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MA. (Astrology)
Superintending Engineer (Retd.)
1 . Transit and Aspects 1 - 1 6
Hindu versus Western Astrology, Types of Transit,
Method to find and use transit, Terms explained,
Table of aspects.
2. Timings of Transit. 1 7- 43
Rule for the transit, Vedha, Strength of Planets,
Dasa and Bhukti, Triple Transits, Eclipses and its effect.
3. Transit of Planets in Houses. 44- 1 04
Sun 45
Moon 50
Mars 51
Venus 6 2
Jupiter 6 5
Saturn 76
Retrograde Planets 80
Rahu/Ketu 87
Uranus 93
Neptune 96
Pluto 98
Through Nakshatras 1 02
4. Aspects in Transit 1 05- 1 31
5. Transit of Planets in Ascendant and 1 0th house 1 32- 1 51
In Ascendant all planets 1 32
In 1 0th House alll planets 1 42
6 . Transit of Planets over Natal Planet
1 52- 323
The Sun 1 52- 1 6 9
II The Moon 1 6 9- 1 82
III The Mercury 1 82- 1 94
IV The Mars 1 95- 209
V The Venus 209- 223
VI The Jupiter
223- 238
The Saturn 238- 257
Rahu and Ketu 257- 277
IX The Uranus 277- 295
X The Neptune 295- 31 0
XI The Pluto
31 0- 323
Transit of planets to Ascendant and
Mid Heaven
Summary of Planets in transit
Effects on decanates, on Houses of horoscope,
and in Mundane Astrology
Just off the Beat
Mutual relations of various signs, Linking the
signs, How opposite signs attract?
324- 347
348- 374
With the complete birth record and Horoscope, the day to
day delineations can be found more accurately from the effects
of Transits of Planets over the Natal planets in the Horoscope,
to the Ascendant, 1 0th house, in signs and houses. Atransit
occurs when a planet, moving in its orbit forms an aspect to
planet, or enters in any house, in your natal horoscope.
The special significance is attached to yearly birth chart,
solar chart or in Varsh Phal as known in Hindu Astrology. In
Western Astrology it is called Progressed Horoscope.
The study of transit is one of the most fundamental
techniques in astrology. The transit indicates important trends
and issues in your life is one of the few points upon which all
astrologers agree. Along with directions and progressions, there
are basis to Astrologer's predictive methodology. Under each
transit, the people are most likely to learn and experience,
emotionally, psychologically and circumstantially and these
points are to be delineated through the birth chart. The transit
indicates times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions
and inappropriate for others, and certain kinds of events often
do occur with particular transit. But I may add also that transit
should never be viewed, as signifying events that will inevitably
come to pass, with you as a helpless observer.
Extensive delineations of the transits of Sun, Moon and
planets to all of the major factors in the horoscope by conjunc-
tion, sextile, square, trine and opposition aspects have been
provided in this volume. Agreat difficulty is being experienced
by all the astrologers to pin point an event without any detailed
volume in the market. So all efforts have been made to provide
maximum combinations of transits of all planets with other all
planets. Keeping this in view, the author feels this to be a
complete book on "Transit of planets". Chapter No 4 has been
added with more detailed effectsof transit of planets over Natal
The delineations are based on Hindu Astrology. One
can object, that in Hindu Astrology, the above aspects are not
counted, but author disagrees with this viewpoint. Ihave
already indicated in my famous book, "Prasna Deepika" that
these are Hindu Aspects and are originally from Hindu Astrol-
ogy but have been adopted by in Western Astrology very
To sum up these major transits' we provide that:-
1 . Conjunction is a first House aspects.
2. Sextile is a 3rd and llthhouse aspect.
3. Trine is a 5th and 9th house aspect.
4. Square is a 4th and 1 0th house aspect.
5. Opposition is a 7th house aspect.
Likewise Applying and Seperating terms used in Western
Astrology are actually aspects of Hindu Astrology as mentioned
in our ancient treatises like Phaldeepika, Sanketa Niddi, Jatak
Tatva, Uttarakalamrita etc. These are known as ITTHASALAand
So all the aspects are originally from Hindu Astrology
keeping this in view, this volume has been designed and been
provided with maximum details.
Transit of planets in Houses and Signs have been provided
with sufficient accuracy. Three planets Uranus, Neptune and
Pluto not included in Hindu Astrology find a place like other
planets as their effects stand investigated and powerful by the
Western Astrologers. So to gain knowledge from other sources
always pays.
VEDHAmeans obstructions and is not used in Western
Astrology, but in Hindu Astrology, this term finds a prominent
place during transit for delineations and has been explained in
detail for use of the learned astrologers.
Contrary to the general practice, behef and as detailed in
our old treatises that transit be considered from Moon Sign but
in day to day practice, it is found that the transit gives more
accurate results when analysed from ASCENDANTORLAGNA.
Full house be taken. Flowever degrees of planets at birth and in
transit be taken into consideration. This method has given your
author a good success rather working from Moon Sign. Let us
try and find the difference.
As indicated in opening paragraph of this Preface that
transit of planets has great significance in Ascendant and 1 0th
house, soa separate chapter in detail has been provided indicat-
ing the specific effects of such transits.
Transit of planet in nakshatras indicates specific results
which have been expanded. In addition ECLIPSES are special
kind of transits and are more effective when it either conjoins or
oppose a natal planet. Eclipses are often said to be difficult,
which is indicated upon the condition of the natal planet as
indicated by the house position and aspects to it from the other
natal planets. The effects of Eclipses have been detailed in a
separate chapter, which is not commonly available in other
books. The effects of Eclipses have been detailed onDecanates,
on houses of horoscope, and in Mundane Astrology.
The last chapter, "Just off the Beat" is quite useful'
instructive and educative for the Astrologers and particularly
for the public at large who do not know Astrology but have bent
of mind for this celestial Science.
The author is thankful in the end for inspiration and
help extended to me by a versatile, educated and soft spoken
coy. "Planets in Transit" and "Astrology for Millions" books
were a great source of help for which we are thankful to authors.
This book will be of great assistance and help to all Astrologers,
ametures, and public at large. If the readers are benefitted, we
are greatly rewarded.
Jyotish Tantra Kendra (Dr. L.R. Chawdhri)
When a planet passes over the Zodiacal degree occupying
any influential point of horoscope such as M.C. Ascendant, Sun's
place etc. it is said to transit that point by Ephemeral motion. Transit
in Hindu Astrology is termed as GOCHAR.
In GOCHARthe planets forms an aspect with the natal
planets, may be conjunction, opposition or square, sextile, trine etc.
This needs a careful study and analysis. Major aspect has more
value than the minor.
In Hindu Astrology transit is generally reckoned from MOON
SIGN,* which is called Chander Lagan or Janam Rashi in a birth
Amovement or transit is the normal feature but its
importance lies when in transit occurs whenever a planet, moving
in orbit during your life time, forms an aspects to a planet, in your
birth chart. Also when planet passes through the part of the Zodiac
occupied by a house in your chart, we say that a planet is transiting
that house.
Direction and Progression are the two terms connected with
transit and are explained for better understanding. There is aslight
difference between the effects of transit and a same aspect by a
direction. Aspect by direction lasts longer than those by transitTo
know the effects of aspects by Direction, one should be familiar
with the effects of aspects by direction, which are modified due
to the shorter duration
DIRECTION:- The calculations made are after birth from the
nativity for the purpose of ascertaining the time of event. These are
classed under two heads, Primary and Secondary. Indirection the
Mid Heaven, Ascendant,Sun and Moon, are the most important
centres and when, working by what are called Primary directions,
each of these points in the nativity may be turned into right
ascension found by measuring from the first point of Aries Zero
The planetary positions at birth are always considered as
fixed and stationery through out the life, the influences it were
being impressed upon that spot which they hold at the moment of
The most popular and simple method application of Direc-
tion is that in which Sun and Moon play the most prominent part,
the plan adopted being to consider each day after birth as year of life.
The Sun, by progression each day after birth, forms aspects to the
radical position of the planets, mid heaven and ascendant, and
these are termed PRIMARY ASPECTS .In addition to these the
planets are also continuously moving from the radical to pro-
gressive positions, these are termed as Mutual aspects These
mutual aspects point out the nature of the events likely to
happenjudgement being given from the signs and houses from
which they occur, while, when Moon forms any aspect to these
primary or mutual aspects that help to fix the time when the events
will occur. The simple rule to find out the Directions in operation
is as follows:
Count the number of days after birth day equal to the number
of years that have elapsed since birth, and either fill into the radical
map the planetary positions, including the Sun and Moon for the
birth time on that day, or tabulate the positions seperately, but the
object is to find the aspect between the radical positions and
progressive, as these are termed for the birthday required. The Sun
moves one degree per year and Moon one degree five minutes per
month but the exact position has to be ascertained for each month
from the good ephemeris.
Progressed Horoscope:- Ahoroscope erected for as many
days after birth as the native is years of age, and from which
directions are calculated. In Hindu astrology this is called
"VARSH PHAL" or Annual chart or Solar chart etc.
The study of the transit is one of the most fundamental
techniques in astrology. The transit indicates the timing as well as
important trends and issues in your life, This is one of the few
points upon which all astrologers agree. The Directions and
Progressions, form the basis of the astrologer for predective
methodology .Under each transit, people are most likely to learn
and experience, emotionally, psychologicaly and circumstantially
and these points can be delineated through the birth chart. The
transit indicates the times that are appropriate for certain kinds of
actions and inappropriate for others, and what kind of events
often do occur in particular transitBut Imay also add that transit
should never be viewed as signifying event that will inevitably
came to pass, with you as a helpless observer.
The birth chart indicates that certain incidents which will
come in your life but the transit denotes how these will be unfolded
in time exactly as progression does the transit gives greaterdetails
over short range. The progression indicates a more general
structure over a longer time.
In Hindu astrology transit is always considered from the
Moon sign at birth, whether it is beginning, middle or end of the
sign,the movement of planets are also taken sign by sign, and the
relative position or the exact longitudinal distance between Moon
and planets is not taken for consideration.
It may also be mentioned that the extent to which a planet
can give its result would be according to the strength and weak-
ness, whether it is exalted, vergotama, or in neutral sign, friend's
house, enemy's camp or debilitated.The position of sign denotes
extent to which it can do good or otherwise. Hindu sages have
said that Dasa should also be considered while analay sing transits,
they are of the opinion that unless Dasas agree with the transit
whatever is said for transit system will not operate, it will stand
amended. Another dictum known as vedha should also be paid
due consideration.
In Western system, they take into consideration the cusps
of houses both in birth chart as well as in Progression chart. In
Western Astrology no planet is stationary excepting those for a
short period during the time when they commence retrograde
motion. Therefore we note down the position of planets at the time
of birth and in a progressed horoscope these planets will either be
transiting over th epoint occupied by the planets or while transiting
they may foim either favourable or the unfavourable aspects .In
Western system, conjunction or strong aspects of30,6 0.90,1 20
and 1 50 degrees and so on are taken into consideration. In
progressed horoscope, the effects will be experienced for a long
period whereas in Transit the duration will be short.
Inday to day practice, it is found that the transit gives more
accurate results when are analysed from Ascendant or Lagna. Full
house be taken into account. Ihave already detailed in this book
that conjunction, Sextile, Trine, Opposition, etc aspects have been
borrowed by Western from Hindu Astrology and so the aspects
should be considered while analysing the results.
The above method has given y ourauthoragood fair degree
ofsuccessratherthanworkingfromMoonsign. Letustryand find
the difference.
The duration or effects of transits depend on two factors.
First, note which planet is transiting, for each planet moves
through the Zodiac at its own rate of motion, the Moon being the
fastest. Their order of speed is, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars,
Jupitar, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Secondly, it should be checked that whether the transiting
planet becomes retrograde before it gets out of or of aspect with
the transited house or planet?
Frequently a planet while in transit reaches a certain point,
turns retrograde and recrosses that point, then turns direct,
crosses that point third time thus affecting a house or planet for
much longer period than usual. When the' aspect is complete,
taking intoconsideration'ORB'theeffectsare quickly diminished,
unless the planet transiting becomes retrograde and goes back
over the aspect. During a period of good direction, the potency
of good transit is enhanced and the adverse transits diminishes
the influence and vice versa.
Aprogressed or directional aspect is technically due to
operate when the aspect is exactly complete, but the transit of a
planet over the place of a directional aspect which is still forming
may excite it into action prematurely within a degree or so. If we
find a directional aspect which is still forming, look carefully
through the current ephemeries and note down when Sun or any
otherplanetmore especially major plant will cross overthe critical
point, and record the date when effects will be felt particularly.
The transits can be classed as good ones and bad ones. The
good one make every thing smooth and ensure success and also
any enterprise begun under their influence, whereas during bad
transit everything goes wrong and a man becomes helpless. Bad
transits can be classed as opposition (Except for Jupiter), Squares,
and about half of the conjunctions, where as the good ones are
sextiles, and other conjunctions.
There are certain combinations, which are usually difficult,
particularly square and opposition aspects. These includes Sun-
Saturn, Sun- Uranus, Sun- Neptune, Moon Mars, Moon Saturn,
Moon- Neptune, Moon- Pluto, Mercury- Neptune.
Venus- Neptune, Mars- Saturn, Mars- Uranus,
Mars- Neptune, Mars- Pluto, Jupiter- Saturn,
Saturn- Uranus, Saturn- Neptune, Saturn- Pluto,
Uranus- Neptune,Rahu and Ketu with all planets.
The above transits are destructive from the point they pre-
cisely indicate, which you can handle, it includes sickness, and
accidents as well as the actionsofotherpeople. They do not cause
destruction, but will change the weak area of your life. Actually
such transit reforms a person, in the sense that all your short
comings and wrong type of actions are halted. You are renewed,
revitalized and purified. Sometime you may remain without any
appreciable trouble.
Secondly there are easy transits suchas trines, sextiles, and
several conjunction including opposition of Jupiter which
Sun- Moon, Sun Mercury, Sun Venus, Sun Jupiter,
Moon- Venus, Moon- Jupiter, Venus- Mars,
Venus- Jupiter, Mars- Jupiter,
The transits create circumstances that one has to confront
certain issues in his life at a particular time. The reaction of your
mind makes the transit good or bad. Various personal strengths
may enable you to overcome any negative indication. Similarly,
your weakness may make mess out of a most favourable transit.
The chart of transit be prepared and be annexed with the
horoscope permanently in order to check the results of transit of the
planets in different signs.
An easy way to find the transit and record them is to make
a table showing for each planet the degrees of the Zodiac which is
in exact aspect or Conjunction (1 st house aspect), Sextile (3rd and
llthhouse aspects). Square (4thand 1 0th house aspects), trine (5th
and 9th houses aspects), and opposition (7th house aspect). But
in addition, the aspects of Mars to 8th house and that of Saturn to
3rd & 1 0th houses alongwith Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu to 5th and 9th
houses should definitely be recorded. Then look in the current
ephemeris and note when any planet will pass through the degrees
you have recorded. In that way you will know the dates whenyour
radix is affected by transiting planets and then you will be in a
position to prepare the chart according to which you will know
whether the aspect formed is good or adverse.
The effects of transit begins about eight degrees prior to
actual completion to major aspects. The influence of a transit
expires quickly after culmination of the aspect. Transit over
minor aspects are hardly perceptible, where as transit over major
aspects are important. From the difference of degrees and motion,
the date of incident can be found.
As far example, the transit of Sun over the conjunction,
square or opposition of the radical Saturn causes mental and
physical depression, and such periods are very unfortunate for
beginning any new or important undertaking. The Sun's orb of
aspect is 1 2 degrees applying as it moves about Idegree in a day.
Unfavourable period continues for 1 2 days and then begins to
wane. Even though there be favourable directional for important
But when favourable transit occurs during favourable direc-
tion or progresses aspects it may be depended upon as fortunate
period especially those days, when the Moon also forms good
aspect but their effect is not so lasting because their period of
operation is shorter.
Before we approach Transit for further analysis, it is of
utmost importance to understand the real meanings of the AS-
PECTSin birth chart. Transit, ProgressionorDirection.these terms
are originally from Hindu Astrology but have been adopted in
Western Astrology very widely.
l.Conjunction:- The first house aspect. When two
heavenly bodies are together at the same point of Zodiac, they are
said to be in RAPATCONJUNCTIONwith each other. The Orb
forwhichis 8 degrees. The effects of conjunctiondepends on the
resultant force created, which varies according to the angle
between them and strength of each force and likewise planets
transmit their influence by means of subtile vibrations through
such other subtile of the solar system, the effects will however,
vary according to whether the waves of one, supplement or
contradict those of others.
The conjunctionof planets are peculiar in their capacity to do
good or evil which is gauged according to their ownership of
houses, their natural qualities. So check the resultant force for
delineation. Conjunctions of Lords 1 ,4,7 and 1 0 houses and of
Times (1 and 5 houses) when unassociated with lords of other
houses are not only powerful in producing good effects of the
signification of houses located and owned by them, but also
brings honour, wealth & general prosperity even if located in evil
houses. But these very lords if very powerful and strong by
position, in ownsign orin exaltation, regardless of othersources
of evils, suchas their union with evil house lord, becomes not
only powerful to do good but help other planets associated with
them towards the same objective.
Conjunction of trine lords are always good irrespective of
their location. But if lords of these houses are associated with the
lords of 8 or 1 1 houses, success is endangered. Planets in
conjunction with maraka or death inflicting houses viz 2nd and
7th becomes powerful enough to cause death in their period and
sub periods according to their relative strength in the birth chart.
The Conjunction of Rahu or Ketu with other planets if it
occurs in houses other than trine and Quadrants are always good,
will produce good or bad results according to the strength of
planete in the chart with which they are associated.
With the transit by conjunction of one planet over another
planet or over a house cusp, there then begins a process or a series
of developments according to the nature of planet involved. The
transiting planet imposes its energy expansion on that of the
transited planet.
2. Sextile:- It is 3rd and 1 1 th house aspect. It indicates
relationships with groups, integration of the self with immediate
surroundings, contact with those surroundings. It can be regarded
as opposition of the trine series. It indicates state of balance,
degree of initiative, one can not remain passive to a sextile. This
is an easy aspect and reinforces your weak point. This influence
does not impel you toaction. Time of reviewand actasperchanged
Abenefic aspect of 6 0 degrees of the nature, it is more or less
colourless aspect and chieflydepends on the planets and signs
between which it occurs. It is often more potent and favourable
than the trine, as it seems to blend two influences of more or less
like nature such as fire and air or earth and water. This aspect
contains the potentiality of the future. You can take initiative
during this transit.
S.Trtne:- It is 5th and 9th house aspect. It includes creative
flow of the life energies that allow for easy self expression, the
liability to expand one's experience of the world and to growinthe
It is a period of easy energy flow and relative lack of stress,
when you can make creative changes but tempted to just flow
along with the correct time when your experience and self expres-
sion expand to make you more wiser and more effective; a period
of little change, even when there is a considerable activity; little
resistance to your efforts, withmatiers oftenworking out withlittle
efforts on your part.
It is a strong benefic aspect of 1 20 degrees. It harmonises the
bodies or vehicles, represented by the sign occupied by planets.
Through Watery signs, it influences the astral or emotional body,
and through Fiery signs the mental body. It is fortunate aspect, for
it establishes harmony, between the influences without and
attitude of the mind, so that its nature is without friction,
antagonism or harshness. It is peaceful, forgiving and charitable.
This aspect does much to improve the otherwise adverse nativity.
When occurring between the luminaries it is more fortunate than
any other favourable aspects to the benefic alone, especially if one
of the benefic planets going in the triangle.
4. Square:- It is 4th and 1 0th aspect. It indicates challenges
from circumstances or others that force you to prove yourself or
to make necessary changes; at a time when a course of action
proves incorrect or, if the challenge is withstood, a time of new
initiative and active forward motion; a challenge of your self
expression, which may force changes in your way of relating to
others or may inaugurate a period of new effectiveness.
Astrongmaleficaspectof90degreesof the nature of Saturn.
The square is the most critical and conflicting of aspects. It never
fails to give an attitude which is disturbed accompanying it. It is
also like Saturn, aseparative aspect usually affectingthemoral tone
of the nativity. It is known as the angle of pain and sorrow, bringing
remorse and a perturbed state of mind and feeling with worry,
anxiety and despondency. Illnesses produced by the square
aspects are oftenslowandlingering but when acute, they are never
1 0
soquicklyoveras the opposition. Everyconditionoreventarising
out of this aspect is critical and turns the tide of fortune one way
or other definitely with more or less permanent results.
5. Opposition:- This is a 7th house aspect and includes
confrontation and partnership, the self as experienced through
others. The conflict between one's personal world and external
world. It is a time of confrontation with others; the culmination of
your affairs in someway or the total collapse of some area of your
life that has not worked successfully; events that increase sdf-
consciousness through meetings with ofhers interaction between
your inner and outer worlds; a time of dynamic changes.
When two planets are 1 80 degree apart, this aspect is
formed. This is anaspectofhatered,orontheother hand of perfect
balance. Probably thebalance is onlyreached when the opposition
is only partial and it may well be that the hatered engendered by
an incomplete opposition is due to the disharmony arising out of
the incompleteness of this balance, rather than to the opposition
aspect itself.
Jupiter's opposition is benefic always and is an exception.
Esoterically the opposition denotes the ending or finishing
of fate or Karma, and is of the nature of Uranus and Sun.
On the other hand a number of things can occur during this
transit. If the process has gone well, this is the time when your
affairs reach a culmination and you begin to reap the reward of
your efforts. But you must consider the opposition not as it is a
transitional phase in which you have done and reforms a native to
moveontonewlevel. You willgetrewardforwhat you have done.
The future beckons, and a new stage of development is about to
6 . Semi Sextile (30):- This aspect seems to create some
tension, because it bridges the two adjacent signs, which have no
connection with each other symbolically. Adjacent signs are of
different elements, quadruplicity and polarity. The Semi Sextile
generates a sense of discomfort about the issues signified by the
planets or houses involved in the transit.
1 1
7. Semi Square (45):- This is like a square but less strong.
This represents a dynamic linkbetween the energies that is likely
to produce change and tension, if one is unable to go along with
the changes involved. Experience has shown that these aspects are
quite significant in transit, but only when several occur at once of
when one occurs in connection with a major transit.
Having explained the major expects, we feel that one should
understand separating aspects which includes separating
sextile,square and trine which are also of importance.
SEPARATING SEXTILE:- After the conjunction, the
planet start separating. It indicates the process that began with the
conjunction is nowonastable path and functioning well. Now you
have seen what happened at the conjunction, and you should
examine it and see how well it works. If it is not working well, this
is the time to make adjustments. Necessary changes that are left
under will have an unfortunate effect at the next stage, the transit
by square. Success at the time of Sextile does not guarantee
anything without this process of scrutiny.
2. Separating Square:- If should be noted that this approach
to transits make a distinction between a separating aspect by
transit in which the transiting planet is moving away from the last
conjunction towards the opposition, and the approaching aspect
by transit, in which the transiting planet is moving back toward
the next conjunction away from last opposition.
The Separating square is a time of crisis whichdoes not mean
disasterbutcanbeanextremelyproductivetime. The processthat
began at the last conjunction now undergoes a period of testing
to determine its weak points and to find out if thecourse of events
should be continued or not. Remember that at this point a
psychological change in you is an event. Unfortunately you will
not always realize that a failure has occured. You may be able to
piece together and structure that is basically not viable in your life
and keep it working for a time. But if you can, it is better to be as
realistic as possible now, write off any effort that has failed and
begin looking about a new course to follow. If you do this, next
opposition will be the time of new beginningqustasifit were a
1 2
conjunction. Of course, if you succeed in overcoming the
challenges signified by the square, then this will be a time of great
forward motion leading to the culmination of your efforts, which
will come at the next opposition.
3. Separating Trine: - The trine is like the sextile in that it is
a time of relative ease scanning the series of events of this cycle. If
you have overcome the crisis of square, you should get everything
into shape forthe culmination of the cycle at the opposition. On
the other hand, the square showed that your efforts have been
unsuccessful or harmful, you should take this time to think about
what has happened and learn as much as you can from it, so that
when opposition comes, you will be able to make anew start. The
danger of this trine is that if you have managed to keep going at
something that is basically not a good idea, you will persist in it
now, convinced that you have managed to save yourself or what
youaredoing. But the opposition willshow that youhavenotwon
by bringing about a more complete downfall.
1 . The Applying Trine:- This transit is analogous to the
separating sextile rather than separating trine, because it is the first
easy state equilibrium after the initial crisis symbolished by the
opposite. Be ready to meet the needs of the changing future for
good. Check what kind of changing roles you can play in the times
to come. If you began a new phase of activity at the opposition,
this is the equivalent stage in every way to the separating sextile.
2. The Applying Square:- This challenge is quite different
from that of the separating square. You may suddenly be forced
to adopt a new situation, for nothing is evensogood that it can go
on forever, although most people try todojustthat.Even the most
successful creation reaches a peak merely to give rise to another
phase of activity. Thatis what is happening now. Events will
proceed smoothly if you adopt and change to allow smoothly
change over up to next phase. Otherwise you will be heading
towards a crisis that will lead to total collapse at the next
conjunction. The functionof this is identical to that of as separating
3. The Applying Sextile:- After a square, this is jj^eriodof
Equilibrium. If everything has gone well at the last square, this
sextile is a time of making final preparations for thechanges. You
1 3
should be making an effort to fit yourself in the new order that is
taking shape now. If you do this well, you will be able to take
advantage of the time at the next conjunction.
We have used the terms Separating and Applying, the author
would like to expand these terms for further clarity.
So far we haveseen that Westernnamed aspects are actually
Aspects of Hindu Astrology and likewise Applying and separat-
ing terms are also two from Hindu Astrology. Since these aspects
are being used by Westerns commonly by above names, where as
in our treaties like Phaldeepika, Sanketa Nidhi, Jatak Tatva,
LTttrakalamrita ete. these aspects are known by 3rd, 51 1 1 ,71 1 1 ,91 1 1
house etc. aspects.
The aspects are operative within a specified range and this
point has been explained as under.
ORB The term'ORB' usually means anarea in which events
concerning a transit occurs. It is measured inspace and considered
to be so many degrees along the ecliptic. Space can be converted
into time, because the transiting planet is moving, so an orb of so
many degrees and minutes indicates the length of time in which a
transit is likely to indicate an event.
Technically the term means a distance in longitude within
which the influence of a planet or aspect will operate.
The limits of orb for conjunction or opposition allow 1 2
degrees, when Sun aspects the Moon,about lOdegrees wheneither
luminary aspects a planet, and it is about 8 degrees for planets
aspecting each other.
The orb allowed to the various planets specifically as are
indicated in our texts is tabulated below-
Applying Separating
Sun 1 2
Moon 1 2
OtherPlanets 8
> o
Applying and Separating:- When twoplanetsare within the
range of conjunction or aspect and notin exact rapt conjunction, the
1 4
fast moving planet is placed behind the slow moving planet and
will move forward to conjunct or aspect the slow moving planet
unless and otherwise the planet is retrograde. The conjunction or
aspect becomes stronger and stronger as the planet reaches nearer
to each other andforms an exact orrapt conjunction or aspect, but
when the fast moving planet begins to move away from the slow
moving planet the effect remains but start decreasing slowly.
When the planet goes fully beyond the orb of conjunction, the
influence completely ceases. Incase the faster planet, if behind the
sfowmovingplanet itis saidtobe "APPLYING" to latter and when
the fast moving planet moves away from the slow moving planet,
it is said to be 'SEPARATING'.
In Ram Dayalu's Sanketanidhi San IIIsIoka2 and 3, the
definitionoflTTHASALAmeans applying aspect and ASARIPHA
means separating Aspect had beendetailed thousands ofyears ago
and so these aspects are not Western but from Hindu Astrology.
The difference is that Hindus have used these words as Yogas and
particularly apply in Tajaka System in Annual Horoscope Read-
ing, Directions or Progression where as Westeners have adopted
it as an aspect.
There are other minor aspects of 1 8, 24, 36 , 54 etc. which
are all tabulated as follow:
Mutual Application: When two planets are within the range
of an aspect and oneofthem is inretrograde motion, each will move
towards the other, this is called Mutual Application.
Difference: Comparing Mutual application with applying
aspect, it is concluded that mutual application is stronger than the
applying aspect.
Combustion: Aplanet is said to lose its power completely
when it is within a certain distance or ORB from the Sun. Mercury
being an exception. In that condition, the planet is called 'COM-
BUST'. When the planet is posited in the same degrees and
minutes of longitude as the one occupied by the Sun, then it is said
to be in RAPTCONJUNCTION" It is considered to be eclipsed
and becomes utterly powerless. Within 5 degrees from Sun, there
is also combustion, whenlOdegrees apart from Sun, there is also
Sr Name of the Symbol Degrees Nature of the Applying Exact Separating
No. aspects aspect degrees degree degrees
1 . Conjunction 6 Same" Unifying binding 6 Same
2. Vigintile 1 8 Slightly favourable 1 6 1 8 20
3. Quindecile V 24 Slightly good 22 24 26
4. Semi Sextile X 30 Slightly good 28 30 32
5. Decile 1 36 Moderately good 34 36 38
6 . Semi Square L 45 Moderately Evil 43 45 47
7. 54 degrees 54 Slightly good 52 54 56
8. Sextile ' 6 0 Very powerfully good 54 6 0 6 6
9. Quintile 72 Good 70 72 74
1 0. Square
90 Evil 84 90 96
1 1 . Tredecile 1 08 Favourable 1 06 1 01 1 1 0
1 2. Trine A 1 20 Very powerfully good 1 1 4 1 20 1 26
1 3. 1 26 degrees Very powerfully good 1 22 1 26 1 30
1 4. Ses quiquadrate 1 35 Moderately Evil 1 32 1 35 1 38
1 5. Biquintile

1 44 As good as trine 1 41 1 44 1 47
1 6 . Quincunx 1 50 Adverse in nature 1 48 1 50 1 52
1 7. 1 6 2 degrees
< ?
1 6 2 Slightly good 1 6 0 1 6 2 1 6 4
1 8. Opposition 1 80 Adverse in'nature 1 72 1 801 1 88
1 9. Parallel P
Same Unifying binding 6 Same 6
1 6
combustion, when 1 0 degrees apart from Sun, combustion is
ordinary whereas when a planet is 1 5 degrees beyond Sun, there
is no combustion at all.
As I have stated earlier that Evil aspects reform a native.
During the adverse aspects, the native becomes more capable to
overcome the difficulties and obstacles and the man can safeguard
his interest. I am of the view that it is better to have square and
opposition aspects in a birth chart than to have no aspects. Such
aspects give a native a great energy and ambition for further
progress in life by overcoming obstacles and the native born
becomes a seasoned man or woman.
1 7
The most difficult and ticklish problem is to find the timings
in the transit. In other words to find a period, date etc. When the
influences associated with the transit will occur. This becomes a
complex problem when a number of transits occur at a time in the
birth chart. Normally, we expect the event to happen when the
transit becomes most exact, but sometimes this does not happen
and the transit passes on withoutnotice. Very feweventstake place
with a single transit. Transits to mid points are of importance.
Before explaining the Timings of transit, rules for the transit
are to be understood and memorised. One has to find malefic or
benefic nature of the planet in transit. Horoscopic indications like
aspects, conjunctions etc. should also be studied and effects are
modified, the following rules will act as a guide for correct
The benefic and malefic planets for each Ascendant are most
important and are to be memorised for properly and accurately
analysing the birth chart as well as transits.
1 . It is well known factthat when a planet not associated with
Sunorother malefics gives good results. TheMoon, Jupiter, Venus
and Mercury are natural benefics. Whereas Sun, Mars, ill associ-
ated Mercury, Waxing and weak Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu
are malefics. Ownershipof planets in transit behave in the same
manner. Ownership of planets should also be taken into consid-
Similariy.thc planets that are benefic, malefic or Neutral
according to Ascendant or ownership in a birth chart be checked.
1 8
2. In a birth chart lords of 1 ,2,4,5,7,9, and 1 0th houses are
benefics. Houses 6 ,8 and 1 2 are Trik and maleficsin addition to 3
and 6 th houses.
3. Ayogkarka planet is treated as most beneficbut its power
to do good is reduced if the planet is afflicted.
4. Anatural malefic planet becomes benefic, if he owns a
quadrant and becomes very powerful benefic if he owns a trine
5. Abenefico wing a kendra house is malefic, but if it is placed
in own house in kendra, it becomes highly benefic.
6 . Aplanet becomes neutral if it owns benefic and malefic
7. Abeneficbyownershipifitoccupies6 ,B,1 2or2,3 ,1 1 houses
becomes a neutral.
8. Amalefic by ownership, if posited in benefic house,
becomes neutral and will do only mild evil.
9. Planet owing a benefic house along with the ownership of
6 th,8th or 1 2thhouses, becomes a neutral. He will do considerable
evil during second half of its dasa and bhukti.
1 0. Ifaplanetowingabenefichousealongwiththeownership
of 2nd,3rd or 1 1 th house will do good during its periods.
1 1 . An exalted planet will do most good when it is in
exaltation, Kendra or in trine signbut if exaltation house is 6 th,8th
or 1 2th result will be ordinary .
1 2. Natural maleficsin3rd,6 thorllthhousesproduce good
1 3. Abenefic planet occupying 6 ,8,1 2 houses becomes
incapable of doing much good with respect to the house he owns
but reduces the maelfic nature of the house he owns and occupies.
1 4. Amaleficexaltedplanetin6 fh,8th,1 2thhousewill reduce
the malefic nature of the house he owns and the house where
1 5. Amalefic planet when placed in a benefic house reduces
the malefic nature of the house he owns and benefic nature he
1 9
1 6 . If a malefic occupies 6 ,8,1 2 house, he will produce intense
evils to the house he owns and occupies.
1 7 .As regards the neutral planets, the effects are as summa-
rised in the following table:
1 . Exalted in benefic sign Very good results
2. Exalted in 2,3, or 1 1 house Good results
3. Exalted in 6 ,8,1 2 house Ordinary results
4. Benefic house Ordinary results
5. In 2,3 or 1 1 House Ordinary good results
6 . In 6 ,8,1 2 house Destroys good results
of house he owns and
We tabulate the benefic and malefic planets for each Ascen-
dant for reference, on the following page:
Table showing Malefic and Benefic Planets for Each Ascendant
Ascendant Benefic Malefic Neutral Yogkarka Maraka Bhadha
1 . Aries Sun, mars. Mercury, Saturn Sun, Moon Ven. Jup
Moon, Jupiter Venus
2. Taurus Sun, Mer. Moon, Jup Mars Sat Mer, Mars Mars
Ven, Sat.
3. Gemini Mer, Ven, Sat. Sun, Mars, Jup Moon Ven, Mer. Moon, Jup Ven.
4. Cancer Moon, Mars, Jup Sun, Mer, Ven Sat Mars Sat, Sun Mer.
5. Leo Sun, Mars, Jup Moon, Mer, Sat Mars Sat, Mer Moon
6 . Virgo Mer. Ven. Sat. Sun, Mars, Ven, Mer Ven, Jup Sun
Moon, Jup.
7. Libra Mer, Ven, Sat. Sun, Moon, Jup Mars Sat Mars Mer.
8. Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mer, Ven Sat Sun, Moon Jup, Ven Ven
Mars, Jup.
Sagittarius Sun, Mars, Jup. Moon, Mer, Mars, Jup Mer, Sat Mare
Ven, Sat.
1 0. Capricorn Mer. Sat. Ven. Sun, Moon, Jup Mars Ven Sat, Moon Jup
1 1 . Acquarius Sun, Mer, Ven, Moon, Jup Mars Ven Jup, Sun Sat.
1 2. Pisces
Moon, Mars, Jup. Sun, Mer, Ven Mars, Jup, Mars, Mer. Sat.
Having analysed the planet from the above rules', one has to
find the benefic or malefic nature of the planet and then transit
results are considered. Horoscopic indications like aspects,
conjunction,trine etc. should also be studied and effects modified.
The following rules will act as guide for correct predictions.
1 . Aplanet while transiting a favourable house identical with
its exaltation, own or friendly sign will produce very good results.
But when in inimical or depression sign will not produce good
2. Planets while transiting unfavourable house identical with
its exaltation, own or friendly sign will produce only mild results.
Butwheninthe inimical ordepressionsign will produce maximum
3. If the transiting planet is benefic in favourable house, it
reduces the intensity of evils.
4. If a planet is malefic to the native, good effects will be feeble
when transiting through favourable houses. But will produce
maximum evils when transiting through unfavourable houses.
5. During transit, if the planet receives benefic aspects or
association, good results will be felt by the native. Bad results will
be maximum if aspect or association etc. is malefic.
6 . Anatural benefic while transiting a favourable house if
retrograde will intensify thegood results. If the transiting house be
malefic, the evil results of transit will be minimum.
7. Anatural malefic while transiting a favourable house if
retrograde will neutralise the benefic results. But in unfavourable
house if retrograde, malefic results will be accelrated.
8. Aplanet is said to possess strength when it is retrograde
or when its rays are full and brilliant, though posited in depression
or inimical Rasi or Amsa. Like, the Moon,a planet though occupy-
ing an exaltation, friendly or his ownRasi or Amsa becomes weak,
should its rays be overpowered or eclipsed.
9. Dasa and bhukti of a benefic planet will produce good
results during its transit in favourable house to full extent. But in
evil house the evils of transit as well as benefic nature of Dasa and
Bhukti will be reduced.
1 0. If a malefic planet while operating its Dasaand bhukti and
transit through a benefic house, will reduce the benefic effects of
transit. If it transits through an unfavourable house, the evils will
be increased.
1 1 . Planets when transiting through favourable places, if
eclipsed or obstructed by the Sun's rays good results can not be
produced. But if they are eclipsed or obstructed by the Sun's rays
while in unfavourable houses, the evils will be maximum. ORB
here indicated Sun's rays, the planet will be powerless in such case.
The Applying and Separating effects will take place. The range of
ORB is from 8 degrees to 1 7 degrees as shown below. It becomes
Moon when is within 1 2 degree from Sun
Mars when is within 1 7 degree from Sun
Mercury when is within 1 4 degree from Sun
Retrograde Mercury when
is within 1 2 degree from Sun
Retrograde Jupiter when
is within 8 degree from Sun
Venus when is within 1 0 degree from Sun
Retrograde Venus when
is within 8 degree from sun
Saturn When is within 1 5 degree from Sun
Retrograde Saturn when
is within 8 degree from Sun
1 2. If a planet during transit in a favourable place fromMoon
but be hemmed between two malefics, the good results will not be
felt. Whereas transit in unfavourable house under malefic forti-
fication, the evil result will be felt to the greatest extent.
1 3. If a planet while transiting a favourable place be hemmed
in between two benefic planets, the good results will be maximum
If the transit is through unfavourable houses and the planet is
fortified by benefics, the results may be evil, and the good results
will not be realised.
1 4. If there be benefic planet is 41 1 1 ,51 1 1 ,81 1 1 or 9th house
reckoned from a planet who is transiting through a benefic place,
the good results will be realised to the full extent, whereas if the
transiting place is unfavourable under similar conditions the evil
results may not be felt.
1 5. If there is a malefic planet is 4th,5th,8th or 9th house
reckoned from the transiting planet, who is favourable, the good
effects will be neutralised. But if the transit be of a malefic under
similar conditions the evil will be accelerated.
1 6 . Vedha means obstruction. When a planet is transiting
through an auspicious sign, is subjected to Vedha by another
planet, the good effects of the planet will be checked. The Vedha
points are of utmost importance in transit and are counted from
Moon Sign.
In the following table,the nominator shows benefic places of
transit of planets from Moon sign, whereas denominator denotes
obstruction point or vedha point for each planet fromMoon sign.
There is NO VEDHAbetween Sun, Saturn, Moon and
Sun except by Satrun
5 9 4 1 2
7 1 6 1 1 1 0 3 ....
Moon except by Mercury j
2 5 1 2 8 4 9
3 1 1 6
1 2 5 9
2 4 6 8 1 0
5 3 9 1 8
2 1 1 9 5 7
1 2 8 1 0 5 3
1 2
except by Moon
except by Moon
1 2 3 4 5 8 9 1 1 1 2
8 7 1 1 0 9 5 1 1 6 3
3 1 1 6
1 2 5 9
3 6 1 1
1 2 9 5
3 6 1 1
1 2 9 5
1 7. In addition to the above, a forgotten system by many
astrologers is ASHTAK VARGAwhich must be taken into
accounfcAfter erecting Ashtak Varga and Sarv Ashtak Varga
tables, note when a planet transits through the sign where they
have more than four benefic bindus or dots in Ashtak Varga or
more than 25 dots in Sarv Ashtak Varga table produce good result
despite their transiting through evil position.
1 8 .Planets when they transit a sign where they have less than
4 or 25 dots will produce evil results inspite of their transit through
benefic places.If the transiting planet is malefic, maximum evil
results are experienced.
The power to do good orbad of planets should be judged in
the light of the rules stated above and then it should be applied to
transit to predict Jn addition conjunction, association or aspects of
planets should be studied to ascertain the nature and extentof their
power to do good or bad for which note the following points:
1 . When the lords of kendra or quadrant and trikona (Trine)
combine in the house or mutually aspect each other,bofh acquire
great strength to do good.
2. By the association or aspect of a benefic with a neutral, the
neutral gains strength to do good, while the benefic retains it
original power for good events.
3. By the association or aspects of a malefic with benefic, the
malefic loses some of its malefic power and benefic its benefic
4. By the association or aspects of two neutrals, they retain
their original powers.
5. By the association of a neutral with a malefic, a neutral
becomes malefic and malefic remains a malefic.
6 . When two malefics combine, or aspect each other, they
become extremely malefic.
7. When two friendly planets combine they produce good
results. When two inimical planets combine, they accelerate evil.
This is true with respect to their mutual aspects also.
In order to decide about the nature of planet for accurate
analysis and synthesis, the above points should be taken into
From the above, we find that there are four ways to deter-
mine the nature of the transit, these ways are position of planet with
regard to exaltation, own, friendly, neutral, inimical or depression
sign or house. They arc benefic or malefic according to ascendant
and from Moon sign. Finally according to the benefic dots in the
This method of finding strength of planets in transit has been
detailed by Mr. Jupiter inhis book, "What the Stars Foretell" and
has been tested by me for years over many horoscopes and, have
found it quite correct and advantageous. This is provided here for
the use and guidance of readers.
This method is based from Moon Sign or Chandra lagna in
a birth horoscope. The following table gives the nature of planets
whether malefic or benefic from Moon sign:
Moon Sign Benefics Malefics
I.Aries Sun.Moor^Mars
Jupiter, Yen, Sat

2.Taurus Sun,Mer,Ven,Sat Jup Moon,Mars
3 Gemini Mer Jup ,Ven
Sun,Mars, Moon, Sat
4.Cancer Moon,MarsJup
Mer Sun,Sat
5Leo SunJVIarsJup
Moon Mer,Sat
6 . Virgo Mer Jup,Ven,Sat
Mars, Sun Moon
T.Libra Mc)on,Mars,Mer
9 .Sagittarius Sun,Mars,Mer
Moon Sat, Ven
lO.Capricorn Moon .Mars,Mer,
ILAcquarius Sun Mer, Ven Moonjup
Mars, Sat
HPisces Moon, Mats,Mer
We now explain the method of approach towards evaluation
of benefic s trengths for planets in transit. In this method we assign
certain valued to the planets according to as their being
benefic^naleftc or neutral etc.
1 .Formalefic value is 0, for Neutral it is 1 /4 and for benefic
1 unit strength.
2. If a planet transits in its inimical or depression sign, value
is 0, in neutral sign 1 /4in friendly house 1 /2, inownsign3/4, and
in exaltation sign 1 unit strength.
3. Consider the planet's beneficplaces in transit fromradical
Moon. In benefic places assign the value as 1 and in malefic places
0 units.
4. Taking the Ashtak varga table of planet we know that
benefic dots vary from 0 to 8,If the figure in the sign is zero dots
assign the value as zero.In figure where there is one dot assign 1 /
4 unit value. In 2 dots put the value as 1 /2 and so on adding 1 /4
for every figure.
Sum of all these four different strengths will reveal the
capacity of a planet to do good or evil while transiting the sign.
The figures to be casted for each planet and then prepare a
consolidated table forallplanets and this table is known as "Transit
Use of Transit Table: - Total value that a planet can have in
a sign is 5. This is maximum and minimum is zero. Between them
golden is 2- 1 /2.
If a planet gets the value 2- 1 /2 in a sign, during his transit
through this sign, it will produce good results to a small extent
which will amount to neutral effects.
If the planet transits through a sign having more than 2 - 1 /
2 unit value up to 4, this will produce substantially good results.
If the value is less than 2- 1 /2 during the transit, he will
produce evil results and the evils will be on the increase as the figure
reduces to zero.
The above is a valuable data to asses predictions. In Hindu
Astrology a rule is laid down that Sun and Mars produce the effects
of their transit when they are in first 1 5 degrees of a sign . Moon
and Saturn in last 1 5 degrees of sign, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu
throughout the sign, Jupiter and Venus in the middle 1 0 degrees.
The entire result be tabulated in a chart as provided below
and be attached with your birth chart as ready reference.
1 II 1 I IV
Signs Baneflc and
Malefle Value
Transit Value
According to Sign
Transit Value
from Moon
Value of




1 . ARIES 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 I Va Va 74 72 74 0 i
2. TAURUS 1 Vi V* 1 0 1 1 0 1 Va 72 0 VA 72
a 0
D a
3. GIMINI 0 V* 0 1 1 1 Va Va 1 4 0 % a 72 72

4. CANCER l/i 1 1 0 1 1 Va 72 Va 0 0 i 0 0

5. LEO 1 0 1 Va 1 1 Va % 7j 72 '- 4 72 0 0
6 . VIRGO 0 Va 0 1 1 1 1 74 72 0 1 0 D 72
7. LIBRA v* 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 74 74 72 0 Va T
- 6
r- J
< N
- d
8. SCORPIO i 1 1 0 1 1 1 Vi 0 Va Va 72 Va D S

< N

9. SAGIFT i 0 1 1 1 Va Va Vfc 74 Vi Va Va Va 74
1 0.CAPRI-
0 1 1 1 D 1 1 0 74 1 Va 0 Va Va
< D
1 i
O 0
> 4= >
i 0 Va 1 0 1 Va 0 74 Va Va 74 72 Va
1 2.PISCES 0 1 i 1 1 0 0 1 4 74 72 0 Va 1 Va
cu ^ 5 "D
> <
S o
2 a
In the above table, the effects are through a sign or within 30
degrees but for Timing of events in transit a still shorter range is
required. So we shall study the transit effects of planets through
Lunar Mansion or Nakshatras or stars.
In this context, in Hindu Astrology, there are 27 stars each extend-
ing 1 3 degrees and 20 minutes of Arc. ,eachstar is ruled by a planet
and has respective dasa period as shown below;
Constellations Lord Dasa Period
Ashwini Magha Moola Ketu 1 years
Bharni P.Phalguni P.Shada Venus 20Y ears
Krittika U.Phalguni
U.Shada Sun 6 Years
Rohini Hast Sarvana Moon lOY ears
Mrigasira Chitra Dhanishta Mars 7 Years
Anuradha Swati Sat Bhisha Rahu 1 8 Years
Punarvasu Vai sakha P.Bhadra Jupiter 1 6 Years
Pushyami Anuradha
U.Bhadra Saturn 1 9Years
Ashlesha Jyeshtha Rewati Mercury 1 7 Years
The above table be me morised as these are used in timing the
events according to Dasa Bhukti System.
Letus nowconsiderthe transit of planets throughstars which
occupy comparatively smaller arc in extent thanZodical signs. All
the effects indicated below for various planets have been reckoned
from natal or Birth star taking it as the first.
Natal Star or Birth star means the star in which Moon was
posited at the time of birth known as Janam Rasi.
For each planet's transit, we lay below the benefic and malefic
stars through Natal Star and can apply the results of transits given
by Manteshwara. From this, we can predict the nature of events
that each planet may cause during the course of his transit.
Planet Benefic Transitin
MalcficTransit in
l.Sun 2,4,6 ,8,9,1 3 and 24th
1 ,1 4,1 6 ,1 921
and 23rd
2JvIoon 4,6 ,8,9,1 1 ,1 3,1 5,26 l,1 9,21 ,23,and 27th
3.Mais 9,1 1 ,1 722 and 24th
1 2,1 4,1 9and 21 st
4.Mercury, Venus
and Jupiter 4,6 ,1 3,1 5,
1 7,20,22,24,26 and 27th
l,3,7,1 0,1 2and 1 9th
and Ketu 2,4,6 ,8,1 3,1 5,
1 7.1 8.20.22 and24th
l,7,1 0and 27th
NOTE; The above nakshatras are to be reckoned from
We know also that houses 1 st, 5th and 9th are the Trines or
Trikona houses. If abenefic planet transits through the stars benefic
in nature for their transits which fall in one of these houses from
Lagna or Ascendant, the results will be highly benefic. If they fall
in4th,7th, 1 0th,2nd,3rd,or 1 1 ththe effectswill be moderately good.
But if the stars fall in 6 th, 8thor 1 2th houses, the effects will be very
feeble and almost neutral. On the other hand, if a malefic transit in
stars which fall in6 th, 8thor 1 2th houses, evils will be maximum.
