' a keto diet:
#n di&&erences &or trainin'!dietin' bet"een natural and steroid usin' bodybuilders:
#n stayin' dry &rom pre6Cud'in' till e(enin' so":
#n countin' &ood durin' #&&season and precontest:
#n 2arbonated "ater ! %rinkin' soda durin' contest prep:
#n ma4 amount o& carbs "ile dietin':
#n di&&erent approaces &or contest prep:
#n Masters o(er J. contest prep:
#n $otassium
2omments on sodium loadin' &rom laynes contest prep article:
#n indul'in' a&ter te so":
Questions re'ardin' te cut diet:
#n 'ettin' more (ascular
#n carbin' up // days be&ore a so":
#n cuttin' "ater:
#n 2arb Loadin' ! cuttin' "ater
#n droppin' "ater and sodium be&ore a so":
#n cuttin' "ater a &e" days be&ore te so":
#n peakin' &or multiple contests:
$art N: 1ody &at measurements:
#n ,kin&old 2alipers:
#n caliper types:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n con(ertin' mm to K
#N %@A (%)@A):
$art #: $ost 2ontest
#n trainin' post contest:
#n bloatin' post contest:
#n transition to o&&season &rom competition:
#n resettin' metabolism:
#n un'er post contest:
#n o&&season post contest:
$art $: Miscellaneous
#n creatin' custom diets:
#n spot reduction:
<ood 'yms by te U o& 0llinois Urbana!2ampia'n
#n purcasin' supplements:
#&&season!contest stats:
Abs (isible durin' o&&season:
#n natural testosterone production:
Natural Federations:
Future competition plans:
#n competin' in te N$2
N<A posin' duration :
Laynes %+%:
2areer i'li'ts:
#n smokin'!drinkin':
Layne Norton FAQ
#n takin' $roormones!$rosteroids!banned ,ubstances:
#n 3rainin' "ile sick:
#n &uture plans:
0nter(ie" "it Layne:
Layne Norton FAQ
$art A: <eneral Nutrition
#n Fruits and +e'etables
;o" many ser(in's o& &ruits and (e''ies sould a natural bodybuildin' a(e at least
a dayH ;o" muc do you 'et o& tem a dayH any ceap supplements you recomend
to &it more (e''ies in a diet since it may be an incon(enience to eat tem sometimesH
!ook em up ahead of time& Ae33ie B fruit a 'ell a fiber i pretty mu!h in#erely
!orrelated 'ith e#ery type of dieae you !an e#er think of& C try to ha#e at leat *
er#in3 per day&
plu it keep ya re3ular
#n =uice $lus (s :e'ular +e''ies
"ats your opinion on Cuice plus layne 8 "ould you e(er dis out 9. bucks a mont
&or te stu&&H or "ould you rater pound your dam (e''iesH Also8 "at are te best
(e''ies to a(e on a re'ular basisH
C 'ouldn2t pend the money
a a 3eneral rule0 mot often 'hole food are better than iolated !ompound
#n s"eet potatoes (s oats:
%o you pre&er s"eet potatoes or oatsH
C like oat Dut be!aue C like the texture better
#n :ed Meat:
;o" o&ten you eat red meat
C eat lean red meat probably *75x%'eek0 maybe more
#n dietary &ats:
%o you eat &at "it e(ery mealH
;ell0 it2 pretty impoible to eliminate fat no matter 'hat food you eat
#k8 let me reprase8 do you eat a &at source like almonds!pb "it e(ery mealH
No0 C don2t
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 1lood $ressure:
%o beta blockers a(e any e&&ect on &atloss!muscle 'ainH My dr "ants to put me on
tem &or my i' 1$8 but id like to a(oid it and lo"er it naturally.
C !annot foree any impa!t that E7blo!ker 'ould ha#e on fat metabolim&
C al'ay u33et tryin3 to lo'er blood preure naturally unle it i pretty hi3h and then
you Dut 'ant to 3et it under !ontrol&
My A(era'e readin' is /9. o(er L. or i'er. 0 li&t "ei'ts 769 times a "eek8 and 9
days o& cardio 7. min sessions on te treadmill at a moderate pace. My diet !onit
o& around /J.' protein8 under /..' carbs8 9.' &ats. not sure about te sodium
8ry lo'erin3 odium do'n to /511m3 per day and ee if that help
%o you a(e any &iles or studies tat pro(e to my doctor tatH
A 6 ;i' protien le(els are not 'oin' to kill a person
1 6 3at creatine
/ 6 %oes more tan Cust Iold "aterI
- 6 0s not 'oin' to destroy is - "ell &unctionin' ealty kindneys.
8he blood le#el he 'ill find 'ill upport the do! a hi3h protein diet ele#ate li#er
enFyme but that i C=M:L989LG FCN9& 8hey are only marker2 of kidney%li#er
dyfun!tion and do not !aue it&
8ell him to read thee arti!le
8ell him to ak the do! to !ite peer re#ie' literature to upport hi !laim&
He 'ont2 be able to0 and 'hat2 more0 he2 a dentit& C doubt he took !omplex metabolim
!oure&&& o tell him to keep hi noe in hi o'n fu!kin3 buine lol& Gou 'ouldn2t ee
me 3oin3 around tryin3 to 3i#e people root !anal&
2omments on an old scool "ei't 'ainin' sake:
Layne "ould you use &or a "ei't 'ainin' sakeH
0 eard o& te old scool Cu' metod but "asnMt sure i& it "as a 'ood ideaH
Layne Norton FAQ
0 'uess it "at old bodybuilders used be&ore "ei't 'ainer "ere sold as
/!- 'allon "ole milk
- cups no su'ar added ice cream
- cups ea(y "ippin' cream
/E o* cotta'e ceese
- bananas
E "ole e''s
E scoops o& "ey protein
9 31,$ natural peanut butter
%rink it 7 times day 503; meals not as a replacement
8hatH pretty ridi!ulou and a 3ood 'ay to 3et fat
#n 1o"el Mo(ements durin' %ietin':
5en dietin' is it normal to a(e only / or - bo"el mo(ements a "eekH
=n u!h a lo' !arb diet your fiber i 3oin3 to be #ery lo' o it 'ouldn2t uprie me
0 a(e read places tat tis is a si'n o& lo" metabolism... any trut to tisH
No& poop i 817@1I old JC !ell that ha#e been repla!ed& the other /17+1I i ba!teria
and #ery little i undi3eted material >bulk fiber0 et!?
8he fa!t that you are eatin3 le 'ill redu!e JC !ell turno#er and the fa!t that you are lo'
!arb 'ill redu!e the turno#er of the !ell moreK thu0 le fe!e&
Ha nothin3 to do 'ith metabolim and ho'e#er the idiot are 'ho ay nonene like
that0 they need their fa!e rubbed in ome poopy
#n eatin' &at &ree lo" su'ar yo'urt durin' diet
Layne8 do you a(e a problem "it eatin' &at &ree lo" su'ar yo'urt "itin a
bodybuilin' dietH i like to mi4 it "it my oats but "onderin' i& eatin' it e(eryday
"ould not be a 'ood idea.
Nothin3 'ron3 'ith that&
#n pre"orkout &ood:
0 kno" its a "ole &ood meal but o" lon' be&ore your "orkout do you eatH.
C eat /7+ hour pre 'orkout
Layne Norton FAQ
$art 1: Food 0n&ormation
#n pumpkin as a carb source:
5at are your tou'ts on pumpkin as a carb sourceH Not pie or pie mi4 but pure
pumpkin puree.
Not ure0 ha#enHt really looked at it mu!h
Nutrition Ad(ice &or yout:
0 coac yout &ootball in te &all and 0 a(e some kids "o a(e trouble makin'
"ei't8 i ne(er really 'i(e tem any speci&ic tin's to eat it ends up more or less o&
"at not to eat8 tis year 0 a(e parents comin' to me askin' &or ad(ice to keep
teres kids "ei't in ceck8 do you a(e any ad(iceH
Cut out the oda and !ut out the !andy& 8hat hould do it
#n optimal ratio &or ome'as:
"at is te optimal ratio o& ome'as (ie 6 ome'a L: ome'a E: ome'a 7 :: E:7:/)
C think *$/
#n Laynes &requency o& eatin' e''s
%o you eat e''s o&tenH
C eat them e#eryday uually
Laynes Fa(orite tastin' "ole &ood protein source
Layne Norton FAQ
5at is your &a(orite &orms o& &ood to 'et ur protein (not &or nutrition6"ise but &or
taste) 0m curious.
For tate( probably a 3ood teak
2ocoa and 3estosterone le(els
i "as readin' an article on bb.com and it said tat te &ats and cocoa are realyl 'ood
&or testosterone le(els. you a(ent eard anytin' about tisHHH
that i nonene& you !an2t ha#e your fat too lo' or tet 'ill drop that2 true& but the
notion that eatin3 a bun!h of bad fat i 3oin3 to raie your tet in a doe dependant
manner i a dumb tatement
#n orse cestnuts and (ascularity
ey layne i read sometin' in &le4 about orse cestnuts to brin' out your straitions
and (eins "ats your take
Sound like trai3ht up nonene
#n Alcool
Question : tis a onest question sorry i& it o&&ends you. do you drink alcool in te
o&& seasonH
An'er$ o!!aionally i2ll ha#e a beer or t'o& Gou kno' al!ohol i a!tually Luite 3ood for
you in mall doe0 it2 Dut 'hen you ha#e 5 or more drink you ha#e pre!ipitouly bad
Question : ,o in small amounts8 like say / beer "it a meal... once or t"ice per "eek
(o&&season ob(iosly) does tat not a(e any ne'ati(e e&&ect on testosterone or <;
An'er$ no0 le than + drink per day in a normal 'ei3ht peron i not 3oin3 to ha#e any
ne3ati#e health effe!t that C !ould poibly !on!ei#e of
#n Ni'ttime nutrition:
layne 8 Cust "anted to ear o" you 'o about ni'ttime nutrition 8 do you take any
time released protein 8 "ole &ood8 carbs ect.H
C ha#e a 'hole food meal0 uually a meat '% ri!e or omethin3 or perhap oatK then 'hen
i 'ake up to pee >C 'ake up e#ery ni3ht pretty mu!h ame time? C do'n ome xtend
Layne Norton FAQ
>ECAA? B a protein bar then 3o ba!k to leep
#n ni't &eeds:
lol 'hy not( Gou 'ouldn2t 3o 8 hour durin3 the day 'ithout eatin3 'ould ya(
0 am lookin' into te metobolic diet to see i& it "ill "ork &or me. #n te dairy issue 0
must be te only one ere(or seem to be) "ere dairy does not bloat me8 'i(e me te
sits8 or old "ater. %oes tat only appen to people "o are lactose intolerantH
Ct motly happen to la!toe intolerant people0 but many people alo ha#e aller3ie to the
peptide in milk like the la!talbumin and C kne' one 3irl 'ho 'a e#en aller3i! to
#n Fast &ood &ried products:
=ust a question re'ardin' nutrition. ,peci&ically: 0 notice places like Mc%Ms ad(ertise
te &act tat tey deep &ry in ealty oils. 0snMt tis totally pointless as te eat
destroys te 'ood oils and turns tem into trans &atsH
C2m not really ure0 but healthy oil are only healthy to a point and at the Luantity they are
uin3 it2 all unhealthy&
#n 5ater consumption
#n te topic o& "ater8 is drinkin' 7 'allons o(erkillH
-nle you are an enduran!e athlete 'orkin3 out in the heat0 ye
#n Fiber 2aloric (alue:
0 did a bit o& searcin' and establised tat insoluble &iber pro(ides no ener'y and
soluble &iber all told ends up 'i(in' about - cals per 'ram. %oes tis sound ri't to
#n Laynes main carb source:
layne "at do you eat as your main carb sourceH
C don2t really ha#e a main one&&& i ue a bun!h of different our!e
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Fiber #ne:
ey layne u tink &iber / "ould be ok &or a carb source to replace oatmeal!s"eet
potatoe H
Fiber one i fine
;ey dude8 ope youMre "ell.
#n 5ole )''s and 2olesterol 2oncerns
0s tere a 'uideline &or ma4imum number o& "ole e''s a day (Cust concerned about
o(erdoin' te colesterol)H 0s E too manyH
Honetly0 your !holeterol le#el are mu!h mu!h moreo determined by li#er produ!tion
of !holeterol& Ct i #ery mu!h a 3eneti! thin3& 8ypi!ally people 'ith lo' !holeterol
'on2t in!reae their !holeterol o#er the lon3 term e#en if they eat more& 'hera omeone
'ho ha hi3h !holeterol !an lo'er dietary !holeterol and till ha#e ele#ated !holeterol
be!aue their li#er !ompenate by produ!in3 more& C think you !ould ha#e 4 or * 'hole
e33 per day and be ok
#n Milk:
5asnt sure "ere to ask tis so came ere. Not a &an o& milk at all makes me sick
most o& te time. ,o 0 put Nt 2ontient ,oy Milk in my protein sakes prob -67
times a day is tis urtin' me in any"ay or is tere anoter alternate
Ha#e you tried la!toe free milk(
#n 2ountin' Fibers durin' %iet:
Anyo"8 iM(e 'ot a question re'ardin' carb countin'. 0 am eatin' 3rader =oeMs ;i'
Fiber cereal8 itMs Cust "eat bran and a &e" oter tin's in it8 per ser(in' itMs 'ot -7'
o& carbs8 and L' o& &iber. 5ould 0 count tat as /9' o& carbs since te &iber doesnMt
actually count as carbs8 or "ould it count as -7' re'ardlessH
Contrary to popular belief0 fiber SH=-L" !ount& Fiber i not aborbed a a !arb0
ho'e#er oluble fiber i fermented in the lo'er intetine and reaborbed a hort !hain
fatty a!id and thu you till 3et almot ALL the !alorie from fiber& >it2 about
4k!al%3ram a oppoed to *k!al%3ram 'ith !arb?&
#n Acesul&ame >:
Layne Norton FAQ
0 "as "onderin' i& youM(e done any researc or kno" anytin' re'ardin' te
arti&icial s"eetener Acesul&ame >H 0tMs o&&ered in te &la(orin's &rom "ere 0 order
protein and "as "antin' to kno" your tou'ts on its sa&ety.
C ha#e not een any e#iden!e that it i dan3erou
#n Fruit 2onsumption:
;ey Layne8 do you tink tat is okay to eat &ruit8 0 usually 'o &or apples and
bananas8 "en bulkin' or are tey stored as &at too easily
they are fine in moderation ye
Layne 0 am a nattie as "ell 8 0 "as "onderin' "at your &eelin's on &ruit are 8
mainly bananas 8 apples 8 'rapes 8 peacesH
C think fruit i fine in moderation
#n ,alt intake:
;ey Layne. ,omeone Cust posted an article re'ardin' salt (sodium cloride
speci&ically). 0t said tat salt doesnMt cause ypertension (only e4acerbates it) and
tat bodybuilders donMt eat enou' and sould be eatin' "ay more &or reasons
includin' enanced anabolism8 "orkout per&ormance and simply to make te
pysique look better. 0t also said not to "orry about eatin' too muc as te e4cess is
Cust &lused out in urine. 5at are your tou'ts about tisH %oes salt not
contribute to te ardenin' o& te arteriesH
For mot people thi i true& today2 odium intake i Dut tommoro'2 output& Eut C2m not
Luite ure ho' it !ould be anaboli! by takin3 more&&& in!e the body 'ill Dut in!reae it2
o'n output lolK 'hoe#er aid it 'a anaboli! defeated their o'n ar3ument by brin3in3 up
the fa!t that erum odium le#el are o ti3htly re3ulated >another reaon 'hy it2 tupid
and futile to deplete them for a !ontet?
ho'e#er about /1I of the population are odium reponder and a hi3h odium 'ill
indeed permanantly in!reae their blood preure and they do need to monitor their
odium intake
:e'ardin' )'' quality:
For te e''s8 besides te stress8 0 "as also tinkin' in terms o& "at!o" muc o&
te crap cickens are &ed8 is passed trou' te e''. And e(en "orse i& te e''
"ould be to some e4tent used in kind o& a pur'in'! e4cretin' purposeH
C 'ouldn2t 'orry about it bro
Layne Norton FAQ
#n )?)>0AL bread
Layne8 are your tou'ts a'ainst )?)>0AL bread positi(e or ne'ati(eH
Nothin3 'ron3 'ith it
#n Lettuce:
3ere is no suc &ood tat actually uses more calories to burn due to di'estion tan
"at te &ood actually contains in calories correctH 0M(e been told by a pro& in
uni(ersity tat tere is no suc tin' and people seem to tink lettuce is a &ood tat
can acie(e tis.
A far a di3etion&&& lettu!e hardly ha ener3y in itK but your body doe 3et ome from itK
albeit #ery little
$art 2: %iet $roducts
#n %iet ,odas:
Layne "at are your tou'ts on calorie &ree be(era'es "en dietin' suc as diet
pepsi8 sams club carbonated "ater8 and "al mart calorie &ree drink mi4esH 2an you
drink too mucH
Layne Norton FAQ
8hey are fine0 diet oda are the bet appetite uppreant i2#e e#er ued lol& A 'ith
anythin3 moderation i key0 but C ha#e drank * or 5 a day 'ith no ill7effe!t in term of
fat lo
#n 2alorie &ree products
%o you tink ttp:!!"alden&arms.com! products are ok to use "en cuttin'H 3ey
say tat teir peanut butter spread and &ruit spread is calorie &ree. 5at do you
8hoe are fine0 C ue them
$art %: $rotein in&o
#n red meat inducin' an insulin response:
I0s it true tat red meat "ill cause an insulin response8 i& so o" muc as compared
to carbs8 and is tis no carb insulin source 'oin' to stop ketosisHI (0m not doin' a
Layne Norton FAQ
keto'enic diet8 Cust curious) 2an you please e4plain tis mecanism or direct me to
a scienti&ically (alid ans"er.
/7Almot anythin3 you eat 'ill 3i#e a bit of an inulin repone& 8he amino a!id leu!ine
i kno'n to do thi a 'ell& <ed meat ha a hi3her leu!ine !ontent than ay !hi!ken&
Nothin3 to 'orry about&
+78hat 'ould be the monophai! releae of tored inulin ho'e#er no ao!iated
pan!reati! produ!tion 'ould o!!ur& Cm not that mart but Laney i& Cn repon!e to a
Luetion on phenylananine and ar3inine timulatin3 inulin e!retion0 Layne aid0
MGe they !aue the body to e!rete tored inulin& Ct i different from a !arb indu!ed
e!retion ho'e#er a !arbohydrate !aue a biphai! releae& /t the dumpin3 of tored
inulin and then the pan!rea manufa!ture inulin until the 3lu!oe i !leared& Ar3inine0
phenylalanine0 B leu!ine only !aue a monophai! repone of dumpin3 of tored inulin0
but no in!reae in pan!reati! produ!tion of inulin like !arb do&22
you both are !orre!t
,o "ere does te body store insulinH
Eeta7!ell of the pan!rea
#n $rotein denaturin' and te e&&ects on Amino Acids:
;ey Layne8 0 told @ tat it "ouldnMt matter tat "ey 'ets eated8 because it "ill
e(entually become denatured any"ay in stomac acid durin' di'estion. 3is "as is
"Then why on God's green earth would you want to denature it twice?
Unless you are entering a contest to see how many amino acids you can destroy in your
protein before it gets to the small intestine.....LOL
If that was the case then why don't companys that mae !"I #ust denature it to begin
with. !hat would be the purpose of cold microfiltration to raise $ of bioa%ailable
protein. !hat would be the purpose of buying the highest $ and purest protein.
Layne Norton FAQ
If you coo whey protein your gonna destroy some of the aminos. &ow many? That
depends on how high the heat and how long you coo it. 'o not all the aminos get
destroyed( but then once you eat it( stomach acids during digestion will destroy e%en
more aminos. It only maes sense to me that( the more aminos you ingest intact( the
more aminos that will sur%i%e the digestion process( the more aminos your body will
Dour tou'tsH
L=L& denaturin3 a protein ha nothin3 to do 'ith 2detroyin3 amino a!id2 'hat the hell i
he talkin3 about& Gour toma!h ha , molar >uper hi3h !on!entrated? hydro!hlori! a!id0
if that doen2t detroy the amino a!id0 then no 'ay in hell heatin3 doe& Amino a!id are
uually #ery #ery table0 you 'ould ha#e to do omethin3 #ery drati! to 3et them to
break do'n& 2denaturin3 it t'i!e2(& C take it he doe not undertand the meanin3 of
2denaturin32 Ct mean the protein unfold& Cf it unfold on!e0 it !an2t unfold a e!ond time
unle it refolded L=L&
#n $rotein 0ntake$
Dou mentioned tat no studies a(e e(er pro(en tat more tan /' o& protein!lb o&
body"ei't is any more e&&ecti(e... but do you tink tat tis could possible be
because o& te lack o& intensity8 and or (olume tat te studied subCects in(ol(edH
0 Cust ask8 because in most studies it seems to me tat it is ard and rare &or tem to
a(e a 'roup o& people "o train like serious!ardcore bodybuilders or stren't
A!tually in mot tren3th athlete they find they ue protein more effe!ti#ely and thu
2need2 le& Ho'e#er0 the real Luetion i doe eatin3 more pro#ide metaboli! benefit(
8hat ha yet to be een& Mot of thee tudie ha#e looked at nitro3en balan!e 'hi!h only
tell you 'hether a peron i anaboli! or !ataboli! and doen2t really 3i#e you an idea to
the de3ree they are and it alo doen2t let you kno' 'hat tiue are retainin3 or loin3
the nitro3en& 8he other method i 'hole body amino a!id fluxe0 eentially uin3
Layne Norton FAQ
2labeled2 amino a!id iotope and lookin3 at 'hat tiue they flux into and out of& 8he
problem 'ith both of thee i they do not a!!ount for re!y!lin3 of the amino a!id 'ithin
#ariou tiue0 nor do they take into a!!ount that tiue like the 3ut turno#er #ery
rapidly and o mu!h of the 'hole body flux of amino a!id i from the 3ut& Skeletal
mu!le turn o#er !omparati#ely lo'ly and thu ha mu!h maller effe!t on 'hole body
amino a!id fluxe& For example0 the reear!her 'ho !on!luded !aien i better than
'hey looked at 'hole body amino a!id fluxe and !on!luded that !aein redu!ed
breakdo'n better than 'hey&&& E-8 8H9G L==N9" A8 ;H=L9 E="G :<=89CN
E<9AN"=;N0 'hi!h tell you #ery little about the breakdo'n o!!urrin3 pe!ifi!ally in
keletal mu!le& Cn order to 3et 3ood information you ha#e to look at fra!tional rate of
ynthei and de3radation 'ithin the keletal mu!le 'hi!h /? i mu!h more diffi!ult +?
more expeni#e 4? reLuire more kill and *? reLuire a biopy& 8hu it i often not ued
in tudie&
Cn our lab 'e are meaure fra!tional ynthei rate& 8'o main Luetion 'e are lookin3
at i /? ho' mu!h protein at a meal doe it take to maximiFe protein ynthei( +? ho'
lon3 doe the effe!t lat 4? ho' lon3 after an initial meal !an you tri33er ynthei a3ain&
8hi 'ill likely be the !rux of my :h" thei& A far a your Luetion0 'e imply don2t
kno' a of no'&
#n te need &or $rotein ,akes! #ptimal amount o& $rotein ! 5ole Food (s 5ey
Layne8 "at is your take on omittin' protein sakes and bars &rom daily
consumptionH 3rue enou'8 most all po"ders are pre6dis'ested8 manu&actured
dietary supplements8 but 0 tink te (alue o& tem cannot be denied. A&ter all8 tere
is te con(enience &actor o& tem8 plus proteins a(e come a lon' "ay &rom te L.Ms8
as tey ad &rom te N.Ms8 and so on. 0 tink te bi''est tin' &or me is "antin' to
include tem &or tese t"o reasons:
/. C eat ei't times a day. At te su''estion o& someone else8 0 cut out protein
supplements (at least &or tis &irst mont to see o" my body takes to it)8 and am
lookin' entirely to "ole &oods to 'et my protein intake. 3e problem "it tat is
tat eatin' ei't "ole &ood meals a day is not really a'reein' "it my stomac8
especially considerin' tat 0 no" a(e to eat more calorie dense meals. ,o8 &or me8 it
is a bi' elp con(enience6"ise8 because 0 can time e(erytin' muc better8 AN% 'et
my protein requirement. And &or te record8 0 a(e set my protein ratio at -' o&
protein per / lb. o& body"ei't &or a 'rand total o& 7E.' daily. 9J' spaced out o(er N
meals does not sound so bad8 but considerin' tat 0 do not al"ays meet tis
requisite8 protein sakes elp to &ill in te remainder. My sakes normally ran F.'
-. 5ile 0 understand te importance o& co(erin' all bases by usin' "ole &ood to
make te best o& (aryin' amino acid pro&iles8 do protein sakes (certain products8
any"ay... my re'ulars "ere tese type) not a(e speci&ically en'ineered pro&iles tat
cannot be ad trou' re'ular &ood8 ence te importance o& a(in' tem in te
&irst placeH
Layne Norton FAQ
0 ask you because you are a i'ly re'arded natural ere on M%.com8 and &rom
readin' your posts8 you a(e a (ery si*eable kno"led'e base8 and 0 am al"ays
"illin' to learn more. My apolo'ies &or bein' lon' on "ords "it my questionin'8
but tat is Cust o" 0 am.
no need to !ut out protein hake&&& unle one ha a la!talbumin eniti#ity and then they
hould be limited
/& C think your protein intake i too hi3h& C ha#e literally pent the lat 8 year of my life
tudyin3 protein and more re!ently my tudie at the 3raduate !hool le#el ha#e been
pent tudyin3 protein ynthei and metabolim in depth& 8here i Dut no e#iden!e that
anythin3 o#er /3%lb i benefi!ial for anabolim and there i e#iden!e that 3oin3 too hi3h
!an a!tually redu!e the anaboli! repone& C 'ould miti3ate your intake to /&53%lb& 8he
problem 'ith many bodybuilder i that 'e ha#e thi Mmore i betterM or Mall or nothin3M
ideal& Cf in!reaed protein i 3ood0 then a 8=N M-S8 E9 J<9A8O Another example i
#itamin& Cf you are defi!ient in a #itamin it !an limit 3ro'th0 but takin3 a ton of #itamin
in2t 3oin3 to enhan!e 3ro'th and yet many bodybuilder take aburd amount of #itamin
like #itamin C& ;hat they don2t realiFe i that by takin3 too mu!h of !ertain #itamin and
mineral you !an a!tually 3et many ne3ati#e effe!t and in the !ae of #itamin C0 if you
take too mu!h it !an a!tually a!t a a pro7oxidant intead of an anti7oxidant& More i not
better0 better i better&
+& Shake are not 2needed2 per ay but there i alo no reaon to !ut them out& A far a
ha#in3 profile that are better than 'hole food0 'hey ha probably the bet profile in
term of bioa#ailability and leu!ine !ontent and there i tron3 e#iden!e that leu!ine i
the only amino a!id that !an independently timulate protein ynthei
#n A'in' and $rotein 2onsumption:
A you a3e your body be!ome le eniti#e to amino a!id o it take more amino a!id
to 3et the ame effe!t0 if you are 3oin3 to 3o that mu!h lo'er on proteinK i 'ould u33et
upplementin3 'ith leu!ine or a ECAA produ!t 'hi!h 'ill help make up for the redu!ed
timulatory effe!t from bein3 le eniti#e to amino a!id and for the fa!t that you2#e
Layne Norton FAQ
redu!ed protein& Cf not then C 'ould in!reae protein to about +113K and C 'ould make fat
about +5I of !alorie0 then make up the ret of your !alorie from !arbohydrate&
#n te trend o& more protein is better
0 &ind tat all protein products are pretty muc useless as it is simple to 'et adequate
amounts in a -...6-L.. caloric tresold. Most people o(erconsume protein &or no
apparent reason oter tan paranoia.
C a3ree that mot do o#er !onume protein out of paranoia but protein po'der !an be
ueful for !on#enien!e if nothin3 ele0 or if omeone i a #e3etarian0 or ha !ertain food
aller3ie that may pre#ent them from 3ettin3 protein from typi!al our!e
#ld scool (s $resent day di&&erences in $rotein consumption
;ey Layne do you tink old scool bodybuilders at all tat protein because tey
didnMt a(e muc kno"led'e on bcaaMs. 0 'uess "at 0 am askin' is some people
belie(e more is better &or protein but "it leucine(and oter bcaas) you 'et more
protein intake as opposed to takin' in a u'e amount o& protein in opes tat te
le(el uptake is te same. %amn 0 con&used my sel&.
-J. 'rm protein Gleucine (s 9.. 'rm o& protein no additional bcaas
:artly0 but C think bodybuilder no' take in more protein than they did ba!k in the day
3e use o& Micro"a(es and $rotein %e'radation:
does micro"a(in' your meats de'rade te proteinH
ye0 o doe any kind of !ookin30 but that doen2t mean hit0 your body de3rade them
durin3 di3etion too& Gou end up hydrolyFin3 all the protein into the indi#idual amino
a!id any'ay o it doen2t really matter
2ool tanks i Cust read a couple studies about it and "anted to 'et your opinion. i
make J days "ort o& cicken at a time and Cust pop it in te micro "en needed so
tis concerned me a little
No0 it2 no bi3 deal&&& i ne#er undertood 'hy people made an iue out of it in the firt
"ile "eMre on te topic o& protein de'radation8 a old roommate o& mine used to
Layne Norton FAQ
make ot cocoa "it is cocolate "ey protein and micro"a(e is sakes until tey
"ere steamin' ot. 0 told im tat e probably souldnMt do it since it could
denature te protein but e said e didnMt 'i(e a sit. 1ut you are sayin' its not
really a bi' deal any"aysH
Ct i abolutely no deal 'hatoe#er& Gou ee protein are lon3 !hain of amino a!id that
are linked to3ether by peptide bond& 9a!h protein fold into it2 o'n natural
2!onformational2 hape dependin3 upon the eLuen!e of the amino a!id !ontained 'ithin
it& Heat and a!id 'ill both denature protein 'hi!h mean they 'ill unfold from thi
!onformational tate& Ho'e#er0 thi doe not 2detroy2 the protein0 it imply !aue it to
unfold& 8he amino a!id remain inta!t and are till a#ailable& .ut to make my point that it
doe not matter if you denature a protein0 look at 'hat happen durin3 di3etion& :rotein
are expoed to !on!entrated a!id in the toma!h >, Molar Hydro!hlori! A!id? 'hi!h 'ill
denature almot ANG protein& Cn the mall intetine the denatured protein i then !lea#ed
into indi#idual amino a!id0 di0 and tri7peptide& So a you !an ee0 denaturation i a
natural part of di3etion and in the end it really doen2t matter any'ay if you denature a
protein be!aue it end up bein3 !lea#ed any'ay&
0 a(e been addin' 5ey protein to my #atmeal in te mornin' and 0 eat it up in
te Micro"a(e &or about a minute. 0 "as "onderin' i& micro"a(in' te 5ey mi't
cause it to breakdo"nH
i belie#e i ha#e an'ered thi in depth before in thi thread you mi3ht try ear!hin3 for it
for a more in depth reply& and no it hould not affe!t it
#n $roducts lo" in 2arbs
do you kno" o& any 'ood M:$Ms or protein po"ders tat are lo" or dont a(e carbs
but i' in protein "it a balance o& &atsH 0(e been doin no carb and im 'ettin' sick
o& te same &oodsO /- "eeks is too lon'O
by nature mot M<: are 2meal repla!ement o they upply a !omplete meal of
pro%!arb%fatK i do kno' optimum ued to ha#e a M<: !alled Mprotein dietM that only had
like 53
Absorption o& 12AA "it &ood
0n studies by 3ipton P 5ol&e8 Usin' E' )AA pre6"orkout stimulates te protein
syntesis (a&ter "orkout) by muc more tan "ey (-J.K i& 0 remember correctly).
3is is i& usin' it on an empty stomac since its te &ast uptake tat probably is
responsible &or tat e&&ect. 0s it te same "it 12AA:sH 2an tey be taken to'eter
"it &ood or "ill tat slo" do"n and diminis te e&&ectH
food 'on2t lo' do'n the aborption& Cn fa!t there 'a a tudy done lookin3 at ECAA
alone #& ;hey alone #& ECAA P ;hey and the latter 'a the bet
)'' (s 2asein $rotein be&ore bed
Layne Norton FAQ
5ic is better to a(e be&ore 'oin' to bed8 is it casein or e'' protein8 0 donMt see
people recommend too muc e'' protein and it kind o& con&uses me since e''
protein last a lot in te intestines Cust as casein protein (0 belie(e itMs F ours).
0s it &or te "ater content and its relation to o" muc your testosterone can 'o
do"n "en a(in' too muc "ater be&ore bedH or is it sometin' elseH 0s tere a
problem i& 0 eat my re'ular /- e'' "ites be&ore bed (besides bad taste)H
e33 #& !aein i plittin3 hair CM=
#n ,oy $rotein
,oy protein8 any myts8 trut or idden dan'ers "it it....H
oy i fine& you2d ha#e to 3o uper hi3h intake to ha#e ne3ati#e effe!t& the only people
'ho hould be 'ary are pot7menopaual 'omen
Eut purely ane!dotally anythin3 that help you 3et 'arm fater i a 3ood thin3 and
additionally0 anythin3 that make you feel better ie 3i#e you poiti#e feedba!k >nothin3
like lookin3 Da!ked in a ti3ht hirt to fire you up lol? i 3oin3 to enhan!e your 'orkout&
aked Layne about Soy be!aue out of a hand full of people0 C repe!t only a fe'O >;hen
omeone ha been in the port upplement buine a lon3 a C ha#eQ'ellQC ha#e the
up mot repe!t for Layne and Eodyfx+? and to debunk the myth of Soy eem neededO
,oy as a bad rap. Most AtinkB tat soy raises )stro'en!Lo"ers 3est le(els and can
arm our tyroid output. 1ut tis only appenes "en soy consumed in u'e
amounts. Most studies on ;uman subCects so" tat tis is &alse. 1ut surprisin'ly
most dont kno" is tat ,oy $rotein is a relati(ely a rapid actin' protein8 "ic
results in rapid urea e4cretion. 3issues e&&ect mostly by soy "as not muscle8 but
rater splancic!internal or'ansO ,o it is not as e(il as most say it is. ,mall amount
are elp&ul &or males i& taken. 0 am sure Layne can e4pand &urter as e is te man
(no pun intended).
yea0 8ra!y Anthony at -SC >C !ollaborate '%her lab? did an experiment 'here they 3a#e
'hey or oy pot 'orkout and looked at rate of protein ynthei& 8hey found no
tatiti!al differen!eK but both 'ere 'ay better than 'heat& Soy i a!tually pretty hi3h in
Am = 2lin Nutr. -..F AprQNJ(9):/.7/69..
)onsumption of fluid sim mil promotes greater muscle protein accretion after
resistance e*ercise than does consumption of an isonitrogenous and isoenergetic soy+
Layne Norton FAQ
protein be%erage.
CH#e een the latter tudy and that 'a free li#in3 'ithout tra!kin3 total !alorie intake o
'hile it i interetin30 it i not !on!lui#e& 8he firt one !ertainly i interetin3& C !onider
+ !oop of oy a a pretty hi3h doe& C don2t think many people take oy in that amount& C
belie#e mot bodybuilder 3et reidual oy throu3h protein bar0 meal repla!ement0 et!
'here the !on!entration i pretty lo'& At that !on!entration C doubt it i a problem&
#n %i!3ri!lon' peptides di'estion and assimilation:
;ey Layne8 "at do you tink o& %a(eMs statement tat di and tri peptides are more
easily assimilated tan &ree6&ormH
they are aimilated faterK not ure about 2eaier2 depend upon 'hat your definition of
2eaier2 i
"y "ould 12AAs be pre&erential to plain old "ey isolateH 0s it because te body
utili*es primarily 12AA durin' e4erciseH
Ee!aue 'hey i in lon3 peptide& o it reLuire e#en more di3etion
,o te peptides di'est slo"er yet assimilate &asterH o" is tat possibleH
8here i a differen!e bet'een lon3 peptide and di B tri peptide
,o "at i& 0 ad some pure "ey isolate 7. minutes be&ore cardio instead o& 12AAH
"ould it be as e&&ecti(e since it ad time to di'estH
.ut ha#e both
#n countin' protein &rom carb sources:
=ust a curious question. %o you calculate te amount o& protein comin' &rom your
carb sources alon' "it your protein as your total protein count &or te day. 0Mm
assumin' no...H
Abolutely& <ead my 2protein myth2 arti!le in the firt iue of e7M"
#n <luconeo'enesis a&ter lar'e consumption o& protein:
Layne Norton FAQ
0n 2arlon 2olkerMs )4treme Muscle )nancement8 e mentioned ("itout a
re&erence e4cept it "as a study per&ormed at U62 1erkeley) "ere /..'rams o&
protein "as in'ested8 e made no mentions o& speci&ics... but e said te researcers
&ound tat JJ6'rams o& o& te /.. 'rams o& protein in'ested became carboydrate
trou' 'luconeo'enesis
%oes tat sound ri'tH 0 mean e4cess protein becomes carboydrate ri't8 but is it
really at a KJJ6percent ratio (ob(iously tat ratio 'ets i'er as te amount o&
protein in'ested 'ets i'er...)
8hat ound ri3ht to me& C am a!tually urpried it 'an2t hi3her
#n 2icken (s 1ee& bioa(ailabilty
0 "as "onderin' o" "ell your body uses red meat8 0 kno" cicken is more 1io 6
a(ailable8 but 0 cant stand it. My butcer sells te steroid6ormone &ree bee&. 0 eat /
to - pounds o& lean 'round bee& a day it seems to be "orkin' 'reat. 0 "as Cust
"onderin' is my body actually able to use te protein e&&ecti(ely.
CHm not ure if !hi!ken i more bioa#ailable& C think they are both about the ame
#n <emma $rotein
Layne your opinions (i& any at all) on tis ne" protein source &or bodybuilders8
'emma protein . Link: ttp:!!""".trueprotein.com!$roductR%...idS--PpidSEN/E
3e only reason 0 used 3$Ms site is tey a(e all te amino and nutritional break
do"ns &or you."ould be insi't&ul. Nobody as a really 'ood re(ie" article on it
online 0 could &ind like ,oy8 5ey8 2asein8 and )<< proteins.
0Mm sure tat oter suppliers carry it. ,eems as i& manu&actures are lookin' into an
alternati(e &or dairy proteins because o& te risin' costs (0Mm sure tere are oter
&actors as "ell).
CtH a uitable repla!ement for !aeinK ho'e#er0 it2 around 51I lo'er in leu!ine than
'hey C think& 8he reaon the pri!e 'ent up i be!aue a plan in Ne' Realand that made
about *1I of the 'orld2 'hey !loed do'n&
#n $rotein Absorption:
0 did some ceckin' and no its about te same. Usin' 3$Ms 'uide a scoop contains
-.-- < o& Leucine and usin' my #ptimum <old ,tandard 5ey ba' &acts pannel its
Layne Norton FAQ
-.J. 3ats about te same Cust a &e" m' di&&erence. 0Mm sure tis "ould still be
considered a Ii' in bcaaMs protein sourceI like "ey.
0 didnMt kno" te absorption "as so slo" tat it "ould ne'ate it &rom bein' a 'ood
pre6"orkout protein tou'H
As 0 understand it:
5;)D T )<< ! ,#D T 2A,)0N ! <emma (H). 3is is in terms o& absorption rates.
5ey S - ours
2asein S -6F ours
)'' and ,oy &allin' some"ere in bet"een...
%# 0 a(e it ri'tH
aborption in2t a bi3 of a deal a people think& ;hey i a!tually i3nifi!antly lo'er
di3etion 'hen you !ombine it 'ith !arb B fat& Cn my reear!hK 'hey '% !arb B fat 'ill
keep amino plateaued for 4 hour and they 'ill tart fallin3 off after that but at 5 hour
pot meal they are till ele#ated abo#e baeline
#n <emma bein' equi(alent to soy:
Any"ays8 "ould you consider <)MMA S ,#D &or te most partH 0ts also plant
sourced so 0 assume it also as iso&la(onesH
Not ure
#n "en to take 5ey 0solate:
layne "ic meals do u su''est 0 use "ey protein isolate &orH 0 eat E times a day
and i donMt take a post "orkout sake i Cust 'o ome and eat8 sould i a(e "ey as
soon as i 'et ome and eat oatsH 0 eat pre6"orkout meal a our and a al& be&ore
"orkout sould i take "ey "it oats ere tooH and "ey &or break&astH
C think 'hey pot 'orkout i fine0 but really i Dut ue it 'hene#er i need to 3et ome
extra Lui!k protein in
#n Muscle 'ro"t:
%o you belie(e tere is an upper limit to o" muc muscle mass8 naturally8 a body
can accrueH 0 mean8 i& one "ere to continually pro(ide ample stimulus to te muscle
&ibers to 'ro"8 and pro(ide a caloric surplus "atMs to stop inde&inite pro'ress....0
Layne Norton FAQ
am al"ays earin' about Inatural limitsI or &illin' ones I'enetic potentialI but in
most cases it seems people Cust 'et (ery com&y "it eatin' maintenance calories and
li&tin' te same "ei'ts tey a(e been li&tin' &or years8 and tat maybe tat is te
true reason tey arenMt 'ettin' bi''er as opposed to some Inatural
Ct2 probably an aymptoti! 3ro'th !ur#e& Meanin3 'hen you firt tart liftin3 you 3ro'
#ery fat for a period of time0 then it lo'0 then the 3ain 3et lo'er and lo'er and
lo'er& C don2t think they e#er top o lon3 a you !an tay healthy and eat ri3ht and keep
3ettin3 tron3er0 but they Dut be!ome #ery lo'& No' on!e you hit *1751 you probably
aren2t 3oin3 to 3ain mu!le after that Dut be!aue #ariou fa!tor tart 'orkin3 a3aint
you$ redu!ed inulin eniti#ity0 de!reaed tetoterone0 et!&
8hat aid0 #ery #ery fe' people e#er rea!h their 23eneti! potential2 mot Dut ue the term
a a !op out&
0 a(e not been able to &ind AND3;0N< "it re'ards to a M'eneral rule o& tumbM
"it re'ards to te amount o& muscle tat a nattie can put on.
0 realise tat tere are a u'e number o& (ariable due to
biocemical!'enetic!pysiolo'ical indi(iduality8 but 0 tou't "it your researc
back'round8 tere must be a rou' ball park &i'ure8 Cust as tere is te 'eneral
'uidelines o& a / k' loss o& &at per "eek.
of #ariable due to bio!hemi!al%3eneti!%phyiolo3i!al indi#iduality0 but C thou3ht 'ith
your reear!h ba!k3round0 there mut be a rou3h ball park fi3ure0 Dut a there i the
3eneral 3uideline of a / k3 lo of fat per 'eek&
'ell typi!ally the abolute max amount of amino a!id that !an be depoited in tiue per
day i about 57/13& So let2 ay you max that at /13 per day& /1S4,5 ) 40,51 3ram&
4,513%*5*3ram per lb ) 8&1* lb& No' that i dry tiue 'ei3ht& Skeletal mu!le i only
about 41I dry tiue and 61I 'ater& o if 8&1* i di#ided by &4 you 3et about +,&8 lb per
year& No' ob#iouly thi i not et in tone but C think it2 probably afe to ay anythin3
o#er +5741 lb of L9AN tiue 3ain per year 'ould be !loe to impoible to a!hie#e
'ithout anaboli!&
#n 5ey ;ydrolysate:
0s tere really any bene&it to usin' 5ey ydrolysate. 2an you 'et a 'ood $5#
sake "it Cust 5ey 2oncentrate and 0solate. 0 ear ydrolysates talked about so
muc but is it o(erypeH
Layne Norton FAQ
I,m not layne( but i thin as far as !hey )oncentrate and Isolate go as a "!O shae(
there #ust fine( -uic digesting protein which is good. .lso /caa's are e*cellent pre and
post worout. I also use protein shaes if i need to up my protein intae( as I find them
a -uic way to get protein in. .s long as you stic with your basic nutrition im sure
you'll be fine. !hat people forget to remember is that( all these supplements are good(
but nothing beats good old nutrition which comes your food( chicen breast( eggs( fish(
beef etc....0proteins1.../ac in the day( bodybuilders didn,t ha%e a big range of
supplements which we use now days( this #ust goes to show( its all about hard training
and the basics2
C a3ree 'ith thi0 thou3h i do think 'hey may be o li3htly better than food our!e due
to it2 di3etibility B hi3h leu!ine !ontent
;eatin' ! 2ookin' and $rotein quality:
Layne8 %oes te eatin' or cookin' "it "ey or "ey!casein a&&ect te quality and
bene&its o& te proteinH 0 like to mi4 "ey po"der "it my oatmeal and "ondered i&
te eat as a ne'ati(e e&&ect.
hort an'er$ no
#n buck"eat &raction protein:
Layne8 5at is te story "it buck"eat &raction protein8 ie: >emistry $ro2oreH 0s
it a (iable protein sourceH 5at are your tou'ts and opinions.
Ct i #iable& <eear!h eem to u33et i may be a 3ood alternati#e for !aein
<eneral $rotein!12AA questions :
/. 0Mm a little con&used by tryin' to read some o& te literature ri't no" on te
di&&erence bet"een a protein and a 12AA. My understandin' is tat a protein "as a
12AA. 2an you clari&y te di&&erences &or meH 5at makes one better tan te
oter in certain time &ramesH
-. #ne o& my &riends in te o&&ice "ere 0 "ork as asked me about o" bene&icial
i' le(els o& protein "ould be to a person "o li&ts only t"ice a "eek8 but does
triatalons. 0 could only tell im about te &at 0 lost usin' a i' protein!lo" carb
diet and li&tin' because 0 limited my cardio to te minimum 0 needed &or my unit
Layne Norton FAQ
$3. %o you a(e any ad(ice re&erences &or me to 'i(e to imH
7. 0 made my 'oal &or meetin' "ei' in requirements &or te pysical &itness test8
and "ant to add carbs back into my diet. Actually 0 a(e started puttin' carbs up
(aryin' /..6/J.'!day &or te last se(eral days. 0s tere a appy medium bet"een
mass buildin' and dietin' suc tat 0 can continue to lose &at!lo(eandles and build
some cra*y muscleH
/& protein i made up of amino a!id& ECAA are a !ate3ory of amino a!id&
think of protein a a buildin3 made up of bri!k& Eri!k are thoe amino a!id&
ECAA are a !ertain type of bri!k
+& &eatin3 a hi3h protein diet better enable your body to run on endo3enou our!e
of fuel 'hi!h i 3reat for an enduran!e athlete& Ct alo help 'ith mito!hondrial
4& no not really& if you 'ant to build i3nifi!ant mu!le you are 3oin3 to ha#e to
o#ereat at ome point& Cf you 'ant to loe fat you are 3oin3 to ha#e to diet& Gou
!annot o#ereat and diet at the ame time& Gou may build mall amount of mu!le
but you aren2t 3oin3 to build 2!raFy2 mu!le&
#n amounts o& sake layne uses a day:
o" many times a day do you usually take a "ey sakeH
on!e maybe t'i!e& i2d take it 5x per day if i 'a in a pin!h
#n $rotein requirements! $)$30%)6bound amino acids (s &ree &orm amino acids
Layne but "at do you tink o& a(in' a i'er protein intake &or a macronutrient
balanceH 0& you need o(er E.. carbs to 'ain sometin' (like meQ -/ 4 b"
maintenance) 8 /4 b" protein "ill lea(e me at like -J 'rams o& protein per meal. 0&
im eatin' N. 2arbs o& pasta &or e4ample &or a $$5# meal8 tere "ill be about /7
$rotein 'rams in te pasta8 lea(in' about te same amount o& cicken protein to be
eaten ((ery little cicken and "ould seem like an unbalanced meal). 0 kno" you deal
"it it by eatin' less meals "it more protein eac meal but i canMt ima'ine eatin'
so many carbs in one sittin'8 te F meals i eat no" are bi' enou'...
yea then you !an 3o hi3her if you 'ant to my point ha al'ay been more protein
probably in2t bad but it !ertainly in2t 2needed2 a o many 23uru2 prea!h
Layne Norton FAQ
thi i from an arti!le i 'rote
"epite the numerou poiti#e benefit to ECAA upplementation0 there are many
kepti! 'ho u33et that ECAA are o#erpri!ed and that one !an Dut in!reae their
!onumption of 'hey protein 'hi!h i ri!h in ECAA& -nfortunately thi i not the !ae&
8he ECAA in 'hey are peptide bound to other amino a!id and mut be liberated
throu3h di3etion B aborbed into the bloodtream to exert their effe!t& 9#en thou3h
'hey protein i relati#ely fat di3etin30 it till take e#eral hour for all the amino a!id
to be liberated B aborbed into the bloodtream& ECAA in upplement form ho'e#er0
are free form ECAA and reLuire no di3etion and are therefore rapidly aborbed into the
bloodtream0 pikin3 blood amino a!id to a mu!h 3reater extent than peptide bound
amino a!id& 9#en a fe' 3ram of ECAA 'ill pike plama le#el of ECAA to a mu!h
3reater extent than a 413 doe of 'hey protein0 impa!tin3 protein ynthei and protein
de3radation to a mu!h 3reater de3ree& 8he reaon a upplement ha u!h a po'erful
effe!t on blood le#el of ECAA i that unlike other amino a!id0 ECAA are not
metaboliFed to a i3nifi!ant extent by the mall intetine or the li#er0 therefore an oral
upplement i more like a ECAA inDe!tion in!e it rea!he the bloodtream o rapidly&
%a(e $alumbo ad tis to say about your article:
M ;o" does e e4plain te &act tat $)$30%)6bound amino acids are more easily
absorbed tan &ree &orm amino acidsH 0n &act8 ,cott 2onnelly (te in(entor o& Met6
:4) is comin' out "it a ne" product (a ne" company) tat contains 5;)D
F:A230#N, tat stimulate protein syntesis better tan anytin' pre(iously
Later on he aid
M0Mm not a bi' belie(er in 12AAMs. 3e trut is tat %0 and 3:0 $)$30%), are
more easily assimilated and absorbed tan are &ree &orm aminos. 0& you take in E
solid meals containin' i' quality protein8 your amino acid le(els in your
bloodstream sould al"ays be su&&icient to support muscle 'ro"t and repair. 5ill
it urt to take temH #& course not. 0s it (italH 0Md say noOI
0Md be (ery (ery interested to ear your tou'ts on tis Layne because "ile 12AA
are 'rilled into us as bein' important (&ree &orm tat is). Maybe tat statement is
o(er ypedH 2an you re&ute tis researc tat $laumbo seems to be re&errin' to tat
says di!tri peptides are better sources o& 12AAs tan &ree &orm. ;ydroly*ed 5ey T
&ree &orm 12AA 0 take it is "at e is 'ettin' at.