In the 4th,7th,1 0th,2nd,3rd and 1 1 th moderately evil and in the
lst,Sth and 9th almost neutral, so that evils will not be felt much.
So from above results, we can find which planets d uring their
course of transit arc benefic, malefic or neutral and the extent of
their influence in a particule r star.
While analysing the results, we should also take into account
Dasa and Bhukti of the native. Acombined study will give the
accurate predictions. The results of planets in a house during their
Dasa and Bhukti have been provided in Author's world famous
book, "Scientific Analysis of Horoscope" and can be referred.
However, we provide here a few rules in this respect for the
guidance of readers.
1 . During the periods of planet's operation, the first half shall
produce pertaining to the house it owns which comes first when
counted from Lagna. The second half of the dasa shall produce
results signified by the house that comes second.
2. Planets which own two houses do not produce equal
amount of results pertaining to both the houses they own. The
results pertaining to the house which happen to be their Mooltrikona
signs shall be more predominant than the other.
We provide the effectsofDasas of Lord of various houses in
the birth chart.
1 st House Lord:- During the dasa of Lagnalord who is strong
and well aspected and placed, the person will rise to eminence, will
be happy, enjoys good health will be popular and his influence will
If it be weak, ill placed or afflicted, the person will suffer ill
health, mental anxiety, fear, loss of position, disgrace and misery.
He may lead an uneasy life and can be imprisoned. Misfortune and
impediments in his affairs. Quarrels in the family. Relations with
relatives may be strained.
2nd House Lord:- During the dasa of second lord who is
strong, well placed and well aspected it indicates general prosper-
ity, good food, increase and accumulation of wealth, respect by
public, good connections and help from opposite sex. Sweet and
effective speech.
If lord of 2nd is weak, ill placed or afflicted, it indicates
financial loss, loss of property, heavy expenditure, quarrels in the
family, fall in income and will suffer eye disease. Displeasure of
superiors and elders, stupidity, false hood and foul tongued.
3rd House Lord:- During the periods of lord of 3rd house
who is strong, well aspected denotes help to and from brothers,
good news, gain of good servants, fame, exhibition of one's talent
and Valour. One willbe honoured, help from people and praise for
his good qualities.
If weak^afflicted or ill placed, one may suffer ill health, lose
courage, trouble from servants, strained relations with brother and
relatives, association with low class and wicked people. Loss and
troubles through enemies. One may not be humiliated, suffers
discomfort and loss of position.
4th House Lord:- The period of 4th house lord when it is
strong, well placed andwell aspected indicates progress, helpfrom
friends and relatives. Association with learned and famous people,
acquisition of landed property and gain from agricultural land.
Comforts from conveyance. Higher status, promotion, good
domestic affairs, comforts and good health of mother. Pleasurable
short journeys, enjoyments and educational pursuits.
If4thlord be weak, ill placed or afflicted, during this period,
the mother may fall sick, domestic quarrels and unhappiness, loss
of ancestral property, danger of accidents through vehicles, re-
moval from the house, illness and loss of friends, association of
wicked people and loss through them. Scandal and false accu-
sations,strained relations with relatives.
5th House Lord:- When 5th lord is well placed, strong and
well aspected, thenduringits period enjoyment in the family,good
news from children. Promotion or good rank and favour from
superiors. Popular, happy andgooddeeds. Gainthroughspecula-
If 5th lord is afflicted or ill placed, denotes afflicted health of
children, worried mind through accusation, scandal, stomach
disease and aimless wanderings. Loss of reputation and unwise
6 th House Lord:- During the period of 6 thlord whenitis well
placed, strong and well aspected, the enemies will suffer defeat,
success in litigation, success in service matters, good or improved
health, repayment of debts, daring acts. Prosperity, liberal and
over all good period.
But when 6 th lord is weak, ill placed or afflictedone willsuffer
loss of money and through litigation. Afflicted health of uncle,
sufferings throughopponents, may facepunishment, danger from
weapon and wounds. Loss of property etc.
VthHouse Lord:- If 7thlord is powerful, well placed and well
aspected will give the congenial happy family atmosphere, gain
through partnership. Pleasurable short journeys, will acquire
articles of pleasure, luxury and comforts. Pleasure through com-
pany of the opposite sex, beloved and relatives.
Incase 7thlord is afflict ed;quarrels and ill reputation from the
lovedone will be experienced. Health ofwife will be afflicted. Loss,
disgrace and ill fame through opposite sex. Financial loss through
partnerships and journeys.
8th House Lord: - If Sthlord is strong, well aspected and well
placed, the native will discharge his debts, success in litigation and
gain through them and servants. One may have promotion or
better beneficial and prestigious position.
When 8th lord is afflicted, ill aspected and ill placed, then
during his period, health maybe afflicted, hindrances and delay in
his schemes, suffers sorrows through opposite sex and humilia-
tion. Accidents causing wounds can happen.
9thHouse Lord:- When 9th lord is strong, well placed and
aspected, during its period, gain through longjourneys, pilgrim-
age, good deeds, favour from elders and superiors and from the
Govt. Pleasure and happiness from loved ones. Gain of wealth
fame and popularity. Rise is status and one may have promotion.
In case 9th lord is afflicted, ill aspected or badly placed, the
native may develop materialistic outlook, be impious, hate elders
and loss through them, superiors and Govt. Cruel and wicked.
Some scandal may crop up and will lose reputation. Failures in
attempts and loss through long journeys which be avoided. Ill
health to wife or elders.
1 0th House Lord:- If lOthlord is well placed, well aspected
and strong, the native will have gain from father, promotion and
expansion in business. Success in all works and plans. One will
lead a happy and contended life. Will settle permanently in
profession and enjoys a good position in society. Favour from
But incase lOthlordisill placed, ill aspected and afflicted then
during its period, lose profession or sufferloss. Displeasure from
father, superiors and Govt; Professional worries, may face some
enquiry causing loss of reputation and status. May lead worried
and miserable life.
1 1 th House Lord- When lord of 1 1 th house is strong, well
placed and well aspected thenduring hisperiod^ne willhavegain
of wealth, good fortune, respect, good servants. Will own convey-
ance and property. Agood and prosperous period.
When 1 1 th house lord is afflicted, ill placed tc, one will suffer
loss of wealth and reputation, fll health to family members,
quarrels and loss in business . Will suffer dishonour through the
association of wicked persons.
1 2th house Lord*.- If good placed, well aspected and strong
1 2th house lord will enable you spend wealth for good cause.
Favour from Govt. respected, famous anda pious person andone
may become religious.
If IZthlord is afflicted, ill aspected orillplaced,one will suffer
loss of money, position, and fame. Afflicted health, will incur
displeasure of officers and Govt, and even may be imprisoned or
The above are the results of various Dasas when he lords of
houses operate in them. Modifications according to individual
horoscope considering aspects etc. are to be made beforeannounc-
ing the results. Except Sun and Moon, other planets own two
houses. Which house result will operate? for this refer the rule
provided earlier under caption^Ownership of Houses".
Sometimes we find that no event occurs when the transit
becomes exact. This is because that planets otherthanone planet
are also formingthe aspects which needs to be considered. Asum
up of the entire picture will give you the timings ofthe incident.
In this context, we will discuss this problem now. Sun, Moon,
Mercury and Venus are the planets which transit a house for a
muchshorter period and are known as INNERPLANETS. Whereas
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stay
in a sign for a longer period and are called OflTERPLANETS
The rate of motion of these planets is as follow:-
1 . Mars takes two years to go round the Zodiac, tenanting
about six weeks in a sign and due to retrograde motion, will hover
around one portion of the Zodiac, usually a portion consisting of
about 20 degrees, forabout seven to eight months. It is retrograde
for 80 day s and is stationary for two orthree days before and after.
2. Mercury takes about a year to complete the circle of
Zodiac. It becomes retrograde for 24 days and is stationary
approximately one day before and after.
3. Jupiter takes about 1 2 years to complete the circle of the
Zodiac and spends about a year in a sign an area of the 30 degrees.
It is retrograde for 1 20 days and remains stationary for five days
before and after.
4. Saturn takes about 29 years to complete the circle of the
Zodiac and spends about 2- 1 /2 years in each sign, house or 30
degrees area. It is retrograde for 1 40 days and remains stationary
for five days before and after.
5. Sun takes one year to complete the Zodiac passage. It
remains or transits a sign, house or area of 30 degrees in a month.
6 . Moon stays in a sign for21 /4 days and takes a round of
Zodiac in27 days.
7. Venus usually stays ina sign for one month and takes a year
to complete the Zodiac . Retrograde for 42 days and remains
stationary for two days before and after.
8. Rahu andKetu are always retrograde in motion and take
1 8 years to complete the cycle of the Zodiac and stay 1 ft year each
in a sign, house or area of 30 degrees.
9. Uranus takes about 84 years to complete the circle of the
Zodiac and remains in any sign or house for 7 years. Retrograde
for 1 50 day and stationary for ten days before and after.
1 0. Neptune takes nearly twice as long as Uranus, requires
1 6 8 years to complete the circle of Zodiac and stays in a sign for
aboutldyears. It is retrograde for 1 59 days and remains stationary
for ten days before and after.
1 1 . Pluto its orbit is eccentric, it requires about 248 years to
complete the circle of the Zodiac and remains for unequal periods
of time in the different signs of the Zodiac. It is retrograde for 1 6 0
days and remains stationary for seven days before and after.
So the term Inner Planets and Outer Planets be understood.
The inner planets operate wholly on the internal plane. They
have little or anything to do with the impingement of experience
from the outside, but indicate the view we take of experience, how
it impresses us, etc. They do not have anything to do with action
but with reactions.
Because Mercury and Venus remain close to Sun, their
rhythms are nearly slight variants on the solar rhythms, as viewed
from the earth. The Moon's rhythms has also a relationship to the
solar rhythms, since Moon goes all the way round the Zodiac in
approximately the same time that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are
going through one sign.
If we consider you and the house you live in as Sun the
mercury, Venus andMoon are those who inhibit the house integral
part of yourself and your life. You interpret through them what
goes on outside the house and affects you, with and through them.
So these are called Inner Planets.
But through Mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc. you know the things
going on outside the house. You can interpret and understand past
experience and you can analyse the birth chart for future events. So
these are called Outer Planets.
Mr. Robert Hand in his book "Planets in Transit" has stated
the method of Interpreting timing of Events through transit, which
is summarised as unden-
1 . An outer planet transit accurately timed by an inner planet
transit that approximately coincides with it and reinforces the
nature of the outer planet transit is doing this, which complicates
the timing. Event will occcur in the space of time between or among
the times of various inner planet transit. The Sun and Mars most
often perform this timing function,although sometimes Mercury
becomes important in indicating when event will take place.
2. Stricdy speaking, there is no such thing as an "ORB" of
influence concerning a transit.
The author personally does not agree with this idea. Orbs
do act as we have found practically.
3. When a number of transits describe an event, the time of
the events will be close to the time, when the average Orb of the
transiting planets approaches Zero.
When a number of planets transit one point in birth char, the
technique is to find the distance between the transiting planet and
the point of exact transit. Until the planet reaches the point of
transit, the angle is considered negative. After the planet has
reached the point of transit, the angle is positive. Of course, the
signs of angles can be reversed, as long as approaching and
seperating angles to a transit are given opposite algebric signs.
After calculating all the angles between transiting planets
and the point of transit, and then algebrically; in other words, add
the positive number together and then subtract the negative ones
from the sum. If the sum of the negative value is greater than the
sum of the positive values, subtract the positive sum from the
negative sum and call the result negative.
4. If two planets that are in aspect to a natal chart are being
transited, the influence leading up to an event will be at the peak
and thereby time the event when the tra risking planet contacts each
of the two natal planets exactly and also when it is half way be tween
the two transits in the Arc.
This is another simation in which Orb of the transits ap-
proaches Zero, but here there are two natal factors and one
transiting factor.
5. On a certain date a group of transiting planets, perhaps all
inner planets, may form a complex of aspects among themselves.
If that complex transits a natal planet, an event will occur in the
native's life that bears the symbolism of the natal planet combined
with that of the transiting planets.
Even the transiting Moon, whose effects are so fleeting, can
enter into such a combination, the important point to note here is
that no outer planet transit is required to bring about the effect, and
event can be quite significant. One example of this principle, which
astrologers are familiar with, is the transiting eclipse, which is
generally considered quite significant when it occurs conjunct or
opposite a natal factor, even though solar and lunar transits by
themselves are not usually considered critical.
6 . If several planets simultaneously transit the natal chart by
the some minor aspect, an event will occur that is appropriate to the
nature of that aspect and to the planets involved.
The minor apsects include Semi Sextile 30 Semi Square 45
Sesquiquadrate 1 35,Quintile72,Quincunx 1 50etc. Someofthem
are quite significant in the natal charts, but do not appear to have
much significance in transit. The effect is felt some times when
several of these transits happen at the same time relating to the
symbolism of the transiting planets combined with Symbolism of
the natal planets.
When a planet crosses the same degree three times forward,
then retrograde and once more forward, the analysis of timings of
events becomes more complicated with the specific question at
which of the three times will be significant event occur?
This is a ticklish problem to analyse, because the event can
occur at any one of the three times. Two basic patterns may apply
most of the time.
The first is whenever the triple seems to relate to a long term
process rather than to single event. In this case the first contact
indicates the beginning of the process, the second is a culmination
or a crisis , and the third indicates the concluding events in the
process. Often the effect is quitesubtie, butif you lookcarefullyyou
will usually see the events that relate to the first and last contacts
of the transiting planet. It is usually harder to understand the
connection of the middle or retrograde transit.
In the second pattern, one of the three transits will signify an
issue for you to handle after arising from a single event that is not
repeated at theother two transits. If you handle that issue properly,
the other transits may go by without notice, otherwise may attack
the same problem from a different angle. Favourable or benefic
transits, usually seem confirm to the first pattern. But the difficult
transit that comes three times may present one majoreventor three,
depending upon how you handle the first transit.
When a transiting planet goes stationery on a natal planet it
is possible to have a double transit. Aplanet that makes a
stationary, direct or retrograde, while transiting a natal planet is
very significant, and whatever event is signified by the transit will
usually happen at that time rather than during the swifter direct
transit that takes place either before or after the stationary transit.
Eclipses do ha ve effects, we shall give it in a coincise form for
the present. Details have been embodied in a separate chapter in
this book.
An Eclipse is a special kind of transit because the Sun and
Moon are conjoined, they both may transit a natal planet.
An eclipse seems to be more effective when it either conjoins
or opposes a natal planet, but other aspects may have weaker effect
or it puts it into high energy state in which its capacity to generate
actions is increased, either forbothgoodor bad. Eclipses are often
saidtobedifficultwhichisindicated upon the condition of the natal
planet as indicated by the house position and aspects to it from the
other natal planets.
This activated, the natal planet is more likely to signify a
major event latter when transited by another planet, most fre-
quently Mars and Sun that acts as a trigger and signifies the time
of releaseofthe stored up energy. Thus the events related to eclipse
seldom coincide with it; in fact is may occur up to several months
Solar and lunar eclipses occur in Amavasya (New Moon) and
Poumima (Full Moon) days respectively, the Sun being inconjunc-
tion with eitherof thenodes. Specially if Rahuis in Lagna andSun
is eclipsed and Saturn and Mars are inSfli and 9th houses, the
person concerned bom will be blind. Let us examine the nature of
relationship existing between these two significators, the Sun and
Rahu . For a Leo Lagna the Mooltrikona of the Sun, Rahu has is
constellations Swati, Satbhisha or Aridra in the 3rd, 7th and 1 1 th
houses which are all unfavourable for friendship. Further Rahu is
the embodiment of darkness and he being atpar with Saturn (Sani
Vat Rahu) is the worst enemy of the Sun. The Ketu claims equally
with Mars (Kuja Vat Ketu) and stands for fire. The stars ruled by
Ketu are Magha, Moola and Aswini. They are posited in the 1 st,
5th, and 9th houses reckoned from Leo Lagna which are all the
friendly houses. Flence a solar eclipse caused by the association of
Rahu is more malefic in nature than that of by Ketu. And it is but
rightthatRahushould beacause of blindness. Itisafactthatduring
eclipse Shanti Japas are performedat the time of solar eclipse in a
person's natal star when the eclipse is caused by Rahu than it by
Afew combinations are provided as:-
1 . The dasa of a planet that is eclipsed, occupies an inimical
or depression Navamas will produce troubles and untoward
2. When the birth of a girl or her maturity happens during a
solarorlunareclipse,thedeath of father or mother will respectively
3. One bom during an eclipse or when there is misty circle
around the Sun or Moon, when a malefic is posited in Lagna, or.
when a malefic aspect it or lagna lord is weak, will live for three
fortnights or three months.
4. It the Moon becomes obscure or eclipsed, the native will
have a fall from position, will be mentally afflicted, suffers from
jaundice and similar diseases. This will further provide risk to him
from water.
5. WhenMars dasa is in progress and it is echpsed, the person
will have misunderstandings, troubles, worries and his mind will
have a destructive mood. When Mars is in other conditions and in
houses rising or bestowing yogas, happy effects corresponding to
Rasi concerned will fully materialise.
6 . When Jupiter is eclipsed and its dasa is in progress, one will
have misery and happiness in equal proportion. When Jupiter
occupies depression or the inimical siga he will lose children, wife
and wealth, he may suffer from ailments also.
7. In Saturn's dasa, when Saturn is eclipsed, the person's
income and expenditure will be balanced, he will not feel happy,
has a frail body, but his fame is very wide, he will be tormented by
various mental diseases.
If the eclipse occurs at the natal star of a person it will afflict
his health.
The effects of eclipse as counted from Moon Sign has been
detailed in our old texts and according to that:-
If the eclipse occurs in 1 st house, the health of the native will
be afflicted. In 2nd house, there will be loss of wealth. In 3rd house
one gains wealth. In4th house it indicates mental worries, same
effects are denoted for 5th house. In 6 th houses denotes comforts
whereas in7th, relationbetween partners, wife etc. becomes strained.
In 8th one is diseased. 9th house eclipse indicates ill fame, disre-
spect and humilation. 1 0th house indicates gain and success in
affairs. In 1 1 th house gain from various sources and in 1 2th house
loss of money etc. is indicated.
It is a fact that Transits do have effects on a native but the
effects indicated by the birth chart and the position of planets at
birth are the basic structure over which the transit works. The
nature and strength of planets in the birth chart is the vital point.
The transit has been considered from lagna:
1 . If a planet is strong in birth chart and in transit is in exalted
sign, own sign or in friend's house and simultaneously its dasa is
running, the effectsrealised will be good forthe traits of the house
where it is transiting from Lagna.
If the planet whose dasa is in operation is weakinbirth chart.
in neecha Rasi, or enemy's house it will give the adverse effects of
house where it is transiting from the Ascendant.
2. If a planet is ownerof unfavourable house VIZ malefic by
ownership or is in malefic house or debilitiated or in debilitiated
Navamsa, then if during transit, the planet is posited in benefic
house, then malefic effects will be reduced to some extent.
3. If a planet is strong in birth chart and in transit is tenanted
in favourable house will indicate extremely good results.
4. If aplanetis beneficin birth chart, but is in favourable house
coinciding with debilitiated sign, the good effects will be reduced
to some extent.
5. If a planet is malefic in birth chart, but is in favourable house
indentical with Neecha rasi, in enemy's house etc. will denote
malefic results.
6 . In case a planet is malefic in birth chart as well as in transit
in malefic house, sign etc, the effects will be malefic.
7. If a planet in a birth chart is well aspected and in transit
is in the favourable house will do immense good.
8. When a planet is direct then become Retrograde and then
against direct will indicate results as explained earlier under
9. When during transit a planet is direct, becomes Retro-
grade and changes sign to the back sign will give the effects of the
sign where it was as Direct.
1 0. If malefic effects are indicated in Annual horoscope, and
Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu are malefic also in transit but the effects
of monthly transit are good will give malefic effects. If all the
benefic, naturally it will be benefic.
1 1 . If a planet is malefic in transit but in Ashtak Varga, it is
posited in transit where there are more than Four bind us will loose
its malefic effects to a greater extent. If the bindus are less than 4,
the malefic effects will increase according to decrease in bindus.
1 2. In transit, the effects of planet will be maximum during
certain degrees as indicated in Phaledeepiks. According to that
Sun and Mars between Zero to ten degrees, Jupiter and Venus 1 0
to 20 degrees, Moon and Saturn between 21 to 30 degrees whereas
Mercury and Rahu effects throughout the sign.
1 3. Vedha points as already detailed must be taken into
consideration. We have shown the Vedha points for each planet,
and have provided a ready recknor table which is self explanatory.
But remember that there is no vedha between Sun and Saturn and
Moon and Mercury.
Example:- Suppose Sun is transiting in3rd house, then any
planet in 9th house will cause Vedha to Sun except Saturn.
Likewise if Jupiter is transiting in 7th house than any planet in 3rd
house will cause Vedha to it and so on.
1 4. The slower a planet in motion the more effect does its
transit produce. Aplanet stationary with two degrees at some
sensitive point in the birth chart is always important. The effect is
strongest when transit is exact or within the orb.
1 5. The transit of Mars in particular often acts very promptly.
The exact day when direction may take effect may be expected to
take effect can sometimes be determined better by nothing some
transit similar in nature than it can be attempting to refine the
calculation of the Arc of direction down to a definite day. The
transit of quick moving planet extends fordays rather than periods
over more than two days. Mercury and Venus usually mark quite
ephemlral events of slight interest, except when they happen to
coincide with direction of similar nature.
It is well known theory that the movements of planets in the
Zodiac from moment to moment signify good or evil effects. This
is the basis on which transit system rests. The physical and mental
qualities and the chief events of life and Career of the native can
be foretold by the reference to the position of planets and Ascen-
dantatthe time of birth. Similarly any changes in the prospects and
conditions of life of the individual at any required time may be
ascertained by the reference to Janam Rasi and the configurationof
planets at that time.
Avedha planet tries to nullify the original effects that would
otherwise result, and may even cause a contrary effect should it
happen to be strong at that time. Transits to 1 st, 1 0th, 4th and 7th
are very important.
During transits, all planets give good effectin 1 1 th house. Sun
proves good when transits in 3rd, 1 0th, and 6 th houses. Mars and
Saturnin 3rd, 6 th and llthhouses; Moon in 1 st, 3rd, 6 th, 7th, 9th
and 1 0th; Jupiter in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th houses. Mercury in 2nd, 4th
6 th 8th and 1 0th, houses. Rahu and Ketu are similar to Sun.
The Sun and Mars in their transit through 3rd, 5thand 1 1 th
houses bring an improvement in position, honour and give gain. In
2nd house they cause loss of money,in 4th and 5th houses misery
and fear, in7th diseases and intense sorrows will be result of transit
in9thhouse. Mars causes disappointments in 1 0th, where as Sun
causes in 1 0th Success in profession.
Having explained the rules of transit in previous chapters we
now provide delineations of the planets while transiting the
various houses. But these are subject to Vedha, aspects, conjunc-
tion etc.
The transit of Sun is very important because it indicates body
as an energy system. Its transit has a great effect on the feelings,
health and vigour. Sun has also to do with men in general whom
you may encounter and persons in authority of either sex. Afflic-
tions to the Sun at birth chart or in transit often indicates afflicted
health and problems with authorities or men etc.
When Sun afflicts the natal chart, you can expect crisis in
which you will come into conflict with some one else, the house of
the birth chart affected by the transit of Sun points out the area of
your life in which you must express yourself at the time. In extreme
cases, afflictions from the transiting Sun can indicate health
problems. The Sun brings into focus the issues related to the house
or planets it transits.
If the natal planet is being transited by another planet at the
same time, the Sun brings the other planetary transit into focus. A
transit that is not also involved with the transiting Sunmaynotgi ve
any effect. So during transit of Sun in birth chart, check whether
the planet is transited by another planet. If it is, that should be a
significant day. Transits of the Sun alone without any simulta-
neous transitsignify events of lesser importance. The Sunisaroyal
planet of power, authority and finances. When it gets afflicted,all
the.three aspects are adversely affected.
The Sun is passing through the houses then mark of periods
according to the points where New and Full Moon falls. ANew
Moon gives impetus to the affairs of the house where it occurs,
specially in trines and this is spread more or less over the whole
period of the Sun's stay in the house and is not greater on one day
than the other. ANe wMoon in the Ascendant is fortunefor health
for personal undertakings, newworks and forholidays. In 2nd and
1 0th houses, it is fortunate formoneyandprofessional matters .public
works and for approaching the superiors to get favour from them
and so on in other houses each according to its meaning.
The Sun is declared auspicious when transits in 3rd, 6 th, 1 0th
and llthhouses,if at the time, the Veda places viz9th,1 2th,4thand
5th respectively are not marred by the transit of any of the planets
other than Saturn. When Sun traverses through your Moon sign,
one suffers from fatigue and loss of wealth. He will become
irritated and suffers from diseases. He will undertake some
During the year when Sun is in opposition to its natal position
it is seldom fortunate, it lowers vitality, cold, weakness and so on
according to sign. This is specially so if afflicted at birth.
IstHouse:- TransitofSuninlsthouse indicates loss of house
traits, prestige and position, ill health like blood pressure, suffers
from fatigue andloss of wealth stomachache, Chest pain. Asthma,
eye disease etc. One will become irritated and will undertake a
wearisome journey or aimless travels, obstacles in undertaking,
delay, separation from family, fear and anxiety etc.
This is a one month's period in each house. You will care
moreforpersonal matters, an excellent time to impress others, but
may find difficult to work with others, take proper care of your
profession. Under certain circumstances there may be some
martial problems, you should try to solve them. Keep an eye on
yourself and your needs. There maybe separation fromthe family
in shape of transfer, travel etc. Quarrels with friends and relations
resulting to mental tension etc.
2nd House:- In this house Joss of money, financial worries,
fear unhappy, duped by others and one will become obstinate.
Anxiety, deceitful nature, company of wicked persons. Quarrels
with relatives and friends and vain attempts. The temperament
becomes harsh and mean. Danger of loss in business. Head ache
and eye troubles.
This house is of property and resources which will be
adversely affected. Parties and invitations be avoided during this
3rd House:- Take care of your surroundings and increase
your interaction with friends, neighbours,relations with business
associates, people you deal daily. You should listen to others more
than acting independently. Agood time to accelerate the tempo of
your life to do new things. You may start the study of ne w subject,
and fruitful short journeys. Gain through coimnunication.
It also indicates gain of money, new position and status,
happiness, good health, freedom from sickness, success over
enemies or opponents, domestic comforts, recognition by superi-
ors as it is right time to approach them, courage, special honour and
position in life. Friendship with good people etc. Gain through
children and friends. It also indicates acquisition of new position,
advent of moneys, happiness, freedom from sickness and destruc-
tion of enemies.
4th House: - During this period, one will suffer misery, fear,
domestic unhappiness, ill health pressure from creditors, fear of
ailments and loss of respect. Financial stress, sorrows, impedi-
ments in married life and sexual enjoyments. Quarrels and
disputes with family. Problems regarding property, Land etc.,
Difficulties in journey s and discomforts from conveyance.
Us this period specially in contemplation and meditation.
Care for your own with the world at large. Past events may have
consequences nowto affectyou. So analyse your pastef fectsfamily
experience have had upon you andbe guided through an advisor.
5th House:- This causes mental tension, embarrassment
from enemies, ill health to self and children, expenditure, acci-
dents, displeasure from Govt. and superiors or persons in
authority, worries in all ways, loss of money, sorrows, separation
from relatives etc.
Youcanexpress yourself freely,donotdominateothers. This
being a house of recreation and amusement, you must enjoy to
forgetthe malefic effects as above. Scan your relations with your
children for future good will.
6 th House:- The house is known as house of work, of tasks
that needs to be done now forefficiency and effectiveness, you can
work clearly and sharply in your work forgood time. You have to
act according to wishes of others. In service, you should work
accord ingtodirections. If independent in service, take care of your
subordinates and have self control forgood results and then you
will have satisfaction. Take care of your health to be in good and
more healthy.
Also victory over enemies and opponents, good health
happiness, favour from superiors, peace of mind, gain in service
and efforts. Cheerfulness in undertakings and success there in.
Dispel sorrows and mental satisfaction, success in efforts and
comforts. Good clothes, you will enjoy during the month.
7th House: - This house is associated with partnership such
as marriage, legal or otherwise, business,existing relationships,
law suits in partnership etc. During this transit you will form
relations with others for various purposes. Examine your relations
with your spouse for better coordination, you must be good for
your partner as he or she is for you. Do not go into do anything
alone, do it with someone else, or ask the advice of others, who is
an expert in that specific matter, may be a consultant, lawyer, or
other specialist as per requirements. Do not enter into direct
conflict during this month to avoid law suit. Avoid wearisome
Take precautions against stomach and annus diseases, indi-
gestion, painful urination etc. You may suffer humiliation Joss of
money, quarrels with wife, anxiety and depression of mind etc. the
health of wife and children may be afflicted. Unsuccessful efforts
and troubles.
8th House:- The transit of Sun in 8th house indicates fear,
anxiety, disease, indisposition to wife's health, displeasure from
superiors or persons in authority, suffering from excessive heat,
quarrel with friends, association with wicked people, extravagant
expenditure, high blood pressure, illness to children, irritable
nature etc. Quarrels and loss through enemies. Keep safeguard
against diseases for your longevity.
This is a house of death also usually means death of some
aspect of yourself oryour life rather than death of a person. Under-
rare conditions, with many other indications, this transit can mean
an actual death. An encounter with someone will bring very
powerful changes in your life. This person may challenge your
value structure, or there may be a powerful intersmashing of your
personahties. Jointfinances can cause worry, you may be worried
about trying to borrow money or get financial backing froma bank
9th House:- This house indicates metaphysical, religious
and spiritual concerns in general. So you will travel, meeting
people from different backgrounds who can reveal you another
aspects of life like preceptors, prophets, sadhus etc, You will study
anew subject which may not be of your interest but will be to your
benefit, this mayincludeanewhobbyorintellectualdiscipline.This
transit can indicate involvement or concern with law, may not be
directly involved in a legal case yourself but may investigate a
principle of law.
During this transit you may become rash, false accusation,
may be worried, loss of money, diseased and disturbed mind is
indicated. Also quarrels with elders, disgrace. Unsuccessful in
attempts, separations from loved ones, inclination for vile deeds,
despondency, enmity on account of money etc.
1 0th House Transit of Sun in 1 0th house indicates victory
over enemies, successful completion of very mighty undertakings,
happiness, wealth and freedom from diseases. Gainof money and
ofluxurious articles, association withpersonsofauthority. Success
orpromotionatservice,professionorbusiness. Gainand comforts
through friends and others and one will gain prestige.
You will have bigger role in your career and society which
will increaseyourreputationand standing. You will be inlimelight
either on a small or large scale as per your normal course of your
life. You may be entrusted with some important work, project etc.
to undertake to prove your worth. You will have gain and have
good relations with your father.
Be carefulof your actions, do not do anything in a slipshood
manner, lest you are exposed to create a problem for you. Keep
yourselfto nonpc rsonal situation although family probIe m s create
sometimes odd situations, as difficult in public at this time. The
difficulty is usually indicated by a simultaneous transit of another
planet that affects the tenth house.
1 1 th House:- Aperiod of co- operation with other people.
Engaging in group efforts and projects in your personal and
professional life will be most effective way to accomplish this aim.
Be social and study the people around you. Gain through friends
and elders. Time for team work in all spheres.
Enjoyment of new position, honour, gain of money, happi-
ness. Success and prosperity in undertakings, good food domestic
bliss, a good health, will perform religious ceremonies and good
deeds and gain through father being second house to 1 0th house.
1 2thHouse: - One year is ending with this transit. So analyse
past year and be wise for the future being alone with honesty, all
your behaviour and ways in dealing with you and the world
around. Be ready to acknowledge your faults and your virtues.
Be curious from the persons acting against you, as you will
not know them causing loss and mental anxiety. Foreign travel can
be there. Loss of money, troubles and worries. Afflicted health
disfavourfromSuperiors and Govt. Eyes and belly can be afflicted.
Friends will behave like enemies, will work against you denoting
sorrows, quarrels, and troubles etc.
Transit of Moon through houses lasts 2- 1 /4 days in each
house and has the significance is transit. Natal Moon is one of the
most powerful point in your horoscope, the effects are felt for
couple of hours. But in case of major change of phase. New Moon
or Full Moon upon a natal planet, influence remains for one to four
weeks.. The effects of Eclipse on a natal planet may felt for several
months. The effects are change of moods, transient, encounter with
others, and passing feelings.
Moonsignifies women and its transit indicates various kinds
of encounters with women. Patients of both sexes in mental cases
are specially affected.
Transit of Moon through houses indicates the areas of your
life to which you should turn your greatest attention. To check a
particularday, transitofMoon is of utmost importance. The transit
of Moon through star ornakshtra where the Moon transits incyclic
order indicates the results. Stars are benefic or malefic. Place your
birth star under the first column and complete the cycle in the
following table and check the results. Suppose your Birth Star is
Chitra, whose number is 1 4 in the list of stars, so table is as follow;-
Birth Star(EVIL) Prosperity Danger Favour Inimical
1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8
23 24 25 26 27
5 6 7 8 9
Helpful Obstruction Friendly Great Friend
1 9 20 21 22
1 2 3 4
1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3
When planning any kind of social function or occasion, avoid
nights when the Moon seriously afflicts upon certain planets.
The transit of Moon in 1 st, 3rd, 6 th,7th, 1 0th and llthhouse
will produce beneficresults. In other places, she shall be malefic.
If Mercury does not transit the corresponding vedha places viz.
5th9thl2th 2nd,4th and 8th respectively.
1 st House:- Transit of Moon in 1 st house will confer good
health, increase and gain, good food, bed room comforts and
sexual enjoyments and clothes. Good fortune, gains, meeting of
friends etc. as you are emotionally warm for persons around you
and can be emotionally demanding. But one should remain within
2nd House:- Ordinary gain of money but it may cause
depression of mind, loss of honour, things, obstacles in undertak-
ings, expenditure and disputes. But Jatak Desh Marga and
Phaldeepika indicate loss of money.
Strong attachment to material objects, emotionoridea and be
careful that someone will not be demanding or borrowing for them,
as you can never lose them even through material objects which
may be destroyed or lost. Abad time to spend the money.
3rd House:- Success, gain of good dressi'ricndship and
association with opposite sex, gain of mone y, victory, joy and
happiness. Your communication and personal conversation will
have an emotional depth will be fruitful. So control of your
emotions will be helpful. Third house is house of e very day world,
the transit indicates bad impression upon some one by reacting
automatically rather thinking about demand of the moment.
Female relatives and friends may play an important role In yourlife
at this time.
4th House:- Agood time to retire by yourself to your own
private place means relax at home. Avoid confrontation. You will
feel emotionally more possessive both to things and intimate
relationships, be cautious, you may not remain alone and lose the
things you are holding on, adopt a free attitude for success.
This transit thus creates suspicion of everybody and
everything ,fear, trouble, sorrows, loss of money, mental worry and
domestic unhappiness. Keep an eye on your health.
5th House: - This is the time to express your emotions and if
somebody do not like this, it is necessary for you to reconsider your
friendship with him or her. In love affairs, you will experience in
greater emotional depth than usual and your experience with the
lover will be much more intense, do not be possessive of other
person and give due regard other's feeling also. Relations with
children more than usual or with a loved one.
In addition, you will experience increased expenditure,
illness, indigestion, journeys and loss of money.
6 th House:- Gain of wealth joy, destruction of enemies,good
health and friends, happiness and acquisition of desired objects.
Emotional repression of one kind or another is a probable
consequences of this transit. Now you may pay attention to home,
personal hygiene, a general organisation of personal aspects of
your life. Take care of your health which is essential.
7th House:- Atime to attend to personal relationships where
you can express in a much more emotional manner than usual. The
transit will result in marriage, relations with opponents, loved
ones, and opposite sex from whom you will get co- operation and
security. Confrontation with women both positive and negative
are likely to be more intense. Make hey with superiors and elders
for favour.
Sexual bliss ,good friends, meeting of relatives, pleasures of
beds, goodfoodand clothes, gain of conveyance, of pleasure trips,
gain of money and happiness.
8th House- Untoward events, fear of loss of money, anger,
ill health, quarrels, anxiety etc. are indicated during this short
transit. Do not be too emotional, some effectsof 2nd house may be
experienced. You may be affected psychologically through emo-
tional encounters.
9th House:- You may feel like deviating from daily routine,
do it, because travel is beneficial to overcome your boredom fora
short period. You may meet new friends froma foreign country or
a distance off and on and not during every transit. This will cause
you fatigue unexpected expenses and stomach disorder etc.
1 0th House:- Achievement of desired objects, position of
command, success, pleasure, happiness and comforts at home.
Gifts and presents. Success in business and professional pursuits.
You are best during this transit to be able to display your talents.
You may succeed forgood position in your career and can win over
others. Agood transit for any kind of public relations work or sale
of property.
1 IthHouse:- In friendship you will feel more protective and
supportive than usual or attract others for emotional reasons, say
openly to yourfriends what you could not say earher as the contacts
will be much deeper now. Arelated effect of this transit is to bring
a femaie friend or friends into prominence in your life, and in
general will be easy to get along with them. You may be excessively
possessive of a friend.
Meeting with friends qnarriage, sexual enjoyments, happi-
ness, gain of money, prosperity and good health is the outcome of
this transit in a nutshell.
1 2thHouse: - Dependence, laziness Jealousy, loss, expendi-
ture, injury or accident and misunderstanding with friends and
relatives. Secretive mind to keep your feelings, so you need to
communicate your deep inner feelings to another person whom
you can trust. Relations with women will be difficult and erratic,
so avoid them. You will not feel social like rather be alone. Agood
transit for mystical or spiritual discipline so why not try it?
Mars during his transit in 3rd, 6 th and 1 1 th houses causes
good effects. Mars camps in a sign for 1 - 1 /2 months. In other
houses traditionally it is considered a malefic planet but this is not
so because the Mars gives Energy. If the energies of Mars are
allowed to operate to excess, its effects then can be quite difficult
But usually do not fear from this transits, as it" energies your part
of life. The Energy is used to maintain himself in the face of
pressures from world environments to maintain his position.
Persons with weak energy is not much a personality, so it is quite
necessary that position of Mars in the birth chart should be strong.
Persons with strong Marg dominate others. Its transitgives energy
and vigour. In fact one way to ensure that transit of Mars will not
cause disputes or arguments with others depends on the sign of
transitand the man has to work hard to cope with situation. Itbeing
a Fiery planet, causes rashness, hot temper, accidents, cuts, wounds,
operation etc.
Transitof Mars inasignorareaenergies it. For example. Mars
when transits over Venus, you seek out physical love. When to
Mercury, one looks for mental activity. In short when Mars transit
a planet, the effectsof that planet are ignited through the energy of
Mars. You will try to establish your individuality towards others
through the issues related to that planet. When Mars transits a
house, conflicts with others in the areas of your life. The period of
mensuration continues for a few more days than normal due to
accelerated and retrograde motion of Mars.
Mars in 3rd, 1 1 th and 6 th will give good effects if the 1 2th,5th
and 9th places respectively are free from transit of other planets at
that time. The same remarks holds good forSatum, but in this case
the effects will not be marred if the Sun should transit at the time
the corresponding Vedha places. In women's chart Mars is
significa tor of husband.
The only danger with Mars is that its energies, when subli-
mated to the physical level, can signify accidents, specially from
burns or fire, and illness involving fever, high blood pressure and
infection etc.
1 st House:_Itis a time to make impression upon others with
great activity with hard work. Every relation will be difficult to
handle but working independently will pay you more than usual.
Dominant during this transit than usual. Being a period of
revengeful nature, sodonot fight if somebody attacks you first. Be
careful against illness and accidents during the period of this
You will feel dejected, find obstacles in your ways, displea-
sure of superiors, guard against blood pressure. This transit may
cause separation of relations and friends.
2nd House:- Ahouse of finances. You will be over touchy
with your financial matters,Car, property and furniture also about
your opinions, behef and desires but this negative attitude be
avoided. Youmaynotbecntangledinanydispute w ith others over
the ownership or use of property. Of possessive nature because
this transit indicates wasteful expenditure.
On the positive side, your efforts will be to complete a work,
and will use all your influences.
But displeasure of Govt. from enemies, of thieves can not be
ruled out. Harsh temperament, anxiety increased expenditure,
disputes etc. can also not be ruled out on the negative side.
3rd House:- Yourenergies will be high, and there is considera-
ble danger of conflicts with persons of daily contact, neighbours or
relatives. You will be argumentative, disagreement with others
with your views should not be taken as a personal afront. Do not
coerse others. Put your ideas with full force lest it provokes others.
Agood period for expressing yourself through ideas, letters etc.
Good period for any kind of vigorous mental work.
On the whole, you will enjoy good health, happiness, gain of
money, alround Success, strength, good position, honour, authori-
ty and pleas ure from children as well as gain from wife. 3rd House
is 9th from 7th house and 1 1 th from 5th house.
4th House : - In family house, you should contend with others
if you do not agree with them for homely bliss during this transit.
You will be able thus to bring them round to your point of view. In
various situations, you may behave in an compulsively and inap-
propriately which may agravate the situation not to your advan-
tage. Living and relations with parents will be difficult, dispute
over property, opposition in professional life will make the time
difficultforyou,they may block yourefforts. Sokeepyourenergies
and temperament within control.
To sum up during this transit, you may experience family
disputes, professional troubles, sorrows through relations, parents
and opponents, forcible contacts with low women causing vile
deeds. Domestic unhappiness.
5th House:- Atransit period to feel egoistic. Being a house
of pleasure, any game activities will be best re warded,y our love
nature will be very strong, physical contacts will be more but not
new one. Children may not have serious conflict with you and you
may find situation harder to handle. Keep yourself busy, becareful
against any accident to you and to your children as you will lack
So be cautious of improper desires, mental anguish trouble
and quarrels with children, wounds through accidents, physical
weakness, theft in house and irritable temperament etc.
6 th House: - Use your energies in working hard and getting
things done.Houseof service indicates credit for your work done.
To avoid conflict with superiors do the necessary work only and
do not be aggressive. You may get employment for a team work.
Also, the house indicates Health. Mars through transit may
indicate health problems, such as infections, fever or accidents, so
avoid by keeping yourself under control.
The transit so indicates happiness,, victory over enemies,
termination of evils and litigation, gain, honour, prosperity. Favour
from superiors, comforts, increased income etc. Care for good
health is needed.
7th House:- Atension in life is indicated during this transit,
which can be overcome by co- operating with yourpartners, wife
and fellow workers. Enemies will try to harm you. Mars is self
assertive and your relations may suffer during this transit. You
may find difficult to give in and compromise in marriage, partner-
ship etc. Try to avoid unnecessary conflicts with others, legal
proceedings, law suits. So try to compromise if you can, in order
to avoid controversy.
The positive side of the transit is too much compromise and
to explain and clear the grievances between your wife, partners etc.
You can make adjustments during this period for smooth relations.
The negative side denotes quarrels with wife, Indigestion,
loss of money, disputes with friends and partners. Mental agony
and anxiety etc.
8th House:- Mars here causes fever, fear, accidents and
wounds, 8infulacts,loss ofmoney, blood poisoning, mental worry
and fatigue etc.
The effectscanbe either subtle or blatant. Your ego will have
confrontation with others. 8th house being the house of values that
you share with others will cause powerful effects in him or her
which may be cause a change in you.
With your wife there maybe disagreement. Not a good time
to raise a loan from anybody. The transit stimulates sex as an
expression of your ego. This transit may transform you.
9th House:- You can do more creative and intellectual work
than usual. Influence over others forgood impression but donot
be dogmatic in your opinion so do not try to force your religious
views oryour views on others. Expansion in your sphere is very
much likely which will prove good. Avoid travelling as it may not
involve any accidents but this pointbechecked inabirth chart from
other planetary indications. This is house of law and the courts.
Under certain circumstances this transit can indicate legal difficul-
ties, incase of serious afflictions to 9th house ,this could be too bad
for you. The above whole effects may cause mental anxiety,
wearisome journeys, humiliations, loss of wealth etc.
1 0th House: - Failure in attempts, ill health, fearand enmity.
May cause some anxiety about profession but in the second half
period of transit will have good effects.SOyou must be careful and
recognise the needs of others.
Hard work to gaina desire, do the works independently, and
be tolerant with others. Conflict with Govt. and persons in
authority is denoted. Conflicts with co- workers can also arise as
they will block your efforts and make your advancement difficult
So be conscious of other's interestand avoid conflict. Your thinking
to defeat others and to deal every challenge will cost you more.
1 1 th House: - Ahouse of group relationship which will give
you success by working in a Co- operative manner. So do not be
alone. Team work is the watchward with Mars in this house.
Keep balance every where for bettersuccess. Gainof money. Other
person's conflicting views canbe handled through correct energy,
team spirit and in a cooperative way. Sports will be too good and
beneficial and reward for your hard work and recognition.
On the whole you will have financial gain, good health,
happiness and enjoyment, gain of landed property, birth of son,
acquisition of luxuries and amusements, success in undertakings
1 2th House:- One will experience loss of wealth, unwanted
and uncalled for expenditure. Quarrels with wife, loss through
enemies, mental worries, eye troubles,billious complaints, troubles
through women, dishonour and losses.
This is a difficult transit if not handled properly especially if
the birth chart affliction to planets in this house, time of frustration,
self denial and no credit for anything or good you do with others.
Irritable and uneasy during this period and when you try to make
an impression upon others or assert yourself, you credle wrong
impression upon others or assert yourself, and under mining your
position. Secret enemies will create troubles for you. If you feel
emotionally upset, refrain from any type of significant confronta-
tion with others, best time to work alone as much as possible, and
helping others, charitable activity will be suitable, research in
laboratory or library will be beneficial. Plan your projects which
you can undertake when Mars leaves 1 2th house.
Transit of Mercury is extremely important to- study, the
transit is not one of the powerful indicators in the horoscope, but
it ind icates shiftsof mental focus and attention it transits the houses
and planets. The kind of communications you have with other
people, indicator of travel, short trips in every day routine. Mer-
cury signifies communications received as well as sent, during this
transit. You may receive many letters, telephone calls and unex-
pected visits. Rational mind is also ruled by Mercury and gives
clarity of ideas and minds, if Mercury is not afflicted during transit
and in birth horoscope. Events begununderaretrograde Mercury
terminate unexpectedly or do not give all that is expected.
Mercury indicates good results in 2nd, 4th, 6 th, 8th lOthand
1 1 th houses provided their corresponding Vedha places viz
5th,3rd,9th,lst,8th 1 2thare not occupied by any of the planet other
than Moon. Mercury camps in a signor house for about a month.
1 st House:- Agood time to express your views and examine
yourself. Your mind will be more active, do not be deceptive, do
not change your view points often and try to control it. In case
Mercury is afflicted in birth chart orin transit in this house, you may
feel nervousness and anxiety, may be involved in some mental
problem. Try to relax and remain away from serious thoughts.
Short travels are indicated which will be beneficial
An afflicted Mercury indicates increases enemies, loss of
wealth fear of being confined, wicked speech, unsteady mind,
change of opinion by force and company of low women.
2nd House:_Right thinking in material, intellectual or spiri-
tual side. You may enter into negotiations with others regarding
money or property including business and its expansion. In case
of affliction avoid financial or property deals during this transit
period. Your mind will become unclean or cloudy and may be
misled by another persons.
This transit will giveyougainofmoney, reliable friends,good
meals, success in undertakings but disgrace, scandals and unjust
blames etc.
6 0
3rd House:- Group discussions and conversations with
others, meet new people, travel in short distance, Contact with
neighbours and relatives. Afavourable time for intellectual works.
But not a good time to relax, it can create fear from opponents,
disharmony and disputes with officers andothers, humiliation and
loss of money. Use this transit time to get information rather to act.
In entering into contracts, business partnerships, dealing with
others, you should be wise enough to postpone rather plan it to do
in the next house transit. Do not allow your point of viewbinding
on others.
4th House> This transit indicates fulfillment of your plans,
schemes and contracts etc for gain of money and enjoyment.
Prosperity to relations and family, happiness, contacts with good
persons, domestic happiness and prosperity. Family matters will
be settled. Communications will be gainful.
5th House;- You can explain and stress your view points to
others for good but to be stubborn on a point may indicate upset
peace of mind, quarrels with children.Games or reading upset
peace of mind, quarrels with children.ln case of afhction,youmay
not experience loss of position of money, purposeless undertak-
ings, dishonour,wicked acts and dishormoney in domestic sur-
6 th House- Health and work are signified by this house.
Excellent time for mental work to gain success and popularity.
Successful attempts, plan your projects carefully for profits. Men-
tal and domestic happiness, victory over enemies, renown etc.
Good relation with officers and subordinates, so do not criticize
Affliction to this house orto planet can afflict your health you
may feel nervous or anxious to strain your body which should be
avoided. Care for the diet is a must.
7th House: - You can explain any issue in detail to your
spouse or partner to avoid mental worry, misunderstanding
causing apprehension of troubles, do not think or act alone but try
to take help of Others, to your intimate relations you can discuss
your difficulties lest you face dishonour, separation, domestic
worries and disagreement with close relations, friends etc. Argu-
6 1
ments and controversies be avoided. You can enter into negotia-
tions, contracts about any matter, if Mercury is not afflicted, if so,
avoid or postpone them.
8th House: - Look forward for cheerfulness, steadiness, vic-
tory over enemies, happiness, birth of son, good intellect and
power. You can solve your hidden aspects. Deep thinking and
action will pay you more than usual but do not be carried away by
thoughts. Finance and property dealings specially joint one, can
have a good deal through negotiations, if it is not afflicted.
9th House:- Agood period for study, subjects relating to
foreign places, law, philosophy or higher knowledge of any kind
will be beneficial. You may have dealings with officials of law.
Good time for travel, conversation and communication with
In case of affliction or otherwise, your health may not be
afflicted,impediments, loss of money, wearisome travelling, obsta-
cles and disagreement with relations. But in the latter half, honour
and position.
1 0th House:- Good health, gain of money and increased
income, success in profession, enjoyment, all round success, men-
tal and domestic happiness, success over enemies and property.
AGood period for profession you may make plans for
making changes, to talk to superiors about your progress of work
forgetting better place or promotion which depends on birth chart
but surely a way to go about getting a promotion. You may
undertake studies of new subjects. Communications will be
gainful with the outside world, through advertising, contracts or
Check that there be not any afflicted planet in 1 0th house in
the chart and is not being transited by another planet at the same
llthHouse:- This is a time of increased communications and
social intercourse. You may develop new friendships with young-
sters. Happy at home, prosperity, gain of money, honour, satisfac-
tion, good and favourable time. Group working will be beneficial.
Intellectual exchanges with friends.
6 2
1 2th House: - Secretive talks and works like C.l.D. etc. people
will talk against you and you may fear of humiliation, disputes,
misunderstanding with wife, friends and relatives. Disgrace
through enemies. Keeping secrets will only undermine other's
confidenceinyou. Study will workout well. Spiritual and religious
matters with increased ability and research will be special good
point of this transit. Heavy expenditure and loss of money is
Venus produces good effects when transits in 1 st, 2nd, 3rd,
4th 5th, 8th 9th, 1 1 th and 1 2th houses. Venus stays in a sign or
house for one month.
The transit of Venus being it a fast moving planet is brief to
be felt for no more than a day,Venus rules spontaneous power of
attraction between the two. Venus is lo ve, the emotions thatbrings
people together withoutforceorcompulsionalsoforpowerbehind
creativity, also it creates something spiritually higher than the
original entity but has to work with power of Mars.
It is a social planet which brings happy social occasions.
Parties, entertainments,fun etc. are best done during this transit.
Friendships are moreenjoyable. Love is indicated by it, a good time
forexistingand creation of newrelations. Good transit forfinances.
There are a few difficult transits of Venus, except to Saturn,
which of all the planets is the most inimical to Venus, energies.
Transit to Neptune, although pleasant, often produces negative,
dangerous, delusions in love relationships.
Venus will give bad effects during his transit through 1 st,
2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th 8th, 9th and 1 2th and 1 1 th, if it is marred by
planets in the corresponding Vedhas places viz 8th 7th, 1 st, 1 0th,
9th, 5th, 1 1 th 6 th and 3rd respectively.
lstHouse:- Atransit of several days influencing your whole
mannerof expressing yourself toothers forali kinds of enjoyments,
pleasures and happiness .Good for personal compromise and
6 3
evade contest. Peace with others, good food, sound sleep, dresses,
perfumes,articlesofluxuryenjoymentofmartial relations. Success
in education, new position and status etc.
Voumay attract otherpeople
donot manipulate otherpeople
because this will not be longterm influence. Agoodtimeto be away
for pleasure etc.
2nd House:- A good transit for finances and material
possession.You may have gain of money but control your
spending. You can borrow the money .Investmentcan be advanta-
geous specially in beauty and pleasure articles. Do not invest
money in every day living articles.
You will have happiness at home, birth of child, gifts and
prosperity in family. Good health and gain.
M Home- Your activities will be more pleasant and
agreeable. Social life combined with parties, get- togethers will bv
more enjoyable. Do not be serious during the transit. Gainthrough
exchange of letters. Aperiod of Love and harmony.
The transit here indicates prosperity, happiness, gain of
wealth, success, favour and profits from friends and relations.
Increased influence and honour. Gain of luxury articles, good
pleasures and loveable company.
4th House:- Domestic happiness and comforts, of amiable
nature and congenial atmosphere in the family. Good relations
with parents, gainofmoney, comforts,Improvement in residence,
pleasantjourneys, care for food against digestive trouble is indi-
cated. Increased power and influence, gain from agriculture or
profession. Pleasure trips and good news.
5th House:- Happiness from elders and children. The son
will get good position in profession. Gainof money, birth of child,
honour from superiors and elders. Helpful friends, virtuousdeeds
and fame. Agood time for entertainment, amusement as well as
affairs of children. Love relationships will be favourable, and
smooth with loved ones. Do not overdo the things.
6 th House:- You may confront difficulties, because this is not
a happy position for Venus. Irritatiorv dishonour, illness to wife,
6 4
anxiety may be experienced. Problems in relationship may arise.
But this may be good period for service and good relations with
superiors and employees, gain of money unexpectedly from Govt.
and superiors.
Increased expenditure, disputes and quarrels, litigations,
and losses maybe experienced. On the other hand, will enjoy good
health, avoid over eating. Not a favourable position for romance.
7 th House: - Abest position forall relationships Jove affairs,
romance with partner, wife and Co- workers etc. You may cele-
brate your marriage if unmarried, Lord SHTVAwill bless you.
Nowyou are allowed to express your feelingsof love and affections
to your wife, beloved, superiors etc. which will be reciprocated
In profession, partnership willbegainfulandfavourable and
of mutual benefit
The most striking observation against the laws of Hindu
Astrology is that if you are in conflict in your life, this is the best
transit forreapproachment The persons even openly hostile toy on
will be receptives to your overtures. There may not be legal
confrontations, law suits, but you can settle outside law courts.
8th House;- Gain of wealth through spouse, your business
partner or bank or financial institutions. Union with partner, wife
orbeloved. Good health. Love relations now started will be lasting
one. Increase in landed property. Pleasure through opposite sex,
domestic bliss, fame, honour, all round prosperity etc.
9th House: - Good deeds and friends, gain, mental happi-
ness, romance and charitable, donations, comforts; marriage,
distant travel for loved ones, respect from elders and preceptors,
increased knowledge, fame and prosperity. Love or experience of
beauty in art, pleasures and amusement.
Love relations will give you good experience. Attracted to a
new stranger person, may be foreigner or at strange place, better
educated and experienced thanyourself which will be quite helpful
and gainful. Easy and rewarding transit.
6 5
Iftth House:- Afavurabletransitforbusiness and profession.
Persons in authority will be favourable and helpful to you harmo-
niously. Love, relation with elder oras aguide will be helpful with
a boss or employer. Be careful of Mercenary relations which could
ruin the relations and may bring obstacles, impediments, irritation
and humiliations, quarrels and defeat in law suits etc.
1 1 th House: Gain of friends and articles of luxury, associa-
tion with opposite sex, mental and domestic happiness, gain of
money and prosperity. Happy at home and increase income etc.
Best period for team or group work, friendly to all,parties and
pleasure pursuits. Others will be affectionate in any sphere. All
love relations previous or new will be lasting as love and friendship
go together.
1 2th House:- selfishness in love. In this difficult house this is
the best transit. It indicates gain of things and enjoyment, luxury,
increased expenditure and pleasures of beds. Gain of money,
investment, and improvements. You may be involved in a chari-
table activity, helpful to others and specially to loved ones. Do not
inflict sarcastic remarks upon others,if you can not help anyone,
then do nothing rather against false hopes and promises. On the
whole, this transit will be good andrewarding. Be spiritual and you
will be amply rewarded by Lord SHIVA.
Jupiter is knows as 'Greater Benefic' produces good effects.
Its transit is quite pleasant and usually benefic. It is a planet of
growth expansion and enlargement, thus gaining your weight or
enlarging your mind of consciousness. It has a strong dimensions,
rules the law and legal system as well as persons in power and
authority, and Govt. officers.
The house where Jupiter transits is enlarged and grows forks
better qualities making a man wiser and successful, one should
take precaution not to overdo anything. Planets transited by
Jupiter are energised and fortified, it creates energies in your
personality that are working smoothly and attaining your objects.
You can get whatever you desire but be contended and do not
6 6
If Saturn has connection with Jupiter in any way, square,
aspect, opposition, conjunction etc. the effects are fairly easy with
restricted nature and keeps one within limits. Spirituality, religion,
pilgrimage etc. are the traits of Jupiter which are expanded and
broadened during its transit, with care this transit can be very
This benefic planet stays in a sign for one year. Its aspect to
any planet during transit excites the good influences of that planet
which he aspects fromits transiting position or pass over the natal
position of any planet. Jupiter's transit in 2nd,5th
7th,9th, and 1 1 th
houses is highly beneficial.
Retrograde Transit: When Jupiter becomes retrograde or
stationary during transit, the opportunity or expansion and corre-
spondence etc. will appear delayed. If Jupiter transits a very
sensitive point in birth chart and it goes retrograde, back over this
point and then crosses it again in direct motion, it is as if the
potential significance accumulates during the retrograde period
and appears curiously withheld.
If Jupiter makes its simation in transit and resumes direct
motion exactly upon a sensitive point in the birth chart, the
correspondences are dramatic and that there is a turn of future.
Jupiter stationary - retrograde can similarly withdraw or
delay opportunities;than when stationary - Direct Jupiter restore
the progress and plan to benefit.
Aretrograde Jupiter during transit in 2nd house indicates a
time to collect debts,go through the past accounts, and make
application of any past credit tax or tax repayment. When Jupiter
is direct in this house, it is a time to go all out on new financial
ventures, ask for a rise in salary, apply for a betterjob and better
wages for work done. Financial opportunities will occur.
Retrograde Jupiter transiting in the difficult 1 2th house
denotes enthusiasm is locked away, the identity has difficulties in
preparing and things to happen. As an example, it was Retrograde
Jupiter conjunction Sun in the natal chart of Johnson in 1 96 8 when
he decided, he would not make renomination.
6 7
Jupiter acts forU.S. Presidentship as malefic also being agreat
benefic. For details refer author's world famous book, 'THE
1 st House:- This is beginning of majorcycle of growth in y our
life when Jupiter enters 1 st houseofyourhoroscope. Youwillfeel
more secure about yourself, but do not exaggerate your impor-
tance . You can gain new experience and a good time for learning.
Do not be childish or prejudiced otherwise you will have
unfavourable circumstances, heavy expenditure, unfavourable
journey, increase in endmies etc.
You will have help from others. The persons .0 whom you
will be attracted or involved will be beneficial to you through
mutual help. Advancement towards spiritual side. Afortunate
year in personal terms. Self confidence will pave the way of
progress during the year of transit. You can expect your martial
knot during this period if unmarried.
2nd House:- The native will acquire money, domestic
happiness, gain of wealth and commodities. Defeat of enemies,
marriage, birth of son, new position and status. The transit will be
favourable in the sphere of material possess!onand resources. One
will gain money or if you concentrate, you can increase your
spiritual standard as well as other diamensions of your life. Do not
mismanage theresources. Make necessary changes inyoursources
to achieve your desires. Comforts and pleasures will be at your
command. Agood period for investment and purchase of prop-
erty and articles of enjoyment.
3rd House:- Increase in your contacts in the immediate
surroundings. You can study the subjects of fields and advance
training. Gain through writings and communications. Favourable
travels are indicated. Cordial relations with brothers, sisters and
cousin etc. and gain through them. Good understanding, broad
views, generous and tolerant will be the effects on your personal-
ity. Do not be influenced by prejudices. Do not spend more and
be not self imposed which will be to your advantage. Plan
effectively for gain. But do not over do and go to extremes. Do not
6 8
commit to projects which you cannot possibly do or fulfill other-
wise there will be loss of position, separationfromlovedones, fear,
obstacles in business or profession and ill health. Loss of money,
friends, status or of employ ment and change of residence etc. A
favourable period for marriage.
4th House:- Agood transit for peace and security. Your
home, family,personal life, property and conveyance will greatly
improve during this transit. You will acquire property or make
additions, alterations in your house or you may expand your
environments, gain and acquistimi of conveyance. Investment in
real estate will be rewarding. Good domestic bliss. Generous and
good support to and from family. Relations with parents will be
cordial and you may gain through them.
This transit is best for making family life,home and personal
lifemore secure and comfortable. Increase in confidence. You will
be able to handle your affairs more wisely for a better future.
Incase you handle this transit properly you will not feel alone.
Otherwise one will experience sorrows,through relations, loss of
money, fear, suffers humiliations, false implications, domestic
unhappiness, and accident during travelling.
5th House:- Your self expression grows as never before.
Courageous and expressive to others without selfishness and
egotism. Relations with others will be greatly improved. This
transit by itself is not usually enough to bring about a sexual
relationship, but helps theonestarled, be true in position. Proud ness
from children and their development. Your creative potential is
increased. Gain of money. Love relations will expand. Personal
growth and wisdom will increase alongwith greater freedom of
self expression. Do not act in an overbearing manner. People will
respond well in self assurance and self expression.
On the whole, one will be blessed with a child, gain, happi-
ness, friendship with good persons, royal favour and good period.
Defeat of enemies, increased property, gain of knowledge, favour
from superiors and success.
6 thHouse:- Agood transit for any kind of work and fulfilling
duties that contributed to your personal growth. This transit
6 9
indicates good health, personal growth responsibility and service.
Progress in the above direction is indicated. Enjoyment and
fulfllmentof desires, improvement in service orjobor newjob with
better opportunities is indicated. Favour from superiors and
subordinate, which will put you in good position.
Excellent period for health, vigour and vitality. Recovery
fromillness will be speedy, take care of your diet. Avoid any kind
of over indulgence.
In case of malefic Jupiter, you will experience troubles from
enemies, cousins, sickness and distress. Domestic unhappiness,
quarrels, loss of money and increased expenditure. Fruitless
undertakings anxiety and disputes with relatives.
7th House:- Favourable for marriage, partnership and
contract during this transit. Gain through people and mutual
relations and help. You need other person's assistance which will
be met by others. Agood transit period for assis tancefromlawyers,
doctors and otherconsultants. Civil suits will be in yourfavour. Do
not try to get more than your due s, do not over estimate what you
are to get. This can lead you into troubles. Aclose relation with a
foreigner or partnership or expanded relations with opposite sex
will be to your advantage. If you marry during this transit, the
partner will be older than you.
Overall, one will travel on an auspicious undertaking, will be
happy with wife and blessed with children, respect and happiness.
Domestic happiness, good food, marriage and bliss etc.
8th House- This house indicates inheritance. Every 1 2th
year Jupiter will transit this house, one is benefitted from people's
resources. Good period for joint ventures and resources such as
business, partnership etc. Agood time for requesting loan from
bank or friends etc. Fortunate changes in your life. Experience of
occult, religious and spiritual uplifts.
In case Jupiter is malefic, native will have fatigue by weari-
some travelling, adversity, troubles, physical and mental. Eoss of
money, and may be accidents during journey.
9th House: - The transit of Jupiter here indicates prosperity,
enhanced prestige, respect from other, happiness, pleasure and
happiness at home, increased income and land or houses etc.
Pilgrimage and good spiritual advancement. Troubles through
Agood position of Jupiter for expansion. You may have
opportunity for extensive and long travels, interest in studies of
profound subjects, philosophy, methaphysics, religion ete. Gain
through religion, correspondence, foreign travel or you will be
involved in business, contract, or such like. More religious and of
awakened mind.
1 0th House:- Your profession, career and social status is
indicated by this house. Any reasonable efforts with several
cautions will lead you towards a considerable progress. Avoid
dominating, overbearing and arrogant attitude and inflated ego
which indicates trouble with superiors, loss of respect, humality
danger to property, profession, jxsi tion and children. Death of Son
or friend, domestic quarrels and changes of place etc. So think
calmly and avoid it. Avoid resentment to others.
One will have reward or recognition for his work, you can
expect promotion and better avenues in public or Govt. recogni-
tion. You may travel and have change in profession.
1 1 th House- You will be blessed with a child, acquire new
position, honour, gain of money, domestic happiness and good
health. Gain of jluxury items pleasures, promotion, respect and
prosperity. It is favourable for marriage prospects.
Fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends and
elders, brothers etc. Do not try to go alone for any work whereas
group working will be beneficial. New acquaintances, broad
outlook but do not be selfish. Success alround. Troubles end
sarrows through children or son.
1 2th House: - The benefits will not be obvious. Good for
learning, spiritual and religious pursuits. Preceptor in a guise in
any form. Occult or metaphysical will be of great knowledge,
supports and comforts. Spends in arrogance, trying to cheat
In case of a malefic Jupiter, you will have fear, mental
anguish, grief and fear caused through property. Litigation,
tensions rjoumeys, separation from family, imprisonment, anxiety
increased expenditure and afflicted health etc.
1 st House:- Worries on account of ill health, restlessness,
phlegmatic and irritable. Jupiter's diseases will attack. This also
causes certain allergies to certain factors. One will become restless.
Worries from son.
2nd House:- Health will improve. Calmness and take
decisions with calmness. Unless Jupiter is maraka planet, good
health during the transit. Your spouse will come out of a frigid
3rd House:- Health of brother and father- in- law will im-
prove. But one will become coward during this transit.
4thHouse:- Mother's health will improve and no cause for
worry. One will become more confident in his work.
5th House: - Agood transit. One will have fine feelings, sharp
intellect, children will fare well. Ahappy mind. Petty gains in
6 th House: - Some secret disease, not serious but will cause
worries. Other worldly failures would add to his misery.
7th House:- Honeymoon travel or like enjoyment. Practi-
cally all worries will be over. One's face will shine and will exhibit
ability and vigour. Free from existing disease if any.
8th House: - Existing disease if any will be worsened andmay
become chronic. Heavy expenditure and worries.
9th House: - Best time transit. During its dasa, it will indicate
pleasure, fruitful travels, pilgrimage particularly if this planet is
retrograde in the natal chart. AU benefics and good health.
1 0th House:- Causes billiousness, laziness,upsets in profes-
sion and business. No serious disease but mind will become
sluggish, fear of something or others.
1 IthHouse- Abest place for retrograde planet. All good
things will occur. The native enjoys good health, wealth, woman
and wine.
1 2thHouse- Lossof sleep, peace of mind, and bed comforts.
General frustration leading to some hasty actions and consequent
In Natal Chart:- Retrogression in 2,4,5,7,9 or 1 1 th house is
always good for the general health. Butin l,3,6 fiand 1 2th houses,
it denotes aggravation of existing diseases and worries if any.
Having regard to the position of Jupiter during transit, its
7thand9thhouses. The traits of thesehouses will
be boosted upfor good, provided no other planet malefic in nature
aspects when the good effects will be reduced accordingly. When
a retrograde planet transits malefic houses 3,6 ,8 nd 1 2 the evil
results will be reduced to the minimum. Amalefic retrograde
planet when transits a favourable house will neutralise the good
effects of the house.
The transit of Saturn is very important as it stays in a house
foraperiodof 2- i/2years. The effects arenotalways malefic as per
general belief. If transiting Saturn is in his own sign, exalted sign
and unless he be the lord of Ascendant, you will not damage much
the affairs of th transitted house.
Saturn has a depressing influence on the radical planet,
whom he aspects during transit and if he be the lord of Ascendant
in the natal chart, he will not do SOor if it does any harm, it will not
be of such great measure.
Actually one gains experience from this planet, which makes
him fit to live in the world. The position of Saturn in transit in your
chart indicates the part of your life that is being examined and
tested atthattime that the house the Saturn is itrepresents the areas
of greatest tension in your life and requires your close attention.
The planet that Saturn transits in your natal chart represents
energies in your life that are being challenged and behaviour
patterns that require examinations.
In author's behef when Saturn inflicts some losses, separation
from relations, etc these are blessing in disguise and limits your
needs which one must accept gladly.
During transit of Saturn to a house, you must pay special
attention to the affairs of that house.Itis not a sign that everything
in that house is going wrong, it is your thinking how you take it. If
you are in good position, the transit will firm up and structure that
house for you. If you are not in a good position, Saturn will bring
changes that will be unpleasant in so for as you resist them.
Depression, sorrows, sadness,physical and emotional losses
are all signs Saturn gives to which we are not well adjusted to the
issues of the houses and signs ruled by Saturn. Do not be dismayed,
there are normal responses. Very few people are in touch with
themselves so that they cannot react to Saturn positively, in a very
real sense, SATftRNIS THETEACHER, but it is each of us
teaching ourselves about what we really are.
So called a fear complex of 7- 1 /2 years is known as SADE
SATI. The period is caused in Hindu Astrology when Saturn
transits 1 2th, 1 st and 2nd houses from Moon sign or Janam Rasi.
This period is called Sade Sati: such a Saturn is called also Elrate
Sade Sati is a very dreadful word for the common masses. It
occurs after very 30 years in life. People go by mere traditional
convention and general belief that Sade Sati period brings dissat-
isfaction, disappointments, depression, differences, disputes, dis-
harmony and undesirable results. People are nervous, but actually
this is not the case, this is so called only a fear complex.
Sade Sati consists of 3cycles of 2- 1 /2 year each called Dhaia
(2- 1 /2years) when Saturn trans its in 1 2th, 1 st and 2nd houses from
Moon sign. But Imay make it clear that the effects of all the cycles
is not sad for the native directly orforself. But different results are
experienced by the native indirectly, it affects him being the head
of the family or of instimtion etc. The three cycles are explained
below as per standard dictum and should not be accepted as such
literally, but subject to other conditions laid down below.
1 STCYCLE;- In the first cycle, when Saturn transits 1 2th
house fromMoon Sign for 2- 1 /2years, the evil results are feltby the
parents and near relations of the native. It will also affect the traits
of 2nd, 6 th and 9th houses where Saturn aspects. The health of
grand mother will be affected and may result in her death, the
eyesight of the native can be affected necessitating the use of
spectacles, but mind it, that it will not give any injury or operation
unless Saturn in 1 2th has an aspect or conjunction of Mars. But
Saturn causes an extra expenditure.
The position of Saturn may affect the financial position as
Saturn aspects 2nd house, it may retard environmental activities.
If in a birth chart Saturn is passing through the last phase of life it
may force native to get sanyas VIZ one will be detached from his
or her family, wealth home etc. provided Saturn in his position
receives the aspect of Sun, Rahu and 1 2th house lord. Foresaking
of these worldly things amounts to sanyas.
In addition to the above, during this period, the father of
native may have pinch of some setback or reversion, loss etc. in his
profession, and will lead to an extra, unwanted and uncalled for
expenditure which may become unbearable for the native.
2ND CYCLE;- During this cycle Saturn transits 1 st house
fromoronMoon Sign for2- l/2years. During this period, it affects
the native himself in domestic and professional fields. It aspects
3rd, 7th and 1 0th houses from Moon Sign . So four houses are
affected which denotes ill health and death of some relations,
worries, fear from enemies, journey to distant places and separa-
tion from relations like brothers, sisters, wife or family etc. May
cause imprisonment, miseries, loss of wealth, fatigue and general
debility, loss of friends. Obstructions and delay in undertakings,
failure in attempts and increased expenditure.
3RD CYCLE:- Saturn when transits in2nd house from Moon,
third cycle of Sade Sati starts. The aspects are on 4th, 8th and 1 1 th
houses. It affectsone's health children and may even cause death.
During this transit, loss of health happiness,loss of position,
increased expenditure,financial stress and physical weakness are
experienced. Gain of weal th from others which will be los fdeception
through wicked men. May cause death of children.
Author's vie ws - The above readings are inter alia malefic as
per Hindu Astrology dictum without taking into consideration the
following points:-
1 . The position of Saturn in birth chart, whether exalted, in
mool trikona rasi, own or friendly sign.
2. TheownershipofSaturnfordifferentAscendants orMoon
sign, whether benefic, malefic or yogkarka etc.
3. When a planet is strong in birth chart but weak in transit
it will give neutral results or vice versa. It will not cause much loss,
worries etc. to the native.
4. When Saturn is weak in birth chart and in transit in same
house malefic results can be predicted.
5. The aspects of Saturn with other planets are to be
considered, whether the aspects are malefic or benefic,The aspect
of Jupiter on Saturn will change malefic results to benefic.
But is it not the fact that many people during Sade Sali got
promotions, increase in business, got married, blessed with son,
have constructed or acquired property, won elections, purchased
new cars etc and enjoy a good life? But according to traditional
methods the person should have suffered denial of comforts,
losses, deaths, dispute and unbearable results. Why is it so?
Instead following the traditional effects, consider in which
constellation a planet transits. Note down the matters signified by
the lord of constellation. That alone will be offered by the
transitting planet through planet through the source indicated by
the transitting planet. The aspects good or evil must be considered.
The effects of Aspects are explained in nutshell.
Good Aspects: - When Saturn formsgood aspects with other
planets, viz trine, sextile, etc. will make one careful, attentive, sober,
calculative, exacting, increaase in income and comforts, peace of
mind, methodical working, acquisition of property, profitable and
gainful connections with mines or Agriculture pursuits. Dealing
in metals connected with Saturn will be advantageous.
Bad Aspects:- Satumformingevil aspect with planets makes
the native unfortunate. Reverse results are expected than as stated
above, such as impediments, turmoils, depression, melancholy
feeling etc. etc.
So bear in mind thatHindn Astrology dictums should notbe
followed as a rule literally but be analysed in view of the above
rules. This will save you from untoward and uncalled for mental
anguish and worries.
During transit Saturn will produce good effects in 3rd, 6 th
and llthhouses. The broad, coincise and general effectsof Saturn
are detailed below, which may be modified as per aspects
conjuctions and rules of transit.
lstHouse:- The position and the period when Saturn transits
over the Ascendent, is a time of shearing away the aspects of life,
responsibilities will increase, your accomplishments will be great.
Do not start any new long range projects, which will be delayed for
completion if started, do the things or project which requires short
time for completion. Do not waste this transit as an excuse for
sitting around and waiting for a more favourable tirine. Peep
yourself inward and restucture as is the demand of Saturn; it will
take several years, so do not be in a hurry. It is the time of
introversion and introspection. An excellent time for any kind of
psychotheraphy or human potential work. Analyse the previous
transit and be guided.
In case Saturn is malefic or afflicted, one will suffer loss of
health of wife, children and close relations. Food not to taste, fear
of enemies, disharmony, disagreements and disputes. Journey to
a distant place and separation from relatives. Loss of wealth and
honour, obstruction and delay in undertakings, failures in at-
tempts, increase in expenditure. Birth of a child if exalted Or in own
sign, other results will also be favourable if aspects of planets are
2ND HOUSE:- Advancement in psychological, spiritual
and moral values. In case you are materialistic, loss of wealth is
likely, otherwise all will be alright. Control over your material
possessions. You have to work hard to keep everything going on
as you want. But try to avoid letting fear ad financial insecurity..
This Is a best time to organise your finances and any involvement
in money matters will be a source of troubles. Be economical.
3RD HOUSE: - It is a house of immediate environments and
daily aspect ofmind. By using them in a constructive way, you can
gain from them in your daily life. There may be extensive changes,
even if you do not realise them.. You have trouble with people in
your immediate environments viz relatives and close friends and
thus you may be discouraged and depressed. But control them for
good atmosphere and gain.
During this transit, you will have success, pleasant functions,
recognition of service, agreeable events, outstanding reports, gain
of wealth, pleasure, prosperity and success in undertaking. Defeat
of enemies,happiness, power, position and enjoyments if Saturn is
aspected by benefic planets.
4TH HOUSE:- An important transit as the house indicates
domestic life. Any domestic problem will.become critical which
you should solve calmly. This may result in simple reorganising
to major reshuffling of your relations and contracts in domestic lie.
Your house may become a tremendous burden, because of pay-
ments, repairs etc. Past incidents, notsettled earlier, may come into
prominece, this is specially good period to resolve them now.
Start modestily,togainandrise. Any negative factor at work
here will oppose your successful achievements later as this house
is opposite to your 1 0th house of career.
Parent's health may not be satisfactory. Disagreement with
wife, relations, superiors and earning their displeasure. Mean
action, disrepute, misery and unhappiness.
5th house:- Proceed in a careful, organised manner and
expressing your self freely in a tactful way. you may feel burden
of children, love affairs may become difficult, love with older
person will act as your parent, even it maybe unpleasant will turn
into a growth experience. You will have confrontations which will.
if dealt wisely, will be to your advantage. Do notgamble, speculate
or take otherrisks, you will lose them. You will have to work hard,
be careful and do disciplined actions.
You will face false allegations, disputes with children, litiga-
tion, loss of money, increased expenditure, mental agony and
separation from the family.
6 th House: - Loss of enemies and gain, success in service and
enterprises, good health and all round prosperity. Gain of wealth
and happy married life. This is a critical time in your development,
you will receive recognition of your work, Atime of heavy
responsibility and hard work . In service you must rise to the
demands and expectations of your superiors if you do so, you will
be rewarded. Keep care of your health when you work hard.
7th House:- The relations and close associates will have
increasing demands, which will be difficult for you to handle, some
relationships may end on this account. Even married life will be
affected. Co workers will be demanding too much than in the past.
Martial discord may occur, better you handle them properly. Keep
up your agreements made with others. This is a fundamental test
of this transit. Otherwise you will suffer, travel and separation from
family, increased expenditure ,ill health, disease of Sexual organs
and ill health to wife and father.
8th House: - Problems with finances and possessions you
have with others. Conflict with others, the resources of others with
you will be cut cf and at the time of need will not be available to
you hke bank loan, marriage settlement, partners demands for
finances will cutyouoff from them. So donotcount on other's help.
No financial help from anyone. Depend on yourself and not on
others and their resources. Death of some relative oryour health
maybeafflictedtothetuneof chronicity. You willlearnhowtodeal
with people, you will also be in know of y our resources, relatives
and people around you.
You will face criticised actions, separation from loved one,
losses, wicked action, troubles through relations, litigation, bad
company and disrepute. Unwanted displeasure of officers and
Govt. and confined to one place.
9th House:- 9th house being a house of lawcan indicate legal
difficulties.therecan be long journeys, in caseyournatal 9th house
has adverse planetary combinations you may meet with accident.
Saturn will concentrate you in religion, metaphysics or philosophy.
Learning is very pragmatic at this time.
Enemies may not trouble you, diseases, decrease in income,
criminal prosecutions and punishments, fmidess attempts, sor-
rows and unhappiness. May cause ill health to father and even
Iftth House:- An important transit to a sensitive point oyour
birth chart. In your professional life, you will gain many respon-
sibilities. If you are ever to be a leader, or a politician you will
achieve success. If you shirk the responsibility you will be failure.
Afit time to make your impression upon others. Negative energies
can cause disaster, fall through your own actions. Incase there are
malefic aspects to your 1 0th house in your birth charfit will be
specially dangerous, you can control these results of this transit by
preparing carefully and not taking any short cuts.
Your prestige, status, job can be threatened, irritation, dis-
putes, unhealthy atmosphere, loss of money, scandals, increased
expenditure, loss of honour and new employment are the results
for experience.
1 1 th House:- Gainof money, fulfillment of desires, acquisi-
tion of property .marriage and domestic happiness. Gainof fame,
promotion,honour, and enjoyment with opposite sex. Sympathy
from all and reward from Govt. This transit is of high period in
your life.
It is a house of cooperation,hopes and wishes, ideals and
objectivesand forthem you will be crowned withsuccessandgain.
The relatives, friends etc will cooperate with you. You will
accumulate wealth during this transit provided you control your
spending and pleasures etc.
1 2th House:- Important elements of your life may begin to
pass away. Any project not being completed will be finished by
the compelling circumstances. You will not receive cooperation
from people inspite of your handling them best, they will tend to
withdraw from you. You have to observe and recognize. Your
efforts will not bear fruits, Govt. disciplinary actions can be
expected. Changes in life and surroundings.
Danger, accident, mental agony, worries, heavy expenditure
will be experiences you will have. Also loss of wealth, danger and
loss through enemies and opponents, litigations, family quarrels,
unpleasant journeys, displeasure and domestic disharmony will
be the result of this transit.
Sun and Moon have always direct motion, whereas Rahu
and Ketu have reverse motion. Other plhncts like Mars Jupiter,
Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have direct
or indirect motions.
Due to a difference in speeds of planets there is a continuous
change in the Zodiac, one planet overtaking and passing another,
then apparently slowing, stopping and beginning to move back-
ward. The apparently stopping is "Stationary" position, the
apparent backward movement is termed "Retrograde Motion".
The different periods of planets in retrogration are given
below for the purposes of information and valuable as for finding
out the actual occurence of an incident.
Distance from Sun
Before- After
No. of
Retrograde Planet Retrograde Direct
Mars 228 1 32 3 80
Mercury 1 4 to 20 7 to 20 1 24
Jupiter 245 1 1 5 5 1 20
29 26 2 42
Saturn 251 1 09 5 1 40
Uranus 257 1 03 6 1 55
Neptune 259 1 1 1
6 1 57
Pluto 26 0 1 00 7 1 6 0
Planets in direct or backward motion maintain the same
speed as these motions are apparent phenomena. The speed of
different planets is tabulated as below, we shall see that according
to the speeds of planets the retrogration period is almost correct.
Planet Speed of Planet per day
Mars Sl'to- W'
Mercury ee'to ioo
Jupiter 5' to 1 5'
Venus 6 2'to 82'
Saturn 2'
Uranus 42"
Neptune 24"
Sun 1
Moon 1 2 to 1 5
The favourable influence of a good aspect forwarded by a
planet during retrogration is considerably debilitated and falls
short of its efficacy in the good results which would otherwise be
Diversity of opinions are there regarding the effects of
retrogression of planets by Hindu sages as well as by Westerners.
But the general principles are that influence of benefic planets
are weakened when they are retrograde. The retrogression is
contrary to the regular direction of the planet and in that respect
evil. When malefic planets are retrograde, the evil effects are
increased. Aspect whether radical or progressed that are thrown
to a retrograde planet reduces the efficiency of the planet, what it
promises falls short in actual results. Should both the planets be
retrograde, the thing indicated by the aspect would be deficientor
disappointing . Hence retrogration is considered a 'DEBtLITY'.
The effects of a planet are usually very strong when it is
stationary upon the place of a radical or progressed planet or in
aspect to such.
When a planet is retrograding, it affects the matters pertain-
ing to the affairs of the house that it rules. If it was retrograde atbirth
it may easily mean that during this life time,until it completes its
retrogration by progression, you are dealing with things that have
causes or beginning in your previous birth and now requires your
Aretrograde planet brings success only wheneverythingelse
fails; hence they are considered more spiritual than material in
operation, implying the faith that can move mountains' when the
bulldozer has broken down. Aretrograde planet always marks a
particular intensity of that planef s function, but implies delay or
denial in its objective actions. It marks always a point where you
are bit naive, lacking in facts but never in motivation. Retrograde
planets implyanindirectactivity,anoverlooked asset orconcealed
liability, compulsions and frustrations on level where they are not
recognised as such. By this very fact, they often triggers actions far
more outstanding for good or evil than those indicated by planets
in direct motion.
The different effects of planets in retrogression are detailed
below for the benefits of readers;
1 . Mercury Retrograde: - People with retrograde Mercury in
birth chart tend to think in terms of symbols and insights, rather
than facts and figures. The mind works more easily on the
subconscious level, hence their insights into motivation are often
uncanny and revealing. Such people are amazingly profound,
creative, discovering possibilities which are more direct, obvious,
practical mind outlooks. Such people talk to themselves, and hum
little tunes.
Mercury is connected with education, literature, intelligence
and Astrology. So the person if a writer will prefer stories of
atmosphere to actions, character to conflict etc. If astrologer, they
are more accurate in natal analysis than in the predictive work,
unless an event or action is seen as an consequence of some inner
motivation, rather than outward circumstances. They do not
always seem to hear other people. They justify their actions with
reasons they grasp after the matter is concluded.
It is always worth while listening other people, it may not
apply to matter at hand but is ultimately correct.
2. Venus Retrograde- People with retrograde Venus do not
find enjoyments in things hked by most people and find it hard to
adjust tooutward conditions. In conditions whichrequiretact,and
charm they are truthful and blunt. The idealistic images of love,
sex, marriage, child birth are quite differentfrom these. They tend
to be fastidious about things which others do not consider impor-
tant. They have generally reverse habits and thinking than the other
people. They are also inclined to unconventional love expressions,
may renounce love for religion, and becomes quite ceremonious.
3. Mars Retrograde: - When Mars is retrograde in one's birth
chart, the physical energy and vitality never rise to meet the
challenge. It implies a stubborn, unyielding physical force which
does not move until some physical reason is found for its expres-
sion. It is often key to importance and frigidity, inmenand women
whose physical forces are not unlocked until implemented by some
non related idea or ideal. Such persons often stops in the middle
of a project or recapitulates.
They often become good scientists and doctors. They also
succeed in other occupations which require handling of physical
material in an objective, non involved way. They are very good at
planning and organising the physical labour of other's thoughts or
develop quite differently.
Such persons frequently rebel against their own desires, try
to stifle them, preferring to act, when they have to, against
tremendous odds, subconsciously seeking anexcuse for the failure
they anticipate.
Mars is a significator of husband in case of ladies, when
found retrograde, the marriage of lady is delayed. In such case it
is a TESTED remedial measure to perform Pooja of Mars Yantra
by the lady herself and not by anybody else for early marriage.
4. Jupiter Retrograde: - Such people with Jupiter retrograde
in birth chart find success in failures of others. They start at the
point where others have become discouraged, and have unique
abilitytosucceed inprojectswhichhavebeenabandoned. They are
people who become surprised when they find opportunities are
worked out with ease. Such people revive failed company and
uncover hidden assestsetc.orin other words they dosomeremark-
able jobs which cannot be done by others. In order to achieve their
material goal, they prefer to bargain, employ indirect subtle
psychological warfare methods in achieving their goal. Such
people do not respond enthusiastically to obvious opportunities
for gain but become immediately alert for profit to be derived from
such unpromising situations.
Being an subjective foresight they seem out of step with the
time. They predict disaster where others see success and vice
versa. They are specially good in situation which involves an
unknownelement, a chance factor. The flexibility which is possible
due to the unknown elements becomes key of success.
5.Saturn Retrograde- WithSaturnretrogradeinbirthchart,
there is a need to be on guard against a sub conscious defeatism
which und ermines their most noble ambitions. Because of this self
protective fear motivation, they tend to yield too easily to external
influence. They either appear shy,uneasy, introverted, lacking in
self assertion or attempt at times to cover this insecurity with a
pretext of arrogance.
They have got strong sense that fate, some universal compel-
ling force control their destiny. They feel alone, isolated, separated
from their fellow men and are seldom understood, they are
secretives. They may be an apparently super sophisticated, in air
of total boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them
stemming from the fact that they really worry about being a bore
and wish to conceal a fact that they are indeed, shockable.
Such people do not like to be known openly in public, for they
fear there is no face behind the mask. They find security in
intellectuals or spirituals.
6 . Uranus Retrograde:- Such people are most creative, imag-
inable, rebellious, they always work for self, individualistic. In
order so search identity and ego fulfilment, they often reach the
most significant heights of humanitarian actions. In their worst
expression theyare self destructive, inclined to regard themselves
as unappreciated, constantly in court wishing to reform others but
themselves. Critics of others.
It is a planet of divine counterpart of the human ego. Such
natives are generally at odds with their generation. He is the
conscience of his fellows, this is why he so often seems to have none
of his own. They should bear in mind that those who would save
their lives will loose them, others will find them.
7. Neptune Retrograde Such people with Neptune retro-
grade in their birth chart need to avoid parading their virtues
before the world. There is a tendency to remind every one else of
their righteousness, arousing resentment instead of admiration
they seek. They should be selfish.
Spiritual inconsistancy is denoted in such people. Being
psychic themselves, they may decry the reality of extrasensory
skeptial of their own beliefs but suspect concealment of truths
when other appear cynical. Pride is apparently missing. They will
conceal their ideas. They seek seclusion, escape from material,
coils. They become very Subtle. In their highest form of expression,
they are able to revitalise old beliefs, and launch counter reforma-
tions of simplicity when religion becomes more ritualism or
8. Pluto Retrograde :- Such people rebel against the group
pressures and become the cause of collapse of established social
norms. They become violendy intolerant of intolerance. They form
cliques to eradicate cliques. Such people are extremely conscious
of social caste. The resistance to group pressure is their single
motivation. They have seed of anarchy or saint hood. They have
desire to change the course of personal invitability and create an
entirely new order for self. Their actions and reactions involving
group excitaient should be carefully and objectively analysed.
Reverting to our main subject of transit of Saturn when
retrograde, the best method tojudge the influence of Saturn when
retrograde is a measure of time, one day for one year of life.
Progression represents changes in life. The method is detailed
below :-
When a planet apparently changes in motion from Retro-
grade to Direct or Vice varsa, by secondary progression, conversly
or direct (allowing an orb of influence for one y ear on either side),
or when a planet or the lights crosses the equator or the ecliptic by
the same method of progression within the life time of a person or
of an undertaking, some particularphase of that person's lifeorthat
of the project under consideratioa if afflicted, indicates, termina-
tion of the issue or of the life itself or with the conclusion of some
condition appertaining to it and the begining of some other which
alters its prevailing status.
So summing up the whole discussion, we come to the
conclusion that Aretrograde planet allows time to view the
circumstances impersonally and decide what to do about it unaf-
fected by our emotions. There are times to use cautions, make an
important moves until the planet is in direct motion.
When it is in direct motion again, you can enjoy the fruit.
Or plan the things when a planet turns retrograde and
generally the plans will be completed when it turns direct and
generally between these two dates, it is period of marking time.
Saturn is a slow moving planet when it becomes retrograde,
one should not be enthusiastic in working, planning, expansion of
business etc. signing the agreements, starting anew ventures etc.
but he should slow them down and relax. He should review the
situation what has so for been done. Plan the things for future, do
not put them in operation so that you can be more dashing by
relaxing, having experience of the blunders committed by you in
past or good work done, and so thereby you will move ahead better
than earlier when Saturn becomes direct.
On the other end many people find relieved themselves when
Saturn becomes retrograde and start new ventures with lull zeal
but are thwarted and bewildered when Saturn becomes direct as
their plans do not materialise.
When Saturn enters a house and becomes Retrograde and
Direct into the same house, again becomes Retrograde into the
previous house, then many people at this time feel relieved of the
already mounted pressure but actually you are to handle two
chances now. At this stage Saturn is backing off the territory it has
already covered but it is going to go right back over that territory
as soon as direct motion resumes. It is called TRIPLETRANSIT.
Saturn transits a planet that is retrograde at birth. If it is a
planet from Saturn inward to the Sun then part of the personality
does not work openly in the first phase. It works through indirect
psychicactions triggered by the unconscious. Butsometimes many
bearable pressures go within the native which can not be seen or
understand by others. Nor the native will himself be able to explain
the same to the other people.
On the other hand when planet is direct, he will then be able
toshowhis pressures to the people by speaking and agonisingover
them, the individual with the retrograde birth planet often goes
through the same agonies without being able to communicate, in
any sensible way, what is happening to him.
Aretrograde planet represents a psychic process turned
inward and not manageable, except with enormous efforts by the
conscious ego. Adirect planet represents a psychic process, orpart
of the personality that is manageable.
Rahu and Ketu are known as shadowy planets, because they
have no physical bodies. They are called MOON'SNODES. Rahu
is known as Ascending Node or The Dragon's Head. Ketu is called
as Descending node or The Dragon's Tail.
Leo is generally treated as house of Rahu. It is in exaltation in
Taurus 20 degrees (not in Gemini), debilitiated point is 20 degrees
Scorpio. In 7th house, Rahu will have Maraka powers, the transit
of Rahu in 3rd, 6 th and 1 1 th houses is termed auspicious, it denotes
sudden and unexpected results both in good and bad ways.
Rahu and Ketu being always retrograde when these are
conjointed with other planets retrograde whether in motion, in
Dasha/or and bhukti, the events relates to the subjects matters are
got reversed, restored, regained and compensated. Two negatives
whenjoined, it give positive results.
The transit of Rahu and Ketu is very mysterious and they
have strong bearings on the events. Their transit is tobe considered
particularly when they pass over some natal planet in birth chart
and when natal planets transit over Rahu and Ketu in the horo-
According to our sages Rahu's transit in various houses is
beneficial in respect of the traits of house concerned but one should
also consider the sign where Rahu is posited and this depends on
the capability of the persons analysing the effects. Rahu has effects
of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. If Rahu is afflicted it
denotes adverse results.
Rahu and Ketu stay in a sign for 1 - 1 /2 years. According to
Hindu Astrology, Rahu gives the effects of Saturn andKetu as that
of Mars, the dictum states "Rahu Vat Sani, Kuj Vat Ketu"
Rahu indicates harsh speech movement, travelling, foreign-
ers, paternal, grand father, gambling, out castes,reptiles, snakes,
snake- bite, theft, wickedness, widowhood, widows and relations
with them. Skin diseases, itches, eczema, sharp pain in the body,
hiccoughs, swelling in parts of body and territories. Their transit is
very interesting and important.
Rahu has the separative effects. Very little is available in
texts about Rahu and Ketu but we will endeavour to provide you
here maximum information on their Transit.
In the lifeof an individual, the nodes transits at its own natal
place in about 1 8- 2/3 years and is opposite to it's place in 9- 1 /3
years. These are important years and should be noticed for the
effectsof the nodes. If the nodes are adversely affectedatbirth, then
these years are of sorrows and trials according to the house position
ofNodes, while if they are well aspected atbirth, the 1 8- 2/3rdyears
periods mark at a time of the acquisition of some desired object.
The transit of the Nodes through the houses of the birth chart
should be noticed as they will have a powerful effects. This adds
to new acquisitions according to the nature of the house. As Rahu
has the influence of Jupiter conjunction Venus, it gives intense
appreciation and respect for the area by house where Rahu is
transitingorlocated.There is popularity in his place withoptimism
and cheerfulness. This is luck place. However to be more accurate,
also take the sign occupied in consideration. Rahu in 5th house in
Gemini will be different than if the signwill be I^oor Libra etc.Ke tu
has the influence of Mars conjunction Saturn.
IstHouse- When Rahu transit the first house of birth chart,
one should develop self confidence and learn to do the things by
himself, should not rely on any body except his own, one should
develop his personality. His force for work will depend on the sign
position. One will be self willed. Safeguard of health is necessary
against infection and diseases. Martial relations with wife may not
become estranged? Victory over enemies, abundant sex desire but
lewdness to his wife and adultery.
2ndHouse:- Fulfillment of desires for personal possessions.
Financial condition will improve, fame will be received. One will
become practical and have physical endurance and perseverance.
Relations with persons of good standing and position will improve
and be helpful for gain. Fearless, danger from weapon, influenced
by wicked.
3rd House: - One will gain through relations, education and
younger brother, also through short journeys, travels, publishing
and writing etc. One will also gain through the schemes you
prepare and put them in operation. Matchless in power, renowned,
lucky for friendships.
4th House:- The native willacquire landed property, convey-
ance and may have happy domestic life. There may be gain from
mother and law suits. New pursuits should not be started, the old
one be completed which will give you benefits. Indisposed mother,
native may suffer from Psychic problems.
5th House: - Rahu indicates Love, gain and pleasure through
children. Gain through speculations and one can earn through
creative ability obtained through education. Many gainful love
affairs. Delay in birth of 1 st child. Worries through children, who
may be demanding.
6 th House:- Gain in service, and through employers or
subordinates,during the transit of Rahu in6 th house. Care of health
is indicated, one should not over strain himself. One should be of
firm views and practical. Popular, bold, handsome and person
himself is matchless.
7th House: - Gain through partnership, public life, domestic
bliss and all round happiness. Co- operation and happiness. Un-
married persons maybe married happily. Victory overopponents.
One is fond of opposite sex, passionate and sexy.
8th House: - One will experience gain through legacies, occult
experiences, other's money, pleasures of beds and one will gain
from in- laws or relations of wife. May cause death of some loved
one. short tempered. Deserted by own family. Vicious and trou-
bles. Stomach troubles.
9th House:- Rahu's transit here denotes prophetic dreams,
Scholar, pilgrimage, religious and philosophical ideas. May travel
abroad to gain education and expansion. Spiritualistic practice.
One may gain through publishing, religious institutions and distri-
bution. Faith in occult and religious Sciences andgain from them.
Helpful to relations. Good reputation. Afraid of enemies, sex with
low women.
1 0th House- One will gain through his profession by hard
work and may receive recognition or award. One may become
leaderof masses. Advancementin professional and social life. Gain
through father after efforts. Vice deeds, clever but tense.
llthHouse:- Rahu indicates newfriendships and gain through
them and elder brother. Financial gain and profits from the transit
of Hth house's sign posited there in. May expand business for
definite profit. Friends and relations will be helpful sincerely.
Blessed with sons, cheats others, under debt, ear trouble. Trouble
through sons.
1 2th House- Rahu denotes that one will become interested
in occult science and will gain through them also through works of
secret mission. Service to inferior and victory over enemies. May
experience some intuition or prophetic dreams. Suffers losses,
company of wicked, billious pain in chest and heart. Quarrelsome,
immodest, travelling, hostile to relations and if afflicted loss of
Check that Rahu is not afflicted. If so reverse results as
indicated above, will be experienced by the native.