'ell di7peptide and tri7peptide are aborbed more rapidly due to the 3reater pre!en!e
of a tranportor for them0 ho'e#er0 it appear ECAA !an be tranported #ery rapidly a
'ell >mot likely be!aue 'hen you take b!aa you are only takin3 a fe' 3ram at a time0
'hera 'ith 'hey you are takin3 417*13? o 'hile there are more tranportor for di B
Layne Norton FAQ
tri7peptide0 you are alo puttin3 a 3reater load on them& 'hen you take a maller doe of
b!aa 57/53 then there i more than enou3h tranportor !apa!ity to handle them& 8hi i
e#iden!ed by the 'ork of koopman et& al 'ho ho'ed that e#en a !omparati#ely mall
doe of leu!ine !ould !aue an almot + fold in!reae in plama leu!ine !ompared to
'hey& ;hey alone 'ill 3et plama leu!ine to about 411uM >+81 in my reear!h? 'hera
addin3 leu!ine to it !an 3et it near 611uM&
Let2 not 3o ba!k and forth bet'een me and da#e and turn thi into an ar3ument& He i
entitled to ha#e hi opinion0 a am C&
the other thin3 i for3ot to mention i that you ha#e to keep in mind mot amino a!id are
exteni#ely metaboliFed by the li#er& =nly about +4I of in3eted amino a!id a!tually
make it into the plama be!aue they are o exteni#ely metaboliFed by the 3ut B li#er&
8he ECAA really aren2t tou!hed at all by either be!aue the li#er la!k the ECA8
enFyme 'hi!h !atalyFe the firt tep of ECAA !atabolim& 8hu ECAA are mu!h mu!h
different than any other type of amino a!id&&& e#en thou3h di B tri peptide may be
aborbed 2fater2 in ome !ae0 they are alo le likely to make it to !ir!ulation due to
exteni#e metabolim by the 3ut B li#er&
#n $rotein $o"eders:
1ut can you point me in te direction o& some articles and Cournals online detailin'
protein8 and te science beind puttin' te po"ders to'eter8 and te (arious &orms
(isolate8 micro6&iltered8 etc.)H
ho' about thi$ http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne*+&htm
#n %enaturin' e'' protein:
0 kno" you said ra" e''s are less bio6a(ailable!di'ested compared to cooked. 0
&ound a study so"in' ra" 'ets J.K absorbed (s L.K cooked. No" 0Mm lookin' at
tis on "ikki about e''s. 2onsider tis eat denatures e'' protein but so does
beatin'!blendin' etc ,ee te "isk dra's te liquid trou' itsel& creatin' a &orce
tat un&olds te protein molecules. And te air stress "ic causes te proteins to
come out o& teir natural state denatures it too.
For'et te a(idin!1iotin problem as te American )'' 1oard states you "ould a(e
to consume -9 e'' "ites a day &or tat to appen. 5ic is <:)A3 to kno"O
1ut te issue is absorption o& te protein to me. ,o "at do you tink about usin'
Layne Norton FAQ
pysical stress &rom a blender instead o& eat to denature e'' proteinH
from 'hat i undertand heat and a!id are the only 'ay to denature protein mole!ule& C
hi3hly doubt that a blender 'ill do it&
0 tried to &ollo" e''"ite discussion8 but it 'ot incredibly in(ol(ed!scienti&ic...lol... i
buy ee'"ites in carton at 'rocery and o& course 0 cook tem8 scrambled
usually....o& course tere is denaturation8 like tere is "en meat is cooked...so are
"e sayin' tat "e need to do sometin' oter tan cookin' e''"ites in order to
increase bioa(ailabilityH 3ank u muc
no not at all0 !ookin3 i fine
i mi4 my "ey "it e'' "ites ten cook tem as a pancake. does te eat in tis
situation destroy te proteinH
pleae !he!k out my pre#iou pot0 denaturin3 doe not mean detroy
;ey Layne remember 0 &ound tat in&o on o" pysical &orce can denature e''
"ite proteins (Cust like acid or eat can). 0 Cust tou't 0Md tell you sometin' 0
noticed toni't "en 0 "as makin' a sake "it "ites only toni't (i normally use
"ole e''s). 3e "ites start as a 'el like semi6clear liquid but once you put it in te
blender and set it to i' it turns into a solid "ite liquid. 0t looks Cust like cooked
e''s Cust not solid.
0 kno" te reason e'' "ites can'e color "en cooked is because te proteins
can'e sape and it looks like te same tin' appens. 3is de&initely "ould a(e
e&&ects on bioa(ilability etc because tey are de&initely denatured Cust not
Dut be!aue it i denatured doen2t mean it i le bioa#ailable thou3h ometime
denaturin3 make it more bioa#ailable
#n 2e"in' and denaturin':
Layne 6 does ce"in' your &ood denature te protein in itH
no0 but no need to 'orry about denaturationK it i a natural part of di3etionK the toma!h
ha !on!entrated hydro!hlori! a!id B the pepin enFyme&&& both of 'hi!h 'ork to
denature B unfold protein o they !an be eaier for di3eti#e enFyme to !lea#e
#n $rotein Frequency
Layne Norton FAQ
My buddy as been eatin' e(ery our to our and a al& because e 'ets ra(enously
un'ry a&ter eac meal and tat quick. ;eMs natural too and e seems to be
pro'ressin' e(ery mont and pro'ressin' "ell. 0 kno" you probably souldnMt eat
tat &requent but "y not and "at are te dra"backsH 5at appens "en you
"ould eat tat &requentH 0ndi'estionH
'ell there i a!tually e#iden!e that if you keep amino a!id !ontantly ele#ated that your
body be!ome refra!tory to them& Meanin3 protein ynthei 'ill de!reae in the
preen!e of hi3h le#el of amino a!id& my reear!h upport thi o farK it look like it
may a!tually be better to !onume lar3e protein doe and pread them out further in
order to maximiFe protein ynthei&
Layne on tat note do you tink tese lar'er &eedin's sould be relati(ely equal in
si*e or "ould one muc lar'er meal (suc as post6"orkout8 &or e4ample) a(e a
more stimulatory e&&ect on protein syntesis at tis timeH and in anoter post you
stated tat 9.69J' protein contained enou' )AAMs to top o&& protein syntesis...is
tis based on te appro4imate leucine content o& eac protein typeH and o" "ould
you space out 9J' doses and still it your protein requirement numbersH
yea i 'ould ay that 47* hour bet'een meal i probably betK that2 about 5 meal per
dayK end up bein3 about ++53 protein%day
#n $rotein Absorption:
ok so "at is tis bs tat your body can only absorb amount a certian amount o&
protien per mealH like you souldnt eat FJ 'rams o& protien &or a meal because ur
body cant absorb itH is tis true or is tis anoter bb mytH
'ell i 'rote an arti!le on Dut thi ubDe!t0 but i2d rather not pot it be!aue no ma3aFine
ha a!!epted it yet
$robably because your ad(ocatin' a'ainst sometin' tat makes tem UH
3ink about it tey sell protein supplements etc in ads and your sayin' use less
protein etc not M#:).
0t may be political.
no not at all& Ct i a!tually not a3aint protein at all
,o does tis mean te @tend me'a dose practice tat some are doin' is actually
urtin'8 not elpin'H
'ell i re!ommend hi3her doe of ECAA but not ippin3K doin3 them at pe!ifi! time
throu3hout the day
ok.. so let me ask it a di&&ent "ay.. i& it ok to eat FJ 'rams o& protien o(er 9 meals
ten to eat lets say J. o(er EH is one superior o(er te oter as &ar as te amount o&
protien i am absorbin'H
no0 65 i too mu!h& 51 o#er , 'ould be far better&
a far a aborption0 that i not the iue here& Gou aborb mot e#erythin3K 2expert2
thro' around the term aborption0 but they don2t e#en kno' 'hat they are referrin3 to&
Layne Norton FAQ
Here i an ex!erpt from the arti!le C 'rote& Cf you 3uy 'ant to ee the 'hole thin3 maybe
it2 time to tart akin3 the ma3 to put my arti!le in lol& C2#e tried e#erythin3 C !an
poibly do to 3et them in the ri3ht 'ay 'ithout be33in3 and it doen2t eem to 'ork&
M Many TexpertH or 3ym kno' it all out there 'ho 'ill tell you to only !onume S
amount of protein at a meal be!aue only S amount of protein !an be aborbed by the
body at a meal >CHm ure youH#e all heard thi one before?& Let thi nonene top here
and no'& 8o be3in 'ith0 thi entire train of thou3ht inHt e#en on the !orre!t tra!k& Hell it
didnHt e#en depart from the ri3ht train tationO Aumin3 that you ha#e a healthy
di3eti#e ytem the aborption of the amino a!id from a meal !ontainin3 protein i #ery
effi!ient and almot ne#er a limitin3 fa!tor& Aborption only refer to nutrient uptake B
aborption #ia the di3eti#e tra!k >mot aborption o!!urrin3 in the mall intetine?& Cf our
di3eti#e ytem didnHt aborb mot of 'hat 'e eat than anytime you had a bi3 meal you
'ould ha#e diarrhea like !lo!k'ork from the undi3eted material in the 3utO Ct alo
make #ery little ene from an e#olutionary tandpoint to be #ery 'ateful 'ith nutrient
'hen primiti#e man may ha#e only been able to eat one lar3e meal in a day at time& =ur
pe!ie 'ould not ha#e ur#i#ed #ery lon3 if 'e 'ere 'ateful 'ith nutrient and did not
aborb amino a!id beyond a !ertain le#el& Cn reality0 the body ha an extremely hi3h
!apa!ity for amino a!id aborption& ;hat thee people 'ho pout thi nonene are really
referrin3 to i amino a!id utiliFation& Gou ee0 e#en if 'e aborb /11I of the amino a!id
'e in3et0 that doenHt mean they 'ill all rea!h the keletal mu!le and input to'ard
buildin3 mu!le ma& Cn a!tuality a #ery mall per!enta3e are ued for that role& 8he
!ell of the mall intetine and li#er extra!t a hu3e amount of amino a!id for ener3y and
their o'n ynthei of ne' protein in firt pa metabolim before they e#er rea!h the
bloodtreamO =n!e in the bloodtream amino a!id !an alo be taken up and utiliFed by
other tiue u!h a the kidney0 heart0 kin0 et!& So it i not a Luetion of ho' mu!h
protein%amino a!id !an be aborbed at a meal0 rather the Luetion i 'hat le#el of protein
at a meal 3i#e the maximum benefit for mu!le buildin3( 9entially anythin3 belo'
thi le#el 'ould not maximally upport mu!le buildin30 'hile at a protein intake abo#e
thi le#el0 the body 'ould merely oxidiFe the ex!e amino a!id for ener3y& M
#n 2alculatin' protein requirements:
%o you calculate te protein needed &rom Lean 1ody mass only or 3#3AL body
"ei't. &or e4ample /.J4L1M or /.J43#3AL "ei't (lbmG&at) HH
LEM i probably a better 'ay to !al!ulate it
Layne Norton FAQ
$art ): 12AA
#n 5y te pre&erence o& 12AA o(er 5ey in $5# sakes
5as curious8 "ile listenin' to M%: and your con(ersations ("ic "ere a"esome
by te "ay8 'reat &or us INattiesI to 'et some e4posure) you mentioned you use /J6
-. 'ms o& 12AA post "orkout. 0 kno" you &ollo" tis up "it a "ole meal about
an our later8 but "y do you &eel tis is more bene&icial tan say 'ettin' a "ey
protein tat is a complete protein tat as a 'ood 12AA pro&ile post "orkoutH %o
te 12AAMs lead to 'reater!&aster protein syntesis tan "eyH
C think you are ayin3 that 'hey may be better in!e it ha all the amino& 8he ECAA in
parti!ular leu!ine are the amino a!id reponible for timulatin3 protein ynthei&&& not
the other& 8he other are needed a ubtrate but if you are eatin3 like a typi!al
bodybuilder >e#ery +74 hour? then you 'ill ha#e AM:L9 le#el of all the other amino
a!id and ECAA alone 'ill be uffi!ient& And ye the reaon C like free form b!aa i
be!aue they pike plama ECAA le#el to a mu!h 3reater extent than 'hey&
3at is (ery interestin'. Dou "ould tink tat more people "ould be doin' tis. 0
Layne Norton FAQ
am at /E.lbs8 do you tink /J 'rams is about te ri't amount &or my body"ei'tH 0
assume po"der is best &or te quickest absorptionH
/53 i more than enou3h0 po'der i bet
#n 12AA Absorption
Layne8 is it necessary to take a i' 'lycemic carboydrate source "en you take
your 12AAMsH #r "ill tey 'et absorbed "itout emH
8hey 'ill be aborbed 'ithout the !arb&
#n 12AA dosin':
;o" do you dose your 12AAsH
C ha#e 53 ECAA bet'een ea!h mealK i ha#e about *7, meal per day o that2 about 413
#n 2aloric +alue o& @tend! 12AA e&&ect on insulin
0 am "orkin' "it %a(e8 &ollo"in' a keto'enic diet and am a bi' &an o& te @tend
product "ic 0 use durin' my "orkoutsO
0 am 'ettin' con&usin' messa'es about itMs calorie contentO 0 ad belie(ed it "as .
but no" not quite so sureO 5at is your take on it P also "ould it cause insulin
secretion at allHH
Ct doe ha#e !alorie& Ct ha 53 of amino a!id per !oop 'hi!h i *k!al%3ram ) +1 total
k!al per !oop& 8he reaon it i lited a 1 i be!aue they F"A 'ill not allo' a
!ompany to lit free form amino a!id a ha#in3 !alorie 'hi!h i abolutely ainine&
ECAA 'ill !aue inulin e!retion0 read my pot abo#e your in thi thread&
#n 2ountin' 12AA to"ards $rotein requirement:
1ut you personally do not count te 12AAs to"ards your protein count8 you take
tem on top o& your /'!pound body"ei't protein8 correctH
C !ount them
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 1ene&its o& Leucine ! 12AA
,upposedly8 leucine is te po"erouse o& te 7 bcaaMs 8 is tere any need to
supplement "it te oter - H 0m stripped &or cas as a colle'e student and plain
Leucine "ould be ceaper ten takin' bcaaMs alto'eter ( te 7 aminos) but do not
"ant to create an imbalance ectV
Leu!ine i 'hat timulate protein ynthei but ioleu!ine alo timulate 3lu!oe
uptake0 o it doe ha#e benefit0 but if you are on a bud3et pure leu!ine 'ill 'ork fine
#n 12AA 3imin':
Layne8 since "eMre on te subCect o& bcaaMs. 5en is te best time to supplement
"it temH 0.e. pre6"orkout8 durin'8 post. 0 Cust started takin' @tend ('rape &la(or).
3at stu&& tastes like 2ool AidO 1y a recommendation 0 "as told to drink it durin'
my "orkout8 1ut te directions say immediately post "orkout. 5it /Eo*. o& post
"orkout "ey protein (#N)8 maltode4trin8 and creatine. Anoter /Eo*. o& bcaa &luid
seems like a bunc o& &luid at one time. 5ould you su''est combinin' temH
Sure you !an !ombine them0 'ould 'ork 'ell& C pa!e out my ECAA like thi
53 breakfat
53 pre'orkout
/17/53 pot'orkout
53 before bed
53 'hen i 'ake up to pee durin3 the ni3ht lol
#n bene&its o& 12AA supplementation:
Question &or Layne. 0 am readin' quite a &e" positi(e re(ie"s about 12AAs. 1ut 0
donMt understand "y someone needs it i& tey eat proper nutrion pre en post
"orkout. 5en you eat a balanced meal / to - ours be&ore your "orkout and
about an al& our be&ore a "ey sake "it oats you a(e plenty o& 12AA in your
nutrition tat elps to combat protein breakdo"n. ,o "atMs te ad(anta'es o&
12AA durin' your "orkout or some 12AA midni't in comparison to a blended
protein sake.
Here i an ex!erpt from an arti!le C 'rote
"epite the numerou poiti#e benefit to ECAA upplementation0 there are many
Layne Norton FAQ
kepti! 'ho u33et that ECAA are o#erpri!ed and that one !an Dut in!reae their
!onumption of 'hey protein 'hi!h i ri!h in ECAA& -nfortunately thi i not the !ae&
8he ECAA in 'hey are peptide bound to other amino a!id and mut be liberated
throu3h di3etion B aborbed into the bloodtream to exert their effe!t& 9#en thou3h
'hey protein i relati#ely fat di3etin30 it till take e#eral hour for all the amino a!id
to be liberated B aborbed into the bloodtream& ECAA in upplement form ho'e#er0
are free form ECAA and reLuire no di3etion and are therefore rapidly aborbed into the
bloodtream0 pikin3 blood amino a!id to a mu!h 3reater extent than peptide bound
amino a!id& 9#en a fe' 3ram of ECAA 'ill pike plama le#el of ECAA to a mu!h
3reater extent than a 413 doe of 'hey protein0 impa!tin3 protein ynthei and protein
de3radation to a mu!h 3reater de3ree& 8he reaon a upplement ha u!h a po'erful
effe!t on blood le#el of ECAA i that unlike other amino a!id0 ECAA are not
metaboliFed to a i3nifi!ant extent by the mall intetine or the li#er0 therefore an oral
upplement i more like a ECAA inDe!tion in!e it rea!he the bloodtream o rapidly&
#n 5y Layne likes 12AA supplementation:
5y do you lo(e bcaa supplements so muc "en my protein po"der G my multi
a(e a i'er number o& bcaas in a ser(in' as do many o& te bcaa supplements out
tere. 0 use optimum "ey protein (- scoops) and animal pak multi (itamin post
"orkout amon'st oter tin's.
8hi hould an'er your Luetion
:ecommended 12AA dosin':
5at is te recommended dosa'e to notice results "it 12AA8 because tey are
e4pensi(e and not to mention im in colle'e 8 J' pre! J ' post
53 'ith breakfat0 53 pre'orkout0 /13 pot 'orkout0 53 before bed 'ould be #ery 3ood
#n 12AA supplementation on a ti't bud'et:
<uess bcaaMs are out &or me8 tat "ould run me like E. dollars a mont on top o&
&ood and my &oundation supplements ("ey8creatine8multi8antio4idants and &isoil)
Gou !ould do 53 pre'orkout B /13 pot and till 3et de!ent reult
122A (s )AA
5at do you tink about )AA as supplements compared to 12AA onlyH
)AA contains te 12AA as "ell as all oter )AAs.
5at are te cons and pros i& "e compare tese to eacoterH
Layne Norton FAQ
$o"der 12AA (s 2apsule 12AA
0 kno" you are a stron' ad(ocate &or te te supplementin' o& 12AAWs8 te problem
is tat 0 can only 'et my ands on 12AA capsules. And 0 "as "anderin' o" te
capsules compare to te po"der8absorption "iseH And "ould a /' capsule equate to
/' o& 12AA po"derH
Cn term of !ot effe!ti#ene po'der i far better0 but aborption 'ie there probably i
not mu!h differen!e
#n sippin' 12AAs
Me(en tou' blood amino acid le(els "ere ele(ated 7 ours a&ter a meal8 protein
syntesis ad stopped. XLayneY ypotesi*es tat peraps a spike in blood Leucine
le(els ((ia pure Leucine or 12AAs) could be used to kick start protein syntesis
...so basically8 put /. scoops @tend in your "ater Cu' and sip trou'out te
day....tat "ill do te trick
i 'ouldn2t ip it&&& i 'ould bolu it& o +74 hour after a meal and a fe' hour before your
next meal0 ha#e 57/13 b!aa
%o 12AA bea(e like creatine in terms o& ,aturation! Ma4imum amount o&
recommended 12AA
+ery muc like creatine "e kno" tat once saturation points are reaced "e are
basically takin' unnecessary amounts.. 5en it comes to 1caas o" muc is enou'
7.8... m's 9.8... m's e(en J.8.. m'sH Assumin' your diet is /..K on point "it
2arbs Fat and usin' $rotein at - 'rams per lb L1M.
ECAA are ome'hat different& Creatine i preent in #ery mall amount o it2 eay to
aturate the !ell& Amino a!id a!tually !on!entrate in the !ellK but are alo in a tate of
flux into and out of the protein bound0 extra!ellular B intra!ellular pool& ;ithout
oundin3 tu!k up it 'ould be really really hard to explain& 9entially it 'ould be #ery
hard to fi3ure out a 2max2 le#el for ECAA be!aue they are in u!h a tate of flux
,o i& someones consumin' bet"een 9. to E.8... m's 12AA, daily >no"in' tey
are usin' - 'rams protein per lb L1M8 "ould you tink tey are at any de&icitH ;o"
many M's daily do you recommendH
Abolutely not& +3%lb i 'ay o#erkill and addin3 ECAA on top of that i ex!eedin3ly
Layne Norton FAQ
#n durin' "orkout nutrition:
5at do you tink o& te idea tat te most anabolic time o& day is actually "en
youMre "orkin' out (because o& te increased blood &lo" pusin' nutrients into te
muscles). Ad(ocates o& tis idea state tat i& you dont use special &ormulation
pro(idin' e4act amounts o& essential amino acids8 te increased blood &lo" is useless.
3ere is also &urter retoric about essential amino acids bein' &ar superior to
"ole &ood &or muscle buildin'.A lot o& "at e said sounded like outra'eous
marketin' rubbis and!or Cust "acky uneducated teories.
C think ECAA B 9AA !an be better in #ariou ituation& 8here i no reaon to ue both
thou3h0 o#erkill& 8he blood flo' !an be helpful but C don2t think it make it that mu!h
more anaboli! than pot 'orkout 'here blood flo' i alo ele#ated& C 'ould dia3ree
'ith mot thin3 he aid0 but C 'ouldn2t ay that you need that exa!t breakdo'n or it2
#n Usin' Leucine as a replacement o& carbs in $5# nutrition durin' lo" carb
5en you are &ollo"in' a (ery lo" carb or keto'enic diet8 "at are your tou'ts
on replacin' post "orkout carboydrates "it leucine8 'lycine and 'lutamineH 0t
"as mentioned by 2ristian 3ibaudeau8 "o 0 a(e u'e respect &or8 in one o& is
most recent articles.
ILeucine can spike insulin almost as "ell as carbs but it doesnMt take you out o&
ketosis or pre(ent you &rom bein' in a &at6adapted state. <lutamine and 'lycine are
t"o amino acids tat a(e been so"n to restore muscle 'lyco'en almost as "ell as
carbs. 3e 7J6JJ' o& combined <P< "ill almost a(e te same e&&ect on 'lyco'en
replenisment as a similar dose o& carbsI.
8hat i a bi3 tret!h to ay that leu!ine in!reae inulin ame a !arb& Abolutely not&
8he inulin pike i i3nifi!ant but not near a mu!h a an eLual !arb doe& Additionally0
!arbohydrate indu!ed inulin repone i biphai!0 'ith the tored inulin in the pan!rea
bein3 releaed immediately and ometime after that0 inulin i produ!ed by the pan!rea
and keep bein3 produ!ed until the 3lu!oe !lear& 8hi e!ondary releae of inulin i
a!tually the !omparati#ely lar3er releae& Amino a!id like Leu!ine only !aue the initial
releae of tored inulin0 but there i no biphai! repone0 no utained releae& So in all
a!tuality0 inulin releae in repone to leu!ine i #ery different from !arbohydrate& A far
Layne Norton FAQ
a 3lutamine B 3ly!ine retorin3 3ly!o3enK they !an throu3h 3lu!oneo3enei&&& but not
a 'ell a !arbohydrate& Carbohydrate from diet !an 3et into the bloodtream at a rate of
about 513%hour C belie#e 'herea the maxed out rate of 3lu!oneo3enei i about 53%hour&
So no&&& they don2t retore 3ly!o3en a fat&
12AA timin' issues$
5ould it be ad(anta'eous to take an amino drink be&ore bedH 5en "ould it be te
best time to take an amino drink durin' te dayH 2onsiderin' te proibiti(e cost8 i&
tere "as one time durin' te day8 "at time "ould you cooseH
C take a b!aa%Leu!ine upplement in bet'een meal >i eat e#ery 4&575 hour? B take a
Leu!ine%b!aa doe in bet'een
i take a bcaa!Leucine supplement in bet"een meals (i eat e(ery 7.J6J ours) P take
a Leucine!bcaa dose in bet"eenB. %ont you 'et e4tremely un'ryHH do you a(e
lar'er mealsH
No0 your body adDut to it like anythin3&&& it take a fe' 'eek but on a hi3h protein diet
your body !an make enou3h 3lu!oe to maintain your blood 3lu!oe bet'een meal& C
don2t 3et hun3ry hardly anymore at all&&& e#en 'hen dietin3 and e#en if i 3o 5 hour
bet'een meal& and ye my meal are lar3er
#n te need o& 12AAs:
;o" muc bcaas ! leucine "ould someone "ei'in' about /E. need a dayH
Gou 'ouldnHt N99" any0 +13 ECAA or /13 of leu!ine 'ould be ueful thou3h
question about bcaaMs (ersus "ey8 i& i took /J' o& bcaa post"orkout like you do
(around tree scoops 4tend) "it &ast di'estin' carbs8 is "pi bene&icial a&ter tisH
i think /53 b!aa by itelf i probably uffi!ient to do the Dob 'ith ome fat di3etin3
!arb o lon3 a you ha#e ome 'hole food a fe' hour later
#n 12AA e&&ecti(eness durin' >eto'enic diets:
Layne8 ,o 'luconeo'ensis is te bio6syntesis o& 'lucose8 and startin' "it pyru(ic
acid te body con(erts amino acids into 'lyco'enHH 0M(e also read tat amino acids
arenMt te only source te body can pull to &orm 'lucose8 it can also use lactic acid8
and 'lycerol &rom Fat8 a(e you eard o& tisH 0& so8 is tere a 'eneral percenta'e o&
o" muc eac option is utili*ed durin' or be&ore 'luconeo'ensisH 5ic brin's me
to tis point...0& one is on a keto'enic diet "ould supplementin' (i' dosa'es) o&
bcaaMs e(en more rele(ant to a bodybuilders dietH 5ould a keto'enic indi(idual
a(e a better response to bcaaMsH
CHm not ure 'hy a peron on keto 'ould ha#e a better%'ore repone&&& i2d ima3ine
Layne Norton FAQ
about the ame& Gou are ri3ht on 3lu!oneo3enei& many different ubtrate thou3h the
main one are amino a!id& ;hi!h one are ued really really really depend on the
phyiolo3i!al ituation& C2m afraid you 'ant a imple an'er to a ridi!ulouly !omplex
Luetion and C !an2t 3i#e you that on that one&
0s te i' amount o& leucine say 96J 'rams (out o& /.<s o& a b2aa mi4 o& -:/:/)
"it te post6"orkout "ey sake enou' to cause an insulin spike to "ork as a
carrier!transport &or aminos8 creatine8 beta6alanine etc etc tus ne'atin' te need
&or i' 'i inde4 carbs in te post "orkout sakeH
inulin repone are !omplex& 'hen inulin i releaed in repone to !arbohydrate it i
in + phae&&& the firt phae i the releae of tored inulin and about /57+1 minute after
that inulin rie a3ain from produ!ed inulin in the pan!rea0 in other 'ord the inulin
repone i biphai!& 8he inulin repone to leu!ine i only monophai!&&& only tored
inulin i releaed0 but the pan!rea doe not produ!e a e!ondary inulin repone&
Eai!ally leu!ine only !aue a releae of tored inulin& 8herefore i2d o no0 it2 not
uffi!ient if you are lookin3 for a de!ent inulin repone
#pinion on di&&erent 12AA products:
%o you tink is a 'ood 12AAHH ttp:!!""".nutrabio.com!$roducts!12AA.tm
Look fine to me
#k 0 &ound tis product tat as
)ac ser(in' (7 tablets) contains te &ollo"in':
L.. m'. o& L6isoleucine
/E-. m'. o& L6leucine
/.N. m'. o& L6(aline
'ood enou'H
8he tandard i a +$/$/ ratio of leu!ine$ioleu!ine$#aline& 8hi pre#ent leu!ine !auin3 a
depletion of the other ECAA& >in order to metaboliFe + leu!ine mole!ule you mut
metaboliFe a #aline B an ioleu!ine?& C for3et the me!hanim behind it thou3hK 3ue C
hould read up on it before prelim
#n 12AA stability!$otency in ,olution:
not sure i& tis is a stupid question and 0 ope tis asnMt been asked be&ore but
once you mi4 your 12AAMs o" lon' be&ore teyMre no lon'er (iable or lose teir
potencyH or do teyH 0 'enerally mi4 J ' "it crystal li't a&ter "orkin' out but 0
donMt &inis drinkin' tem &or anoter 7.69J mins "ile 0 commute to "ork.
hell&&& it 'ould be fine for month&
Layne Norton FAQ
#n %issol(in' 12AAs
3is is probably 'onna appear to be a stupid question but8 as &ar as 12AAMs and
'lutamine are concerned do tey need to be dissol(ed in "aterH i ear a lot o& pros
talk about o" tey Cust pop te po"der into tere mout and s"is it "it "ater.
i(e been dissol(in' my creatine in "armer "ater (read it in a berardi article). i "as
Cust curious i& you ad any tou'ts on tisH altou' i 'uess it "ould make sense
considerin' many 12AA supps are capsules or tabs.
"oenHt matter
#n usin' 5ey and 2arbs (s. 12AA and 2arbs:
%o you take "ey directly a&ter your "orkout or de4 and leucineH
uually xtend >b!aa? B dex or 'axy maiFe
#n cyclin' $rotein and 12AAs:
0s tere any bene&it to cyclin' te use o& 122AMs8 and occasionally takin' time o&&
&rom temH (maybe durin' te deload "eeksH) Also "at are your tou'ts on
similarly cyclin' your le(el protein intake8 0(e read opinions tat lo"in' it &or
a"ile "ill impro(e te bodys use o& itH 0 currently use your recommended le(els o&
protein intake.
No to both !y!lin3 Luetion& they are not hormone0 they are ma!ronutrient& C don2t
nee!arily ee do'nre3ulation bein3 a problem
#n te e&&ects o& )AA! 12AA on >eto :
%urin' a keto diet..."ould it be counterproducti(e to be takin' in )AAMs and
12AAMs pre "orkout...some"ere i read about insulin'enic amino acids or
sometin' like tat..."at does tis actually mean and sould i stay clear o& tese
durin' a keto dietH
9AA2 and ECAA2 aren2t 3oin3 to ne3ati#ely affe!t Neto "iet& ECAA ha#e been ho'n
to enhan!e inulin eniti#ity and if anythin3 they ha#e been ho'n to aid fat lo B
mu!le retention 'hile on a diet& :eople ha#e thi all or nothin3 #ie' of inulin&&& like if
you releae any at all it top all fat burnin3 e#ery'here&&& 'hi!h i abolute nonene
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 12AAs and Fastin':
0& someone "as 'onna do sometin' silly like a &ast &or a day or t"o8 or e(en an
intermittent &astin' type diet "ere one eats most o& teir calories in a sort &eedin'
"indo" at te end o& te day8 do you suspect takin' a leucine supplement taken
e(ery &e" ours durin' te &astin' days!or &astin' "indo" "ould be bene&icial to
elp o&&set te muscle lossH 0& so8 "at "ould you recommend in terms o& amount
and spacin'H
yeK ho'e#er if you 'ere fatin3 i 'ould not ue Dut leu!ine& Leu!ine deplete the other
+ ECAA from the plama 'hen taken alone& 8hi i not a bi3 deal if you are eatin3 a hi3h
protein diet be!aue there 'ill be ample ECAA to 3uard a3aint thi but if you are fatin3
you 'ill definitely 3et a depletion o C 'ould re!ommend 83 of ECAA e#ery 47* hour
#n 12AA dosin' bet"een meals:
5ould your su''estion o& a(in' 12AAMs in bet"een meals a(e any e&&ect on te
re&ractory period tat mi't be necessary be&ore 'ettin' anoter ele(ation in muscle
protein syntesis te &ollo"in' meal.
)4ample8 i& eatin' 9 meals e(ery J ours8 you 'et 12AAMs "it eac meal. 1ut your
puttin' 12AAMs in te body e(ery -.J ours i& takin' tem bet"een meals as "ell.
2ouldnMt tis possibly mimic te &requent &eedin' Min&usionM type situation tat "ill
pre(ent a potent stimulus te ne4t meal. 5ould it make sense to peraps take a
dose o& 12AAMs or Leucine /J minutes be&ore eac meal8 'et a ma4imal spike near
te meal and accompany it "it te &ull spectrum o& aminos sortly a&ter. 3en
allo" te 9.J6J r period to 'o by unabated.
i don2t think o0 i think meal lead to a teady releae of amino but by ha#in3 a b!aa
bolu in bet'een ea!h you 'ill definitely !aue a bi3 pike in amino a!id le#el 'hi!h
hould 3i#e you a yntheti! repone&

#n studies tat su''est compositional can'es "en supplementin' "it
%o you kno" o& any studies on 12AA!Lecuine tat so" usin' it adds a si'ni&icant
amount o& lean body mass tan "itout like "e kno" "ey8 1a8 and creatine do. 0t
seems e(ery one 0(e seen Cust so"ed it Cust increased protein syntesis in some "ay.
1ut 0 cant tink o& any controlled ones "ere usin' it lead to more muscle on a
normal 11 diet. 0n oter "ords8 0Mm lookin' &or researc tat supports its use in
te #FF ,)A,#N durin' mass 'ainin'. 0& tere is notin' so"in' tis let me kno"
Layne Norton FAQ
its ok.
8hi i 3oin3 to ound like a !op out0 but you 3uy ha#e no idea ho' hard it i to produ!e
!ompoitional !han3eK /1 'eek i nothin3 out of a human lifetime o tryin3 to 3et
!ompoitional !han3e out of that i pretty damned tou3h& Alo0 not many people 'illin3
to fund that&&& 'ho i 3oin3 to fund it( that2 probably a 517/11k tudy to run and 'hat
reaonin3 'ill you pro#ide for people to fund it( M'e 'ant to ee ho' to 3et people
hu3e&M not 3oin3 to fly lol&
there i a tudy in rat ho'in3 that leu!ine upplementation impro#e body !ompoition
in rat&&& a!tually there are +&
0 ate to do tis to you and ask ZanoterZ 12AA question8 but do you tink tat
tere is any bene&it to a(in' a couple ser(in's o& 4tend prior to te "orkout8 say in
te our or t"o runnin' up to te "orkoutH 0Mm currently a(in' 769 scoops durin'
my "orkout!cardio session8 but 0 "as "onderin' i& tere is any ad(anta'e to takin'
some in be&ore tis period8 i& it "ould a(e a Isuper6saturationI e&&ect (or i& tereMs
e(en suc a tink)H FD0...0 take in adequate protein8 bet"een /' and /.J' per pound
o& L1M. 3anks
maybe a !oop or +
#n sippin' 12AAs:
0 Cust "anted to kno" i& te post about sippin' on 12AA re&ers to 12AAMs in
'eneral or Cust in re&erence to meal timin'. 1ecause 0 sip on @tend durin' my
"orkout and Cust "anted to kno" i& tis is a 'ood or bad ideaHH
C 'a referrin3 to people 'ho ip ECAA throu3hout the day0 ippin3 durin3 a 'orkout i
hort term0 only about an hour or o0 C don2t really ee a problem 'ith it
3roublesootin' 12AA dosin':
0& 0 started usin' J 'rams o& 12AAMs at E meals a day in bet"een meals /. 'rams
pre "orkout and 7. 'rams post "orkout "at di&&erences and 'ains "ould i e4pect
to seeHcompared to takin' no 12AAMs
413 of b!aa pot 'orkout( did i read that ri3ht( that i S-:9< o#erkill
Layne Norton FAQ
0m tryin' to &i'ure out "at "ould be te best amount o& /)..'s to take and "at
bene&its id 'et...i must a(e read it "ron' a&ter searcin' trou' te "ole tread
/17/53 'ould be max benefit le#el CM= at any one ittin3
ok so J'ms in bet"een meals.../J 'rams post "orkout...considerin' i(e ne(er took
bcaas be&ore "at noticeable bene&its "ould i 'et &rom takin' tem in tese
;ell0 o#er time hould 3et more mu!le maK hould alo noti!e ome reitan!e to
in!reaed fat 3ain
#n determinin' 12AA amounts:
0 'ot some body armour bcaas today. 0n &our tablets tere is : -...m' o&
leucine../...m' o& isoleucine..and /...m' o& (aline. ,o in &our tablets "ould tis be
classed collecti(ely as /'ramm o& bcaasH or "it te m's added to'eter 9'ramsH or
"ould 0 a(e to take /N tablets to 'et J'rammsH
* tablet 'ould ) *3
$art F: $re!$ost 5orkout Nutrition:
#n $re "orkout meals
5at does your ideal pre6"orkout meal consist o&H
<eally depend upon e#eral fa!tor&&& 'hat i optimal for me mi3ht not be for you& ;hat
it !onit of depend upon multiple fa!tor
7total pro%!arb%fat intake for the day
7len3th of 'orkout
7intenity of 'orkout
7ho' lon3 before your 'orkout do you eat(
for me0 dependin3 upon 'hat bodypart C 'ork >le3 are mu!h more diffi!ult? C eat around
Layne Norton FAQ
417*13 protein%617/113 Carb pre 'orkout >mix of lo'%moderate% B fat di3etin3? and
C try to keep fat under /13& C eat thi about /7+ hour pre'orkout&
#n $re"orkout meals:
;ey Layne8 0 Cust ad a question on "at you tink o& pre"orkout meals. 0 read alot
o& stu&& by Iso called e4pertsI claimin' you sould eat "itin 7 ours o& trainin'
because you canMt a(e blood 'oin' to your muscles and di'esti(e system at te same
time. 1ut iM(e done tis Cust to see o" te "orkout &elt and i didnMt like it at all. My
muscles "ere &lat and i Cust &elt slu''is. 0 usually eat a 'ood protein!carb meal
about 7. minutes be&ore i train and tatMs "en i &eel te best. My muscles are &ull8
and i &eel (ery pumped and ener'etic. 5atMs your take on tis LayneH
o !alled expert i ri3htO 8hat2 a trai3ht up nonene notion& pre'orkout nutrition i
Dut a important a pot& Ha#e your pre'orkout meal
do you e(er take in i' 'i carbs pre "orkoutH
C do take hi3h JC !arb pre'orkout if C don2t ha#e time to 3et in a 3ood meal0 other'ie C
don2t purpoefully take in u3ary !arb pre'orkout
<ot a question Layne.
For te pre6"orkout meal ("ic is about /..6//. ' 2arbs &or me)8 "ic is te
better scenarioH
/) eat all te carbs /.-J 6 /.FJ ours pre6"orkout and ten /J67. minutes be&ore8
a(e a sake o& 12AAs and citrulline malate
-) eat 7!9 o& te carbs /.-J 6 /.FJ ours pre6"orkout and ten /J67. minutes be&ore8
a(e a sake o& /!9 o& te carbs (in te &orm o& oats and de4trose8 mostly oatsQ only
like N ' de4trose)8 12AAs8 and citrulline malate
0M(e been doin' scenario - &or some time and i tink its unnecessary to a(e carbs
tat close to te "orkout. And i& i start doin' scenario /8 "ats te best time to a(e
tat sake to reap bene&it o& citrulline malate... ri't be&ore "orkout8 36minus /J
min8 or 36minus 7. minHH
Honetly0 C think either one i fine&
Layne Norton FAQ
Layne. 0 am a competiti(e atlete (baseball) and startin' monday "e "ill be a(in'
"ei'ts [ Eam (intense olympic li&ts and comple4es) as "ell as practice [ -pm.
5at "ould be sometin' 0 could eat "en 0 "ake up [ J 7. tat "ill be quick and
pro(ide su&&icient ener'y to li&tH 0 "ill sip \ E6N scoops @tend durin' trainin' i& tat
i 'ould ay ome 'hey 'ith dry oatmeal B a bannana into a blender and add !innamon
B :E&
#n $eanut butter in $5# sakes:
Layne8 5atMs your take on my post"ork out drinkH 0Mm not cuttin'. My post"ork
out drink consists o& J.' o& isolate "ey protein8 - tbsp peanut butter8 and -tbsp o&
C 'ould drop the peanut butter a aformentioned that 'ill lo' di3etionK a#e the :E for
#n de4trose in $5# sakes
0 "ant to start puttin' some "ei't back on and brin'in' my stren't back up. ,o
te &irst tin' 0 "anted to do "as add a $!5# sake back into te diet. 0 used to like
usin' <ood old #N 5ey pro (- scoops)8 de4trose (bout FJ 'rams). 0 "ould like to
'o back to tat a'ain and toss in some 2reatine mono. 0 "ould tro" in /. 'rams o&
tat to eac sake. Any oter su''estions or modi&icationsH / scoop o& proH less
de4H anytin'H or does tat sound 'ood. 0Mll be keepin' te rest o& my day pretty
lo" carb8 0 Cust &i'ure post "!o is a 'ood place to start introducin' more.
'ell ho' mu!h dextroe you add really depend upon e#eral fa!tor u!h a ho' lon3
your 'orkout are B ho' mu!h #olume they ha#e a 'ell a ho' mu!h you 'ei3h and
ho' many !arb you ha#e pre'orkout& Alo0 ho' oon after your hake i your next meal
'ith !omplex !arb( orry for all the LuetionK C Dut like to 3et a 3ood idea before
dolin3 out information&
#n "ole &ood consumption a&ter a $5# drink
Layne8 o" about i& 9J min to an our a&ter post "orkout sake you are not un'ry.
%o 0 stu&& &ood do"nH 0s tis normalH
C 'ould !ertainly try to 3et ome food in ye
Layne Norton FAQ
2omments on a $5# drink
5at is best taken post "orkoutH 0 take one banana G / cup o& oats G J 'rams
leucine G 7. 'rams o& "ey protein isolate. 0s tis okayH 0 a(e read tat a
combination o& i' <0 and lo" <0 is recommended. 1ut also eard someone say
tat 'lyco'en le(els post "orkout arent depleted a&ter "orkin' out as "e used to
tink. ,o "e donMt need i' <0 like de4trose or malto to bump our 'lyco'en le(els.
5at do you tinkH
;hat you are doin3 i fine
#n ni't time $5# meals :
0 soon start a clinical in "ic 0 a(e to dri(e about an our and a al& to and &rom
and tus my "orkout "ill not start till about F oMclock. 0 am &ollo"in' te 'uidelines
&or your precontest diet and "ant to kno" i& you tink 0 sould do anytin'
di&&erent as &ar as te post6"orkout meal "it te lo" 'lycemic carbs bein' tat 0
"ould be 'oin' to sleep sortly terea&ter.
Sti!k 'ith your normal pot 'orkout meal&&& i 'orkout at ni3ht too0 eat !arb before bed&&&
it2 fine
#n di&&erences bet"een $5# carb sources
/ more tin'... 0n your "orkout sake you recommend de4 or malto8 "ould 5a4y
Mai*e!+itar'o be as 'oodH 0 ask because 0 a(e 5M le&t o(er &rom te "inter8
"anted to use it up. 0& de4!malto is better8 Cust say so8 0Mll buy some 0Mm not a
ceapskate S$
No0 C don2t think any of them are nee!arily better than the other
#n 2arbs be&ore!durin'!a&ter trainin':
5at is your (ie" on carbs pre durin' and a&ter trainin' H 0 see you like -. to 7.
'rams a&ter trainin'. 1ut no" tere are also lots o& (ie"s on pre and durin'
"orkout (&ast) carbs H 5M, and (itar'o are 'ettin' (ery popular you tink tey
Layne Norton FAQ
are better tan malto or de4trose H
+1741 immediately :;=K but about +1 minute later i ha#e about /113 of moderately fat
di3etin3 !arb&
C ha#e about 657/113 pre'orkout a 'ell durin3 bulkin3
#n Laynes $ersonal $5# sake
5at are you usin' &or a "orkout sake tese daysH do you still a(e an endless
supply o& substance8 or do you do sometin' elseH
3 scoops xtend
20-30g dex or waxy maize
20-30g oats
1g beta alanine
5g creatine
5en you are cuttin' do you &ollo" te cut diet principles &or te sakeH
'hen !uttin3 C ha#e /53 b!aa0 /17+13 dextroe0 4753 !reatine&&& pretty imilar to 'hat i do
in the offeaon
#n durin' "orkout sakes:
Are you still usin' a durin' "orkout sake o& de4trose and 12AAsH
na0 C uually Dut do a pot 'orkout hake '% ECAA B dex%'axymaiFe
At one point you "ere8 correctH Any particular reason you stoppedH
ye C 'a& Dut found that if my pre'orkout B pot 'orkout nutrition 'ere on point C
really didn2t need it
#n 5M, in $5# sake:
;ey Layne8 0 Cust picked up ,ome 5a4y Mai*e ,tartc today and "as "onderin'
Layne Norton FAQ
about o" to put it into my post "orkout nutrition. 0Mm a some"at i' (olume
'uy8 "orkouts lastin' E.6FJmin. 3en 0 do /.6/J minutes o& cardio post "orkout...
0Md been drinkin' a 12AA!creatine drink durin' my cardio in te past8 and
sometimes at te end o& te "orkout i& it "as onte lon' side. ,ould 0 Cust tro"
te 12AAMs and 2reatine in te te 5a4y Mai*e and "ait until a&ter te cardio is
&inised8 cu' tat8 and ten drink my "ey sake ont e dri(e omeH Any
su''estions "ould be appreciated. 3anks dude.
C 'ould do the ;MS 'ith the !reatine%b!aa drink after your 'orkout before !ardio
2omments on carb source in a $5# sake:
0 adopted your 12AA8 -J' de4trose8 and creatine $5# strate'y and i &ollo" tat
up "it /..G oat carbs "it "ey about -. min later. 0s -. min too little time to
"aitH "ats te ideal time to "ait bet"een tose - mealsH
'hat i your our!e for the /113 of !arb
its a blended dry rolled oatmeal sake "it "ey. ten an our to /.J ours a&ter
tat i eat a "ole meal but "it less carbs.
ound olid to me
#n $5# sakes durin' a 2ut:
For an endo!meso type8 "at are your tou'ts on post "orkout carbs "ile cuttin'8
like de4trose and 5M,H #r sould one keep blood su'ar lo" and Cust a(e &ood
C think a mall amount of imple !arb pot 'orkout i fine /57+530 and then 3et the ret
from 'hole food
#n recommended amount o& su'ar in $5# sakes:
Layne8 im /F and8 0 a(e a small question about post "orkout supps. 0 take protein
and cell tec post"orkout8 in a sake "it pineapple Cuice8 and t"o ser(in's o&
yo'urt. (im tryin' to bulk8 im EM9I8 and its ard to add mass). 3ere is appro4. a
,;03L#A% o& su'ar in te sake8 bet"een te yo'urt and 2ell tec. ;o" muc
su'ar do you recommend post.