IstHouse:- The native may be worried, face difficulties and
sudden reversal which may not be of his choice. One should have
self confidence, systematic, courage and working. Perturbed and
worried. Troubles through wife.
2nd House: - Ketu here indicates change of profession, finan-
cial setback and difficulties. The working inday to day life during
the period if transit will be delayed, upset and create worries.
Repayment of dues and expenditure, possessions of native may
also be affected. Loss of wealth, ineffective speech, harsh and
3rd House:- One will experience strained relations with
brothersand sisters.If the native is studying then there will be break
ineducation. worries through neighbors, shortjourneys willnotbe
benefited. Sensual, fear, worries, dispute with enemies. If exalted
or in own sign, much happiness.
4th House:- They will feel impaired domestic happiness,
peace will remain disturbed. One may seek seclusion for peace if
the circumstances permi t, change of residence. There maybe death
of the fatheror mother. Loss through property and conveyance and
reputation through masses. Loss of inherited wealth through
friends, cirtics and others.
5th House: - This transit indicates abortion to wife, worries
and loss through children. Dissatisfaction in romance and emo-
tions. Loss through speculations, which should be avoided during
this period. New work should not be started. One should have
patience and not become disheartened over the adverse condi-
tions. Injuries due to fall from high place and disputes with
6 th House:- 6 th house transit denotes change of working
conditions,illness and loss through service and may earn displea-
sure of officers,superiors and Govt. Opponents will become active,
onemay experience loss and humiliations through them. Gain and
pleasures from maternals. Good health large hearted and Victory
over enemies. Unfaithful servants.
7th House:- This transit is not happy, the native will experi-
ence discord in partnership, with his wife, domestic unhappiness,
or husband. Law suits can be source of worries and expenditure
even separation or divorce can not be ruled out, death or immor-
tality. If in Scorpio, gain of wealth.
8th House:- Loss and careful handling of legacies, other's
money and insurance etc. Gain through possessions of dead and
that of their property. One will have an extreme interest in sexual
matter outside the family and will not care for the satisfactionof his
wife. The native should be very careful in handling the affairs of his
life during this period. Difficulty in realising debts. Brilliant in
game. Secret diseases.
9th House:- The native will sufferloss during long travel, his
education will suffer, gain from education will not be realised. One
may experience disrespect due to religion, expensive tendencies
and publication etc. Jealous of father, arrogant, short tempered,
unfortunate. Punishment in foreign land.
1 0th House: - Ketu brings disappointments, dissatisfaction
and changes connected with one's profession. One should be
helpful to others, the native should have control over self desires,
ambitions and powers. He should consolidate what he has already
attained and should not be over ambitious for more lest it may
create troubles for him. Delay in all matters is indicated. Troubles
through father, fall from high place.
1 1 th House: - The native will have strained relations with
close relation, elder brothers and with opposite sex. Financial
troubles can not be ruled out. Success and gain. Strained relations
with sons. Formnate in money.
1 2th House: - One will tend to seek seclusion and meditate,
secret missions, sacrificial and rebellious nature, self distrust, and
self doubts etc. will rise inside the native. One will know his short
comings and can take lesson from this period for his further
advancement. Spends of social works. Victory overenemies.Glory
and prosperity. Afflicted health.
Check the aspects on Ketu, if benefic, the results will be
reverse as above.
Rahu and Ketu Aspecting planets During Transits
Transiting aspects of Nodes to natal planets are different than
the transiting aspects of planets to natal chart. This is very myste-
rious and difficult task, under such conditions destiny plays an
important role and the native has very little to choose. Transiting
conjunctions and opposition of either Rahu or Ketu to the natal
planets are of great importance. This will be explained in detail in
the next chapters.
During the trans it of U ranus in yourhoroscope, everyday life
aspects are affected in an unusual way, upsetting, sudden and
unexpected as it brings change in your life with new trends.
1 st House: - This is a seven years period. During this period
you will create new relations, changes are expected which you will
have to break old patterns and adopt a new one foryour working.
Amarriage or partnership may end during the transit. You should
work with freedom without any restrictions. Agood time to
explore new kinds of awareness, ortheencounter. Astrology, yoga,
human potential studies, and other consciousness expanding
techniques and in this way you will gain good insight. Your
personality and ego will undergo a radical change.
In Short, Uranus or Hershel brings sudden and unexpected
changes of environments which are generally disturbing and
unfortunate. Sometimes it attracts the native towards things occult
and give many strange experiences. It causes nervous troubles,
neuralgia, and peculiar ailments.
2nd House: - Aperiod of sudden changes in your financial
position. Be flexible in all matters connected with money and
possessions. Your inner needs for further psychological growth
may make your current relationship to material possessions inap-
propriate . Therefore you will have to make radical changes in order
to give yourself room to grow. You mus t accept this change, which
will come in the form of events thatare upsetting to your conscious
The financial changes are generally troublesome and some-
times disastrous if this house is afflicted at birth, but if it was well
occupied, and well aspected, the results although troublesome at
the time may be beneficial at the end.
3rd House: - The transit stimulates and awakens the mind,
subjects ruled by the planet are often taken up now, such as
Astrology, occultism or new thought of some kind; inventive
ability is manifested: attraction towards science or philosophy.
Much travel. An exciting time for intellectual pursuits. You will
experience a change in your old thinking and habits. Tempo of
events in your daily life will increase. Daily communications will
be important and will be well attended. Short travels will be good
and profitable but be careful of accidents during travel subject to
other aspects and checks in the birth chart.
4th House:- Changes in the home life, removals, death of
parent or removal to a distance; troubles through the household or
through house or landed property. The relations with parents,
family members and relatives may become upset creating new
environments or a complete change of residence. Asettled life may
face bickerings or divorce, accident, death etc. Be flexible to
changes. After this change, you may require a few years for settling
again for a better way.
5th House: - Troubles through children, bad time for specu-
lation, loss through investments, and inimical to love affairs.
Your idea about life will be revolutionized. New relations
and amusements, new experiences, unusuaLrelations with oppo-
site sex, which will not be durable. Other possibility is of a sudden
infatuation that breaks up an existing relationship. Your attention
has to be focussed on the children for their development and
advancement because during the transit period, their behaviour
will be usually rebellious and difficult. Upsetting incidents like
illness or accident may happen to them specially when in natal
chart 5th house is afflicted. New media and techniques may attract
6 th House:- Troubles through positionofemploymentunder
others, through subordinates and servants. Change of occupation
and afflicted health. You will feel free from the excessive demands
of others. May there be change of job not of profession butmeans
transfer etc. You may have increasing demand and rush of work.
Incase you do not take care of your health, there may be problems
like heart attack, accidents, nerve problems or need for an opera-
7th House: - This transit can be extremely difficult if you are
involved in any one to one relationships that are not working out
very well. This may cause separation or divorce or broken bonds
with wife. Loss of friends and relatives. Enmity of superiors or with
persons in authority. Sometimes platonic unions are formed atthis
time. Unstable love affairs are indicated. Open conflict may occur
with encounters.
8th House:- Aperson who is close to you and very much
connected with your past life may die. This may cause also
separations among friends and relations. Trouble through money
or legacy. Occult and psychic experiences. Joint finances and
resources with partner, spouse, friends etc. will have a sudden
changes. Income will not be stable. You may receive through
inheritance due to death of somebody etc. Avoid to be dependent
upon other'Smoney even through a bank. The obligation involved
could become very disruptive in your life. Avoid payment of debt,
sharing property with others. Anew sexual relation will develop
but it will not last long. Avoid new long range commitments.
Relations already formed will undergo a change.
9thHouse;- Travel, Voyages, attention turned towards things
psychic or occult. Science or philosophy studied, investigation of
deeper side of religion. Be of open mind and views, rigidity will
spoil you, be of flexible mind. You will be attracted to new ways of
thinking as stated above. Many people startstudying Astrology. A
dangerous time for travelling causing sudden unexpected events,
accidents orinjury,may involve a change of residence. Try to avoid
legal encounter with any one.
1 0th House:- Changes in profession or occupation. Loss of
credit, reversal of fortune, difficulties with superiors and public
officials. If 1 "ranus was very well aspected at birth there may be
increase of power, authority or dignity. Practical investigations of
the psychic or occult. Trouble through parents. Do not act too
hastily lest you are encountered with repressive forces which may
be the cause of your loss. If you are in a very high position, you may
feel difficulty in discharging your duties, you may be tempted to
shun the job in hand and start a new one which will not be safe to
do, so avoid it.
1 1 th House: - Friends among people interested in the Occult
Sciences. Trouble through friends and disagreement with them or
separation from them. Troubles through children. You will be
attracted to new kinds of friends, old may change you, some of
which will be quite upsetting for you. Your friends may put
pressure on you for group working but do not do, do it as
individual. You can gain much, if you are flexible.
1 2th HOuse:- Friends lost, treacherous or underhand en-
emies, opposition, disapproval of superiors, danger of reputation.
Sudden events on account of past action upsets and difficulties.
Sudden disclosures of secrets and hidden things and sudden act by
a person who does not seen to be working against you. Loss
through hidden enemies. Mind will become upset and sudden
events will take place. Agood- time for clearing old problems you
can handle them now. Prisons, hospitals and asylums etc. are the
institutions connected with 1 2th house, you may become associ-
ated with them.
The transit of Neptune causes changes of uncertainty, a
restless and unsettied state of affairs, entailing anxiety, loss, confu-
sion and all sorts of difficulties. Serious disasters if the point
transited is badly afflicted. They cause change of residence, of
occupation, habits and opinions, and incline to travelling and
voyages. Psychic and Occult experiences occur in some cases.
The effectof transitis particular when passing overthe angles
especially 1 st or 1 0th house.. The effect produced is to cause
changes of all sorts, often troublesome and harassing. But when
Neptune is well placed and aspected well at birth, the result of
changes and transit may bring success and benefits in the end. In
other houses than angular, the effects are mainly felt whenNeptune
transits the conjunctions or oppositions of a planet posited in the
natal chart.
The author is of the view that too much stress should not be
placed upon the influence of Neptune in transit because the effects
are ephemeral in nature and can therefore only bring into activity
of natal influences operation at birth.
As Neptune transits each house watch the affairsruled by the
house in those areas of your life, you will have to be careful not to
fall prey to mistaken illusions and such affairs may dissolve and
pass out of existence. As Neptune transits each planet, you can
expect matters ruled by that planet's energies to become confused
or idealized, the planets Mars, Sun and Saturn may produce fear,
insecurity and anxiety when transited by Neptune by conjunction.
Square or opposition. The transit is generally not a good time to
make permanent committments concerning matters ruled by the
transited planet or House.
1 st House:- This will affect your life in uncommon manner.
You will be mediumis tic and romantic or physically inclined. Some
strange experiences and remarkable episodes will occur. Be choosy
about friends and associates. Prophetic dreams.
2nd House: - Strange experience with finances. You may be
inclined to sing music or to mystical side of life. It will be a weak
influence until powerfully aspected by other planets, especially the
3rd House:- It will cause strange incidents in your family
history, your brother, sister or relation will be of uncommon
character. Your mind will be subject to peculiar fancies and
inspirations. Remarkable experiences during travelling. Be dis-
creet with correspondences and be of positive attitude of mind.
4th House: - It will bring peculiar episodes at close of life. It
may affect domestic affairs adversely. Be mediumistic.
5th House: - The transit warns you against strange magne-
tism. It may bring you peculiar children, or very strange pleasure
either mystical or otherwise. Service to cultivate the spiritual side
of your nature, and remember that the purely sensuous apprecia-
tion of beauty also has its dangers.
6 th House:- This transit threatens you with uncommon
ailments. You are liable to catch complaints from others and suffer
through imposed magnetism. You are liable to suffer from the
fraudulent actions of the servants or inferiors or colleagues.
7th House:- Denotes strange relationship with the opposite
sex and a very peculiar or uncommon marriage. Beware of being
too easily swayed by others, and always see that your intellect
approves the choice of your feelings.
8th House:- It does not appear to be an important influence,
and nothing definite is known concerning it. It has perhaps some
connections with the state of consciousness during sleep.
9th House:- It promises very remarkable dreams and some-
time visions, and a mystical outlook in life.
1 0th House:- The transit seems to produce peculiar avoca-
tions , and uncommon pursuits. It may bring unexpected honours
or discredits.
1 1 th House:- Denotes strange friendships and very peculiar
associations. It inclines to clear vision or clairvoyance.
1 2thHOuse:- The Neptune here denotes powerful enemies,
andmuch treachery through seeming friendships. Itgives psychic
The nature of Plutois to thatof LORDSHIVAthe creator and
destroyer. It destroys the old one and creates a new one in its place.
Its effects are very clear. The people affected by Pluto seek to
change, transform and take control of every thing around them.
Their energies are a source of change and transformation in your
The Pluto transits the houses, it signifies the areas of your life
that are due for radical transformation. This planet has also to do
with secretive and subversive elements of society, revolutionary
groups,organized crimes and the like. The transit may bring such
elements into your life, although it is often quite dangerous to allow
this during its transit.
1 st House:- It will gradually reshape many aspects of your
personality, which will make your relations with others more
rewarding. Self improvement. Attracted to the mysteries and
hidden aspects of your life and study of Astrology, Yoga, occult
sciences or spiritualism.
2nd House- This will cause major changes in financial
affairs, begins with a break down and then rebuild it. You may
acquire the views that worldly possessions are nothing and be-
come a believer of Metaphysical and moral values.
3rd House: - Every day contacts, communications and con-
versations will increase like anything. It will make great changes in
you. You will become interested in yoga. Astrology, occult studies
and psychology. Change of scene and travelling over short dis-
tance may trigger off important changes that will have far reaching
4th House: - Your life may change tremendously, change of
residence, changes within the house, extensive repairs or remod-
eling, changes within your family such as divorce, death or
separation, a tremendous change in your family relationship.
Relations with parents will undergo a change if your are dependent
on them, you may break, power struggle with them. All these
changes will not be in your interest till the'transit is over.
5th House: - In case you have children, this will be a fateful
period in your life with them. So it is important to be careful and
use common sense in dealing with them. It will be a period of
tension between you and children. Do not take unnecessary risks
with your children's health also.
1 00
Alove affair will be emotionally intense which will be very
valuable to you but it could distort your sense of proportion, an
existing love relations will be very intense during this period and
will go through a complete charge. It is unlikely that a relationship
in severe trouble will survive this period, but if it does, it will last
6 thHOuse;- You are likely to overstrain yourself physically,
so take care of your health, lest it produce a complete physical
breakdown. Have a care of your diet. Pluto's transit may affect
your work causing great changes, a complete change ofjobor even
career. There may be difficult period of tension with your bosses.
7th House:- The relationships of your marriage, partners,
close relations may become strained. Encounters with enemies or
with people you consult. Change in relations of love and marriage
in an adverse way. so during this period one should not contract
a marriage, love affair, do partnership and to start a business.
Avoid power struggle with opponents and enemies as the result
will be nasty, destructive and underhand treatment.
8th House:- Death of person around you among relatives,
friendsetc. and will have a significantaffectonyourlife, which may
change your circumstances during this transit. You may become
occultist and interested in studying teachings relating life and
death. The transit willaffectfinancesjointly held, spouse, finances,
corporate finances, Govt. funds etc. causing a major change in your
life. Not a good time to go in for debt. Loss of inheritance.
9th House: - It will cause difficulties with law if you are not
careful. You may be involved in group or movement to transform
Society. Long travels may not be gainful. Occult and Mystical
philosophies may attract you for deep study.
1 0th House:- Agood time to achieve success in profession
and business, you may change job for good. Success in desires,
ambitions and desire to control others. Play the game fairly, do not
take short cuts. You may undergo considerable changes, so do not
be discouraged. Do not make hurry.
You will find a friend who will influence you much and bring
major change in your life. Old will go, new will come. Agood
1 01
period for finances. Group working will be beneficial.
1 2th House:- It will activate your hidden nature. Care of
secret enemies is quite obligatory. Occult, mystic experiences. You
should not take part in subversive activities. So you are to confront
all these with courage and confidence for bright future and control
your actions and feelings.
EXAMPLE:- We now explain the transit of two planets
Saturn and Jupiter, the formation of transit will be clear from this

- 4
| Asc.
Jup. |
Let it be a LEOAscendant. Saturn is transiting in Libra, 3rd
house of birth chart. Transit aspects will be as below along Jupiter
transiting in 5th House.
Aspects of Saturn
Conjunction:- 3rd House
Sextile:- 5th and Ascendant. Also Sextile to transiting Jupiter.
Square:- 6 th and 1 2th houses
Trine:- 7th and llthhouses
Opposition:- 9th house
Aspects of Jupiter
Conjunction:- 5th house
Sextile:- 7th and Ascendant
1 02
Square: - 8th and 2nd houses
Trine: - 9th and Ascendant
Opposition:- llthhouse
Jupiter aspects are always considered auspicious in Hindu
Nakshatra otherwise is called Asterisms, Lunar Mansion or
Oursages have pronounced the use of nakshatras for predic-
tive Astrology. Mantreswara in Phaldeepika has laid down the
results of transit of planets through various stars as reckoned from
Natal Star. Abrief table of effects have already been explained in
Chapter 2.
It is of importance to consider the star of a planet when it
transit, the planet will work under that star. It gives the results of
matters signified by the lord of constellation, through the source
indicated by the transiting planet, by lordship, occupation and its
nature. Suppose a planet owns 3rd or 1 0th houses. 3rd house
indicates brothers, sisters, travels, throat, legs etc. and 1 0th house
denotes profession,respect, journey honour, fame etc. If any planet
transits in the constellation of planet owning 3rd or 1 0th house, the
results will be indicated to the matters signified by the houses
irrespective of the lordship of transiting planets.
All planets moving from Aries to Pisces transit through a star
and by whose influence the results of transiting planets are modi-
The Zodiac is divided into twenty seven parts. Each part
measures 1 3
- 20
commencing from Aries Zero degree and ends by
Pisces 30. Each Division is governed by a planet known as Lord of
We now tabulate below the results of planets transiting in
different stars reckoned from NATALSTARof the native in a
1 03
summarized way as detailed by Mantherswara in his book
1 st or Natal Star
2nd, 3rd 4th & 5th
6 th, 7lh, 8th &9th
1 0th, 1 1 th, 1 2th & 1 3th
1 4th, 1 5th, 1 6 th, 1 7th,
1 8th & 1 9th
20th, 21 st, 22nd &23rd
26 th&27th
lst& 2nd
3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6 th
7th & 8th
9th & 1 0
lllh&: 1 5th
1 6 th& 1 8th
1 9th to 24th
25th to 27
1 st & 2nd
3rd to 8th
9th to 1 1 th
1 2thto 1 5th
1 6 th & 1 7th
Destruction of property and ill health.
Influx of wealth, increased earnings and
Success in undertakings and comple-
tion of works.
Financial gains.
Loss of wealth, increased expenditure
Illness, indisposition and loss of en-
Gain and increased income.
Serious illness and danger to life.
Fear and anxiety.
Safety and well being.
Success over enemies.
Financial gain and increased income.
Mental happiness and peace.
Quarrels and Misunderstandings.
Journeys to distant or foreign places.
Financial gain and increased income.
1 1 1 health danger to life by accidents,
falls etc.
Quarrels and misunderstandings
Success in undertakings and comple-
tion of works started.
Loss of wealth, money and property.
Gain of money.
1 04
1 8th & 21 st Excessive fear and anxiety.
22nd to 25th Happiness and well beings.
26 th & 27th Travels to distant places.
1 st, 2nd, & 3rd Sorrows, grief through loss of wealth or
4th, 5th, 6 th Gain and increased income.
7th to 1 2th Untoward events and calamity.
1 3th to 1 7th Gain of wealth and increased income.
1 8th 1 9th Loss of money.
20th to 27th Honour, new position, status and fame.
1 st Grief or bereavement.
2nd to 5th Happiness and prosperity.
6 th to 8th Journeys and removals.
9th to 1 1 th Loss of money and position.
1 2th to 1 5th Gain of money.
1 6 thto 20th Enjoyment and happiness.
21 st to 25th Happiness and gains.
26 th & 27th Danger, ill health etc.
So far we have studied the effects of transit of planets in
differenthousesof the birth chart. Buttheauthoris of the views that
the transit should also be checked with respect to aspects and
conjunction with the natal planets.
The effects of Saturn with regards to Sade Sati have been
explained to remove the fear of the bugbear from the deep rooted
belief with the public.
The most difficult task is to analyse the effects of transit of
retrograde planets but with the details already provided, you can
do it now, by following the directions stated in this chapter.
The effects of transit of planets through nakshatras indicate
fairly accurate results and have been tabulised.
The above factors will help the astrologer in delineating
the horoscope.
1 05
Due to persistent demands from learned reading "ASPECTS
INTRANSIT" is being added. Difficulty is analysing hososcopes
was being experienced for want of authentic results of planets
when there are Aspect during Transit. Those aspects can be
between transiting or Natal planets and their Positions in various
This difficulty has been solved through tabulated results as
Suppose Sun in posited in Aries or Scorpio in transit and is
aspected by Moon, Mars, Jupiter etc. The results can be checked
from the table.
Signs in which
1 . Aries or Scorpio
Aspected by Results.
Popular, generous. Servants,
good status, Frail, Gain
and Success through oppo-
site sex and Common people
Strong, energetic, aggres-
sive, Command and control
over others.
Meakin nature, faces troub-
Power and authority like
judge, Minister
Venus Amorous, loss in dealing with
partner, friends and rela-
tives. May cause bickerings
with wife.
1 06
2. Taurus or libra
3. Gemini or Virgo Moon
Saturn Afficted health careless,
Unsympathetic, careless
about feelings of others.
Moon Loose morals, suffers
from Venereal diseases,
Gain from shipping,
Fishery or such trade.
Mars Good sports man, Coura-
geous, hasty, Zealous, hard
worker and Fond of oppo-
site sex.
Mer Fond of poetry, music,
writing and Painting. Alit-
erary taste.
Jup Executive, good advisor
and good personality.
Ven Wise but timid, Woman,
pleasures and gain
through refinement.
Sat Loss in busines s, wrath of
superiors, afflicted health,
not stout but cruel
Loss through friends and
enemies. Travelling and
much grief.
Disappointments, grief from
females and enemies, irri-
tated nature. Courage.
Dignified, renowned,
good friends and sup-
porters. Week eye sight.
Jup. Executive, learned, lackof
careful reasoning and fore
Ven. Blessed with partner, sons
and wealth. Cheerful, affec-
tionate but amorous.
1 07
Sat. Restless, Social but cunning.
Many servants.
4. Cancer Moon Rich enterprising, gain
through sea trade.
Mars Inilainmatory complaints,
operations, enemies, and
Mer. Popular, talented, famous,
Progressive and generous.
Jup. Success, rise in life, honor-
able, gain through Govl; and
artistic skill.
Ven. Sweet and softspoken,be-
nevolent, gain through fe-
Sat. Billious and phlegmatic, dis
honest in his dealings, self-
ish and careless of the feel-
ings of others.
5. LEO Moon Gain through Govt; favours,
enterprises, responsibility,
charming partner and
billious health complaints.
Mars Couragous, vigorous and
animated, industrious and
Mer. Ingenious, wrong, wrong as-
sociation, friendless and
much wandering.
J up. Honorable, wise, humane,
success in public utility con-
cerns. Loves solitude.
Ven. Misfortune through oppo-
site sex and secret vices.
Indifferent to honour and
1 08
Sat. Obstacles, loss through
Govt, hinderamces, delays,
sorrows and losses, less
6 . Sagittarius or Moon Prosperity and help from
Pisces persons in power, blessed
with sons, golden speech,
fortunate and charming.
Mars Commander, great warrior,
practical insight and gains
favour, promotion and co-
Mer. Renowned writer, social
worker and minerologist.
Jup. Learned, best conveyance,
In female's chart success in
love and marriage.
Ven. Fond of charming women,
scents and garments.
Sat. Reverses, resulting in down
fall and losses
7. Capricorn or Moon Immoderate, irresolute, ac
Aquarius. cumulating money through
women, Misfortune.
Mars Loss through enemies, quar-
rels, ill health, sudden acci-
dents and sickness.
Mer. Cheat and of Feminine quali-
Jup. Broad outlook, sound
judgement and genial. In
female's chart, successful
Ven. Gain through trade in Gems
Woman and prostitutes.
1 09
1 . Aries
2. Taurus
Sat. Gain from persons in au-
thority, good organiser and
strong personality.
Sun Gets promotion and gain in
service orinbusiness. Sweet
and polite, sometime aggres-
Mars. Troubles in teeth and eyes.
Danger from arms, fire and
Mer. Learned, scholar, good
mental abilities. If afflicted
much public criticism.
Jup. Aman of status, power, ser-
vants, good health, vitality,
fertility and resourceful.
Ven. Happy married life, sons,
wealth, Fortunate.
Sat. Jealous, miserable, un-
happy and lack of opportu-
Sun Gain from agriculture, ser-
vants and conveyance.
Mars Debauchery, if afflicted rela-
tions with wife and friends
Mer. Scholar, well wisher of all.
Jup. Blessed with friends, wife,
and sons. Devoted to par-
ents, religious and reputed.
Ven. Conveyance, home, luxuri-
ous life
Sat. Differences with opposite
sex, blessed with sons,
friends and relations.
1 1 0
3. Gemini Sun
4. Cancer Sun
5. Leo . fSun
Witty, wealthy, generous,
good reputation and pros-
Strong, affluent and leader.
Success in business and in -
dustry. Optimistic and Ca-
Reputed, Scholar of
Shastras and handsome.
Good enjoyment with part-
ner. Jewellery, stones, and
Unpopular among friends
and family.
Poor grade employee,
Courageous, talented but
jealous of mother.
Wise, politics, blessed with
women, wealth and sons.
Advisor and prosperous.
Honour, Position, adminis-
trator, noble wife, brave and
Makes one debaucher, at-
tractive personality. Afflu-
ence of everything.
If adverse, bad for parents,
many reverses. If in good
aspects, Good organiser but
much wandering.
Native of power and
authority, noble, Sober and
Rank in army, success in
Dependent on his partner.
1 1 1
6 . Virgo Sun
7. libra Sun
S.Scorpio Sun
Blessed with noble son,
popular, great like ajudge.
Conduces to sex, learning
and diseases of generative
Agriculturist, poor, liar,
mean, marriage may be de-
layed or denied.
Treasurer, determined, tal-
ented, partner or progeny
maybe denied.
Craftsman of repute, rich,
educated, patient but can not
stand his own mother.
Good knowledge of Astrol-
ogy and poetics, good
Good friends and relations,
obedient Servants and pros-
Fortunate. Blessed with all
Short memory, poor, miser,
wife but no mother.
Great straggler, misfortune,
disrespected. Travelling
and may be issueless.
Aggressive, debauchee,
Vice habits.
Famous, Jeweller, Fortunate.
Good health, wealth
scholar, handsome.
Conveyance, devotion to
mother but not so fortunate.
Voyaging, Great gain but
worried and unhappy.
1 1 2
Mars Energetic, ardent, firm and
Mer. Foolish and Cheat.
Jup. Increased vitality and fertil-
ity, wealth and charm.
Ven. Waste of strength
through woman, wealth but
Sat. Troubles through sons,
poor, sickly and liar.
9 Sagittarius Sun Valorous, reputation,
wealth, conveyance and
Mars Army officer, wealth and wis-
Mer. Great Astrologer.
Jup. Advisor, religious bent of
Ven. Fond of music. Good dance
teacher or like fine arts.
Sat. Simple loveable, public man
and popular
1 0. Capricorn. Sun Miserable, Voyages, crafts
man and poor.
Mars Rich, generous, good
charms and conveyance.
Mer. Loss of wealth, wife, happi-
ness and wisdom, and one
becomes aggressive.
Jup. Rulership, authority,
blessed with women, son
and friends.
Ven. Sexy, passionate, childless,
wealth prosperous but Un-
1 1 3
1 1 Aquarius Sun
1 2 Pisces Sun
3. T
1 . Aries or Scorpio Sun
Lazy, great cheat,
religious, gain from agricul-
ture or its yields.
Honest, generous but sepa-
ration from parents and pat-
Cooking and kitchen man-
agement, music and women.
Interested in agriculture and
Coward, friendless, wicked,
crooked wife and
disrepectful to elders
Timber merchant, hairy
body, Unjust and
Sexy, happy partner and
Rash unhappy, suffers dis-
Independence, administra-
tive powers, wealth and wife.
Blessed with young charm-
ing partner, riches and fame.
Pleasure through women
and music. Lover of beauty
in any form.
Contacts with Low and Ugly
women, devoid of wife and
Enjoys health, wealth, happy
family life. High status,
1 1 4
2 Taunts or Libra. Sun
3. Gemini or Viigo Sun
Judge, surgeon. Engineer,
an army officer, confident
and good reputation.
Sportive, success in busi-
ness, more daughters.
Dexterity and precision in
Eloquences, legacy, big
business magnate, and de-
voted to parents.
Amorous, earns more but
not acquisitive. Unfriendly.
Drives him to debauchery.
Practical, successful, income
is good, pleasures in life, ifaL
flicted , troubles through part-
ner and much opposition
from friends and enemies.
Quick in actions, more than
one Union, indifferent to
results. Averse to mother and
Gain through literary & sci-
entific persuits. Fond of art
and music. Untrustworthy.
Less progney.
Fortunate, noble and philan t
Spirit of adventure and pas-
sions for opposite sex. Govt
Leadership, name, fame,
prosperous friends
Fond of travelling, intellec-
tual in chemistry, medicine,
1 5
loss due to selfish nature, gain
in higher men- tal persuits.
Moon Responsible and
popular. Rash actions causes
Author, writer, logical
speaker and Maths.
Success, correct judgement,
sharp intellect and memory.
Calm mind, upright
actions, sublime passions,
lust leading to foul
Gain through agriculture, less
gain from hard work,
struggled life and
limited means.
Sun Indiscreet, sex with
low women, suffers due to
rashness, impatient
and diseases.
Sufferings through ego, frank,
domestic Unhappiness.
Dishonest, bad name,
deserted by own people.
Power I and/authority,fortunate,
generous and learned.
Loss through opposite sex,
early marriage.
Gain through travelling and
voyaging. Health, wealth and
Social, generous and active.
Strong, gain from partner,de-
voted to mother.
1 1 6
Mer. Love of fine arts, astrology,
crafts. Buying & selling.
Jup. Success, status, children and
Ven. Charming partner, Zest and
Sat. Dependent, poor and shriv-
6 . Sagittarius or Sun Cruel, adventurous, attrac-
Pisccs live, good house.
Moon. Scholar, controversial and
Mer. Developed mental
force, gain through use of
tongue and force.
Jup. Takes away partner and
happiness, sports man and
Ven. Artist, charming, generous,
loving partner.
Sat. Travelling, vicious, unhappy
and reversals.
7. Capricorn Sun Sincere, methodical, wife,
ORAquarius children prosperous and
much opposition
and jealousy.
Moon. Selfish cold to mother,
Undependable friends.
Mer. Many failures, enmity, loss
for personal lapses.
Jup. Longevity, royal favour.
Trouble in foreign land.
Ven. Wealth fortune and happi-
ness , loveable partner, short
Fortunate Position.
1 1 7
Sat. Misfortune, Unhappiness,
learned but intolerante.
1 . Aries or Scorpio Sun
2 T aum s of Libra Sun
3. Gemini ORVirgo. Sun
Reputed physician or Sur-
geon, noble and generous.
Fertile, Sexy, characterless.
Failure in business.
Strong, loyal, energetic. En-
mity and opposition. Con-
genial partner. Afflicted
Occultism, philosophical,
prosperity and learned.
Authority, self confidence
and artistic nature.
Violent, Scientific and intel-
lectual pursuits.
Head strong, easily pro-
voked, debauchee.
Trusted, God fearing, popu-
lar, advisor and firm.
Troubles through enemies
and stout physically. Much
Trusted leader, cheerful and
Fond of opposite sex and
trusted by them, Good per-
sonality and
fond of decent attire.
Adversity, Unfortunate and
Animated, confident and
success with Govt; Philan-
1 1 8
Moon. Eloquence, skill in languages,
music and literature.
Mars. Govt; service, trusted, poor
physique, danger from trav-
elling, in workshop and from
Jup. Power and authority, charm-
ing figure, fairjudgement and
clarity of mind.
Ven. Successful diplomat., Unfor-
tunate links with wicked
Sat. Progress and success in life. Afflu-
4.CANCER Sun. Worst hit. Low status, No
ingenuity injob.
Moon. Much troubles and misery through
Mars, wickedness,
Jup. Good fortune, success in life.
Ven. Love for art, music and beauties, logic
and research.
Sat. Long but ugly body, dirty, shabby and
bad name.
5.LEO Sun. Not favourable for Business, Ambit-
ious, quick at acquiring new ideas.
Moon. Charm, success in art, music and po-
Mars. Prail body, mean and unhappy.
Jup. Conveyance, name, fame,knowledge,
forceful language and nimble body.
Ven. Refined taste, pleasure through art,
music,love&: marriage. Noble,power
and authority - a minister.
Sat. Ii)U breed action.
1 1 9
6 . Sagittarius
7. Capricorn
I.Aries or
Sun. Chronic skin disease, bold and may be
Moon. Noted author, fruitful journey and
higher education.
Mars. Losses through thefts, hasty nature and
Jup. Computer brain, gentle and religious
temperament. Scientific study and na-
Yen. Interest in education. Success and gain
through knowledge
Sat. Unsuccessful, seclusion injungle, or
Fort. Cruel nature.
Sun. Great Commander, developed mental
powers. Gain from business, innova-
Moon. Gain through water products, fame
and Fortunate.
Mars. Most gainful when exalted in Capri-
Jup. Name, fame, status, learning and leader
Yen. Misfortune through wicked partner,
blessed with sons but debauchee.
Sat. Cruel, debauch. Vicious and Servile.
Sun.Honest, noble sons. Philanthropic,
fortunate, hairy body. Fortitude, reli-
gious and intellectual.
Interest in women, Gems, history and
literature. Awakening of physic inter-
Rash temper, energy, negative, ap-
proach. Rich and amorous.
1 20
Mer. Low instincts, wicked, over critical,
courteous but child like talk. Good edu-
Ven. Fond of art, music, beauty. Prosperity
but coward - Trusted by opposite sex.
Sat. Wealth bold, greedy, name and proge-
ORLIBRA Sun. Advisor, scholar, conveyance,
friends, tall and foreign travels.
Moon. Wealth anxiety, Sex, pleasure
and devotion to mother.
Mars. Govt; favour, prosperity, weakness for
young women.
Mer. Good education, charming personal-
ity, wealth and character.
Ven. Luxurious life, good luckand caution.
Sat. May delay or deny marriage, Knowl-
edge, wealth and leadership.
S.Gemini or Sun. Well settled family. Popular leader.
Moon. Charming figure, devoted to mother,
family, friends and relations. Affluent.
Mars. Enterprising, successful. Popular, rich
but broken and tired.
Mer. Occultism, more than one wife, crea-
tive but inconsistent.
Ven. Fond of opposite sex, pleasing to
women, const of religious and welfare
Sat. Peaceful happy life in old age. army
officer in early life.
5.Leo Sun. Self- confident,forccfuI.I;uthlnl, and
gentle. Influential partner, gain through
mining religious.
1 21
Moon. Wealth through wife, good senses, for
Noble, deeds, respect to Gurus etc,
strong, wealthy - but cruel.
Good speech, eloquence, Minister,
study of Shastras.
Good conjugal relations, speculative,
pleasing manner and fondofgood dress
and scents etc.
Base qualities, disrepute and difficult
Gain from Govt. power and authority,
rich Loss through speculation.
Intuitive, gain from voyages.
Prophetic dreams.
Dominating, leadership, Pessimistic.
Good thinking, leadership, good busi
Ven. Many love affairs, trust through oppo-
site sex. Noble wife, pleasures of bed,
Amorous but good repute.
Sat. Very excited, Innovative, charitable,
and fond of religion and seclusion.
Capricorn Sun. Gain in material progress, learned,
RAquarius luxury, loving, industrious and rich.
Moon. Devoted to parents, noble, social
Cand enlightened.
Mars. Name and fame, great army officer,
dashing and charming personality.
Mer. Promotes commerce interest through
travels, speculative friends.
Yen Happy domestic life, noble wife, orna-
ments, attire and palatial house.
Sat Matchless scientist, inventor, helpful
friends, conveyance and affluence.
Sagittarius Sun.
1 22
1 .Aries OR Sun
2.Taurus OR Sun
Trouble and discord in married life, early
marriage, affable, sympathetic,
social and fortunate. Gain from legacy.
Peaceful end.
link with wicked partner, in female's
chart menstrual troubles, many children
but some will survive.
Service, poor disrespected. In female's
chart, delayed and unfortunate marriage.
Danger by lire or accident.
Discord with brothers, mean, obstinate,
impolite and good morals.
Good lovely look, comely wife, promis-
ing children, and prosperous.
Financial difficulties after marriage, trav
elling, inert and chronic ailments.
Honest, sincere in love, married life Scor-
pio will be afflicted. Wealthy, charming
Handsome, pleasures through opposite
sex, passionate. More than one attach-
Differences in married life. Rash actions,
more than one attachments. Abortions,
discord with sons. Injury.
Calculating in love. Gain in business.
Accounts. Troubles from relations.
Famous, Govt, power and authority,
good progeny. Respect, and a leader,
popular among opposite sex.
Separation or bickering in married life.
Wife will be of loose morals. Delayed
1 23
3.Gemini or Sun
4. Cancer
Mentally elevated, generous devoted to
mother and partner, travelling, writing
or teaching.
Big almond eyes, beautiful hair, convey-
ance^ pleasures of beds, inquisitive and
Financial loss through partners,
troubles and disappointments through
relations, accidents and hasty actions.
Scientific outlook, courteous, learned
and wealthy.
Cheerful. Expert in making artificial ar-
ticles, optimistic, gain through educa-
tional activities, publication and corre-
Bad name, misery, gloomy, troubles
through brothers, possessive, better and
happier in later life.
Blessed with talented and charming wife.
She is noble, magnanimous, lucky and
Flappy. Blessed with progeny, popular
in female. Close to step mother.
Skill in art and property. Rich and sup-
porting. Troubles through partner.
Troubles through relatives, travelling, af-
fluent, learned, wife is a scholar.
Flappy and peaceful family life. Servants,
wealth, progeny and friends.
Subjugating wife, mean, miserable,
ugly and unfortunate.
Sharp intellect, voyaging, highly edu-
cated, popular, ambitious, self- confi-
dence, taste for art, literature, Science and
other intellectual pursuits. Sensuous.
1 24
Moon Troubles through fickleness of the mind
and with the wife.
MARS Debauch, Popular with public and
Woman and wealthy.
MER Greedy, accumulative, wicked, de-
bauch, and wealthy.
JUP Affluence, conveyance, more than one
wife, and servants, power and authority.
SAT * Wealth, name and fame. Attached to
WTQOW, charms but sorrows and grief.
6 .SAGrTT- SUN Bold, brave, learned, wealthy,well
ARIUSOR known, foreign travel, intelligent, check
PISCES other planets. Conviction.
MOONAffluent, God's grace, luxuri-
ous life and prosperity.
MARS Gains and sorrows in life. Shy from op-
posite sex.
MER Conveyance, ornaments, dress materials
and pleasure of tongue.
JUP Comely wife, able sons, wealthy, con-
veyance and has foresight.
SAT Philosophical and Scientific mind, in-
vestigating but dangerous air or sea trav-
7.CAPRICORNSUN Honour,Success,prosper!ty,recogni-
ORACQUARIUS tion, and gain through wife.
MOONBright, brave and rich.
MARS Death of wife, poor, sickbut happy at the
MER Learned, wealthy, Scientist, honest, acq-
uisitive and name through public service.
JUP Faithful wife, young, adept in art and
music, love for perfumes.
Sat Stature, good, complexion, luxurious
life, conveyance and servants.
1 25
1 . ARIES OR SL1 N Agriculturist, miner, or land lord. Gain
SCORPIO through superiors or own hard
work, alertness, perseverance bring him
financial gains. Fortunate in female's
chart, marriage is denied or brings mis-
MOONLoss of wealth. Contact with
low women of loose morals:
Misery and unhappiness. If the good in
aspects, success in politics.
MARS Fond of women, wine, gambling,
wounds, accidents, murderer tenden-
cies. If well aspected, bold, self- reliant
and a mining Engineer.
MER Successful teacher, medical man or com-
mission agent. If afflicted, delays and hin-
drance, slander, Criminal, unfriendly
and unhappiness and may cause loss of
.1 1 P Prosperous, advisors, fortunate and af-
VEN Fond of women or opposite sex, de-
bauchery. Unhappy married hfe.
SUN Frank, learned, Courteous, supported
by others.
MOONFond of his family. Recognized by the
state, gain and success through women.
MARS Determined, courage, peace loving,
conciliatory, eloquence and affluence.
MERFond of opposite sex, mean, servile
and loss of virility.
JUP Emotional, sensitiveness, reputed, phil-
anthropic and executive ability.
1 26
VEN Favour from state. Foud of women,
wealth and wine.
SUN Insincere, irresponsible, indiscreet suf-
fers much loss in business. Unhap-
piness yet charitable and generous.
MOONCalm and unmoved by any opposition or
strife. Patient. If favourable success
and gain from own abilities.
Courage, dare devil spirit,
practical,lawyer, accident and danger
from violence. Fegacy from father.
Wealthy, senior rank in army, Interest
in music, dancing, or handicraft. Gain
through travelling. Mercury if posited
in 1 3- 9, houses draws the native to
science, creative writing or teaching.
Trusted, noble, position in Govt highly
intellectual, dependable and fond of
noble and gentle people.
Skilled in ornamental articles. Fond of
yoga and favourite of the women. Kind
SftNVicious, unfortunate, early death of fa-
ther, wealthy. Afflicted health,
accident. Women and children may be
delayed or denied.
MOONDanger to mother, wealthy. Troubled
by friends and relatives.
MARS Unfaithful wife, selfish, ailing, group
MER Delays and hindrances in life, little
education,contemplative. Gain
through perseverances and diplomacy.
1 27
.1 1 P Blessed with landed property and agri-
culture farms, wealth, noble and happy
VEN Birth in high family, but ugly and not
financially well.
SI"K Physically infirm, loss in business and
service, hardships and difficulties. Mis
MOONWealth women, affluence, favour from
Govtand reputation.
MARSMuch travelling, life in jungles or moun-
tains, less family comforts, and low
JUP Reputation from political circles,
trusted, blessed with happy sons and
VEN Happy end, charming, fortunate,
wealthy but jealous of women.
SPIN Name and fame. Wealth.May adopt a
MOONEarly death of mother, much organiz-
ing and constructive ability. Comely
wife and promising sons.
MARS Causes biliousness, notorious, impul-
sive condemned and much criticized.
MER Good reputation, honour, professor,
noble, wealthy and social.
JUP Very high status, Fortunate, happiness
and affluence.
VEN Step father or mother, living in For-
estry. Capable but sensuous.
1 28
SI "N" Many ailments of liver, kidney and
blood. Unfortunate, delays, defama-
tion, difliculties and limitation, voy-
MOONTroubles through travelling strained
relations with mother, wicked and mala-
MARS Popularity, fame, courage, cruelty, dar-
ing and links with people of status.
MER Tamsic tendency, service, learned,
.1 1 P Health and longevity.
VEN Property, debauchery and comfortable
1 . ARIESOR SUN Responsible, acts for self growth, and
SCORPIO enlightenment. Fortunate. Always
helped by someone in his most difficult
hours. Troubles and unhappiness
through the partner. Popular, con-
structive, delays and obstructions.
MOONCharming personality. Great attach-
ment with opposite sex. Indigestion
and blood impurities.
MARS Interest in games and sports, impatient
and sexy.
MER Good spirit but cheerful nature. Fault
Income throughmany sources. Finan-
cially well.
VEN Popular, Successful marriage.
SAT Cautious and wary, Afflicted health.
1 29
SI "K Little success in business and in life,
MOONDevelops a scare in financial
matters and loss of supports, unpleas-
ant speech.
MARS Strained relations with friends, low
MER Generous, charitable, popular with op-
posite sex.
.1 1 P Logic, conviction to his speech. Wealth
and honour.
VEN Affectionate and warm hearted.
SATMuch traveling. Gain in foreign land s.
It gives broad and large nose.
SfTN Help from brothers and sisters. Very
eloquent. Talent coming from unknown
MOONInterest in poetry, chemistry or medi-
MARSRecognition from Govt Death of broth-
Ungrateful, wicked and dishonest.
Saves from debauchery. Promotes spir-
itual and sublimation. Happy with the
friends and relations.
Much contentment, happiness from
business, learned, noble, state honour,
affluent and amorous.
Gain through state, anxiety from
mother. Much travelling.
MOONSuicidal tendencies,
1 30
MAR Unfortunate Relations with
opposite sex.
MER Promotes inquisitiveness and enter-
JUP Love and affection for own people.
Jewellery, servants. More thanone part-
YEN Problems regarding love, romance, un-
happy and sensitive.
SAT Afflicted health. One has to wait long
for any success or gain. Patience is
SUN Liar, unhappy, given to drinking, and
MOONProblems with family life, digestive
system and blood impurities.
MARS Devoid of wife and progeny. Living in
jungles or mountains.
MER Doubly wicked, inert, poor, mean and
JUP Fortunate, blessed with sons, trusted
and leader of the community.
YEN Sublimation, indifferent to women,
happy, prosperous, noble and peaceful
SAT Troubles, self- annihilation. Less ViriL
SUN Adopted son, wealth and fame.
MOONEarly death of mother, wrath of Govt;
and one is devoid ofhappiness.
Wealth's wife.
MARS Intellectual, astrologer, a genius.
1 31
.1 1 P Adventurous, go ahead spirit little hap-
piness through children.
VEN I "nhappincss, one cannot express freely
tyrannical and jealous.
SAT Fear from enemies, devilish tenden-
cies, ill speaking, shabby, mean and
SUN Long sickness, ugly partner, depend-
ent, and miserable.
MOONSorrows and troubles through public,
mother or women.
MARS Police service or railway, bank, Insur
ance Co .etc, links with widows.
MARS Success in law suits, interest in writing,
and editing. Gain in latter life.
.1 1 P Progeny, wealth name and fame.
VEN Pride, dishonest, misappropriating
other's wealth, a debauchee.
SAT Affluence, Govt; recognition, learned,
soft and sweet. Hard work rewarding.
Emotional and spiritual
1 32
Ascendant is a foundation of the horoscope whereas 1 0th
house is the most important sensitive point of your birth chart
through which your profession, job and business etc. is indicated
which is a source of yourliving and existence in the life and society.
The transit of planets through houses form different aspects to
these points and denote vital results which need to be studied in
detail for delineation of the horoscope. Such effects are explained
in detail for your guidance with respect for your guidance with
respect to main five aspects viz. conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine
and Opposition, These aspects have been explained earlier as 1 st,
3rd& 1 lth,4th& 1 0th,5th&9thand7thhouseaspects respectively.
1 . Conjunction :- This will create sudden burst of energy and
enthusiasm, renewing your confidence to face the world to impress
yourself. You will have a favourable time to take control for gain.
Deal with your opponents in a diplomatic way to win them over.
The transit represents a new start of year, so why not act on the
above lines to make a good start. May not be good time to resolve
the martial conflicts. You must attend to your health and person-
2. Sextile Duringthis transit, you may act as a leader or an
independent authority with recognition of your work personality
from friends and relatives. Working with others will be benefited.
Social, enjoyment with your neighbours and friends. You will be
respected, but do not delude other people. You can exhibit your
tendencies, merits and work toothers fbrrecognitionandcoopera-
1 33
3. Square ;- You should take care of y our health, conflict with
others as the mutual interest on a problem will clash, so avoid it.
Otherwise you will have dashing effects on them to lead and help,
which act will be accepted by the people. Relations with superiors
and persons with authority may become strained causing dis-
turbance , anxiety and worries. Such relations be safe guarded with
4. Trine : - Agood time to get cooperation from others, to feel
energeticand to enjoy. Hard- work will pay you. Expansion in your
work, journeys to relax and vigour will be favourable. Recreation,
Victory over enemies. Relations with superiors will be cordial and
you will be rewarded and helped by them for work and attitude.
5. Opposition Opposition and conflicts with others. Be
cautious about your dealings with others. Group working will pay
you. Troubles through others. So be cautious while dealing with
people. Partnership will be beneficial and a success. Gain in
consultation with others.
1 . Conjunction Much emotional than usual.You may have
good or bad relations depending on the strength of Moon. Gain of
sympathy and deep love from others. Cordial relations with
opposite sex forming relations of love and friendship. Control of
your emotions is a must under these circumstances.
2. Sextile Close associations with loved ones who may be
friends, relations and opposite sex, who will respond you. The
relations can be strengthened. Sweet speech will pave the differ-
ences with the people having strained relations. Agood time for
group working, public appearance and dealings and to get coopera-
tion from them. Relations with others will be cordial.