'ell it #arie dependin3 on multiple fa!tor but in 3eneral i 'ouldn2t 3o o#er 513
Layne Norton FAQ
Dou are te &irst person on tis tread tat 0M(e e(er seen tell someone to limit te
,U<A: p"o to J.' "ere as e(ery oter piece o& ad(ice "as to send blood su'ar
trou' te roo&.
;ell if you are youn3 >under /8? and meo%e!to then maybe 653 may be helpful but in
3eneral inulin i not an anaboli! hormone in non73ro'in3 adult& Ct doe ha#e a
yner3iti! effe!t 'ith protein ho'e#er on protein ynthei0 but it doen2t take a
ridi!ulou amount& A far a retorin3 3ly!o3en 3oe0 u3ar 'ill do it fater0 but 'hole
food 'ill alo do it0 it 'ill Dut take a bit lon3er&
#n Leucine in $5# sakes:
0 kno" tis is as been talked about ere but "anted to be sure tis is ok. 3akin'
/.< o& pure Leucine "it $5# 5ey sake (not all 7 12AAs &ree &orm) "ont
trou' o&& te balance o& amino acids in te bodyH 0 mean te idea is to spike
protein syntesis by spikin' Leucine le(els but 0 tink you said you need te oter
aminos to IprocessI te Leucine. 3e reason 0 ask tis 0 can 'et bulk L6Leucine
ceaper tan bulk 12AAs. 0 tink 0Mm 'oin' to put it into capsules (... or ..).
C think /13 leu!ine probably o#erkill&&& i think 5763 i plenty& Gou hould be ok o lon3 a
you are eatin3 a hi3h protein diet other'ie
#n Milos ,arce( durin' "orkout sakes:
0 "as "onderin' "at your opinion is on Milos sarce(Ms teory o& ,ake comprised
o& )AAMs and 12AAMs "it a carb source durin' te "orkout..."ic e says is te
most anabolic time o& day...ne comments or ideas o& o" tis "ould be true or notH
Honetly0 the hake he re!ommend i 'ay 'ay 'ay o#erkill
0 a(e a question &or you re'ardin' $ost65orkout Nutrition. 0 am currently takin'
Uni(ersal 3orrent $5#8 but "ould like to make my o"n blend no". 0 am tinkin'
about usin' $rima&orce 2arb ,lam (-scoopsSE.'rams). 5it L 'rams )AAMs8 7J69.
'rams 5ey $rotein 0solate8 and - 'rams 2itrulline Mallate. 0 "as also tinkin' o&
addin' in J 'rams o& creatine monoydrate. 0& you could elp me out "it my $5#
blend 0 "ould 'reatly appreciate your input. And i& you a(e any oter su''estions
on additions or subtractions please let me kno". 0 "ei' /NJ $ounds.
i think that2 a olid blend but C 'ould repla!e the 9AAS 'ith ECAA >57/13? and 'ould
Layne Norton FAQ
alo add a 3ram or t'o of beta7alanine& that 'ould be S=LC"
#n $rotein sources &or $5# sakes:
0& absorption doesnMt matter like people tink i.e. its not li&e and deat p"o8 "y do
people ,5)A: by 5ey (and no oter protein). 0n teory could any protein be
used post. 0Mm tinkin' o& doin' &or cost reasons - ser(in's o& 5;)D concentrate
/J G <emma $rotein 0solate /- G 7 L6Leucine (based on 3rueproteinMs custom mi4)
as my ne" $5# o(er my old 5ey 0solate 9. < G some 12AAs. 3en a &ull meal
7.6E. later. 0 Cust "anted to make sure "it an e4pert its ok o(erte 'old standard
preaced o& 9.G < o& 5ey $5# G 12AA J6/.<
C think protein our!e i le important0 epe!ially !oniderin3 you are takin3 leu!ine on
top of that
#n carboydrate intake "it $rotein $ost "orkout
0snt it sayin' tat carboydrate intake as no added bene&it in addin' muscle "en
combined "it protein post "orkoutH
8hat i only one tudy and many other tudie ho' oppoite reult
3roublesootin' Foam in $5# sake
Any"ays8 ereMs my question8 0 brin' my $5# sake "it me to te 'ym so te
po"der is already in it and ten 0 &ill up te sake "it about /-6/9 ounces o& "ater.
As 0Mm &inisin' te sake tere is prob like -69 ounces o& &oam. 0s tis te "a*y
mai*eH ,ould 0 be concerned about not 'ettin' "ate(er tat &oam is do"nHH
Any"ay to &i4 tis problemH
Mix it up ahead of time and keep it in the frid3eK and no0 it 'ill not 3o 2bad2
#n a(in' - $5# meals:
5ats your take on te idea o& - post "orkout ImealsIH some people take -J6J.<
o& carbs "it 12AA or 2)) and ten -.67. mins later tey take @ amount o&
protein ten "ait an our and 'et in a solid &ood meal. 0 'uess bein' ItraditionalI or
Layne Norton FAQ
"ate(er one "ants to call it8 i al"ays tou't you put it all to'eter in one ImealI
i.e. 12AA8 2))8 carbs8 protein. ten an our later 'o and a(e your solid meal. is
tere any researc or studies tat bene&it one o(er te oter.
i think it2 fine0 then a3ain don2t make it too !omplex0 Dut hittin3 the V i mot important
$art <: ,tudy %iscussions
#n Anti6o4idants! $ro o4idant:
0 "as readin' trou' tat FAQ you put to'eter &or all te questions youM(e been
asked and 0 came across te $ro6#4idant post...
IWhat they don't realize is that by taking too much of certain vitamins and minerals you can
actually get many negative effects and in the case of vitamin C, if you take too much it can
actually act as a pro-oxidant instead of an anti-oxidant. More is not better, better is better.I
5ell 0 "as readin' on te bb.com &orum and a post came up tat pro6o4idation isnMt
actually as bad as it is made out to be :
Understanding and Modulating Aging Volume 1067 published May 2006
Ann. N.Y. Acad. ci. 1067! "7#$$ %2006&. doi! 10.11'6(annals.1)$".00*
+opyright # 2006 by the Ne, Yor- Academy o. ciences
description / purchase 0olume purchase this 0olume
+ellular 1edo2 1egulation and 3roo2idant ignaling ystems
A Ne, 3erspecti0e on the 4ree 1adical 5heory o. Aging
Layne Norton FAQ
AN567NY 8. 9:NNAN; AN< 6AY<;N ;A5877<
+entre .or Molecular =iology and Medicine> ;p,orth Medical +entre> 1ichmond>
%Melbourne& Victoria )121> Australia
?ey 8ords! coen@yme A10 # redo2 poise # gene regulation # metabolic regulation #
hydrogen pero2ide # proo2idants # antio2idants # aging
Address .or correspondence! Anthony 8. 9innane> +entre .or Molecular =iology and
Medicine> ;p,orth Medical +entre> 1*$#1*7 6oddle treet> 1ichmond> Victoria )121>
Australia. Voice! B61C)C'"26C"200D .a2! B61C)C'"26C"201. eCmail! tlinnaneEcmbm.com.au
The overarching role of coenzyme Q10 in gene regulation, bioenergy formation, cellular
redox poise regulation, and hydrogen peroxide formation is presented. Coenzyme Q10 has
a central role acting as a prooxidant in the generation of H!. Contrary to the dogma that
superoxide and H! formation are highly deleterious to cell survival this premise is
re"ected. #ata are discussed that continuous superoxide and hydrogen peroxide formation
are essential for normal cell function and that they play a ma"or role in subcellular redox
state modulation. $t is the prooxidant activity of the so%called antioxidants that may be
responsible for previously claimed benefits for high doses of oxido%reduction nutritional
supplements such as alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10. !xygen%free radical formation
is essential for the biological function and is not a direct causation of the mammalian
aging process& aging is a multisystem stochastic process.
0s $ro6#4idation only arm&ul in certain instances tenH 0Mm kind o& con&used on
te "ole standpoint. 0 mean it makes sense like you said tat too muc o& an anti6
o4idant is a bad tin'8 but accordin' to tis post it is a 'ood tin' &or certain
nutritional supplements. 3e main post on te bb.com &orum "as about te pro6
o4idation o& (itamin 2 and at "at doses does it become a ne'ati(e instead o& a
Layne Norton FAQ
Some pro7oxidation i reLuired ye&&& abolutely& Ealan!e i e#erythin3& My point i
o#erdoin3 anti7oxidant 'ill !ertainly thro' you out of a healthy balan!e
5at are your tou'ts on te &ollo"in' 12AA studyH
!utr. "##$ an%&'$(& )uppl*+"',)-$).
Modulations of muscle protein metabolism by branched-chain amino acids in normal and muscle-
atrophying rats.
-obayashi ., -ato ., .irabayashi /, Murakami ., )uzuki ..
0pplied 1esearch 2epartment, 0mino)cience 3aboratories, 04inomoto Co., -a5asaki, apan.
$t has been sho'n that (C))s, especially leucine, regulate s*eletal muscle protein
metabolism. Ho'ever, it remains unclear ho' (C))s regulate muscle protein metabolism
and lead to anabolism in vivo. +e examined muscle protein synthesis rate and brea*do'n
rate simultaneously during (C)) infusion in muscle atrophy models as 'ell as in normal
healthy rats. Corticosterone%treated rats and hindlimb%immobilized rats 'ere used as
muscle atrophy models. ,uscle protein synthesis rate and brea*do'n rate 'ere measured
as phenylalanine *inetics across the hindlimb. $n anesthetized normal rats, (C))s
stimulated muscle protein synthesis despite lo' insulin concentration and did not
suppress muscle protein brea*do'n. $n corticosterone%treated rats, (C))s failed to
restore inhibited muscle protein synthesis, but reduced muscle protein brea*do'n.
$mmobilization of hindlimb increased muscle protein brea*do'n 'ithin a day. (C))s did
not change muscle protein metabolism, although essential amino acids -.))s/
suppressed muscle protein brea*do'n in hindlimb%immobilized rats. +e also evaluated
changes of fractional synthesis rate -012/ of s*eletal muscle protein during infusion of
leucine alone or .))s for 3 h in anesthetized normal rats. 012 sho'ed a transient
increase at 14%50 min of leucine infusion and then declined, 'hereas 012 stayed elevated
throughout .)) infusion. +e concluded that
1/ (C))s primarily stimulate muscle protein synthesis in normal rats independently of
/ .))s are re6uired to maintain the (C)) stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and
5/ The effects of (C))s on muscle protein metabolism differ bet'een atrophy models.
8hen C 'ould like to ee them explain .oh B 8ra!y Anthony2 data ho'in3 that leu!ine
alone 'ill timulate protein ynthei for about + hour&
Follo" up to te ans"er abo(e:
3anks8 0 take your "ord abo(e teirs. 3o play it sa&e i am tinkin' 8 primal eaa pre
Layne Norton FAQ
"orkout8 "it 4tend G "ms G "ey (because i like it) post. 0 may also add "ms pre
"orkout8 because i ear tat it i' 'i carbs stimulate protein syntesis e(en more
pre "orkout tan post.
8he other point to make i that unle you 'orkout in the mornin3 'ithout eatin30 and
you eat like a typi!al bodybuilder >eatin3 freLuently? there 'ill N9A9< be a point durin3
the day 'here you don2t ha#e ample le#el of 9AA a#ailable to maintain ynthei
#n consumin' amino acidsG carbs be&ore e4ercise
5y donMt you ad(ocate a(in' i'er 'i carbs be&ore as "ell as a&ter a "orkoutH
8ipton -2, 1asmussen 99, Miller )3, Wolf ):, ;5ens-)tovall )-, <etrini 9:, and Wolfe 11.
8iming of amino acid-carbohydrate ingestion alters anabolic response of muscle to resistance
exercise. 0m <hysiol :ndocrinol Metab "=&+ :&>?-"#$, "##&.
here is 'hat the study indicated % These results indicate that the response of net muscle
protein synthesis to consumption of an .)C solution immediately before resistance
exercise is greater than that 'hen the solution is consumed after exercise, primarily
because of an increase in muscle protein synthesis as a result of increased delivery of
amino acids to the leg.
C ha#e a problem 'ith the method they ue to meaure ynthei a it reLuire a 2teady
tate2 and exer!ie i N=8 teady tate
#n $rotein combinations:
5at you mention about absorption 'ot me tinkin' back to tis study "it some
trainers tro" around alot lately. 0t says basically 2asein G 5ey mi4 is superior to
5ey G carb or 5ey G 1caa G <lutamine (close to "at 0 do but i use /. < 12AA)
in terms o& body mass impro(ement results. 3us some "ere recommendin' to
li&ters :
-. < o& 2asein G -. < 5ey p"o (e(en tou' te study itsel& seems to use 9. 5ey
G N 2asein). 2eck te link belo"$
8he 9ffe!t of :rotein and Amino A!id Supplementation on :erforman!e and 8rainin3
Adaptation "urin3 8en ;eek of <eitan!e 8rainin3
0 dunno i& your &amiliar "it tis study. 5at do you &eel about itH Marketin' o(er
ype to 'et us to buy more e4pensi(e casein (U/.G!lb) H 5at is really ideal p"o
"iseH 3ese tin's in&luence my purcases. 0 kno" 5;)D is needed but casein is
e4pensi(e. ;ell 0 may e(en start usin' 5;ey G /6- 3able ,poon o& Fla4seed #il at
bedtime &rom "at you said. 0 ad no idea.
Layne Norton FAQ
8hey didn2t really !ontrol any #ariable in the ret of the diet throu3hout the ret of the
day&&& make it tou3h to dra' !on!luion

#n te interactions o& ca&&eine and creatine:
"##" !ov%',(&&*+&?=@->"
Caffeine is ergogenic after supplementation of oral creatine monohydrate.
#oherty ,, 1mith 7,, #avison 2C, Hughes ,8.
2epartment of )port, :xercise and 9iomedical )ciences, Aniversity of 3uton, Anited -ingdom.
<A1<;):+ 8he purpose of this investigation 5as to assess the acute effects of caffeine ingestion
on short-term, high-intensity exercise ()8* after a period of oral creatine supplementation and
caffeine abstinence. M:8.;2)+ Bourteen trained male sub4ects performed treadmill running to
volitional exhaustion (8(lim** at an exercise intensity eCuivalent to &"@D E;("max*. 8hree trials
5ere performed, one before $ d of creatine loading (#.' g x kg x d(-&* baseline*, and t5o further
trials after the loading period. ;ne hour before the postloading trials, caffeine (@ mg x kg(-&** or
placebo 5as orally ingested in a cross-over, double-blind fashion. Bour measurements of rating of
perceived exertion 5ere taken, one every '# s, during the first &"# s of the exercise. 9lood
samples 5ere assayed for lactate, glucose, potassium, and catecholamines, immediately before
and after exercise. 1:)A38)+ 9ody mass increased (< F #.#@* over the creatine
supplementation period, and this increase 5as maintained for both caffeine and placebo trials.
8here 5as no increase in the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit bet5een trials% ho5ever, total
E;("* 5as significantly increased in the caffeine trial in comparison 5ith the placebo trial (&'.'@
GH- '.=> 3 vs &&.$? GH- '.$& 3*. In addition, caffeine 8(lim* (""".& GH- ,=.> s* 5as significantly
greater (< F #.#@* than both baseline ("##.= GH- ''., s* and placebo (&>=.' GH- ,@., s* 8(lim*.
1<: 5as also lo5er at ># s in the caffeine treatment (&'.= GH- &.= 1<: points* in comparison 5ith
baseline (&,.$ GH- &.> 1<: points*. C;!C3A)I;!+ )s indicated by a greater T-lim/, acute
caffeine ingestion 'as found to be ergogenic after 9%d of creatine supplementation and
caffeine abstinence.
Caffeine may >not pro#en? ha#e ome ne3ati#e effe!t on the !reatine tranporter but C
belie#e that if you are takin3 53 of !reatine per day that i 3oin3 to be enou3h to o#erride
thoe effe!t and till aturate the mu!le !ell&
#n mi4ed6muscle &ractional syntesis rate (F,:)
0& you 'et a minute to 'i(e your input on tis one8 it "ould be appreciated.
- studies ere on mi4ed muscle F,: :
Layne Norton FAQ
0ging does not impair the anabolic response to a protein-rich meal.
)ymons 89, )chutzler ):, Cocke 83, Chinkes 23, Wolfe 11, <addon-ones 2.
2ivision of 1ehabilitation )ciences, 8he Aniversity of 8exas Medical 9ranch, Jalveston, 8K
??@@@-&&,,, A)0.
()C:82!;<#= 1arcopenia is a debilitating condition afflicting the elderly that may be
facilitated by insufficient or ineffectual inta*e of dietary protein. +e previously sho'ed
that free%form essential amino acids acutely stimulate muscle protein synthesis in both the
young and the elderly. Ho'ever, the ability of an actual protein%rich food to stimulate
anabolism in the young and the elderly has not been explored. !(>.CT$?.= +e aimed to
characterize changes in plasma amino acid concentrations and to 6uantify muscle protein
synthesis in healthy young -31 @A% B y old& n C 10/ and elderly -D0 @A% 4 y old& n C 10/
persons after ingestion of a 115%g -3%oz/ serving of lean beef. #.1$8<= ?enous blood
samples and vastus lateralis muscle biopsy samples 'ere obtained during a primed -.0
mumolA*g/ constant infusion -0.0B mumol.*g-%1/.min-%1// of l%Ering%-15/C-9/F phenylalanine.
7lasma amino acid concentrations 'ere measured and a mixed%muscle fractional
synthesis rate -012/ 'as calculated during the premeal period and for 4 h after beef
ingestion. 2.1;GT1= ,ixed%muscle 012 increased by approximately 41H in both the
elderly -mean @A% 1. measurements= 0.0D @A% 0.003HAh and 0.10B @A% 0.009HAh before and
after the meal, respectively/ and the young -0.0D3 @A% 0.004HAh and 0.115 @A% 0.004HAh
before and after the meal, respectively/ after beef ingestion -7 I 0.001/. 7lasma amino acid
concentrations pea*ed at approximately 100 min after beef ingestion in both age groups
but 'ere substantially higher in the elderly -1B4 @A% 153 nmolAmG compared 'ith 1305 @A%
J9 nmolAmG& 7 I 0.001/. C!<CG;1$!<= #espite differences in the concentration of amino
acids in the plasma precursor pool, aging does not impair the ability to acutely synthesize
muscle protein after ingestion of a common protein%rich food.
#ifferential stimulation of muscle protein synthesis in elderly humans follo'ing isocaloric
ingestion of amino acids or 'hey protein.
7addon%>ones #, 1heffield%,oore ,, :atsanos C1, Khang L>, +olfe 22.
#epartment of 1urgery, The ;niversity of Texas ,edical (ranch, and 1hriners Hospitals
for Children, 8alveston, Texas DD440, ;1). d"paddonMutmb.edu
To counteract the debilitating progression of sarcopenia, a protein supplement should
provide an energetically efficient anabolic stimulus. +e 6uantified net muscle protein
synthesis in healthy elderly individuals -94%DJ yrs/ follo'ing ingestion of an isocaloric
intact 'hey protein supplement -+N& nCB/ or an essential amino acid supplement -.))&
nCD/. 0emoral arterio%venous blood samples and vastus lateralis muscle biopsy samples
'ere obtained during a primed, constant infusion of G%Ering%H4Fphenylalanine. <et
phenylalanine upta*e and mixed muscle fractional synthetic rate -012/ 'ere calculated
during the post%absorptive period and for 5.4 h follo'ing ingestion of 14 g .)) or 14 g
'hey. )fter accounting for the residual increase in the intracellular phenylalanine pool, net
post%prandial phenylalanine upta*e 'as 45.3@A%J.D mg phe leg%1 -.))/ and 1.D@A%3.9 mg
phe leg%1 -+N/, -7I0.04/. 7ostabsorptive 012 values 'ere 0.049@A%0.003H h%1 -.))/ and
0.03J@A%0.009H h%1 -+N/, -7O0.04/. (oth supplements stimulated 012 -7I0.04/, but the
increase 'as greatest in the .)) group 'ith values of 0.0BB@A%0.011H h%1 -.))/ and
0.099@A%0.003H h%1 -+N/, -7I0.04/. +hile both .)) and +N supplements stimulated
muscle protein synthesis, .))s may provide a more energetically efficient nutritional
supplement for elderly individuals.
2ompared to bee& :
Layne Norton FAQ
,ixed%muscle 012 increased by approximately 41H in both the elderly -mean @A% 1.
measurements= 0.0D @A% 0.003HAh and 0.10B @A% 0.009HAh before and after the meal,
respectively/ and the young -0.0D3 @A% 0.004HAh and 0.115 @A% 0.004HAh before and after the
meal, respectively/ after beef ingestion -7 I 0.001/.
Question: Is mi*ed muscle 3'4 increased greater from a beef meal than whey or
5..'s? 'o this is 6 separate studies but is beef showing better muscle protein synthesis
with these greater %alues in 3'4 rates?
)AA 'roup
...NNG!6...//K 6/
5ey 'roup
...EEG!6....9K 6/
1ee& Meal (elderly)
...F- G!6 ....9K! be&ore to ../.N G!6 ....EK! a&ter
1ee& Meal (youn')
...F9 G!6 ....JK! be&ore to ..//7 G!6 ....JK! a&ter
Gou !annot !ompare FS< rate from eparate tudie& 8here 'a a tudy done on thi
re!ently that ho'ed Lualitati#e !omparion are ok >!han3e from fated to fed? but
!omparin3 abolute rate ha too mu!h error&
Cn hort0 don2t !ompare them& "o you kno' if they all ued the ame tra!er( Same
infuion%doe proto!ol( Ho' did the homo3eniFe the tiue( 'hat !olumn did the ue for
the JCMS( 8here are too many #ariable to make !omparion&
$art ;: 3rainin'
#n learnin' o" to squat:
.0 Cust started personal trainin' a ne" client "o "as ob(iously trained beyond
incorrectly pre(iously. 3e &irst e4ercise 0 took im to &or our Le' day "as ,quats
and &or some reason somebody told im to squat on is toes and is knees "ere
about a &oot o(er is toes. 0 told im to re6rack it a&ter one rep because 0 "as scared
Layne Norton FAQ
e mi't blo" an A2L. Anoter reason 0 tink e as te tendency to be on is toes
is &rom years o& basketball8 "ere youMre trained to be on te balls o& your &eet at all
,o 0 tried to teac im o" to squat correctly8 but 0Mm a(in' incredible trouble
tryin' to 'et im to 'o do"n e(en 7!9s o& te "ay to parallel. All tat 0 did "as &ree
squats "itout te bar to 'et im used to te motion and tat elped some"at.
Also8 e complains about constant knee issues &rom "at 0Mm 'uessin' constant bad
squattin' "it all te pressure put on is knees. ;e did ;ack ,quats and ,in'le Le'
,quats &ine8 do you a(e any oter recommendations &or e4ercises to elp build te
muscles tat "ill allo" im to squat correctlyH Any ad(ice "ould be 'reatly
appreciated Lane8 as 0 &eel squats are te most important e4ercise in te 'ym.
C 'ould try to tea!h him front Luat0 probably be eaier for him to 3et lo'er on hi
#n $re(entin' muscle loss durin' MMA trainin':
no im not cuttin' &or a &i't...i& i "as to &i't id cut to middle"ei't..im a coac and
trainer...i(e 'ot be in decent sape to spar "it my students...im tryin' to
buildmuscle to look in ok sape on te beac lol i kno" bbdin' and mma trainin'
con&lict. i dont really "ant to 'o belo" -.. and i& i could i& it "as possible stay at
around -/....i maye be &i'tin' in au'ust dependin' on oter commitments ceers
8hen C think ye0 ECAA0 !reatine0 B beta7alanine are mut for you& a 'ell a a port
drink like 3atorade 'hile you are trainin3
,o "ould te bcaas be takin' J 'rams b9 MMA sparrin' J a&ter or moreH And
sould te 'atorade be sipped durin' "orkout or drank b9H 5ould +itar'o be as
C 'ould do 53 before0 /13 after and ip 3atorade%#itar3o durin3 the 'orkout
#n ,quat ,tance:
Layne Norton FAQ
;o" "ide "as your squat stanceH 0& you "erenMt doin' it po"er li&tin' style8 youMd
probably 'et e(en more "ei't.
;ider than houlder 'idthK ho'e#er not uper 'ide
#n stren'tenin' back:
0 a(e lo"er back problems (sti&&ness8 kinda sore a&ter deadli&ts!le' day)Q o"
sould 0 'o about stren'tenin' itH
my split:
note 6 0 donMt do squats b!c it &ries my lo"er back too muc.
Gour ba!k hould be 3ettin3 tron3er from dead&&& the fa!t that it2 ore i be!aue you
'orked it out hard
#n per&ormin' 11 curls :
;o" do you per&orm your bb curlsH %o you keep your elbo"s in a locked position
or do you allo" tem to come out so you can 'o &ull ran'e o& motionH
C allo' them to mo#e ome on !url0 but on ome exer!ie like !on!entration !url C2ll
keep them in the ame pla!e
Layne Norton FAQ
#n %eadli&ts:
0 kno" youMre an animal "en it comes to deadli&ts8 am 0 correct sayin' you usually
tro" tem in on your lo"er body po"er day since tey in(ol(e te quads so mucH
Also8 do you count tis as your quad po"er mo(ement (&or sets o& J) or do you
tro" anoter e4ercise on &or sets o& J tat its quads more direct (like your
monster &ront squats)H
Gea it2 a po'er mo#2t
#n trainin' "it soulder problems:
;a(e you e(er ad any soulder problems LayneH 0& so8 "at did you do to elp
your soulder ealH
No0 only li3ht inflammation0 Dut lifted li3hter for a fe' 'eek
#n stretcin' "ile %2 trainin':
;ey Layne8 ;a(e you e(er tried e4treme stretces (like in %2)H 5at are your
tou'ts about temH
8he tret!h i an important !omponent of hypertrophyK C think hea#y tret!hin3 i
probably a 3ood idea
A ,ample o& Laynes Upper body $o"er trainin' day :
Cn!line Een!h :ree
4 et of 5
Cable !roo#er
+ et of 87/1 rep
<a!k Chin
4 et of 5
Cloe 3rip !able pulldo'n
Layne Norton FAQ
+ et of 87/1 rep
"umbbell ro' bra!ed a3aint an in!line ben!h
4 et of 5 rep
ma!hine ro'
+ et of 87/1 rep
Seated dumbbell pree
4 et of 5 rep
ide lateral
+ et of 87/1 rep
Cambered Ear !url
4 et of , rep
hammer !url
+ et of ,78 rep
kull !ruher
4 et of , rep
#n :est!,oreness "ile per&ormin' Laynes ;ypertropy!$o"er trainin' pro'ram:
0M(e looked &ast trou' te document and a(e 0 'ot tis ri't: "en startin' doin'
your "orkout split most people are (ery sore in te be'innin' "eeks8 but itMs Cust a
matter o& time and te body "ill adapt. ,o you Cust a(e to keep doin' it and te
result "ill be tat you no lon'er 'et tat sore and te 'ainin' o& muscle mass 'oes
Also: doin' tat split do you Cust put in rest days as needed8 or do you a(e tem
bet"een te po"er days and te ypertropy daysH 0Md like to try tat split.
you ha#e it !orre!t0 C do + po'er day then ret / day then 4 hypertrophy day and then
ret a day0 then repeat
#n le' trainin':
Layne Norton FAQ
0 Cust a(e suc a ard time 'ettin' my sel& to "ork my le's i keep on talkin' my sel&
out o& it. Any ad(iceH
Le3 day are 'hat eparate the men from the boy& Hell arm&&& Doke& Chet&&& that2 for
fun& Ea!k&&& not e#en !loe& Shoulder( ;alk in the park& Le3 are 'hat eparate the
re!reational lifter from the truly intene& .ut keep that in mind 'hene#er you feel like
kimpin3 on le3 day&
A&ter 0 am done cuttin'8 0 "ant to start ittin' my le's real ard. 0 a(e read tat
you a(e done a :ussian squat routine. ;a(e you done ,molo(H #r anoter
pro'ramH ;o" did te pro'ram look likeH 5at "ere your results (stren't and
si*e 'ains and o(erall "ei't 'ain). ;o" did your incorporate your upperbody
i did molo# and it 'orked 'ell but my Doint hurt S= bad from Luattin3 o freLuently& C
am ba!k to hittin3 it +x%'eek le3 no'&
Eai!ally C Dut upper body +x%'eek 'ith lo'er #olume in!e molo# ha u!h hi3h
#olume0 C 'anted to fo!u on my le3 and 3i#e them a !han!e to properly re!o#er&
3"ice a "eek uH 5at sort o& (olume eac timeH
around 417*1 et for Luad%ham%!al#e
3atMs quite a eap o& "ork Layne (0Mm interpretin' tat as rou'ly /. sets per body
part t"ice a "eek). DouMre not a subscriber to te less is better etosH
0 sa" te recent pics you posted and it seems youMre makin' e4cellent pro'ress
abolutely not& #olume i the only thin3 that ha e#er 'orked for my le3& C think mot
people !ould ha#e #olume 'ork for them but they are too !ared by all the o#ertrainni3
#n squats and lo"er back:
Layne8 do you tink it is possible &or someone to base a le' pro'ram around te Le'
$ressHH 0 can 'et a"ay "it any oter e4ercise8 e4cept squats. 0 can do tem8 but 0
can only 'o so ea(yQ it is murder on my lo"er back8 so 0 may need to 'i(e tem up.
Anytin' else is &air 'ame tou'... ack squats8 &ront squats8 lun'es8 etc. 0 'uess my
bi''est concern is tat 0 do not "ant to limit my potential 'ro"t by not usin' te
best e4ercise &or le's. And 0 simply re&use to do bo4 squats. 1elo" parallel is te
only "ay &or me. 1ut 0 kno" 0 need ea(ier "ei't. Dou are &airly close to me in
ei't (0 a(e you by t"o inces). ;a(e you ad to make tis sacri&ice &or te
Layne Norton FAQ
'reater 'ainH
i 'ould bae it around ha!k or front in that !ae
#n Upper back:
Also 0 &ind it ard to 'et some serious mass on my upper back. 5ic e4ercises do
you recommendH
a far addin3 ba!k maK there i no e!ret0 hard and hea#y 'ith ro'0 !hin0 and
pulldo'n& <a!k !hin are omethin3 you may 'ant to try&
#n restin' bet"een sets:
0tMs typically recommended to rest bet"een sets about / minute or under i&
ypertropy is your 'oal ("ic &or me it is) and &or stren't - minutes or more.
3e only problem "it tis is tat 0 tink stren't and si*e are ine4tricably linked.
,o "atMs te compromiseH 5at are your tou'ts on tis Layne and o" lon' do
you rest bet"een setsH
C ret ho'e#er lon3 it take to re3ain my fo!u and be /11I ready for my next et& For
!url thi !an be a little a *5 e!ond0 for omethin3 like hea#y Luat thou3h0 C may 3o
'ell o#er 5 minute bet'een et
#n o(ertrainin':
3at is an interestin' statement. 0 also tink tat most people a(e tis o(ertrainin'
scare. Not rippin' on people8 Cust i'norance8 "ic is te lack o& kno"led'e. 0n my
li&e time o& sports (includin' 7 years at pro le(el domestic cyclin')8 and body
buildin'. 0 a(e only e(er kno" o& - people tat "ere actually in a state o&
o(ertrainin'. No" o& course 0 come no"ere near to kno"in' eac indi(idual
in(ol(ed in sports8 but out o& te literally tousands tat 0 a(e kno"n8 tat is still a
minute number compared to te (as Layne so eloquentlyput) propo'anda tat
circulates today. # and tose - people "ere bot ultra distance runners "o
de(eloped eatin' disorders8 "it te tinkin' tat li'ter is &aster. ,o tey cut teir
calories to a ridiculous le(el. Layne8 "atMs your take on Mo(ertrainin'MH From
someone "o actually as te science to back im up.
9entially 'hat people don2t realiFe i that #olume i another form of o#erload& =ne of
the prin!iple of hypertrophy that mot people a3ree on i you mut !ontinuouly in!reae
o#erload on the mu!le to timulate ne' 3ro'th& ;ell you !an only 3ain o mu!h
tren3th0 e#entually you plateau0 but you !an AL;AGS add more #olume& My friend did
hi mater in exer!ie phy at one of the premier pla!e to do that de3ree >baylor? B
durin3 mot tudie they ran the tron3et !orrelatin3 fa!tor to mu!le 3ro'th 'a almot
Layne Norton FAQ
al'ay #olume& 8he reaon mot people are !ared to do #olume i /? they ha#e al'ay
been told they 'ill o#ertrain and +? 'hen they firt tat out on the pro3ram they loe
tren3th and feel rundo'n and like hit& 8hi i normal0 your body in2t ued to it and it
mut adDut& Ct take about +7* 'eek for your body to adDut0 on!e it doe the tren3th
and hypertrophy 3ain are #ery noti!ible0 e#ery !lient i2#e e#er done thi to ha 'orked
Luite imilarly& 8hey are be33in3 me to let them train the old 'ay for the firt +7* 'eek0
and after that they end me email ayin3 they !an2t belie#e ho' fat they are 3ainin3
8here are t'o dra'ba!k to #olume
/? more rapid de#elopment of inDurie a you are doin3 more et and if you ha#e any
problem in form they 'ill be exa33erated fater 'ith hi3h #olume o you may 3et a!he
and pain
+? Ct i #ery mentally tou3h to keep up 'ith hi3h #olume& Gou 'ill mentally burnout
before you e#er phyi!ally do&
both of thee are 'hy #olume hould be !y!le and on!e e#ery 57/1 'eek dependin3
upon ho' your body repone you hould redu!e #olume and redu!e 'ei3ht to 61I of
normal for + 'eek to re3ain your fo!u and let your body2 a!he and pain ubide&
#n rep!set scemes:
i do i'er (olume as "ell. not super i'. but tis is te tin'. dont limit yoursel&
to a certain amount o& sets or reps. imo tese are Cust barriers. o" many times a(e
you done 7 sets o& /. reps but probably could a(e done J sets o& // or /-H
"ene(er i 'o to te 'ym te only tin' tat is preconcei(ed is "at e4ercises im
'oin' to do. sometimes im not &eelin tat 'reat and iMll only do - sets oter times ill
be &lyin i' and do /. sets &or tin's like le's. Cust listen to your body. be
instincti(e. tats "at tis is all about. remember your muscles dont count your
brain does and i& you "anna "ork tat out teres plenty o& lo(e no(els out tere &or
you to read. or maybe you can do a nice cross"ord and a(e a cup o& tea and
yea i a3ree that you need to not 3et 8== hun3 up on rep%et !heme& Cn the end the one
Luetion you need to ak yourelf i Mam C 'orkin3 harder than the 3uy 'ho 'ill be
onta3e next to meM
i 3o 'here the !ien!e upport my friend
#n ;i' +olume trainin':
=ust curious "at you r de&inition o& i' (olume isH &or some its /-6/J sets &or
oter its -.67. sets.
Layne Norton FAQ
Gea more or le& Cf the bodypart i a 'eakpoint >ba!k%le3? it 'ill 3et more et0 if it i a
tren3th like !het0 C do probably half a many et a C do for ba!k
#pinion on routine by 36nation:
routine look #ery olid
Frequent trainin' and ,oreness:
0 dont kno" o" people squat 74 a "eekH 5en 0 squat8 0 am sore 96J days. and
"en 0 say sore i mean te andrails are my best &riend
8he more freLuent you 'orkout the le you 3et ore& 8he bet po'erlifter Luat
F<9Q-9N8LG&&& e#en up to *x%'eek
0 a(e read tat te &irst 9 "eeks or so your body as to adCust to te more &requent
squattin'. A lot o& people "ill 'et more sore and!or canMt squat as ea(y as tey used
to. A lot "ill stop "it more &requent squattin' because tey &eel tey are 'ettin'
"eaker. 1ut "en your body 'ets more and more adCusted you "ill become stron'er
and stron'er. And you can make impro(ements.
Dour body can andle a lot more ten a lot o& people tink.
9xa!tly0 the adaptation period take time
Dea but o" te ell can you squat "it "ei't "en it urts to e(en sit on te
;ell you don2t Luat hea#y e#ery in3le day
aaaa i dont kno" any oter "ayOH
9#en if Luattin3 +74x 'eek 'ith /7+ hea#y day i uperior( And there i mu!h e#iden!e
to upport that ha#in3 at leat one li3hter day i uperior for tren3th and iFe than Dut
trai3ht up one 'orkout per 'eek
5en you say Mli'ter dayM Cust "onderin' "eter you mean to use li'ter "ei'ts
and back o&& te intensity (ie8 stoppin' "ell sort o& &ailure) or use li'ter "ei'ts
"it equal intensity as te ea(y days.
if i2m doin3 4x%'eek then one day i hea#y0 one day i li3ht hy of failure0 and one day i
li3ht but !loer to failure
5en po"erli&ters li&t -67 times a "eek8 donMt tey only do / or - sets "it /8- or 7
reps at a "orkoutH 0tMs almost like an entire "orkout spread out o(er a "eek. 0Mm
not sure 0 see te point o& a Mli'terM day. 2an you e4plain te reasonin'H
Layne Norton FAQ
Not really0 po'erlifter often ue a lot of #olume& C routinely kno' po'erlifter 'ho 'ill
do 'ell o#er /1 et on a 3i#en exer!ie
Li't %ay "orkout
2an "e a(e some discussion on te Mli'ter dayM "orkoutH 0 ear people talk about
it. 0Mm not sure 0 a'ree "it it. =ust lookin' &or some talk about it.
.ut be!aue a 'orkout i 2li3hter2 doe not mean you are not timulatin3 mu!le tiue
and additionally it alo fa!ilitate blood flo' to that area& C !an tell you ri3ht no' it
!ertainly enhan!e re!o#ery by takin3 ad#anta3e of the repeated bout effe!t
so "ould you su''est maybe doin' 76J li't sets te day a&ter trainin' a muscle to
'et a little pump and blood &lo"H do you do tisH
i do one hea#y 'orkout per 'eek fo!uin3 on 478 rep 3oin3 a hea#y a C !an on
!ompound mo#ement0 till pretty hi3h #olume0 then later in the 'eek C 3o li3hter for /17
+1 rep 'ith more #olume but not a mu!h failure a C do earlier in the 'eek&
My le3 N9A9< 3re' off one time per 'eek hit& C tarted trainin3 +x%'eek and
e#eryone aid C 'ould o#ertrainK lo' and behold my le3 a!tually 3re'0 the !ien!e
upport it a do my experien!e 'ith myelf B my !lient
#n 2est de(elopment:
Layne8 my pectoral de(elopment is not e4actly "at 0 "ould like it to be8 but comin'
alon'. 0 it it ard once a "eek. #n te days a&ter te "orkout8 can 0 'o "it a &e"
undred pusups &or acti(e rest to elp "it te de(elopment8 or is tis too mucH
hell no it2 not too mu!h0 C2m tellin3 you0 on!e i tarted 'orkin3 e#erythin3 out +x%'eek
hardK that2 'hen my phyiLue 'ent from middle of the pa!k to bein3 !ompetiti#e for my
pro !ard& C am Luite !on#in!ed that bein3 bra#e enou3h to try hi3h #olume%freLuen!y 'a
one of the main reaon C am not till an amateur&
Laynes 5orkout =ournal:
2ould you please record your "orkouts on ere more o&ten...HHH 0 like to see o"
oters do teir "orkouts...
Layne Norton FAQ
C ha#e a lot poted in my Dournal here http$%%forum&bodybuildin3&!om%ho'thread&php(
#n 2al(es:
Layne8 "at you like to do &or your cal(esH 0 sa" you did /J sets8 you al"ays do a lot
o& sets like tatH Dou kno" itMs ard &or us natties to 'et tose 'ood lookin' le's tat
'ot a lot o& tickness. 0Mm EM- so my upperbody is a ell o& a lot more po"er&ul tan
my lo"er8 u tink squats tat are ea(y "it lo"er reps "ould elp to 'et some
mass on tem8 netin' else you su''est &eel &ree. 3anks a lot bro8 ope te trainin'
is 'oin' "ell. 1y te "ay youMre a monster "it tose &ront squatsO
A you probably kno' le3 'ere a bi3 'eakne for me0 and C till !onider them a
la33in3 bodypartK but not like they ued to be& C think hi3h #olume%hi3h freLuen!y i
really the 'ay to 3ro'& My !al#e 'ere tu!k at /5M until i tarted 'orkin3 them +74x per
'eek 'ith +1741 et per 'eekK that 3ot them up to /6M&
My cal&s suck. 0Mm EM- "it /EMM cal&s (i' inserts too) and iMm a ard'ainer. My
diet!cardio!trainin' (oter tan cal&s) is 'oin' really "ell. 0M(e been doin' %2
trainin' &or te past - years so ("ic is cal&s e(ery oter "orkout &or / set o& /.6/-
reps "it a Jsec ne'8 /Jsec stretc and a ard &le4 at te top)...
tis metod isnMt really doin' muc &or my cal&s (tey a(e ardly 'ro"n in tose -
years "ereas e(erytin' else as)
can you please 'i(e me some ad(ice AN% post your cal& trainin'H i read tat you
like to do i' (olume &or your cal&s. $lease list te trainin' in detail (reps!sets!"it
"at part o& split!amount per "eek!tempo!etc)
!al#e are omethin3 extremely hard to 3ro'&&& mot people 'ho ha#e bi3 !al#e&&& ha#e
al'ay had bi3 !al#e& 8rain them hard and hea#y and like a made man& drop et0 uper
et0 3iant et0 hard and hea#y& C do o#er 41 et per 'eek for !al#e& my !al#e 'hen i
tarted 'ere //M no' they are Dut under /6M not 3reat0 but a 3ood impro#ement
#n circuit trainin':
;ey Layne8 you are doin' a 'reat "ork ere and 0 "is you a lot o& successes...
"at do you tink about circuit trainin'H 3ey a(e or a(e ad some place in your
"orkouts durin' te yearH
Layne Norton FAQ
only time i ue !ir!uit trainin3 i if i2m on #a!ation B preed for time or durin3 the day
before a ho'
#n Layne per&ormin' 3raditional squats:
Layne8 do you do traditional squatsH 0 al"ays see your (ideos o& you doin' &ront
C do0 Dut not re!ently0 i feel front Luat mu!h more in my Luad B it2 not near a hard
on my lo'er ba!k B knee
#n squats &or 'lutes and ams:
Dou &eel tat te &ront squats "ork you 'lutes and amsH or Cust do direct "ork &or
tose 'roups8 i.e. <;:Ms lol
:robably not Luite a mu!h0 E-8 my a and ham are not my 'eakpoint&&& Luad are lol
yea0 Luad ha#e been a bane of mine for a lon3 lon3 time& Eut they ha#e !ome a lon3
'ay0 at ome point C2ll pot up ome pro3re pi! of my le3 for you 3uy
#n "armin' up:
"at type o& rep ran'e do your "arm up sets consist o& 8 sayin' my 'oal "as to be in
te E6N rep ran'e 8 0 al"ays &ollo"ed te ma46ot "arm up sequence ( donMt train
"it ma46ot ) start "it /- 8 E 8 9 8 / or - reps ten your "orkin' set 8 i only do tis
in te be'innin' or te "orkout &or tat muscle 8 a&ter tat i do / I&eel set I &or te
oter e4ercises 8 "at you tinkH
depend on the exer!ie0 on omethin3 imple like !url i2ll do like /7+ et of 87/1 but on
omethin3 like Luat or dead i2ll do it like thi&
for example on front Luat my bet i + et of 4,5 for 5K o if i 'anted to 'arm up for
that i2d do
/7/45 S /1
+7/85 S 6
47+45 S *
*7+65 S +
574/5 S /
then i2d do my 'orkin3 et&
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Laynes %ynamic delts routine$
Layne as your tou'ts can'ed on tis article %ynamic %eltsH
ye ome0 but i till think it a olid routine
3ou'ts on a le' routine:
,o in my quest &or better le's 0 tried a taste o& Layne $ain.
All e4ercises "ere done "it / "arm up (e4cpet squat8 "ic "as /st8 and as -) and
9 "orkin' sets "it reps taken to almost &ailure on eac.
0t looked sometin' like tis.
le' press
ack squat (&irst time 0M(e done tat in /J years and it tried to kill me)
amstrin' curls
<;:Ms (no "arm up needed)
'ood mornin's
le' e4tension
0 Cust &ollo"ed te same routine last ni't and it &elt 'reat a'ain. 0Mm not &eelin' like
0 need a &uneral ser(ice today8 so tatMs a"esome. 0 e(en added some "ei't to eac
li&t and kept my &orm.
damn ni!e 'orkout broO no' that i a le3 'orkoutO
#n inner ti' de(elopment:
Layne8 "en squattin'8 "at is te best "ay to si&t te empasis to stimulate inner
ti' de(elopmentH
probably 3oin3 a bit 'ider0 ho'e#er i2m a fan of Dut uin3 'hate#er foot poition i mot
!omfortable be!aue you 'ill ha#e better form and ue more 'ei3ht
Quad elp
=ust a question re'ardin' quads. 0 really stru''le to put si*e on my quads8 "ould
you recommend doin' quads t"ice a "eekH 2ould 0 do one day o& close6stance
squats8 le' press etc... and one day "ide6stanceH
C killed myelf for G9A<S on le3 3oin3 on!e per 'eek and Dut hammerin3 the li#in3
hell out of them til C !ouldn2t 'alk or tie my hoe the next day& Made #ery little pro3re&
:eople told me i 'a o#er trainin3 o i ba!ked off& Made e#en le pro3re& 8hen a
friend of mine 'ho i #ery intelli3ent told me to for3et all that noneene and try trainin3
them +x%'eek and lo' and behold0 my le3 a!tually 3re'& C 'ear by +x%'eek& =ne day
Layne Norton FAQ
i lo'er #olume and lo'er rep fo!uin3 on hea#y !ompound mo#ement mo#in3 a
mu!h 'ei3ht a poible the other day i li3hter0 'ith more rep0 le ret bet'een et
and more #olume&
#n splittin' le' routines:
layne o" do you &eel about splitin' le's up 8 like quads one day and ams anoterH
or do you &eel its best to "ork bot to'eter
depend0 C 3ue you !ould 'ork out your plit o you !ould do it that 'ay& C2#e al'ay
done them to3ether but C don2t ee 'hy you !ouldn2t plit them up
#n te e&&ects o& calistenics on reco(ery
;o" sould 0 &i'ure in te calistenics "e do at my units $3H 3ey classi&y it as
stren't trainin'8 but "it te sort rest times and i' reps8 it seems to me tat it
"ould &all more under endurance!cardio. ;o" "ould tis type o& "ork a&&ect my
"ei't trainin' (i.e. sould te pus6ups count as cest "ork suc tat 0 need to cut
back on my 'ym sessions so as not to o(ertrainH Also8 "ould te t"ice "eekly abs
"ork included in te calistenics be enou' ab "ork or sould 0 include it in my
re'ular "ei't trainin' scedule as "ellH)
for omeone 'ho 'ei3ht train hea#yK puh up are not 3oin3 to impa!t re!o#er&&& it i
more like enduran!e than it i tren3th
#n "orkout e&&ort:
=ust "onderin'8 do you put tat muc e&&ort into e(ery "orkoutH 0 mean8 youM(e set
te bencmark no"8 "ill you be disappointed i& you donMt acie(e at least tese
numbers on e(ery subsequent "orkout no"(
a!tually i !y!le my trainin3 a bit o no' that i2#e broken my max i2ll li3hten up my hea#y
day for a fe' 'eek and build ba!k up to 485 o#er about , 'eek o by the time that lift
!ome up i2ll be really Da!ked up for it
#n &ront squat &orm:
,econdly8 0 see tat "en you do &ront squats you do te arms up!crossed. 0 am an
atlete and "e do &ront squats &rom te po"erli&tin' setup o& clean to squat. No"
tat season is o(er and 0 can do "at 0 "ant8 "at do you recommendH Arms up
and crossed or po"erli&tin' styleH
My 'rit !an2t take the po'erliftin3 tyleK ho'e#er0 if you like that betterK then do it
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 3otal 1ody 3rainin':
do you a'ree!support 2ad 5ateruburyMs style o& total body trainin' "it a 7 day
&ull body routines (M656F) &ocusin' on 9 compounds and - isolation e4ercises "ile
(aryin' rep ran'es trou'out te "eekH 1asically8 any tou'ts on tese type o&
pro'rams o& &ull body 6 upper!lo"er 6 pus!pull. 0 really enCoy tese types o&
trainin' but dont kno" i& tey be as e&&ecti(e as a body part split.
C ha#en2t !he!ked it out but C am a bi3 fan of hi3h freLuen!y&&& think +74S 'eek trainin3
ea!h bodypart 'ork 'ell
#n takin' a "eek o&& &rom trainin':
5at is your (ie" on takin' a "eek o&&H ;o" lon' o& trainin' and at "at intensity
"ould require tisH 5ould it be more o& a mental break or "ould it also a(e
pyscial bene&it as "ellH
honetly i think ha#in3 a 'eek or + 'here you 3o to the 3ym but Dut 3ot at ,1I of
normal 'ei3ht i mu!h more benefi!ial than totally takin3 a 'eek off
5at are your tou'ts on takin' time o&& &rom te 'ym to pre(ent o(er trainin'.
#ne o& my li&tin' partners "ill occasionally take a "eek o&& ere and tere8 and 0 am
no" seein' tat )ric(body&4) recommends takin' time o&& as "ell. 0 train J days a
"eek and lo(e it8 0 ate a(in' to e(en take te t"o days o&& a "eekO 0 do a (ery
similar trainin' style!split to your o"n and 'et adequate rest(N ours)8 and am (ery
conscious o& 'ettin' proper nutrition!supps e(ery day. 0 "ould like to train as muc
as possible as lon' it is bene&icial and not detrimental to my 'ains. so "at is your
take on all o& tisH
i don2t think more than 47* day off i a 3ood idea0 more than that and you !an a!tually
3et atrophy from diue& <ather0 C think /7+ 'eek of deloadin3$ do your normal routine
but lift ,1761I of the 'ei3ht you normally ue& 8hi i li3ht enou3h to allo' you to
re!o#er mentally B phyi!ally B 3i#e the Doint a break but hea#y enou3h to pre#ent
#n trainin' adaptation:
0 am currently on %a(eMs diet at te moment and makin' 'reat pro'ress so 0
Layne Norton FAQ
"ouldnMt "ant to can'e my trainin' style. 1ut come te "inter monts8 0 am
tinkin' about 'i(in' i' (olume a sot since it "orked &or you8 and 0 ;A+)
N)+): done i' (olume!&requency be&ore8 but 0 a(e a question. 0 read tat you
said a&ter a &e" "eeks you 'et used to te soreness!letar'y and actually &eel alot
better. 5ell "ould tat I'et used to itI mean your body is adaptin' to it8 and te
initial sock o& a ne" trainin' style as no" lost its bene&itsH Also8 your split is 7 on8
/ o&& split8 and ten it te "ole body a'ain tose ne4t 7 days8 ri'tH
No0 adaptation i a 3ood thin3 durin3 the firt fe' 'eek0 it i a different ort of
adaptation than your mu!le no lon3er repondin3 to a parti!ular routine& C kno' that
ound tran3e0 but honetly on!e you 3et throu3h the firt 4 'eek you 'ill tart noti!in3
bi3 time in!reae in fullne B tren3th
#n $us!$ull!Le's routine:
0s $us!$ull!Le's8 / day o&&8 ten repeat a 'ood split &or i' (olumeH
yea that2 a 3ood plit&
Lanye &rom a 'uy "o as "orked is tail o&& to brin' is quads up. 5at do you
recommend to build te (astus medialisH 0Mm 'ettin' (ery 'ood results to my outer
s"eep and tickness8 but tat tear drop is eludin' me. $lus your tear drop is so
sarp it almost looks doctored lol
i Dut re!ommend a full ran3e of motion on all mo#ement epe!ially Luat
#n layne per&ormin' deadli&ts "it a trap bar:
0 a(e seen a (ideo "ere you are per&ormin' deadli&ts "it a trap bar8 any
8he trap bar allo' me to pull in a trai3hter line intead of a dia3onal line like you do
'ith a trai3ht bar& 8hi allo' more Luad re!ruitment 'hi!h C need in!e my lo'er ba!k
i already really 3ood0 but my Luad need 'ork& 8hu C do them on le3 day
. 0M(e &ound tat per&ormin' con(entional deadli&ts place a u'e amount o& stress on
my lo"er back (0 already a(e sciatic issues). %o you &ind doin' tem "it a trap
bar reduces te stress put on te lo"er backH $ros!consH
abolutely0 allo' the Luad to 3et more in#ol#ed
#n squat &orm:
0 ad tis 'uy tell me yesterday in te 'ym tat my &orm "as "ron' "en 0 squated
Layne Norton FAQ
cause my knees "ere 'oin' o(er my toes8 e said tat doin' tat usin' ea(y "ei'ts
0 could blo" my knees out. does tis a(e any (alidityH "en you squat do you Cust
'o parallel or you 'ot ass to eelsH
A far a knee not 3oin3 o#er toe0 unle you ha#e hort le3 your knee 'ill probably
ha#e to 3o o#er your toe ome'hat to keep your balan!e or you2ll fall ba!k'ard
#n Laynes "orkout sceme:
%id you use te same rep ran'e and "ei't in bot "orkoutsH or did you do
di&&erent tin's on di&&erent "ork outsH i& i train eac bodypart t"ice a "eek8 "ould
it be better in your opinion to keep to te same style o& trainin' ie. 7 sets8 J6N repsH
or doin' 7sets8 J6N reps on one "orkout8 ten maybe a J4J on te second8 or maybe
lo"erin' te "ei't and doin' 7 sets /-6/JrepsH rou'ly "at did you do tat 'ot
you te best resultsH
pleae ee the third epiode in my #ideo erie& Ct an'er your Luetion
#n 3rainin' till &ailure:
0m on an upper lo"er split kind o& like yours8 but my &irst - arent a ea(y day
ten te second - a lo"er8 tey are bot te same e4cept a &e" di&& e4ercises...
3e question is8 do i 'o to &ailure on eac muscle e(ery "orkoutH 0 kno" i& i "as
trainin' on a 9 day split i "ould but "erent sure "en trainin' muscles t"iceH 0&
you "ant to see te "orkout Cust let me kno".
;ith hi3h freLuen!y hi3h #olume C 'ouldn2t train to failure on e#ery et to be3in 'ith&
Maybe only halfK a your body adDut to it thou3h you !an in!reae the V of et you take
to failureK you2ll Dut ha#e to 3i#e your body time to adapt
#n ack squats:
#.k. ,ince you Cust posted a ack squat (id 0 &i'ure tis is a pre&ect time to ask.
5ere do you place you &eetH 0M(e 'ot pretty lon' le's (79in inseam) and 0 mo(e my
&eet so muc on te plat&rom youMd tink 0 "as on M,o you tink you can danceM.
Dou canMt really tell &rom te current (ideo8 because tat "all is ri't tere.
i put them up a hi3h a poible o i !an puh throu3h my heel
doesnMt tat place more stress on te ams and less stress on te quads tou'HH
Layne Norton FAQ
C don2t think oK and it2 mu!h better for the knee C belie#e&
#n <lute am raises (<;:) :
No one !an undertand ho' hard they are until they try them for themel#e& My friend
deadlift about 585 lb at /85 lb o a tron3 dude and yeterday he aked 'hat C 'a
doin3 >'hen C 'a doin3 JH<? and he 'anted to try& So C let him on there and ;AMO
Fa!eplant on the firt one L=L
#n "orkout duration:
0 "as Cust "onderin'8 "it your i' (olume "orkouts8 o" lon' does a session
normally last &or youH 0Mm tinkin' tat unless you keep your rest to a bare
minimum it must be "ell o(er an our...
yea it2 like /$/57/$*5 ometime + hour
0 tou't it must be. )(er 'et sick o& a(in' to spend so lon' in te 'ymH Dou must
be "asted a&ter - ours.
eh&&& it2 'hat it take& C lo#e liftin3& AFter /1 year of doin3 it i till lo#e it& C2m lookin3
for'ard to Dut about e#ery 'orkout
are you e(er "orried about catabolic ormones comin' in to play a&ter "orkin' out
&or tat lon'H or do you still &eel tat as lon' as pre and post "orkout nutrition is up
to par8 your setH
Not really& Firt pre B pot 'orkout nutrition help miti3ate it& Se!ondly0 !ortiol tudie
ho'in3 in!reae after *5 minute of exer!ie are done in enduran!e athlete& 8here i a
bi3 differen!e bet'een enduran!e exer!ie 'here you are 3oin3 non7top 'hera 'ei3ht
liftin3 i hort period of 'ork 'ith lon3 period >relati#ely? of ret& Additionally !ortiol
i a lon3 term a!tin3 hormone& hort rie in !ortiol really don2t !aue !atabolim& Hell
!ortiol ha been ho'n to rie after 'orkout&&& but 'e kno' that 'orkout make you
3ro'& Ct i lon3 term ele#ation in !ortiol from tre that !an be !ataboli!&
#n la''in lats:
i seek some ad(ice about lats...im only E monts in so ere is my problem i
a(e.....my ri't side o& my back is ticker and my lat is "ider ten te le&t side....i
tink becouse o& my "ron' li&tin' "en i started out and!or becouse o& my Cob im
"orkin as a mo(er so i already li&t al day lon'....but back to my point "at e4ercises
can i do to strai'ten my back out i already do dumbell ro"s...ri't around /. k'
and le&t up to /N k'...any oter su'estions
Layne Norton FAQ
A for your latK C u33et you do extra et for your 'eak ide& =ne arm dumbbell ro'K
one arm !able pull0 or any one arm ba!k exer!ie& 8ry doin3 +74 extra et ea!h 'orkout&
Alo0 in!e that ide i 'eaker you probably 'on2t be able to ue a mu!h 'ei3ht a you
!an for your tron3 ide& Eut 'hate#er 'ei3ht you ue for your 'eakide0 you hould alo
ue that 'ei3ht for your tron3 ide o that your 'eak ide !an !at!h up&
#n trainin' metodolo'y durin' te -67 "eek cut :
Question &or you Layne in re'ard to your cyclitic metod o& eatin' "en o&& season.
%o you keep your e4ercise re'ime te same "en doin' te -67 "eeks o& dietin' as
"en you are eatin' moreH
My trainin3 i !y!li! but independent of diet& +74 'eek of dietin3 really in2t enou3h to
!aue you to loe tren3th or ener3y& C do deload at leat on!e e#ery /+ 'eek o i try to
make that fall in 'ith the +74 'eek !ut
#n (astus medialis trainin':
Layne8 a question &or a 'uy tat as really brou't up is quads.
0s tere anytin' speci&ic tat you a(e dome to "ork on your (astus medialisH
Most o& te tin's 0 a(e been doin' a(e been doin' a 'reat Cob o& buildin' my
abductors8 upper and outer quads8 but te tear drop is lackin'.
3o 'i(e a idea o& "at my routine is like. 0 do le's - times a "eek (Mon and Fri.
,aturday is cardio only and ,unday is a rest day).
Mondays routine:
/. &ree "ei't squats (Cust started doin' tese. 0 "as doin' ,mit Macine squats)
-. le' press. 0 put my &eet Cust a bit "ider tat soulder "idt and a little abo(e te
middle o& te pad. #ter"ise 0 really &eel some "eird stu&& 'oin' on in my lo"er
back on te ne'ati(e.
7. ,eated amstrin' curls
9. lyin' amstrin' curls. 3ese are al"ays tou' a&ter doin' squats and seated .
J. le' e4tension.
Fridays routine
/. ;ack squat. Foot position pretty muc te same as le' press. 0 al"ays 'o to te
stops on tis one. ,eems like tatMs "at teyMre tere &or lol
-. <;:Ms. )nou' said
7. ,L%LMs. 0 normally take te bar to about mid sin or so. Any deeper tan tat
and 0 tend to start rollin' my lo"er back.
9. le' e4tension. 3is day 0 'o a little li'ter and increase te reps and ne'ati(e
3ou'ts8 su''estionsH
Layne Norton FAQ
ho' deep do you 3o on your mo#ement(
#n le' press until my knees are almost to my cest.
,quats 0 do in a squat rack similar to te one in your 'ym. 0 'o about E inces about
te stops on tat. 0Mm EM so tatMs "ell belo" parallel &or me.
;acks are to te stops.
Le' e4tensions all te "ay up &or a squee*e and do"n till te stack almost touces.
5at do you tinkH
honetly ound like you are doin3 'hat you hould be doin3& you !ould try ome hea#y
tret!he like in "C trainin3
#n ,prints &or quad s"eeps:
Question &or you. 0 a(e eard you mention sprints &or &at burnin' and quad
s"eeps. 5at is te best "ay to pe&orm tem and &or o" lon'H My second cardio
session is a &ast pace "alk at ni't around a local track. 0 &eel like tryin' sometin'
more callen'in' and 0F it doesnMt burn muscle tis seems like a killer "orkoutO
3anks Layne.
Hey tony& ;hat C really like i 51 meter print up a hill& 8ry doin3 /1 print to tart&
Sprint up to the top and 'alk do'n lo'ly >hould take about a minute? in bet'een
print but durin3 ea!h print hit it a hard a you poibly !an& doen2t ound like mu!h
but if you hit it uper hard i 3aruntee you2ll be 3aed&
#n ;ea(y!Li't trainin' :
Layne8 0 "as curious "at your tou'ts are on ;ea(y!Li't trainin' as outlined
3e basic concept bein': a &e" days a&ter your normal ea(y "orkout8 you do a
li't8 I$ump onlyI "orkout8 tat "ill &lus te muscle "it 'lyco'en and nutrients
"itout 'oin' to te point o& &urter muscle trauma. 3e reasonin' sounds solid8 do
you tink it olds upH 5ould it possibly increase 'ro"t P reco(eryH
ound olid to me0 kind of like 'hat i do
#n +olume trainin' durin' dietin':
%o you decrease trainin' (olume "en your ener'y starts to 'et really lo" &rom
Layne Norton FAQ
contest dietin'H
#n soulders bein' stron'er tan cest:
Layne8 i& your soulders o(er po"er your cest8 is it a 'ood idea to back o&&
soulder trainin'H 0(e been tinkin' o& backin' o&& my soulder trainin' and back
trainin' and increase my le' and cest trainin' to brin' up my s"eep and cest..
"at do you tinkH
C think you may try pre7exhautin3 !het 'ith flye then mo#e to pree
#n nutrition a&ter a sprint "orkout:
0 "as "onderin' "at "ould you consume &ollo"in' a sprint type "orkout tat you
described.... suc as o" muc protein!carbs or anytin' else.... i Cust dont &eel like i
need tat many carbs a&ter i do it i may be "ron' tou'..... i do like /.6/- /.. yard
sprints.... basically sprintin' te strai't a"ays and "alkin' te cur(es.... tanks
"epend&&& ho' many !arb do you ha#e pre 'orkout( are you !uttin3 or bulkin3( ho'
mu!h do you 'ei3h( 'hat i your total !arb intake for the day
#n %2 trainin':
0 keep earin' about %2 trainin'.......but i donMt kno" "at it isH
C 'ould !he!k out the lat fe' pa3e of the daily pump0 there i ome info about it there0
alo at http$%%'''&intenemu!le&!om
;o" do you &eel about %2 trainin'H
i think it 'ill 3et you a 3reat bae in term of tren3th but pretty mu!h the only #ariable
that you !an modulate i tren3th%o#erload and you imply !an2t 3et tron3er fore#er&
Mot people don2t realiFe #olume and freLuen!y are form of o#erload0 you !an2t al'ay
3et tron3er but you !an al'ay do an extra et or in!reae your freLuen!y& C Dut feel like
a pro3ram hould take ad#anta3e of all the #ariable to modulate o#erload B mu!le 3ain
5at do you tink o& %o''crapp trainin' (not Cust te principles but &ollo"in' it as
its outlined)H 0 tried but did not &ind any comments on tis board or oter boards
by you on %2..
Layne Norton FAQ
C like the ret7paue prin!iple B i like the hea#y tret!hin3 B trainin3& Ho'e#er0 'hat C
don2t like i they really only take ad#anta3e of o#erload purely throu3h tryin3 to add
more 'ei3ht and do not modulate other fa!tor like freLuen!y0 #olume0 et!&
Do Layne8 a(e you e(er attempted %#<< 2:A$ "orkout pro'ramH i& so "ats
your take on itH
C ue #ariou !omponant of it like ret paue and hard tret!hin3& Ho'e#er "C trainin3
only take ad#anta3e of one form of o#erload 'hi!h i the 'ei3ht you ue& Gou !an2t 3et
tron3er for e#er& 9#entually your tren3th plateau and on!e it doe you ha#e no other
'ay to make pro3re 'ith traditional "C& So C think it2 bet to alo re3ulate other
#ariable like #olume0 time under tenion0 et!&
#n $recontest trainin':
5en you are precontest8 do you train to &ailureH 0& so8 on e(ery setH
ye C do&&& no not on e#ery et
#n increasin' "ei'ts on deadli&ts:
layne8 "at i "as sayin' earlier about deadli&ts "as "at is te best "ay to
continually increase pounda'es and 'et tem i' &or deads like u did. 0 am
currently doin' -7. pounds "it controlled slo" &orm8 i "ould lo(e one day to
deadli&t 7.. pounds and more but "orry about inCury.
C think 'a#e trainin3 i the 'ay to 3o& For example if you are !urrently doin3 +41 you
'ould do thi
'eek /$ /45
'eek +$ /61
'eek 4$ +11
'eek *$ ++5
'eek 5$ +*1
'eek ,$ +*5
then repeat the !y!le thi time you 'ould do omethin3 like
'eek /$ /*5
'eek +$ /81
'eek 4$ +/1
'eek *$ +45
'eek 5$ +51
'eek ,$ +55
et! et! et!
Layne Norton FAQ
8hi ha al'ay 'orked for me and kept me maintainin3 !onitent pro3re
Are you sayin' you sould be able to increase your deadli&t pounda'e by //.
pounds in E "eeksH
He aid he 'a at +41 ri3ht no'& o in 'a#e trainin3 you ba!k off and build up to your
max and then o#er it o#er 57, 'eek then ba!k off B do it a3ain&
'hat i the rep ran3e you 'orkin3 in the be3innin3 'eek(
omethin3 like that( alo are you doin3 multiple et or i that your only 'orkin3 et(
'eek/$ /1
'eek+$ 8
'eek4$ ,
'eek*$ *
'eel5$ +
'eel,$ /
nope rep ran3e tay the ame& i kno' it eem dumb to do that li3ht of 'ei3ht to tart but
trut me&&& po'erlifter ue thi 'ith J<9A8 u!!e& you !annot !ontantly train to
failureK you 'ill plateau Lui!kly
#n Laynes pre&erred "orkout :
/. $o"er Upper (2oupounds8 lo" reps8 ea(y "ei't)
-. $o"er Lo"er (2oupounds8 lo" reps8 ea(y "ei't)
7. ;ypertropy 2est!Arms (;i'er reps8 more sets)
9. ;ypertropy ,oulders!1ack (;i'er reps8 more sets)
J. ;ypertropy Le's (;i'er reps8 more sets)
Layne8 o" lon' do you do tis routine be&ore Is"itcin' it upI8 or do you continue
to do tis routine all te timeH
0&!"en you Is"itc it upI "at type o& routine do you useH
Dut depend on ho' thin3 are 3oin3& 8hi i my bread B butter but C al'ay belie#e in
#ariety and C am al'ay !han3in3 exer!ie%#olume%et!
#n 'au'in' "orkin' sets:
;o" do you 'au'e your "orkin' setsH 5en lookin' at te abo(e "ei'ts!reps it
"ould appear tat you "erent close to M&ailureM "it te 7/J...so "en do you start
countin' "ork sets (s. "arm upH
Layne Norton FAQ
failure or not&&& 4/5 feel hea#y on front Luat& L=L
a 'orkin3 et for me i 'hen i2m uin3 81I or abo#e of my peronal re!ord for that rep
trut me&&& you do that kind of 'orkout tartin3 like that and mo#in3 all the 'ay up&&& you
are exhauted by the end of it&
0 dont doubt it.....Cust used to countin' "ork sets as tose tat are near &ailure. For
e4ample...my Flat %umbell "orksets o& 7 4 E :
/7. 4 E
//J 4 E
/.. 4 E
Maybe 0 a(e been doin' "ay too many sets close to &ailure.
Not ne!earilyK thi i Dut a pe!ifi! Luat proto!ol C ue&&& imilar to molo# trainin3
#n %umbbell lateral raises:
%o you a(e a (ideo o& you doin' dumbbell lat raises &or soulders8 i donMt kno" i& i
do tem ri't i &eel like i s"itc up o" i do it eac "eek. 5ell8 ill try to e4plain8 do
you keep your arms more straitH i see a lot o& 'uys do tem "it teir arms bent like
a most muscular ten li&tin' up
C ue a li3ht bend& it i #ery bad to keep them totally trai3ht
#n 2aloric intake &or la''in' parts! ;i' intense cardio durin' bulkin'
/) My arms and lats are la''in' bi' time. 0 "as "onderin' sould 0 up my calorie
intake on te days 0 li&t back and armsHH ,ay post "orkout sould 0 up my carbs to
say FJ6/.. 'ramsH (currently /NF 8 be'innin' a bulk pase). 0 plan to a(e about 9.6
9J 'rams o& protein' per meal and /.6 9. carbs e4cept post "orkout ususally J.6E. 8
and J.6F. in te mornin'.
-) 0s it ok to do i' intense cardio durin' bulkin'HH
C 'ould ay ye and ye but V / depend on ho' fat you are 3ainin3 'ei3ht ri3ht no'(
Layne Norton FAQ
#n %eloadin':
;o" o&ten do you su''est take a Ideloadin'I break. (ie a&ter 9 "eeks o& trainin'8 E
"eeks8 ect.H)
uually e#ery *78 'eek0 i let my body tell me 'hen i need it
And also8 o" do you time your delaod and ma46out "eeks "itin tis setup H %o
you deload durin' your cut6"eeks H
not nee!arily& i Dut deload 'hen i need it& + 'eek of !uttin3 i not 3oin3 to tire you out
or anythin3 like that0 you !an till lift hea#y&
layne do you tink a - "eek pase o& 'oin' to te 'ym and doin' Ili't "ei'tI
"ould be 'ood &or a rest or sould i only take / "eekH
yea i think that 'ould be 3ood for a deload
#n e4pandin' te ribca'e:
Layne do you recommend e4pandin' te ribca'e "it pullo(ersH And i& you
recommend it "y and "en sould 0 do tem ("it cest8back..etc.)
eh0 i don2t think that really 'ork but i 3ue i !ould be 'ron3
#n ;003 "it "ei'ts:
0 li&t ea(y (olympic8 compound8 comple4es8 etc...) on M5F. ;o" many days o&
;003 could 0 tro" in tere be&ore it "ould start urtin' me!a(in' ne'ati(e
e&&ect!o(ertrainin'. 78 98 J8 daysH Also8 o" do you &eel about "ei'ts in te AM and
;003 in te $MH 5ould lon'er inter(als o& /6-min sprint(as &ast as 0 can 'o &or tat
time) and 769 min li't be elp&ul and complimentary to te sorter spintsH
Appreciate it8 0m tryin' to increase my <$$ and 0 enCoy doin' i' intensity stu&&O
C think 47* day per 'eek max& Gou !annot print for /7+ minute& A true print !an only
be maintained for about 41 e!ond then you !ompletely 3a& C think 'ei3ht in the am0
print :M i a 3reat idea
5at do you tink about "ork out mi4 like tis. 0 startin' to do tis.. For e4ample
Layne Norton FAQ
back8traps8rear delts day 0 do tis
%eadli&ts J"orkin' sets 7reps
cin ups J"orkin' sets Nreps
dumbel ro"s J"orkin' sets /-reps
pull o(ers 7 "orkin' sets /-reps
dumbel rear delts raises J"orkin' sets /-reps
barbel sru's J"orkin' sets Nreps
My idea is to mi4ed up ea(y "ei'ts "it moderate "ei'ts and i' reps to 'ain
stren'ts and mass. 5at do you tink about tisH
tanks %aniel
C think that i a olid approa!h
#n >nee ei't rack deadli&ts:
5at are your tou'ts on knee ei't rack deadli&ts &or back de(elopmentH 0 like
deadli&ts &rom te &loor8 but 0 am really tryin' to brin' my back up and really "ant
to isolate tat area "it ea(y "ei't.
C think they are fine0 Dut don2t do that nonene 'here you hyperextend and lean 'ay
ba!k&&& that2 o terrible for your lo'er ba!k and C ee o many 3uy do them&
#n incorporatin' an' cleans and po"er cleans to "orkout routine:
0 "as curious as to your opinion (or anyone "it an opinion on te matter) on an'
cleans and ! or po"er cleans "itin a trainin' re'imen. 0Mm currently bulkin' and
&ollo" a trainin' split similar to yoursM. Mondays are upper body "it primarily
compound li&ts8 and "as curious as to "eter or not an' or po"er cleans "ould
be bene&icial.
i think they are fine o lon3 a they do not impede other lift and you exe!ute them 'ith
proper form
#n abdominal trainin':
"at is ure trainin' pilosopy &or te abdominals...HH also o" o&ten do u practice
ure posin'...tanks a'ain...
pleae ee my arti!le on ab on my 'ebpa3e http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne&htm
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 1ack "idt:
0 kno" "it tommy you ad to "ork on 'ettin' is back "ider8 and 0Mm sure e is
still "orkin' on tat. Also8 your back is &airly "ide too.
0s tere any "ay to 'ro" a massi(e back "itout 'oin' to nuts "it deadsH 0 used to
lo(e deads8 but o(er te years8 0 &eel like itMs risks are currently not out "ei'in' te
bene&its. 0tMs mar'inal cost is "ay to i' 0 tink.
5at do you tinkH 5at "ould be a solid back day in your opinionH
'ell i 'ork ba!k +x%'eek 'hi!h i feel i a mut& C think ra!k !hin0 'ei3hted pullup0
!loe 3rip pulldo'n for 'idth& 8hen barbell ro'0 dumbbell ro'0 dumbbell ro' bra!ed
a3aint an in!line ben!h0 et!& C mean there are no bi3 e!ret& Jo hea#y0 ue enou3h
#olume0 and be !onitent&
#n MMA trainin'
layne i& you "ere trainin' a mma &i'ter "at "ould you reccomend &or cardio to
be in te best sape.
'ell MMA reLuire lon3 term enduran!e !apa!ity but alo reLuire exploi#e tren3th& C
think the !loet to perfe!t MMA !ardio C2#e een i 'hat ean herk doe& He doe hi3h
intenity drill that 3et hi heart rate 'ay up and he maintain thee for a period of time
and then he 2ret2 but 'hile he i retin3 he i till doin3 lo' intenity !ardio& Eai!ally
thi 'ill allo' your body to be able to ha#e lon3 term enduran!e !apa!ity but till be able
to be explo#e 'hen need be&
#n Ma46#3 trainin':
0 donMt recall anytin' re'ardin' Ma46#3 trainin'. 0& you 'et a &e" seconds8 0
"ould Cust like to kno" your opinion o& tis trainin' protocol.
Che!k out my arti!le here http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne*5&htm i think that
hould help
3at all makes per&ect sense...3anks a lotO No" puttin' tis in&o into practice8 0
a(e been doin' all bodyparts t"ice a "eek8 once in te 76J rep ran'e8 and once in
te N6/. ran'e "it a &e" IpumpI sets to &inis (/JG). )(en tou' 0Mm not ittin'
all te rep ran'es in one "orkout8 is tis still an e&&ecti(e "ay to 'o about trainin'H
C think that i fine ye
Layne Norton FAQ
#n :est days:
layne do you tink it "ould be ok to do a split like you su''est but instead o& takin'
a day o&& a&ter te - ea(y days to 'o strai't back to li&tin' like
monday6upper ea(y
tuesday6lo"er ea(y
"ednesday6cest!back (olume
tursday6soulders!arms (olume
&riday6le's (olume
C don2t think it 'ould 'ork a 'ellK but it 'ould till 'ork
#n $ro'ressi(e o(erload ! +ariety:
/ 5at do you tink is a sin'le most &actor amon' te t"o "en it comes to makin'
'ood strides in buildin' muscleH
a) $ro'ressi(e #(erload or b) +ariety
C think both are important but honetly C think !onitan!y i the mot important thin3&
too many people ha#e a fe' 3ood 'eek then a fe' bad 'eek and they Dut pin their
'heel& Slo' !onitant pro3re i the mot important thin3&
$ost contest trainin':
Also8 a&ter a contest8 do you usually take te traditional "eek o&& or do you come
back on Monday and start it up a'ain at a lo"er intensity to elp 'et your body
back in te 'roo(eH
;ithin a 'eek you !an !ertainly 3et detrainin3 tart to et in and diue atrophy& Mu!h
more produ!ti#e to 3o at 61I of normal to allo' re!o#ery but till maintain mu!le&
$art 0: 2ardio
Layne Norton FAQ
#n ;i' 0ntensity 2ardio durin' te o&&season:
0 "as tinkin' about "at you said in your - part tin' #N no bull radio you do
cardio in te o&&season on o&& days8 are tese days i' intensity cardio u said you
like to sprint8 "ould te stepmill quali&y enou' to be i' intensityH
'ell C think you an'ered the Luetion already0 C re!ommend hi3h intenityK mot
apparatu 'ill 'ork o lon3 a you 3et your heart rate up to around @1I of your
#n )mpty ,tomac 2ardio:
Layne8 ere is my question. Normally "e drink "ey8 post6"orkout8 and "en "e
do cardio a&ter"ards8 it "ould be cool because "e drink "ey protein. 1ut "at
about mornin' cardioH ;o" lon' sould "e do it H 0s tere a ma4. i mean cardio on
an empty stomac8 a&ter "akin' up. 0 dont "ant to lose muscle so..
9mpty toma!h !ardio i nonene0 it doe not burn fat any better than hi3h intenity
!ardio& read the !ardio e!tion of my arti!le here
http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm i think it 'ill an'er your Luetion
#n doin' ;003 and lo" intensity cardio
Layne: 0 noticed on a recent tread you mentioned tat you do a mi4ture o& ;003 and
lo"er intensity cardio. 5it all tat ;003 as 'oin' &or it8 "y do you keep te lo"er
intensity stu&& in tere as "ellH
An'er$ 'ell imply be!aue it2 #ery taxin3 to do HCC8 on a le3 day or after a le3 day
#n per&ormin' cardio ri't a&ter "ei't trainin':
my current 'oal is to lose &at8 "ile retainin' as muc muscle as possible. i "ant to
plan out my cardio accordin'ly. to best &it my scedule. usually it is easiest &or me to
do my cardio immediately &ollo"in' my "ei't trainin'. "it "ork and e(erytin'
it is ard to 'et to te 'ym &or - seperate sessions. ;o" muc o& a disad(anta'e am i
puttin' mysel& at8 as &ar as losin' muscle 'oes8 by doin' my "ei'ts and cardio at
te same timeH is it "ort makin' drastic scedule can'es to seperate te t"o8 or
can tis "ay be e&&ecti(eH and &inally i& i continue to do cardio immediately
Layne Norton FAQ
&ollo"in' "ei'ts8 sould i use it style8 or stick "it a lon'er lo" intensityH post
"orkout sake a&ter "ei'ts8 be&ore cardio8 or a&ter te entire "orkoutH
Gou are fine 'ith 'hat you are doin3K !ardio i not nearly a !ataboli! a people make it
out to be& C think you are doin3 Dut fine& C 'ould do it after 'ei3htK Dut ha#e your pot
'orkout hake before !ardio
#n te AFat burnin' ?oneB
0& "e keep our cardio at te &at burnin' *one(/7.) &or 7. minutes8 is tere an
a(era'e amount o& calories "e sould be lookin' to burn(0 do cardio a&ter my
"orkout&&& sould 0 drink my post6"orkout sake ri't a&ter "ei'ts and be&ore
cardio or a&ter bot "ei'ts and cardioH
firt off0 dit!h that 2fat burnin3 Fone2 noneene& Cf you are 3oin3 to do !ardio&&& then 'ork
hard at it& 41 minute i a 3ood time periodK hit it hard make ure you burn about 4117*11
On that note. I constantly see people going so slow on cardio trying to maintain 'the at
b!rning zone' b.s. "ell they're not e#en wor$ing wor$ing !p a sweat. %y the way most
those people are o#er weight.
&t a higher heart rate yo! do inact b!rn some carbs or !el' b!t yo! also b!rn at. I
yo! loo$ at the amo!nt o calories b!rned at a higher heart rate' yo!'ll see that yo! b!rn
more at calories in a shorter amo!nt o time than strolling along. &lso part o doing
cardio is to stim!late yo!r cardio#asc!lar and central ner#o!s systems. (his happens at
a m!ch greater capacity at higher heart rates. )l!s yo! get the added beneit o ha#ing
yo!r metabolism o o#erdri#e or !p to 2* ho!rs +according to a st!dy I read in ,!nners
-orld .agazine/.
#n 2ardio bein' catabolic:
"en doin' cardio is tere a "ay to not burn muscle doin' it slo"er usin' aminos or
at "en does it be'in or is it not a serous concern sould i do it &irst tin' in te
mornin' or time meals
!ardio i not !ataboli!0 that i mythi!al noneene& Cn fa!t0 'e find that in diet tudie Dut
'alkin3 / hour per day dramati!ally impro#e mu!le retention& No' ob#iouly thee
people dont2 train 'ith 'ei3ht but till0 it2 ob#iou that !ardio i N=8 !ataboli! like
thee !ardio phobi! trainer 'ould ha#e you belie#e&
"=N28 "= FAS89" CA<"C=O :leae ee the !ardio e!tion of my arti!le here
#n $er&ormin' 2ardio to reduce body&at durin' a cut:
My main 'oal (currently)8 as 0 mentioned be&ore8 is to cut body&at.
Layne Norton FAQ
,ould cardio be per&ormed at lo" intensity or i' intensityH 0 see %a(e $alumboMs
recommendations &or lon' duration (9J6L. mins)8 lo" intensity cardio on tese
boards a lot. ;o"e(er8 i& 0 read te &itness ma'a*ines ((ice te bbMin' ones)8 tey
recommend doin' sort duration inter(als (/ minute L.6LJK ma4 ;: "it /6-
minutes rest bet"een inter(als8 and J6/. inter(als).
0 am also curious o" you recommend calculatin' ma4 ;:H 3e most common
metod is to subtract your a'e &rom --. and take a percenta'e o& tat number. 0
a(e a &riend "o is a triatlete "o s"ears tat &indin' your restin' ;: and usin'
>ar(onenMs Metodis more accurate since it takes into account indi(idual (ariances
and eart ealt rater tan Cust a 'eneric one si*e &its all calculationH
!he!k out the !ardio e!tion of my arti!le http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm
HCC8 i really the 'ay to 3o0 hi3h intenity !ardio !aue lon3 term metaboli! adaptation
that enable you to in!reae your !apa!ity to burn fat e#en 'hen you are Dut retin3
;003 (s Lo" intensity cardio
,o 0 &ar 0 understand ;i' intensity inter(al trainin' is 'ood8 and use it on non
"ei't li&tin' days. (0s tat part at least ri'tH ,orry8 0Mm kind o& ne" to e(en
considerin' nutrition important. 0 al"ays Cust tou't calories in 6 calories out S
de&icit S &at loss)
that2 abolutely !orre!t& 9entially hi3h intenity exer!ie doe 4 thin3 that lo'
intenity doe not
/? it keep your metaboli! rate ele#ated for a lon3er period pot !ardio
+? it in!reae your mito!hondrial produ!tion >mito!hondria are the or3anelle in the !ell
'here fat oxidation o!!ur?
4? it in!reae the a!ti#ity of the enFyme in the mito!hondria&
So be!aue of + B 4 you a!tually in!reae your CA:ACC8G to burn fat0 a 'ell a the
rate at 'hi!h you burn fatK e#en at ret&
#n 5eter or not ;003 Aburns muscleB or not:
;ey8 0 read some"ere tat you ar'ue tat ;003 is better &or i'er carb diets. 0Mm
a bi' &an o& ;003 &or &at loss and eart ealt66lots o& literature support. 1ut8 a lot o&
people ar'ue it burns muscle. 0& 0M(e 'ot tis ri't8 0 "ould like to ear your
rational. 0nclude brie& re&s to citations i& appropriate...
Layne Norton FAQ
Quite imple& Aneorobi!%3ly!olyti! exer!ie like printin3 that you !an only maintain for
/17+1 e!ond !aue you to make #ery #ery fat rapid !ontra!tion& No' normally mot
people think timulatin3 mu!le i Dut about the load you are uin30 ho'e#er peed play
a #ery bi3 part& Hell ak mot po'erlifter&&& mot of them do a 8=N of peed 'ork 'ith
li3ht 'ei3ht& 8hat2 be!aue e#en thou3h load i important0 peed i alo !riti!ally
important& Gou !an a!tually timulate mu!le fiber 3ro'th throu3h peed !ontra!tion&
S!ientifi!ally C hate analo3ie0 but honetly the real life proof i in the puddin3& Look at
an enduran!e runner and look at a printer0 e#en before teroid be!ome prominent in
printin3 printer 'ere till pretty 'ell built 'ith bi3 le3& 8hat i not by a!!ident
#n an )&&ecti(e ;003 $rotocols:
5at sorts o& ;003 trainin' time periods "ould you su''est i& you "ere 'oin' to
supplant te standard cardio &or "ei't lossH ;o" manyH
0 typically do spinnin' classes (9. min) tat a(e se(eral periods o& ma4 output.
Also8 0 like to roll ("restle!Ciu Citsu). 76J min inter(als.
here i my fa#orite proto!ol
C 'ould do printin3 inter#al
5 minute 'armup
51 e! li3ht Do3% /1 e!ond print
*8 e! li3ht Do3%/+ e! print
5 minute !ool do'n
you !an do that proto!ol 'ith anythin3 that you !an 3et your heart rate up hi3h 'ith
'heter it i on a treadmill0 outide tra!k or 'immin3 pool
layne could you post "at a ,#0L% iit trainin' session "ould look like (or a &e"
Layne Norton FAQ
!he!k out the !ardio e!tion of thi arti!le
is tis bacially all .i.i.t. cardio is
#n 0ncorporatin' ;003 "it a speci&ic 5ei't li&tin' routine:
0 "ant to incorporate te ;003 into my Upper!Lo"er routine: "ic day do you
tink it "ould be bene&icial and not inder reco(eryH My current routine is:
%ay /: Upper A (9 4 E6N)
A/: %1 2est $ress
A-: ;ammer $ull %o"n
1/: 0ncline 1enc $ress
1-: ,eated 2able :o"
2/: $ressdo"n
2-: 2able 2ur
%/: ,tandin' Military $ress
%-: ,"iss 1all 2runc
%ay -: Lo"er A (7 4 /.6/-)
A/: 1ack ,quats
1/: ,L%L
1-: %1 Lun'es
2/: Le' $ress
%/: 2al& :aises
%-: Le' :aises
%ay 7: #F&
%ay 9: Upper 1 (7 4 /.6/-)
A/: %1 %ecline $ress
A-: 2in Ups
1/: 5ide <rip %ips
1-: 11 :o"
2/: 2lose <rip 1enc
2-: ;ammer 2urls
%/: Lateral :aise
%-: 2able 2runc
Layne Norton FAQ
%ay J: Lo"er 1 (9 4 E6N)
A/: Front ,quats
1/: %eadli&ts
2/: ,tep Ups
2-: <lute ;am :aise!Le' 2url
%/: #blique Ab e4ercise
%ay E P F: #&&
0 mi't place Lo"er 1 on day E dependin' on reco(ery rate.0 a(e also seen you do
te I$o"er 2leanI cardio o& /. 4 7 "it little rest.....do you su''est tatH
C did a plit like that and i put HCC8 on my offday and it ne#er hurt me& Cf i 'a ore i Dut
tret!hed and 'armed up really 'ell
#n $ost ;003 Nutrition
"at "ould you ad(ise eatin' a&ter ;003H ,ame as "ei'ts or di&&erentH
ame a 'ei3ht CM=
#n ;003 durin' a precontest cut:
$recontest 6 do you do ;03 cardio #NLD on your o&& days and ten lo"er intensity
cardio on trainin' days and a&ter le' dayH
8hatH pretty mu!h it
#n per&ormin' ;003 on a bike:
0s ;03 ok to do on a bikeH Also8 is tere any"ere tat so"s a decent protocol&or
;03 cardioH 0 "as tinkin' like /min sprint!7.sec rest8 tat okayH
Gea it2 ok on a bike& Eut you !annot print for / minute& A print hould be ALL =-80
you !annot 3o all out for one minute& +1 e!ond i probably around a max& C2m not
talkin3 imply about 3oin3 fater than uually0 i2m talkin3 about 3oin3 a hard a you
poibly !anK not lookin3 at the !lo!k0 i2m talkin3 about mo#in3 like your fWWkin3 life
depend on it& 8ry tartin3 out at *5 e! lo' intenity follo'ed by /5 e!ond of
printin3& Cf you 3o abolutely all out for thoe /5 e!ond i 3aruntee after /17/5 inter#al
you 'ill be toat&
Layne Norton FAQ
#n drinkin' a sake "en doin' ;003:
1y te "ay8 "ile you do your ;03 cardio8 do you brin' te sake and like sip it
durin' te lo" intensity periodsH
na bro0 it2 only /5 minute lon3 B +1 at maxK you aren2t 3oin3 !ataboli! durin3 that time0
Dut ha#e it after'ard
=n the 9ffe!t of ;MS after 'orkout
#k8 0M(e been doin' te cardio post "orkout in order to try to stay leaner tis
o&&season8 "ill te 5M, comple4 inter&ere "it tis due to te insulin spike be&ore
cardio... or "ill it not matterH
;onHt matter
#n Ma46#3 cardio 0nte(al trainin' ! $ost 2ardio nutrition
5at do you tink o& ma46ot cardioH /E minutes o(erall a session8 / minute
inter(als 'oin' all out &or / minute and easin' up &or a minute al"ays "orkin' to
beat your pre(ious timeH 0tMs (ery intense.
Also post cardio nutrition8 sould you eat ri't a&ter completin' cardioH 0 al"ays
tink tat eatin' ri't a&ter cardio mi't be cuttin' into an residual &at burnin'
tat mi't be takin' place a&ter a cardio session6sorry8 0 'uess tatMs - questions.
Cnter#al are 3ood0 but you !an2t 3o 2all out2 for one minute& Gou 'ill pa!e yourelf 'ith
that lon3& Gou are better off printin3 for /17/5 e! then retin3 for *5751 e! then
doin3 it a3ain& A print by definition i AES=L-89LG ALL =-8 9A9<G8HCNJ
G=-2A9 J=8 and you !an2t do that for / minute& Alo0 eat after !ardio&
okay so i "ill train in te mornin' a Layne u'e question &or you. 0 started te ma4
#3 trainin' pro'am i& you are &amiliar "it it8 it calls &or cardio at /Emins at a i'
intensity. 3ey say to do tis cardio 76J times a "eek. 0 "as plannin' on doin' tis
&irst tin' in te mornin' be&ore eatin' on my treadmill. 0m plannin' on startin' at
E..mp ten "orkin' on increasin' my speed eac session. %o you tink tis is
e&&ecti(e &or &at burnin'H
i think fated tate !ardio i a terrible idea and one of the bi33et myth out there& :leae
read the !ardio e!tion of my arti!le here http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm
nd ten do ma4 ot cardio in te ni'ts 76J times per "eek at /Emins. do u tink tat
"ill 'et te Cob doneH #r do u tink it sould be 7.min sessionsH
if it i true hi3h intenity inter#al /, minute hould !ut it
can u 'i(e me a e4ample o& "at a /Emin i' intensity cardio session on a treadmill
"ould look like &or yoursel&H
Layne Norton FAQ
suc as mp inter(als8 inclines8 etc.
i 'ould 'armup for about 5 minute then do /, one minute inter#al& the firt *5 e!ond
of the minute 3o eay then for the lat /5 e!ond of ea!h minute 3o a hard a you !an
abolutely all out
#n oter &orms o& 2ardio
0 read some"ere tat you sometimes do ill sprints &or ;003. 5at are some o& te
oter types o& cardio tat you enCoy &or ;003H =ust tryin' to 'et some more options
to sake up cardio &or my ;003 sessions. Also8 o" lon' do you usually 'oH 0 "as
tinkin' /J6-. minutes &or around / min inter(als (or as lon' as 0 can 'o at /..K8
maybe only /J seconds)O
7puhin3 a !ar in neutral
7led pullin3
7teep hill !limbin3 >bend o#er and ue your hand like a bear !ra'l?
thoe are ome of my more unorthodox method
=o'!sprint!Co' &or your cardio ;003
%o you e(er do Co'!sprint!Co' &or your cardio ;003H Mysel&8 0 like it8 but Cust make
sure 0 distance it &rom my direct le' trainin' to ma4imi*e reco(ery. 5ould be
interested to see i& you incorporate it into your cardio.
Gup0 C do a lot of print
#n ;003 on a track
5ould /.8 /..yard sprints on a track (runnin' strai'ts and "alkin' corners) be
'ood ;003H and do you consume bcaaMs "en doin' iitH
"efinitely0 try to 'ork up o#er time& ECAA durin3 or after
<eneral ;003 questions
;o" do you plan your eatin' around .i.i.t.H o" many times a "eek do you
recommend .i.i.t cardio &or bulkin'!cuttin'H "ould you per&orm "ei'ts and .i.i.t
cardio in te same day or on separate days(
Layne Norton FAQ
C do it on my offday durin3 bulkin3K C may in!reae it for !uttin3 if need be& Cf C do it on
the ame day a 'ei3ht trainin3 C try to eperate them by a fe' hour if C !an& Cn the
offeaon C treat HCC8 Dut like a 'orkout B eat a!!ordin3ly&
#n ;003 soreness
)(er since 0 s"itced my cardio sessions to te day a&ter my le' sessions (-4 per
"eek)8 0M(e noticed a pronounced di&&erence in soreness (muc less sore). )(en "it
repeated bout effe!t0 it2 3reat&
#n re'ulatin' carbs!calories on cardio "en bulkin'
;ey layne8 o" muc do u drop calories on cardio only days "en bulkin'H
0& 0 li&t J days a "eek and do cardio ( 7.min L0 "alkin' at a incline) on - days8 o"
muc lo"er sould calories!carbs beH
C 'ould lo'er !arb by /1I
#pinion on te <6Flu4 &rom 1erardi:
5at is your opinion on te <6&lu4 &rom 1erardi 6 simpli&y: (ery i' cals 7.J..6
J....!day and "eekly /.G ours acti(ity (7 "ei'ts8 -67 ;0038 -67 lo" int. cardio
etc.) te Isecret &ormulaI to be lean all year... 0 pro(ed it but a&ter /6/8J "eek 0 "as
(ery tired on te a&ternoons (0 train in te early mornin') and my "ei't "ent up
"it -6-8J k's (and not all "as muscle...) so 0 stopped.
C think hi3h a!ti#ity i a 3ood idea but C think lo' intenity !ardio i a #ery bad idea& Lo'
intenity !ardio ha no metaboli! benefit& Hi3h intenity !ardio doe& Ct in!reae
mito!hondrial denity and a!ti#ity 3i#in3 you a 3reater !apa!ity to burn fat at ret and
thu keepin3 you leaner e#en 'hen !alorie are hi3her&
#n ,ubstrate Utili*ation durin' cardio
3alkin' "it a 'uy at my 'ym8 e told me about te "ay is trainer as im doin'
cardio at te moment. 0M(e done it be&ore8 not &or any speci&ic reason but Cust to mi4
Layne Norton FAQ
tin's up. 0 "as "onderin' i& you ad a scienti&ic opinion o& it.
6sli't "arm up
6/. or so minutes o& (ery intense inter(al trainin' (supposedly to &ree up and
Imobili*eI &at stores)
6ten continue on "it -.67. minutes o& lo" intensity steady cardio (typically
re&erred to as &at burnin' (rou'ly E.6EJK)8 to burn o&& "at you &reed up durin'
te inter(als)
,eems to make some sense8 e4cept tat8 at i' intensities8 te pre&erred source o&
&uel "ould be 'lyco'en8 noH 2urious on "at you tink.
A mu!h a people 'ould like to ha#e you belie#e that 3ly!o3en i the only fuel you ue
durin3 hi3h intenity that i non7ene& 8hi i the problem 'ith 23uru2 'ho kno' a little
bit0 they kno' Dut enou3h to be dan3erou&
/? you only need oxy3en to oxidiFe fat0 you don2t need it to liberate >lipolyi? from fat
tiue& Hi3h intenity !ardio !aue a LA<J9 dumpin3 of free fatty a!id into the
Gou ee0 for the brief part of the inter#al 'here you are oxy3en depra#ed you 'ill ue
3lu!oe&&& but durin3 the *1751 e!ond of lo' intenity of the inter#al 'here you are
2retin32 your body 'ill initiate a lar3e !ale oxidation of fatty a!id in order to pare
3lu!oe& Gour body i A9<G tin3y 'ith 3ly!o3en and ;CLL N=8 ue mu!le 3ly!o3en
unle it abolutely ha to& So you are burnin3 3ly!o3en ye0 but you are alo burnin3 a
ton of fat& 8he idea that you only burn one or the other i idio!y pe'ed by moron&
>orry 3ue i2m in a piy mood today lol?