3. Square Not a happy period for dealing with others, can
create conflict causing you depression and loss. Do not be emo-
tional during this transit to avoid differences with your loved ones,
friends and relations. Taking any decision emotionally atthis time
will be harmful.
4. Trine :- Contacts with others will be warm and emotional
1 34
which will be quite lasting. Helpful to others with deep level of
understandings. Cordial and helpful and enjoyable relations with
opposite sex who will respond equally. Gain through friends and
opposite sex. Public work and people will help you.
5. Opposition Agood emotional time, you will be closely
involved with a lady but you should listen to her and others rather
to be dogmatic in your opinion. Negotiations and contracts be
avoided,unless you are sensitive to other's pointof view. Then you
will receive support from others.
1 . Conjunction : - Unless and otherwise you are not coopera-
tive to others, you will feel disturbed from them. Any such conflict
be dealt with diplomatically. You will be energetic and dashing
during this transit. Joint work in any direction will pay you and
work with them, otherwise you will create anger and disputes. Do
not be rash for revenge. Control your steering to avoid accident,
care of health is must by regulating your diet. Do not over strain
yourself. Avoid use of sharp instruments and fire arms. One will
be bold, of rash temperament, obstinate, bossing over others vice
acts and habits. Quarrelsome, liar and cheat.
2. Sextile Agoodand favourable period for group working
as a leader, you will be quite dashing, energetic along with your
colleagues. Impulsive and physically strong and you will attract
others. Gain of respect. Agood period for your kind of work
depends on personal effectiveness.
3. Square Differences with wife, friends, relations and
opposite sex, but with calmness and self, assertive attitude, can
solve them, avoid them and avoid rashness. Team work in not
favourable. Do not enter into any agreement. Do not do any
dangerous works involving any risks. This transit may cause
accident, care of health against blood pressure, illness and minor
infection and irritation be taken.
4. Trine : - An excellent period for game players. Vigorous in
health and so you can deal with others with self assurance and
without aggressive action. You will take definite decisions to
enlarge your activities. Any dogmatic working with Mars will not
1 35
be favourable, rather you should associate with others to share the
working and your views. Incase Mars is afflicted, your health and
relations can be ill affected.
5. Opposition Open enemies and conflicts are indicated
during this transit Direct confrontation with your life partners and
loved ones are denoted.
The business in partnership can be aproblem. You have
to bear the dominance of others upon you to avoid any struggle. So
try to reconcile such situation to avoid separation, divorce etc.
Team work will be favourable.
Adanger of accident or illness, so do not feel frustrated
on aboveorany otherissue,otherwise you will be in trouble. Avoid
sports, use of sharp instruments and firearms against injuries.
1 . Conjunction Afavourable time for negotiations, con-
tracts andbusiness dealings. Gain through correspondence, recep-
tive to others, sharp and clear mind. This is a time to work and not
to relax. Travelling will be more than usual but all gainful. Smooth
period. Mental pursuits will be favourable.
2. Sextile Agood period for travelling, mental work,
expressing yourself and for business and negotiations etc. Gain
through serious types of communication. Your friends and
neighbours will be congenial. In the pointof dispute a good period
to settle them and to reach an agreement. Contacts with people will
be be gainful. Selling and buying forpersonalreasons. Commercial
or business can be profitable.
3. Square : - Do not expect everyone to agree with you being
there a difference of opinion, so be slow in expressing yourself,
listen to others. Gain from communication, do not waste time in
gossips. Make plans for doing work, do not enter into correspond-
ence and exchange of views.
4. Trine :- Intellectually good period for discussing and
communications, short business travels will be gainful. Good
period to attend conferences, negotiations, to reach an agreement
and intelligent compromise. You will become tolerantofyourview
1 36
5. Opposition:- Aperiod of meetings, conversation which
can be useful if you do not get to acrimonious. Afavourable period
forconsultinglawyers,doctororbusinessspecialistetc. Communica-
tions will be favourable. You may face some legal contest or
negotiations. Youngster will be in your contact.
1 . Conjunction Amost favourable time for personal
relations. Express your love and you will receive affection in return,
for the settlement of disputes and differences of opinions with
people and loved one. Acontact with new lover, beloved or friend.
Parties, entertainments will be source of joy and gain. Agood
period for financial gain.
2. Sextile :- Relaxand enjoy with your loved ones and friends.
Opponents will become congenial to you, disputes can be settled.
Your relations with all and people around you will be congenial. A
love relation no w started will goalong way happily. Meeting with
people will pay you. Get- togethers, parties, entertainments will
open new environments to your advantage, as you will make
favourable impression upon others.
3. Square :- This is an overall extremely pleasant period for
exchange of love but excess of it will not pay you. Control your
spending. Deal tactfully to settle the disputes lest it becomes more
unpleasant. Outings will stimulate good energy andlove in you, be
careful of doing anything in excess. Be careful about your financial
matters. Keep the policy of give and take during the period for
harmonious relations around you.
4. Trine :- An excellent trine for entertainments, love, plea-
sure andjoy. You will be generous, more affectionate and people
around you will love you. Social gatherings will be favourable,
happy relations with lovers, beloved, relations, friends and spe-
cially with children, Agood financial period. Changes forgood in
your home and surroundings are indicated.
5. Opposition :- Agood period for smooth relations, a
marriage or lo ve relation will be smooth. Do not argue during this
period. Difficult persons will be easy to handle. Do not remain
1 37
alone, love relation may start if there are indications from other
planets to last long.
THE.1 1 Pill iR
1 . Conjunction Agood period to get favour from people
around you in personal and professional transactions. Optimistic
and positive. Good health be careful of your diet to gain weight.
Expansion in social circle and acquaintances which will be to your
favour with rich, famous and persons in authority. Do not be
arrogant. Gain and comforts to children. Happy domestic life.
Travels for the expansion of your business, profession and career.
When it is afflicted, if father and son live together, evils will be
warded df.
2'. Sextile Afortunate period for social contacts, and you
will gain from them. Group working will be beneficial rather than
to workalone,sogain through friends, co- workers and neighbours
etc. Working on good projects. Expand your contacts with larger
world, many people will become permanent friends to your
advantage. Old friends will be helpful, partnership with them will
go well profitable and helpful to others.
3. Square Good kind of relations with some pitfalls. A
period of growth through contacts with others, do not act arro-
gantly to avoid annoyance of others. Alucky chance to work
through a friend or associate. Benefits for your personal and
domestic life, people will help you. Negotiations and transactions
will be good provided you pay attention to the details.
4. Trine :- Aperiod of growth and expansion through your
contacts, relations and friends and the experiences you have got so
far. You will be more helpful and optimistic and will be helped in
return. Spiritual tendencies will grow. Aperiod of beginning of
great emotional happiness, relation, may be new love, which will
be very beneficial and last long and will be a help to your personal
5. Opposition :- Do not be selfish in your growing and
advancing career etc. Aperson will come into your life to help you
in some way, through partnership, love relation marriages etc.
which will be beneficial to you. You may be attracted romantically
1 38
to someone who will be important to you. If there is any case in
court of lawbes t time to consult ala wyer. Domes tic bliss according
to Hindu Astrology, this aspects of Jupiter is best for Conjugal
happiness, partnership etc. You may have chance for marriage. A
broken marriage or differences caused earlier may smooth up
during this transit if you work in a harmonious way to pave up the
differences, so shy not do it now?
1 . Conjunction One of the most significant transit of your
life. Your responsibilities will increase considerably so you should
work hard and systematically to complete them gracefully.Due to
pressure of work, less freedom of movement than usual, old tasks
with remained incomplete will be finished with more efforts. Your
superiors will load you with more responsibility resulting in a
productive time rather than to be a light hearted time. Do not start
a new project, you will not be able to complete it. So complete the
old projects etc.
Good relations will not suffer whereas bad ones will
break. Bad or difficult relationships may be among the people, so
try to build up a happy relations with all particularly those who are
very importantto you, seektheadviceofolderpeoplef orbetterand
gain. Despite difficulties, you will have a productive time. One will
be well versed in worldly affairs and clever. Religious, good
business man but deprived from children's comforts. Spending on
unwanted ventures. If afflicted by aspect, it causes seclusion,
material attitude : irresponsible behaviour and egoistic, conflict of
duties due to mental worry. Success after struggle.
2. Sextile Take this transit seriously and important and
beware of your doings because the pattern that you now establish
will be very hard to alterand will determine the success or failure
of your relations over the next several years. Gauge and listen to
other person's viewpoint, do not believe them on the face value,
neither you reject them outright. Older people will be helpful.
Being worried or with occupied mind you will prefer
serious work and company of serious people. You must discipline,
organise yourself and your work- Handle this transit carefully,
otherwise you will have difficulties with your relations.
1 39
3. Square Atime of severe testing in your relations with
others, such relations must be re- evaluated, the people near you
may not leave against your wishes. You may not feel alone andout
of touch with every body, you may feel that you have no support
fromany body even loved ones. There maybe serious breakdown
in your relations with those who has been untoward or not having
cordial relations.
4. Trine : - Your actions and behaviour will maintain an
equilibrium which will become reliable and consistent. Your
approach to problems will be disciplined, well- ordered and ma-
tured. You will find diflicullies to changes, so be flexible for the
solution of the problems. Agood period for self- sufficiency and
taking help from others. You should be cautious in forming new
relationships, older people will be too beneficial. Someone from
any part of your life will enter into your affairs to help you. He or
she may not be recognised by you but its effects will be felt by you
later on.
5. Opposition :- Strains and tensions in relations with wife
and partners are indicated which may result in separation, divorce
or to end the relationship. To solve the problems you have to work
hard. Fear, anxiety and loss through enemies, this will make a
significant break through in your life.
The past efforts and work started in your profession will
now be completed. This is a very critical time, when you are to work
carefully and has to safeguard your health. Do not take shortcuts
for success, otherwise your plan or project will be delayed.
1 . Conjunction :- It stays for about seven years in a sign. A
period of change or break in the relationships to make you feelfree
of the restriction and obligation. Any type of restriction will make
you impatient and of rebellious nature and your actions will be
difficult tojudge. People will not work in tune with you.
Since it is aspecting 7th house, it will create difficulties in
married life tike bickerings, separation or divorce orwill delay the
marriage. The transit gives both the sexes a desire of liberation.
1 40
2. Sextile Aperiod of flexibility and freedom in friendship,
associates, loved ones and neighbours. Opportunity of change in
life may come through these people. Do not be rigid otherwise you
may become upset. Do not limit your circle of association.
Agood change in your life is envisaged. You may come
into contact with new people and in these relations built up your
individuality. New studies like technical and Scientific pursuits
may be started by you. This will represent a ere ati ve stirring upof
your personality and your relations with people around you. Let
it happen.
3. Square Adisruptive period for relationships. Upsets in
home life and in your profession and business. You may do things
and visit places which you have never thought of earlier. Person
entering into life will be of short duration.
Marriage may end or break up suddenly if there are
already tussles between the partners or it needs readjustments. An
unstable and brief new love affair will be developed, it will be
exciting but unpredictable.
4. Trine Study of occult subjects. Feelings of freedom in
relations with others. Gain from people around you as you will
respond them quickly. You may also be impulsive or nervous
temporarily. Chance to travel Youmaydosomethingnewthrough
opportunities, you will gain through new contacts. New relation-
ships and contacts will last up to end of this transit.
You may experience spirituality.
5. Opposition The people may try to disturb your life and
make uneasy Quarrels with friends. Any conjugal differences,
tensions which remained hidden will come to disturb your mar-
ried life by way of seperation or divorce. This applies to other
people living together and partners in the business. You may be
involved in legal proceedings to make your life disruptive.
1 . Conjunction :- It stays about fourteen years in a sign. Due
to you idealistic nature, you may not be involved in deception and
1 41
this will change your relations and impression upon others.
Relations with lovers and friends be carefully watched, you are to
forgive their faults. Do not expect much from others. You may do
some social work but do not believe whatother's say will be correct
verify and analyse. You may become interested in psychic, occult
and spiritual matters during the period.
2. Sextile People will be cooperative to you in a positive
way. a man may enter your life for spiritual guidance as well as
religious up lift. Gain of money and better financial aspects are
denoted. You will be much more compassionate with others,
charitable and of refined habits. Groups work will be favourable.
3. Square Aconfusingand difficult period of transit. Do not
enter into contract or agreement or business negotiations as you
should not trust any body howsoever honest he may be. Be
diplomatic and tactful. This is anego denying planet. Detachment
policy during this period will help you. Plan the things and learn
by experience, do not start any new venture.
4. Trine : - Inclined to spirituality. Do not overidelize in your
relations with any one, this needs to be watched. Strong desire may
develop to escape or withdraw from world. Your relations with
people will become more ideal to your gain. This transit lasts more
than year, so during this period follow these instructions. You
make positive use of this transit.
5. Opposition;- Be carefulforconsultingand seeking advice.
Your relations with all may not become difficult and confused. A
marriage or partnership will become difficult. To avoid this, bear
the confidence of each other. Avoid legal confrontation, unex-
pected events are likely to happen. You may feel embarrassed or
suffer loss from opponents. Do not suspect every body. Avoid
helping others lest you are involved in a bad situation.
1 . Conjunction :- It stays fora period of twenty years in sign.
Aperiod of extreme crisis in your life. You may not be victimised
by others. Changes in relationship with others cannot be ruled out.
Marriage may undergo a change. Do not desire to take control of
1 42
all things, lest you break away frommay and create opposition for
2. Sextile Reformyourrelations with all for good. You may
be helpful to some one and reform his or her life. Friendsand others
will be helpful. You will gain power and authority, use it for
reforms and improvements and not for personal gain lest it may be
disastrous for you.
3. Square Relations with wife, friends, relatives and even
with partners in business may go under upheaval and end to-
gether. New relationship formed will be helpful, one entered in
your life will have a powerful effect on your life, mind and
emotions. Be careful in dealing with others to counteract their
underhand subversive actions. Wait patiently for the time when
encounter is over.
4. Trine Flappy changes within you and for relations with
others. Increase in personal power, good influence upon others. Do
not be egoistic. The persons will have instructive and happy
relations to help you. a period of gcxxl transformation of your inner
and outer world.
5. Opposition Marriage, partnership and relations with
others will go under a drastic change. Be open with all with your
differences and discuss around a table to solve them. Loved one
and professional colleagues will have differences which may not
affect you strongly and adversely. Be of a positive mind during
encounter with enemy. So face the problems honestly so that these
are amicably solved.
In author's views since their transit period is long and in
between many other planets aspects the Ascendant and change the
situation, the effects of LTranus, Neptune and Pluto may not be
given much importance.
1 . Conjunction The Sun conjunction 1 0th house will make
you more strong willed than usual, ambitious and more expres-
1 43
sjve. You should try to attain your object. What you will but donot
alienate others unnecessarily. Superiors will be in your favour due
to your work and power will be gained through them, but do not
alienate your superiors lest they feel and you are put to loss, so be
careful in dealing with them. Regulation, success and gain of status
and money. Your home life may not be affected adversely, so do
not stay at home but relax elsewhere.
2. Sextile You will feel strong, vigorous and confident.
Favour and gain from superiors. Recognition of work done. Gain
through Govt. plan your f uturecourse of action to be crowned with
success. Personal and family life will be benefited, helpful to all and
favour from them.
3. Square: - Aperiod of hard work in y our profession. Where
you can get great success. Do not be egoistic and selfish to avoid
conflict with others. Be careful about the relations with others
around you and your superiors. Be of a compromising nature in
case of any conflict. Do not be too ambitious. Relations will be safe
guarded ^against any conflict.
4. Trine Success and accomplishment of desires. Gain and
favour from Govt. and superiors and persons in authority. You will
not be dependent on others, work as a leader to attain your goal.
Be cooperative with all particularly to your subordinates who will
work hard for you to make you successful in your plans. Respect
and fame.
5. Opposition : - Do not put your professional matters above
your family affairs, so you should attend your domestic affairs,
personal life and family matters. You may not get favour from
Govt. and superiors as expected and success in your profession.
Conflict with opponents and enemies and may experience through
them. So do not be egoistic during transit. Try to remain alone or
with your loved one.
1 . Conjunction Agood time to work as leader of some
group to become popular, moody and helpful to others, you can
deal your personal problems which will be solved.
1 44
If the Moon is afflicted, will make you shy and thus you
will remain away from group discussions and work. Do not take
any decision because you are under the s way of fears and worried
2. Sextile :- Youwillencounterwithunusual intense feelings,
richness and emotional nature. You should avoid starting new
work. You will react to others in a fit of emotion, better control it.
Your will have a strong desire to know yourself, you will involve
your emotions in what ever you do. The transit is good for any
business matters concerning to public where you have to deal with
3. Squares Rapid changes inmood will be experienced by
you. In such cases your personal and domestic affairs, if not dealt
with care may result in disruption leaving you dissatisfied with
your progress. It will create great tension in your domestic life. So
please re- examine and readjust yourself of the situation. Your
career can be affected.
4. Trine At this time your personal and professional needs
are balanced, so you will be free from tension. Dealing with others
emotionally will be to your advantage. Agood domestic atmos-
phere. Cooperation from all to help you in your professional
5. Opposition :- Be close to loved ones rather with other
people. Be at home with your family. So that your emotions are
recharged and you build up your energy. Your feelings will be
strong to impress other but do not take lead in group of people.
Every transit is of very short duration of 2- 1 /4 days and
be used accordingly.
1 . Conjunction :- You should be careful about positive and
negative attitudes which this transit will create in you. An excellent
transit to work in the forefront and not at the back so that you can
be rewarded. Do not act impulsively, neither overdo anything.
Carefully planned work can be rewarding and successful. This
transit is favourable for activities like athletic, competitions, deal-
1 45
ing with steel and iron, daring works, and those require indepen-
dent thoughts and actions, you will be crowned with success.
2. Sextile Aperiod of self confidence and courage. Take
initiative in your work. Do not depend upon others to work, be
independent, self- reliant and helpful to others, this attitude will
help you for success in your plans. You plan and do it, as there is
HOneed to act covertly and deviously, do not fear from confronta-
tion with anyone.
3 .Square :- Youwill feel aggressive and self- assertive. Donot
overdo anything in height ofpassions, workhardforyour personal
domestic life. There maybe conflict also, disputes with superiors,
persons in power and authority or Govt. are indicated which be
avoided by detaching yourself from such situation. In case of
rashness and anger, your domestic life may become upset.
4. Trine :- Your will enjoy self assurance, so workhard todo
what ever you want through people around you. Zealand energy
in every work will be high. Take the initiative and complete thejob
for success. You will enjoy the confidence of others and they will
expect a lead from you. Sports or athletes may attract you.
5, Opposition :- You will meet with opposition in your
business and professional life which will be difficult to handle or
people may workagainstyou. Working withgroupof persons will
be helpfuLControlrash temperament, Argumentativetendency to
avoid tension in your personal and domestic life. Superiors may
not become offended. Partnership relations be safeguarded.
1 .Conjunction :- You should plan your works, profession
and any importantsocialduty after discussing, with others, togain
SUCCCSS. You may receive animportantletteraboutyourprofession
orpublic life which willbe to your advantage. Your private affairs
may be affected in any adverse way.
2. Sextile :- Correspondence about career, home and per-
sonal life willbe quite beneficial. It is a time for planning but not for
action with clear mind and controlled emotions, negotiations,
transactions can be made during this period.
1 46
Mental enjoyment will help you. Keep the company of
intellectuals to uplift your mental level to keep your mind busy.
3. Square Agood period to carry out your plans. Take
decisions in important matters. Other's views will carry a good
value, so do not under estimate them. Listen and act as far as
possible. Avoid fake ideas, keep the meaningful thoughts in all
important matters, incaseyoukeep dangers inyourmind, you can
do extremely good work under your transit which will meet with
success. Keep other's interest and needs in your mind also.
4. Trine Detailed planning will help you to do the work.
Complicated problems be dealt in parts. Planning about your
career will be beneficial. Agood time for discussing all problems
with others, business negotiations, partnerships etc. also for fam-
ily, household and to organize your personal affairs, favourable
period for property acquisition.
5. Opposition Do not negotiate with any one about your
business or career. Agood period for property dealers. Plan your
personal life but not about career. So you organize your personal
affairs. The demand of outside world will be so great that you will
lose track what you want. So do not lose heart to success.
1 . Conjunction You will be more concerned with love
resulting that a new love will enter into your life. Keep care of
feelings of the loved ones. Business and profession will find good
contacts, success in arts, entertainment, crafts, agricultural etc. A
good time for social activity, warmth with friends, pleasure trips
etc. Anice and good company. Good time without any dispute.
Marriage may be contracted, happy and romantic needs.
2. Sextile Positive happy relations with others. Compro-
mising mood,happy and helpful attitude. Listen to others also who
are having problems. You will be having creative ideas. Best time
for starting any entertainment project. You willpart with the things
and articles which you normally refuse to part earlier.
3. Square :- For lovers, an amorous transit. Real love will be
too demanding from their lovers or beloved causing stained
1 47
relations. So be careful. Over possessiveness, jealousy and unwill-
ingness to a loved one be avoided.
4. Trine Agood time for creative ability, art, beauty etc. An
excellent time to redecorate your home and make it and surround-
ings attractive. Taste for love, pleasure, beauty and aesthetical
nature will be on high ebb. Affectionate to others to receive the
same in return. Of peace loving nature and avoiding conflicts. Any
difficulties can now be solved through love and affection.
5.Opposition :- Enjoy at home, be close to loved ones,people
who are very intimate and personal will give you maximum
pleasures. Parties andget togethers provide and an opportunity of
joy and make friendly with people. You will fell contended. Avoid
over indulgence in love and food etc. Gain of conveyance.
1 .Conjunction:- Your efforts will be successful and hopes
will be realised in profession. Handle everything confidently. Your
business will expand, promotion or recognition in service, gain
through superiors, Govt; and persons in authority, you will have
professional achievements, a period of rapid expansion and per-
sonal progress. But be moderate in expansion etc. Do not be
arrogant during this period lest you are harmed.
2. Sextile :- a time of confidence and benevolence. Careerand
home life will be quite smooth and may have personal advance-
ment. Do not be selfish, proud and arrogant asyou will have many
chances to grow. Law, philosophy and medicine subjects will
attract you for study. Be in touch with people for gain. You may
gain religious or spiritual awareness.
3.Square Ambition togainmorein business and profession
butbe careful as it can be goodorbad. Donotbe power hungry and
inflate your ego, overestimate yourself, arrogant but handle the
situation carefullyand calmly. Use your ability within the normal
framework rather to be over ambitious.
4.Trine :- You will do much more than before and will be
successful as you will be having increased optimism and self
confidence. Professional success in all spheres. Financial gain, lame
1 48
and good relations with all. You may improve your residence or
change into a bigger one. Security, peace, harmony and self
confidence will be there with you. Victory over enemies. Do not
5. Oppo sition: - It is termed good in Hindu Astrology. It will
give you growth, expansion, promotion in your service and
business. Gain of wealth, favour from Govt. superiors and persons
in authority. Acquisitions of property and addition there into. Gain
through parents. Solve the problems bothering you in the past. A
period of gaining experience and reexamining the past life.
1 . Conjunction The transit represents an important pin-
nacle for you. Important duties and responsibilities will come on
you. Ambitions and effortswill be fulfilled.Careforthe health. Any
short cut will ruin you. You should adjust yourself to share the
duties and responsibilities for getting power and achievement in
personal and professional life, otherwise you will suffer, so do it,
how difficult it may be!
2. Sextile Professional advancement and gain. Success in
attempts. Work in a cautious way. Acton the schemes involving
other persons. You will feel energetic, zealous and will have
untiring energy to do work, be a willing worker otherwise you will
meet with failures. You will get material achievements.
3. Squares Achallenging time inyourlife. You may feel as
you have been cut off from others causing loneliness and remaining
away from loved ones, relations and others. Fear, anxiety may
worry you. You will feel lethargic in doing the things and com-
pleting them. Be careful of your career, business or profession.
Work in a collective form to gain success. Opposition from others.
4. Trine :- People will be helpful to you. Accomplishment of
your desires and hopes. Be disciplined in work and personal life.
Atime to make changes after considerable thought now otherwise
these may not be forced upon you. Do not suppress your desires
and feelings, otherwise your will be a failure.
5. Opposition;- Extremely important period of your life
again after conjunction,you must watch your present actions, you
1 49
will gradually rise anew. Personal relations may break. Domestic
bickering may erupt. Partnership may go under a radical change.
Parents may not agree with you. Strained relations with relatives.
You may have problems with your property.
1 . Conjunction Neptune conjunct Mid heaven during
transit can have a powerful effect on your life and on your views.
It stays for about 1 4years in a sign. It will create sudden confusion
to people around you and you will feel lost. Do not make any
permanent decisions about your career or long term directions.
You will feel restrictive in day to day life. You may be attracted
during this period to mystical and spiritual subjects. Do not feel
depressed if you feel defeat and weariness during the tonsil. All
the experience you will have during the transit will prove latter of
permanent value.
2. Sextile.:- Often this transit indicates a new interest in
spiritual, metaphysical, and occult subjects. Psychic experience
you may have but you will feel depressed if you try to grasp all
knowledge immediately. Your intuitive faculties will be on high
degree, objectives of your life may change d ue to behaviour of your
friends and near ones.
3. Squares This transit is likely to be confusing and full of
doubt and clear. In dealing with others you may find it become
victim of other people simply because you may lack the confidence
to fight back. Negative aggression and difficulty to take any type
of responsibility. May get your object through dishonesty and land
yourself in trouble during the transit. Good for spiritual under-
4. Trine Adamant in spiritual understanding and truth.
Service to others, close to you and to poor or sick ones. May change
field of work in which service (social) is the goal. Do not expect any
personal reward or recognition during this transit.
Onthe negativesideyouregodrives are notsostrongbut
take care of your own world. Personal relations may suffer. In case
you remain happy and healthy and feel energe tic you can enjoy this
transit more. Helping society will bless you in above items.
1 50
5. Opposition : - Neptune opposing 1 0th house will be in4th
house. This is not a happy position. In yourjob orprofession, same
thing may happen due to which you may not be able to continue
in your present direction or a psychological crisis/may happen.
Have a self- confidence and assurance. There may be domestic
problems or difficultieswith your familymembers. Aperson close
to you may bediscouragingyou, You may drawyourself backfrom
public work finding it meaningless. An excellent time to set back
and lookat past for guidance. Many important elements of yourlife
may come to an end and pass out of existence. Let them go, as it the
right time for this to happen and ultimately will be good.
1 .Conjunction:- rtstayesaboutsevenyearaina sign. Sudden
changes in profession. Social position and reputation which will be
against you making you upset. Tension in your public life. Loss
through opponents and enemies. Science, occult Astrology and
like works will be gainful, do study thme now. Your parents wil
disagree with you and you may lose financial or other assistance
for them.
2. Sextile Change of job with improvement or a sudden
promotion. You may change your life direction. Changes in per-
sonal and domestic life are indicated. In any kind of creative work
you will gain success. So use this transit carefully. Aperiod of
happy changes and gain.
3. Square :- Disruptive period. Breaking away the relations.
Do not live on other's hopes. Parents and superiors will not
cooperate. Do not boss over to get control of thq things. Adjust-
ments in present day affairs will come. Loss through Govt; in
business and profession.
4. Trine :- Sudden opportunities in your life, profession and
business for good. You can gain through Electronics, computer,
technical scientific profession especially Astrology. Do legal work
and actions to gain profit and success. Do not try to solve new
problems, deal with old ones which will be solved to your advan-
1 51
5. Opposition Many changes within yourself, personal
aevironments, home, profession and business as well as parents
and spouse which may worry you being disruptive. Damage or
loss to property. Changes in relationship of persons who affectyou
directly will be to your advantage. Sudden fall in social status as
you will start ignoring others, why do such things? Please avoid.
1 . Conjunction An important transit which will affect the
entire course and direction of your life. Pluto transits a sign over a
peridod of twenty year. There will be"many large changes in your
life clearing the way for you to follow right course, changes may
also be concerning family, parents affecting you tremendously.
Things and persons connected with the pas t may pass out of y our
life, do not try to hold on them and let them go.
3. Square The people may work against you, to change
you against your will. You will become conscious of what you
are doing. Changes will be for good on the whole. Your domestic
life will change, any tensions in you marital and family life will
surface at this time creating a new relationship. You may need
repair of your house, change of residence. Do not expect catas-
trophe with this transit. Do not shrink from the challenge of
4. Trine Gainofpowers over others inyour personal and
professional life. Authority for some project to complete making
you sober and wise conferring the greater responsibility. You
may work on mind that in your professional career you have a
significant task to do.
5. Opposition A time of good inner psychological
changes in your personal and family life. If y our relations with
parents, relatives etc. in personal ljfe,old things will pass away,
in place new will enter as dramatic changes in the family be like
divorce, death, a major change of residence, major repair of a
building etc. You will feel liberated from past. Do notresist such
changes with unpleasant results.
1 52
This chapter is incontinuation of chapters 3 and Sand be read
along with The planet in transit willfonnan aspect with yournatal
planet and signifies a vital and important effects. These maybe read
and applied carefully fordelineationof the horoscope. It should be
observed that effects are only when conjunction operates indepen-
dently of any aspect from other planets.
The Sunsignifies father, courage, power, virility, personality,
authority, Satwic nature, heart,brain, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs
and stomach. Also ambitions, and boldness, dignity, commanding
power, political grace, generosity and kind hearted, optimism,
administrator, elder's respect, reputation, general success, real
love, fame, power and authority and superiors, Govt. and faith etc.
When Sun is aflicted, ill aspected or ill placed, it signifies arogance,
wavering temperament, jealousy overambitious, irritations, an-
gry , haughty, proud, self opinionated, showy, dominating nature,
obstacles, difficulties, extravagant, untrusted, when aflicted by
Venus loss throughmisdirected efforts of females, minerals, spite-
ful. When aspected by Moon unfriendly towards women and
public opposition.
All the major aspects conjunction, sextile, square, trine and
oppostion of transiting planets have been explained with all other
planets. Keep the aspects of other planets in view, it is most
important. 1 . THESUN
1 . Conjunct Sun :- This is the position of Sun when it
returns to the position after a year from your birth date. The year
can be of significance. Such a horoscope is called as Varsh Phal or
Yearly chart orProgression Chart. It canindicale the year tobe bad
or good depending on the configuration and planetary aspects.
1 53
Transit is for one month It gives Optimism, personal vitality and
social work.
Any new venture started during this period will meet with
success. Be of assertive nature. It will be a powerful transit. The
transit may not fulfill all good things but this does not mean a bad
period, the planetary influence in effect today will have great
meaning for the year as whole. You will be making newbeginnings,
new impulse from Sun's energy.
2. Sextile Sun:- This transit occurs twice a year which give
good relations with your friends, neighbours. Your work will be
very effective and people will cooperate with you. Opportunity to
personal authority and energy. New ideas and gain from them. A
good social circle, happy company and benefits through them for
overall developments. There may be some conflicts with others
with solution in the long run. Efforts in work will bear fruits.
Fortunate for health and affairs, gain throughsuperiors .friendsetc.
Good finances and success.
3. Square Sun Aperiod of challenge and crisis and the
degree varies from person to person depending on birth chart and
circumstances. Oppositions from others without any adverse
effects except worries and anger. Your efforts to complete a project
or to get reward or other consequences will be challenged. The
events will relate to the period three months ago when Sun in
transit was in opposition to your Natal Sun. Care of health, delay
or loss in occupation, reputation etc. Loss of credit and annoyance
through superiors. Obstacles in putting the Will to use and in
achieving good. Self indulgent ego.
4. Trine Sun This transit occurs twice a year about four
months before and after your birthday. Aperiod of balance and
equilibrium inyour life. You will feel more energetic and Zealous.
Aperiod forgood and success. You will have success in all matters
inhand. Also examine andplanthe projects and worktobestarted.
Ahappy relationships and optimistic period. Enjoyment of
culture, pleasure in children. Self confidence and romance.
Another time to be four months before your birthday, you
should stop and survey your recent achievement and decide your
future action and the matters which you could not do.
1 54
5. Opposition Sun Aperiod of climax and opposition
from other people six months after your birth day. B e particularly
careM with superiors and persons in authority, lest you are
harmed. Your work may not be completed smoothly. Avoid
arrogance, smuggmgandsuperioritycomplex.Donot be bossy Be
carefull of your ego, and power struggle. Need for compromise.
Sometimes youmayface failures,but not defeat, butthis may
cause tension and fatigue. So do not be disheartened. Take
experiences for furthergrowth and progress.
6 . Conjunct Moon This is a powerful influence and
denotes entire change in the native's life. Your personal, domestic
and emotional life will be prominent Advancement and elevation
to amuch better state of affairs is reached, or a critical period may
be experienced if conjunction is afflicted. Good environments and
new influences will be experienced. Relations with persons of
opposite sex will be more harmonious. Atime fornew beginning,
make changes for success. It is not favourableiu the case of females
as they become emotionally impulsive, tend to make unwise
decision, and cause health problems.
This is pivotal conjunction. The individual and personal sides
of the native forms a harmoniou blend and the result is decidedly
good. It is good also if bothare insignsgovernedby the same planet
or if the lord of the sign containing are exalted. Self reliance,
personal independence and stability are indicated. Good for all,
social, benevolent and utilitarian movements, humanitarian na-
ture conduces to popularity and general success. Good for parents
andchildrenand favours love as one is fondof parents and children
and favours love as one is fond of opposite Sex. Gain of money
through variety of sources. One is inclined towards Yantras and
The conjunction of Sun with Moon, if Sun be the significator
and the Moon is well dignified it is said to give profit by travelling.
No doubt the Moon, fromher proximity, is stronger under the Sun
beams than any other planet, though her influence must suffer a
material change. If the Moon be ill dignified, the native will be ill
dignified, the native will be very unsteady, fond of travelling, and
1 55
never very rich or respectable and be very sickly in youth, though
if he lives until the Moon gets away from under the Sun's beams,
he may do well. If Moon be the significator, it denotes blindness,
of very bad eyes, and may have a scar in one of them or in the face.
He will be proud, aiming of high things, but will seldom attain
them, uns table in his resolves, and encounteragreat variety of new
7. Sextile Moon Afortunate and favourable period.
Good health, bright, cheerfulmind, hopeful and all affairs will tend
to go well. Beneficial attachments affecting your domestic or social
welfare. Harmonious and stable relations with all. Travel is
indicated. Physical, mental and moral improvement. Relations
with opposite sex will be more congenial than before. Good time
forparties and pleasurable pursuits, friendship and love canresult.
Agood period forpersonal and emotional life. Harmoney between
Will and emotions.
8. Square Moon Afflicted health causing physical changes,
sorrows and griefs,disappointments, deaths in the family.Possible
illness, difficulties withoppositesex, financial problems and family
conflict. Disputes in domestic life, with superiors, acquaintances,
resulting in separation and estrangements. Upsets emotions, all
things will tend to go wrong. The changes give you strength to face
the challenge, apparently disastrous,but are for eventually good.
Lacking in confidence.
9. TrineMoom- Anexceedinglyfavourableand beneficial
aspect tending to bring happiness in life. Gain through speculation
and investment. Helpful to others, good relations with opposite
sex, avoid misunderstandings and difficulties. Relations with
opposite sex or agreements that starts during this transit will have
important consequences for your future life and strong effects on
your attitude towards life in general. Good health and cheerful.
Advancement, social success and recognition in y our sphere. This
entirely depends on your own actions and attitude of your mind
at this time. You will attract opposite sex with ease and gain.
Popularity, good health and social activity.
1 0. opposition Moon Acritical and tense emotional
period. Amatter held in abeyance may now surface to the climax
1 56
for not good results. Separation, disappointments, sorrows: and
troubles are indicated. Encounter and tension in your personal,
domestic, public and professional duties. Relations with wife,
loved ones and family will become tense. Threatened loss through
enemies, caution needed in money matters. The position affects
parents, guardians, partners, friends and others in domestic ties
causing breaks, bickerings and separation etc.
1 1 . Conjunct Mercury The transit is good for travel,
changes, literary work, starting a new business, correspondence,
interviews, writings and in short all those affairs in which active
mind, diplomatic dealings with others, and adaptation to new and
fresh surroundings or understanding are required. Agood time to
plan for future. Dealings with lawyers, solicitors. Agents, literary
persons will prove to be a success and advantageous.
If the Sun to be the significator, and Mercury well digni-
fied, it is said to give great wit, learning and ingenuity. It is the
general opinion, that Mercury does not suffer like other planets by
combustion, but is rather strengthened by it, experience, however
does not warrant this conclusion. The native will seldom have
much propensity to learning. If Mercury be the significator, the
effects will be nearly the same, as Mercury imbibes the nature of the
planet he is joined with. He will be addicted to boasting, and be very
deceitful. If Sun is well dignified, it is said he will acquire either
riches, promotion or favour with great persons but he is generally
sick in youth liable to fevers, burns and diseases not easily cured.
If in good aspect, with Jupiter, he will be more healthy, and if the
Moon be in good aspect he will seldom be remarkable for learning.
One willbe intelligent, clever, famous and happy. Endowned
with wealth but will have less accumulation and fulfillment of
hopes. Good rank, stout and fair body. Mercury being a mental
planet and in conjunction with Sun can cause conflict between
indi viduality and intellect or reasoning. One may not be able to use
reasoning or intellect for the benefit of self. The aspect stimulates
both the mind and the Will to a'high degree and the energy it
produces, if harnessed, can be used to the benefit of native.
1 57
1 2. Sextile Mercury : - Agood period for correspondence and
gain through the exchange of views with friends and neighbours.
Travel for any purpose will be advantageous particularly for
educational purposes. An excellent transit for all kinds of studies.
Talking in tune to group of people will be favourable. People may
give you assistance and opportunities but you should recognise
their values and avail them foryour benefits. Educational, intellec-
tual and mental energy will be better .Improved sense of humour
and laughter.
1 3. Square Mercury Agood period tormentai and corre-
spondence pursuits. But it may create worries and anxiety in
various ways. The mind will be unsettled, changeable and prone
to make mistakes and look to the things from an unfavourable
standpoint. There can be conflict with people but if you listen to
others you may avert them. Be self critical and avoid being
stubborn. Care is necessary in dealing with agents, servants,
messengers, inferiors, solicitors, lawyers etc. Be careful in personal
interviews, signing papers, and in all correspondence. On the
whole this transit is no t bad, but detracts away fromfull realisation,
preventing matters causing to fruition. Poor health.
1 4. Trine Mercury :- Afruitful time to correspond with
others. Mental sharpness. Soul and health habits. Good time for
studying and learning as yourmind will be quick and receptive. A
good period for travel for recreation or business purposes. Listen
to others also.
1 5. Opposition Mercury :- Do not express your views
openly to all and avoid arguments and unconstructive disputes.
There may be confrontation with others. Not a good time to start
anything new, travel or consult others. Avoid correspondence on
any intricate issues. Try to avoid situation, which make excessive
demands on your nervous energy as you will exhaust early. It will
block self expression and egotism.
1 6 . Conjunction Venus :- This position often denotes mar-
riage. You will come very close to others with whom you are close
who will be beneficial and helpful to you. You will enjoy the blissful
1 58
feelings of gratified emotions for pleasures and happiness. Agood
time for making newcontacts and friendships, you will gain money
and material possessions for better financial condition. Do not
waste money onpurchase of luxury items and excessive pleasures.
Contact with beautiful persons of opposite sex and art items and
you will be much fascinated, you will get real benefits from them.
Agood health and physique. Pleasure in romance, social and
opportunistic in out look.
The conjunction of Sun- Venus, if Sun is be significator, and
Venus, well dignified, makes the native soft and effeminate, fond
of fair sex and greatest ambition will be in their company. If Venus
be combust, the native will be extravagant, andanattachment with
persons whose affairs are always in a deranged or ruinous state,
and his property will be continually wasted in retrieving them. If
Venus be ill dignified,he will keep company withnone ,butlowand
infamous woman, who will speedily bring him to ruin.
If Venus be significator, he will be proud and prodigal, if Sun
be ill dignified, extremely mean and poor withal, generally short
lived, liable to consumption, and hectic, fever and full of crosses
and vexation. If, however, the native until she separates from the
Sun, he will be more healthy, but seldom fortunate.
1 7. Sextile Venus Agood period in all directions, finan-
cially, Socially, love, affectionand pleasures. Advancement, recog-
nition and uphft are the special outcome of this transit. Relations
and attachments with others and opposite sex will produce unions
and permanent connections for pleasures, emotional happiness
and gain. Any unpleasant relations, misunderstandings with
people and loved ones can be removed and settled for advantage.
Agood time for financial negotiations and gain of money. Social for
art and entertainment.
1 8. Square Venus :- An unpleasant and in many ways
unfavourable influence. It brings extra expenditure, loss of money,
coupled with domestic afflictions, sorrows and disappointments
of many kinds. Matters of emotions and feelings will suffer, you
may lose friends, have bickerings with wife, friends etc. It is not a
good period for family and domestic affairs, deal with them
carefully. Care for the property is amust against loss etc. The mind
1 59
will not be cheerful and pleasuresable movements in Society or
entertainments will not be successful. Avoid conflicts as far as
possible. Problems in romance.
1 9. Trine Venus Avery fortunate period, indicating
financial gain, domestic and social bliss. Happy, pleasurable
period in whichsuccess and prosperity will be blessed to the native.
Gain through investments, speculations and enterprises. Helpand
realisation of hopes and wishes. Happiness through engagements
and loved ones. Socially and Mentally, one will expand. Your
pqgition will improve for success. Love and good times. Aperiod
for acquiring luxury items. You may enter into new love relations
and romance. Agood time to smooth out difficulties with other
persons. Happiness in romance, good relations with opposite sex.
20. Opposition Venus The bitterness among people and
loved ones will come in the open. Conflicts with relations, friends
and loved ones are indicated during the transit. Not a good period
for friendship,negotiation. contracts etc. You can take advice from
counselor who will be helpful and valuable. Problems with loved
ones. Foolish spending.
21 . Conjunction Mars: Avery critical and unfavourable
position. Much excitement in temperament and work, self asser-
tion and aggressiveness. But you will feel energetic, active, daring
and enterprising. Take care of the health, and avoid quarrels as
these will bring serious troubles. One will incline to be very liberal,
and extravagant. This can be a good period for starting a new
project as you will feel rigorous. No mental work will be com-
pleted. The best way to get good benefit out of this transit is to be
calm, control anger and excitement. Dp notargue. Diseases of Mars
can inflictyou.Do have a control on the steering to avoid accidents
and injury. High energy to work. Authority and one will be
22. Sextile Mars :- This is a very favourable aspect for
physical activity, Energy, endurance.Will power and courage, and
ability to use them in a good way. and all kinds of works as you have
ability to do the same, new enterprises and ventures may be
started. Independence of actions. It makes the mind alert, travels.
1 6 0
changes as fresh outlets. Formation of new friendships ,loveaffairs.
In fact it is a very active and progressive period, increased interest
in sex and romance. You will have control and authority over
others as a leader, director, officer etc. Working in a group will be
more effective. Leadership self- confidence. Good for sports.
23. Square Mars You are likely to have serious conflicts
with others. Fraught with disastrous tendencies. Keep safeguard
of your health, and avoid accidents. Opponents will find your
mistakes and errors to blemish you. Refrain yourself from disputes
with others. Serious domestic troubles, estrangements and disap-
pointments are indicated, so be cautious. This is not a favourable
period for making changes, to form new relations, etc. You must
take care of your honour, prestige and do nothing likely to produce
scandals or ill fame or to avoid misfortune. You mustactdiscretely,
avoid impulse and rashness. Do not quarrel with any body. This is
a very critical period, necessitating the exercise of great care. Try
to keep harmonious and submissive relations and attitude with
superiors and persons in power and authority. You will experience
much frustration, anger and argumentativeness in this period.
24. Trine Mars :- You should work alone and for your benefit
only as you should not be dependent on others. This is a very
favourable influence and end to make the period successful,
courageous, enterprising, competent, tireless and more adventur-
ous than usual. Physically and mentally pursuit, temporary love
affairs or attachment may be formed. An eventful period, which
will be remembered for many years to come.
25. Opposition Mars :- This will cause accidents, conflicts
with others, and losses or disappointments due to impulsiveness,
over estimation, lack of caution and premeditation. Separations,
disputes and estrangements can happen. Opponents and col-
leagues may irk you. Better control your anger and irritations.
Flealth will be afflicted. Avoid travel, investment of money,
speculation, dealings with others, enterprises and new ventures.
Misdirected energy, excessive ego, self centered, power struggle.
Disregard for others and linancial problems. Danger of fire or
accident. May not be to all but to many, this will be a most
memorable period of the life. Aggression and pleasure for power
which can cause problems.
1 6 1
SUNTO.1 1 Pi l l R
26 . Conjunction Jupiter Afortunate transit denoting
success, good fortune, much gain, manysocialadvantages,success
in all works in hand and undertakings. Cheerful, optimistic,
increased popularity, good Will of other's, energetic, self confident,
good health, generous and may gains. Financial prosperity, ben-
efits from travels but avoid excesses. Helpful to others, new
relations will be formedforyourbenefits. Success in desires but do
not become overconfident. Less fortunate effects if Jupiter is
afflicted at birth especially from Mars. Avoid rashness, foolish
extravagance or excess which will nullify the effects. Sun indicates
power and authority, y ou may get promotion, favour from Govt.
and superiors.
27. Sextile Jupiter Aprosperous and successful time,
successful hopes, wishes and desires. Gain from friends, relatives,
Govt. and superiors. You will form honourable and lasting
attachments, good and favourable unions or connections with
others. Beneficial travelling, correspondence and writings. Benefit
from friendliness, good will of others. Optimistic travels and
pleasure. New undertakings will turn out successful. Your rela-
tions with persons inauthority will be good and favourable. People
around you will be congenial.
28. Square Jupiter : - Provided you are disciplined and avoid
excesses, this is a useful period otherwise troubles and difficulties,
affecting adversely your domestic and social affairs. May suffer
loss and difficulties. Financial difficulty. One may lose someone
either by separation or death resulting in suffering sorrows and
disappointments. Do not lend money to anyone. Weight gain,
over- optimistic, self indulgence and lazy. This transit can make
you generous or extravagant Be compassionate. Be not restless
and over optimistic.
29. Trine Jupiter :- This is one of the most positive and
fortunate transit. You will get opportunities and gain through
investments, speculations, finances and through your desires.
Good feelings, peace and harmony with others.
You will form permanent and lasting attachments which will
be mutually beneficial Advancement and social success. Happy,
1 6 2
optimistic, self confident, benefit from friends, financial gain. Do
not be lazy, spiritual tendency can be aroused in you, do practice
it and do not leave it. Atransit period of improvement in you and
your environments and uplifting, or for worldly gain and advan-
tages. Self confident and successful.
30. Oppo sition Jupiter : - Abest transit in Hindu Astrology.
Cooperation from all, Govt. officers and persons in authority.
Avoid going overboard on any matter. You may spend too much
overindulgence in luxuries or will be wasteful. You will feel
courageous. Your actions may annoy your superiors. Dogmatic in
views, self improvement and importance, hypocritical, scheming
self indulgent and over- confident Incase of affliction, you may face
opposition from others, separation, legal difficullies, and serious
disappointments. Retiring attitude will help you for success. The
loved one may disappoint you, financial losses, social disadvan-
tages and disagreement. But good comes out of all this. Take care
for health maintain balanced state of mind which will help you for
success. Do not do anything without thinking and be not over
31 . Conjunction Saturn :- During this critical and
unfavourable transit, one will have a very critical time when the
affairs will go wrong. Suspicious and apprehension of danger. Its
position confers responsibility and if according to directions of
Saturn, one goes slow he will succeed, it strengthens individuality,
steady, persevering and industrious. Health will suffer through
poor circulation of blood causing liability to rheumatism, cold, chill
etc. Physical exercises will be beneficial. You will not get Satisfac-
tion and gratification. You will feel isolated and alone, but avoid
it by some work at times. Experience indicates disfavour from
Govt superiors or annoyance etc. forwhich one should be careful.
You have to work hard to get anything like success. It is a very
sensitive period and lack in confidence.
32. Sextile Saturn :- Agood aspect forgetting things done in
an orderly and disciplined way. It will make your mind steady and
a firm character. They handle responsibility well, whether it is own
or someone's else. More and greater responsibilities. Meeting with
1 6 3
and advice of older persons will be beneficial. You will meet with
persons who are sincere, truthful and honest as you are, will
become steadier, beneficial, reliable and permanent helpers lead-
ers and friends. Aperiod of honour and reputation which should
be maintained with officers and superiors. Organizing and plan-
ning abilities. Do not restrict other people unnecessarily. If afflicted
reverse results are indicated. Your work may be criticised by
superiors. Career chances.
33. Square Saturn :- During its influence, one will have
sorrows and disappointments. It is a difficult but less unfortunate
period. Domestic unhappiness. Relations with authorities will not
be good. You may feel depression, pessimistic and restrictive. Do
not seek self interest during this period. People will not be helpful.
Tense, nervous, rigid emotionally and intellectually, over bur-
dened, ambitious and proud. Low physical energy. Afflicted
health, one should be carefulinhisactions, mental attitude towards
others, otherwise you willsufferdisappointmentsand also through
opponents. Aconflict between your personality and actions.