C a!tually ha#e many !lient 'ho2 le3 ha#e trouble 3ettin3 lean do omethin3 imilar to
'hat you talked about >hi3h intenity follo'ed by lo'%moderate intenity?
12AAs around lo" intensity cardio
5en Ibulkin'I o" important is it to take in bcaas around cardio 7.minutes o&
lo" intensity

8hat i not taxin3& Ct 'onHt really do Da!k
#n 2ardio durin' te 9 "eek 1ulk! - "eek 2ut protocol
5en doin' te 9 "eek bulk8 - "eek cut diet8 is cardio per&ormed Cust durin' te
cut or trou'outH ]5at is some 'ood ;03 to per&ormH Also8 o" o&ten do you do
per&orm it and &or o" lon'H
Layne Norton FAQ
C perform Hi3h intenity throu3hout& My !urrent fa#orite hi3h intenity i doin3 print
'ith my print para!hute& Ct really depend0 but C do + day per 'eek for /17/5 minute of
#n te 5ind!$aracute sprint:
0s tis your protocol &or "ind!paracute sprints as "ellH
J minute "armup
J. secs li't Co'! /. seconds sprint
9N secs li't Co'!/- sec sprint
J minute cool do"n
No0 C Dut do trai3ht 51 meter uphill print for that
#n carb intake accordin' to di&&erent &orms o& 2ardio
5it respect to cardio and carbs Layne. "ould it di&&er dependin' on type o&
cardioH ie. i' intensity "ould require more carbs compared to ss lo" intensity not
really requirin' carbs &or te &uelH or is tis a bb myt tooHH
8hat i true
0 kno" you ad(ocate quick s"itces bet"een bulks and cuts8 'oin' &rom (&or
e4ample) -J..kcals to 7J..kcals one day to te ne4t....but you ad(ocate a (ery slo"
up"ard taper post contest8 'oin' up less tan J..kcals a "eek.... "y te di&&erent
Note$ An'er :ro#ided by ,porto:
Ee!aue there2 a H-J9 differen!e >metaboli!ally0 hormonally0 et!&&&? bet'een dietin3
for month and bein3 475I >not to mention 'ay belo' etpoint? and dietin3 for + 'eek
Layne Norton FAQ
and bein3 at or o#er etpoint&
$art =: ,upplementation
#n Aracidonic Acid
"at are your tou'ts on te ManabolicM supplement Aracidonic acidH
AA tend to ha#e a 51%51 rea!tion& ome people lo#e it&&& ome 3et abolutely nothin3
from it& C belie#e 'hat you are eein3 in the people 'ho ha#e bi3 reult i you are
lookin3 at the !orre!tion of lo' AA le#el in thoe people& 8ypi!ally bodybuildin3 diet
!an be lo' in =me3a ,2 relati#ely due to all the emphai pla!ed on ome3a 4& So C don2t
think AA 'ill in!reae anabolim abo#e normal in people 'ith normal le#el of AA0 but
in people 'ho ha#e lo' le#el0 it may !orre!t a lo' le#el&
"at do you tink about 46&actor and Cust "onderin' i& you do presentations at
scool to elp lead kids a"ay &rom dru's i al"ays tou't tat "ould be a cool idea
bein' tat you and oter natural competitors dont use dru's or alcool kno" "at
im sayin'
C am a!tually in the pro!e of 'orkin3 omethin3 out 'ith a 3ym tea!her to !ome peak
to hi !la here in !hampai3n& A far a x7fa!tor 3oe i ha#e not ued itK there eem to
be ome e#iden!e that it may 'ork for ome people0 my 3ue i that if you happen to be
on the lo'ide%defi!ient in ara!hidoni! a!id then you 'ould noti!e bi3 time benefitK but
if you ha#e normal le#el of AA you probably 'on2t noti!e mu!h
#n Liquid aminos (s $o"der aminos
;i Layne8 Quick question. 5at do you tink about liquid aminos as opposed to
po"der &ormH 3anks.
no better no 'ore
Layne Norton FAQ
#n +itamin 1 ,upplementation
Layne8 "ats your tou'ts on +itamin 1 supplementationH 0& you recommend it
"at dose "ould you say per day and "at (itamin 1H (1/- or 1 2omple4).
if you take a multi C don2t ee mu!h reaon for it& Maybe a little extra E, but mot likely
not needed
#n 1anned 2ompounds!,upplements:
pretty mu!h the only thin3 you ha#e to 'orry about are
7prohormone and loophole le3al teroid like methyl7/"
767keto "H9A >banned by CNEF%NANEF?
7"H9A >banned by CNEF%NANEF?
mot other tuff i koher
#n )stro'en 1lockers
;ey layne does an estro'en blocker like Nol(ade4 @3 by <aspari nutrition a(e any
"ater oldin' e&&ects... or is it &ine to take pre contestH
C2m not ure but e#en if it doe it houldn2t be a problem until about / 'eek out0 then you
!an Dut top takin3 it
#n 5ey $rotein
i searced your tread and couldnt &ind tis question or ans"er so sorry i& it is a
repeat but "at is your &a(orite "ey proteinH or do you a(e a speci&ic brand you
a(e to say because o& tat sponsor u a(eH
'ell C am ponoredK but C2ll till be trai3ht up& C do like :rimafor!e ;:C the 3rape B
'atermelon fla#or are a'ome and of !oure !ho!olate0 ho'e#er ;:C i pri!ier than
;:C and if you don2t ha#e any di3eti#e iue or la!toe eniti#itie 'hey protein
!on!entrate i probably more affordable B pretty mu!h a 3ood& C al'ay ued /11I
'hey from optimum before C 'a ponored&
#n +itamin and Minerals
Layne Norton FAQ
3anks a lot Layne8 0 appreciate te elp man. 0 sa" tat sample diet you ad on
bb.com and it said i belie(e your last meal you "ould take 7 &is oil caps. Are tere
any oter (itamins or minerals you &ind to be essential to a bodybuilderH 0& so8 "en
do you take tem and "at do you su''est &or ser(in'. 3anks a'ain bro8 youMre a
u'e elp.
a!tually mot bodybuilder 3et plenty of #itamin%mineral in the food they eatK if you
take a multi you are more than !o#ered
,upplements &or 1ulkin' to pre(ent e4cess Fat 'ain
5at supplements do you recommend &or bulkin' to pre(ent e4cessi(e &at 'ain. 0
bou't sesamin and 0 am tinkin' about addin' r6ala. 5at do you tinkH
i think thoe are both ex!ellent !hoi!e
;ey Layne8 "en takin' +itar'o post "orkout and carbs like oatmeal in mornin'
meal8 "ill it be counterproducti(e to take some &at burnersH 0 kno" it is arder to
'ain muscle and lose &at at same time but could tis "orkH
a!tually many fat burner are more effe!ti#e at pre#entin3 fat 3ain in the fa!e of !alori!
ex!e than they are at loin3 additional fat in a !alori! defi!it
5it &at burners8 do you recommend tat people use tem on bulkin' cycles since
tey keep &at 'ain to a minimumH 0s tere any e4planation you can 'i(e as to "y
&at burners are better at keepin' &at 'ain o&& "en bulkin' rater tan increasin'
&at loss "en on a cutH Finally8 do you &ollo" any protocol "en you are 'ainin'
mass suc as 'ainin' at / pound a "eek etc....essentially8 o" &ast do you allo"
yoursel& to 'ainH
probably be!aue durin3 bulkin3 your metabolim i already ele#ated in the offeaon
'herea in a !alori! defi!it it2 likely to be #ery depreed& C dunno0 it2 more of a theory
of me& Alo many of the in3redient in thee fat burner ha#e been teted not by lookin3
at ho' 'ell they 3ot ubDe!t to drop 'ei3ht0 but ho' 'ell they pre#ented 'ei3ht 3ain
'hen ubDe!t 'ere fed a hi3h !alorie diet&
C don2t like to 3ain more than 1&57/ lb per 'eek
,o &or bulkin' your "ould recommend a non stim &at burnerH
Ct depend if you are doin3 it for a !ompoitional purpoeK a tim fat burnin3 i fine o
lon3 a you !y!le it&&& if you are doin3 tim to 3et 2Da!ked up2 the more freLuently you ue
them0 the le effe!ti#e they be!ome
Layne Norton FAQ
#n %iuretics
3e teory:
Moderate use o& diuretics (i.e. ca&&eine8 particularly Icuttin' supplementsI) "ill not
detract &rom te use o& creatine. 5yH 1ecause diuretics act on interstitial ;-.8 tat
is8 te "ater bet"een te cells. 2reatine pulls "ater into te muscle cells8 tereby
renderin' it una&&ected by said diuretics. As lon' as you maintain adequate
ydration8 creatine "ill a(e Ienou' "ater to (olumi*e te muscle cellI and not be
a&&ected ne'ati(ely by diuresis. Des or NoH 0 (alue your ad(ice as a 1iocemistry
de'ree older8 "orkin' on mine ri't no".
'ell you !an2t !ompletely eperate one layer from the other0 if you remo#e intertitial
'ater0 mot likely other !ompartment 'ill 2leak2 in order to eLuilibrate the pool
#n M23 (Medium 2ain 3ri'lycerides) ,upplementation
Layne8 you donMt kno" me but 0 kno" you &rom "ay back at a couple o& oter
&orums and 0 a(e al"ays considered your "ord 'ospel. 0 also lurk at oter &orums
"ere you "rite so tat 0 can learn as muc as 0 can &rom your "ritin's8 1U3......lol8
elp me out broQ isnMt te &at in muscle milk 'ood &ats (M23s) tat elp keep you
leanH Like &is and oil and &la4 oilH
o the theory on MC8 i that in!e they are preferentially oxidiFed they 'on2t be tored
a fat&&& ok that2 all fine and 3oodK but the fa!t that they are bein3 oxidiFed mean your
body 'ill Dut imply tore other thin3 preferably& Ct2 till !alorie
.ost 0&& s!pps don't ha#e high amo!nts o %1&&'s in them' and so long as yo!'re
inta$ing eno!gh protein yo!'ll be getting eno!gh 0&&'s.
2ayne' correct me i I'm wrong on either o these
#n 1#%D #23AN) by MAN ,ports:
Eody o!tane ha to be taken on offday be!aue0 imilar to !reatine0 you 'ant to keep
mu!le !arnoine le#el aturated&
C 'ouldn2t bother upplementin3 'ith 8aurine a C belie#e upplementation ha not been
ho'n to raie mu!le !ell le#el of taurine&
#n ,teroids
Layne Norton FAQ
C uppoe 'e ha#e all thou3ht about it at ome point but ha#e C eriouly !onidered it(
No& C ha#e done #ery 'ell 'ithout it and to me the rik >health0 le3al0 emotional0 and
monetary? ao!iated 'ith it imply out'ei3h the poible benefit& C all kind of
bodybuildin30 teted and unteted and you2ll ee me attend both and #ery rarely 'ill C
!riti!iFe omeone on teroid0 unle they ue them a a !rut!h for poor trainin3 and diet&
A far a fantaiFin3 'hat C 'ould look like on the au!eK e#eryone repond to teroid
differently0 ome repond #ery 'ell0 other not o 'ellK o C 3ue C !ould end up at the
national%pro le#el or C !ould #ery eaily end up bein3 a re3ional !ompetitor& 8hat2 'hy C
like natural bodybuildin30 ure 3eneti! !ome into playK but it2 not about the amount of
hormone you take and ho' you repond to them0 it2 about you and you alone& Cn the end
C do thi to !ompete a3aint myelfK to try and a!end to the next le#el& 8hat i 'hat keep
me puhin3 myelf harder in the 3ym e#eryday&
#n ,upplements tat Layne 3akes
Layne8 "at supplements do you takeH
;ell0 the only one i take reli3iouly are a multi0 !reatine0 protein po'der0 ECAA0 fih
oil0 3lu!oamine0 and an anti7oxidant
#n #me'a 7 ! E ,upplementation:
;i Layne
0 currently take capsules tat are J..m' ome'a 7(salmon oil) and J..m' ome'a
E(e(enin' primrose oil)8 and 0 "as "onderin' i& tere "as any need &or te ome'a E8
and i& tere is any particular ratio tat you sould be a(in' te di&&erent ome'as
=me3a , i #ery pre#alent in the diet and may be pro7inflammatory0 not ure if there i
mu!h need to upplement 'ith it a if you eat meat you are mot likely 3ettin3 plenty&
8he ratio you 'ant in your diet i *$/ of ome3a ,$4& Mot Ameri!an 3et /1$/ &
#n :eco(ery )n*ymes:
5at is your opinion on te supplements &or %#M,H (en*ymes)
Layne Norton FAQ
i ha#e not heard of enFyme for redu!in3 "=MS0 not Luite ure of the deli#ery ytem
they2d ue thou3h in!e enFyme are typi!al protein and 'hole protein are detroyed by
the 3ut durin3 di3eted B broken do'n to amino a!id o CHm not ure ho' they2d 3et into
Layne8 basically %r. Mark =. 3allon8 (based on some positi(e studies) de(eloped an
(arious proteolytic en*yme (primary proteases) product combined "it some 1eta6
sitosterol and 'lucosides to elp one reco(er &rom immune system suppression
caused by intense trainin' and can elp miti'ate e4cess in&lammation &rom muscle
dama'e (%#M,).
Mark claims tere are de&inite po"er&ul syner'ies8 "en (aryin' en*ymes are
combined. ,o e &ormulated a product called Asoren*ymeB and 0 a(e been usin' it
"it muc appraise. 0 a(e increased my "orkload to - times "eekly no" as you
kno". 0 "as Cust "onderin' your tou'ts ere as "ell. As a natty and te e4treme
"orkload8 0 &ind tis intri'uin' and maybe elp aid in my supplement protocol i& it
0n&o can be &ound ere: ttp:!!""".labrada.com!inde4.ppHsectionS/7/
C kno' Mark0 met him at experimental biolo3y + 'eek a3o& C2m aumin3 it2 exertin3
it2 effe!t on the immune ytem #ia the mall intetine and o then i !ould ee ho' it
'ould 'ork0 thou3h admittedly0 C don2t kno' mu!h about that tuff
#n 2a&&eine Use
Layne 0 'ot a problem "it ca&&eine8 0 used in te past (te past "eek) ydro4ycut
ardcore8 and e(erytin' "as ri't on track but no" te stu&& is o(er and 0 donMt
drink ca&&eine by any means (0 donMt drink co&&ee nor soda) 3e $roblem is tat 0
&eel dro"sy all day lon' "it a (ery potent eadace8 0 donMt take painkillers so 0
endure te sit all day lon'. 3e eadace 0 can take te problem is te dro"siness8
0Mm really sleepy sometimes 0 sit on a couc or lie on te &loor and &all asleep "itout
e(en noticin' it. 0t really puts me do"n in te 'ym but 0 can take it8 can you
recommend me anytin' to knock a"ay tis ca&&eine dependence o& mineH pleaseH
C 'ould lo'ly try to 'ean yourelf off of it& Ji#e yourelf ome !affeine and o#er time
try to taper it do'n
Layne Norton FAQ
#n MyAlli #32 &at loss aid
Layne8 a(e you seen te ne" ads &or myAlli "ei't loseH 0& so8 any opinionH
it is ....basically #lean 2ips (remember tose) "ic "as pulled &or causin'
pernicious lesions on te colon. 5ell8 <la4co,mit>lein is puttin' it out a'ain and
tclaim it is te only F%A Appro(ed "ei't lose aid #32. $lus te "ord out on te
street is it recei(in' presales in te millons. """.myalli.com : 0tMs E. m's o& #rlistat.
lol0 'o' that2 hadier than mot upp !ompanie
#n F6>eto %;)A le'ality
Also8 0 eard you mention tat F6keto dea is banned by natural &ederationsH 5yH
67keto 'a banned by the CNEF be!aue they are really retri!ti#e0 ho'e#er the ban 'a
Dut re!ently lifted& No' it i not banned any'here&Conditionin3 i more important for
the mot part in natural ho'&
#n reco(ery ,upplements
Layne "at are your top 7 supplement coices &or inter6set and inter6session
0Mm tinkin' bcaaMs8 creatine8 and beta6alanine maybe(
yea thoe are real 3ood0 !itrulline malate i another one
Last time 0 asked you about 5M, you adnMt used it or &ormed an opinion on
5M,. ;o" do you like itH 0s it Cust carb slam your usin'H 5y Cust 7' o& 2rM o(er
43 i plenty&&& epe!ially in!e C take #aoxplode pre'orkout 'hi!h ha +&53& till ha#e no
opinion about ;MS&&& only been uin3 it 4 day > :oted on .uly *th0 +1160 1*$*@ :M ?
#n 2issus:
0(e seen you recommend te use o& 2issus. o" muc do you recommend and "en
Layne Norton FAQ
"epend upon ho' potent the extra!t i
0 "as tinkin' about pickin' up some po"der &rom tp.com. Dou kno" anytin'
about teir stu&&H
Afraid not0 but mot of their tuff eem olid0 probably pretty 3ood
#n Antio4idants:
5at antio4idants do you &eel combat &ree radicals most producti(elyH 5at kind
o& doses do you recommendH
C 'ould Dut ti!k 'ith lipoi! a!id0 NAC0 or 9JCJ at 411m3 of one alone or /11m3 of
ea!h 'ould do the tri!k
#n Li(er pills:
Layne8 "at is your take on desiccated li(er tabletsHH
Not needed B no point& a bodybuildin3 2old 'i#e2 tale
5at do you tin' o& li(er pillsH
Not mu!h ue for them if you ue a multi7#itamin B you take in enou3h protein
2an you e4plain "y you tink its a "aste in more detail i& you a(e timeH please
;ell0 'hat 'ill you 3et out of them( amino B #itamin( if you are eatin3 a hi3h protein
diet and takin3 a multi then there i no need for them&Additionally0 the li#er i the 2trah
filter2 of the body& Not Luite ure 'hy you2d 'ant to iolate that and eat it
5at is te reasonin' you a(e tat desiccated li(er tabs are uselessH =ust curious8 0
a(e used tem &or a lon' time as a ceap source o& aminos.
Gou !an Dut eat more protein to 3et amino& Gou !an Dut take #itamin to 3et the
#itamin&&& mu!h !heaper
5ould Uni(ersalMs Uni6Li(er :
ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!store!uni(!li(er.tml 5ould it ser(e te same purpose
as @tend as &ar as 12AAMs 'oH 0s tere some kind o& a catc "it te amino acid
Li#er tab ha#e a bun!h of other !rap in there&&& b!aa are 'hat you 'ant
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Leucine supplementation "it 12AAs
;ey Layne8 0 ad a question about supplemental leucine and 12AAMs. 0 currently
take ,ci(ation @tend 12AAMs8 0 "as "onderin'8 "at i& 0 supplemented "it l6
leucine po"der on top o& tatH 0 eard tat te ratio o& leucine to isoleucine and
(aline as to be balanced some"at. 5ould it still be bene&icial to take strai't
leucine "! 12AAMs i& it tre" te ratios out o& "ackH
Cf you are takin3 b!aa0 C ee little reaon to take leu!ine on top of it
#n <u''elsterones
'u''elsterones supplement &or a nattie endomorp tryna 'et lean as possible. 5at
is your opinionH is it "ort itH or considerin' te price is it better Cust 'oin' "itout
it. "ould it make muc o& a di&&erence or not reallyH
Honetly C don2t think they are 'orth it
#n Abdominal &at reduction:
5at supplements "ould bene&it someone "o as done a 'ood Cob in reducin' total
body "ei't but "ants to reduce belly &at H
Honetly diet and !ardio are 3oin3 to be the o#erall determinant of pro3re on a diet& A
for fat burner0 i2m 3oin3 to tell you trai3ht up that C am biaed be!aue C helped dei3n
"ialene7* for S!i#ation but C honet to 3od think it i a #ery 3ood fat burner !ompared to
the other out there& C think Seamin i another 3ood non7timulant fat burner& "a#e
:alumbo2 fat burner i alo pretty olid ho'e#erK -ni! a!id till !are me0 thou3h C
kno' he ue a lo'er doe&
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Usinic A20%:
-ni! a!id !are me be!aue it i an un!oupler&
9entially un!oupler make ener3y produ!tion 2ineffi!ient2 makin3 your body pend
more ener3y to 3et ener3y >A8:? and thu you loe fat be!aue your body ha to burn
more !alorie to 3et the ame amount of ener3y0 the problem i the ex!e ener3y i 3i#en
off a heat and there ha#e been people 'ho ha#e trai3ht up !ooked themel#e to death
from the inide 'ith un!oupler like "N:& No' uni! a!id in2t a tron3 a "N:0 but it
till 'orrie me ome& C 'ould be #ery !areful 'ith it&
Layne8 so..... usinic acid ) lipoly*e ) "orriesH
probably notK i2m probably Dut o#er !autiou
#n ;o" to take Fat 1urners G 5en to do cardio
0 am used to takin' &at burners be&ore cardio on an empty stomac but tis says to
take be&ore meals. %o 0 still do cardio on an empty stomac and ten take dialene
be&ore te meal a&ter cardioH #r am 0 Cust scre"ed up.
C 'ould take it 'ith your meal and C 'ould dit!h the empty toma!h !ardio
#n Fat burners administration
,peakin' o& dietin'8 do you use a I&at6burnerI trou'out your diet or do you sa(e
it until later on do"n te roadH $ersonally8 0 like to 'et mysel& in M&at6loss modeM and
sa(e te termo'enics &or te last 96E "eeks (dependin' on "ere 0 am at).
Gea0 that2 uually ho' C do it&
#n 1olus $rotein dosin'
Layne8 do you tink tat Nlbs in /- "eeks is partly do"n to tat ne" bolus protein
dosin' your doin'H
C !ertainly think pa!in3 my meal out more ha kept me leaner& C2#e alo been runnin3
dialene7* B eamin 'hile bulkin3 and that 'orked #ery 'ell at keepin3 fat off& C think a
lot of fat burner are a!tually more ueful for pre#entin3 fat 3ain 'hile in a !alori!
urplu rather than a!!eleratin3 fat lo in a !alori! defi!it
Layne Norton FAQ
2reatine and >eto'enic diets
5en on keto'enic diet like da(eMs8 is it ok to take creatine monoydrate "it no
su'arH or "ill tis diminis te e&&ecti(eness o& te creatineH
Creatine 'ill till 'ork and CM= 'ill be #ery important a it 'ill help pull fluid into the
mu!le !ell 'hi!h 'ill likely ha#e redu!ed fluid !ontent due to the redu!tion in 3ly!o3en
from the keto3eni! diet
#n Fis #ils
Question bout &is oils8 0 noticed on te 1odybuildin'.2om (ideo tat you
supplement "! tem. No" tereMs millions o& di&&rent potencies8 and 0Mm not quite
sure "at to use. 0Mm usin' a supplement "! /N. )$A /-. %;A and -J <LA per
capsule8 0Mm takin' about J a day8 / "! eac meal. %oes tis seem about ri't8 or
sould 0 'et a i'er potency supplementH
;hat you are doin3 ound fine
#n %L6$enylalanine ,upplementation
5at do you tink o& takin' a small dose o& &ree &orm I%L6$enylalanineI "it te
12AA!5;)D sake $5#H 0 see many supplements add tis M3Ms Anator or
1iotestMs ,ur'e. 0s it Cust placebo or anytin' to back up te anabolic bene&it o&
doin' tatH
Apparently0 phenylalanine !an in!reae inulin e!retionK ho'e#er0 C think that ar3inine i
a!tually a tron3er timulator of inulin releae&
#n penylananine and ar'inine and teir e&&ects on insulin secretion

2an penylananine and ar'inine actually stimulate insulin secretion all by
temsel(esH 3at "ould not make sense...do tey Cust elp secretionH
Ge they !aue the body to e!rete tored inulin& Ct i different from a !arb indu!ed
e!retion ho'e#er a !arbohydrate !aue a biphai! releae& /t the dumpin3 of tored
inulin and then the pan!rea manufa!ture inulin until the 3lu!oe i !leared&
ar3inine0 phenylalanine0 B leu!ine only !aue a monophai! repone of dumpin3 of
tored inulin0 but no in!reae in pan!reati! produ!tion of inulin like !arb do
Layne Norton FAQ
Dou tink its only &or insulin because te abo(e products(M3Ms Anator or 1iotestMs
,ur'e) 0 tou't included it &or some reason to in&luence protein syntesis (or some
oter &unction 0 donMt kno" o&). 0ts "erid because tey %# include carbs "it tose.
;ell0 inulin ha a yner3iti! effe!t 'ith amino a!id on protein ynthei o yea i think
they in!luded it for the inulin
#n 5indo" o& #pportunity
%o you belie(e in te popular I"indo" o& opportunityI tat many ad(ocate or do
you belie(e itMs orse dun'H
Certainly0 inulin eniti#ity i hei3htened0 o ye
#n <lycerol ,upplementation
Layne 6 "atMs your take on 'lycerol supplementationH
Not ure if it 'ill !aue intra!ellular 'ellin30 but it doe eem to for!e more fluid into
the #a!ular ytem 'hi!h may be ueful to a bodybuilder on !ontet day& Not ure of the
timin3 or doa3e a of no' thou3h&
#n Fat loss capsule administration
&or &at loss capsules do you tink it "ill a(e te same a&&ect i& i "as to open te
capsule up and pour it in to a drink
C 'ould think o
you sould "ait &or LayneMs response but 0 Cust "anted to su''est bein' care&ul "it
tat because some &at burners a(e capsaicin in tem "ic tastes really bad and or
can be ot(spicy).
Gup that too L=L
#n Arms sakin' durin' trainin'
First o&&8 0Mm not "at youMd call a bodybuilder as o& yet8 0M(e Cust started trainin'
Layne Norton FAQ
"it a buddy o& mine last "eek a&ter bein' a"ay &or quite a "ile. Any"ay8 my
question6or problem is tis6"en 0 used to "restle in i' scool "e did a (ery
limited amount o& "ei't trainin'8 and altou' 0 did 'ain stren't8 0 did a(e a
persistin' tin' "it my arms sakin'. 0 "ent &rom bencin' /-J to /EJ &or sets o& N
&airly quickly8 "ei'in' /JJ durin' preseason. Any"ay8 "e really did not &ocus on
stren't8 mostly endurance6but 0 "as "onderin' i& tis problem ad anytin' to do
"it any de&iciency o& anytin' (ital. 0 a(e to &orce mysel& to drink "ater8 but 0 try
to keep tat up8 and &ood &or me is a (ery u8 erratic tin'... 0Mm 'ettin' 'ood
amounts o& &ood8 0 donMt count e(erytin' up but 0 make sure protein is a main
priority in all my meals.
;ope 0Mm not too (a'ue or anytin'8 Cust "anted to ask be&ore 0 &or'ot my questionO
0Mm a "eaklin' to be'in "it8 Cust "anted to kno" i& 0 a(e any nutritional tin's to
"orry about.
3anks &or all te stu&& youM(e "ritten and researced yoursel&8 it sure clears up a
lot o& muddle tat 0M(e been readin'8 been readin' all te ma's &or quite a bit too...
=nly kind of nutritional defi!ien!ie C !an think of 'ould be omethin3 that ha to do
'ith !ell turno#er in!e the CNS turno#er relati#ely fat&&& omethin3 like folate or
omethin3 like that or poibly a neurotranmitter iue but if you are 3ettin3 enou3h
protein you hould ha#e ample ubtrate for neurotranmitter&
#n 2LA
5at is your opinion on 2LAH 0s it "ort considerin'H 0& so "at dose "ould be te
most bene&icialH
C belie#e you ha#e to 3et the ri3ht iomer& 8here i a @0// B a /10/+ iomer& C for3et
'hi!h one i the 3ood one& =ne ha #ery 3ood benefit0 the other !an a!tually !aue
inulin reitan!e
#n Acetyl6L62arnitine
Layne "at are your tou'ts on te use&ulness o& Acetyl6L62arnitine
supplementation durin' te #&&season and pre contestH
offeaon it mi3ht not be a bad idea to take 'ith hi3h !arb meal& in eaon probably le
Layne Norton FAQ
0m curious layne as into you tinkin' to tis ans"er8 could you e4plain a bit more
pleaseHAs &ar as i am a"are i tou't Acetyl6L62arnitine "as in(ol(ed in
transportation o& &atty acids across te mitocondria membrane to allo" te
o4idation o& te &atsH ;o" "ould tis be bene&icial to take "it a i' carb mealH
0 tink te traditional use o& it is to take it durin' e4ercise to allo" more &atty acids
to be burned8 ence elpin' &at loss.
Ee!aue inulin ha been ho'n to fa!ilitate the tranport of ALCA< into the !ell
#n N# supplements:
5at do u tink o& N# suppsH
5at do you tink o& N# supplements be&ore "orkouts t"o questions
till not !on#in!ed 'hether or not it i anaboli!0 but that2 ho' to properly ue an N=
produ!t if you do
2reatine "it 5M, (s %e4trose
5at is your opinion about Nutre4 +03A:<# 2<L (!s :e'ular 2reatine Mono
"it %e4trose.HH
C2m not !on#in!ed yet that 'axy maiFe i better0 but CHm not !on#in!ed it2 not either L=L
#n $rimal N-.
%o you use pre "orkout supps suc as primal n-.H
C lo#e primal n+1 lol&
%o you use anytin' like eaaMs or bcaaMs immediately be&ore you "orkoutH 0 kno"
you donMt do anytin' durin'.
C ha#e ome b!aa pre B pot
Layne Norton FAQ
L6Ar'inine Absorption
%o you kno" anytin' about te absorption o& L6Ar'inineH
2an te &ree &orm (ersion o& tis amino acid be taken up "en mi4ed "it &oodH 0
dont see "y not but some say it needs to be taken on an empty stomac.
it !ertainly !an
+asocar'e +s $rimal N-.
0s tere a di&&erence bet"een +asocar'e and $rimal N-.H
L6Ar'inine and <; le(els
0s it true tat Ar'inine si'ni&icantly raises 'ro"t ormone le(elsH
C kno' CH#e een reear!h ho'in3 it raie it&&& but i2m kepti!al a to 'hether it raie it
hi3h enou3h to make a differen!eK C kind of doubt it
#n <lucose %isposal A'ents (<%As)
5at are your tou'ts on <lucose %isposal A'ents (+anadyl8 2romium..etc).0
"ant to see i& tey May elp brin' more nutrients into te muscles.
;ell0 !hromium i 3arba3eK #anadyl may in!reae baal 3lu!oe uptake but i2m not ure
you2d 'ant that& Lipoi! a!id i probably the bet a it in!reae inulin timulated 3lu!oe
uptake into the mu!le !ell& Che!k out my arti!le here$
#n :ed 5ine!<rape pytonutrient bene&its:
0 am lookin' &or te bene&its o& red "ine "itout te alcool!carbs H
Layne Norton FAQ
Gou mi3ht look at 3rape eed extra!t&
%oes <rape seed a(e enou' etyl acetate to induce bene&itsH
No0 but it doe ha#e the re#eratrol a 'ell a many other anti7oxidant
#n +anadyl ,ul&ate (<%A)
0 "as "onderin' i& you a(e any idea o& "y +anadyl 'i(es me a bad eadace e(en
"en taken "it plenty o& carbsH Also do you tink it could possible pull more
creatine into te muscleH
No0 C don2t think it 'ill pull more !reatine into the !ellK not ure about the heada!he&
C 'ould think you 'ould 3et other ymptom other than Dut heada!he if blood u3ar 'a
droppin30 nauea bein3 firt0 thou3h C !ould be 'ron3& Alo0 Aanadyl only in!reae
baal 3lu!oe uptake and not inulin timulated 3lu!oe update from 'hat C2#e readK and C
belie#e he 'a takin3 it 'ith a meal unle C2m mitaken0 o in my opinion0 C2m not ure it
'ould !aue blood 3lu!oe to fall0 epe!ially in the fa!e of a meal& Eut 3ettin3 a blood
3lu!oe tet 'ould !ertainly tell for ure&
2ould you elaborateH
My point i that if he 'a takin3 it 'ith hi meal Aanadyl ha not been ho'n to in!reae
inulin mediated 3lu!oe uptake&&& only baal& Cf he 'a 3ettin3 thee heada!he bet'een
meal that 'ould make eneK but not 'ith meal
#n $roormones
2an u 'i(e me a 'ood supplement stack tats all le'al but could include
proormones etc. and dosa'e &or tem. tanks.
Ero0 CH#e ne#er taken prohormone and Dut don2t kno' mu!h about them honetly
My name is 3errence. 0 "ant to remain natural. 0Mm ne" to modern supplements.
$eople a(e been su''estin' 0 need to use steroids to 'et bi'. 3anks to you8 ,kip La
2our P cris Faldo 0 kno" tatMs not true. 0Mll ne(er e(er use 'earO
,o no" people are su''estin' pro6ormones8 speci&ically Fini'en4 Ma'num by
$arma'en4 P ,U,J.. by <enetic )d'e 3ecnolo'ies. 5ould tese be considered
"ron' &or a natural body builder to useH 0& so8 "at alternati(es "ould you su''estH
3anks &or you timeO
Layne Norton FAQ
Many prohormone are Dut a bad a teroid in term of ide effe!t per doe& C 'ould
tay a'ay
#n 2reatine 5ile 2uttin'
0& takin' creatine "ile cuttin'... "at e&&ect "ill tis a(eH $ossibly e(en 'ain
muscleH or Cust &uller musclesH
A far a !reatine 'hile !uttin3 it 'ill help maintain your fullne B !ell #olumiFation
'hi!h #ery 'ell may be anti7!ataboli!&
#n ,timulant use and its association "it cortisol le(els
%onMt you tink tat ,timulants may increase cortisol too mucH 0 "ould tink tat
stimulants may be more e&&ecti(e "en used to a bare minimum. 0 kno" too many
people tat seem to rely on stimulants &ar too muc. 3is used to be te case "it
me "en 0 "ould use )2A -4 day e(eryday &or a &e" monts. 0 de&initely lost some
8he le freLuently you ue tim i almot al'ay better&
#n #il supplements:
From your researc8 "ould - 'rams o& &is oil (maybe / tsp o& &la4seed oil) "it -.
< o& "ey at bedtime beind to compare to -. < o& plain casein in terms o&
absorption rates.
i don2t think +3 of fat 'ould be enou3h to i3nifi!antly lo' aborption
0 kno" you take tree scoops o& 4tend post "orkout8 0 "as "onderin' i& /scoop o&
primal eaa and / scoop 4tend "ould also be su&&ecientH
:robably 'ould 'ork
#n mi4in' "ey "it carbonated "ater:
Layne Norton FAQ
is tere any problem tat you kno" o&...mi4in' "ey po"der "it carbonated
drinksHany problem "it absorbtion or te carbonation de'radin' te "eyH
is it 'onna blo" up in my stomac like soda and pop rocksH
C think that2 fine probably
#n 2issus:
0(e read reports on e(erytin' &rom Coint pain riddance to superpumps to test
booster.5ats your takeH 0m buyin' it tis "eekend and "ill test it out. All my
Coints urt. %o you tink it is a miracle suppelementH
C think !iu i pretty 3ood&&& but not a mira!le upplement to be ure
#n %;)A
%;)A.5ats up "it tis stu&&..."ill 0 'et bitc tits or sometin'H0(e read cancer
and te like.%a(e says to try /..m' to 7..m' &or men.Dou e(er try %;)AH5at
about F6>etoH
CH#e ne#er tried either0 but C don2t think they are dan3erou
5M, (s +itar'o:
Layne do u pre&er 5M, or +itar'oH
#n "at to e4trapolate leucine dosin' to
does ei't and "ei't a(e any bearin' on leucine dosa'e in your opinionH
Lean body ma poibly&
#n 2itrulline Malate
Layne Norton FAQ
5y do you take 2itrulline Malate H 3e only tin' 0(e seen it talked about online
is &or N#- ("ic doesnt really a(e any solid sciecne beind it). 2an you name
oter reasons "y tis "ould be a 'ood supplement beyond tatH 12AA8 1eta6
Alaine8 2reatine Mono but "ere does 2itrulline Malate place in tis stackH
8here i Luite a bit of e#iden!e that !itrulline enhan!e fati3ue reitan!e&
#n <lutamine as a 'lyco'en :esyntesis a'ent
0 kno" u donMt like L6<lutamine as impro(in' $rotein ,Nytsis or bein' anti6
cataolic. 1ut 0Mm curious a(e your &eelin's taken any consideration to it as a
'ylco'en resnytsis a'ent $5#H ,ome seem to use it as substitute oter tan carbs
&or tose "it i'er body &at K.
8hatH a poibilityK i 'ould like to ee it !ompared to 3lu!oe in term of ho' mu!h
ener3y it take and ho' effe!ti#e the 3ly!o3en reynthei i&
2omments on tis study:
)&&ect o& oral 'lutamine on "ole body carboydrate stora'e durin' reco(ery &rom
e4austi(e e4ercise
=. L. 1o"tell/8 >. <elly/8 M. L. =ackman/8 A. $atel/8 M. ,imeoni-8 and M. =.
:ennie/ / %epartment o& Anatomy and $ysiolo'y8 Uni(ersity o& %undee8 %undee8
United >in'dom %%/ 9;NQ and - %epartment o& )lectronics and 0n&ormatics8
Uni(ersity o& $adua8 7J/7/ $adua8 0taly
3e purpose o& tis study "as to determine te e&&icacy o& 'lutamine in promotin'
"ole body carboydrate stora'e and muscle 'lyco'en resyntesis durin' reco(ery
&rom e4austi(e e4ercise. $ostabsorpti(e subCects completed a 'lyco'en6depletin'
e4ercise protocol8 ten consumed 77. ml o& one o& tree drinks8 /N.JK ("t!(ol)
'lucose polymer solution8 N ' 'lutamine in 77. ml 'lucose polymer solution8 or N '
'lutamine in 77. ml placebo8 and also recei(ed a primed constant in&usion o& X/6
/72Y'lucose &or - . $lasma 'lutamine concentration "as increased a&ter
consumption o& te 'lutamine drinks (..F6/./ mM8 " ^ ...J). 0n te second our o&
reco(ery8 "ole body nono4idati(e 'lucose disposal "as increased by -JK a&ter
consumption o& 'lutamine in addition to te 'lucose polymer (9.9N _ ..E/ (s. 7.JL _
../N mmol!k'8 " ^ ...J). #ral 'lutamine alone promoted stora'e o& muscle 'lyco'en
to an e4tent similar to oral 'lucose polymer. 0n'estion o& 'lutamine and 'lucose
polymer to'eter promoted te stora'e o& carboydrate outside o& skeletal muscle8
te most &easible site bein' te li(er.
Layne Norton FAQ
5at do you make o& tis. From "at 0 understand8 <lutamine in a traditional post
"!o sake "it carbs leads to stora'e outside o& te skeletal muscle system8 "ic
"e %# N#3 "ant. 'lutamine only allo"s stora'e in te muscle8 but 'lucose only
does tis as "ell8 "it te added bene&it o& an insulin spike "ic could possibly
enance nutrient uptake.
=ne problem 'ith that tudy i the tra!er they ued to meaure 3ly!o3en reynthei 'a
C7/4 3lu!oe& meanin3 e#en in the 3lutamine 2only2 3roup they 'ere till re!ei#in3 a
!ontant infuion of 3lu!oe& So ho' are you to kno' 'hether or not the 3ly!o3en
reynthei 'ould o!!ur in the ab!en!e of the infuion of 3lu!oe( 8hat 'ould be my
iue 'ith that tudyK but not Luite ure ho' you2d 3et around it
#n 1eta6Alanine
%o u take beta alanine i& so do u cycle itH
Ge B no
do you tink it is better to take beta alanine or carnosine. 0 read tat carnosine
breaks do"n into beta alanine and anoter amino. =ust "onderin' "ic one you
tink is betterH Also8 do you take it pre AN% post "orkoutH
Carnoine i made from beta7alanine B hitidine0 in!e on a hi3h protein diet you2ll ha#e
an ex!e of hitidine0 takin3 beta alanine i Dut a 3ood a !arnoine and it2 about /1x
!heaper than !arnoine
#n natural t6boostin' supplements:
Question: since your natural do you take any type o& natural booster or tats a'ainst
te rules also "at oter supplements do you takeH
An'er$ natural tet booter are not banned&&& mot of them are Dut plant extra!t& ome
may help normaliFe your tetoterone if it i lo'0 but C #ery mu!h doubt any of them 'ill
in!reae it abo#e normal
#n Nettle root )4tract:
2omments on ttp:!!""".desi'nersupps.com!staticRsite!acti(ate4.pp H
Layne Norton FAQ
;ould probably be 3reat if it indeed 'ork
,o tis is still considered usable by natural bbsH
C do not belie#e it i banned a the in3redient i tin3in3 nettle root 'hi!h i naturally
<eneral supplement in&ormation:
0s teir anytin' tat you "ould su''est tat may elp as &ar supps or dietH
;ell a for diet C talk alot about my theorie in thi thread and in my 'eb!at C 'ould
!he!k that out& a far a upplement
7fih oil
7!itrulline malate
#n $rima&orce 12AA dosin' :
;o" many scoops o& prima&orce bcaa sould i take ri't be&ore li&tin' and ri't
a&terH tats easier
CHd ha#e + pre'orkout B 4 pot 'orkout&
#n Ar'inine and #rnitine 2ombo
5at do you tink about an Ar'inine and #rtinine combo like N#5Ms
Ne#er 'a really bi3 on the !ombo& i aume for JH( i don2t think it2 that effe!ti#e
#n Ar'inine absorption "it oter aminos
Layne Norton FAQ
0s it true tat Ar'inine competes &or absorption "it oter aminosH i& tis is te
trut i& my pre "ork out meal is / our be&ore te "orkout and its Cust "ey isolate
and /!- cup oatmeal and i take Ar'inine -. min pre "orkout "it creatine and
)AAs and 12AA, am i totally "astin' my time!money since tey IcompeteI &or
absorption...do u a(e any articles on your amino researc or anytin' o& tat
9#en if ome amino !ompete 'ith other0 the tranporter are preent in ex!e0 it hould
not be an iue& :eople make 'ay too mu!h of it
#n Anabolic $ump and Dello" <old
%o you tink tere is any (alidity to substances suc as anabolic pump8 or yello"
C ha#en2t really looked into them enou3h to be honet 'ith you
#n @tend durin' cardio and post "orkout
%o you sip on @tend durin' bot cardio and your "orkouts8 or do you keep it to
durin' cardio and post "orkout. 0Mm tinkin' about makin' it a maCor part o& my
cut o(er te ne4t -N "eeks.
C take a er#in3 pre'orkout%pre!ardio B 4 er#in3 pot 'orkout
#n 3yrosine %an'ers:
3ou'ts on te potential dan'ers o& tyrosineH
probably not&
#n >6:6ALA :
3ou'ts on >6:6ALAH
ha#en2t reear!hed it enou3h to ay anythin3 on it
#n @tend 0n'redients:
Layne Norton FAQ
%oes @3)N% a(e bot )AAMs and 12AAMs HHH
#n %ialene 9 &lusin' :
#k8 0 took 7 pills o& dialene 9 te oter day8 7. minutes later 0 looked like a lobster
L#LO 0m assumin' its &rom te niacin.. so i a(e been takin' - no" im actually
kind o& ner(ous to take 7 a'ain because i dont "ant to look like a lobster.. is tere
any"ay to a(oid tisH
8ry takin3 it 'ith a meal
#n ALA
0 posted tis in te <%A somebody su''ested 0 ask you about it since you a(e
"ritten about ALA be&ore. ;ere 'oes....
2an somebody clear tis up on te use o& ALA as a <%A. 0 do kno" it does "ork to
drop blood su'ar le(els o"e(er tere is an issue "ic 0M(e read con&lictin' in&o
&rom articles.
2A,) `/ ttp:!!""".t6nation.com!tma'num!read3opic.doHidS/E.97L-
%a(id 1arr claims tat researc so"s ALA can acti(ate not only te muscle cell
insulin receptor but te &at cells as "ell. ;e "ent on tere is alot "e donMt kno"
about its use (could be at tat time and outdated no" &rom "en o(er at 36Nation
&orums e "rote it) but basically it mi't store in &at cells as "ell "ic is "at "e
are tryin' to a(oid as an <%A.
#n te oter and in a recent issue o& Natural 1odybuildin' P Fitness Ma'a*ine
tere is an article on r6ALA and it mentions it does not acti(ate &at cells.
0Mm on te &ence ere and 0 "ould like to kno" i& anybody can so" some stu&& to
clear tis up. 0 tink maybe it is plausible because ALA is &at and "ater soluble so it
a(in' some a&&inity &or &at cells 0 could see.
3en a'ain doesnMt te su'ar a(e to be con(erted by some process outside te cell
into &at or does tat process take place in &at cells.
3e issue basically is "ile "e kno" it does drop blood su'ar le(els does ALA only
mo(e it to muscle cells and not &at is te question.
0s r6ALA di&&erent in tis respectH
Layne Norton FAQ
pleae read my arti!le on ALA 8he Lipoi! A!id proDe!t on bodybuildin3&!om
i addre thee !on!ern
2omments on a ,peci&ic ,upplement ,tack:
0 "anted you to ceck out my supplement stack and let me kno" "at i sould
dump!add and i& you could ceck out te doses 8 not sure i& im takin' to muc! to
little or need to add!drop
optimum nutrition multi6(it &or men
&is oil concentrate 6 N 'rams a day
(it c 6 -67 'rams a day
(it e 6 N.. iuMs a day
'reen tea e4tract 6 take as label recomends 8 about E..m' total
msm 6 /...m' a day
'lucosamine 6 /J..m' a day
coral calcium 6 -... m' a day
creatine mono 6 J 'rams daily
"ey protein 6 as needed
'ay too mu!h CK at that le#el you !an de#elop uri! a!id tone 511m3 i M=<9 than
enou3h&&& more than *11 C- #itamin 9 per day ha been ao!iated 'ith in!reaed all
!aue mortalityK and that i too mu!h !al!ium
M=<9 CS N=8 E9889<0 E9889< CS E9889<
#n ALA supplementation durin' te - "eek cut protocol
Layne 0 am currently doin' te - "eek mini cut. (tanks a'ain &or te elp)
0Mm also usin' an ala supp (insulean6k) 0 read your article8 and since "e donMt yet
kno" e4actly "at ALA is doin'. 5ould you recommend N#3 takin' ALA on te
day o& te carb upH
C 'ould take it
#n +itamin ) to4icity:
;ey Layne 0 do a'ree "it not takin' massi(e doses 1ut te "ole +it ) causes
deat tin' "as &rom a study re(ie" and (ery &la"ed but it someo" made its "ay
into te media and no" e(en M%s are tellin' people +it ) kills "en tats Cust not
te case. 0t "as 5AD o(er e4a''erated. 0 ad to so" te &acts to my o"n medical
Layne Norton FAQ
pro(ider "o a&ter earin' tat too at a con&erence "as tellin' patients (dont take
+it ) supps). Me and im ad 'ood standin' "ere "e sared in&o like tat all te
time. 3oo bad e le&t te practice
A simple 'oo'le 0 &ound a 'ood re(ie" o& te real &acts tat tat announcement "as
"ay o(er te top.
3at announcement made eadlines I+itamin ) killsOI lol 0 do a'ree tou' 9..Uis
is all you need (but be sure to 'et d6 &orm and mi4ed) not Cust massi(e
;hile C a3ree 'ith thatK there are other tudie alo !orroboratin3 that too mu!h 9 'ill
enhan!e the pro3reion of ome dieae&&& like lun3 !an!er
#n an e&&ecti(e supplement stack
5o"O #k. 5ell "at supplement stack "ould you su''est insteadH
;ell0 it really depend but for buildin3 mu!le on a bud3et i2d 3o
7ECAA0 C ue xtend
7!reatine monohydrate
7fih oil
3anks a'ain Layne. 0Mm already usin' all tem. 5at "ould you use i& UUU "asnMt
an issue or you made a lot o& cas...
i2d add 3lu!oamine0 !hondroitin0 MSM0 eamin0 a fatburner like dialene if you are
!uttin30 lipoi! a!idK that2d probably be it&&& maybe !iu a 'ell
#n 5M,:
;axy MaiFe i a hi3hly bran!hed polymer tar!h 'hi!h ha a hi3h mole!ular 'ei3ht and
i #ery rapidly di3eted and releaed into the bloodtreamK fater than dextroe& ;hether
or not thi 'ill impa!t body !ompoition i2m not ure yet&
#n %i'esti(e en*yme supplementation
Layne "atMs your take on en*yme supplementationH )&&ecti(e or unnecessaryH
if your di3eti#e ytem i healthy there i no need for enFyme&
#n ,esamin!ALA!2romium!<%A durin' 1ulkin':
Layne Norton FAQ
From "at 0(e read in your article it seems like 0 a need a u'e break &rom dietin'.
0ts been like a year and 0 Cust need to rela4 and up my calories and build some
muscle. 5ats cra*y is tat last time 0 did tis my lo(e andles started to srink.