34. Trine Saturn :- Agood influence but too much material
benefits should not be expected as Saturn a fortunate planet for
material gains. It is the best aspect that can be between the two. The
things will solidify and make more permanent conditions, giving
more responsibility and chance to rise and gain. Persons will have
permanent effects who will come in to the contact. Sound invest-
ments and good financial prospects. One will have purity, indus-
try, patience and perseverance, much progress can be made. Be
disciplined and have self conrrol.Favourfromsuperiors,this gives
strength to take good decisions.
35. Opposition Saturn :- Aworst transit indicating loss
through superiors, persons in power and authority and Govt., One
will not get reward for his hard work in life. One will experience
ups and downs in profession. Change in professions. If found in
birth chart then Sun needs proper propitiation through out life
otherwise during transit period, One will suffer in health, much
opposition, obstacles, disappointments,losses by death and trials
of all kinds are indicated by this transit. Friendship suffers due to
your coldness which actually is not. Fleavy responsibility, be
practical forgain.Donotbe gloomy and despaired mind. Financial
1 6 4
difficultiesbut the best solution to this adverse aspect is calmness
and follow the principal, "PRAYERCHANGETHTHINGS". In
case a lunar aspect joins, it will be a very trying time. Avery critical
and memorable period. This will give good position but only to
bring about fall. This brings conflict in one's ambitions which will
result insorrows. Such aspect havetendency to resign fromservice.
Poor circulation of blood and you are prone to heart attack. This
gives selfishness.jealousy, enmity and atendencytoadoptdifficult
paths, unyielding, harsh, and self importance.
36 . Conjunction Rahu This transit is good and the person's
approach will be in harmony with prevailingsocial conditions. One
is likely to gain through speculations. Happy married life and
respect in social environments. Death or separation of wife when
Ketu is in 7th house.
37. Sextile And Trine to Rahu :- It provides good popularity,
personal elevation of proper ego for that individual. Correct and
constructive actions for success. Circumstantial assistance in
getting recognised in the world is noticed.
38. Square Rahu This seems to put a stronger than usual
accent on the Sun and its position. So one has to adjust to the right
moment. It is difficult forhim to arrive at success in life. The action
and stress seem to come out at the Sun's position.
39. Opposition Rahu This gives greater difficulty in
establishing new growth. The aspect indicates lack of physical
vitality and general suppression of ego. Often a conflict from a
previous life with the father has brought about this condition and
40. Conjunction Ketu Not a good transit. One will be
saddled with responsibility of children who will be a source of
worry to him. Be careful against displeasure of Govt; and officers.
You may not be placed in happy environments.
41 . Sextile/Trine Kctu You are to be careful against your
respect; social standing and work. Keep control on your actions.
1 6 5
Avoid romance lestyou are blamed andyour hopes and desires are
not fulfilled. Circumstances will not assist you.
42. Square Ketu You should adjust to the circumstances, to
get success which will be difficult to adjust. Stress and strain in the
Govt; and officer's attitude.
43. Opposition Ketu No new business should be started.
General depression and lack of vitality in work Conflict with
persons and tense period for services etc.
44. Conjunction Uranus :- This is a period when sudden and
unexpected events happen, when ties and attachments of a pecu-
liar nature are formed or broken. The native will pass either
through Good or bad period. The influence denotes changes of
mental and subjective nature. One should take care of those who
come into his life, as very strange and peculiar episodes occur
under this conjunction. This aspect affects friendshipsand unions,
more, perhaps than any other influence. Desire personal freedom,
intuitive, need for change, and unsocial associations. Humanitar-
ian impulses.
45. Sextile Uranus Sudden benefits and gains are indicated
by this transit. One will take long journey and gain through that.
One will be inventive, creative and independent, ingenious and full
of original ideas which will help him in his progress and success
during this transit. Occultism and mystical studies. One will form
new friendship as they need variety in life, and fresh acquaintances
or join some body, aesthetical or cultural and agood time to study
astrology. You will not be much tolerant of restrictions under this
transit and will look for ways to get away from them. This is an
aspect of active change.
46 . Square Uranus Adisruptive transit causing sudden
upsets. Your car or vehicle will have trouble or may break down
suddenly. Asudden argument or separation from someone.
Sudden changes Nervous, instability and demands for freedom.
Relations with others will be difficult, sudden and severe disap-
pointments, unexpected separation and disgrace. Mind will not be
calm but irritable, health will suffer, not agood period for making
1 6 6
any changes. Persons close to you may cause annoyance, worry
and disgrace. Matters of importance should be postponed. Travels
be avoided. Atime of great stress, which will challenge the native's
full powers.
47. Trine Uranus Unexpected and sudden gains and
advantages. One will become original, inventive and constructive.
One will travel or make important changes of a favourable nature.
Study of Astrology, metaphysical subjects or occults is indicated.
Gain through investments and speculations, especially through
railways or other methods of rapid transport. Personal freedom,
beneficial changes, energetic and creativity. Gain also through
friends and will have some romantic or novel experience. You will
find it easy to act freely. This is an aspect of creative change.
Achieves goal and lucky.
48. Opposition Uranus: - An evil influence. All affairs will go
wrong suddenly and unexpected events will take place. One
should avoid travels or making any changes orrenewals. Accident
prone aspect. Opposition, separation and estrangements with
friends, relations and loved ones. Onecanbe careful indealing with
others, rash, and impulsive, so you should avoid disputes, legal
affairs. This aspect marks a critical stage in career causing sorrows,
anxiety and trouble. An extremely significant and important
influence likely to throw the native off the balance, unless one
summons all his strength tocombat it and lack of directions, erratic
and nervous.
49. Conjunction Neptune Atwo faced and mysterious
transitmuchdepend onaspectto Neptune inbirth chart Apsychic
awakening will surely take place. More sensitive to other people
and more alert to your benefits. This transit can be good only in an
activity in which you help the people, whether as individual or
through institution or society. Highly Intuitive, sympathetic,
imaginative, Sensitive and emotional.
The difficult side indicates some weired experiences con-
nected with the sea or with haunted houses. You may renounce the
home. Avoid taking drugs or alcohol under this transit which may
cause allergies on the body.
1 6 7
50. Sextile Neptune Amost favourable influence of all
denoting an idyllic period of blissfulcontentment Interest in music
or poetry also to mysticism will be displayed. Surprisingly good
luck which depends on the aspects at birth. Friends and neighbours
will be helpful. May be involved in charitable acts. Spiritual nature
and mysticism will be of your interest to study for sdccess.
Meditation will pay you during this transit. Spirituality, romance
and social works.
51 . Square Neptune This is most evil aspect to Sun. If
Neptune is afflicted atbirth, the effects are likely to be more serious.
An involved state of affairs in every phase of the activities is sure
to ensue, and deep depression of emotional nature may lead to
some rash act. The persons not keeping good health are likely to
affect which will weaken the moral fire and ruin the constitution,
this will happen only when Neptune is much afflicted at birth, You
will feel tired to handle the normal demands of life and will also feel
discouraged. Not good for works requiring great self confidence
and courage. Confusion, self doubt, not practical, social and
romantic delusion.
52. Trine Neptune This is good period to meditate, spiri-
tual, religious and of extreme creative fecundity in the case of poet
or musician. Prosperity of most unusual description. Riches and
favours will be showered on the native in the material sense. You
may have an idealistic romance. Mystical or any type of religious
experience is indicated.
53. Opposition Neptune Sun Neptune opposition indi-
cates most tremendous obstacles and worries which are to be
experienced. Confusion and uncertainty will prevail. Several pit-
falls are denoted. Failure, however, consists not only in failing to
maintain, but in ceasing to strive, and if you overcome, the reward
is great. Flopes, desires and most cherished schemes will totter in
apparent confusion to the ground. Relations with many will be
confusing and deceptive. Self deception, unrealistic expectation,
Laziness. Sexual overindulgence or lack of discretion. Do not
negotiate or enter into contract etc.
54. Conjunction Pluto :- Avariety of effects and intense
experiences. Moody, self- improvement, leadership changes in
1 6 8
personal life and sexuality. You will be able to solve some out-
standing problem now. You may come into contact with a person
of power and authority, a sadhu, a tramp, a criminal or someone
connected with radical movement of society for your good but
avoid criminals to avoid unfortunate encounters. Aperson may try
to exert unreasonable power over you forcing you to defend your
right, do not misunderstand him, doitasperhis directions, you will
55. Sextile Pluto Changes in the immediate environments
are indicated. Do not miss any opportunity comes to you to wield
creative poser forthegood.Disorderedand confused situationcan
be set right now. Group working will be to your advantage.
Psychology, occult. Yoga or other technical subjects will attract you
for study to your benefit. You should work carefully and investi-
gate before doing anything. Endurance, resourcefulness and Will
power are conferred by this aspect. Also you will have good Will
power, better changes, spiritual experiences and sexual pleasures.
56 . Square Pluto : - Opposition and encounters forcing you to
make radical changes in your area of life, Relations with superiors
and persons in authority will become difficult, you may be called
upon to explain your working and actions. Bossiness, Will power,
struggle and financial problems. Break down of machines and
situations will be made good. Superiors may irkyou because they
are holding powers.
57. Trine Pluto :- An excellent transit for any kind of
investigation and research. Changes and reforms will be smooth.
Agood time to make your expressions upon people and gain
Strong Will, self control, leadership, influential, financial benefits,
and spirituality. You will feel quite fbrceful,go ahead with your
plans and desires for completions and they must be done.
58. Opposition Pluto Sun Pluto opposition denotes en-
counter and conflicts with persons in power, power struggle
especially with persons in authority when you will be forced to
stand up for your position. Do not dominate and avoid contracts.
Machinery may break down, you should stop and repair them.
Many changes will take place. Not a good time to do it alone. Be
careful not to place your self in situation where you could be
1 6 9
subjected to force orviolence. Dominant demanding^! I centered,
power struggle, moneyproblems, romance and sex will irk you.
The aspects of Moon with other planets are described for the
guidance of readers.
Moon signifies mother, mind, also denotes softness, satwic
nature, charming eyes, steadiness of mind, caution, progress,
generosity, methodical, smartness, favour from superiors, trust-
worthy, inventive mind, conception, birth of child, union with
opposite sex, animal instinct, infants, passions, emotions, love,
deep feelings and thinking, music, enjoyment, love forpleasure
and occult sciences, family life, ladies breast, beauty, drinks, rivers
and lakes etc. When Moon is well aspected and conjoined with
benefic planets.
When ill aspected or afflicted, the Moondenotes change-
ability , unsteady, lack of mental balance, cunning, disfavour from
superiors, ill reputation, inconsistency in love with opposite sex.
Small breasts of ladies, Jupiter gives good breast and Mars keeps
them strong and attractive where Venus adds beauty to them. HI
judgment when aspected by Saturn and undue expenditure and
poor abilities etc.
59. Conjunction Sun:- This position of luminaries will bring
changes and either social advancement or some success and
gratified ambitions. Itis notai ways a favourable positionfor health,
changes taking place will bring feverish complaints. The native will
either change his residence, changes in environments having a
permanent effect. New undertaking which will be advantageous.
One will act with more confidence, working discreetly will crown
him with success.
Emotional instinct will dominate you and selection with
oppositesex will be quitecongenial.Groupeffortswill befavourable,
a good time for conferences, joint projects etc. Do get yourself
operated during this transit on any part of the body if necessary .
1 70
6 0. Sextile Sun The main effect is to brighten the mind,
hopeful outlook, self confidence, enterprising and ambitions. Suc-
cess in undertakings, prosperity and gain from others. Agood
period for making changes may be mental or physical. For social
advancements, one will make new attachments, new friends and
acquaintances. Favour from others. Favourable work in writing,
literary work reading and correspondence. Exercise your mind for
6 1 . Square Sun An anxious time for domestic and family
affairs causing worries. Care of health is a must. One will experi-
ence troubles and difficulties and several anxieties now affecting
him. Not agood time for making changes also not good for travel
or to enter into a new business, undertaking, contract, partnership
and service etc Your temper may become irritable than usual.
6 2. Trine Sun :- Apleasant transit indicating a period of
success, ambitions and good relations with all. Opportunities for
advancement and improving his general condition and environ-
ment will come to you. Investment and speculations will be
profitable. Joy and pleasures fromnew and honourable friendship,
officers and superiors, it is a fruitful time. Domestic bliss. A
marriage during the period will be quite harmonious.
6 3. Opposition Sun :- Conflict between energies and emo-
tions during the period. To develop harmony in home and profes-
sional life you have to work hard and it may not bring unpleasant
and trying conditions, in which worries, sorrows and anxiety will
be experienced. This aspect is of separative nature and causes
separation, death of some one dear, disappointments, loss of
dignity and unwanted changes. It will not work disastrously, but
you should not expect any favour from superiors.
6 4. Conjunction Moon :- This depends on the position and
aspects of Moon in birth chart. If Moon is fortunate in horoscope,
a prosperous and pleasant time will be expected otherwise one
may experience misfortune. Incidents of the house where Moon is
posited at birth will come to the surface. This influence causes
changes, either in residence, in occupation, travelling, habits or
1 71
acquaintances. This transit is not of much importance. Good for
opposite sex relations.
6 5. Sextile Moon Afortunate one, may bring positive
changes of various kinds which will be pleasant or beneficial in
their effects. There maybe some changes in occupation, some new
pursuits may begin. Agood period for coming before the public,
journey or dealing with finances. Good for health domestic and
personal affairs.
6 6 . Square Moon It is less unfortunate as it is not long
lasting. It can provide some moments of irritation and difficulty.
Emotions arediscordant,disagreement with others, watch domes-
tic life and personal environments, unnecessary conflicts with
loved ones. Changes, worry, indecision, loss, unpopularity,
disfavour and other disadvantages are indicated. Not good for
health and affairs in general. Relations with opposite sex will not
be cordial.
6 7. Trine Moon : - Aperiod of strong sense of well being. The
transit is the strongest and produces good effects. Harmony and
domestic bliss, Beneficial in all directions, good relations with all.
Do not be adventurous, do not enter into challenges and major
changes. Restore peace and quite. Helpful to others. New and
fortunate friendships. Profitable pursuits andjourneys. Good for
health and domestic harmony. Your children will be very impor-
tant to you. Relations with opposite sex are generally very good at
this time.
6 8. Opposition Moon: - This aspect can be good or bad. Do
not be stubborn on your viewpoint, avoid emotional conflicts with
other people. It is not good working with groups as they will
oppose you and your interests. Women will feel dissatisfied with
themselves. Emotional and domestic upset.
6 9. Conj unction Mercury: - Afavourable position for Moon,
a receptive and keen mind. Mental abilities are to be expressed for
gain. One should study, exercise the mind with ideas, have
concentration and think as freely as you can. Communications
specially with opposite sex will be very good now. One will speak
1 72
sweetly, clever, good luck, liked by ladies. Reverse results when
70. Sextile Mercury Avery favourable influence making
this a successful or fortunate period. Agood time to learn and
study, travel, to make changes, and to deal with friends and
relations. Good time to handle difficult problems.
71 . Square Mercury This aspect will make the mind
sarcastic and tongue will lead to unharmonious situation. Rela-
tions with others will not be congenial. Avoid traveling, new
undertakings, signing of papers and documents, dealing with
others can be postponed till the transit is over. Also avoid corre-
spondence and be cautious in speech as it is liable to suffer fromill
repu te andpersonal attacks. Upset domesticatmosphere,notgood
for literary works. Do not deal much with relatives and loved ones
to avoid dispute.
72. Trine Mercury :- This will give great activity of brain,
mental energy, good mental power, a fortunate and successful
period. Aproper time for the exhibition of brain power and energy,
for writing and correspondence, fortravelling and to make changes.
Agood period to deal with relations and loved ones who will be
congenial and reciprocative. Contacts and relations with women
will be favourable at this time.
73. Opposition Mercury :- Aperiod otexperience of conflict
between feehngs and reasons. An unfavourable period, causing ill
repute, quarrels with others and opposition. Avoid correspond-
ence, signing of important papers, negotiations, contract etc.
Things may be distorted to cause disadvantages, so be careful in
dealing with others. Avoid travelling this time and to make
changes, take care for health it is necessary. Domestic disharmony.
74. Conjunction Venus :- Two beauties together makes this
transit favourable for pleasures, attachment, romance and social
affairs generally. Emotions and feelings will remain excited. New
friendships and contacts will be formed. For ladies this is a special
transit to seek pleasure, and to make oneself attractive, lovable and
as pleasing as possible. This period often brings marriage. A
partnership is good in any venture. Happy and peaceful mind.
1 73
Artistic pursuits will be quite rewarding. You may beautify your
home, entertainments at home will be gainful. Your attitude with
others will be quite warmth, emotional, social and harmonious and
specially to opposite sex who will respond well. Well versed in
business, respected and good advisor. Good health and dress.
Fond of amusements. Feelings of happiness and balance, Social.
75. Sextile Venus Afavourable and fortunate period for
joy,pleasures and emotions causing unions, attachments andnew
relations, which will be quite pleasant and successful. The points
pending with others if talked will be solved amicably. Einjoyment
of romance. Financial success is assured. Advance yourself so-
cially, mentally and morally. Strained relations with wife or loved
ones can be smoothend now. Entertain people at your home for
gain. Others will be congenial, warmth and generous.
76 . Square Venus Be cautious with people, relations with
loved ones and with opposite sex in behaviour and emotions to
avoid conflicts. So that you do not suffer from disappointments
and sorrows or disagreements over sentiments, over eating, self
indulgence. Financial difficulties may upset you. Not a good time
for social works, entertainments and pleasures. Discord in ro-
mance and relationships in general.
77. Trine Venus :- Aremarkable good lunar aspect, and if
coincides with other good directions in operation will mark an
epoch in life. Attachments and engagements will be fruitful. Good
time for social success, general advancement and prosperity. Good
financial period, gain, pleasure and profit in many directions.
Changes in home for beautification will be made. Good food and
drinks. On account of pleasures do not become lazy. Do not be
excessively possessive of your loved one. Gain from mother.
78. Opposition Venus :- Usuallyagoodperiod but be careful
of over indulgence. Strong emotional contacts with others. The
relations with all can be affected. It may produce death in family
circle, affectingfeelings and emotions. Be careful about friends and
loved ones. Notagood time for finances, association with opposite
sex will need great care as there is a liability for trouble and
disgrace. Also take great care against quarrels, separation, sorrows
and disappointments.
1 74
79. Conjunction Mars Hot and cold conjunction cannot
become lukewarm but will excites and stir up your emotions
making you impulsive and out rushing, weaken passions and
anger. Danger of accidents, fever and inflammatory complaints.
Hasty and rash conduct and actions be controlled. Be careful in
dealings with others, friends, relations and loved ones. Avoid
travels. Afflicted health dangerous for personal affairs. If how-
ever, the native has his animal nature under full control, he needs
fear nothing from this position, excepta little excitement or increase
of mental energy. Easily irritated or angered.
Such native will become disobedient, of wicked deeds and
liar. Fond of music, brave, victory over enemies, but gain through
80. Sextile Mais : - Much stronger feelings of courage and self
reliance. Increased opportunities to express emotions, home im-
provement in projects, self confidence. You will have a chance in
group working acting as a leader bringing great activity and
increase all mental efforts. You may feel freeand liberal also brave
and courageous. If you can avoid going to any extremes, you will
be benefited. It is a good aspect for travel and changes generally.
Others will respect you for any reasons when they do not agree
81 . Square Mars :- An evil aspect, may bring sorrows and
troubles. Take care of the health, inflammatory or feverish com-
plaints. Anger and aggressive for family members. Impatience,
impulsive in emotions and temper tantrums. You should be careful
in dealing with opposite Sex, which may not injure or harm your
feelings or reputation. Travels be avoided, do not sign any impor-
tant documents. Do not be rash hasty and impulsive otherwise,
disputes and conflicts with people can arise. You can meet with an
accident, so why not to act on the advice tendered above.
82 Trine Mars :- You will feel more courage and confidence,
so to initiate the emotional contacts with others will be beneficial.
Favourable for romance and sex relations. Good for heavy work
You have to control your impulsive and passion side of nature.
1 75
Undertakings will prosper and be successful. Good time for
beneficial traveling. One will be liberal, broad minded and free,
courageous and brave, SOdo not use this force unwisely. You may
start projects subject to Other influence in the birth chart as this is
short term transit.
83. Opposition Mars : - This position is very evil, denoting a
rather critical time, in which health is threatened, fever and
inflammatory conditions and also apt to act more from impulse
than from careful thought. One should avoid rash and hasty
tendencies, and eschew disputes and quarrels. You cannotbe too
discreet with regards to opposite sex, and all actions should be
carefully thought out before hand, dueto rash acts these will cause
much sorrows and troubles in future. Travels and making of any
changes be avoided and keep quite till the aspects is over. Obsta-
cles, oppositions and difficulties will be experienced. One should
not sign papers, unless sure of the results to avoid discredit and
scandal as the result of any intemperate act, and also accidents due
to haste. Domestic upsets, impatient and accident prone.
84. Conjunction Jupiter Avery benefic position will
greatly improve all the native's present conditions and affairs.
Socially and financially one will be benefited. Good personal
opportunities and advantages, all attachments and engagements
will prosper and succeed during the transit. Increase and prosper-
ity in all directions either through personal merits or through the
help of others. Good time to start new undertakings for finances
and future prospects. jEnjoyments and pleasures, strong religious
or philosophical feelings, desire for learning, family trips and
harmony. The more work, the more the gain. Successful hopes and
ambitions. Ashort transit, so make hey while the Sun shines.
Generous, tolerant even to harsh behaviour of others. Relations
with females are very good, physical awakenings. Dealings with
large group of people will be in your benefit and rewarding for
future. Chief of the family/ long life, eyes sight will be afflicted.
Providential help. Gain from in- laws and gain from education.
85. Sextile Jupiter :- Agood aspect of good fortune and
general prosperity. Improve the working of mind, gain and ben-
1 76
efits through the transit periods. Financial gains, visit others, deal
with relatives and generally agood period, all things will go well.
Engagements will be successful. Congenial to people, good tobe
with old friends, supporting each other. Family harmony .domes-
tic stability, religious idealism, optimism, generosity towards
family. Good time for any sort of group activity and public
relations. Relations with opposite sex will be good and you may
come into contact with a new relation with someone.
86 . Square Jupiter: - Apositive transit making you feel very
benevolent and generous towards others around you. Emotionally
you will feel good. Your attention will be turned to religion,
philosophy and other intellectual subjects. This period may create
problems because time indicates self righteousness and smug
arrogance, as if you consider yourself as the embodiment of social
truth and wisdom. Be sure to watch other people's reactions very
carefully and then examine your attitude, disappointments in
family due to high expectation. Emotional excess, over zealous,
overeating and drinking.
In case the aspect is under bad influence and aspects, this will
be termed as evil aspect. It will indicate not a good financial and
social affairs. More expenditure, undue generosity, not a good
period for extending friendship, to make new ones or to start new
projects or push affairs. Afflicted health or blood disorder, be
cautious about diet and general mode of living, avoid extremes in
all actions etc. Not a good period for domestic affairs, changes be
avoided, also avoid undue enthusiasm.
87. Trine Jupiter This is one of the best period of life.
Success, financial and social uplifts are assured. New undertakings
can be started. Gain from investment, speculation, benefits from
attachments and will foimnewties and unions. Emotional balance,
Joy, positive religious feelings. Family travel on long distance.
Things will take distinct turn for the better. It gives spiritual
opportunities uplifting the aspirations raising the consciousness
towards higher things. You will feel warm to the people. Helpful
to others.
88. Opposition Jupiter ;- You willfeelmoregoodbutitdoes
present some challenges, feeling usually benevolent. Personal
1 77
freedom will be experienced for success. In love relations if your
partner tries to possess you, you will resist anda dispute can arise.
Emotional excess, misdirected sympathies, emotional difficulties
with family and religion hypocrisy.
It is not a good time for finances, one will act discreetly, do
not be extravagant, social affairs will have a set back ..when
opposition is denoted. Health may be safeguarded. You will gain
at Other's cost. Travels be avoided and care be taken not to bring
separations, which will prove disastrous. It is not agood time for
legal affairs.
89. Conjunction Saturn It is not a happy transit as it
retards one's progress,keeps the mind gloomy, limits one's actions
bringing him sorrows and depressing experiences. One should not
start new projects, ortodeal witheldersor whose influence is likely
to be hard and unsympathetic forone,will become sensitive, broad
ordespodent looking always on the dark side of things. Avoid chill
or cold, not good for health. Not a good period for domestic
happiness or social affairs. All affairsshould be handled with care.
Asense of loneliness or isolation will be experienced. You will be
cutoff from emotions, relations with opposite sex will be difficult.
Not a good period for taking any decision to affectyour emotional
life. One will take interest in public welfare. Wastes his money on
luxuries and opposite sex, love affair with older women or men.
Blessed with conveyance, bold and healthy, but rashand indiffer-
ent in temperament. Seriousness, depression, family responsibili-
ties, emotional excess. Hard work, self disciplined aimed at prac-
tical goals.
90. Sextile Saturn :- Avery favourable influence denoting
gain through merit orpersistence.Responsibility foradvancement,
stability and security. Your mind may become serious, thought-
full, sedate and a more preserving, frugal and sober spirit will
underlie all his actions. More earnest and sincere while its general
tone will be soothing and steadying to put his affairs in good order,
regarding business or duties in hand. You will make new and
faithfulfriendships which will be helpful and beneficial, gain and
credit. One may rise in position, recognition and noble esteems.
1 78
You will feel alone with your thoughts, you desire to be calm but
not depressed. You may have to take careof someone atthis time.
Discipline and organiser in family and domestic relationships,
stability, practical emotional support for and from family.
91 . Square Saturn : - Aperiod of fleeting depression. Be on
guard dealings with others and in domestic affairs. Financial
affairs, worries, depression, discontented and unhappy in his
surroundings and affairs are denoted by this transit. Do not make
any change, nor take any new venture in hand. Care of health is
essential. Care for all affairs lest they go wrong as it will often bring
sorrows and grief .You will feel lonely and outoftouchwith others.
Trouble in relationships and emotionally. So avoid them to escape
from separation, particularly from loved one. Depressed feehngs
of being unloved, emotional coldness and rigidity towards others.
Fleavy domestic duties.
92. Trine Saturn You will keep your emotions under
control not in a receptive or sober manner but ina realistic way. You
feel thatyou canstandaloneinspite of difficulties withstrength and
duties. Incase of problem, adviceof older persons will be helpful,
so this will bring sober and steady influence. One will gain
promotions oraddedresponsibility .Itwillbringopportunitiesand
more harmonious relations. One will be more thoughtful and
serious to gain success. One gets on with elderly people and gain
from their advice. Balanced emotions harmony in family, stability
in romance and responsibility. Flonour and credit will improve.
Recognition and honour. One should do all to obtain a permanent
position or post.
93. Opposition SaturnAgain a gloomy state of affairs tend s
to bring delays and disappointments and hinders the native's
progress in all directions. One will be brood and lookuponthedark
sides of the things. Afflicted health. Avoid depression and melan-
cholia affecting health. Trying time for financial affairs.One should
not trust too much on others. There may be a death in a family. A
timid and fearful attitude be avoided, and take a firm,resolute and
positive actions. Melancholia, dishormony in romance and family
life, heavy domestic responsibilities. Loneliness, low energy. Lack
of love from others.
1 79
94. Conjunction Rahu One will have a good personality
that is well received by public. Internal emotions are for people's
affections. Women will play an important role in his life.
95. Conjunction Ketu Moon Ketu conjunction disturbs
emotional and public relations. Avoid public contacts. Business
activities will be slow and the person i si ikclytodevclopdiffcrenccs
with his parents. Serious or pessimistic thinking during the transit.
96 . Sextile Trine Rahu/KetuThis aspect gives a calm and
steady emotional nature. It attracts woman who will help him. It
gives a cheerful temperament. Good health and personality comes
well with the public.
97. Square Rahu/Ketu : - This gives problems withpersons's
health and his hfe. Emotional imbalances are indicated. Theaction
and stress seems to come out at the Moon's position and through
problems with women. Itis best to release the feelings some way.
98. Opposition to Rahu/Ketu This aspect is Karmic in
nature. Circulatory problems or difficulties with digestive system
are quite common forthe native. Domestic life will be disturbed or
can be connected with public, mother or women in general.
99. Conjunction Uranus Sudden and entirely unforeseen
change in native's affairs either physically or mentally. Sudden
attachments will be more of romantic and possibly illicit order than
the orthodox or conventional attachments sanctioned by customs.
Do not do any rash or hasty things. This transit will make him
intuitive or impressionable. Study of Astrology and allied subject.
Do not be rash and impulsive but be patient. Sudden mood swings,
surfacing of unexpected feelings and domestic developments,
unexpected visitors and sudden insights. This transit is of a few
hours and that its effect will soon wear df.
1 00. Sextile Uranus Pleasant feelings of restlessness, a
desire for excitement but not to the point of disruption will prevail
suddenly. It is a fortunate aspect in many ways elevating or raising
consciousness.Importantandoftensuddenandunexpected changes
1 80
beneficial in many ways. Remarkable friendship will be formed
suddenly. Good time for changes, sudden intuitive and awakened
mind. You may try to find way s to change your circumstance. An
old friend may come to you or a new one to help for advancement.
Female friends are especially likely to play this role. You may be
attracted to technical subjects provided other aspects support it.
1 01 . Square Uranus Sudden unexpected and adverse
changes. Avoid removals and changes. One's mind will be way-
ward, abrupt, whimsical and fanciful causing to become eccentric
and erratic. Relations with opposite sex be guarded carefully.
Domestic life may be affected, harshness and sarcastic speech be
avoided. Independent and rebellious nature. This transit will cause
emotional unrest. This too is a fleeting transit. Domestic difficulties,
accident due to emotional upset.
1 02. Trine Uranus It increases the native's magnetic
current and awakens vibrations in him. Intuitive and original,
studying metaphysics and the investigation of the occult subjects.
Inventive, ingenious and very responsive to all improvements and
reforms for good of others. Fie may make important changes. New
and remarkable sudden friendships and become magnetically
attached to others. Sudden gain by investment or speculation.
Good time for travel, forms fresh plans and join societies.
1 03. Opposition Uranus Sudden and unexpected evil
events. Separations or estrangements. Breaking up of ties and
forming of strange and peculiar attachments and some remarkable
undertakings or engagements. Not a good time for changes and
travels. Danger of accidents. One should not act abruptly, guard
against eccentric and strange conduct. Misunderstandings and
sudden dislikes will be caused. One should not offend superiors,
cautious dealings with friends, unexpected domestic crisis. Sud-
den problems with friends.
1 04. Conjunction Neptune Contact with strange and
peculiar persons causing the native to suffer or gain through them
is indicated. One will have remarkable and strange dreams. Many
weird and psychic impressions will come to you. Agood transitfor
1 81
study and its influence on the whole is subtle and not weak. You
may not start drinking or taking drugs. Communications with
others will be difficult and not fruitful. Relationships will be
dubious. Beware of self delusion. Emotional anxiety, day dream-
ing and solitude.
1 05. Sextile Neptune It is an aspect of strange nature it
indicates receptive mental attitude. It will bring the native into
contact with unique and strange individual who will in some
manner be psychic or of uncommon character. Dreams indicating
some warning for future may be experienced. Study of dreams,
astral plane be attempted with advantage or any study of occult or
mystical nature too. Music and poetry can be of your interest. You
may help others. Reliable insights, sensitive, spiritual and sympa-
thetic to others.
1 06 . Square Neptune :- You may feel confused and sensitive
emotionally. Inferiority complex can prevail over you for no
reasons. Allergic reactions to food and beverages are also likely so
be careful about diet. Watch your affairs carefully and minutely.
Remarkable dreams and strange experiences. Impressionable but
avoid fancies. Delusion in emotions.
1 07. Trine Neptune :- New experience of psychic nature.
Note your dreams carefully and psychic impressions as it would
be a good time. Aperiod of enjoyment, excursion or picnic which
will be long remembered. Sensitive to others.
1 08. Opposition Neptune :- One may have contact with
undesirable persons. Remarkable dreams. Liable to be met with
fraud, weird and uncommon fancies. Strange attachments and
breaking of ties. The influence may bring strange episodes and
unpleasant happenings. But in majority of cases nothing may
happen due to elusive nature of Neptune. Medium sentimentality,
unreliable intuition and real or imagined.
1 09. Conjunction Pluto :- Intense emotional experiences,
very fruitful period. Strong feelings will overwhelm you. Be very
careful not to overestimate your present feelings, they may be
significant in the long run. It will produce an obsession and can be
1 82
uncomfortable. Relations with opposite sex will be unusually
intense now and a love relationship signifies deep emotional
experience. Be careful about feeling of possessiveness and jeal-
ously, deep intense emotions, active imagination and intuitive.
Joint financial concerns creative. Dealings with taxes Wills and
1 1 0. Sextile Pluto The Transit arouses deep feelings and
emotions. Agood sound relations with friends and loved ones.
Reliable intuitions, solution to domestic problems, improvement
injoint finances, good homely atmosphere. The study of psycholo-
gy, astrology, magic or the like subjects may attract you for study
and practice. Shorttermchangesareexpected in yourpersonal and
domestic life.
1 1 1 . Square Pluto :- Moon square Pluto transit can have
many different effects some of whichshould be quite careful of. Be
careful about your emotions and urges. Emotional self analysis will
be effective now. Encounters with others are indicated. Avoid
guilt, jealousy and other subversive activities. Deep seated emo-
tions, conflicts and arguments, dogmatic bossing, caution for joint
resources. Rise to surface.
1 1 2.Trine Pluto :- Emotions and feelings willbe intense and
will stimulate your sensitivity. You may have serious mood
causing encounter with others, sexual relations maybe considered
enriched. Danger of obsessive thinking. Reliable intuition, domes-
tic harmony and family problems. Self improvement.
1 1 3. Opposition Pluto :- There willbe conflict of emotions in
relationships with others to whom you are emotionally involved.
You will experience guilt, jealousy, over possessiveness or simply
to control another's emotions. Not a good time for reaching a
conclusion. Domestic conflict dominating, confrontation attitude
and troubles in legal affairs.
The transit of Mercury is not one of the most powerful
indicators in the birth chart. It indicates intelligence. Shiftof mental
attitude, as it transits the houses and planets. Also indicates the
correspondence you have with other people, also denotes short
1 83
trips that do not alter seriously your routine. Mercury also indi-
cates intelligence, concentration, vigile, indiscrimination, good
mental ability and memory. It also indicates speech, education,
short journeys, virility, childhood, logic, wisdom, goodjudgment,
intuitive power, occult sciences when well aspected. In case of
affliction, it denotes cunningness, liar, gambler, unprincipled,
boastful, poor judgment, broken education, mischief and clumsy
etc. So we explain the transit of Mercury with other planets in the
light of above traits.
1 1 4. Conjunction Sun Mercury Conjunct Sun indicates
clear mind, more alert and mentally sharp. Express your view
point clearly and not with too much stress with vigour and to
impress others. Correspondence will be favourable overall. Short
travels are indicated.
1 1 5. Sextile Sun: - Abusy and useful period for communica-
tions, telephone calls etc. as you continue, you ha ve sharp and alive
mind. Group discussions are favourable. Short gainful travels are
denoted. The tempo of your business traveling will be accelerated.
1 1 6 . Square Sun :- It is not a difficult square .One will be more
busy in correspondence, group conferences and short travels. Do
not enter into egoistic talks and communications, because any
controversy may cause opposition from people particularly with
superiors. Do not get agitated or nervous.
1 1 7. Trine Sun:- Agood period of mental workand commu-
nications. Clear the backlog, group discussions will be favourable.
Good period for contracts and business negotiations. Interest in
new studies may arise.
1 1 8. Opposition Sun :- Aperiod of conflict with others
through speech and correspondence. This is a sensitive transit, so
you mustbe careful to use it so that you do not face encounters and
difficulties.Negotiations,contracts, and business dealings be dealt
cleverly and wisely lest they break down.
1 1 9. Conjunction Moon : - During this period your thinking
and feelings are mixed, which may create odd situation at times.
1 84
Be reasonable totalk and discuss any point with others. Correspon-
dence with women will be favourable. You will be mainly con-
cerned with your family problems, share your views on others,
conjunction of Mercury and Moon, if Mercury be the significator
andMoon is well dignified andboth are free from affliction,niakcs
the native of sound understanding fond of learning, great abilities,
admired by others. He will be changeable and not steady. Fond of
traveling, judicious, aspiring and good friends, favoured by woman
of a higher order. Prosperous in all undertakings.
If Moon be the significator, and Mercury is well dignified,
native will have good abilities but less stabilities, handsome,
ingenious and profound.
1 20. Sextile Moon :- Solve your problems during discussion
with others keeping in view their moods. Correspondence will be
gainful and favourable. Group discussions will be profitable and
persuading your view point. Communicate your emotions to
others for favourable response. You may be helpful to others.
1 21 . Square Moon It will be a mixed period of pleasant and
unpleasant feelings. Thinking will be influenced by feelings affect-
ing your talk and correspondence. This attitude will cause difficul-
ties. You will have chance to discuss with opposite sex but be
careful, be rationale and not emotional.
1 22. Trine Moon :- The position as explained above will
improve now. You can now talk about your feelings and emotions
with others. Listen to others. Relations with opposite sex will be
more cordial and will improve through correspondence.
1 23. Opposition Moon :- Communications and feelings are
opposite to your emotions. So be careful that your correspondence
is not coloured with emotional touch. Say to the point what you
want to express. You must be cautious about your speech, corre-
spondence and emotions that these are not mixed together, and
you must be on the safer side to talk to the opposite sex specially
with women.
1 24. Conjunction Mercury ;- The transitis favourable forall
typeof mental activities and correspondence. Power of reasoning
1 85
and intellect will be sharpened, study of new subjects will be
rewarding. Correspondence, emotional relations and talks with
others will be fruitful. Contacts with people and group working
will be good. Travel tools indicated. Talkative, nervous,and short
travels will be fruitful.
1 25. Sextile Mercury :- Mentalworkand planning is favoured.
Gain through correspondence and discussions as your mind is
clear, you can negotiate or contract for business which will
materialise. Study of new subjects can be started for successful
completion. Profitable short distance travelling is denoted. It will
give good news, and enable creative and originality in thinking.
1 26 . Square Mercury You may feel upset due to other's
reactions in correspondence, talks, letters or phone calls. In case
you remain flexible, you will overcome the tensions and worries
created by this transit will pass oft Negotiations, discussions and
contracts for business may not materialise and should be handled
carefully. Try to be alone to avoid misunderstanding and nerv-
1 27. Trine Mercury Now a good period for planning and
entering into correspondence, conversations and readings. You
can make good relations with friends and tackle the outstanding
problems. Request your superiors also for favours by explaining
your view point, which will be accepted. Contracts and negotia-
tions will be favourable, short travels will be gainful. Favourable
for legal matters.
1 28. Opposition Mercury :- The transit will be good for
planning with others. Do not run about with your ideas, do not
argue as this will put strain and nervousness on your mind, and
relations with others may become strained. Pay attention to your
actions. Unfavourable for contracts and agrements.
1 29. Conjunction Venus : Passions and intellect are con-
joined, creating your interest in beauty, intelligence of others, art
music or poetry. Talking and learning from intellectuals will be
gainful. Communications of your feehngs will be better under-
stood. Loved ones will be congenial and you will understand
1 86
others better. Financial and business dealings will be favourable.
You will be Well respected, and gain in power, authority, wealth
and comforts of life. This period will be romantic and optimistic.
1 30. Sextile Venus : - Agood period for being in company of
others for enjoyments, pleasures and to take rest giving you
relaxation through travel. Loved ones will cooperate with your
emotions and feelings. Beauty appreciation and love for beauty
and artistic articles will pay you, humorous, good manners, good
romantic rapport, harmonious legal dealings and social events.
1 31 . Square Venus Passions and intellect will be crossed
causing aggressiveness, tension in personal relations through talk
or letters. Conflicts with others are possible but you must be
flexible, adjustable and work with restraint which will pay you
more. Avoid unpleasant controversy, talks and communications,
chattering, mindless and gossips etc.
1 32. Trine Venus Aperiod of corrections of the above
effects. This will create friendly and agreeable atmosphere. Your
feehngs will be rewarded and, emotions will be receptive. Agood
period for amusements. Loved ones will be cooperative. Agood
period on the whole. You will have grace, tact and social standing
1 33. Opposition Venus When passions and intellect
oppose each other, you can expect clash with them causing
conflicts, worries and tensions. You can not do any mental work
unless you are calm, adjustable and sober .During this period you
can enjoy through social gatherings, groups and company of
beauty and intellectuals as enjoyment like this will improve this
transit. Lack of tact, unsympathetic, Flypersensitive, of critical
attitude which will be damaging. Your talks should be pleasant
withothers and be tolerant.Disagreementin business and romance
are likely.
1 34. Conjunction Mars Conjunction of intellect, heat and
rashness. We can well imagine when these two joins, good or bad
can happen.
Using the conjunction on positive side and it can be useful
with restraints imposed on self. Success in debates, work hard to
1 87
maintain integrity through intellect. You can complete many jobs,
take up the competitions. Whereas negative side will indicate
conflicts due to rashness, misuse of intelligence, correspondence
with rash wordings etc.and the like methods. You may feel irritable
with strained mind which should be controlled for better results.
Avoid nervousness, tension,impatience, impulsivedecisions.This
will be favourble for investigation and planning.
1 35. Sextile Mars Feeling more energetic than usual, you
can handle many projects and works enthusiastically. You can
show your initiative drive. Through communications and talks,
you can convince otheis- aboutyour vie w points. Do not enter into
rash andhaughty arguments lest you spoil the wholegame, you are
playing to achieve your object. Some conflicts or quarrels may
arise, you must be calm as to enjoy the transit. Well applied mental
energy, intellectual resourceful will pay you more.
1 36 . Square Mars Irritable and touchy temperament may
irk you during the transit. So correspondence, talks and actions
should not be challenging. To gainyour object, avoid rashness and
anger. Conflicts and irritation may be caused with people. Avoid
tense situation and be not nervous, verbal aggressiveness and
impulsiveness be avoided. Accident can occur through fire,
vehicle driving etc. So do not actordrive inanimpulsive way. Do
not be argumentative.
1 37. Trine Mars : - Good time for hard mental work to tackle
the difficult problems. Express yourself calmly but forcefully
Physical fitness, good for signing agreements. You will be then
confident of your gaining object. Public speeches, negotiations,
contracts, business affairs are likely to be benefited. You will be
quite daring to take greater chances with success. Positive, ener-
getic, sharp mind; gain from correspondence, intellectual and
sound planning.
1 38. Opposition Mars Be cautious as you are in arena of
conflict. Aggressiveness may harm you, may be on the part of
others, so avoid this situation. Accidents and burns through
travelling may cause damages. Avoid criticism to avoid conflicts.
Frustration at work. Avoid rash and impulsive behaviour. Be
1 88
cautious while dealing withothers. Argumentative, tactlessness. It
is not a good period for signing agreements
1 39. Conjunction Jupiter This transit is favourable forah
business and commercial transactions and gain through invest-
ments. Good, broad and sharp intellect and gainful for corre-
spondence , conversations and dealings with others. Be not carried
away by enthusiasm and do not become over confident of any-
thing. Hopes will be accomplished. Social activities will boost up
and life will be enjoyable. Mental outlook will be of tolerance and
helping others. Reconciliation with opponents, working with
groups will be favourable. You will be fond of music, dance and
scents. Grand thoughts and plans will be formalised. Intellectual,
positive thinking and motives will take shape. Good for agree-
ments and learning.
1 40. Sextile Jupiter :- Your hopes and wishes will be realised.
Good period for planning with clear, sharp and alert intellect.
Dealing with people, business circle will be favourable. Gainful
results can be obtained through contracts, negotiations and com-
mercial transactions. Good period for study of philosophy and
religion and any subject which attracts you. Favourable period for
short travels. Expansive ideas, optimistic attitude good foreduca-
tion, religious or philosophical thinking, good for signing legal
1 41 . Square Jupiter :- This transit indicates that your views
are positive and optimistic. You may plan long term schemes for
commercial and business dealings. Do not ignore details of con-
tracts, negotiations of business you deal with, lest you are put to
loss. Do not be arrogant in correspondence and with people at
large. Avoid being over optimistic, impractical, over critical, and
laxness in mental discipline. Be careful about your optimism and
do all business transactions carefully.
1 42. Trine Jupiter:- Agood time for making fu ture plans with
details. You will have very creative mental energy. Favourable
period for all business transactions, gain from contracts, corre-
spondence, negotiations, buying and selling through your sharp
1 89
and awakened intellect. Travelling will be enjoyed. Good period
forstudy inglaw, philosophy, religionand other high level thought
provoking subjects and gain through them. Good for education,
planning, and signing legal documents.
1 43. Opposition It is a pleasant opposition of good feeling
and optimistic outlook If you will use in a constructive way you
will gain through contracts, negotiations, planning, conferences
and commercial pursuits butyoumustbe careful about details and
all aspects. Correspondence can be gainful provided these are in
details and freeftxtmany arrogance etc. Travels be undertaken with
care. Be not be stubborn about your being right. Over confidence
be avoided.
1 44. Conjunction Saturn Some one's separation is denoted
who will have a marked effect on you. Intellect should not be
pessimistic. Plan your things through precision and thought but
not agood time to plan that requires a broad overall view. Narrow
mlndedness may prevail. Notagoad time forcorrespondence and
keep control over speech. Seriousness and gloomy attitude be
avoided for better atmosphere. Avoid negative feelings, clever in
cheating others and addicted to licentious pleasures. Depression,
worries and, conservative.
1 45. Sextile Saturn Analyse critically your working and
environments. Serious mind but do not feel depressed but be
informal with friends. Adviceofpersons, old and experienced will
be valuable and gainful. The work needs precision and concen-
tration, requires careful work and tl inking for completion, do not
remain alone. Conservative, disciplined thinking for health and
career, attention to details andshortbusiness trips willbe favourable.
1 46 . Square Saturn For heavy mental work it is a good
transit. Disciplined thinking and critical faculties. It will be hard to
communicate with others and you will be misunderstood. Not a
good time for business, negotiations, contracts, travels, selling and
buying, better postpone these, till transit is over. You will not be
able to make your positive impression upon others, SOdo not ask
forfavourfromfriends and superiors. Conflict,depressionof mind
and criticism may have to be facedby you. No plans please except
1 90
practical details for working. Do not be pessimistic and stressed.
1 47. Trine Saturn Deal with practical works, serious
thinking and actions thus concentrating on mental work that
requires great attention in detail. All works be done carefully for
fruitful results. Methodical and pains taking working, contracts,
business and negotiations be made carefully. Do not criticise
others, be conservative and cautious. You will be reserved with
people. Advice from older people will be rewarding. Disciplined
work and practical approach to advancement.
1 48. Opposition Saturn Serious thinking, loneliness, diffi-
culties in relationships are the main features of this transit. Do not
have negative thinking and remain gloomy. May there be a
separation fromsome loved one or conflict to this extent but avoid
itas foras possible. Sharp and critical thinking. Relaxation will help
you in spite of doing hard work Avoid travels, buying and selling,
negotiations contracts and business or commercial dealings. Be
careful with travelling. Worry, depression, difficulty in expres-
sions, one may stammer and stressed.
1 49. Conjunction Rahu:- Agood talentofcommunications.
All aspects to Mercury have psychic values. It gives good spiritand
cheerful nature. Assistance from brothers and sisters is highly
significant in your life and often it is a mutual exchange on a timely
1 50. Conjunction Ketu :- Critical to the general views of the
society, it will be an unfavourable time for public relation or
correspondence. There will be heavy responsibility. Conservative
mental outlook. Unfavourable long travels.
1 51 . Sextile Trine Rahu/Kehl :- Intelligently stimulating
aspect. Trine is good for an astrologer. The communications and
extemalisation has a magnet force associated with that which
others cannot help but notice.
1 52. Square Rahu/Ketu : - It may make you aloof. There is a
tendency to fault finding and exaggeration. They need to commu-
nicate in order to feel good, but they are frequently unable to do so
1 91
fornospecific reason. Hidden tension with brothers and sisters are
often the outcome of this transit.
1 53. Opposition Rahu/Ketu This may make the person
suspicious, outspoken and somewhat tyrannical. This gives a
fluctuating type of mind. Judgement can be poor, so the person
may not be good for giving advice. Nervous system in general gets
affected due to this aspect.
1 54. Conjunction Uranus An exciting transit as it creates
fast thinking and correspondence with others. Be careful and be
not sensitive in your thinking and working, you can meet with
encounters and conflicts. Intuition will be active and rewarded.
Mathematical, technical and scientific work astrology and occult
subject will be gainful to study. Cross words, puzzles and mys-
teries will be rewarding. Try to avoid jumping to conclusions.
Relax so that rapid thinking can be used fruitfully. Have a control
on steering to avoid accidents while driving. Sharp intellect
sudden intuition and originality would be there.
1 55. Sextile Uranus Sense of excitement and interest and
new discoveries. Do not worry about being unpleasantly sur-
prised. Unwillingness and rigidity may disturb you and make this
transit difficult. Old friends if communicated will be helpful, you
may start new work after winding up the old one. You may be able
to solve your problems not solved earlier. Study of Maths, Science,
Occult sciences. Astrology and Technical subjects which will be
good and profitable. Quick mind, sudden good news, mental
clarity and sharp intuition will help you most.
1 56 . Square Uranus :- Astimulating transit. If you are
relatively flexible, you will get bored and if not flexible, this transit
can be a nerve wrecking period. The plans will not materialise,
negotiations and contracts will be backed out. It will be difficult to
keep peace of mind Of keep pace with events and to avoid this, do
not do any work which requires concentration. Do not make rash
impulsive judgements or take hasty actions or Statements to others
lest you regret latter on. Be careful in driving to avoid accident. One
will be mentally scattered, lackof intellectual discipline, unreliable
1 92
ideas and insights, inconsistency and nervous tensions which all
should be avoided.
1 57. Trine Uranus More alive and mentally awake are the
effects of this transit, you will feel active and solve many undecided
problems. Newideas will come to you, maybe supplementedwith
power of intuition. Travelling to Foreign places will give you
relaxation, if possible do it for a short time. Profitable to take up the
study of new subjects. Powerful and effective conversation and
correspondence will be gainful. Unexpected communications,
creative ideas and reliable intuitions.
1 58. Opposition Uranus If your thinking and speech are
rapid and decisions are hasty, stop them to avoid nervousness,
conflict with others and undisciplined. You may have intuition to
help you at this critical moment, follow the way you are shown.
Meet new people who will show you some new experiences. The
works require discipline and do not handle, do them systemati-
cally to avoid errors. Be carefulnot to be blunt during conversation
with others lest you are harmed. Agood aspect to study new
subjects as outlined above. Sudden disruptive news or change in
plans, nervousness, unexpected health affliction and lack of
concentration are the results.
1 59. Conjunction Neptune This transit has positive and
negative effects. During positive effects, you can express your
ideas and feelings with great subtlety and best for artistic expres-
sion and will be favourable. Study of mysterious subjects, the
occult and spiritual philosophy will be of gain. Creative urge,
unfavourable for major commitments. Day dreaming.
On the other side, the ideas and thinking canbe confused. Be
careful in correspondence with others lest they misunderstand
you. Avoid verbal confrontation with people, you may lack confi-
dence and be tempted to take a dishonest way out. Conflicts with
people who misguides you. It is not a good time for legal negoti-
ations, contracts or sale agreements. Avoid the situation which
depends on honesty and clarity of each participant.
1 93
1 6 0. Sextile Neptune It stimulates the imagination in a
positive way. Reliable insights, imagination and creativity and
their combined use forgood. Favourable for study of metaphysics.
Intuition will be stronger, through contacts with people you can
know their mind and use it for your benefit. Correspondence,
contracts etc. can be entered into. All talks and works needs more
clarity. Avery good period to study religion, spiritualism, occult
and mysticism.
1 6 1 . Square Neptune Your actions, talks and correspon-
dence will be misunderstood as it is a period of confusion. So be
careful about all what you say. You will be inclined to be secretive
but do not do so. Avoid any kind of distortion or misrepresentation
of facts lest it create unpleasant situation causing conflicts and
worries. So avoid and be careful inall types of negotiations. Agood
progress in the study of occult subjects and spiritual practices can
be made. So why not try this ? Over stimulated imagination, desire
to escape reality, unfavourable for major commitments and sign-
ing legal documents.
1 6 2. Trine Neptune :- This aspect will make you more
sensitive. Read romantic literature and poetry or listen to music.
Travel forre laxation will be pleasant. Talks with people on serious
matters will not be fruitful. You will be sympathetic to others and
helpful to them but do it without any interest or gain. Avery
favourable transit for studying art, religion, poetry, music, spiri-
tual and occult subjects. Your action may lack discipline, excellent
intuition, favourable for legal matters. Clarity in vision and sight.
1 6 3. Opposition Neptune :- Aperiod of mental confusion
and unclearness. Confusion due to sensitiveness. It gives you a
spiritual awakening. Avoid making permanent promises or
decisions. Not a good period for doing any work that requires
disciplined thinking and precision. Correspondence or talk will be
difficult and erratic, unrealistic expectation, absent mindedness,
misunderstood. Misunderstandings with others. Nervous weak-
ness may overpower you.
1 6 4. Conjunction Pluto :- Aperiod of very intense mental
activity. You will like to know the details of everything. Good
1 94
period for research, investigating work etc. You can impress others
with your talks, force and vigour. You may have conflict or
encounters with others, so be careful while talking with other
people, and handling the situation. Pay attention to details, think-
ing and planning. Import workfruitful.Far reaching decisions and
good intuition.
1 6 5. Sextile Pluto Love of mystery and desire to solve
difficult puzzles are the effects of this transit which may arise in
you. So you will try to know the minutest details of everything, to
analyse, examine and proving everything. You could not be
mislead. You will have strong urge to persuade, change other
people's thinking, to tea(:h others but do not be obstinate. Atransit
of good experience, sound decisions, reliable intuitions, beneficial
health habits, depth of insight and increased interest in metaphys-
1 6 6 . SquarcPluto :- Be of an open mind duringthe transit. In
discussions and talks do not force your point of views on others
which may provoke arguments leading to encounters and con-
flicts. Hidden forces in you may be exposed and so use them in a
constructive way. Good time to study occult subjects etc. Be not
suspicious, of negative thinking, unfavourable for travels and legal
1 6 7. Trine Pluto : - You will be attracted to dig out mysteries
of all sorts, deep problems etc. Your inward energy can be
profitable as you will think intellectually. So look to your inner self
and try to understand it better. Psychic subjects can be a matter of
great interest and benefit. Agood time to learn new things and
subjects. You will be impressive in talks and communications etc.
You will be able to concentrate well. Favourable for signing legal
1 6 8. Opposition Pluto :- Agood period of going to the
bottom of everything. There maybe an intellectual conflict, hard to
convince you. Be careful lest you become the basis of a very
subversive, smouldering conflict between you and other persons
if these become open, you are likely tobc harmed Take care about
your talks with others. Agood transit for doing research. Suspi-
cious , sharp tongue, dramatic changes. Not good for signing legal
1 95
Mars is a significator of brothers, courage, energy,husband,
ambitions and desires, endurance, self confidence, strength, dash-
ing and increasing generosity. Harmonious disposition, practical
nature, resourcefulness, determined, force of character, extremis,
adventurous and independent. Landed and immovable property,
robust and stout health, accidents, injuries, operations and arms.
Success in finances and competitive examination,passionate, fond
of opposite sex and pleasures of beds. Attachment with ladies,
popularity, occult science, religious and contacts with foreigners.
It causes abortions.
But when Mars is afflicted it denotes rashness, lose temper,
quarrelsome nature, fond of drink vice habits, bruteness, irri-
tation, unconventional sex ways, unpleasant domestic life, cheat
scoundrel, liar and of thievish nature, impulsive desires and not
In view of the above traits of Mars, we shall explain its transit
in detail with other planets.
1 6 9. Conjunction :- The conjunction of Mars- Sun, whether
well or ill dignified generally cuts life short, subject to other
indications in birth chart, of fever, frenzy, fire or lightning. If the
native escapes the bad results until Mars clears from combustion,
he will be more healthy, it has been never fortunate. If conjunction
be not near enough for Mars to be combust, the native will be
proud, has strength to work hard, lofty, arrogant, daring, boasting,
always in broils and paying continuously the penalty of some
outrageous folly. He may gain martial honour and riches, but they
will be held with difficulty amid strife and violence. One has
stamina to work hard to gain.
If Sun be the significator, and Mars well dignified and not
near enough to be combust the native will be violent, head strong
and rash, high in command and generally victorious, dual or
dreadful quarrels, or come off terribly wounded.
If Mars is ill dignified the native is treacherous, rash and
bloody minded, probably a soldier, house breaker or murderer,
1 96
always in danger and always end his days by a violent, and
probably, ignominious death.
One should be therefore careful in everything he does during
this transit. Having great confidence, no one can be allowed to take
undue advantage of you resulting in fights and arguments. Be
specially careful in dealing with your superiors. Hard work,
physical work mental work are the special traits during transit
Avoid rash driving to escape from accidents and injuries.
1 70. Sextile Sun : - Due to physical vitality, a chance to work
hard and accomplish much. Good health and self confidence. New
opportunities will come, where you can exhibit your talents and do
it for gain and success preferably group working will pay you
more. Do not agree or enter into debates and if you are to do, do
not be rash but have a self confidence.This brings up animal nature,
passions, anger etc. Selfish nature, you can stoop low in matter of
sex and may adopt unconventional ways. You may get your
selection in army, military work. Gain by legacies.
1 71 . Square Sun : - It threatens troubles by fever, frenzy, fire
orthe sentence of judge, youmay be furious, proud, rash prodigal,
wicked and desperate. It is said that if Sun be the lord of 7th house,
one will be executed. (Check other points also.)
But being Mars and Sun of energy and heat planets, you can
do hard work to complete ajob but do not do rashly and blindly.
Disputes, disagreements are indicated leading to conflicts and
quarrels. Avoid anger and irritability. Asuccessful stand in any
confrontation may give you success, from the enemies and oppo-
nents otherwise you will have failures.
1 72.Trine Sun:- Goodhealth, courage and vitality will come
to you to use it in a constructive way. You will achieve many things
and good position, it also promises an active life. Working on the
projects already started will be gainful. You should take part in
games but not violently. Take decision during this period. Agood
period for pleasurable love pursuits. Rise to eminence, honourable
and fortunate life.
1 73. Opposition Sun :- More energy is available to do more
activity but the same is of more selfish nature. Impulsive nature and
1 97
excess of feelings, one may act too low in matters of love with
opposite sex. One may have furious conflicts with others. Your
actions may create all this due to anger, rage, arguments and
disagreement with others.
1 74. Conjunction Moon Mars Conjunction Moon, makes
one disobedientto his mother, liar and of wicked deeds. Fond of
music, brave, victory overenemiesand gain through business. One
will be dealer in hammers, plough and other rough instruments,
women, spurious drinks and earthenjars.
If Mars be significator and Moon is well dignified,makes the
native very changeable and bold and enterprising, not easily
disconcerted, and generally marries some one muchabovehisown
status, one becomes much addicted to women, yet seldom suffers
by them.
If Moon be ill dignified, the native becomes vulgar, base and
mean, changeable and silly, of shallow abilities, drunken,poorand
dissipated. Wanders, if woman, will become prostitute, will end
his days in abroad or away from house.
If Moon be significator, and Mars be dignified, the native is
bold,rash and unruly, of no great abilities but will be courageous
and enterprising, good warrior, surgeon, chemist or physician.
Fond of travelling and exploring foreign countries, fortunate and
may die there.
If Mars be ill dignified, one will be violent, furious, malignant,
treacherous, cruel, murderer, robber, rebel or traitor, who seldom
lives long. Scar on eye or face.
Irritable and angry temperament, events arising out of your
past anger with friends, people and family. Conflicts with others
and emotional. Do not be arrogant under the grab of self confi-
1 75. Sextile Moon It makes the native talkative, changeable,
restless, gain through lower class people, in military or naval work
of angry nature, fortunate and respectable. If Mars is strong,
women will be infatuated, You will dominate others in talks.
1 98
debates etc. Relations with opposite sex. Not agood time to make
decisions, hard worker and self confident.
1 76 . Square Moon This transit makes the native vulgar,
unprincipled and of low deeds. Bitter tongued, envious, insulted
and lossofmoney. Of irritable and of compulsive behaviour. Long
buried tension may surface now and be handled calmly without
arrogance. Do not be frustrated and make emotional upheavals.
Accidents due to rashness, be careful of injuries to your eyes. Be
conscious of your actions.
1 77. Trine Moon : - This makes the native fortunate,average
gain of money, emotional, you will respect other's feelings and will
gain through that. Relations with opposite sex, either of love or
hate, so you keep control over your actions and emotions.
1 78. Opposition Moon May give trouble through court of
law, furious and rash temperament causing conflicts with others
through your actions. Tension in relations with others. Women will
be hard to deal with during this transit, causing emotional confron-
tations, also in home, family relations, children or parents includ-
ing loved ones.
1 79. Conjunction Mercury :- This transit may make a native
fickle minded, easily satisfied, fond of eating at other's place. If
conjunctionisinkendra,one will earn money and be happy. Skilled
in boxing, dealer and interest in herbs,plants, oils and drugs. Less
comforts from wife, association with wicked women. If
unfavourable when afflicted, loss through fire, ill repute, worries
and troubles, uncordial relations with parents.
If Mars be significator and Mercury well dignified, and free
from affliction, one will be learned; of sound judgement and of
penetrating mind. If conjunction is in an angle, successfulresources
and invincible. If Mercury be ill dignified or afflicted, one will be
of chattering habit, ill natured, less honest, spy and informer.
If Mercury be significator and Mars well dignified,he makes
agreat,eschuteandpowerful. Andif SunorJupiterareangularand
in good aspect, one will have promotion and rise in honour.
1 99
If Mars is ill dignified, one will be treacherous, blood thirsty
and if conjunction is in angle, one will possess the power of doing
mischief, drunkard, imposter, gambler or swindler.
Disputes with others, capable doing great mental work,
cooperate with others, donot loose control of steering wheel while
driving, lest you meet with accidents.
1 80. Sextile Mercury One will be ingenious, courageous
and of good abilities. If Mercury be well dignified, in good aspect
with Moon and free from affliction, above results will be experi-
enced. If weak, combust or in cadent, one will become dull, lazy,
boastfull and a gambler. Good for mental work good for negotia-
tions and working with other. Gain through travelling. During this
transit being of couple of days, one will feel confident and success-
fhl all round.
1 81 . Square Mercury :- One may be a thief, wicked and do
low deeds during this transit, injuring and cheating others. Be on
the offensive side in matters of discussions. Irritable and angry
leading to arguments, and disputes at home or work so better
avoid. Do not argue with others. Expressive in your views and do
not of ferprovocation. Be careful while travelling lest you meet with
accident having cuts or injuries to legs or hands, and also take care
in handling of cutting machinery.
1 82. Trine Mercury :- Good period for negotiations and
dealing with others, for mental work, you will be able to express
yourself well. You will be able to assert your views and opinions
about your position. Good period for study, confident, also for
planning, writing or any other mental work. Favourable for
1 83. Opposition Mercury :- You may feel irritable, disputes
and arguments during this transit are likely. Obstinate to yourview
point. Good for mental work. Be careful in travelling to avoid
accidents, legal troubles, in handling arms and weapons.
1 84. Conjunction Venus :- One will be rash, sexy,relations
with opposite sex, connections with other's wife or husband.
Victory over enemies, worried. If the conjunction is afflicted, one
will have separation from loved ones, troubles, Relations with
opposite sex, will be cause of ill fame or ruin.
If Mars be significator and well dignified, one willbe of hasty
temper but good natured, addicted to women but maintain his
respect. Of forgiving nature, generally fortunate, admired and
respected. If Venus be ill dignified one will have dishonor, low
women, prostitutes and failure in efforts.
If Venus be significator and Mars well dignified, one will be
proud, quarrelsome and lustful. Brave and fortunate, success in
efforts. If Mars be ill dignified, one will become debauched,
wicked, cruel and Scottish.
Your sexual energy willbe strong, and desire for pleasure of
bed or physical love making. Good time to do creative work. You
can attract a new love relationship physically but will not be long
lasting unless aspected by Jupiter for good or aspected by Saturn
for bad.
1 85. Sextile Venus It gives a libertine in love affairs and if
Venus is ill dignified you will be of loose character, and if Venus is
strong, respected, kind, generous, tactful except where women or
pleasure intervenes, not so prudent, active, handsome, tolerably
fortunate, much admired and courted by women. Your sexual
drive is much aroused with physical contacts to opposite sex.
Existingrelations will remain cordial. Good forenlcrlaimncnls,gcl
together and parties. Agood time for artistic activities, beauty and
love. You may decorate, paint or clean your house. Favourable
period for finances.
1 86 . Square Venus This will incite the native to be lustful,
glutton and drunkard, malignant and treacherous, a female may
have contacts with men to the level of a prostitute. You will have
love demands from your loved one. Asuccessful sexual relation.
Your too much demands may not cause conflict. Creative and
artistic activities will be aroused and would be beneficial.
1 87. Trine Venus Afavourable period for sexual relations.
Physical sex relation period. Gain through creative and artistic
work Control your sex desire to avoid differences. liked and
admired by opposite sex. You will have possessing attitude to
w;,rvRomsnGte sex.
1 88. Opposition Venus Sexual desire may produce prob-
lems during this transit. Physical love relation may lack in tender-
ness . You will be dominant in sex lead ing to conflict, so better avoid
it but do not be platonic and irritable or harsh in case your desire
is not fulfilled. This transit will make you lustful.
1 89. Conjunction Mars :- Heavy physical work be done to
use your loaded physical energies. Sports will be beneficial. Acci-
dents can occur due to rashness, do not counteract to any aggres-
sive situation. New projects may be started but opposition will be
there to such work which should be tackled carefully. This is about
two months transit period, impulsiveness, restlessness, increased
physical energy, aggression,competitiveness, personal ambitions
and physical actions.
1 90. Sextile Mars :- Energetic and vigorous, good health
artistic pursuits wall be excellent, group working will be rewarding.
Negotiations and business dealings will be effective as you have
self confidence. Debates will be to your interest. Afavourable
period for travelling. Good for sports and adventures.
1 91 . Square Mars :- Avoid rash and impulsive actions, as it
will create enemies, irritable and impatience will prevail. Conflict,
fightingmay take place. Agood period to get work done provided
you control your impulsive behaviour. Control on driving is
necessary to avoid accidents, cuts, wounds or operation etc. May
your health be affected through illness. Avoid any type of frus-
tration, arguments, hostile, impulsive, conflict with others and
authority, accidents and injury and inappropriate sexual beha-
1 92. Trine Mars : - Atrine of vigorous self assertion. Do not
be aggressive, then you can complete many physical or mental
works. Agood period to start a new project, it will go very well,
projects in progress will have good progress. Self confidence will
enable you to work effectively. Prove your worth. Well directed
physical energy. Leadership ability. Self confidence.
1 93. OppositionMars :- Anintricate period toavoid conflict,
a time of vigorous and successful work Do not dominate others
unnecessarily or by reacting negatively to other's work or their
assertion. Do not be jealous or feel resentful about others. Workfor
your own interest, but not against anyone else. Serious opposition
from others may arise, deal in open and not secretly. Working
harmoniously with others will pay you. Rudeor antisocial behaviour
insensitivity, aggressive, self centered will not be helpful and
accident possibility.
1 94. Conjunction Jupiter Mars Jupiter conjunction in
transitis an excellent transit. One will be well behaved. Victory over
enemies, leader of the city, gainof money. Intelligent and study of
Tantra, Science and other newsubjects. Providential help incase of
difficulty. One will be bold, proud and daring. Self confidence,
enthusiastic, long travels, harmonious legal dealings, religious
zeal, pride and stubbornness. Aperiod of gain and of physical
activity for doing labour and hard work. Do not take unnecessary
risks and over confident. Lucky for gambling and speculations.
Financial ventures will be gainful. Good health, easy birth of child
and a good period for starting new ventures. Do exercises for
muscular order.
1 95.Sextile Jupiter It makes you bold, ambitious and high
minded. Honourable and respected. Enterprising, judicious and of
good habits. If Jupiter is weak one will be conceited, littie enthu-
siastic in religion and fortunate. Good opportunities fordoing new
works, contract, negotiation and commercial deals. Aperiod of all
round success, dealing with superiors to gain from them, legal
matters are favoured. Good health and excellent transit for any
kind of athletics activities. You will get good opportunities for
personal growth and gain. Energetic growth educational chances,
outdoor activity and travel.
1 % . Square Jupiter Asuccessful period and energetic
energy. Interest in athletes, imprudent, proud, fanatic, obstinate
and companion of wicked. Keep close track of your actions for
balanced judgment. If Jupiter is stronger than Mars, one will not be
so infamous but unfortunate. May have enmity with others. Plan
the future projects. Do not overtax your own strength psychologi-
cally or physically. Be careful against accidents. Fanaticism, inter-
rupted education and snag in travel plans.
1 97. Trine Jupiter :- Best transit forali kind of activities. Good
health, sports activities, lucky for gain of money andgood for any
work about your interest. Business, commercial, religious deals,
negotiations and contracts be entered into with success. You can
make good decisions for your interest. Be optimistic with positive
energy for gain. Gain from gambling and speculations, harmoni-
ous legal dealings and higher education.
1 98. Opposition Jupiter :- This can be a lucky transit oritcan
be atime fraught with conflict and foolishactions. You can expand
your activities for your self gain. Negatively if you dominate
others, of over bearing manners, they may desert you at the time
of help. Do not over estimate your abilities, and over exert in
business etc. which may not give you gain. Avoid accidents due
to these actions also. Gauge the situation and act wisely to gain
success. Over optimism, disrupted travel plans, philosophical or
religious disagreement, difficulty with education and conceit are
the result.
1 99. Conjunction Mars Saturn conjunction will make you
a native of strong determination, once you select your path you
will not advance helter skelter. No deviation from the view point.
There can be no compromise, loss through brothers, religious
teachings. Many enemies but victory over them. Disturbed peace
of mind. War like nature, troubles through windy and bilious
complaints. If conjunction is afflicted, indicates, death in family,
loss of money, and also through dacoits. Lend money only after
written agreement. Safeguard against dacoity and fraud. Disci-
plined energy, careful, precise work, repressed anger, ambition
and conflict with authority. Frustration and irritation will be in
your temper. Avoid any daring risklestyou become unsuccessful.
Others may not cooperate and become irritating and may take
actions against you which maybe worse and destructive to you and
your interests. Face it with hard work for success. The transit
requires hard- work, concentrated energy and careful technique.
An accident prone period, control your steering.
200. Sextile Saturn :- Makes the native grave, farfromhead
strong, for Saturn always gives caution approaching to cowardice.
He however, if Mars be strong, may become tolerably obstinate,
and if Saturn be strong, gain by legacies or by insinuating himself
in good graces of some elderly men. But if Saturn is weak or
afflicted will create troubles but not lasting.
Be careful in planning and executing projects which require
great diligence and patience. Therefore do intricate works which
require attention to details. You should work patiently to achieve
your goal and success. If you feel anger or resentment, avoid it for
good results. Favourable for working with tools and machinery.
201 . Square Saturn It will make you deeply malicious,
treacherous, leading to danger and sufferings especially if Saturn
be stronger than Mars. He generally meets with severe injuries
from falls, blows, poison or by suicide or death if either of them
transits Ascendant or, if Saturn be in 1 0th house, by coming to an
untimely end. So proceed slowly and cautiously. The more
cautiously you do a work, more you will succeed. Parents, employ-
ers and persons whom you respect may discourage you at this
time. Irritable and emaged attitude be avoided. Over all it is a
difficult transit and period of caution. Self seeking ambition, self
centered, ruthless, heavy responsibility, danger of accidents and
repressed anger.
202. Trine Saturn Mars trine Saturn confers patience and
willingness to do difficult and exacting work. Do not do any work
which requires concentration and skill. So you should do the work
which is not glamorous or instantly rewarding. You will cope with
difficult situation even. Any work or project requiring great
attention and details will giveyou success. Patience, good for hard
work with tools and machinery. Physical discipline.
203. Opposition Saturn The transit requires patience and
to keep you at the back ground. Relations with others may not be
congenial. Irritable, of ten justified by other's, actions, slow actions,
conflict and annoying others are the general effects of this transit.
So hold your anger and actions. You will feel alone and cut off from
others. Workrequiringgreat care and concentration can be handled
successfully. Other people's aggressive action may block your
success. Nota favourabletransit for good health, so try to relax and
avoid tension. Frustrated ambition, stubborn, cause accident or
204. Conjunction Rahu This transit indicates strong
interest in athletic or physical activities. Overstimulated and
sometimes exaggerated sexual arousal. Strong assistance from
brothers and sisters is seenin getting ahead in life or vice versa. The
result depend on position of Rahu; well or otherwise placed.
205. ConjunctionKetu Desire for power and authority but
lack of popular support for his personal ambitions. He will have
problems in business, unpopular in profession and political ac-
tions. One may be conservative in his outlook.
206 . Sextilc Rahu/Ketu : - Good physique and health, one will
feel independent. Assistance from brothers or to them is very
prominent during this transit.
207. Square Rahu/Ketu Cruelty or sternactionis denoted.
It gives impatience which may disturb the physical vitality causing
physical suffering. It gives much sexual energy, sometime to the
point of sexual promiscuity. Often one finds that they have no
energy when they have a lot to do and vice versa.
208. Trine Rahu/Ketu As perpara 206 above.
209. Opposition Rahu/Ketu Action and fear need to be
balanced. Circulatory problems or blood difficultiescan be normal
foryou.Indulgence and misuseofphysical power, sex andenergies
on the high ebb.
21 0. Conjunction Uranus The conjunction of Mars to
Uranus in transit indicates sudden upsets, rash behaviour and
surprising incidents. It is very difficult to make plans during this
transit precisely because so much happens without any warning.
Relations with superior and person in authority will not be good.
You will tend to act rashly and impulsively, you may meet with
accident due to carelessness. Avoid working with dangerous tools,
sharp instruments, and iron or steel during these days of transit.
Health may be affected. Erratic burst of energy, nervous, impul-
sive, independence and possibility of accidents.
21 1 . Sextile Uranus You will feel restless and impatient
with new experiences and activities. Uncontrollable impulse may
seriously disrupt your routine. Your thinking is more impulsive
and changeable and even unreliable. New friends or associates.
You will not like any restrictions, tend to be erratic^ so do things
different than your normal routine. Spontaneity, technical skill,
energy work, well directed energy are likely effects.
21 2. Square Uranus Atime of great restlessness and
impulsiveness. You may rebel against restrictions. live with
changed situation. You will be more angry than usual as you will
revolt against persons in authority, close relations specially old
ones. Aperiod of explosive and disruption in your affairs causing
changes in your life. You will find new opportunities to become
more free and do not deal new situation in old ways. New
challenges require new solutions, which you will have to keep in
mind during the transit. Anger, poorly directed energy, accident
prone, impulsive, self centered, problems with friends and groups.
21 3. Trine Uranus Atime of new activities and new
encounters, some quite unexpected causing excitement and per-
sonal growth. You may break free fromold ruts, taking risks doing
some extra ordinary things under this transit. You will not lash out
blindly against restrictions and persons in authority. Transit of
personal growth and self discovery. Lo velessness, independence,
self confidence, adventurous, energetic, humanitarian and techni-
cal skill.
21 4. Opposition Uranus :- Firstly it may make you rash
against people who are not in tune with you. You may suddenly act
impulsively to escape duties and obligations imposed through
circumstances upon you. Sudden anger against any one may
release the tension, making you restless and irritable, expecting to
have feelings of great impatience. Loss and disruption through
enemies or opponents. Broken relations.
Secondly you may break old ties to become free from all
restrictions, changing your life to new directions, then you will
have good time. You can act freely despite resistance from others
andface very important challenges for about six months fromno w.
Danger of accident, erratic behaviour and decisions.
21 5. Conjunction Neptune Astrange transit accompanied
by strange fee lings # You vvi 1 1 feel irritable, itchy, discouraged and
incapable of doing anything useful. Feelings of weakness and
inferiority will be common. Avoid dominating attitude, actions
which are ill through out or based on personal delusions rather
than on facts. Analyse your actions. Do no start anything new
except any activity that is totally selfless and involve serving others,
charity works, working in hospitals or institutions religious or
spirituals etc. Activities for personal gain will not be paying. Care
for health against pimples, infections and fever etc is necessary.
Active imagination secret, ambitions, possible adverse drug ac-
tion, or with alcohol are likely.
21 6 . Sextile Neptune Flelpful to friends and neighbours,
you will enjoy group activities for charity, in hospital or such like
institutions. Working with a religious or spiritual groups is also
likely. Good time to relax, retire and meditate. Study of psychic or
occult sciences will gratify you. With this insight you can adopt a
more enlightened course of action that may also be spiritually
21 7. Square Neptune Dealing with others with doubt,
discouragement and inadequacy. Conflict and confrontation with
others may happen. Others actions and advice may demoralize
you, you should make decision wisely and calmly. You may be
tempted to take a devious course of action in the face of adversity.
Your actions can be deceitful. Avoid confrontation with others and
relax. Do not do any important or hard work lest you meet with
failures. Excessive physical strain be avoided. Allergies, minor
infections, chill and fever are indicated. Secret alliances,
overstimulated, overactive, adverse reaction tochemicals. Abnor-
mal sexual behaviour or desire.
21 8. Trine Neptune :- You will be inclined to be helpful to
others and good period for spiritual practice. You will feel doing
little and not very self assertive. Flelping others with self sacrifice
will be your attitude during this transit. You may be involved in
charitable work religious or spiritual institutions. Avoid any sort
of temptation to you. Strong regenerative ability.
21 9. Opposition Neptune You will feel discouraged, be
aware from the people you deal with about their truthfulness and
loyalty. Care of health is necessary. Avoid stress on your body and
brain. Emotional excess. This is not a lucky time for important
works, actions and decision. There can be misunderstanding and
feelings of anger and mistrust. Use of alcohol and d rinks can catch
you whichshouldbe avoided. Working alone may benefit you, also
social work and other works in the interest of people will provide
you solace. Misdirected energies, suspicious and Jealous attitude
be avoided.
220. Conjunction Pluto This transit is a strong stimulus to
any kind of ambition, but danger is that its energy can be rather
violent and disruptive. Avoid to have powers over others to avoid
assaultonyou orany incident of violence. Doing of heavywork will
be favourable when it involves major changes. Strong physical
health, mental discipline, strong sense of self survival instinct. You
should convince others about your interest.
221 . Sextile Pluto Agood time to achieve your important
goals, through changed working strategy as you were doing
earlier.To work with others jointly will be favourable and effective.
You are to work hard during this period. Success in all undertak-
ings, avoid bossing over others unnecessarily. Determination,
ability to follow through on plans, self confidence and physical
222. Square Pluto Atransit of fierce power struggle and
disagreements. One becomes ambitious andad vances. Opposition
and confrontation with people is indicated. Any work not fully
analized and done, will cause you to suffer defeat. Avoid the
temptation to act ruthlessly and underhandedly toward others
which may cause destruction and deception. Violent assault in rare
cases is expected. Mean pride, critical attitude, accident prone
aspect, aggressive behaviour, excessive independence and dare-
devil attitude should be avoided.
223. Trine Pluto One becomes ambitious. Plan long range
efforts. You may get more powers to complete a work. You should
workfor your owngood and the social work. This can lead you to
major changes in your life for maturity and growth. Gain and
success through welfare of others because you have leadership
nature, clear goods and plans positive actions.
224. Opposition Pluto : - You can complete your desires or
there can be strong opposition. Opposition from others without
regards of any ethics, feelings and situation. Be helpful to others.
Resist the temptation to go it alone. Be careful to have a control
upon others as you might be opposed by all. Acts of violence can
take place, to the tune of physical assault. Avoid others' anger.
Accident potential and violent temper.
The beautiful VENT
S is significator of the pleasant partner
viz husband, wife or business. Also it signifies beauty, modesty,
virtue, affability, sincerity, fortune, artistic disposition and litera-
ture, dance, music, poetry, amusements, pleasurable pursuits,
love, marriage, gain through public affairs, friendship, love, sex
conjugal or domestic happiness, attraction, love and relationship
withoppositesexTtalsodenotes, passions, pleasure of bed,comforts,
luxury, social, clubs life etc. Generous, good earnings through
partner and speculation. Fond of scents, vehicles, conveyance,
courage, confidence, good nature, sportsman, humourons, taste
for fine arts, law abiding, follower of traditions, good financier,
honest, good health, fertile imagination and attractive personality
and gives beauty to breaste.
If Venus is afflicted, it signifies less beauty, of amorous or
immoral life, rivalry, jealousy, disturbed and inertable unsmooth
hfe, rash and violent action, unpleasant domestic life, separation,
divorce, ill reputation, scandal, loss of conveyance through acci-
dents, death of wife, husband or partner, plurality in sexual
relations, sexy, illicit relations with others. Financial loss, domestic
worries, bereavements, disappointments in love etc. Also reversal,
downfall, falsification of accounts, litigation, debauchery, legal
troubles, misfortune, dishonour, disgrace and questionable char-
The diseases indicated by Venus are venereal diseases,
carbuncles, stone in bladder or kidney, eyes afflictions, diseases of
21 0
ovaries, weakness of sexual organs, exudation of semen, gout,
Anaemia, troubles in co- habitation, throat troubles, digestive
disorder, sensitiveness,lecuoderma,eczema, syphilis, gonorrhea,
menstrual troubles and abortions etc.
The body parts indicated are breasts, ovaries, eyes, genera-
tive system, semen, water, kidney, throat, cheeks, and internal
generative system.
Therefore in the light of above, we shall now explain the
effects of transits and aspects with other planets of Venus. Effects
of transit is not more than a day as it is brief in effect. Venus stays
in a sign for one month.
225. Conjunction Sun:- You will feel affectionate and social,
good health, good in entertaining and going out for amusements.
Relations with nlt;n will be more profitable than womenduring this
transit but both will be good. Creative activities will be better.
Desire for romantic fulfillment. Diplomatic.
226 . Sextile Sun Agood transit for group activities and
being with friends, who will be of considerable benefit to you.
Favour from others, financial gain, successin interviews. Good and
congenial relations with persons around you. Anew friendship.
Gain and favour from superiors, persons in authority and good
impression upon them. Charm and good romantic opportunity,
harmonious relations with others. Physical comforts.
227. Square Sun Avery pleasant transit with little difficul-
ty. Interested more in self enjoyment than working. Goodfor social
and love relations. There maybe scandalous affairs. Compromise
with others rather conflict. Avoid temptations.
228. Trine Sun :- Good for all kinds of enjoyable activities.
Good impression upon others, for recreation, enjoy and love
making with friends, so enjoy with loved ones and relax. Creative
and craft project will be favourable and profitable.
229. Opposition Sun :- Agreeable relations, enjoyment
sexual attractions and friendship are the effects of this transit. One
will be over indulgent, lazy, lack of selfdiscipline and unwill-
21 1
ingness to work which should be controlled, specially in sex
relations, drinks and foods. Amorous mood in existing relations
will be good, avoid new relations as you will be lacking in emotions
at response etc.
230. Conjunction Moon If Venus be significator and Moon
well dignified, it makes the native unstable, but always fortunate,
very good natured and of an easy temper, yet fully conscious of his
own dignity and importance and generally admired by the multi-
tude. If the Moon be ill dignified, he will be unstable and foolish,
very talkative, boasting, full of promises, without either a wish or
ability to fulfill them, always changing place, and liable to many
di sappointments.
If the Moon be the significator, and Venus well dignified, the
native willbe effeminatebut pleasing, very handsome and of good
understanding, a great proficiency in fine arts, of elegant manner,
fondof company, always presenting to himself best sides of things,
and seldom laying anything to heart, he is generally less admired
and respected. If Venus be afflicted or ill dignified, it makes the
native lustful, thoughtless, profligate, foolish and careless, but this
depends much on the other aspects of the Moon.
In case, it is well aspected, one will be well versed in business,
respected and good advisor, good health, dress and fond of
amusements. If afflicted or unfavourable, one will be troubled from
the date of marriage, mother will die early, if alive, may become
blind or diseased, dispute between native's wifeand mother, one
may remain in own house.
The combination rules love and affection. You are loving and
affectionate to people around you, dreamy and romantic, will like
solitude with your loved one, good for sex. Agood time for homely
pleasures, domestic environments will be congenial. Relations
with women, relations and loved one will be lovable, romantic and
good and gain through them. Be careful over indulgence. Enjoy
sweets and drinks, alcoholic in a moderate way to avoid indiges-
21 2
231 . Sextile Moon This transit gives great honour and
fortune in proportion as the Moon is dignified and free from
affliction. One will be popular, though unstable and eccentric and
often gain much by women, they are generally neat, comely and
prepossessing. If the Moon be well dignified, they are seldom,
capable of any great action, but fond of novelty and unprofitable
You will feel love, protective and nurturing towards loved
ones and friends. Helpful to others, Relations with women will be
good including mother. Happiness at home. Benefic relations with
public and gain from them.
232. Square Moon This transit makes the native vulgar,
brawling and ill contentious, idle, mean and beggarly, silly,
unstable, conceited and ignorant. If the Moon be strong, prey to
enemies, amole onbreastor chest will be unfortunate for marriage.
This transit will create an amorous mood to opposite sex. In
case you feeljealous and possessing of your loved one, one may be
irritated leading to conflict, even yourmother. Misunderstandings
and hurting of feeling can arise. Women may experience menstrual
233. Trine Moon For Domestic, personal and emotional
life, this period is excellent. Warm and friendly to all, others will be
kind, helpful and of favourable relations. Sexual relations and
increasing sex drive. Love relations will be more strong and
congenial. Be alone with your loved one. Dealing with group of
people or business will be benficial. Afavourable period at home,
to beautify and decorate the same but avoid speculations.
234. Opposition Moon Avoid excess in any shape. Love
and af fectionwill be enjoy able, relations with women will be good
and happy. Extreme emotions between you and loved one. A
period of warm and friendly feehngs towards loved ones, if Venus
is well aspected.
In other negative case, avoid any commitment, there can be
scandalous relations. Indiscriminate affection can be there due to
overruling your sense of discretion. In case of excess you may have
conflict with your loved ones and with your mother. One will be
21 3
idle, uns teady, stupid and obnoxious todecent women, roving and
of low mind. Unprincipled and vagabond.
235. Conjunction Mercury During this transit one will be
well respected, famous and man of power and authority. Gainof
weal th, helpfulto others andrelations. If Venus be significatorand
Mercury is well dignified and free from afflictions makes the native
handsome and kind, eloquent, witty and fortunate. If Mercury is
weak or combust, it shows, one will have mean nature and artful,
arising from oppression and a broken spirit.
If Mercury be significator and Venus is well aspected or
dignified, is an aspect of elegance and beauty, sound wisdom and
goodness of heart. Love, delicacy, tenderness, modesty, truth and
innocence. If Venus be ill dignified/the native is also beautiful, will
be artful and too much given to the company of opposite sex,
proving his ruin. One will be good in music.
Goodmood will make you agreeable, social and friendly also
humorous. Incites creative intellect, music,poetry and intellectual
art Good period for pleasure trips, to visit people and negotiations
are favourable. Gain through women's articles, entertainment and
236 . Sextile Mercury It makes the native well shaped and
elegant and if welldignified handsome except Mercury be too near
the Sun. Gain through art and science, learned andpolite. Good for
social get together. Spend time with friends, loved one and with
opposite sex. Daily surroundings will be more pleasant than usual.
Commercial transactions, buying and selling as well as profes-
sional life will be favourable. Good for pleasure resorts, functions
and meeting. Apleasant trip away from home.
237. Square Mercury Avoid serious topics of conversation
or which produce conflicts. Not good days for negotiations,
dealing with difficult and unpleasant problems. So avoid these
things to make the transit normal and quite easy. Avoid emotional
and physical activities. Agood period for art exhibit, concert
programmes, music and such like stimulating purposes. Avoid
romance and arguments leading to conflicts, and disputes with
loved ones.
21 4
238. Trine MercuryGenerally good and light heartedness.
Gain through communications, discussions, intellectual conversa-
tions, discussions and to express your views. Pleasure, travel and
may meet a new friend. Contract negohahons and business
deahngs are favourable. Good day to relax.
239. Opposition Mercury Afavourable period for corre-
spondence about love and friendships. Good period for contracts
etc. To reduce tension, discuss your problems with loved ones etc.
Do not take emotional matters seriously but deal it intellectually.
It is an unemotional period.
240. Conjunchon Venus Good and new relations of Love.
You may express your views to them, take initiative in all kinds of
relationships. Acquisihon of beautiful articles, clothes, music ar-
ticles and good literature. Good time for amusements and parties.
You may receive cooperahon from all. Well developed diplomacy.
241 . Sexhle Venus :- Aperiod of ease and contentment. Your
relations with your loved ones, relatives and friends will be
congenial. New relations will be beneficial, success in new roman-
hc relations. Love beauty and good surroundings. Efficient and
cheerful. Recreational trips will be source of amusements. Gain
through financial transachons in business, negohahons and con-
tracts. Increased physical comforts.
242. Square Venus : - Normahy a pleasant period. Be of a
compromising nature rathertostand your individuality. Some one
may take advantage of your good nature. Take care of your health,
self indulgence and extravagance. Avoid shopping during this
transit period lest you waste money.
243. Trine Venus : - Agood period for ah relationships but do
not be speciahy achve. Gain of money and attrachon to others. A
smooth and trouble free period. Harmonious relahons with oppo-
site sex, you will be romanhc. Pleasure resorts, music, beautiful
articles will attract you. Relax and take rest. Kindness from and to
244. Opposition Venus : - Avery pleasant transit but expen-
sive. Sexual indulgence may come. Not good for getting work
21 5
done, avoid doing any new or important or heavy work Avoid
arguments with loved ones to avoid disagreements but be of
compromising nature. Avoid also negotiations, contracts, financial
transactions which if done will not be to your interest. Romantic
difficulties, lack of tact, overspending.
245. Venus Conjunction Mars :- Onewillbeofhasty temper,
passionate, very forgiving, much addicted to man or women,
generally fortunate, admired and respected when Mars is well
dignified and Mars is the significator. Increased sexy nature for
physical attraction to others, artistic nature. If Venus is ill dignified,
one will be low and dishonourable, and connected with low
women and dissipated.
When Venus is significator and Mars is well dignified, one
will be proud, lustful and quarrelsome although brave and fortu-
nate. Success in understandings. If Mars is ill dignified, wicked-
ness, cruel, scotish and of thieving nature.
It creates astrong desire for sex and attraction to opposite sex
as you will be more aggressive in passions and sex acts etc. a sign
of physical passions satisfying to both partners. Happy with other
people, attractive and helpful. Gains, affection and favours from
others. Artistic activity, new relations and acquisition of beauty
246 . Sextile Mars :- This will make you proud, very libidi-
nous, angery and rash. You will become fond of embarking in
hazardous adventures, in which if it is Mars is well dignified,one
will often succeed, but if weak such persons generally suffer by
their folly. In case both areill dignified or afflicted, one will be very
lewd and unprincipled.
Afavourable period for love and new relations. Better
relations with friends. Creative activities are best favoured. Good
for recreation and pleasure parties etc. in the company of opposite
sex. Gain through financial investments, in new or unique ven-
tures. Sexual attraction oftentowords compatible persons, roman-
tic harmony and social confidence.
21 6
247. Square Mars This makes the native extremely base,
felonious, and deeply wicked, fond of opposite sex of low grade
like prostitutes, and intemperance, quarrels, and may lead to ill
Sexual physical relations are indicated with romantic dishar-
mony. Misunderstanding and conflicts with others and loved
ones. Harsh temperament will not be in your interest. It is not a
favourable period, to start a new friendship or relations. It will be
dominated by Jealousy and lack of tact.
248. Trine Mars Afavourable period, helpful to others, and
this will arouse your sex drive. You can attract opposite sex by
being friendly and agreeable and your partner will enjoy the
relationship. Agood lasting new friendship can be started during
this period. Romantic and sexual pleasure, compatibility, energy
for romance remains good. life is enjoyable and social.
249. Opposition Mars Venus- Mars opposition stimulates
sexual and creative energies. Good for sexual relations of both will
remain cordial. Otherwise bitterness and conflict can be there and
particularly if y our relations are nonsexual. Be careful about new
relations as they may not agree with your sexual desires instanta-
neously and cause separation, disharmony in romance and sex.
Jealous, possessive and selfish.
VENUSTO.1 1 Pi l l iR
250. Conjunction Jupiter :- Most agreeable transit on your
mood and work. Good for all types of relationships whether
professional, personal, social and intimate. Lucky for finances, a
sudden windfall likely. Avoid lavish spending. Celebrations and
parties will usually be successful. Good time for lo ve and relation-
ships. Aperiod of success for newrelationsandmarriage. One with
this transit will be intelligent, famous, careful for respect, comfort-
able and respected. Cheerful, optimistic, popular,generous,kind,
romantic, travels andgain from foreigners.
This can be a most happy period, the better the planets are
dignified, the happier andmore amiable they will be, and if Venus
be the significator the native will be super beautiful. If is in Pisces,
the house of Jupiter and exaltation house of Venus, it denotes
21 7
virtues, honourable, piety, riches and love. If however, Venus be
dignified, the native will be of loose desires but never infamous.
Good wife and many good qualities.
251 . Sextile Jupiter One will be noble, generous, virtuous
and honourable. Astrong^ Jupiter gives good fortune, preferment
and felicity. If weak or afflicled,thenative will be more credulous
and unguarded, otherwise an excellent aspect.
You will feel contented andbenevolcnt, peaceful with friends
and relatives and gain from them. Good for financial transactions
specially involving foreign investments, medicine or law. Anew
love affair will be beneficial. You will be attracted to high minded
and upright people. Good for get together with friends etc.
Outgoing, cheerful, sensitive,popular,romantic,pleasant in man-
ners , positive interest in religion and philosophy. Ageneral Jack of
discipline and unwillingness is the only draw back of this transit.
252. Square Jupiter One will be proud, superficial, inde-
cent, prodigal, lustful and intemperate. If Venus be significator,
makes the native dull, poor, coward, envious and malicious. An
agreeable transit when you will feel well and enjoy the company of
others. Be careful in eating and drinking. Do not undertake
unnecessary shopping. Good for investments. Avoid doing any-
thing on impulse. Do not be arrogant but avoid conflicts.
Overenthusiasm, lazy and sentimental.
253. Trine Jupiter :- Transit of short duration. During this
period you will feel social. Generous and self indulgent. Amuse-
ments and entertainments will be of a romantic interest. Gain of
finances, pleasure trips are favoured. Good period for making a
major investment. Not agoodtime to start new projects. Kind and
pleasant dealing with foreigners and interest in religion.
254. Opposition Jupiter :- One will be disposed to strife,
contentions, law- suits, disgrace and vexation, imprudence will
make him to do foolish acts, one will be absurd,prone todo wrong
things and then fretting and repenting of his folly. Excessive
indulgence indicating great pleasure and enjoyment, joy and
satisfaction. Expenses on luxuries be avoided. Relax and be mod-
erate in eating. Anew pleasant relationship can be formed. You
21 8
tend to be over emotional, self indulgent, overly religious or
255. Venus Conjunction Saturn This is very important
conjunction. It denotes sacrificial career in taking the hard road,
chilling sense of loneliness which develops the form of happiness,
seems like an unreliable dream. To accept his responsibility and
carries on to his duties are more important than his own comforts
or advances. The transit can bring temporary or permanent sepa-
ration with loved ones. Faithful, blessed with arts, leads comfort-
able life .remainin travelling, blessed with conveyance. Restricted
expressions of love and sober in nature. Advice of older persons
will be beneficial. Difficulties with love relations are indicated as
you may not feel warm or affectionate and actasa "ColdFish". Also
seriousness and practicality in romance. Responsibilities interfere
with social life, emotional reserve and feelings of loneliness.
256 . Sextile Saturn :- This transit makes the native camly,
affable and quiet, artful, not very courageous, more grave and
retired, shy or modest. If Saturn be dignified, is liable to gain by law
suits, and by old people's advice. If Saturn is weak seldom gains
much. Good relations with loved ones. Discuss the problems with
loved ones and people to arrive at conscious understanding
otherwise relations will be ruined. Fortunate for business affairs,
specially favours commerce with art objects and other things of
beauty. Be in great discipline.
257. Square Saturn :- You will feel reserved, cool to people
and loved ones leading to misunderstandings, difficulty or con-
flict. Foneliness and depression. It will be difficult to fulfill the
demands of your loved ones. You will feel cowardly, sordid,
beastly and despicable and not much fortunate, one marries for
money,legal difficulties, tendency to grab and cling to loved ones.
258. Trine Saturn :- Stable and reliable relations with all and
in romance good relations with figures in authority. Good to
discuss problems with relations and loved one to solve them and
avoid conflict etc. Agood period for business matters and rela-
tionships . Relations formed withsobriety will be lasting. There will
21 9
. be a large differencebetween your partner and loved one of yours
in class, status and qualifications butit will be immaterial. Martial
259. Opposition Saturn During this short transit, you will
feel cool emotionally despite the overtures of loved one which will
be best. Be not emotional. Loneliness will come to you and will feel
SOin get- togethers and among youngsters, you should not take this
seriously. Lack of self confidence, disharmony in marriage and
other partnerships and overly reserved nature.
26 0. Conjunction Rahu Venus conjunct to Rahu indicates
social popularity, harmonious awareness of expected social
behaviour ,and acceptance of popular social attitude. Emotionally,
you will be in agreement with prevailing attitudes and popular '
recognition. If unmarried, good chance to marry, if married, the
differences, if any will be sorted out.
26 1 . Sextile Rahu You will attract beautiful women with
much charm and manners and they can expect better luck regard-
ing money matters. This gives a nature that is dependable and well
able to put action behind the feelings of affections.
26 2.Square Rahu :- This tends to breakup his love affairs,
may not deny love affairs, but there will be obstacles in the way, one
must overcome. For lasting love, this transitis not good, makes you
jealous and tyrannical.