,tren't "ent tru te roo& also. 0 see you recommend ,esamin. 0 a(e some kidney
issues and insulin resistance so tis looks like it may be (ery elp&ul &or me. $lus it
raises leptin le(els "ic 0 &eel are (ery lo" in my body &rom too lon' o& dietin'.
2an 0 take ,esamin "ile bulkin'H
Sure0 C think it 'ork better 'hile bulkin3 honetly
<reatOO 5at about <%AMsH :i't no" 0 am eatin' E meals and usin' /.m' +, and
-..mc' cromium polynicotinate per meal .0(e read tat you recommend ALA
%o you tink tat /..m' ALA!-..mc' 2romium at si4 times per day is to4ic to
bodyH 0 really do respond "ell to <%AMs. 5oke up today (ery &ull and leanOO
CHm Dut a not a bi3 fan of !hromium0 C ha#e yet to ee any e#iden!e it 'ork in non7
#n N6Acetyl 2ysteine
Layne6 "atMs your take on supplementin' "it n6acetyl cysteineH
C think it2 a pretty 3ood anti7oxidant& Ct i definitely up there 'ith ala
#n $eptopro A;ydrolysed 2aseinB
;a(e you e(er eard o& M$eptoproM "ic is a ydrolysed casein 6
#n Multi(itamins
%o a(e any recommendations &or a 'ood multi (itamin...i(e used animal pak
be&ore...a &riend o& mine is tryin' to talk me into a or'anic multi..."at are your
tou'ts...do u a(e a speci&ic brand you recommendH
None are really that uperior& Some form are more aborb able than other but to be
honet mot bodybuilder =A9<C=NS-M9 #itamin and mineral
5at do you tink about i' potency multi(itamins like opt6men by optimum
nutrition8 do you tink tey o(erload te body "it to many (itamins and mineralsH
Am 0 better o&& "it a basic menMs multi(itaminH
8oo mu!h of anythin3 i bad& .ut 3et the re!ommended
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 1eta6Alanine dosin':
0 kno" you recommend takin' 2Mono Cust on your "orkout days post "orkout.
5at about beta6alanineH ,ould you take it e(eryday or Cust on days you "orkoutH
C 'ould take +743 on 'orkout dayK /3 on offday
#n "en to take ALA:
0Mm cuttin' and on re&eed days 0 a(e a $5# sake consistin' o& 5M,8 Malto and
12AAs 6 about J.' 21# total. 7. mins later 0 a(e a "ole &ood meal tat also
consists o& J.' 21#. ,ould 0 take te ALA "it $5# sake or "ole &ood mealH
C 'ould take it 'ith the firt one
#n bene&its o& 2issus:
Layne8 do you see any bene&it to cissus beyond tendon!li'ament repairH %o you
belie(e te claims tat it is anti6catabolicH
C am kepti!al of that
#n i& layne takes Aracidonic acid:
layne a(e you e(er supplemented "it Aracidonic AcidH
#n antio4idant supplementation:
Layne Norton FAQ
0m takin' 7..m' a day o& alpa lipoic acid and E.. m' o& 'reen tea e4tract
9.Ke'c' and LJK polypenols. "ould addin' an antio4idant comple4 consistin' o&
J...iuMs o& beta carotene
JJ.m' o& (it c
9.. iuMs o& (it e
777m' o& calcium
J.mc' o& selenium
7. mc' o& cromium
be o& anymore bene&it or "ould it be o(er kill 8 0 am also takin' <N2 Me'aMan
multi(itamin8 calcium8 'lucosamine8 e(enin' primrose oil8 and &is oil.
C think that 'ould def be o#erkill
#n Fiber supplements:
%o you tink it is a 'ood idea to use a &iber supplement like:
0 do not need one but do you tink it "ould be optimal &or someone to useH 3anks
C think it 'ould be helpful0 epe!ially for fiber intake
#n ,tudies concernin' ,esamin as a &at loss supplement:
0s tere any real studies tat so" ,esamin may promote &atloss is umansH
Studie ho' that it in!reae fat oxidation in li#er
#n )4pired 5ey $rotein:
Layne Norton FAQ
5ats your take on e4pires "ey proteinH 0m ti't &or money no" and ran out
but my boy 'a(e me a Jlb Cu' o& some unopened metr4 "ey concentrate tat
e4pired no( -..J. 'ood or not 'oodH
Should be fine
#n /6carbo4y6-6amino676pyroben*ol(789 diol) as a sleep aid:
5at are your tou'ts on /6carbo4y6-6amino676pyroben*ol(789 diol) as &ar as
elpin' "it sleep and <;.
C honetly ha#e not looked at it
#n Accelerade:
5at do you tink o& AcceleradeH 0s tere any scienti&ic support &or its claim tat
te 9:/ 2arb to $rotein ratio is optimal &or post6"orkout reco(eryH
Some'hat0 but their drink only ha @3 pro B 4,3 !arbK 'herea the tudie ued +53 pro
B /113 !arb o the ratio i ri3ht but the V aren2t
,peci&ic ,upplementation $art /:
#n 2reatine:
0 Cust started usin' creatine monoO 0 "as "onderin' "at you &eel is an appropriate
"ay o& takin' it: o" muc8 o" o&ten8 "at time etcH
4753%pot 'orkout per day i plenty
Layne Norton FAQ
2reatine durin' &at loss pases
"ould you recommend creatine &or muscle retention durin' a &at loss periodHH
#n >re6alkalyn
5at do you tink o& >re6alkalyn:
kre7alkyln i o#erpri!ed bullhitO http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%tallon8&htm
2reatine and contest day:
0 a(e eard some people talk bad about takin' creatine all te "ay up to a contest.
3ey say because it "ill cause you to old "ater. 0Mll old as muc "ater as 0 can i& it
is not Munder te skinM. 3ou'tsHH
8hi i my rebut to that ar3ument&
http$%%forum&mu!ularde#elopment&!om%ho'thread&php(t)*++,Bpa3e)+6 5+4
C took !reatine all the 'ay up to thi ho' and e#en took it the day of the ho'& ;ater
#n 2a&&eine and 2reatine:
Layne8 do you kno" "at te e&&ect ca&&eine as on creatine absorptionH
No effe!t on aborption that C kno' of
0& it "ere you8 "ould you consume ca&&eine and creatine not Ito'eterI but in te
same day8 so to speakH %o you tink it makes a di&&erenceH
C honetly don2t think it make a bi3 differen!e
0 "as "onderin' "y it is not recommended to consume ca&&eine "it creatine.
8here 'a a tudy a 'hile ba!k ho'in3 !affeine ne3ati#ely affe!t the er3o3eni! effe!t
of !reatine0 but CHm pretty ure the later tudie ho'ed the !onenu i they are fine to
take to3ether
#n :e'ular 2reatine Monoydrate (s mirconi*ed 2reatine MonoydrateH
Layne Norton FAQ
0s mirconi*ed creatine mono better or easily absorbed tan re'ular creatine monoH
no0 Dut mixe in olution better
0s su'ar required &or creatineH
;ey Layne8 0 am carb and su'ar sensiti(e.....0s it true tat you need to take 2reatine
Mono "it a simple su'arH No0 you don2t need u3ar
#n 2reatine 1rands
%o you tink creatine is creatine8 or do you pre&er a speci&ic brandH 3ou'ts on
2))8 2M8 >A H
;ell0 CHm ponored by primafor!e%!i#ation o C ue the primafor!e brand but they ha#e
an independent lab tet their tuff o C trut them&
A far a C99 #& CM #& all the other kind&&& monohydrate& :eriod
#n 2reatine Loadin':
%o you belie(e in 2reatine loadin'H
it aturate the mu!le !ell faterK but 53%day 'ill alo aturate itK it Dut take lon3er&
Loadin3 may !aue JC ditre for ome
#n 2reatine ,tability :
%oes creatine de'raded a&ter bein' in "ater &or a "ileH 0 al"ays tou't tat you
only ad like J6/. minutes to drink it be&ore it breaks its bond...and become
=h hea#en no0 monohydrate i table for a fe' 'eek
#n ;o" muc does Layne $ersonally consume 2reatineH
;o" many times u take creatine mono a dayH
53%day Dut take it pot 'orkout
Layne Norton FAQ
#n 2yclin' 2reatine:
5at do you tink is te a&&ecti(e stop time and o&& periodH 0 "as tinkin' stop at
some"ere bet"een N6/- "eeks. 1ut not sure o" lon' o&& &or te body to reco(er.
At leat a month
5y is it recommended to cycle o&& creatineH
Ct eem that the !reatine re!eptor do'nre3ulate o#er time and intra!ellular le#el of
!reatine tart to de!line
#n 2reatine durin' last "eek o& contest prep:
5ats your take on creatine in te last "eek o& prepH
Creatine i fine&&& the 'ater retention i intra!ellular& Nothin3 'ron3 'ith that
2reatine and <lutamine consumption:
0 "as lookin' &or your article on creatine and 'lutamine consumption. 0 kno" you
said it "as in a protein myts article in end. 0 cant seem to &ind it8 do you a(e a
Ct i part of the protein myth&&& C talk about it in there
,peci&ic ,upplementation $art - :
,ci(ation $roducts
@tend and 5$0:
,ould 0 take @tend by itMs sel& or can 0 mi4 it "it my 5$0 H
you !an mix it 'ith 'pi or take it by itelf&
Layne Norton FAQ
#n %ialene 9:
,o tell me "y 0 "ant to 'et %ialene 9
All the info i here http$%%'''&dialene*&!om
Ct2 a fatburner%ener3y booter& C2m not 3oin3 to it here and try and hill you on it& "iet
and trainin3 make more of a differen!e than any upplement e#er !an& Eut if you are
lookin3 for a little extra boot0 then C belie#e thi 'ill be one of the mot effe!ti#e fat
burner a#ailable& C 'ould not ha#e brou3ht the idea for ome of the in3redient if C
didn2t think it 'ould be omethin3 effe!ti#e& Money i Dut money0 you only 3et one
Layne8 "ould you recommend usin' %ialene and Amp i& you "ere tryin' to bulkH
So lon3 a you aren2t o#erly eniti#e to !affeine0 CHd do + !ap of ea!h pre'orkout0 but C
'ould tart out 'ith / of ea!h Dut to be afe
:e'ardin' %ialene98 it says to take te second ser(in' E ours a&ter te &irst one.
;o"e(er8 0 dont 'o to te 'ym &or anoter 7 ours. 5ill it a&&ect my "orkout like
tat (0 mean by come do"n o&& it) or could 0 Cust "ait &or anoter - ours(N ours in
bet"een eac dose) and take it closer to "ork outH
C 'ould take one er#in3 in the mornin3 and then the other *5 minute pre'orkout
;ey Layne 0Mm lookin' &or"ard to tryin' %ialene 9. 0 "as usin' a product called
,yner'est but tey quit makin' it8 0 "as eart broken because 0 a(e ne(er ad a
&atburner 6 ener'y supplement "ork as "ell as ,yner'est8 e(en te old e&&edra
products. 0t "as one o& tose products tat i& you Cust looked at te label you
"ouldnMt (ery impressed but once you tried it you "ere like8 ;oly ,it tis stu&& is
'reat. And you only ad to take - a day / in te mornin' one in te a&ternoon.
0 tink tis %ialene 9 mi't be a 'ood replacement . 0 "as "onderin' o" "ell it
"orks on te apatite suppression endH 0 ear 'reat tin's on te ener'y it 'i(es you.
it 'a not dei3ned a an appetite uppreant but eem to be ome'hat de!ent at it&
Some people 3et #ery po'erful upreion from it other ha#e found little differen!e&&&
probably a , on a !ale of /1
#ne question on te %ialene9. 5en 0 take it be&ore my &irst meal "it "ater8 0 'et
some eart burn &or a &e" minutes. 0 donMt 'et it "en 0 take it be&ore my "orkout
tou'(0 take it "it N# @plode tou')is tis normal &or it cause it does not really
a(e anytin' &or it to absorb in toH
.ut take it 'ith food in the mornin3& 'on2t redu!e it2 effe!ti#ene&&& the heart burn i
Layne Norton FAQ
probably from the !ayenne&
Layne 0 Cust 'ot my ne" sipment o& supps out ere and bot my containers o&
+aso@plode are like ard as a rock and 0 a(e to scrap o&& stu&& to 'et it is tat
normal &or itH
Ge0 e#eral in3redient are #ery hydro!opi!& 8ake a knife to it and then keep it in the
freeFer if you !anK it 'ill tay broken up mu!h better that 'ay&
;ey Layne8 0 a(e been lookin' a lot lately at %ialene 9. 0 a(e taken Cust about
e(ery &at burner and notin' e(er seems to produce results. ,eein' you ad a ea(y
ad in its production8 o" as it been "orkin' since its releaseH
Honetly C 'a urpried at ho' 3ood the feedba!k ha been& 8ypi!ally your feedba!k i
about 61%41 from a 3ood produ!t& =ut of the 61I that like it half of them are kiin3 your
a and the other half a!tually like itK ame thin3 out of the 41I that don2t like it&&& half of
them Dut don2t like you or your !ompany and the other half 3enuinely don2t like it& ;e
really ha#en2t 3otten that mu!h ne3ati#e feedba!k on it& 8he only thin3 'e 3et i people
ayin3 that they 3et fluhe from it 'hi!h i to be expe!ted from the nia!in B the thermo
in it& 8o pre#ent fluhe Dut take it after a mealK not before it& =ther than that0 only a fe'
!attered people here and there ayin3 they don2t like it& =b#iouly C2m biaed ho'e#er0
o C en!oura3e you to do your reear!h and ak other people a 'ell&
My Question is8 sould 0 take te %ialene 9 all te "ay up to te so" or cut it out a
&e" "eeks out
Gou !an take it all the 'ay throu3h
Layne Norton FAQ
$art >: >eto'enic %iets
#n >eto'enic diets:
5at do you tink about >eto'enic diets &or naturals8 "ould tey come in to &lat8
"ould tey be able to still put on muscle and 'et pumpsH
Neto3eni! diet ha#e al'ay been thou3ht of a 2protein parin32 be!aue ketone pare
blood 3lu!oe 'hi!h 'ill redu!e 3lu!oneo3enei >!on#erion of amino a!id to 3lu!oe?
and ketone !an be ued a fuel0 ho'e#er ketone !an only be ued by aerobi!
metabolim& ;ei3htliftin3 i Luite anaerobi! and tudie ha#e ho'n performan!e i #ery
!loely !orrelated to le#el of mu!le 3ly!o3en B 3lu!oe a#ailability& C keto a 3ood 'ay
to loe fat #ery Lui!kly( ye& Eut if you 3i#e yourelf ample time&&& 'hy not ha#e !arb(
8hey are not e#il and are Luite ueful& Alo keto diet 'ill make it more diffi!ult to fill
out 'hen it !ome time to do o0 it take 'eek to adapt to a keto3eni! diet0 o 'hen you
!ome off of keto it 'ill take 'eek to adapt to !arbohydrate ba!k in the diet and o if
you are tryin3 to !arb up a fe' day before the ho' after you did keto for /+ P 'eek
C2m afraid you 'ill ha#e #ery little idea 'hat to expe!t a you 'ill eentially be
!hallen3in3 your body 'ith omethin3 it in2t a!!utomed to& Cf you !hooe to do a
keto3eni! diet and not re7introdu!e !arbohydrate0 C 'ould do a moderate protein%fat load
Layne Norton FAQ
and only in!reae !arb #ery li3htly&
Finally0 C think ome people are better 'ith keto diet than other& C think the mental
ape!t !annot be di!ounted& Some people Dut mentally !annot handle !arb& 8hat2 fine0
keto i probably better for them0 but in my opinion0 if you don2t abolutely ha#e to do
keto0 you are better off not doin3 it a it really !ompli!ated tryin3 to properly fill
omeone out for a ho' and ha not been ho'n to be uperior to an io!alori! hi3h
protein non7keto3eni! diet in peer re#ie' tudie&
#n %a(e $alumbos %iet
0 keep earin' about %a(e $alumbos diet8 anyone 'ot any in&o on it at all or links
From 'hat C !an ee it i imilar to a CN" >!y!li! keto3eni! diet?
5at is your opinion on %a(e $alumbos diet &or natural bodybuildersH
"a#e2 diet i pretty mu!h Dut a keto diet from 'hat C undertand& C think it 'ill 'ork Dut
fine0 but you 'on2t be able to do a tandard !arb up for your ho' and you 'ill probably
be dryK but C2m not ure it2 poible to fill out !orre!tly&
#n )&&icacy o& >eto'enic %iets:
Neto3eni! diet 'ork for fat loK there i little doubt of that& Ho'e#er0 C ha#e a fe'
iue 'ith them& C mean if you are eatin3 ub 513 !arb per day and you hit a 'all in
term of fat lo you ha#e #ery little of anythin3 ele to drop other than dietary fat&
Additionally0 it !an be diffi!ult to fill out on a keto diet
2omments on a speci&ic keto'enic protocol
Layne8 i& you dont mind8 0Mm preppin' &or a &e" so"s tis &all and 0Mm doin' a
keto diet (E.K protein!7.K &at!/.K carbs 6 'reen (e''ies!incidentals &rom &at
sources). 0 started by multiplyin' my body"ei't by /J (/N/). 3e &irst "eek 0 lost J
pounds and re&i'ured by multiplyin' /J by /FJ. %ays / and - 0 use tat number
(-E-J). %ays 7!9 0 use -7-J. %ays J!E!F 0 use -.-J. %o you tink 0Mm cuttin' cals
enou' &or my body "ei'tH (- days on / o&&8 7 days on / o&& trainin' "! J days o&
9.6min cardio)
C think it look reaonable
#n arti&icial ,"eeteners and >eto'enic diets:
Layne Norton FAQ
#n a keto'enic diet8 "ould you count arti&icial s"eetener as a carb or not8 ie8 "ould
it "ould it brin' you out o& ketosis i& you ate enou' o& itH
GouHd ha#e to eat a ton of it to affe!t ketoi
,o tecnically it counts as a carb as opposed to protein or &atH
;ell0 it ha a bit of u3ar a a filler but it2 #ery mall
#n metods to deli(er creatine more e&&ecti(ely durin' >eto'enic diets
Layne8 do &eel 96ydro4yisoleucine8 3aurine8 P 12AAMs taken "it creatine "ould
elp te deli(ery since tere are no carbs on te keto dietH Also8 "at about
sodium...couldnMt it teoretically increase deli(ery as "ellH
CnHt the 'hole point of a keto diet to keep inulin lo'( 8hat2 'hat all thoe 3uy eem
to ay >not that C a3ree that inulin i o e#il? but if you 'ere doin3 keto to keep inulin
lo'&&& 'hy take omethin3 that raie inulin
Alo0 in!reain3 inulin 'ould drop your blood 3lu!oe and in!e a!!ordin3 to the
keto3eni! people out there0 inulin i thi e#il hormone that !aue you to tore mai#e
amount of fat&&& you 'ouldn2t 'ant that&
8hat aid&& inulin in2t a e#il a e#eryone think&
0n a nutsell:
o#ere!retion of inulin) #ery bad
normal modulation of inulin) optimal
#n $eanut 1utter and $rotein 0solate $ost "orkout
Layne8 'ot a question on keto'enic diets. 0 noticed tat $alumbo "ill take in 5ey
$rotein 0solate "! a sitload o& peanut butter post"orkout. 5atMs te point o& $1
post"orkoutH %oesnMt tat slo" te absorption o& te proteinH
C 'ould think o ye0 honetly you2d ha#e to ak him0 i2d rather not peak for him
;ittin' te "all "it >eto: - cases
Layne Norton FAQ
2ase /:
;ey Layne 0m a(in' a problem. 0M(e been on %a(es diet &or 9 monts itMs "orked
'reat. 0 a(e actually stayed (ery stron' 0M(e only lost a rep ere and tere. 1ut
lately 0Mm not &eelin' ri't8 0M(e been tinkin' o& cuttin' my &ats back and replacin'
tem "it carbs stayin' at te same amount o& calories tat 0Mm at no". 0Mm losin' -
pounds a "eek8 my is so" is #ct /7 N "eeks a"ay. 0& 0 start eatin' carbs "ill 0 'et
some kind o& rebound8 or "ill my "ei't lose slo" do"n.
For both of your !ae0 if you are at a ti!kin3 point it2 al'ay 3ood to try omethin3 B
ee if it 'ork& C 'ould lo'ly add in !arb and redu!e fat and you may 3ain ome 'ei3ht
imply from fillin3 ba!k out 'ith 3ly!o3en%fluidK but it 'on2t be fat& Eut C 'ould not
in!reae !arb more than /57+53%'eek
2ase -:
08 ri't no"8 am kinda depressed8 to use an eupemism8 due to te &act 0 seem to be
stuck "it e(ery aspect o& my diet.
,ome in&os about me:
0M(e been on %a(e $alumboMs diet &or E "eeks no". 0 diet &or personal reasons8 not
&or a contest8 so no date set in stone8 "ic is an important &actor. Det despite tis
no time constraint8 0Mm tryin' to diet &or te sortest possible time ("ile preser(in'
ma4imum amount o& muscle)8 since 'ettin up in lean mass is bodybuildin'Ms purpose
actually8 at least in my case8 by te "ay8 0Mm -L yo8 t"o years o& trainin'8 endo6meso8
/F. cm and FJ k' at \/.6//K 1F.
My &irst problem8 is 0 may a(e 'otten too e4cited "en 0 be'an te diet and did too
muc cardio ri't &rom te start8 like t"o ours a day (/ am8 / pm). At &irst8 o&
course8 it "orked "onders and 0 sed &at like dead skin8 &eelin' ti'ter by te dayQ
but no" 0Mm completely burnt out.
0 must speci&y8 e(en i& 0 ne(er &elt (ery 'ood "ile in ketosis8 ("ic makes me ask
mysel& i& tis really is te ri't diet &or me8 0 maybe am not someone "o does (ery
"ell "itout carbs....)8 tat my stren't8e(en ri't no"8 ne(er decreased in te
'ym. No pro'ress8 but no loss. 3e diet is not e4cessi(ely lo"8 bet"een /N.. and
-... >cal8 but "it all te cardio8 0 sometimes 'ot &ar belo" te /... kcals de&icit
daily barrier...0 can easily 'uess 0M(e 'ot a snailMs metabolism ri't no"8 "it totally
anniilated leptin le(els.
My symptomsH As 0 "rote 0 "as 'ettin' leaner on a re'ular basis8 "aist ti'tenin'8
skin tinnin' do"n etc... "en all o& a sudden8 like a "eek a'o8 0 seemed to stop
losin' &at8 e(en "orse8 at one point 0 seemed to be'in to 'et so&ter and "atery eac
day. And tired as ell. Al"ays &eelin' cold (itMs summer 'oddammit)8 cold ands
"it (iolet &in'ernails8 sometimes &eelin' di**y. Not 'ood.
0 tink you 'et te picture by no"...
Layne Norton FAQ
0Md like to kno" i& you tink it "ould be "ise8 i& 0 broke te diet &or a "eek and ate
sli'tly abo(e maintenance le(el ("ic is no" lo"er tan it sould)8 "it a i'
carb ratio (since leptin is more reacti(e to carbs8 e.'. /' proteins ..J' &ats and 9'
carbs per pound o& b")8 in order to restore my leptin le(elsH
0 "ould also slo"ly taper do"n te cardio8 like no more pm cardio and a decrease o&
Jmn eac oter day to &inis at 9.69J mn per am session.
(My problem is 0 actually a(e no idea o" lon' it takes to reset cardio tolerance
and e&&iciency.)
And ten at te end o& te "eek 0 'et strai't back to %a(eMs diet but "it a smarter
cardio and calorie de&icit protocol.
%oes it look appropriate or am 0 'onna scre" it up e(en more and 'or'e my ardly
drained &at cells "it tis sudden can'eH
0Md 'reatly appreciate your 'uidance8 since 0 quiet &eel at loss ri't no"...
:aul0 C 'ould not eat at maintenan!e&&& 'ith your metabolim a lo' a it i you2d put
ba!k on fat pretty Lui!kly& C 'ould lo'ly in!reae your !arb intake by about /57
+13%'eek until you 3et to about /+57/51 'ith a !orrepondin3 de!reae in !alorie from
fat& C think you2ll feel better and fill out better& Gou mi3ht put on a little bit of 'ei3ht0 but
it 'ill Dut be 'ater%3ly!o3en&
Layne8 tank you &or your ans"er. 0Mll do "at you "rote and keep you updated.
And Cust out o& curiosity8 am 0 biased or does "ater like to &ill places "ere you
usually store &at (belly8 'lutes8 cest...) "en you su&&er &rom "ater retentionH 0& itMs
te case8 "at are te mecanisms beind tisH
3anks a'ain &or your time8 itMs really been appreciated.
no0 C think that fat like to hide in thoe pla!e o it look like more 'ater lol0 C kno'
'hat you mean& my lo'er ba!k i like hamO
<luconeo'enesis and >eto'enic diets
3is person &rom my 'ym ad a (ery similar opinion suc as yoursel& to"ards
keto'enic diet. ;ere is te in&o beind "at e said...curious as to ur opinion:
0 asked a (ery kno"led'eable nutritionist and bodybuilder 0 kno" (not some retard
Layne Norton FAQ
im talkin' e4perienced and "it a $:#62A:% "orty pysique and prepared
many &or contests "it success) and e said about keto'enic diet te problem is
"en protein is o(er -. K on keto'enic diet ur body per&orms process o&
Ur opinion on tisH does tis ruin te precepts o& te diet8 or is te 'luco'enesis okH
Ct doen2t ruin it& your body only ha a finite !apa!ity to produ!e 3lu!oe from
3lu!oneo3enei&&& about 53 per hour max& 8hat end up bein3 about /113%day& Cf you
aren2t eatin3 any !arb thi 'ill till put you in keto3enei
,olute Load on >idneys durin' keto'enic diets:
ey Layne8 someone posted your comment about Msolute loadM and te kidneys8 as
"ell as eatin' to muc &at o(er a lon' period o& time can cause problems "it te
%oes tat mean &ollo"in' a i' &at diet (like keto'enic diet) can cause kidney
problems (e'6 i& u eat in tat style &or ur entire li&e &rom -.Ms and on"ards). U a(e
me curiousH
C think 'hat i aid 'a probably taken out of !ontext&&& anythin3 that i too hi3h i badK
but if you are eatin3 uper hi3h fat in a !alori! defi!it i doubt your kidney 'ill be
ne3ati#ely affe!ted
%ebate on No 1ull :adio:
;ey Layne "y arent you an ad(ocate o& >eto dietsH
:leae liten to my debate 'ith "a#e :alumbo& C2m not a3aint them&&& C Dut don2t think
they are optimal in many !ae
#n 2ardio "ile on >eto:
;ey Layne8 0Mm on a keto diet8 0 "as tinkin' o& brin'in' up te intensity o& my
cardio. :i't no" 0Mm "alkin' / 6 - ours a day. 0 "as 'oin' to start "alkin' up and
do"n te stairs at "ork &or 7. min in te mornin'. #n te >eto diet do you tink
0Mll burn too muc muscle doin' tisH
Layne Norton FAQ
C think you2ll be ok
#n 3rainin' durin' >eto'enic %iets:
5ile on a keto'enic diet like %a(e $alumbos8 "ould tere be limits in "ic one
trainsH 5ould less (olume i'er intensity coincide "it tis diet or does it not
matter at all
=n keto your tamina 'ould be redu!ed o you 'on2t be able to do a mu!h
N#3): :ot by 9LXS:CN=$
"a#e ad#o!ate le #olume0 doin3 about + 'orkin3 et per exer!ie and toppin3 Dut
hort of failure
12AAs and >eto'enic diets
5at are your tou'ts on tat supplementin' "it &ree &orm 12AA isnt neededH
3ere are opinions tat su''est tat "ile on a i' protein diet8 you are already
consumin' all te 12AAs tat you need8 tus te unnecessary use o& Free &orm
12AA S "aste.
8hi i from an arti!le C 'rote$
"epite the numerou poiti#e benefit to ECAA upplementation0 there are many
kepti! 'ho u33et that ECAA are o#erpri!ed and that one !an Dut in!reae their
!onumption of 'hey protein 'hi!h i ri!h in ECAA& -nfortunately thi i not the !ae&
8he ECAA in 'hey are peptide bound to other amino a!id and mut be liberated
throu3h di3etion B aborbed into the bloodtream to exert their effe!t& 9#en thou3h
'hey protein i relati#ely fat di3etin30 it till take e#eral hour for all the amino a!id
to be liberated B aborbed into the bloodtream& ECAA in upplement form ho'e#er0
are free form ECAA and reLuire no di3etion and are therefore rapidly aborbed into the
bloodtream0 pikin3 blood amino a!id to a mu!h 3reater extent than peptide bound
amino a!id& 9#en a fe' 3ram of ECAA 'ill pike plama le#el of ECAA to a mu!h
3reater extent than a 413 doe of 'hey protein0 impa!tin3 protein ynthei and protein
de3radation to a mu!h 3reater de3ree& 8he reaon a upplement ha u!h a po'erful
effe!t on blood le#el of ECAA i that unlike other amino a!id0 ECAA are not
metaboliFed to a i3nifi!ant extent by the mall intetine or the li#er0 therefore an oral
Layne Norton FAQ
upplement i more like a ECAA inDe!tion in!e it rea!he the bloodtream o rapidly&
$art L:%ietin'
#n calculatin' carbs durin' re&eed days:
0M(e been &ollo"in' your contest diet &rom your article on bb.com &or te last couple
o& "eeks8 and ad a question re'ardin' re6&eed days on your diet. 5en calculatin'
carbs durin' re6&eed days8 do you &ollo" te same percenta'e breakdo"n (/JK o&
daily carbs at break&ast8 7JK /.J6- rs. prior to "orkin' out8 -.K durin' "!out8
-JK post "!out8 JK trou'out te rest o& te day) as non6re&eed daysH
3e reason 0 ask is because durin' re&eed days8 based on tat percenta'e
breakdo"n8 0 sould be takin' in /.J' carbs /.J6- ours prior to "orkin' out. 0 Cust
"asnMt sure i& tay many carbs in one sittin' "ere a 'ood idea. Maybe 0Mm mistaken.
Layne Norton FAQ
Jood Luetion0 and no0 C pread them out i3nifi!antly more
#n di&&iculty to sleep durin' dietin':
%o you kno" te pysiolo'ical mecanism beind te di&&iculty to sleep "ile on a
dietH 0s tere a supplement one can take to combat it8 or are "e Cust stuck "it poor
sleep "en dietin'H
i2#e ne#er heard of thi
#n countin' &at &rom supplements:
%o you a(e your clients count te 'rams o& &at in supplements suc as &is oil8
sesamin8 etc. to"ards teir o(erall &at intakeH
#n carb cyclin':
0m EMF is8 -9J lbs8 about /96/JK b&8 doin' a monday!tuesday po"er day8 ten
turs!&ri!sat ypertropy "orkout8 "ed!sun is rest!cardio8 and a couple days a "eek
i do AM &asted cardio (it seems to "ork &or me)..
iMm cuttin' ri't no"8 tryin' to 'et in te N6LK ran'e ("ic iM(e ne(er been)8 'oin'
moderate carbs on monday!tuesday (only carbs are "it break&ast8 and pre!post
"orkout8 appr4 -..' or so)8 no carb "ednesday (i'er &at)8 ten pretty i' carb
(bout 7..') on my ypertropy cest!back today8 and super i' carb (9..') on
ypertropy le' day8 ten back do"n to moderate &or ypertropy delts!arms8 ten
no carb a'ain on sunday8 takin' in appr4 7..67-.' proteins8 and lo" &at on i'
carb days8 mod &at on moderate carb days8 and i'er &at on no carb days
any ad(ice!su''estionsH
Layne Norton FAQ
CHm not a bi3 fan of no !arb dayK you eentially are for!in3 your body to adapt to hu3e
metaboli! 'in3 in fuel ele!tion in a hort period of time
,o any su''estions on "en!o" many carbs to take tose daysH my body doesnMt
andle carbs too "ell 8 0 store mass amounts o& &at in ips!stomac area "en 0 eat a
lot o& carbs8 'ranted8 my stren't 'oes trou' te roo&8 but my body&at skyrockets.
%o you tink 0 sould8 at te (ery least8 on my lo" carb days a(e ,#M) "it
break&ast and a little pre!post "orkoutH
C 'ould take them to 653 B keep fat moderate
#n bulkin' "it no carbs:
Layne8 since your on te carb topic8 o" do &eel about "at your &riend Marc and
is bulkin' on N# carbs. 0 Cust looked at is Cournal on #21 and "at a &reakO ;e
looks ama*in'. 0 kno" e talks about pre(entin' diabetes and suc8 but o" can
tat be ealty takin' in tat many calories "it no carbsH
Nothin3 'ron3 'ith itK thou3h i prefer !arb in the offeaon0 lo' !arb 'ill not hurt you
#n maintainin' &at loss a&ter a lo" calorie diet:
0M(e been on a pretty lo" calorie diet and "en 0Mm &inised "ould like to maintain
tis ne" le(el o& body &at. 0M(e been slo"ly coppin' calories do"n o(er te course
o& about J monts. As o& ri't no"8 accordin' to te ;arris 1enedict &ormula8 0Mm
appro4imately F.. cals under maintenance &or E days a "eek8 Ft day is a re&eed.
Are tere any 'uidelines &or o" &ast 0 can increase calories back up to maintenance
so as to a(oid any &at 'ainH
Layne Norton FAQ
C 'ould bai!ally tart lo'& Add in +53 of CH= B 53 of fat per day and 'ait to ee ho'
mu!h 'ei3ht you 3ain&&& likely it 'ill be around a half pound imply from 'ater B
3ly!o3en0 on!e you plateau for a fe' day0 in!reae it a3ain by the ame amount&&& and o
on and o forth&
#n researc tat studies te e&&ect o& &at 'ain "en returnin' to maintenance &rom a
restricti(e caloric cut.
0 "as opin' tere mi't a(e been some speci&ic researc on tis but 0 suspected it
"ould be a case o& trial and error8 as most tin's are.
=h no0 CHm afraid nothin3 that pe!ifi! ha been done in reear!h
0t "ould be quite an interestin' study. 0 "onder "eter itMs possible to 'et &at by
Cumpin' strai't back up to maintenance calories a&ter a restricted dietH As &ar as 0
understand8 all te &at stora'e mecanisms become super sensiti(e "en te body
loses a si'ni&icant amount o& adipose tissue (and 0M(e lost about --lbs). <i(en tis8 0
'uess 'ettin' &at "ouldnMt be out o& te question8 tou' it seems unlikely &rom Cust
maintenance calories (calculated usin' te ;arris 1enedict &ormula &or te new
Ho' 'ould you !ondu!t that a a !ontrolled tudy( 8here are o many #ariable it 'ould
be mind bo33lin3 to !ondu!t&&& not to mention nobody 'ould fund it&
#ne o& te bi' pit&alls o& diets &or many people seems to be re'ainin' "ei't
a&ter"ards. 2oupled "it tat seems to be a scarcity o& in&ormation on o" to come
o&& diets and maintain &at loss i& youM(e been (ery lo" calorie (at least 0M(e seen little
"ritten about it).
Jot to !ome off #ery lo'ly
Layne Norton FAQ
#n =oint $ain durin' %ietin'
;ey layne8 do you &eel your Coints are a little more &ra'ile "ile dietin'H For
instance8 my knees 'i(e me problems "en dieted do"n on tin's like lun'es8 and
close stance squats. Also 0 a(e little tin's pop like my elbo"s "en 0 stand o& a
cair or 0 can crack my back and neck "en lo" in body&at. 0Mm 'oin' to start
Cumpin' on te 'lucosamine "a'on soon but 0 Cust "onder i& oters "o 'et lo" in
body&at also 'et tis stu&&. Also8 as you mi't 'uess my normal body type is kind o&
cunky status so my body is not appy at lo" body&at. ,o maybe tat as sometin'
to do "it it8 e maybe not.
Ge my Doint a!he 'hen dietin30 'hen C 3ot to 4I on !aliper C had to drati!ally redu!e
'ei3ht b%! C !ould hardly balan!e them at all& Jlu!oamine and !iu 'ould be helpful
#n te 2ut %iet:
Layne8 "at do you tink o& te cut dietH 0 kno" you "ere an autor in te second
edition. 3anks
=#erall it i mu!h different than 'hat C do&&& that aid C do think there i more than one
'ay to kin a !at0 C tend to not be a !arb phobi! a !hu!k0 and 'hile !uttin3 !arb may be
the bet 'ay to loe fat Lui!kly0 C prefer to keep all ape!t of mu!le retention0
performan!e0 ho' the diet make you feel0 et! in mind a 'ell& 8hat2 'hat C lo#e about
S!i#ation thou3h0 they don2t mind that my opinion doen2t ne!earily al'ay a3ree 'ith
their and C think that2 3ood for the !ompany0 make me examine their point of #ie'0
and they examine my point of #ie'&
=ust a quick question &or you8 do you adere pretty close to te I2ut dietIH 0 Cust
printed o&& a copy and a(e been readin' it "ile on te treadmill. 1asically8 0Mm
"orkin' my "ay do"n to /-K 1F (as su''ested8 currently /J.FK) and ten 0 "as
tinkin' about actually startin' te real McontestM diet.
A!tually C don2t& 8he !ut diet i the brain !hild of !hu!k <udolph C only 'rote the ECAA
e!tion& My philoophy i here http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm
#n %a(e $alumbos diet:
;ey Layne 0 "as "onderin'. "at are your (ie"s on %a(e $alumboMs diet "ic is a
you probably already kno" i' protein8 mod6i' on &ats8 and no carbs "it a
Layne Norton FAQ
re&eed e(ery E or F daysH %o you tink tis dietin' strate'y "ould "ork "it
natural atletesH
=nly if you are extremely inulin ineniti#e& ;ill you loe fat( Abolutely& Eut it 'ill
flatten you out bi3 time and you 'ill not feel 3ood at all0 you 'ill feel like abolute !rap&
A3ain0 the kno!k on natural bodybuilder i al'ay that they look like 2'immer2 or
2anorexi!2 o you 'ant to maintain a mu!h fullne a poible& My philoophy i to keep
a many !arb a poible 'hile till maintainin3 the appropriate rate of fat lo&&& 'hat
that !arb le#el end up bein3 #arie for the indi#idual
#n te 1ody &at ,etpoint:
3e body&at setpoint. 2an it can'e in a 'ood "ay or 'ettin' "orse "it a'eH
8here i #ery little ane!dotal and no !ientifi! e#iden!e to u33et that you !an lo'er it0
but you !an !ertainly make it hi3her if you let your bodyfat 3et too hi3h >only if you 3o
i3nifi!antly o#er your normal bodyfat?&
Layne o" muc creatine "ould you recommend &or meH 0Mm currently -7.lbs.
Also8 0d like to start eatin' up to about 7.. 'rams o& protein a day. ;o" do you
tink 0 could accomplis tat "en 0 already eat around 9. 'rams o& protein per
meal8 e(ery 7 ours. J times a day. 1y my Jt meal iMm 'oin' to bed8 and tatMs
usually a protein sake. ,o 0 dont kno" "ere to &it anoter meal in "itout eatin'
less tan e(ery 7 ours. 5ould increasin' my intake to J. 'rams per meal be a 'ood
start or e(en "ort itH
C don2t think you need to 3o a hi3h a 411& +51 i plenty& *13 e#ery 4 hour i fine& Cf you
'ake up at ni3ht lam a protein hake or omethin3& 53%!reatine per day i plenty for you&
Nothin3 !raFy0 nothin3 radi!al& =ften the bet thin3 are the mot moderate B lo3i!al& +
'ord not often 'ell undertood in the bodybuildin3 !ommunity
#n te Metabolic %iet:
0ts basically like palumbos diet "ic i' protein and moderate &ats. 1ut u carb up
&or - strai't days a&ter J days o& *ero carbs. ;eres te link:
CM= that2 a 3ood 'ay to loe fat0 but C think you maintain mu!le better 'ith keepin3
!arb more moderate and C2#e al'ay ued the mentality that you hould keep a many
!arb in a poible 'hile till allo'in3 you to drop fat at the appropriate 'ei3ht& Carb
aren2t e#il0 any thin3 out of moderation i mot often ne#er 3ood
#n te book sliced:
Layne Norton FAQ
Layne8 "as "onderin' your tou'ts on an old scool diet metod &rom te old
,liced bookH 3e 7 days do"n tree days up carb cyclin' at te end o& te bookH
Are you &amiliar "it tat and "at is your opinion on itH 3anks
li!ed i a 3ood book for a be3inner0 #ery !ompreheni#e& And for people 'ith a fat
metabolim0 4 on 4 off mi3ht be a 3ood idea0 ho'e#er0 C think for mot people you are
for!in3 their body to adapt to hu3e metaboli! 'in3 by 3oin3 lo' !arb for 4 day
follo'ed by 4 hi3her day0 eentially !hallen3in3 your body to dipoe of thoe
!arbohydrate ri3ht after you ha#e ome'hat adapted your body to lo' !arb >take 'eek
for full adaptation but ome 'ill o!!ur in 4 day? and o C2m more of a fan of doin3 +74
lo'er >read not uper lo'? !arb day follo'ed by one emi7hi3h day to refuel& C think in 4
day of hi3her !arb you !an !ertainly add i3nifi!ant bodyfat0 and o C think 4 hi3h !arb
day i kind of riky
#n calculatin' macros:
Layne8 is tere a speci&ic reason you pre&er to use total body"ei't "en calculatin'
macros instead o& lean body massH
Dut eaier and it 'ork fine unle omeone i uper lean0 or obee
#n )pisode `J &rom "ebcast: ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!&un!insideteli&eJ.tm
%AMN8 Nick eats really little...tat as 'ot to be "ay under is maintenance8 e(en
"itout all te cardio...o" does e mana'e to add muscleH
he doen2t& He look pretty mu!h the ame a he did at /@ year old& 8hi i 'hy i2#e been
tryin3 to !on#in!e him to allo' himelf to eat more but he Dut 'on2t do it& Apparently he
think C2m obee in the off eaon
5atMs is stren't like compared to yours LayneH 0Mm ama*ed e can e(en 'et
trou' a "orkout on tat caloric intake.
C don2t really kno'0 e#en thou3h the erie ay 'e are 'orkout partner0 'e don2t
'orkout to3ether all that often& C2m tron3er than him but C alo 'ei3h more&&&
!omparati#ely C really don2t kno' 'ho2 tron3er lb for lb& Ni!k lift hard but our tyle
'ould !lah too mu!h to be partner&
Layne "at are your tou'ts on ceat meals and "at "ould you normally a(eH
a Ibulkin'I diet o& 78J.. cals doesnMt seem like muc o& a bulk unless your
metabolic rate is slo"er tan a(era'e and NickMs -8... cals a day is cra*y8 lol.
Ct2 'hat allo' me to 3ain at the appropriate rate& C2m not one of thee people 'ho 3oe
!raFy 'ith 5111 k!al be!aue C 'ant to ee the !ale mo#e&
Layne Norton FAQ
Cheat meal are ok0 o lon3 a they don2t turn into !heat day and one !an ha#e a !heat
meal o lon3 a they fit it into their ma!ro 3oal for the day& that aid C !heat #ery little in
term of piFFa0 'eet0 and the like
#n 0ntermittent Fastin':
Any tou'ts on 0ntermittent Fastin'8 LayneH (ttp:!!""".lean'ains.blo'spot.com!)
typi!ally not a bi3 fan& C a!tually 'a aked the ame Luetion a him by .amie Hale& C2m
upried he poted it in hi blo3&&& it 'a uppoed to 3o in .amie2 book&
#n countin' Fiber durin' dietin':
;ey Layne. 0 "as dred'in' trou' a &e" old treads and came across tis:
0 didnMt kno" tat. %oes tis mean tat you count &iber as a carb in your dietH
Ge0 C do !ount all fiber Dut to make it eay B be afe& A far a nutrition !ounter they
are probably all a!!urate& Gou ee 'ithin the ame food there i a lar3e #ariability in ho'
mu!h protein !arb fat it !an !ontain >uually at leat P or 7 5I? o they are probably all
ri3ht lol& 8he key i to Dut ue =N9 our!e for your ma!ro o that you 'ill be
!onitant& 8hat i the mot important thin3&
#n 1ulk 2yclin':
Question about your bulk cyclin'. %o you up te cardio &or te -67 "eek cut partH
or do you pretty muc lea(e your trainin' te same and let te &ood te "ork 8 Cust
talkin' te -67 "eek cut not &or a so" 8 im sure &or a so" you bump up te cardio.
Dou do about J.. cals o(er maintenance &or 96N "eeks durin' te bulk and J..
lo"er maintenance &or -67 "eeks durin' a cutH o" do you &ind out your maintence
for the bulk !ut i keep mot thin3 the ame0 C up !ardio li3htlyK but motly #ia food&
Maintenan!e !alorie are bet found throu3h trial and error but takin3 your body'ei3ht
time /*7/, hould 3et you !loe
0n one o& your bodybuildin'.com (ideos (0 tink te &irst) you talk about o" u train
as a natural. 0t "as sometin' alon' te lines o& / "eek 'ain - ne4t "eek cut / lb S
net 'ain / lb lean mass. e lbs may be o&& &rom "at u said but tats te idea as 0
understood it. ;o" o&ten do you cycle tese bulk (s cut "eeks like / "eek bulk (s /
"eek cut ZrepeatZH Most curiously does your trainin' stay te same on bot as &ar
as "ei't li&tin'.H 0m tinkin' lo"6carb S u sould not do ea(y compound mo(es
like deadli&ts and squats but i could be "ron'. 0 assume more cardio on te cut days
as "ell as a drop in cals (esp carbs)H
Layne Norton FAQ
Ct i a *78 'eek bulk follo'ed by a +74 'eek !ut
i a(e a question about te 9 "eeks bulk - "eeks cut i eard you talk about on no
bull radio. i(e been &ollo"in' da(es cuttin' diet and Cust &inised up tere - "eeks
a'o and 'ot 'reat results8 but i really "ant to stay lean no" all year round8 my diet
at te moment is 7..' protein -..' carbs and /9.' o& &at8 im -..lb NKb& is. so i& i
stay eatin' like tat &or 9 "eeks8 o" "ould te diet look in te - "eek cut8 ardly
"ort my "ile droppin' te carbs out &or - "eeks. im also doin' J.mins cardio J
days per "eek berore break&ast8 sould i up tis on te - "eek cut.
Honetly0 CHm not ure ho' it 'ould 'ork out uin3 a keto3eni! approa!h durin3 dietin3&
C2m not Luite ure ho' CHd approa!h it& Gou ee the 'hole point of the * 'eek bulk +
'eek !ut i to keep your body !ontantly inulin eniti#e but on a keto3eni! diet%bulk
inulin i not really mu!h of a player
been tryin' your rotatin' bulk8 cut model. my question is o" muc does your
"ei't &luctuate durin' te cut paseH
te scale doesnt look like its mo(ed durin' te &irst "eek but i tink i do see some
si'ns o& increased (ascularity. i am appy enou' "it te stren't8 Cust not sure i& i
e4pected too muc out o& te cut pase.
'hat 'a your pro%!arb fat intake durin3 the bulk and 'hat i it durin3 the !ut(
i am no lon'er sure "at my maintenance intake is8 i dieted &or -E "eeks &or my
so" ten stayed on &or anoter E "eeks "ile "aitin' &or a potosoot. i e4pected
-..!-..!E. to be my cut and i "as plannin' on 'oin' to -..!-J.!FJ &or my bulk. but i
actually it my o&&season "ei't cap doin' te -..!-..!E. i "ill admit it "asnt a
clean cut but i also a(enMt been sleepin' (ery "ell.
since i "as already at my "ei't cap i cut do"n to -..!/-J!E.. i also increased te
intensity o& te post "orkout cardio8 addin' a series o& sprints e(ery &e" minutes.
'ot some quality sleep last ni't and looks like im do"n a couple o& lbs &or te
"eek... "ic is "at i e4pected.
so i am 'uessin' my metabolism is still a bit "eird a&ter te lon' diet coupled "it
te post diet &ood partyHH but im sure my sleeplessness isnt elpin' any eiter. a(e
to &ind tat brain Mo&&M s"itc.
try !uttin3 fat to *5751 B !arb to //1 and i2m bettin3 that 'ill Dump tart it
/. 5en doin' te - "eek cut cycle8 is it necessary to a(e te re&eed day(s)H
-. 5en bulkin'8 on o&&6days (no cardio and no "orkout)8 is eatin' -.. calories
abo(e maintenance a 'ood ideaH #r is it better to brin' it do"n to maintenance on
tat dayH 0 eat an a(' o& J.. abo(e maintenance trou'out te "eek.
1t" 0Mm seein' (ery 'ood results a&ter brin'in' do"n my protein intake to Cust
Layne Norton FAQ
abo(e / 'ram!lb8 startin' to train e(erytin' t"ice a "eek "it cra*y intensity
tanks to your inspirational (ideos8 and takin' 7. ' 12AAs daily.
/& probably not but i ha#e them on my le3 day b%! i need all the help i !an 3et 'ith them
+& i think li3htly abo#e maintenan!e i fine
Cust "onderin' "it your cycle o& bulk &or E6N "eeks ten - "eeks o& cut8 "en you
'o back to bulk do you raise calories ri't back up or introduce slo"ly a'ainH 'oin'
on pre(ious con(ersations on tis tread i& you raised tem ri't back up you "ould
raise te posibility o& storin' &at. interested in your tou'ts a'ainH
my pre#iou !on#eration 'ere re3ardin3 a lon3 !ontet prep diet 'hi!h i totally
different than a + 'eek !ut 8=8ALLG different& Cn thi !ae you are takin3 ad#anta3e of
a metaboli! 'in3& Gou2d 'ant to in!reae them Lui!kly
-) 0 a(e been tryin' your 96E "eek bulk! -67 "eek lean 'ain plan. 0 ad been
bulkin' at around -N..6-NJ. calories &or E "eeks and did not put on muc si*e8 0
ten cut at about -J..6-E.. calories &or -.J "eeks no"8 and &eel like my stren't is
be'innin' to 'o do"n8 %o you tink my body is ready to start bulkin' a'ainH
+? C think your !alorie are too !loe to3ether& there i #ery little metaboli! differen!e a
your !alorie are only +11 apart from !uttin3 to bulkin3& C2d try doin3 4111 bulk B +1117
++11 !ut
0 noticed tat durin' your bulkin' pase you take 7J..69... calories8 and durin'
your cut you take in around --J.(-J.' pro!-..' carb!J.' &at)
0n your (ideo you su''est takin' cuttin' /... calories or more out ri't a"ay "en
'oin' &rom bulk to cut8 arent you "orried about losin' a si'ni&icant amount o&
no0 the 'hole 2don2t !ut !alorie fat after a bulk you2ll loe mu!le2 i nonene in my
opinion& "ue to the hormonal mileau and metaboli! ituation that o!!ur 'hile bulkin30
immediately pot bulk i the bet time to drop !alorie fat if you are 3oin3 to do it&
9pe!ially !oniderin3 you are only doin3 thi for + 'eek&& you are tryin3 to 8AN9
A"AAN8AJ9 =F M98AE=LCC S;CNJS0 if you drop !alorie uper lo' you 'on2t
do that&
;ey Layne8 speakin' o& your -67 "eek cuttin' pases8 do you carb cycle durin'
tese or Cust keep carbs constantH
motly !ontant 'ith + refeed day per 'eek
#n Fat calories:
Layne Norton FAQ
Layne 8 "at K o& total calories do you &eel sould come &rom &at so you donMt a(e
a de&iciency o(er load in your dietH
C don2t like I be!aue they don2t hold up o#er many different !alorie ran3e& For
example& Cf you are doin3 /1I of your k!al from fat C2m ure e#eryone 'ould ay that i
defi!ient& Eut if you are takin3 in *111I k!al%day that about *53 of fat 'hi!h i
!ertainly not defi!ient0 epe!ially be!aue you ha#e o many total !alorie to pare fatty
a!id& Ho'e#er0 if you are on /811 k!al%day that end up bein3 only +13 of fat 'hi!h i
le that optimalK epe!ially at u!h lo' !alorie >unle you are a /11 lb fi3ure 3irl0 then
you2re probably ok? So C don2t think there i a I you !an put on it& Ct depend on 'ei3ht0
a3e0 a!ti#ity le#el0 bodytype0 !alori! intake and other fa!tor& C think for your a#era3e
iFed adult male bodybuilder 'ith a meomorphi! bodytype 'ho2 in a !alori! defi!it0 *57
,13 of fat doe the tri!k& ;hen bulkin3 you !an a!tually 3o 'ith the ame amount or
le due to the in!reaed k!alK ho'e#er0 that mean you ha#e to eat a ton of !arb a
ener3y filler and C like a balan!e o C u33et 557653 of fat& 8hee are Dut 3eneral
3uideline0 C hope they made ene&
0 see "at your sayin' 8 cause i& your 'ettin' like 7.K &at on a 9... cal diet tats
like /7J 'rams o& &at 8 i "ould a(e to eat alot o& oil to 'et tat in my day. in oter
"ords &rom "atcin' te (id and listenin' to no bull radio 8 "it protein 8 "en
bulkin' / 'ram per pound 8 i& your older /.- 'rams peround "ould do te trick 8
"en cuttin' keep te protein a little i'er tan / 'ram per pound to make sure no
catabolic issues occur!cur(e appatite.
&at 6 as stated abo(e
carbs 6 Cust a &iller to reac caloric intake.
ri't no" 0m a --.lb male 8 about L6/.K b& 8 say meso!ecto (put on mass easy but
al"ays stay lean) bulk i "ould stay around 7J..67F.. cals ( F.6N. 'rams &at bulkin')
"en bulkiin' 8 cuttin' -E..6-N.. ( &at around J.6E. 'rams )
"ould tis look like a 'ood startH
you nailed it bro
any"ay Cust tou't iMd tell you tat i "as 'oin' to 'i(e tat model a try. im a little
leery o& 'oin' up J.. cals abo(e maintenance &or te bulk pase so i "ill start o&&
"it a more conser(ati(e -.. abo(e and belo". sometimes its can be Cust interestin'
to &ind ne" "ays to 'ro".
C think +11 k!al mi3ht be too little o#er&&& try 411 i think that 'ould do it& Cf you add
'ei3ht too fat then ba!k off a little&
#n Leucine durin' dietin':
Layne Norton FAQ
;i Layne. 0 am 'ettin' ready to do my &irst 0N1F so". 3is "ill be my tird so"
e(er. My last - so"s 0 dieted &or /E "eeks and "ent &rom about -7Jlb do"n to
/LFis bot times and still came in smoot. 0 dropped steady and tried not to loose
too &ast because tey say loosin' too &ast "ill cause muscle to be burned. 3is time 0
cut "ay arder8 my carbs "ent do"n to /..6/J.'8 0 le&t my &at at 7J' and pro. at
9..'. 0 lost e4tremely &ast (around Elb per "eek) 0 am currently JM/. -/. and leaner
tan 0 "as "en 0 "ei'ed /LF. 0 still a(e /. "eeks to 'o. 3e only supplement
can'e 0 made "as addin' leucine to my pre"orkout meal. %o you tink its te
leucine or does my body do better "it loosin' "ei't quicklyHH 0 'et &at )A,DOOO
3anks bro.
leu!ine !an help but if you are an endomorph then you may do better 'ith a more
a33rei#e diet& C till prefer lon3er diet&&& you Dut mi3ht not ha#e been dietin3
a33rei#ely enou3h durin3 the lon3 diet
#n :e&eeds:
C think refeed day 'here you ha#e a bit more !arb in order to replenih B 3i#e yourelf
a mental break are a 3ood ideaK but C don2t think 2loadin32 'ould be a 3ood idea
3omorro" is my re6&eed day (e4cited about tat). )(en tou' it is a day o&& &rom
li&tin'8 since 0 train &irst tin' in te mornin'8 0 tou't tis "ould be best done te
day be&ore a le' day so Friday mornin' 0 a(e a M&ull tank o& 'asM. 5en doin' ;0038
0 kno" you do a $5# sake like li&tin'8 but do you do a pre "orkoutH 0 am 'oin' to
a(e a solid meal in me at least an our be&ore.
C 'ould try to make it o your refeed fall on day 'here you 'ork a bodypart you
!onider a 'eakpoint& :re'orkout HCC8 C Dut eat a 'hole food meal0 i do the ame thin3
for 'orkout 'ith 'ei3ht
As 0Mm enCoyin' my re&eed day8 "as "onderin' i& you a(e seen or eard any studies
about increasin' Leptin!37 "it on lar'e meal (erses spreadin' te e4tra carbs out
o(er a "ole dayH 0 "ould tink tat spreadin' it out is more e&&ecti(e as you are
less likely to add body&at8 plus replenisin' 'lyco'en "ould also be ampered 0
"ould tink too. =ust curious i& you a(e seen anytin' or a(e an opinion o& a day
lon' re&eed (erses one or t"o bi' carb meals.
i think it i abolutely better to pread them out ye
5en do you tink it is optimal to introduce any kind o& "eekly re&eedsH 0& so "at
body &at you tink "ould be ideal to start temH
around /57/8I or o probably
Layne Norton FAQ
#n carbs durin' te ni't:
%o you tink it "ould be bene&icial &or me to a(e some e4tra carbs toni't be&ore
bed since 0 train early or sould 0 Cust a(e te increased carbs &or te rest o& te
day a&ter 0 li&tH 0 am mo(in' my re&eed day &or tomorro" (le' day).
Gou !ould add in a bit more late toni3ht and Dut take it out of tomorro'H total
#n $5# sakes durin' -67 "eek cut:
is it a 'ood idea to lea(e de4trose in your "ey sakes "en you are on your -67
"eek cutH i a(e cleaned up my diet but a(e kept /J' pre"orkout and 7J p" o&
de4. i only take on "ei't trainin' days J times a "eek.
C think it2 ok o lon3 a your total pro%!arb%fat intake are on point
#n trainin' durin' dietin':
"en you are deep in your diet do you still train e(erytin' - a "eek or mo(e to
once a "eek since your carbs are reducedH
C till train e#erythin3 +x%'eek
#n 2arbs durin' bulkin':
;ey Layne8 0 "as "onderin' "en you are bulkin' do you eat carbs "it e(ery
meal. 0 usually a(e break&ast8 train L. minutes later8 a(e a sake "it "ey and
"a4imai*e post"orkout8 eat a "ole &ood meal an our later and ten still eat 7 or 9
more times trou'out te day. 5ould you su''est a(in' carbs "it e(ery one o&
tose meals and e(en te sake ri't be&ore bed or "ould you say to cut tem out o&
te last /6- meals "en 0 am Cust basically Cust sittin' around on te computer.
3anks &or your timeO
i ha#e the maDority of my !arb 'ithin the 8 hour pre%pot 'orkout but i till ha#e !arb
at e#ery meal& no need to taper !arb either& nothin3 about ni3ht time !han3e the la' of
#n 2arb timin':
0M(e eard you say tis be&ore. 0 a'ree tat i& you do e(enin' trainin' or cardio
(;003 esp) you need to replenis te 'lyco'en "it some carbs. My question is
tou' i& you do no trainin' in te e(enin'8 "ouldnMt you "ant to minimi*e te
Layne Norton FAQ
carbs ((e''ies at best)H My tou'ts are to keep insulin le(els lo" durin' tis time
period. <ranted8 i& 0 "orked out in te e(enin' 0 "ould take in carbs up until
bedtime. 3is is in te cuttin' pase (erses te bulk pase. 1ulk pase8 carbs all day
ye but by that ame token if you train at ni3ht0 i 'ould minimiFe !arb earlier in the
day&&& it ha nothin3 to do 'ith the time of day&
5at about i& you train &irst tin' in te mornin'H sould you a(e carbs te ni't
probably not a bad idea
#n break&ast be&ore trainin':
;ey Layne8 0 Cust started colle'e and 0 usually train a&ter break&ast8 "ic 0 no" eat
at te dinin' all. My question is do you tink tat it "ould be bad to eat a plain
ba'el "it my break&ast8 "ic also contains protein and &ats(e''s)8 or "ould tat
be okay.
Ct 'ould be fine
#n ceatin' durin' dietin':
baked lays and lo" &at ice cream.. i tink your bein' nau'ty layneO L#L
haO mot bodybuilder !onider that 2!heatin32 a 'ell0 but thee are the 3uy that eat
totally tri!t all the time0 ne#er 3o out to eat0 but then in#ariably on!e e#ery 'eek or o
they bin3e on piFFa0 peanut butter0 fried !hi!ken0 et!& C hit my protein%!arb%fat 3oal
e#eryday&&& re3ardle of 'hat C eat& Not many !an ay the ame
,o do you belie(e as lon' as youre ittin' your macros you can pretty muc eat
"ate(er u "antH
C put a premium on hittin3 my ma!ro but that doen2t mean C eat piFFa0 et! e#eryday&
Normally C eat like the typi!al bodybuilder for the mot partK but C don2t kill myelf if C
ha#e a li!e of piFFa here or there be!aue C N9A9< bin3e 'hi!h i far far far more
#n metabolism slo"in' durin' dietin':
5en 'oin' on a cut8 do you tink it "ould be "ise &or a trainee to start carb
cyclin' or addin' in re&eeds immediately or "ould it be better to Cust drop te cals
"eek to "eek. 0 "as told by someone tat i& you immediately start carb cyclin'8 your
Layne Norton FAQ
body "ill adapt to carb cyclin' in a &e" "eeks...and "en you plateau8 you a(e no
oter alternati(es. ;o"e(er8 0 "as under te impression tat carb cyclin' keeps you
&rom plateauin' and e(en pre(ents your metabolism &rom slo"in' due to te i'
calorie!carb days.
Metabolim lo'in3 i Dut omethin3 that happen re3ardle of 'hat you do0 but
refeedin3 and hi3h intenity !ardio !an help pre#ent it to a !ertain extent
#n Leptin
=oel Marion o& I3e 2eat to Lose %ietI stated tat leptin le(els drop a&ter about a
"eek o& caloric restriction 1U3 it only takes / day o& re&eedin'!ceatin' to restore
leptin le(els. 0& tis is te case8 0 tink tat people "o are tryin' to 'et ready &or a
competition "ould not really a(e to lo"er teir caloric intake as muc because
tey could a(oid te body plateauin' and tere&ore....a(in' to reco(er &rom a
contest "ould not a(e to take as lon'. %o you a'ree "it tisH
'hat he doen2t tell you i that it only retore leptin for about ,7/+ hour
#n #&&season bulkin'
,ince te palumbo layne debates 0M(e been lookin' at bot your 'uysM diet plans and
nutritional styles and comparin' contrastin' etc....and 0 can see merit to bot
contest prep plans8 and tey bot are "ell tou't out...but in terms o& o&&season
diets 0 am curious on your tou'ts since 0 am only &amiliar "it your contest prep
tecniques...and to be clear 0 am not lookin' &or an indi(iduali*ed plan and 0
certainly ope tis isnt in&o tat you(e put out tere be&ore...0 am Cust lookin' &or
your tou'ts on $alumboMs o&& season metods.
$alumbo ad(ocates a /.-J6/.J'!lb protein8 /6/.J'!lb co8 and .FJ'!lb &at diet "it an
empasis on ealty &ats and quality protein &or an o&&season 'ro"t pase "it
minimal &at 'ains8 also keepin' te maCority o& carbs around te "orkout..."at do
you tink o& tisH 0& still in a su&&icient caloric surplus8 and 'ettin' enou' co to
&uel "orkouts and replenis 'lyco'en stores8 is tere any do"nside to keepin' co
tis lo" on a bulk8 and "yH
it really depend on a lot of fa!tor& C don2t think there i 2one diet2 for anyone&2 for
example0 C think your firt priority i proteinK /3%lb7/&4 3%lb hould 'ork fine&&& for
youn3er more inulin eniti#e people !hooe the lo'er endK for older le inulin
eneti#e !hooe the hi3her ran3e& 8hen C 'ould look at ho' many !alorie you need to
3ain 'ei3ht at the appropriate rate and fill in 'ith !arb%fat& A3ain for youn3er0 more
inulin eniti#e people C 'ould keep fat lo'er and keep !arb hi3her a !arb 'ill
a!tually ha#e an anaboli! effe!t in youn3er >Y/8? people& For people a3ed +17*1K C think
you !an fill it in more liberally in term of puttin3 in ho' mu!h fat%!arb you 'ant o
lon3 a you hit your !alorie 3oal& for people older than that C 'ould 3o 'ith more
fat%protein B le !arb&
Layne Norton FAQ
Let2 be !lear on a fe' thin3 a 'ell& C don2t like a L=8 of fat 'hile bulkin3 a re3ardle
of !arb intake if you ha#e !alorie hi3h enou3h you are 3oin3 to tore fat and re3ardle
of 'hat ome people ay0 fat doe N=8 need inulin to be tored in adipoe tiueK it ha
!arrier protein that are inulin independant that !an brin3 it in Dut fine& Alo0 fat i more
atifyin3 on a :9< J<AM bai& H=;9A9<0 fat alo ha o#er +x the !alori! denity of
!arb and if you break atiety do'n to a :9< CAL=<C90 'hat you find i !arb are
a!tually M=<9 SA8CSFGCNJ per !alorie than fat& 8hink about it& /81 !alorie from
peanut butter i only + tablepoon >4+3 'ei3ht? of peanut butter0 'herea if you look at
/81 !alorie from ri!e0 that2 o#er a !up of !ooked ri!e >o#er /113 !ooked0 o#er 513
:eople don2t think about thee thin3 in the proper !ontext many time&
Layne8 besides te insulin sensiti(ity8 a'e and satis&action per 'ram &actor8 do you
tink adCustin' carbs intake in re'ards to te (olume oneMs trainin' "ould be "iseH
0 mean8 ob(iously you need more carbs "en per&ormin' ArnoldMs routines8 tan
&or e4ample a %2 t"o day split. And i& tis statement comes out to be rele(ant8 "at
"ould you in tis case recommend in terms o& macros breakdo"n &or lo" (olume
trainers "it a(era'e!lo" insulin sensiti(ityH
C think that if you 'ere trainin3 lo'er #olume and had poor inulin eniti#ity tryin3 to
3ain mu!le C 'ould probably not 3o o#er +5174113 !arb B fill in extra !alorie 'ith fat&
#n )''s:
0 consume a lot o& e''s8 especially te "ites8 &irst because 0 like tem but also cause
teyMre ceap. And 0 kno" "y te ceap ones are ceapQ mass production o& e''s is
done in orrendous conditions8 and te animals producin' tose e''s are totally
debilitated. ,o do you kno" o" muc teir condition a&&ects te quality o& te
And are tere any teories (0Mm Cust makin' an ypotesis ere8 and maybe splittin'
already splitted airs8 lol) tat so" tat te to4ins!anti6biotics!etc... are &ound more
in te yolks8 or more in te "ites or equally dispersedH
a far a e33 3o0 C don2t think the tre that the !hi!ken2 are under 'ould affe!t the
Luality of e33 protein
#n Females &ollo"in' te ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!&un!layne7E.tm
Layne Norton FAQ
Layne8 0Mm readin' tis
article...ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!&un!layn...lculator...and 0Mm "onderin' i& a
"oman can use tose same calculations!(alues or "ould 0 need sometin' di&&erentH
%o you "ork "it "omenH 0n your opinion8 do you need to alter your plans to
accomodate "omenH 3anks a bunc. 1y te "ay8 0 lo(e te (ideo series on
bbin'.com. <ood CobO
C2#e had Luite a fe' 'omen tell me that they ued that arti!le 'ith 3reat u!!e o C think
it 'ill 'ork0 but it hould only be ued a a 3uideline for pro%!arb%fat intake and you2ll
ha#e to adDut it a!!ordin3 to the rate at 'hi!h you loe bodyfat&
#n droppin' calories &or contest prep:
0n your "ebcast8 you say tat you drop &rom 7J.. calories ri't do"n to -J.. "en
you are doin' your 9 "eek bulk!- "eek cut. ;o"e(er8 "en you are dietin' &or a
lon'er time 'ettin' ready &or a contest8 do you still drop &rom 7J.. ri't do"n to
-J.. or do you do it 'raduallyH
i2ll drop pretty Lui!k uually
:eallyH %onMt you run te risk o& plateauin' and 'ettin' stuck doin' tatH
not in my experien!e&&& it2 till hi3h enou3h that you don2t 3et a lar3e plummit
#n spreadin' carbs durin' a lean bulk:
ey layne i(e been eatin' my carbs at Cust break&ast ! pre6"orkout ! post6"orkout8
/.Jcups o& oatmeal eac time8 do you tink i "ould 'et better results i& i Cust did
same amount Cust stretced out o(er all my mealsH im tryin' to lean bulk bt"
'ell i think all your meal hould probably ha#e ome !arb0 but C think you definately
hould ha#e more at pre%pot 'orkout
#n countin' &iber:
quick simple (probably stupid) question. 5en trackin' macronutrient intake8
sould te insoluble &iber content be addedH %oesnMt tis stu&& Cust 'et pused
strai't trou' te body any"ayH %o you recommend &iber supplementationH
:robably doen2t need to be0 but many food do not differentiate inoluble #& oluble
fiber o C Dut !ount all of it
#n 2aloric cyclin':
Layne Norton FAQ
5at is your opinion o& calorie cyclin' "en bulkin' to stay leanH
ie8 i' day8 med8 med8lo"8i' ten repeat.
CHm not a bi3 fan of hu3e flu!tuation of !arb%!alorie from day to day& it doen2t 3i#e
your metabolim enou3h time to adapt&
#n laynes 1ulkin' article: ttp:!!bodybuildin'.com!&un!layne-.tm
0s tis still your teory on bulkin'H
my theory i elaborated on in depth in my 'eb!at& that i an old arti!le but till ha
ome #alue& C2#e alo talked about it Luite a bit in thi thread
#n addin' "ei't:
0 am a ard'ainer8 so 0 consume a ton o& calories in e&&orts to 'ro". 0 "ent &rom -.F6
--/ in like L "eeks i tink
;ell C think that puttin3 on /* lb in @ 'eek i Dut too fat& you !an only yntheiFe
mu!le tiue o fat& Max rate of fra!tional protein ynthei in human i around 1&5I
per dayK o e#en if protein de3radation i minimal that mean a peron 'ho ha /51 lb of
keletal mu!le tiue i 3oin3 to ha#e a hard time puttin3 on more than /%+ lb mu!le per
'eek max&
#n te setpoint teory:
Layne "at do you tink about te setpoint teoryH
Lately 0M(e been mini cuttin'!bulkin' and tryin' to keep mysel& around /.6/-K
body&at8 but 0 notice my metabolism likes to slo" do"n ri't "en 0 'et to te /-6
/9K mark8 and "en 0 be'in a bulk8 0 tend to add a 'ood cunk o& &at and can
easily 'et into te /96/EK ran'e...and ten all o& a sudden 0Mm al"ays ot8 s"eat and
'et my ;: up a lot more durin' e4erecise and basically so"s si'ns o& my
metabolism speedin' up....
point bein' it seems tat my Iset pointI (i& tis teory is (alid) is around /-6
/JK....am 0 spinnin' my "eels tryin' to stay /.6/-K in te o&&season8 and
spendin' too muc time cuttin' "en 0 could be bulkin' in te /96/EK body&at
0Mm do"n to about /-K a&ter a 'ood mont and a "eek o& cuttin'8 and 0Mm 'ion' to
Layne Norton FAQ
keep cuttin' &or about anoter "eek or so and ten try a solid8 moderate carb bulk
"it sesamin8 ala8 and some oter Ikeep &at at bayI supps tryin' to 'ain .Jlbs!"eek
in attempt to 'ain mostly lean body mass...maybe my lack o& dili'ence and
"illpo"er is makin' me tink my set point is i'er tan it is..."ell "eMll &ind out
a&ter a little "ile into my lean bulk
thi 'ill eem out of left field but humor me& Ho' bad did you bin3e after your ho' and
ho' mu!h 'ei3ht did you 3ain in the firt + 'eek(
pretty damn bad 0 ad periods o& control and periods o& lack o& control tat lasted
probably a 'ood mont8 a&ter te "ater subsided 0 "as up -.lbs a mont a&ter my
so"....a&ter t"o "eeks8 &irst tin' in te mornin' "itout "ater retention 0 "as up
by about /-6/9lbs....so 0 'ained like a pound a day a&ter my so"....yea....a crap ton
too &ast
honetly you may ha#e reet your metabolim in a bad pot0 hi3her than before& -nle
you 'ant to 3o throu3h a prolon3ed offeaon !uttin3 phae to fix it C don2t kno' if there
i mu!h you !an do at thi point other than makin3 ure you are doin3 HCC8 +74 day per
"ell...iMm in te middle o& a prolon'ed o&&season cuttin' pase...comin' up on E
"eeks...0Mm about /-K 0Md 'uess8 and 0Mm doin' iit once a "eek8 could probably up
tat....but 0M(e been &atter in te past....0 bulked up to --. about - years into
trainin'...and back ten 0 probably ad about /FJlbs o& L1M as oppossed to /NJlbs
o& L1M tat i a(e no"...so yea 0 "as &at....but iM(e 'ot a (ery lean mass 'ain plan
comin' up and 0Mll do iit -4 a "eek...or "ould you su''est 'ettin' te 1F a little
lo"er be&ore tryin' to 'ro" a'ainH tanks &or te ad(ice
i2d try to 3et to 8I then #ery 3radually tart in!reain3 !alorie to re7et the metabolim& C
don2t mind 3i#in3 out mot info0 but that te!hniLue i omethin3 C 'ill 3uard be!aue it i
kind of proprietary and omethin3 C don2t think mot people ha#e a kna!k for&
#n stimulants durin' dietin'
0n your opinion8 o" lon' o& a break is needed &rom pre "orkout stimsH %o 0 need
to lo"er calories "en not on a pre "orkout stimH
probably +7* 'eek
1ulkin' on a bud'et:
;ey Layne8
0 am JMFI /EJ lbs. 0 a(e been at te same "ei't &or a "ile no". 0 kno" 0 need to
eat more8 but 0 am a(in' trouble takin' in te amount 0 need to. 0 currently take in
Layne Norton FAQ
about /N. 'rams o& protein and about 7... calories. 0 am (ery lean naturally8 0 am
Cust tryin' to 'et as bi' as possible ri't no". 0 am on a limited bud'et and itMs ard
to &ind te &ood 0 need. 5at meals "ould elp me to 'et te nutrients 0 need
mi3ht try !he!kin3 out my arti!le here http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne,&htm it
'a 'ritten for !olle3e tudent but 'ill be ueful for anyone on a bud3et
#n li(er!kidney support supplements:
5ats up Layne8 "anted to kno" i& you tou't someone "o takes bt" -67 sakes
a day "ould need stu&& like milk tistle or sesamin &or all te protein 'oin' trou'
system8 e4. kidneys8 li(er.
no0 unle your protein i un3odly hi3h C 'ould not 'orry about it0 there i no e#iden!e
hi3h protein i dama3in3 to healthy li#er%kidney&
#n coosin' a diet &or contest prep:
i a(e used di&&erent diets durin' my sort competiti(e career...i used a diet last
year "it carbs protein &at and 'ot descent results i noticed tou' tat i 'et tired at
"ork about /. min a&ter some o& my meals...i ne(er "ent o(er 7. 'rams carbs i "as
dietin' do"n &rom -/. opin' to make middle"ei't..."en i used a keto'enic diet
to"ard te last &e" "eeks o& my prep i &elt really 'ood and 'ot 'reat results...my
question is since u like to keep carbs in precontest "at "ould u recommend to
someone "o seems to be sensiti(e to insulin...
honetly to an'er that C2d really ha#e to 'ork 'ith you for a lon3 period of time to
eliminate e#eral #ariable& Eut C2d ay if you felt better on keto&&& do keto
#n dietin' books:
;a(e you e(er read a book called Militiant 1odyopus by %an %ucaineH 0& you a(e
"at are your tou'ts on o" e &ormulates te diet!trainin' protocalH
3e -nd question is based on te a book by )llin'ton %arden: ;it trainin' (0
sortened te title). 5ould you recommend tis style o& trainin'H
0 Cust started tis "eek doin' 'iant sets to break6up te pace and add some intensity.
0 &elt like 0 "as in a stickin' point in my trainin'. ;o" lon' "ould you reccomend
doin' tis type o& trainin' &orH 0 am doin' Jdays "eek o& tis type o& trainin'. 0 "ill
do my primary 'roup ten add maybe a &e" sets o& "eak point on anoter part.
C honetly ha#en2t read either book0 i kno' lyle doe ome 3ood tuff0 but C don2t a3ree
Layne Norton FAQ
'ith the hu3e 'in3 for !arb !y!lin3
#n type o& &oods durin' dietin':
Layne8 "en dietin'8 do you tink te type o& &ood your eatin' doesnt matter as lon'
as your ittin' te macros you a(e laid out &or te dayH
more or le0 thou3h C don2t think you hould be eatin3 Dunk food to hit thoe a it i lo'er
fiber and fiber in!reae thermo3enei and additionally hi3h fiber food are more fillin3
than Dunk food&
#n Fat stora'e
i& te li(er and muscle 'lyco'en are &ull8 tere "ill be no"ere else to put te 'lucose
and your body "ill "ant to remo(e it &rom te blood as &ast as possible so i& repair
and 'ro"t is needed it "ill 'o to"ard tat but i& not8 it "ill be stored as &at. 0s tis
motly true0 but far more !omplex than that and omethin3 like that&&& it2 #ery diffi!ult to
a!!urately implify and ha#e e#erythin3 hold true&
#n introducin' carbs "ile on >eto!lo" carb diets:
0(e already started keto8 o" do you recommend i pase back into carbsH
part -: 0m 'oin' to start applyin' your 9!- bulk!cut concept8 its ob(iously e&&ecti(e
&or you8 0ll 'i(e it a sot.. do you tink it matter "at my startin' point isH (0m &ar
&rom tese 'uys like tommy8etc8 0(e ne(er competed nor am i close to bein' able
to)H or "ould you recommend more o& a lon' term bulkH
C 'ould Dut 3radually in!reae !arb 'eek to 'eek0 probably /17+13 per 'eek until you
are ba!k up to a normal intake
;ey layne8 0M(e been doin' tis lo" carb tin' &or a "ile but i "ant to reintroduce
carbs back into te diet. 0 "as tinkin' o& maybe doin' like t"o carbs meals and te
rest lo"6carb meals "it &ats added &or ener'y. 3e only tin' iMm a&raid o& is tat
my su'ar6'rain addiction "ould be orrendous and iMd Cust 'et &at. 0 "ant to can'e
up te diet so 0 donMt sta'nate and 0 tink carbs "ould do te trick. 0 donMt really
kno" 0 suppose8 "at "ould you recommend 0 doH
!he!k it
#n carbs around cardio:
Layne Norton FAQ
2ris Aceto says it is best to a(e no carbs at a post6cardio meal to eliminate te
accompanyin' insulin spikes and its ne'ati(e e&&ect on &at loss. 2ommentsH
,econd tin' is8 0 kno" you arenMt a &an o& &asted state cardio. 5at about eiter
upon "akin' or post "orkout8 consumin' /.' or so o& 12AAMs and ten per&ormin'
te cardio. %oes tis can'e tin's at allH
lol the ol2 no !arb around !ardio be!aue you 'ant to burn the fat& ;hat a impliti!
#ie' of metabolim& Cf anythin3 it2 better to ha#e !arb around !ardio&&& 8HCS CS 8H9
8CM9 G=- A<9 M=S8 CNS-LCN S9NSC8CA9 AN" E9S8 AEL9 8= "CS:=S9 =F
CA<ES&&& JL-87* i upre3ulated&&& other time of the day 'hen you are retin3 i 'hen
you are le able to properly dipoe of !arbohydrate&&& o by that lo3i! 'e hould ne#er
eat !arb e#er& Nonene
2ereal durin' dietin':
Dou can a(e ceerios "ile dietin'HOHOHO 0(e Cust ne(er eard o& tat. i( al"ays
tou't te only carbs on a diet allo"ed "ere rice n oats.
that2 'hat o many 23uru22 'ould like to brain'ah you into belie#in3
#n "y cereal durin' dietin':
is tere a speci&ic reason "y you recommend tat tommy (,porto) eat ceerios pre
and post "orkoutH &aster insulin spikeHHH or "as it Cust trial and error8 and you
&ound out tat carb source "orks best "it im.0m be'innin' to tink tat maybe
oatmeal may not be a 'ood primary carb source &or my body. i 'et maCor 'as &rom
eatin' oatmeal8 "ic could mean tat i am aller'ic to it. any tou'tsH
C didn2t tell him to eat !heerio& C don2t do meal plan& C 3i#e people protein%!arb%fat
tar3et a 'ell a info about timin30 freLuen!y0 et! and let them !hooe from #ariou
food to fill thoe in& 8here are no 2ma3i!2 food like o many people eem to think
layne8 sould &iber be a(oided on re&eed daysH
and &rom my understand ;i' <0 6 non traditional bb &oods are ok to use...i.e. lucky
i 'ould not ay a#oid it but you 'ill 3et more of it Dut a a by produ!t of 3rain intake
#n carb types around cardio:
5at kinds o& carbs do you su''est to surround cardio sessionsH
ame a around 'orkout
Layne Norton FAQ
#n bein' an autor o& I,ci(ations8 ,o"time 2ut %ietI
C didn2t 'rite the book0 thoe are not my theorie ne!earily& !hu!k rudolph 'rote the
book0 C only 'rote the ECAA !hapter
#n maintainin' muscle mass durin' a cut.
0 am interested in losin' &at 'radually "itout ,acri&icin' muscle mass. 3o do so8
o" muc protein sould 0 take in trou' te day and "at sould 0 eatH 5at do
you su''est &or carbs as "ell "ile iMm tryin' to cut
Hey buddy0 ha#e you read my arti!le here$
Ct 'a 'ritten a a pre!ontet prep arti!le but 'ill 'ork 3reat for anyone 'antin3 to drop
#n 2ardio: 3imin' ! 0ntensity
5at cardio to you pre&er "en youMre cuttin' do"nH ;i' or lo" intensityH Also8
do you do it in te mornin' on an empty stomac8 or post "orkoutH 3anks bro8
ope te trainin' is comin' alon' "ell.
<ead !ardio e!tion http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm
Note: http$%%'''&mu!ularde#elopment&!om%forum%ho'thread&php(t)5,8,
#n >eepin' Fat 'ains to a minimum durin' a bulk
;ey Layne8 0m "antin' to keep &at 'ains to a minimum8 0 plan on tro"in' in te
cut cycles trou'out te year "ic 0 tink teyMll "ork "ell &or me. 1ut are tere
any supps you su''est to elp keep &at 'ain lo" and tat are easy on te "alletH And
o" muc cardio do you recommend durin' te bulk!cut pasesH 3anks.
:leae 'at!h my 'eb!at >http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%inidethelife1&htm?& C !o#er
thi exteni#ely in my 'eb!at epiode& A for a upplement0 C think eamin i a 3ood
upplement to keep fat 3ain to a minimum&
Layne Norton FAQ
$art M: 2ontest $rep
#n "at to do "en pro'ress stalls durin' pre contest prep:
=ust curious "en pro'ress stalls on your pre contest diet8 do you pull carbs &irst or
some ealty &ats. 0 "ouldnt take all ealty &ats out8 but 0 am a(in' tem pretty
muc e(ery meal (/!- tbsp o& 2od oil and up to /tbsp on some meals) oter tan
post trainin'. 5as tinkin' o& takin' some out &irst8 ten carbs later.
5at is your opinionHHH
Layne Norton FAQ
0t "as recommended te only can'e 0 make ri't no" is to take my post "orkout
carbs out and Cust rely on a protein sake and 'lutamine8 but 0m not real keen on
tat. ,ince 0m eatin' ealty oils J 4 per day up to /bts 0 tou't 0d take tem out
"ere 0 am also eatin' carbs and keep in my post "orkout carbs.
Ct i really #ery #ery indi#idualK C don2t ha#e a et proto!ol for ho' C do that ort of thin3K
it really !ome 'ith time of me 3ettin3 to learn their metabolim and 'hat they repond
bet to& 8ake 8ommy for intan!e& 'hen he 'a +11 lb he 'a !ompletely hredded on
top and Luad but had no hamtrin3& Mot people 'ould ha#e aid he 'a ready and that
he Dut 3eneti!ally !ould not 3et triated 3lute or eparated hamtrin3& C kno' that2
bullhit and Dut had to 3et him leaner& Eut if 'e took out too many !alorie C kne' hi
upper body 'ould flatten out drati!ally& So 'hat C did 'a keep hi !alorie the ame
and in!reaed hi hi3h intenity inter#al !ardio almot by double for e#eral reaon0 /?
hi3h intenity !ardio ha been ho'n to be better than moderate%lo' intenity !ardio in
tar3etin3 lo'er body fatK probably due to the ympatheti! ner#ou ytem repone B
adrenaline releae& +? hi3h intenity !ardio in!reae mito!hondrial denity in the area
'orked0 thu yieldin3 a 3reater fat burnin3 !apa!ity in that area& So that2 'hat 'e did&&& ,
'eek later he2 /@+ 'ith triated 3lute B hamtrin3 and 'e didn2t e#er take hi !arb
belo' +11 ex!ept for the lat + 'eek&
8hat2 Dut one example and C 'ould do a doFen different thin3 for a doFen different
people in a doFen different !enario& C belie#e that2 'hy C ha#e u!!e&&& C don2t do
!ookie !utter !rap& C 'ork 'ith the peron2 indi#idual metabolim&&& C don2t rely on ome
ES formula
#n cuttin' protein durin' prep:
;a(e you e(er cut protein in te middle o& a prepH 0 only ask because 0 typed my
&oods into &itday.com and my protein is at 7F- and my carbs at /.N and &ats "ere at
F9. 0 "as tinkin' tat protein is too i'. 0d like to brin' te protein do"n to 7/E8
Layne Norton FAQ
&ats to JJ and up carbs sli'tly to /-/ (tatd be pretty close to J.!-.!7.)8 but 0 dont
"ant to completely scre" mysel&. 0m at /JJ lbs and J.FK on a J site test. 3e
protein Cust seems "ay to i' and 0(e ne(er dropped protein durin' a prep8 but
my instincts are tellin' me its too i' and could lead to body&at stora'e and Cust
e4cess calories 0 dont need "ile tryin' to 'et lean. 0 "ould tink 7/E 'rams "ould
support someone at /JJ "it te oter macros 0(e presented.
0 reali*e you cant tell me de&initi(ely to do tis8 Cust "onderin' i& in 'eneral you(e
e(er dont tat8 rater tan takin' &rom te carbs ri't a"ay.
Ge0 C ha#e !ut it and you ha#e 'ay more than you2ll e#er need
#n upper body prep &or a contest:
;a(e you e(er ad anyone "o ad a ard time 'ettin' teir U$$): body in rater
tan teir lo"er body on a contest prepH 0& so8 "at did you do &or temH
depend&&& if they ha#e a lot of le3 ma0 C 'ill !ut their k!al de!ently lo'0 if they don2t
ha#e a lot of le3 ma to pare then i 'ill not !ut k!al o mu!h but ha#e them doin3
more upper body baed !ardio like boxin30 medi!ine ball thro'0 or ro'in3 ma!hine
Laynes 2ontest $rep article:
Layne8 0 "as "onderin' i& you (or someone on ere) could link me to some o& your
"ritin'(s) on your (ie"s concernin' te &inal "eek be&ore a so".
http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm C 'rote that arti!le * year a3oK but mot
of the tuff i till #ery mu!h belie#e in0 thou3h ome #ie' ha#e ome'hat !han3ed&
Me'a props &or e(erytin' you do. Quick question8 0 a(e read tis article tat you
"rote: ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!&un!layne7E.tm. My question is8 do you still
&ollo" tis (not sure o" lon' a'o it "as publised)H 0 kno" o" science and tin's
e(ol(e and 0 "as "onderin' i& tere "as a more current article or i& tis one still
olds your belie&s (speci&ically te last "eek). 0Mm "it you tat you donMt "ant to do
anytin' cra*y8 but a 'radual carb up on Fri P ,at alon' "it a mild Na reduction
seems to make sense as youM(e outlined in tis article. 3e only can'e i kno" o& is -
carb ups a "eek (on bot is le' days)
Layne Norton FAQ
Gea0 ome other minor !han3e but that2 really it
0 "as Cust about to ask te same tin'8 Layne. 0Mm startin' a /-6"eek cut tomorro"
and tou't 0Md try out your approac. Anytin' di&&erent &rom ten ("en you
"rote te article) to no"H
C probably 'ouldn2t deplete odium at all& that2 'hat i2d !han3e& C2d alo be a tad more
a3rei#e on !arbin3 up
Layne8 'reat "ork "it te tread8 you(e 'ot some 'ood kno"led'e and it really
elps us 'uys out tat arent in scienti&ic!ealt &ields. And on tat note8 as a natural
"ould you recommend Mslo" cardioM or ;03 ! &ast cardio &or strippin' &at "ilst
maintainin' muscleH And i& you su''est &ast cardio is tere types o& &oods u sould
a(e be&ore and a&ter cardio to maintain muscle si*e8 ie simple or comple4 carbs
a&ter cardio...H also "ats your tou'ts on doin' cardio a&ter 9J min "ei't
sessionH do you eat sometin' a&ter "ei'ts and be&ore cardioH do you take ur
protein sake in bet"een te "ei'ts and cardioHtanks &or te elp
8he pre!ontet arti!le hould !o#er itK let me kno' if you ha#e any Luetion beyond that
Layne8do you outline your diet like %a(e does.0 remember readin' tat you &eel
ketosis is not necessary &or 'ettin' ripped.0& possible could you put a sample plan o&
o" you a(e your clients eatH 0 am doin' %a(eMs plan but to be onest "it you80
donttink it "orks "ell &or someone "it a pysical Cob.My biceps and back and
le's are so depleted by mid"eek &rom te all day ea(y li&tin' tat 0 su&&er in
'ym.=ust no" 0 cra"led into te 'ym "onderin' "t& is "ron' "it me
0 did &eel better "en doin' pro!carb meals in relation to te "ole "orkin' out
"it my Cob
not ure i !an outline thin3 'ithout makin3 it totally free 'hi!h 'ould not be fair to
me&&& i ha#e put a ton of free info out there in my 'eb!at0 my blo3
http$%%'''&biolayne&!om and my arti!le http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm
#n per&ormin' ;003 and lo" intensity cardio:
Layne8 0 read some"ere tat you do moderate intensity cardio at oter times
Layne Norton FAQ
durin' te "eek as "ell8 is tis true or do you stick only "it ;03H 0 5ant to
minimi*e muscle "astin' .
C do both form of !ardio&&& HCC8 for the lipolyti! B metaboli! effe!t and Lo' intenity
for a pure !alorie burn
#n Laynes pre(ious articles re'ardin' lo" intensity and ;003 cardio:
0 a(e been readin' se(eral o& your article on bb.com (a couple more tan once to
try and di'est te in&ormation). 0 a(e a question8 as 0 noticed in one article
(ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!&un!layne/.tm) you recommend doin' lo" intensity
cardio &or cuttin' b&8 but in a di&&erent article
(ttp:!!""".bodybuildin'.com!&un!layne7E.tm) you recommend usin' ;003. 0
tink it may be my &ault and tese articles may be attemptin' to reac di&&erent
'oals8 or 0 am missin' a key point8 or maybe tey "ere Cust "ritten at di&&erent times
a&ter 'ainin' some e4perience. 2an you elp me out and tell me "at 0 am missin'H
3anks a lot8 by te "ay &or te e4cellent articles8 0 a(e read tem8 re(ie"ed my
nutrition lo' and tink maybe 0 am 'i(in' mysel& &e"er calories tan 0sould be.
8he firt arti!le 'a 'ritten 'hen i 'a /@ B tupid0 the other 'a 'ritten ome time
later0 and it 'hat i 'ould re!ommend
#n te 2ut diet:
#ne more question on te cut diet8 i& i a(e been cyclin' carbs &or te past N "eeks
and a(e about a mont till my competition do you belie(e it "ould be 'ood to 'i(e
te diet a cance. 0 belie(e i a(e it a stickiCn' point in &at loss. 3anks a'ain.
;ell 'hat i your ma!ronutrient breakdo'n ri3ht no'(
;ere is my se(en day break do"n &or carbs and protein. day/6/JE ' carbs -LE'
protein. day -67 //F' carbs 77- ' protein day96J LF.J ' carbs 7J/ ' protein. dayE EJ
' carbs 7F. ' protein. %ayF 9-L ' carbs -79' protein. My "ei't "en i started "as
about -.7 "it /.6/7 percent body&at. 0Mm /NN no" around E percent body&at.
3anks &or your elp
8o be honet unle you 'ei3h +51 C think your protein i 'ay too hi3h& :rotein i not a
freebie ma!ronutrient like many people eem to think&&& it ha !alorie and !an be tored
a bodyfat& C think you !ould kno!k your protein do'n by at leat 513& Ho' mu!h fat are
you takin3 in(
Layne Norton FAQ
Fat "as around J.' tops and tat is bein' 'enerous. ,ince tis last saturday i a(e
been tryin' te cut diet and it is 'oin' 'ood. 0Mm &ollo"in' te -J.. calorie (ersion. 0
am also usin' 4tend "it te substance "pi. 0 'o to scool at isu. 0& you a(e any tips
&or dorm dietin' it "ould be appreciated. 3anks and "at is your onest opinoin
on s"itcin' diet strate'ies tis late in te 'ame.
Ct2 fine o lon3 a you !an ti!k 'ith it and 3et lean enou3h& any pi! o 'e !an ee if
you are on tra!k(
3ou'ts on a pre contest diet:
0 am a natural bb and 0 am 'ettin' ready &or a so". My current "ei't is --J [
9.J6JKb&8 JM//. 0 am doin' a typical bb diet. 0 am eatin' about 7..' pro!/J.6/E.
carb! /..' &at!. 0 a(e been droppin' my carbs little by little "ile addin' &ats at
tose meals. %o you pre&er tis type o& diet "ere you are keepin' enou' muscle
'lyco'en and "ater in te muscle or do you like doin' te i' pro8 mod &at8 no carb
metodH 0 "ould tink tat your muscle "ould not be as &ull and ard on te no
carb diet. 1ein' natural is a stru''le in its sel& "en tryin' to prepare &or a so"
makin' sure to preser(e all te muscle.
;ereMs a sample o& my current diet. &eel &ree to 'i(e some &eed back and "at as
"orked &or you.
meal/: / cup oats8 E e'' "ites8 /6- "ole
meal-: - scoops "ey "!"ater8 - tblspn pb
meal7: Eo* cick8 / cup bro"n rice
meal9: Eo* cick8 /!- cup bro"n rice8 7. almonds
mealJ: Eo* &lank or cick or &is8 'reens
mealE: - scoops "ey "!"ater8 - tblspn pb
Gou ound like a monter man& My bet reply to thi 'ould be to !he!k out my pre!ontet
arti!le http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm my 'hole philoophy i in there& Cf
you till ha#e Luetion after readin3 that pleae let me kno'O
#n a(oidin' certain &oods be&ore contest:
1e&ore contest sould 0 stop (and "en) eatin'8 drinkin':
Layne Norton FAQ
6&at &ree 2.2eese (-..'!day)
6 e''s
6 s"eeteners8 li't cola etc. H
-nle you ha#e an aller3y to e33 there i no reaon to !ut them out& 'eetener are
probably fine0 CHd !ut !ola out Dut a fe' day beforehand a the !arbonation !an make
your toma!h fill up li3htly and CHd !ut dairy out a fe' day before Dut to be afe in !ae
you ha#e a li3ht aller3y
#n nutrition durin' contest day :
layne "at do you eat ri't be&ore you 'o on sta'eH i ear lots o& cra*y tin's alcool8
candy8 ricecakes8 Celly8 salt8 etc... "ats really 'ood tanks bro
!andy or u3ar%fat%odium !an make you Luite #a!ular if you2#e done the proper
preparation leadin3 up to the ho'0 but it2 only 3oin3 to 'ork if you are !ompletely
hredded& Nothin3 i funnier than ittin3 ba!kta3e 'at!hin3 3uy 'ho are @I bodyfat and
mooth a hell !arb up like !raFy& Like it2 3oin3 to fri33in3 matter 'hen you !ome
brin3in3 your E 3ame&
#n Last "eek o& 2ontest $rep:
0m curious on your last "eek prep ... ;o" do you 'o about itH 0 "ould like to kno"
o" you do your "ater8 carb up8 deplete8 etc8 etc...2an you 'i(e us a brie& rundo"n on
your last "eekH
For arti!le that di!u the lat 'eek of !ontet prep C 'ould read the$
http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm 9pe!ially the final 'eek e!tion
Layne Norton FAQ
#n ,odium Loadin':
0s it "ise &or a &irst time competitor to stay a"ay &rom sodium loadin'H
0 eard i& you dont 'et it Cust ri't it "ill ruin your so" entirely. 0s tere any
adCustments 0 can make to your pre6contest diet on te bodybuildin'.com pa'e in
re'ards to sodium loadin' tat i could make dependin' on my body type8 ability to
old "ater etc.H
C think a maller more !ontrolled odium load i ok&&& but not doin3 !raFy tuff like
/10111m3 per day or anythin3 like that&
C think my arti!le at bodybuildin3&!om ha different !al!ulation for different bodytype&
#n countin' sodium! applyin' preparation ;:
0 currently sit about -E days out &rom my so"8 0 "as a(in' some issues. 5it te
"ole carb up pase. 0 "ould like to come in ard and dry. 0 "as also a(in' some
issues "it sodium!carb manipulation8 you say tat you 'o up to 9...m' o& sodium8
o" do count te all sodiumH 0 "as also "onderin' i& you rub te preparation ; all
o(er your bodyH 3anks &or te elp
Sodium !ount are lited on the ide of mot foodK Dut like protein%!arb%fat& C don2t
really ue prep H anymore0 i don2t think it honetly e#er did anythin3
#n readCustin' te contest prep diet "ile on it &or a "ile:
0 &inised readin' te &irst part o& prep article &or bb.com and "ill be settin' up my
diet &or ne4t "eek to be'in. 0 "as "onderin' tou' i& you sould remanipulate te
diet as you loose "ei'tH and i& you count crystal lite8 su'ar &ree 'um8 and
supplement caloriesH and last about ceat meals my cousins say you need tem i
dont tink tey are neededH or is tat alon' te re&eedin' line or is re&eedin' a
Icarb dayIH And last "at is your take on distilled "ater 'oin' in to a competition
Ge you 'ill ha#e to manipulate the diet imply be!aue your body 'ill tart fi3htin3
'ei3ht lo a you 3et leaner o you2ll need to lo'er !alorie& C do !ount all !alorie
Layne Norton FAQ
al'ay& C don2t belie#e in !heat day0 but tar3eted refeed or hi3her !arb day !an atify
your hun3er and 3i#e you metaboli! ad#anta3e&
"itilled 'ater i imply not needed&&& re3ular 'ater Dut doen2t ha#e that mu!h odium
in it any'ay
#n (e''ies durin' contest prep:
"at are some 'ood (e''ies to eat durin' prep and "at sould i put in my saladH
you mean like 'hat kind of drein3( A for #e33ie0 C like an aian tir fry blend&
Sprinkle plenda B oy au!e o#er them&&& damn 3oodO
#n ;003 durin' contest prep:
ey layne im about /J6/E "eeks out no" ill a(e to ceck te calendar but i(e been
doin' /J6-/ mins inter(als /min (ery ard -mins easy repeatin' is tis te kind you
cardio you "ere talkin' about in your article also i read you ad a celbratory meal
a&ter a so" "en you ad a so" te ne4t "eek i no" a(e a so" - "eeks a&ter
can i sneak in a celbratory meal a&ter te so" and i& so sometin' small or notin'
to cra*y tanks man
yea 'ith + 'eek in bet'een ho' you2d be fine
for inter#al0 C2d really horten them up& you !an2t really 3o all out for / minute0 that2
about *11 meter and you 'ould ha#e to pa!e yourelf& Cnter#al 'ork mu!h better if you
horten them up to /17+1 e!ond and Dut 3o all out in an abolute print& by the time you
are done 'ith /17/5 of them you hould be almot !ompletely exhauted B ready to
#n startin' a keto diet:
0 a(e my &irst natural comp comin' up on L!--. 0 "as "onderin' i& you could look
at tis link and tell me "en you tink 0 sould start my diet.
ttp:!!&orums.muscularde(elopment.co...ead.ppHtSFL... 0 "ould like to start it as
soon as possible8 do you tink tat -. "eeks out "ould be too soon to start %a(eMs
diet. 3anks.
CM= it2 ne#er too oon& 8he abolute bet i2#e e#er 3otten a !lient in !ondition 'a 'hen
i had him ready , 'eek out and tartin3 addin3 !alorie and !arb ba!k in and he filled
Layne Norton FAQ
out and 3et e#en leaner in thoe ix 'eek& .ut aburdly hredded B full
3anks Layne. 0m 'oin' to start te diet tomorro". My question is sould 0
continue to a(e post "orkout carbsH And i& so "at kindTH Also8 can 0 update you
"en 0Mm about E "eeks out and maybe you can tell me o" many cals and carbs to
addH Dour te best ... tanks.
in my opinion ye0 but i kno' you are on da#e2 diet o i2m not ure ho' that fit in
#n di&&erences &or trainin'!dietin' bet"een natural and steroid usin' bodybuilders:
,ould a natural bodybuilder train and eat di&&erently tan someone usin' steroidsH
0& so "at are some o& te di&&erences tat sould be considered!incorporatedH
C think there i a!tually le differen!e than people think& Steroid Dut add another 3ear to
hift into&
#n stayin' dry &rom pre6Cud'in' till e(enin' so":
Layne "ats te best metod o& maintin' your crisp dry look &rom pre6Cud'in' all
te "ay to te e(enin' so"H 0 a(e tis problem o& spillin' later in te e(enin'.
peraps i do not kno" "at to eat or drink bet"een preCud' and e(enin'. ,teak and
rice a&ter preCud'in' and no "ater trou'out te day. ,peakin' o& "ater8 o"
muc do u tink a natural competitor sould drink te day be&ore te so"H
drink 'ater& 8hat i your problem& Cf you don2t ha#e 'ater it doe not matter ho' mu!h
!arb you !onume&&& you 'on2t fill out&
ho' do you typi!ally look the day after the ho'(
#n countin' &ood durin' #&&season and precontest:
%o you not count your &ood intake in te o&&season!precont and 'o by &eel like "at
nick does 8 &ound tat to be interestin'
No i !ount e#erythin3
#n 2arbonated "ater ! %rinkin' soda durin' contest prep:
Layne8 "at are you tou'ts on drinkin' carbonated "ater or diet soda durin'
contest prepH
:erfe!tly fineK i Dut !ut them out a fe' day before the ho'
Layne Norton FAQ
#n ma4 amount o& carbs "ile dietin':
layne a(in' "ork "it se(eral natural bodybuilders "at "as te most carbs you
eard someone dietin' on.
probably my 3uy Een 'ho C helped prep& He ne#er 3ot lo'er than /610 only did !ardio +x
'eek for /6 minute >hi3h intenity inter#al?0 and by the 'eek before the !ontet he 'a
up to +453 Carb& He 'a o lean at , 'eek out C tarted in!reain3 hi !arb and he
tarted fillin3 out and till kept 3ettin3 leaner at the ame time& 8hin3 i0 he in2t an
e!tomorph or anythin30 * year a3o he 'a +,1 lb and had o#er a *1M 'ait&
#n di&&erent approaces &or contest prep:
0 s"itced because "en 0 so"ed im(prep coac) te diet (%a(eMs) 0 "as on e
said tat it "ouldnt "ork and tat 0 sould use te one e "as 'oin' to 'i(e me. 0
kno" it does seem like 0Mm mi4in' oil and "ater but someo" it "orks &or tis 'uy
and oters e as trained. ;e also can'ed my li&tin' re'iment "ic "as (ery i'
(olume be&ore to J 4 a "eek takin' te "eekend o&&. ,plit is 1ack6Abs!Quads6
2al(es!2est63riceps6Abs!;ams61iMs62al(es!%elts6Abs!:est!:est. ;e as me doin'
only L total sets &or eac bodypart and 96E reps per set. ,o basically lo" (olume i'
intensity stu&& "it ea(ier "ei'ts tan "at 0 used be&ore.
C think omethin3 you need to realiFe i many people a!hie#e 3reat reult for themel#e
CN S:C89 of 'hat they do&&& not be!aue 'hat they do i optimal& Gou need to look for
reprodu!ible reultK not Dut reult in themel#e& 8hat aid C like 9arl but my opinion i
the ame a pikeK if you put yourelf in middle 3round of teeter totterin3 on the ed3e of
keto but not Luite there then you are 3oin3 to be hun3ry B tired& 9ither 3o into keto or put
more !arb in and drop protein& :eronally0 i2m a !arb 3uy0 epe!ially durin3 !ontet prep
be!aue if you 'ant to fill out properly !arb are your bet betK and that2 diffi!ult to do if
you2#e been doin3 keto for month&
0 a'ree8 0 did &eel pretty 'ood on %a(eMs diet. 0 donMt tink e "as too cau't up on
oter dietMs. ;e said it "as too muc &at and Ipeanut butter sould ne(er e(er be in
a diet.I $lus8 tis 'uy is te one te promoter o& te so". 0 Cust &eel so small ri't
no"8 like 0Mm losin' muscle. %onMt kno" i& tat is mental or not. Da 0 am pretty
muc stuck &or /- more "eeks "it tis. 3e only tin' tat sa(es me is co&&ee and
tats only &or an our a&ter 0 drink it aa.
'ell you 'ill feel mall from bein3 depleted no matter 'hat diet you are one&
but any time you hear the 'ord
Layne Norton FAQ
eentially any kind of uperlati#eK you !an be ure that one2 undertandin3 metabolim
i rudimentary or they are tryin3 to implify it to make it ound ni!e&
#n Masters o(er J. contest prep:
;i Layne8 0 Cust "ant to see i& you can elp me out ere. My dad is doin' is second
so" on september --nd (te mid atlantic 'rand pri4) ;eMs doin' te masterMs J.
and o(er di(ision. 0M(e been doin' is diet &or im and tis is is second "eek on it.
0Mm appy "it o" e looks already8 in one "eeks time i can already see a
di&&erence. ;ereMs te tin'8 is stomac is &lat8 o"e(er e does a(e some tick
skin around te midsection &rom bein' J9 years old and &rom a(in' a bit o& a 'ut in
te past8 and "it about E "eeks to 'o8 "at do you recommend i a(e im do to 'et
is stomac ti'ter and is abs to pop out. Dou seem like te per&ect person to ask
because o& your kno"led'e and bein' natural like mysel& and my dad8 your a 'reat
e4ample &or tis sport and i appreciate you takin' te time to ans"er questions.
>eep up te 'reat "ork LayneO
in all honety there i not mu!h you !an do other than 3ettin3 him a lean a poible and
then in the offeaon keep him a lean a poible to 3i#e hi kin time to hrink up a3ain&
#n $otassium:
ey layne i &ollo"in' your diet and "ill be sodium loadin' soon. i didnt read
anytin' about potassium sould i add any potassium to my diet besides trace
amounts in &ood. also im doin' a second so" - "eeks later "ould i count te day o&
te &irst so" as day /9H and sould te carbloadin' &or te second so" remain te
i 'ould not add potaium0 if you 3et it too hi3h it !an a!tually !aue you to retain 'ater
a 'ell
notle&&& ha#e you read my arti!le here http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm C
think it 'ill an'er mot of your Luetion
2omments on sodium loadin' &rom laynes contest prep article:
i layne tanks your time and replyin' to my question.
Layne Norton FAQ
i a(e Cust read your article.it may not a(e anytin' speci&ic as to re'ards o&
I"ei't lossI or Imakin' te "ei'tI but i a(e 'atered certain in&o "ic may
pertain to tat. ere is an e4crept:
/y increasing sodium intae during the "sodium loading" phase( your cells' sodium
pumps will become up+regulated 0woring harder than normal1 and pump 7a8 ions
out of the cell to maintain the e-uilibrium ion gradient.
!hen you begin to drop sodium intae( your cells' pumps will still be up+regulated( but
since sodium intae is low it will pump out more sodium than normal and with it( a lot
of water will be e*creted 0water le%els fluctuate in relation to ion concentrations1.
9uring this time 0: days out up until the day before the show1 you will begin to flatten
out and loo smaller than normal due to less water being held. 9on't fret( as the final
days of this program will fill you out nicely.
,o im 'uessin' tat to my &irst question: yes8 te lo"erin' o& sodium "ill elp to
e4crete more "ater tan usual and tus elp "it my "ei't loss &urter. as &or my
second question : 0 'uess 0 sould &ollo" your protocol and deplete sodium
'radually o(er J days and not drastically o(er - days.
correctH Also8 tere is no mention o& "ater loadin' in your article...tats "at i a(e
been doin' so &ar. its said tat it puts te body in a Ireleasin'I state and elps it
e4crete more "ater ten usual. tis is "at i a(e e4perience o(er te ni't. correct
me i& iMm "ron'. "at is your take on tis &or my situationH
8hat i !orre!t about the odium& C really don2t load 'ater&&&& C Dut keep it the ame all the
'ay throu3h for the mot part
#n indul'in' a&ter te so":
0m doin' - so"s separated but /7 days. 0m &ollo"in' your prep diet only "it less
carbs. "ill i be able to &it a ceat!celebration meal in a&ter te &irst so" i dont plan
to 'o (ery cra*y but "ould like to indul'e a bit.
C 'ould be !areful&&& you 'ill already be !arbin3 up for the ho' and then indul3in3
after'ard 'ill be e#en more !arb and let2 be real&&& on!e you de!ide to indul3e0 it i
tou3h to top yourelf& Cf you 'ant to 3o out after'ard and ha#e like ome !hi!ken or
teak 'ith a potato%ri!e B a alad then C think that2 fine& Eut if you 3o off B eat piFFa B
!ookie0 you 'ill be in bad hape to try and be ready for your +nd ho'&
Questions re'ardin' te cut diet:
Layne Norton FAQ
i Cust read a book: <AM) #+): (ol. - by sci(ation team. 0t is te 2U3 %0)3
"ic talks about dietin' do"n &or a comp. tere are certainly some interestin'
points in tereO 0 "ould like to ask u on a couple o& tem.
/. 3e book claims tat post "orkout carbs are detrimental to &at loss as it spikes
insulin. do u a'ree "it tisH
-. Also it says tat carbs ,;#UL% be consumed "it &ats and N#3 2#N,UM)%
"it protein. i must say i &ind tis piece o& in&o surprisin'8 as i al"ays tou't tat
&at and carbs sould ne(er be consumed to'eter. "ads your take on tisH
7. 0t also ad(ocates carbin'6up "it your last meal at ni't. souldnt ur lar'est
quantities o& carbs be consumed in e e(enin'H
3e book is 'reat "it loads o& ne" and interestin' in&ormation. but it as seemed
to raise more questions in me tan ans"ers aa....
!he!k out my arti!le here$ http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm it !ontain
many of my thou3ht
#n 'ettin' more (ascular
5at do you recommend &or someone to brin' out teir (ascularity out moreH
,upplement "ise.
Jet leaner
#n carbin' up // days be&ore a so":
Layne8 0 a(e been on a J.6E. carb per day diet &or a"ile no" and a(e ad only -
or 7 i'er carb days trou'out my /N "eek prep. My so" is // days a"ay8
"ould you su''est a i' carb day anytime be&ore tis or "ould it mess me upH Fat
as been minimal e4cept &or one eye o& round steak meal per "eek &or te last 7
"eeks. $rotein is around 7..67J. 'rams a day.
Honetly0 i 'ouldn2t me around 'ith a bi3 !arb up&
#n cuttin' "ater:
0 sa" you posted tat natty bodybuilders souldnt cut "ater leadin' into a so" i
"as "onderin' "at te reasonin' "as &or tis.
#n 2arb Loadin' ! cuttin' "ater
Layne Norton FAQ
a(e so" tis sat8 it "ill be my second in ro". 0 "as tinkin' about cuttin' back
my "ater startin' 5ed "it a 'allon8 3urs /!- 'allon 8 Fri around -Jo* or so ten
cut te "ater by Epm on Friday ni't. 0 "ould like to come in a bit dryer tan te
last so". 0 a(e noticed 0 been oldin' more "ater tis "eek tan last8
,o 0 also 2ut out crabs startin' today "ed. 0"as tinkin' about carbin' up8 muc
later tan i a(e in past. usually 0 start to carbin' up around 3urs and until ,A3. 0
try to 'et a &ull F- ours o& carb loadin' in and tat mi't a(e been my do"n &all.
0& 0 can "ake up ti't on Friday mornin'8 0 "ould like to start te process ten. 0 do
a(e a &ast metabolism and "as "onderin' i& 0 could a"ay "it carb up later8
rater tan sooner. Maybe te reason 0 "as a as ti't &or te last so"8 "as do to
o(er carbin' H
"= N=8 C-8 ;A89<O http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne4,&htm pleae read the
final 'eek 'ater e!tion to ee my explanation
unle you are on anaboli! 'hi!h make you retain lot of extra!ellular 'ater0 !uttin3
'ater i e#erely !ounterprodu!ti#e
#n droppin' "ater and sodium be&ore a so":
0 "as "onderin' your (ie"s on droppin' my sodium and "ater be&ore my so". My
trainer as ad me sodium loadin' until 3urs.(my so" is on ,at.) as o& 3ursday
no more protein sakes8 Cust lo" sodium cicken &or protein and bro"n rice &or
carbs. /..' spread trou' out te day8 0M(e been . carbs since ,unday. Friday at
noon8 0 am supposed to cut "ater e4cept &or "at is needed to s"allo" my aminos
and )FAMs. A&ter "ei'6ins Friday ni't 0 am supposed to 'o out &or a nice steak
dinner "it some potatos. ;o" does tis sound to youH 3anks in ad(ance.
let me 3ue&& he alo told you to top trainin3 on 'edneday ri3ht(
Dea 8 bad idea H
i2m orry but thi i the typi!al peak 'eek !rap that e#ery 2trainer2 3i#e their !lient&&& it2
like they take it off a !ookie !utter !on#eyer belt&
/? if you top trainin3 on 'edneday your body ha N= <9AS=N 8= H=L" =N8=
ALL 8HA8 JL-C=S9 8HA8 G=- A<9 J=CNJ 8= E9 L=A"CNJ =N
8H-<S"AG AN" F<C"AG AN" C8 9N"S -: CN 8H9 S-EC-8AN9=-S 8CSS-9&
Layne Norton FAQ
+? if you are 3oin3 to load at all0 the loadin3 hould be done 'hen you are 'orkin3 out
hard0 earlier in the 'eek0
4? you hould ne#er top 'orkin3 out0 li3ht !ir!uit trainin3 on thurday and friday 'ill
not impair your re!o#ery or make you ore but 'ill help retain the 3lu!oe 'ithin the !ell
*? !uttin3 odium i Dut flat out dumb0 liten to part one of my debate 'ith "a#e
palumbo on M" radio& 9entially !uttin3 odium doe nothin3 to help you& Gour body i
perfe!t at !oner#in3 odium& Cf you !ut it out totally your body 'ill Dut top ex!retin3 it
and reaborb e#erythin3& =nly to reaborb odium it need to alo reaborb 'ater0 but
no' in!e your blood preure i redu!ed from odium depletion0 you don2t ha#e the
preure to keep the reaborbed 'ater in the #a!ular ytem and it 3oe 'here( the
ub!utaneou layer&
don2t e#en 3et me tarted on the idio!y of !uttin3 'ater&
C hate to ound like i2m rippin3 on your trainer but he i Dut 3i#in3 you the ame
re3ur3itated !rap that @@I of 2trainer2 3i#e their people& Ct2 the reaon you hear @@I of
people at ho' ay MC looked o mu!h better the 'eek before or the day afterM
#n cuttin' "ater a &e" days be&ore te so":
;ey Layne. 0 a'ree "it you on te "ole concept o& pre6contest dietin'8 but i "as
"onderin' "at your tou'ts "ere on "y e(ery bodybuilder out tere does te
typical carb up and "ater depletion. 0 mean 0 a(e te pre6contest bible and most o&
te proMs in tere say tey cut teir "ater a &e" days be&ore. 0 read tat Conny
Cackson cuts is "ater te tuesday be&ore and as diet coke &rom "ednesday till te
day o& te so"8 lol. ,ome o& tose diets and tricks in tere are cra*yO but tey A:)
pros and tey still look 'ood e(en tou' tey cut "ater and all tis oter cra*y
stu&&. %o tink tey can 'et a"ay "it cuttin' "ater so muc because o& all te
cemicals tey take compensates &or te "ater lossHH %o you tink bodybuilders
really cut "ater or do tey Cust say tey do on paperHH 0Mm Cust curious to see "at
your tou'ts are. 3anks
teroid allo' you to retain more 'ater 'ithin the !ell o e#en if you deplete the hell out
of yourelf you till ha#e ome fullne& ;hat i the kno!k on natural bodybuilder&&& they
look 2trin3y2 onta3e&
.ut be!aue e#eryone doe it doen2t mean it2 ri3ht& ,11 year a3o e#eryone kne' the
'orld 'a flat a#e the ex!lui#e fe' 'ho a!tually kne' !ien!e&
#n peakin' &or multiple contests:
Layne Norton FAQ
Any ad(ice you can 'i(e &or peakin' &or multiple contests. 0 a(e a nice spread o& 9
so"s tat run consecuti(ely ne(er done tat many be&ore. Any elp "ould be
Gea0 don2t pi3 out after any of the ho'&&& it 'ill !re' you up for the follo'in3 'eek&
Alo0 don2t !ut 'ater >thi i a 3i#en any'ay? but ha#in3 multiple !ontet make it e#en
more pertinant& Eut if you are omeone 'ho !ut 'ater you are probably o brain'ahed
at thi point there i nothin3 C !an do for you
;A;A no no...my strin' o& so"s 'oes &rom April -Ft to May /F tat 9 "eeks...i
actually start dietin' &or te so"s on ,unday No(. -Jt...tat 'i(e me -. "eeks or
so...last year i dieted at /E "eeks out i didnt like "at i sa" so i told my sel& ne4t
year ill do a strin' o& so"s and add anoter mont to te prep...ope&ully tis
Formula "orks...Ne comments on my "ay o& tinkin' LayneHH
lon3er i almot al'ay better
$art N: 1ody Fat measurements:
#n ,kin&old 2alipers:
5at is te proper metod to determine body&at K usin' a skin&old calipers H
Gou ha#e to pin!h a mu!h a you poibly !an0 not li3htly pin!h but 3et a mu!h a you
!an& And then 'hen you 3et your readin3&&& at +74I to that and you are near your a!tual
%o you do your o"n readin's "it caliper or does somebody else do itH 0 "ant to do
it mysel& but donMt kno" o" e4actly.
C do it myelf
Layne Norton FAQ
0 eard tat tis "ould 'i(e a &alse readin' by includin' too muc connecti(e tissue
in te measurement.
8hey meaure lo' to be3in 'ith0 beide adipoe tiue !ontain !onne!ti#e tiueK thu
it2 part of the adipoe&&& the ame 'ay that !onne!ti#e tiue in mu!le i part of mu!le
5ere do you dra" te lineH 3o take it to te e4treme: i& you measured te ab
skin&old "ilst sittin' youMd probably 'et a i'er readin'. %oes tat mean itMs more
A!tually0 if you pin!h hard a you !an it hould be about the ame&
#n caliper types:
2an you recommend a caliper "ere you can measure your body &at by yoursel&
"ic isnMt to e4pensi(e but is accurate. 1ecause tere are al lot o& calipers and te
prices di&&er enormously and 0 kno" tat not e(ery caliper 'i(es an accurate
-ually it i the peron performin3 the tet that i the reaon for ina!!urate !aliper&&& not
the !aliper themel#e& C ue the di3ital one&
#n con(ertin' mm to K
0m a&ter a bit o& elp tryin' to &ind a body &at calculation cart. 0 a(e a set o&
metal calipers and 0 cant seem to &ind any"ere to con(ert te mm into K. 0 once
sa" a pro bb &or a consultation and e pulled out a cart tat con(erted te mms
o(er. %o u no o& any on te netH 0m not a&ter te ones tat you input your measures
as 0 &ind teyre out by a bit
No0 C don2t but CHm ure a Joo3le ear!h 'ill yield reult
#N %@A (%)@A):
"SA i the mot a!!urate tet a#ailable and it put me 4I hi3her than C 'a on !aliper
'hen C 'a pin!hin3 a hard a C poibly !ould
;ey layne my contest prep is 'oin' 'ood (-. "eeks to 'o). 1ut 0 "ould like to 'et my
b& K cecked so 0 kno" i& 0Mm on te ri't track "at is %@A and a(era'e cost.
Also8 "at kind o& place does itH For e4ample8 i& 0 "as lookin' in te yello" pa'es
Layne Norton FAQ
"at "ould 0 look underH
CtH not affordable& Ct2 uually done by do!tor or at !lini! for bone denity and i belie#e
it2 around Z611%!an
$art #: $ost 2ontest
#n trainin' post contest:
;o" lon' sould 0 "ait a&ter a contest till i can start trainin' a'ainH also "at do
you tink about deto4 diets like 7 days o& Cust &ruits and (e''iesH
you !an tart trainin3 immediately after0 in fa!t it2 not a 3ood idea to take a 'eek off like
o many people do
2detox2 diet are 3immi!k and bullhit
#n bloatin' post contest:
A&ter my bin'in' &est o& a couple days a&ter my so" 0 a(e noticed alot o& bloatin'..
Layne Norton FAQ
is tis normalH 0s it bc o& te dairy products and re&ined su'ars tat 0 am not used
yea bro&&& if you2#e been bin3in3 for a fe' day you are 3oin3 to be bloated&&& epe!ially
after a keto diet& C2#e een people eat themel#e into offeaon !ondition in under a 'eek
#n transition to o&&season &rom competition:
%o you 'i(e your body time to adCust a&ter a contest be&ore you start your &irst bulk
cycleH )(en tou' 0Mm not quite N "eeks out8 "ant to start plannin' (&ailure to plan
is plannin' to &ailO) 0 "as tinkin' a 'radual increase (maybe /J. per "eekH) "ould
be "ise until 0Mm 7.. >cals abo(e maintenance8 ten old tat &or te E6N "eek bulk
cycle. Dour tou'ts on tatH
C Dut 'rote omethin3 about thi on another forum
:ot !ontet i a #ery diffi!ult ituation and if you 3o on a full out bulk pot !ontet you
are 3oin3 to do nothin3 but 3et fat& -ually 'hat C do i take the !arb amount that the
peron 'a takin3 in before the ho' and add 513 to it0 'hile keepin3 protein B fat the
ame0 maybe li3htly hi3her on fat& After they top 3ainin3 'ei3ht from thiK C add in
another +13 of !arb B 53 of fat0 'hen they top 3ainin3 'ei3ht on thatK C add another
+53 of !arb and o on and o forth& typi!ally it take about /17/, 'eek to 3et ba!k into
a full blo'n offeaonK but done ri3ht0 the fat 3ain !an be kept to a minimum
thi 'a alo poted by madman@// on my forum and C thou3ht it 'a ri3ht on tar3et
M;e2#e all heard of the anaboli! rebound after !ontet prep0 and many 3uru ad#o!ate
eatin3 like a hore immediately after a !ontet to take ad#anta3e of the hu3e lean 3ain
poible durin3 thi period0 but C 3otta a3ree 'ith Layne that it doen2t 'ork that 'ay&
8he body 'ant to 3et ba!k to it baeline body fat le#el ASA:0 that 'ill al'ay be the
body2 firt order of buine 'hen your body fat i literally at tar#ation le#el& C don2t
a3ree 'ith the aertion that the body tend to'ard lean ma 3ain 'hen body fat i lo'0
C belie#e that the body likely 3ain lean ma mot effi!iently 'hen a threhold le#el of
body fat i a!hie#ed& ;hen the body i atified that it i no lon3er in immediate dan3er
of tar#ation0 then an en#ironment promotin3 lean ma 3ain i !reated& 8he ultimate
3oal hould be to 3radually brin3 the body up to that threhold le#el of body fat in a lo'0
!ontrolled 'ay 'ithout ex!eedin3 'hat i ne!eary to promote mu!le 3ro'th& Many
bodybuilder no doubt belie#e they are 3ainin3 ton of lean ma pot7!ontet >not ayin3
that2 you Luelly0 you eem marter than that?0 'hen0 in reality0 they are addin3 + point
to their body fat ea!h 'eek& Join3 from 5I to /1I bodyfat in the firt +74 'eek pot7
!ontet eem #ery !ommon and C2m ure mot 3uy think they2re pa!kin3 on lab of
mu!le and they are Dut 2holdin3 'ater2 pot7!ontet and that2 'hy they2re lookin3
mooth a3ain&&&& Nope0 you2re Dut 5I fatter&M
Layne Norton FAQ
0nterestin' tou't but isnMt it Cust tatH a speculationH 2ouldnMt it also be said tat
since your muscles "ere in a star(ation type period &or so lon' (ea(y "orkouts G
restricted calories) tat tey "ould be readily a(ailable to absorb nutrients and
supercompensate i& you "ill &or te lack o& &ood a(ailable "ile dietin'H also you
"ill be able to "ork out "it more intensity8 etc. =ust playin' de(ils ad(ocate i donMt
kno" i& one "ay is ri't or te oter
lon3 dietin3 ) lo' leptin0 lo' 840 redu!ed metaboli! rate ) primed to tore fat& Sure it2
pe!ulation but it2 baed on year of reear!h on my part and alo year of
experimentation 'ith myelf and people C 'ork 'ith
#n resettin' metabolism:
%oes te body typically need /. to /E "eeks to reset its metabolismH 1ecause a
cuttin' diet is catabolic per se8 e(en te most tou't out carb cycle8 "ill lead to a
metabolic drop8 ri'tH
LetMs ima'ine you cut on /- >cal!lbs o& 15 a day. Usually (or teoretically ere) i&
you "ant to maintain &at loss te lon'er youMre in te diet8 te lo"er te calories &all8
e(en i& you cycle and try to minimi*e tis e&&ect.
,o in reality e(en i& you make your calories 'o pro'ressi(ely lo"er and lo"er8 you
constantly stay on /- >cal!lbs 15!day 1U3 1A,)% on your 2#N,3AN3LD
%)2:)A,0N< 1M:. 5ic leads to anoter question8 or maybe a "ay to
e(aluate!calculate your current 1M: at di&&erent times into te diet. 5ic "ould
actually be a quiet use&ul tool8 0 tink. 0Md be really interested to ear "at you
tink about tis.
8he more of a !alori! defi!it you 3o into the more your metabolim lo'& And ye0 it
take that lon3 to 2reet2 your metabolim
#n un'er post contest:
A&ter contest o" many days does it take normaly to &eel no un'er at all or it is
only appen "en 0 ric my body&at setpointH
alot of thi i phyiolo3i!al but mu!h of it i alo py!holo3i!al& Studie ha#e found that
it !an take 'eek and e#en month to properly re!o#er from a diet that in!lude your
appetite re3ulation& ;hat you "= N=8 'ant to do i 3or3e yourelf pot !ontet&
Eai!ally C take 'hate#er number of !arbohydrate C 'a eatin3 durin3 my !ontet and C
Layne Norton FAQ
add 65 to that0 'ith my protein tartin3 at ++5 and my fat tartin3 at ,1& on!e my 'ei3ht
tabaliFe C add another +53 of !arb and 'ait til my 'ei3ht tabaliFe& 8hen C add +53 of
!arb a3ain 0 and keep repeatin30 thi 'ay you add 'ei3ht lo'ly o you don2t o#erhoot
your bodyfat etpoint&
#n o&&season post contest:
As &ar as o&&season 'oes 8 is it basically like your pre6contest article on
bodybuildin'.com 8 &ind you protein need 8 &ind your &at need 8 ten subtract it &rom
your calorie totals and te le&t o(er calories "ould carbs H &or e4ample :
0m --. pound male body builder about NK b& a'e -/. 0 take in --. 'rams o&
protein8 /J 6-. K &at "ic "ould be FN 'rams o& &at . As &or carbs tat "ould make
it about 99. 'rams carbs %oes tis sound like 0m on te ri't track &or nutrition
8hat i exa!tly 'hat i re!ommend
a"esome 8 and ten "it te competition sta'e you adCust te protein to /.-
'ramsper pound 8 and adCust te &at to no more ten 7.K and le&t o(er once a'ain
'oes to carbs 8 also one oter tin' 8 do ou still do your pre contest dietin' as stated
in your article at bb.com
li3htly different but the prin!iple are #ery imilar till
$art $: Miscellaneous
#n creatin' custom diets:
;ey Layne8 are you "illin' to create custom diets &or clientsH
ye C do offer it for a fee& Cf you are intereted :M me
#n spot reduction:
Ct appear pot redu!in3 may indeed be poible0 ho'e#er CM= poibly the bet 'ay to
do it 'ould be do ome ab firt to 3et lipolyi 3oin3 in that area B your abdominal fat
releain3 free fatty a!id and then do ome !ardio after that in order to in!reae the
oxidation of thoe free fatty a!id o they are not re7tored&
Layne Norton FAQ
<ood 'yms by te U o& 0llinois Urbana!2ampia'n
5atMs a 'ood 'ym by te U o& 0llinois Urbana!2ampia'nH
there are a fe' option
7<efinery i 'ell eLuipped B open +* hour but i pretty expeni#e and i kind of
o!!upied by yuppie and they 'ould ne#er tolerate omeone like me&
7Jold Jym in Champai3n or in -rbana$ not a 'ell eLuipped a the refinery and not
open +* hour but ha a 3ood atmophere 'ith a lot of !ompetitor0 and the re3ular
people tolerate omeone like me
7Cardinal fitne i an ok 3ym0 motly be3inner B frat boy0 dumbbell not o#er /11
7Mettler Fitne !enter$ ame a !ardinal
#n purcasin' supplements:
0 "as "onderin' i& you a(e a 'old card &rom <N2 and do you sop tereH
troy i am #ery fortunate in that C ha#e had multiple ponor for the lat 4 year the main
one bein3 !i#ation B bodybuildin3&!om& C honetly !an2t remember the lat time i paid
for upplement& C am Luite lu!ky in that re3ard
#&&season!contest stats:
5at are te `s you use and o" muc L1M do you a(e..une /6th0 +1160 15$*5 :M
i2m about +11 lb LEM and in the offeaon C do about +513 protein%day 'ith any'here
from *1175113 CH= B about ,17613 fat
,o you compete at -.. and 'et tat ard "it 9 to J.. 'rams carbsH 3;A3,
5#5O Dou must eat Cust enou' protein to &ill a ca(ity at eac sittin' in order to
keep it at -J. "it 9 to J.. carbs......
A -.. 'ram piece o& cicken as 9E.N 'rams protein and tat cooks do"n to a piece
smaller tan te palm o& my and
oh no0 that2 offeaon bro orry&
pre!ontet i take in around +513 protein0 +113 !arb0 517,13 fat
Layne Norton FAQ
Abs (isible durin' o&&season:
;ey Layne8 do you tink its possible &or a natural tat 0,N3 an ecto to a(e abs
"ile puttin' on mass in te o&&seasonH
!ertainly& i2m not an e!to by any mean
#n natural testosterone production:
%o belie(e "orkin' out alot makes and!or elps te body to produce more testH
And o" lon' do natural bodybuilders compete &orHH #nly reason 0 ask is because
e(erytin' you see no" a days is about te 'uys in 0FF1. 0 Cust turned -9 and am
easily te stron'est o& my li&e and 0 &eel better (s e(en "en 0 "as teen8 but 0 cant
elp but "onder i& my o"n natural test is declinin' e(en still...
Some of the bet natural bodybuilder are in their late 41 and e#eral are e#en in their
late *1
Natural Federations:
;ey layne 0m competin' in my &irst so" ne4t year. 5ats a 'ood amateur natty
&ederation to 'et my &eet "et in. 0 li(e in ,an %ie'o by te "ay.
Future competition plans:
5at are your plans &or competition in te &utureH Are you doin' any 'uest
posin'sH do you do seminarsH
Not !ompetin3 until +11@ mot likely& :robably no 3uet poin3&&& not at leat until C
tart preppin3& C2#e had a fe' offer but C 'ant to !ome in really really 3ood hape&&& if
you !ome in not 3reat hape you run the rik of ne#er 3ettin3 hired a3ain& C 'ill be doin3
ome eminar& Ha#e one tentati#ely planned for early +118 in mi!hi3an&
#n competin' in te N$2
Layne8 someone asked me a question "ic 'ot me tinkin'8 a(e you e(er
competed in te N$2H 0& not8 'ot any plans to one dayQ maybe team uni(erseH
C ha#e !ompeted t'i!e& C 3ot *th in the LH; di#iion at the +11* 8ampa bay !lai! B
did not pla!e at the !a#eman in +11*& C 'a a little di!oura3ed be!aue C felt like C
Layne Norton FAQ
hould ha#e done better at both& C2m Dut not ure CHm a 3ood N:C type phyiLue&
C may do one in the future0 Dut nothin3 planned ri3ht no'&
C2m not ure ho' 'ell C 'ould do in the 8eam -& Honetly at thi point C think C2d 3et my
a handed to me
N<A posin' duration:
;o" lon' do te N<A Cud'es usually a(e you old posesH 0 a(e been oldin' &or
7. seconds in my practice to prep &or te so". No" im Cust tryin' to 'et used to te
real tin'.
41 e!ond i more than enou3h time
Laynes %+%:
For your (ideo8 "ill you be so"in' us "at you are eatin' and "en on te typical
dayH 3at "ould be a"esome.
there 'ill be detailed diet info& ho'e#er0 i2m not 3oin3 to do the typi!all bodybuilder
thin3 and ho' people Dut 'hat C eat&&& i don2t ha#e the ame body a e#eryone& C am
3oin3 to ho' e#eryone ho' to !ontru!t a bai! pro3ram baed on their parti!ular
phyiLue B 3oal& Ct 'on2t be extremely detailed in that ape!t a it 'ould take /1 hour
to 3o throu3h e#erythin30 but it 'ill be more informati#e than anythin3 ele out there in
that ape!t
2areer i'li'ts:
0 "as Cust "onderin' i& you mind tellin' me "at youMre i'est bodybuildin'
acie(ements a(e been to date and any particular 'oals you mi't a(e alon' te
same linesH
'ell C 3ue my !areer hi3hli3ht are
7+11* AEA Mr& Cndiana B Mr& Cllinoi =#erall ;inner
7+11, =CE Jreat Lake tate men2 o#erall !hampion >pro Lualified?
7+11, NJA Heart of Ameri!a Natural Clai! men2 open o#erall !hampion >pro
Layne Norton FAQ
#n smokin'!drinkin':
%o you smokeH %o you drinkH %o you &eel doin' tese "ould make you not be a
InaturalI bodybuilderH Not tryin' to insti'ate8 but i& AA, abstinence is Custi&ied by
its ill e&&ects8 "ouldnt dru' use be looked do"n upon as "ell.
C do not moke a#e the o!!aional !i3ar >maybe on!e e#ery *7, month? and C may ha#e
2a2 drink e#ery !ouple of 'eekK ho'e#er al!ohol in mall doe i a!tually Luite 3ood for
you& 8hat aid C a3ree 'ith you that many natural are hypo!rite in that many of them
!ut 'ater >probably more dan3erou and dama3in3 than a lot of teroid? and moke
'hi!h i definitely 'ore&
#n takin' $roormones!$rosteroids!banned ,ubstances:
Layne8 0 made a stupid mistake8 because i pi''ed out a&ter my contest and summer
"as near and 0 'ot desperate to in 'et in sape &or summer8 so i bou't a(oc and
did a cycle durin' te summer8 "ill 0 e(er be able to compete as a natural a'ainH 0
ne(er did a p be&ore nor touc any kind o& per&ormance enancin' dru's. ;o"
lon' sould 0 "ait be&ore 0 do a tested so"H - yearsH
5ould 0 only be limited N$2H 2ould 0 do #21H 0& you "ere in my soes "at
"ould you doH
Cf you took a banned ubtan!e then you 'ill be rele3ated to N:C for a bit& AEA dru3
free len3th i 4 year0 =CE i 5 year and CNEF%NANEF i 6 yearK ome or3 like
mu!le mania B -SEF only reLuire you to pa a urine tet the day of the ho' o if it i
out of your ytem you are 3ood to 3o&
#n 3rainin' "ile sick:
;ey Layne8 do you train "en your sickH 0M(e 'ot soulders to train today8 and 0Mm
not sure i& 0 sould tou' it out8 or take te day o&&. 0 &elt a cold comin' on about 7E
ours a'o8 0Mm kinda con'ested ri't no"8 and Cust &eelin' a little letar'ic and
li'teaded. 0M(e been "orse8 but 0 Cust "ant to kno" i& trainin' "ould be counter
producti(e at tis point. 2an you build muscle "ile bein' sick i& you back it up
"it solid nutrition and sleepH
Cf you don2t ha#e a fe#er trainin3 moderately 'ill a!tually help but C 'ould not 3o uper
hard B hea#y
#n &uture plans:
Layne Norton FAQ
%o you a(e a time &rame &or te ne4t time you "ill be competin'H 0 remember you
sayin' you "ere takin' o&& some time to let your body rest and put on some si*e but
0 dont remember &or o" lon'.
no not really0 probably late 1@ i 3ue
5y M.LH
73ettin3 married in 18
7'orkin3 on my :h"
7'ritin3 a book
7filmin3 the #ideo erie
7filmin3 my "A"
7'orkin3 'ith about a many !lient a C !an handleK 3ettin3 about /117/51 email per
0nter(ie" "it Layne:
#n Laynes $.%. "ork:
Layne8 o" is your $d pro'ress comin' alon'H Are you absolutely &looded "it
ome"ork and lab"ork -9!FH
C am flooded but pro3re ha been lo'& i probably ha#e 4 year left& people Dut ha#e no
idea ho' mu!h 3oe into a phd0 it2 really nut
5at e4actly %#), 'o into a $%HO 5ell8 your one any"ayH 0M(e been meanin' to
ask tat question &or a "ile but "as tryin' to keep any QMs trainin'!nutrition
;ell firt i the !la time& C think it2 around 417*1 !redit hour0 mot of that i done&
8hen you ha#e to take a Lualifyin3 exam Dut to be eli3ible to do your prelim& 8he
Lualifyin3 exam i bai!ally an oral exam 'here you 3et 3rilled on your kno'led3e of
nutrition B metabolim for about 4 hour by * profeor& C paed that lat .anuary0
a!!ordin3 to my !ommittee C 'a one of the bet they had done in the lat fe' year o
that made me feel 3ood&
Layne Norton FAQ
No' onto your reear!h& 8hi i the !rux of your :h"&& normally it take about *75
experiment in order to ha#e enou3h data to 3enerate 47* peer re#ie'ed tudie and a fe'
abtra!t& =n!e you ha#e done about +74 tudie you are uually reLuired to do your
prelim& A prelim i bai!ally a hort preentation of the reear!h you ha#e done thu far
and then you are 3rilled about it by another team of profeor and they de!ide if you
ha#e enou3h Luality data to ubmit a thei& Gou only 3et + hot to pa your prelim& C
ha#e not done mine yet a C ha#e been tu!k for a 'hile 'orkin3 up my +nd experiment
'hi!h i be!ommin3 a pain in the a and the bane of my exiten!e& =n!e C 3et it finihed
>hopefully? C 'ill take my prelim& After that C ha#e to finih up my reear!h& 8hen C ha#e
to defend my full thei a3aint that ame team of profeor& =n!e that i done C ha#e to
!ompile my data and depoit my thei to obtain my :h"
#n Laynes "ork:
Layne 0 donMt see a Cob listed any"ere in tere do you Cust li(e o&& o& your prep
coacin' incomeH
Ge0 that and C 3et a tipend for my 3rad reear!h0 but it2 not exa!tly a tellar in!ome lol&
C2m not hurtin3 for money but C ure a hell ain2t ri!h either
#n Laynes interest in $o"erli&tin':
;ell ome ne' toni3ht& My !ompetiti#e pirit ha really been 'ei3hin3 on me lately& C
ha#e at leat about another /&57+ year before i tep onta3e a3ain and C2#e really been
a!hin3 to !ompete& So C ha#e been thinkin3 of tetin3 natural ra' po'erliftin3& C
!oner#ati#ely looked at my lift and !he!ked out 'here i 'ould pla!e&&& end up C 'ould
be around top +5 nationally 'ith my lift& So toni3ht C de!ided to 3o in and Dut 3o ni!e
and eay and ee about 'hat my Luat one rep max 'a& C ha#e not re3ularly done ba!k
Luat in o#er a year no'K been doin3 only front Luat& My peronal re!ord on Luat
Layne Norton FAQ
'a *55 for 4 >not 3reat rep? o C aid if C hit *55 for / CHd be happy&
So C 'arm up and tart in3le
*15 S / eay
then *55 S / 'a e#en eaier than *15
So C de!ide to 3o for *65 for a in3le& 8hi i more 'ei3ht than C2#e e#er had on the bar
before& C hit that and it felt e#en better than *55&
So ob#iouly C ha#e to 3o for *@5 >5 plate?& 8hi i a3ain more 'ei3ht than C2#e e#er had
on the bar& C 3et under the bar0 'alk it out0 3o do'n almot too far >Cabel aid my a
'a near my ankle? a C2m tryin3 to Luat to parallel to maximiFe Luad in#ol#ement >my
3lute B ham are bi3 enou3h? and pre it up no problem& ALM=S8 511 LES F=< M9O
C 'a o ex!ited& 9pe!ially after not Luattin3 for a yearO C think realiti!ally C !an 3et
my Luat around 5517565 by fall for a meet&
My deadlift :< i 5*5 >and that 'a after doin3 *15 for 5 on front Luat? o C feel C !ould
probably 3et near ,11 lb for dead&
My bet ben!h i 4/5 for 57, o C think C !ould be around 451 on that& So C2m really
ex!ited0 no' C ha#e a 3oal and C am 3oin3 to make it happenO
;o" "ould your trainin' can'e up &or it or a(ent you tou't tat &ar yetH =ust
dont you be con(ertin' &rom 11in' to $Lin' completelyOO
=h no0 the po'erliftin3 trainin3 'ill be a upplement to my bodybuildin3 trainin3
Dou "ould be 3op -J Nationally i& you compete in te -9-Lb 2lass but i& you do te
--. it "ould be top /.. A"esome8 you are one stron' M#F#O
C meant top +5 nationally in all the or3 !ombined& Eut doen2t matter till C do it in
!ontet&&& until then CHm Dut talkin3 ma!k&&& time to ba!k it up&
Layne Norton FAQ
#n Li(er )n*yme +alues:
0M(e seen lots o& discussion on te e&&ects o& anabolics on li(er en*yme readin's. %a(e
e(en addressed tis (at least once) in is QPA. 1ut can natties "o do N#3 use any
IsupplementsI a(e sli'tly or moderately i' li(er en*yme readin's due solely to
ea(y "ei't trainin'H
All li(er en*ymes are normal e4cept:
A,3 /N/ (sould be ^ 7.)
AL3 FL (sould also be ^ 7.)
0 do N#3 a(e epatitis and a(e ne(er ad a eart attack or anytin' close. )><
()2<) and all oter tests come out e4cellent. 0 do a(e ypertension "ic "e are
be'innin' to treat.
0M(e been re&erred to a Iresearc teamI at a local ospital8 and teyMll apparently
run a "ack o& tests8 but could tis be caused by serious li&tin'H 0 a(e a &eelin' tat
tis is sometin' 0Mll a(e to take an acti(e role in mana'in'8 because once te tests
start and te teories emer'e8 0 could turn into a (eritable 'uinea pi' &or tis
IteamI8 "ic almost certainly "ill not include serious li&ters &amiliar "it te
e&&ects o& "ei't trainin' on te body.
Ge0 a!tually anyone 'ho lift 'ei3ht or ha a hi3h protein diet 'ill likely ha#e ele#ated
li#er enFyme imply from in!reaed turno#er& Ct i nothin3 to 'orry about in my opinion0
but if you are !on!erned there are more pe!ifi! tet your do!tor !an run&
2ould you point to any articles or studies tat 0 can brin' "it me to te doctorMsH
C 'ould !he!k out my arti!le here$ http$%%'''&bodybuildin3&!om%fun%layne48&htm
Layne Norton FAQ
Layne on Ultimate talk radio:
Hey e#eryone0 C appeared on -ltimate 8alk <adio today& My e3ment 'a a bit hort but
C am !omin3 ba!k next 'eek to finih it up& Che!k it out& Gou !an liten to the ho' here&
C !ome on at about *4 minute&
#n Laynes ,tats durin' te -../ 0N1F Mid America Muscle 2lassic o(erall 3een
5at "as your o&&season and contest "ei't "en you became te -../ 0N1F Mid
America Muscle 2lassic o(erall 3een campionH Also8 o" tall are youH
+11 offeaon0 /65 !ontet0 C am 52/1&5M
A typical day &or Layne:
2ould you please post an outline o& a typical day &or youH 0Mm al"ays interested in
seein' o" success&ul people mana'e teir time
6$4178$11$ 'akeup fix breakfat B 'alk the do3
8$1178$*5$ an'er email
8$*57@$11$ bu to lab
@$117/$11 lab 'ork
Layne Norton FAQ
/$117/$*5$ lun!h B an'er more email
/$*57*$41$ lab 'ork
*$417*$*5$ 3o home0 uually an'er email uin3 my phone
*$*575$41$ 'alk do3 B fix pre'orkout meal
5$4175$*5$ 3o to 3ym
5$*576$41$ 'orkout0 uually !hat 'ith a fe' friend for /5 minute after'ard
6$4176$*5$ 3o home
6$*578$11$ fix dinner
8$117@$11 dinner B 'at!h 8A 'ith Cabel
@$117//$11$ tudy B 'ork on mi! tuff for lab0 3rant 'ritin30 reear!h0 et!
//$117/+$11 an'er email and eat pre bed meal
uually 'ake up in the middle of the ni3ht to ue the bathroom B ha#e a protein bar B
ome ECAA before 3oin3 ba!k to bed&