26 3. Trine Rahu :- Relations with opposite sex will be
congenial. Gain of finances through articles of luxury. Good period
for amusements,parties, a new relationship will be lasting. Avoid
over indulgence.
26 4. Opposition Rahu :- Not good for happiness, sensitive
and you will not be able to express your affection comfortably.
Hidden problems regarding love and romance may crop up with
opposite sex for which you have to make a sacrifice.
26 5. Conjunction Ketu :- Venus Ketu conjunction during
transit indicates that one will be reserved socially, lack of interest
in social, activities which will not serve any useful purpose to you.
Reserved, emotional, social, romantic and artistic outlook Busi-
ness will be slow with financial problems. Not an auspicious time
for marriage, and if married may cause domestic unhappiness. Try
to avoid any sort of confrontation.
26 6 . Sextile Ketu One should be careful about finances,
investments and romance. Financial problems may cause loss. Not
a good period for romantic pleasures, negotiations and contracts.
Pleasure trips will not be congenial.
26 7. Square Ketu Break in relations and love affairs.
Difficulties in work and business. Not good period for marriage
and romance, your health may be afflicted, making your tempera-
ment intriguing and j ealous.
26 8. Trine Ketu :- Good period for restricted romance,
parties and love. Be careful about expenditure and financial
transactions. Domestic relations be handled carefully to avoid
bickerings and separation.
26 9. Opposition Kem :- Problems with loved ones, and in
romance. Not a good period for finances and house peace. You will
be too reserved and sensitive. It will be a period of worries and
270. Conjunction Uranus :- Unexpected events, new experi-
ence and excitement through love and creativity. Disraption in
love affairs, domestic circumstance. Irritation in temperament and
unexpected and unfavourable circumstances Unexpected new
relations will be exciting. Sudden financial gains. Sudden romantic
attraction. Easy self expression, unconventional in love and mar-
riage, unexpected gifts and expenses.
271 . Sextile Uranus :- Venus Uranus sextile will attract new
friends, winning and attractive. People will be agreeable and
attachments will be formed but will not be lasting. Pleasant
atmosphere and freedom in love affairs but do not be possessive
andjealous. Agood period for pleasirres, parties and get together
and interesting. Sudden romance, marriage or travel and uncon-
ventional friendship.
272. Square Uranus Stimulates love affairs causing conflict
and bitterness. Be careful of being impatient with loved ones and
avoid arguments. Good understanding can be between the parties.
In case you are less flexible, this is most disruptive transit. You will
flirt under this influence. May be attracted to novel artistic expres-
sions and modem art. Be careful about spending. Sudden
dishormony in romance. Flirt, infatuation and lack of tact.
273. Trine Uranus : - Asudden new relation will be formed
but will be of short duration, such relations will not be steady. You
may adopt unconventional behaviour with yourloved one. Unex-
pected stimulating excitement will help you to make the circum-
stances more easy, youusually prefer popular music, you will
enjoy and take risks. Exciting romance and unusual friendship will
be formed.
274. Opposition Uranus : - Asudden unexpected occurence
inalove relationship but rarely stable. You will experience unusual
entertainments. You will be engaged in exciting and stimulating
experience. Sudden upsets in love and domestic environments
when you will try to seek freedom from restrictions and tensions.
Flirtation in love relations will be formed. Sudden unwise ro-
mance. Shorthved infatuation unexpected financialloss. Urgetobe
different at any cost.
275. Conjunction Neptune :- You may be disappointed in
love who did not live up to your expectations. Flarmless and
pleasant day dreaming. Refined sense of beauty. Do not carry out
financial transaction. Ability for creative or artistic nature. Gain
through selfless kind of love. Romantic and affectionate but
sometimes wrong choice of romantic partner. Creative imagina-
276 .' Sextile Neptune:- Romantic nature, praise for art, music
or poetry. Joyous effects of pleasurable suits, parties etc. Ffelpful to
loved ones, satisfaction and happiness from them. Transit of soul
union. Artistic nature. Fertile imagination, idealism and sympathy.
277. Square Neptune :- Unrealistic in your deahngs with
loved ones. Agood period for softand light romance. Be careftilin
relations, your opposite partner may not be up toyoursatisfaction.
Permanent friendship. Worst can be disappointment, break and
conflict in love relations. Romantic delusions, wrong chdce of
friends and bad linandal decisions.
278. Trine Neptune :- Pleasanttransitbutnotgood forgetting
things done. Dealing with others will be cooperative and compas-
sionate. Working for the benefit of others. The relations formed
now will be of double potential. If you are involved in a creative
activity, it will be an extremely useful transit. Romantic fulfillment,
art and beauty liking and idealism.
279. Opposition NeptuneBe careful regarding your rela-
tionship with loved ones. Not a good period for day dreaming
about loved ones orany thing else. Not a good transit for relations.
Enjoyable period. Do not be disillusioned, you will discover that
your loved one is not as grateful as you. Romantic deception, secret
romance, unrequired love and unwise financial choice.
280. Conjunction Pluto: - You will have unusual and intense
love experience, if you are not careful you will have problems.
There may be disturbance in a normal, happy relations or you may
feel insecure about your loved one suddenly. Become jealous or
possessive, creating misunderstanding also. Temporary new rela-
tionships will be formed. Intense romantic and sexual relations.
Independent nature.
281 . Sextile Pluto :- Love relations will be more intense,
sexual experience will be on your side. Enrich, avoid tension with
others. PInderstand your emotions and your relations and these
will have extraordinary force and vigour. Romance, sensuality,
emotional insight, intuitive and spiritual.
282. Square Pluto: - Intense in emotional experiences within
a relationships, there can be conflict and disturbances in that
causing breakdown. So try to adjust according to circumstances or
change. Not a good period for financial transactions or contracts
etc. Dishormony in romance and marriage and critics.
283. Trine Pluto: - Your love life and relations will be more
intense and happy. Physical love will be experienced. An intense
new relationship will be formed, you will feel drawn to others as
if by magical power. Artistic work will be more rewarding.
Romantic harmony and sensual.
284. Opposition Pluto Difficulty will be experienced to
maintain relations. Jealously, guilt or negative emotions will be
experienced. Existing relationships may suffer difficulties of re-
sentments, bickerings and conflicts. Be careful about your speech,
you can make constructive changes in your life. Romantic and
martial dishormony, self centered and uncouth behaviour.
The Fascinating Jupiter is a dignified planet and is asignificator
of child. It denotes also generosity, educational interest, law,
religion, preceptor, philosophy, banks and companies in foreign
lands. Air travels, longjourneys, occult sciences, property, resi-
dence in foreign lands, law abiding, honest, truthful, sincere and
dutiful. Respect, fame, reputation, religious, philosophy, inherit-
ance, educational and religious institutions, gain through legacies,
good martial order, good fortune, beauty, wealth good judge-
ment popular, gain in finances and fortune. Providential help,
pilgrimage, political power (when aspected by SftN), winner in
lawsuits, Govt, favour, power, rank and authority. Contacts with
foreigners, publication of books, lucky partner in business (when
aspected by VENUS). Strong sense of justice. Jupiter is a chief
Governor of production and expansion.
When Jupiter is afflicted, it signifies extremist views, liberal,
lavish extravagant, careless, over optimistic, disputes, gambling,
vain pomps and show, misjudgement, misfortune, poverty, in-
gratitude, danger of death by fever and much excitement, im-
providence, law suits, disagreements, frivolous, contentions and
In the light of above traits of Jupiter, we shall now explain its
transits to other planets.
285. Conjunction Sun:* Jupiter conjuncting Sun indicates a
good transit. However, its influence may be marked by other
transits that are longer lasting and more powerful. If your chart is
severally afflicted by other transits at this time, this one will serve
largely to give you a break.
Good health, optimistic through effects, everything will
work well but if you do nothing, the effects will pass away without
any effect. This beginning of new 1 2 years cycle of growth inyour
life. During this conjunction you will start new projects, expand
your activities, beneficial travelling and good time to study, you
will meet new people indicating to you the new aspects of life. You
will feel more freedom. Avoid overdoing and exercise a certain
amount of restraint. Be careful of extravagance. Avoid investing
money. You will have good time during the transit.
If the conjunction is malefic or ill aspected and if father and
son live together, evils will be warded off. To accept donations or
bribe willbe malefic. Incase fatherandsoncannotlivetogetherdue
to some reasons then bedding or cot of the f atherif used by son will
be auspicious. To keep articles of Jupiter (Saffron,Goldetc.) in the
house will be lucky.
286 . Sextile Sun:- This transit makes the native very lofty and
courageous, especially if Sun be strong, always fortunate, and
highly respected by officers and persons of power and authority.
If Sun be weak the above effects will be felt in a moderate degree.
But if more afflictedby the Sun, one may meet with some dreadful
It is a period of growth and exp ansion. Relations with persons
in authority will be good and favourable. If one is energetic and
vigorous, it is an excellent time to work for advancement. Enjoy-
ment with friends. Plans, contracts and negotiations can be made
during this good transit. Be generous and tolerant and do not be
angry. Unexpected income is expected. Good for financial matters.
287. Square Sun:- This makes the native proud and arrogant,
vain, glorious, prodigal and wholly wasteful of his substance;
addicted to riots, intemperance, drinking, gaming, or any species
of folly to look great in the eyes of others. Unfortunate, despised
and not good. Basically a transitofyourdiscipline and self restraint
giving you chance for growth and expansion.Ego, inflation and
excessive pride are the negative effects of the transit, so be careful
not to act in an overbearing manner. So have feelings of great
If afflicted in certain cases, you may have conflict with law or
with somebody ina court of law. So showa spirit of compromise.
288.Trine Sun You will have newand rewarding experi-
ences. Good health and feelings of well beings. Hiking and outdoor
life will be beneficial. Avoid over eating so that you may not put on
weight. Do not overestimate your energies. Avoid accidents. A
good period for finances. Favourable for travels.
289. Opposition Sun This is agood aspect in transit and is
a positive one. Agood chance for success and expansion. Favour
from Govh superiors and persons in authority. Agood period for
spiritual growth. Materialistic tendency. Gain of finances.
Incase of affliction, difficulties can be with authorities, avoid
over confidence. Do not be arrogant to wards others. Think in terms
of mutual growth while working with others.
290. Conjunction Moon One will be chief of the family,
wealthy, winning over enemies, fickle minded, birth of a child, well
behaved and religious. One will be helpful to others. Devoted wife.
Goodrankbut secretive. Relations with brothers will be cordial. As
age advances, eyesight will become afflicted. Peace of mind and all
comforts. Providential help. Good effects will be realised in all
houses except 3rd, 6 th and depression house of either of them. In
8th house, relations will expect money from you as you will gain
money. In 1 2th house, good luck after birth of a son. Of steady
You will feel honest and affectionate feelings of generosity.
Domestic bliss and you may make your home more elegant and
comfortable. Afavourable period for investment in property. A
good period for meeting relations and loved ones. Gain through
women or opposite sex in a material way. Avoid fatty foods to
maintain good health.
Incase conjunction is afflicted, one will face financial difficul-
ties and upset peace of mind.
291 . SextileMoon '.- JupitersextileMoonindicatesoptimistic
and positive attitude towards others. Makes you subtle, easily
persuaded to change the situation, attachment or profession. If free
from affliction, fortunate, travels, favourite with women, if mar-
ried during the period, the marriage will be to his advantage. Good
relations with friends, relations and family. Agood period for
spiritual practices. Successful in public.
292. Square Moon One will (eel of changeable and resolute
nature. Hatered by women and loss through others. Sentimental
and avoid any tension between your desires and loved ones. Social
and generous. Be helpful to others for gain during this period.
293. Trine Moon Optimistic and generous, helpful to
others. Good for home and surroundings. Maximum support
from people and loved ones who will be beneficial in your business
and profession. Gain through women. Religious and spiritual
294. Opposition Moon Warm feelings, relations with
others will be good and rewarding, you may become self indulgent
and undisciplined. Do not be of demanding nature from your
loved ones and friends etc. Avoid overeating and drinking. Avoid
initiative. Emotionally you will feel generous and giving with
positive feelings. Your demanding nature may not create prob-
.1 1 Pi l l iRTOMERCURY
295. Conj unction Mercury : - You will be fortunate in money
gains, having a magic powers to attract others and overcome to
your enemies. Pious and man of good capacity and extensive
information and sharp intellect, foresight and long range planning.
Optimistic and a good period to make decisions. Fond of dance,
music, scents and opposite sex. Agood period for study. Success
with law. Rehgious, spiritual and philosophical. Communications
will be fortunate. But be warned not to overextend yourself.
296 . Sextile Mercury This makes the native good, of
virtuous mind and solid judgement. It bestows kindness and
affability, uninterrupted good fortune except when Mercury is
weak or afflicted and in this case good effects will be reduced. An
excellent period for negotiations, business and contract dealings as
well as buying and selling forgood financial gain. Good period for
resolving differences amongst loved ones and others. Friends will
be congenial and helpful.Favourable correspondence with others.
297. Square Mercury Increase mental activities. Do not
force your view point upon others but also listen to them even their
criticism, you will gain than making the decisions, planning and
negotiations. Agood time of optimistic and positive feehngs
having confidence in you. Not to overextend yourself. Avoid
quarrels and confrontations.
298. Trine Mercury Communications with others will be
useful and favourable. Good for planning, negotiations and ex-
pressing your view point with confidence and warmth. Respected,
study of new subjects, and organizing your work. Fortunate and
solid judgement, good ability and kindness.
299. Opposition Mercury Agood period to plan and their
completion. Keep an eye on the details of your negotiations,
business and contracts etc. do not overlord them, better to work
with others, a lawyer may be more helpful.
The opposition makes the native prone to strife and conten-
tion , and torments him with law suits, fraud and numerous
vaxations from people of high or low conditions, according to the
dignity or debility of Mercury. The native is generally but of weak
understanding, whimsical, unstable, rash and foolish.for it is said,
his mind is filled with wrong impressions arising from bad aspect
of Mercury. There canbenodoubthoweverthatthe understanding
of every one depends much on the strength and distance of
Mercury from the Sun, his being to West of that luminary, increas-
ing in light and motion, and above all, his good aspects with Moon.
300. Conjunction Venus Jupiter Venus Conjunction helps
to smooth over all difficulties in yourrelationships and loved ones
and promotes good relations. Anew love relation may be formed
which will be successful, enjoyable and lasting. Good and elegant
temper. Avoid overspending. Over indulgence in food and drink
may upset your health. Blessed with respect and social prestige.
Comforts and enjoyment with opposite sex. But do not be over
sexed which may be cause of your ruin.
This is agood and happy conjunction for honour and love. If
bothplanets are better dignified and Venus be the significator orthe
conjunction is in Pisces, the house of Jupiter, and exaltation,own
house of Venus it denotes virtue, honour, piety, tranquility and
love. If Venus however be dignified, the native will be of loose
desires but never infamous.
301 . Sextile Venus :- This makes the native amiable, beloved
andof course fortunate,rich and honourable. If Venus be weak, the
native will be imprudent, and too fond of pleasures.
The transit also favours relationships, romantic, pleasantly
unambitious. Warmth and friendliness with others. Anew love
relation with mutual attractions will be formed. Agood period for
relaxing, gain through pleasurable resorts and professions. You
will be sincere, sympathetic to others and hounourable. Expendi-
ture on beautiful items and luxuries and attracted to them.
302. Square Venus This makes one lustfull of all kinds,
particularly if Jupiter be disposed of by Venus. According to the
dignity of Venus, one's company will generally be devoted to
trumpets high or low. In other respects, his disposition is not
radically bad, if we accept a total want of principle arising from
gaiety, thoughtlessness, distress and dissipation. Generally the
native is sexy and debaucher.
303. Trine Venus : - You will feel light hearted, social and will
spend more time with loved ones and friends. Pleasures through
get together, social functions, amusements and self indulgent
period. Avoid too much drinking and eating. Favourable to others.
Ane wlove relation, flirtation with opposi te sex which will be good
for you. Good for finances, spending money on articles of beauty
and pleasures is indicated.
304. Opposition Venus Harmony in relationship, and
significant new relation with opposite sex. Lavish and beautiful
things will attract you most. Good for investment but avoid to
squander money. You must concentrate and work out details for
your works and planning. There canbe emotional turmoil in your
relations, conflict with loved ones, because one will want freedom
in love and other possessiveness. Keep control on your diet and
drink to avoid gaining weight.
305. Conjunction Mars The conjunction of Jupiter with
Mars, if Jupiter is significator and Mars well dignified makes the
native bold, proud, lofty, daring and tolerably fortunate. Well
behaved and may bless the native wilhasonbutgenerally irascible,
and fond of fighting. If Mars is ill dignified, one's humour is
intolerable, if in cadent, one is generally a coward, idle, unprin-
cipled, fond of broils and strifes and liable to accidents, wounds
and injuries.
If Mars be significator and Jupiter well dignified, the native
will be noble, just and beneficient, rise to eminence in law and
fortunate in undertakings. If Jupiter is ill dignified, very moderate
results are indicated.
One will be physically strong, fortunate actions, good period
to do hard workbut avoid overworking. Accident canbe there due
to rash actions and driving. Agood period to start new work,
project or business. Working with others will be frustrating.
306 . Sextile Mars It makes the native bold, generous and
very ambitious. Lucky in war. You will feel self confident, and will
be capable of tackling the problems. You will act decisively and
with convictions. Yoursphere will be broadened, good opportuni-
ties. Good health and physical vigour.
307. Square Mars :- Angry and furious, ill natured, subtle,
ungrateful, bold, very ambitious, fond of quarrels and war, acci-
dents orbio ws. This transit will create confidence in you but donot
take risks lest it may lead to accidents. Fortunate period but you
must work with care and planning with adequate restraint. Abo
avoid exaggeration and maintain sense of proportion, and impul-
sive action. Deal carefullyand calmly with persons in authority lest
you experience opposition and displeasure.
308. Trine Mars :- Initiative, foresight planning, self confi-
dence and a good period to start new job, project or business.
Ambitions, and a good period to approach others, particularly
where you have differences, which will be settled. Gain through
law suits and birth of a child if your partner is pregnant.
309. Opposition Mars Not to expand the things recklessly.
Discipline and restraint are necessary. Do not over estimate your
abilitiesandneitherexaggerate the issue, talkorarguments. Do not
take unnecessary chances. Conflict with others canbe possible. Try
to bear restrictions during this period. Be self assertive and avoid
acting impulsively.
.1 1 Pi l l iRTO.1 1 Pi l l iR
31 0. Conjunction Jupiter Jupiter conjunction Jupiter oc-
curs after Eleven or Twelve years of your life. It is a period of
growth and progress. During this period you can expect sudden
windfalls, great wealth orluckandall kinds of good opportunities.
Meeting with people can be gainful and may change your outlook
for good. You can be more demanding or more giving toward
others. Good persons will come into your life giving feeling, you
of more freedom and doing things which you have done earlier.
This conjunction foster optimism, happiness and pleasant rela-
tionships, one is trusted and liked. Interest in education will be
increased, chance to travel and financial gain. An excellent time for
investments, expanding business but avoid overdoing and
overtending yourself. Travel for pleasures.
31 1 . Sextile Jupiter :- All your affairs will go smoothly and
with- out much efforts. Atime to relax. Gain and growth in
profession, business and in your social life. Success in hopes and
desires. Good time foreducationand fortraveltoo. Relations with
superiors will be good. Afavourable time for your achievements,
business transactions, contract or negotiations. You can safely
expand your business. Legal affalrswlll be in your favour. In short,
achievements, materially, philosophically and intellectually are
indicated. Harmony in relationships good for education.
31 2. Square JupiterBe careful about finances, andspending
as there is a tendency to excess, you are likely to spend without
thinking, the financial pinch you will experience latter on. There-
fore do not make over commitments. Do not over estimate the
resources at your disposal. This will be a fruitful transit if you take
care of all these things, your affairs will then go right. Over
estimation of self importance can lead you to arrogant behaviour
and inflated pride. If you keep sense of proportion, the transit will
giveyou good luck and greater power to achieve your desires and
objects. Over optimistic, self indulgence and easily taken in.
31 3. Trine Jupiter : - This is a time of optimism and positive
thinking in your life and to see the affairs with quite point of
balance. Agood time for making long range projects and plans and
to reorgranise. You can gain new perspectives through education
and travel or taking part in group activities. Analyse your ideas
and goals for their completion. In case there is any tension in your
mind or you are involved in any movement, a good time to take
positive action for success. You will be having sense of relaxation
and doing nothing then this transit will pass without doing
anything in particular. Favourable for travel for relaxing, pilgrim-
age and education. Aperiod of good luck and ease. Many
advantages and resources to do jobs. Good for education and
favourable for legal dealings. Therefore use this period for doing
something constructively as you will succeed in your efforts and
31 4. Opposition Jupiter : - Aperiod of confidence and doing
anything you will feel optimistic but do not be over confident.
There will be many time consuming projects coming to you atonce,
which can be quite advantageous if you handle them with confi-
dence. It can be a period of restlessness. Conflict with authorities
are possible, even if you are careful to follow the rules as your
officeisareunder impression thatyou being over ambitious oryou
want too much and they may stop you from getting anything
further. Confront them directly and try to make them understand
that this is not correct, you will succeed. This transit stirs up
opposition, the other person having power or pull may cause a lot
of trouble for you. You can avoid all with care and restraint to gain
financially. This transit canmake youeitherextremelyextravagant
or extremely successful in such matters, depending upon your
handling. Extravagance, insincere, naivete, over confident and
unfavourable for gambling.
31 5. Conjunction Saturn :- It is said by the sages that this
important conjunction in any of Anupachaya houses viz 1 ,2, 4,5,
7,9 and 1 2 houses indicate that such persons will suffer financial
lossesandblemished respect. But if the conjunction is in3,6 ,1 0and
1 1 th houses (Upachaya houses), one will be famous and honoured
by the kings. Dominant, brilliant, fortunate and enjoy distinction
and handle responsibilities. Practicality at odds with desire of
growth optimistic and pessimistic both. Favourable for business
career matters.
When the position is unfavourable and onedrinks or accepts
donations or free gifts, one will have troubled old age, diseases,
general body weakness and vice habits. When the conjunction is
being aspected by Ketu, the children of the native will be troubled
particularly through ghosts, souls etc. particularly when one's
house is situated on the cross roads and direct air from cross roads
hits the house.
On the whole you will confront your inhibitions and self
restrictions as well as restrictions placed on you by circumstances
which you will try to destroy to do thing. Atime of breaking away,
change of job or residence or break up of a relation. But these
changes will be fortunate and allow everything to workout rorfhe
best. Expansion and to donew things no doubt will be good but be
done with care and in a cautious way, do not overextend yourself.
Avoid impatience and restlessness. When well aspected by a trine
from sun, effects are solid accomplishments. One is law abiding,
conservative with good humour.
31 6 . Sextile Saturn Jupiter's sexlile to Samrn makes one
cautious, fearful, melancholy or grave, fond of agricultural pur-
suits, mines, quarries or anything relating to digging in earth by
which you will gain when Jupiter be the significator. If Saturn be
weak, one will become covetous, not fortunate, though one often
gains through purchasing land or houses and through la w suits by
legacies or by his father or by the favour of old man. They learn
traditional, religious or philosophical behefs and observes ethical
It is definitely a period of expansion and growth. Through a
careful and pragmatic point of view, everything done should be
with prudence and caution. You are neither idealistic nor conser-
vative, oriented to work and duty. Proceed carefully in financial
investment for gain. So good opportunities in business for expan-
sion also but do it continuously.
31 7. Square Saturn Adjustments in your life will be made
during this period, separating yourself from persons or circum-
stances that are doing no good to you. You will change many
standards of behaviour and morality. You may experience tension
during this process but it will be to your advantage. Select your
advisors carefully. Feeling restless and uncertain, do not do any-
thing in hurry. Be careful about your finances. Changes injob will
be for good and beneficial. Decision making will be difficult.
31 8. Trine Saturn : - Aperiod of avoiding haste indoing work
do them in practical way for gain and well done. Excellent period
of expansionin business, starta newone with foresight. Do notfeel
worried about loneliness as it will be good for you and not
unpleasant. Loveforpeople,butdonotoverdoit.Youarepractical,
honest handle responsibility anddo what promise self disciplined
and caring. Take life seriously but with sense of humour. Even if
you encounter set backs, they are not likely to affect you seriously.
Do not allow material expansion like property, possessions etc.
31 9. Opposition Saturn :- . Jupiter opposition Saturn is a
difficult transit. Decisions in general are difficult it will be too
difficult if you overextend yourself. This creates a lack of confi-
dence, which may surface now. Your temptation to break away
from everything and the restlessness from this conflict can cause a
great change in yourlife especially inyour career. Relationship will
also be difficult,casualrelationships and friendships are less likely
to suffer. If you are satisfied with this transit you will feel the
positive side of this transit, so then you can expand your business.
Do not have over expectation. Resentment comes when you take
people for granted specially in love.
320. Conjunction Rahu : - Jupiter conjuncting Rahu in transit
indicates the native will get increased social prestige, public
recognition and support for personal belief and ideals. There will
be active participation in religious, philosophic, educational or
cultural trends, and the native will be beneficial therefrom. If Rahu
is in Sagittarius or Pisces, the transit of Jupiter will bring misfor-
tune . If Rahu and Jupiter are in conjunction and Jupiter transits that
signorits trines, the period will bring misfortune to the native. We
have experienced tremendous luck while transiting Jupiter alone
was transitting Rahu in our natal chart. Some luck will come to him
without exertion.
321 . Sextile Rahu/Ketu : - Financial good luck and material
success without sacrifice. This aspect indicates whole hearted
pursuits of the nodal position and aids inan effectiveway. In this
aspect, proper use for knowledge and wisdom is shown by the
individual. He is also the philosopher.
322. Square Rahu/Ketu The person is at one extreme or
another, never down the middle of the road. Hindrance is good
luck or opportunities is often seen in this aspect. For those people
learning from children is quite common and prominent. Can be
reckless and revolutionary.
323. Trine Rahu/Ketu Gain of finances, you need not do
much hard work It will be a fortunate period for material posses-
sions and financial self sufficiency, Higher philosophies and
excellent wisdom.
324. Opposition Rahu/Ketu :- It gives great love of adven-
ture, always seeking new experience of some kind. The people
often learn to overcome the materialistic barrier either by choice or
by heavenly force, based upon the rest of chart, happiness from
children might be a void issue to those people.
325.ConjunctionKetu:- Lackofpublicsupportforpersonal,
educational, religious and cultural goals. He will look to the
prevailing conditions with critical eyes, but he will have his ways
of doing the things. He may not door accept which is being done
326 . Conjunction Uranus : - This is a transit of surprises and
suddengood opportunities. You willstrive fbrgreaterfreedombut
be careful that in this strife other people are not let down. Strike a
balance between other's demands and your needs. You will find
hard to accept sordid or unjust conditions. Break in some unex-
pected relations. Or a sudden promotion. New possibilities can be
there and solution of problems can be sought. Sudden travels to a
foreign land. They have genuine, detached affection for others.
Well liked for their generosity and humour.
327. Sextile Uranus You will desire to make positive
changes in life for greater knowledge and experience. You will try
to make changes in your immediate environments or the changes
may occur more or less spontaneously, with little efforts on your
part. This transit can be mentally very exciting. You will be able to
solve difficult problems. You may develop an interest in science or
other technical disciplines or intuitive abilities, popular and open
minded and flexible. Sudden financial gain or sudden job promo-
tion, gain through speculations or gambling.
328. Square Uranus Jupiter 1 Tan us square in transit
indicates variable effects. Lucky chance or change in fortune or
opportunity that signifies changes in your life. On the other hand
it can indicate restlessness and impatience with restrictions. These
changes will providea way togoahead. Freedom will be important
to you. Bickerings and separations can be within relations, impul-
sive, impatience action before thoughts, fickle and distracted
329. Trine Uranus :- New kinds of experiences will come to
you. More receptive to newideasbutbe carefultoadopt such ideas,
unexpected travels, exciting new friendships, open minded, reli-
able insights. Sudden good luck or new or new chance to earn
money. Lucky in gambling if basically your horoscope indicates.
330. Opposition Uranus :- There can be break with person,
jobortoyoursurroundings.Thismaybreak in lessening of tension.
You may overthrow or neglect worthwhile things alongwith the
useless. Be careful of this. Conflicts and counters are indicated.
Gives your partner all the freedom he or she needs. This transit can
arouse your desire to reform and improve, even using disruptive
measures if necessary. Impatience, short attention span, over
confidence, lack of discipline and unreliable friends.
331 .Conjunction Neptune : - People who can not help them-
selves will receive your help and sympathy. Your interest in
spiritual, religious and mystical philosophy is likely to grow
involving you in group studies. Do not depend upon false ideas.
Loss and disaster in gambling. Not good period for investments
and in business, be sure that you are not the victim of massive
misrepresentation. Avoid selfish concerns. One becomes sensi-
tive, lacks self discipline and common sense.
332. Sextile Neptune :- During this period, you will be
particularly concerned with fulfilling your ideals in life. Helpful to
others rather to looktoyourownneeds and you may be associated
with charitable and other such like institution and thus you may
gain spiritual insight. Easy money in gambling will be gained but
do invest on inflated expectations in gambling etc, so be careful
about it. Excessive emotional and will develop intuitive power.
*333. Square Neptune :- Helpful and generous to people and
some people will help you also. It indicates false optimism taking
foolish risks by you. Be careful in financial dealings. Religion or
spiritual delusions are another danger of this transit. Religious
delusion, impractical ideas and laziness.
334. Trine Neptune :- It will stimulate idealistic and possibil-
ity the spiritual side of your personality. Mystical and occult
subjects will attract you. You will be generous and helpful to others
Your desire andego will be minimised. Gambling will be source of
loss. So why not to avoid it? Avoid overconfidence and taking
unnecessary risks. Good imagination.
335. Opposition Neptune :- It is an extremely spiritual
transit. You may be tempted in unrealistic schemes, so be careful
also in gambling and speculations which may ruin you. Do not take
risks in such investment schemes. Relations with others be kept
carefully to avoid any demand onyou. Over optimistic, pointless
self sacrifice, idealistic, escapism, religious and zealotry.
336 . ConjunctionfTuto:- Jupiter Pluto Conjunction intransit
indicates an extraordinary efforts to gain success for which you
have to work hard and strive, sometimes there is a tremendous
drive to gain power which you will get and in this case there may
be conflict with authorities even to the extent of arrest. You will be
loser, if your ambition becomes the irresistible force against an
immovable property. Many of your acts will bring you recognition
and respects. Aperiod of your self betterment. Religious and
spiritual understanding.
337. Sextile Pluto Aperiod of making creative changes in
your life for remoulding and reforming your immediate surround-
ings. You will gain powers over others. Do not use this transit for
purely selfish purposes, be helpful to others. In case of having
power, you must have highest idealist mind. Changes may occur
spontaneously in the world around you. Cordial relations with
your friends, neighbours and everyday environments. Intuitive,
religious and creative.
338. Square Pluto Aroused ambitions to achieve great
things, butyou maymeet with resistance in your efforts. May there
be conflict with superiors and persons in authority, you may not
challenge others but conflict may happen. You may rebuild,repair
or restore any property for improvement. Desire to make radical
changes,power struggle and religious fanaticism. Reforms thought
by you inbusiness or institution may cause opposition from people.
Avoid becoming obsessed with any plan or cause of action. There
may be some legal conflicts. Avoid underworld or shady persons.
in any matter.
339. Trine Pluto Positive changes in your personal and
social world through exerting power which will be favourable. But
be warned that motives should not be selfish, otherwise effectswill
not be lasting. You will have a strong desire for reformation of
conditions around you, lead others with success. Professional
success, tremendous political powers, educational chances, accu-
rate insights, deep spirituality and resourceful.
340. Opposition Pluto :- Aperiod of culmination of a long
drive for success or power but proceed with caution because
opposition will be strong. Promotion in work or gain in power in
some way or other. Trouble with lawandeven arrest, donot incite
authorities against you in anyway. Do not be rigid in your view
point. Handle your financial problems carefully against loss. Have
a compromising attitude. Religious and philosophical extremism,
rigid morality delusions and difficulties in joint resources.
The friend Saturn but not Foe, has to carry out duty of Lord
" SHIVA" or Rudra. It is called an Icy planet, is a son of SUNas per
Hindus and son of Uranus according to Westerners and is father
of Gulika and Mandi. It is also called " Yama' Chief Governor of
longevity. Saturn is one ofthe greatest friends of mankind where
as public at large thinks it a first rate malefic which is not correct.
If Saturn would not be involved in the schemes of things, life would
not have acquired that sophisticated touch which is now evident.
It is a planet of limitations and restrictions, but ofperfection.
Saturn perfects those traits in man which show weakness. It is a
friend of those who want perfection in life. It represents love of
perfection and self discipline at the cost of luxurious life. Poverty
is self invited because it will overcome pride, arrogance and baser
instincts of life. It represents struggle against evil. If one follows the
directions of Saturn, one will be most successful in life, otherwise
it whips to such an extent that one is ruined as it a hard task master.
No doubt Saturn is a planet of darkness, but all minerals
under the control of Saturn like lead, uranium, kerosene, petrol,
coal etc. are foundunderthe dark region of earth. This is a Saturn
touch. Saturn controls hidden treasures. Likewise Saturn enables
the person after passing through and hard struggles to see a new
light and by dint of that light one makes discoveries of many kinds.
Saturn has a "SEPERAT1 VEEFFECTS".
In short, the traits ofSaturnwhetherbeneficor malefic areas
below. For more details refer author's most popular book" Saturn,
a friend or Foe".
GoodTraits :- Thebenefictraitsof Sa turn can besummarized
when Saturn is not aspected critically andis not debilitated etc and
occupying 1 0th house at birth makes the men careful of their
bodies, strong and profound in opinion, austere, singular in their
modes of thinking, laborious, imperious, hostile to crimes, avari-
cious, parsimonious, accumulator of wealth, violent and envious.
Without thehelpof Satumone can not become ahigh order thinker.
Offers mental, moral courage, foresight, discipline, endurance,
power to undergo all sorts of privations, third eye sight, scientists,
inventor, discoverers, explorers, martyrs, philosophers, religious
leaders, social reformers are due to the grace of this planet. One
becomes prudent, contemplative, cautious, responsible, precise,
persistent, persevering, industrious, provident, patient, economi-
cal, reserved, serious, resolute, considerate, mathematical, tem-
perate, chaste and executive.
Bad Traits :- People of thin built, bony, pale ordarkcomplex-
ion, deep set eyes, piercing eyes with profuse growth of hair on eye
brows, makes one a little deaf. The limbs will be long and thin, will
cause troubles, diseases, distress, humiliation, misunderstanding,
destruction of happiness through women. Servitude and depen-
dence onothers.Uprightconduct, excessive anger, friendship with
wicked low cast maid servants, indigestion, hard heartedness,
stubbornness, imprisonment, obstructions, demoralisation, inju-
ries, risks, gambling and Architectural skill.
Also malefic effects of Saturn will be for a native to be
skeptical, melancholic, deceitful, incompetent, exacting avari-
cious , perverse, indif ferent,laborious, impotent, repining, acquisi-
tive , secretive, suspicious, fearful ,slo w, callous, lewd, pessimistic
and unreliable.
In view of the above traits of Saturn, we now discuss its
Good Aspects :- Whe n Saturn forms good aspects with other
planets, will make one careful, attentive, sober, calculating, in-
crease in income and comforts, peace of mind, methodical work-
ing, acquisition of property, profitable and gainful connections
with mines or Agricultural pursuits.. Dealing in metals connected
with Saturn may also be advantageous.
Bad Aspects :- Saturn forming evil aspects with planets
makes the native an unfortunate. Reverse results of above good
traits will be realised. Obstacles, impediments, turmoils, depres-
sion, and melancholy feelings etc.
341 . Conjunction Sun Saturn Sun Conjunction during
transit of Saturn to Sun is a typical transit, as it can bring good and
difficult results. It is a time of tremendous responsibility and hard
work leading to success of old projects and to get best out of that.
If the Saturnbe significatorand Sun be well dignifieddenotes much
evils. Causes great loss from fire, native becomes proud, lofty and
unfortunate and has his pride often mortified by his superiors. One
is dull Knavish mean, servile, unhappy and bewildered. If Sun is
ill dignified disposition and fortune will be much worse, disaster
more frequent, lives unhappy. If Sun be significator, and Saturn
well dignified, oneis proud, mean, treacherous, wasteful, careless,
loves inheritance and injury. If Saturn be ill dignified, one is
infamous, miserable life and misfortune, proud, mean, covetous,
rash and poor. He has often a mark or blemish in his face. Injury or
broken limbs by fall or by accidents. Eye sores etc.
The person will be clever, well versed in worldly affairs,
intelligent, religious and good business man. One will have good
friends and will spend on unwanted ventures but will be deprived
from comforts of children. Not avarious, strained relations with
wife, combination or aspect inorto 1 0th house makes one politician
with heavy sufferings, struggle and one never enjoys the fruits of
the labour or hardwork put in, one will be devoid on conjugal
happiness. It brings material success.
This conjunction will limit the working with freedom of
movement in all your spheres like service, domestic life etc. You
will feel restless, but be patient and concentrate on the issues. Do
not take anynew projects, too much responsibility cancause health
problems of heart and circulatory system. Atime of preservance,
hard work and heavy responsibility, there can be great potential for
reward. The plans where you have not succeeded should not be
regarded as complete failure,thistimecanbeatimeofpersonaland
professional defeats. Saturn will confine and restrict things of your
lifeduringthis conjunctionfor2- l /2years as per Hindu Astrology.
You may feel lonely and cut of from relations and others and may
cause break. Atime of concentrating energy, not scattering it. Sun
is a royal planet significator of power, authority and favour from
Govt., whereas Saturn is a planet of limitations and restrictions. So
when the two are connected in a birth chart in any way through any
aspect, power, authority etc becomes restricted. One does not get
reward for his hard work put in. Sun gives the same effects with
Rahu and Ketu. All the three planets have seperative effects.
342. Sextile Sun This is an favourable aspect and it gives
good strength to take good decisions. Officers and persons in
power and authority and those subordinate to you will be very
helpful. It will not be a lucky transit in the ordinary sense of the
word,butitcanbeexceedingly fortunate for you, if you workhard
to make itso. So you will gain with hard w ork Recognition and gain
through persons in power and authority. Use your Powers in a
disciplined and careful mannertoget recognition. Good health. As
a general it is a period of success.
343. SQUARESun : - It is a aspect of infamy and contempt,
You will be proud, prodigal, ambitious, revengeful and insolent
yet not courageous, unfortunate and disappointed. Injury by fall or
accident. Po wer and authority will have adverse effectsinany way.
Critical developments can take place such as conflicts, chal-
lenges and accidents. You will feel discouraged. Patience and
perseverance will take you outfromsuch circumstances. Superiors
will be difficult to deal with. Your ambitions may remain unsuc-
cessful. Be careful about your health.
344. Trine Sun :- The circumstances will change forthe better.
But this transit will not seem especially lucky but circumstances
will run smoothly. Success with little efforts. Do not shirk to take
more responsibility as you will come out successfully. Aperiod for
building up your physical strength. Favour and recognition from
superiors and Govt. through your hard work.
345. Opposition Sun :- This is a discouraging and difficult
period and you may not be able to deal with the adversities of the
period. It is said that this is the most unfortunate and unfavourable
aspect that can happen in a nativity. This will give good position
but only to bring about fall. This indicates a conflict in one's
ambitious life which results in much sorrow. During this transit
one may resign from job or service. Displeasure and troubles
through Govt; and superiors. Improper circulation of blood
leading to heart attack so take care of the health. One becomes
selfish, jealous, has enmity and a tendency to adopt difficult paths.
Avoid excessive strain on your health lest it breaks down. Associ-
ates and people may not cooperate with you rather they will
oppose and create difficulties. You may create a situation leading
to break in a marriage or love relations. Domestic life will be
troubled. Avoid being discouraged and frustrated.
Note: - In such cases Sun is to be properly propitiated.
346 . Conjunction Moon :- Saturn Moon Conjunction in
transit indicates a native of good nature and takes interest in public
welfare. One wastes his money on luxurious pursuits and on
opposite sex, has love affairs with elder women or men, blessed
with conveyance, bold and healthy. But will be rash and indifferent
in temperament. One will gain in partnership with persons of equal
age. The position if occupied in upachaya houses viz 3rd, 1 0th or
nth, one will become wealthy and enjoys comforts. One's mind
will remain gloomy and worried.
The conjunction of Saturn with Moon, if Sa turn be significator
and Moon well dignified, makes the native of sound judgement
provided Mercury is free from affliction, but often unfortunate in
dealing with women or the common or lower order of mankind.
Unsettled, restless, fond of change although to get profit in the end.
If Moon, is ill dignified it denotes great misfortune, losses, instabil-
ity, fond of low company, obscure, infamous and an associate of
vilestprostitutes, and if Mercury cast a square or opposition aspect
on conjunction and Sunis ill dignified orinfall, one however highly
born will face financial difficulties during the transit. But if this
conjunction occurs in birth chart, one will become beggar and a
thief by nature and quits his lofty position to mingle with wretches
and vagabonds, and if Mars gives the aspect, one will have
untimely end.
If Moon be significator, and Saturn well dignified, the native
will be timorous, suspicious, austere, morse, reserved, of sound
judgement, laborious, coarse in manners and makes his fortune by
hard work.
If Saturn is ill dignified he is cruel, malicious, brutish
suspicious, fond of secret alliances, revengeful, generally hated
and avoided. Unfortunate by extremes.
If Jupiter irradicates the conjunction in any way, it will
mitigate the above evil effects, for an opposition of Jupiter is to be
held better than trine of Saturn or Mars.
During this transit you may become self critical and self
demanding. You may withdraw from others, difficultyin relations
with friends and women, will experience depression and inferiori-
ty complex. The best way to deal with this transit is not to take
things seriously. Do not make final decisions about emotions.
347. Sextile Moon Aperiod of self control and discipline to
deal with the complicated situation. Deal withdifficultrelationsfor
good ones. Not a good period to make a radical break with
traditions.Thismakesone very changeable, fearful and suspicious.
But if Moon be well dignified, he will be tolerably fortunate, much
admired by the vulgar and generally gain considerably by the
favour of or by the marriage with, love with, some lady of
348. Square Moon This makes the native wanderer and
vagabond, crooked, mean and sordid. Danger of fall, injury and
accident. Adifficult period for domestic life. You may feel lonely
and isolated from others. Depressed in love, Personal relations
with women will become under conflict, your job may make
demands that conflict with your domestic responsibilities. Your
parents may be source of concern to you. You may have to make
important changes in your life priorities, breaking of emotional or
love relations.
349. Trine Moon:- Aperiod of balance and harmony. Sober
in emotional attitude.Domesticlifewillbe happy. Good period for
business, and personal life such as buying and selling property,
repairs in the home and organizing your finances. Solace and gain
through old women. Plan for the future which will be favourably
350. Opposition Moon Emotional upset associated with
domestic or professional problems. Emotional depression, loneli-
ness and difficulties with opposite sex. Avoid romance and love
affairs lest they may break Personal relations with friends will be
difficult. Do not neglect your domestic life. Keep together your
personal life, your profession and other activities.
351 . Conjunction Mercury This is a time of serious and of
pessimistic thinking. Clever in cheating others and addicted to
licentious pleasures. Your intellectual and mental view point will
become narrow. Communications will not be to favourable. De-
pressed mental outlook may not make you worse andas such may
overlook important point and details of any work causing failures.
Plan the things carefully. Nervous system, speech and hearing are
denoted by Mercury and will cause affliction on such areas of
health. Avoid being too exacting and critical.
The conjunction of Saturn Mercury, if Saturn be significator
and Mercury well dignified, make the native subtle and crafty but
of sound judgement, deep learning and good education, one is
ready to acquire knowledge and retain it, success in literature
connected with profession, most amiable, superstitious and pe-
dantic .
If Mercury be ill dignified, one becomes weak minded,
conceited, talkative and ignorant. If itis inbad aspect with Sun, one
will have defective speech extremely dishonest, artful, swindler
and always unfortunate, mean and infamous.
If Mercury be significator and Saturn well dignified, the
native is fearful, suspicious, reserved, secretive, calculative, cau-
tious and frequently makes a fortune there by selfish, unsocial and
worthless ways.
In case Saturn is ill dignified, one becomes treacherous,
malignant, envious, and without abilities; of shallow judgement,
suspicious, dishonest and revengeful. If Moon be in conjunction
square or opposition to the place, frequently dumb, or silly and
352. Sextile Mercury You will be doing your work with
great discipline and concentration as you will be having clear idea
of your actions throughgood intellect. Good period for long range
planning and organisation, also for business transactions, invest-
ments and contracts. Afavourable period for serious study and
mental work. Do not be too much adamant on your view point.
Sharpened intellect.
353. Square Mercury Adifficult period for communica-
tions with others and problems arising from serious conflict of
view points. Disagreement with people around you, loved ones
and friendsand you will feel depressed, gloomy and worried and
lonely. Do not make decisions or invest. Be of amiable nature and
avoid mental confusion. Lungs and speech organs may not be
354. Trine Mercury :- Agood period for any mental work,
study, and doing hard work but not good for works requiring
initiative, inspiration and creativity. Good for planning and
organisation of various aspects of Life, Your actions and ideas
should be stable because they can be challenged in the future
strongly so you must be sure to face such challenge, rigidity will
make the circumstances worse. Be flexible.
355. Opposition Mercury :- Your ideas and plans during this
transit may be defeated. Resistance from outside to your actions
and thinking. Break down of communications. Hard work and
solid thinking during this transit can yield good results. Be confi-
dent and do not feel depressed. You should be rigid and fixed,
otherwise you will invite conflicts which may cause separations
and break in relations without any compromise. Care for health is
356 . Conjunction Venus :- This is very important conjunc-
tion having strong effects on your emotions and relationships with
others as they will go through a period of testing and examination.
It denotes sacrificial career in taking the hard road, chilling sense
of loneliness which develops the forms of happiness, seems like an
unreliable dreams. To accept his responsibility and carriers orto his
duties are more important than his own comfortsand advantages.
Faithful, comfortable period, new relations will be formed having
a profound significance.
During this period, you are likely to withdraw from others.
It is a period of austerity. Be conservative in financial matters and
avoid new financial ventures, investments, business etc.
The conjunction of Saturn with Venus, if Saturn be dignified
and significator, one will be libidious, much attached to men or
women, mild, quite, addicted to pleasure, tolerable fortunate,
gains through dealing in female dresses, toys,pleasure articles etc.
or musician or dance teacher, owner of ball room dancing etc.
If Venus be ill dignified, he is mean, effeminate, selfish either
ruins himself being infamous or marries a poor, or of bad character,
of different temperament, relations with women or men who will
render him miserable.
If Venus be significatorand Saturn well dignified,one will be
coward, wise, careful, loss of money which can be avoided by
superiors, caution and prudence, moderate in his desires, steady
and austere, slow and few words. If Saturn is ill dignified, native
is beastly, malignant and cruel,dissimulation, ignorant, stubborn
and envious. Bad fortune and misconduct.
357. Sextile Venus Saturn Venus sextile aspect during
transit of Saturn indicates relations between passions and limita-
tions or restrictions. So a period of practical ways, in the sense that
you will maintain relations and help others so long as the others
does the same. Fond of women and every degree of extravagance
connected with them. If Venus may be strong, one may marry to
advantage and rather gain by women, but if weak they will
generally lead him to dissipation and ruin or loss. The older
partners, friends will act as guide. Lo ve, romance and affectionare
subordinated to what you consider real and practical needs. Gain
through creative projects and craft works. Relations will become
358. Square Venus It indicates lust, vice and infamy. The
native is base, vicious, sometimes mean and prodigal connected
with infamous women leading to fall or ruin. Aperiod of tension
and difficulty in your relationships. Love may cool off and even
break during the transit. Relations with other people needs to be
watched carefully, which may go into conflict or break.
359. Trine Venus Stability in relationship. Love relations
will be practical thandull which help you. Atime to renewold and
broken relations. Older in age, such persons will be agood guide.
Favourable for business and professional work which involves
practical working.
36 0. Opposition Venus Aperiod of crisis in personal
relations. Love will be harder and cool. Aperiod of testing the
relations, difficult to establish new ones. You may feel lonely even
in the presence of your loved ones. Not a good period for creative
works, business etc. Material and financial adversity. Reorientation
in all spheres will help you, Reexamination of y our relations with
loved ones at present, tension can cause difficulties. There can be
conflict, separation and bickerings with loved ones and relation.
36 1 . Conjunction Mars Saturn Mars conjunction during
transit is of utmost importance. Astrong man of determination.
Once he selects his path, he has to advance helterskeler. No
deviation fromfhe viewpoints, targets,principles orobjects. There
can be no compromise. One may suffer financial loss due to his
brothers. Victory overenemies, which will be found inabundance,
argumentative and without any peace of mind. Thievish and
warlike nature. Avarice to interest of people. One may be troubled
through windy or bilious complaints. If conjunction happens in
3rd, 6 thor 1 0th house, one will be equal to a king, loved by all and
If Saturn be significator and Mars well dignified, makes the
native rash, unruly, quarrelsome, obdurate and cruel, Warlike but
coward sometimes by ill timed rashness or austerity. He will be
rendered unfit for it, and be cashiered or disgraced. If Mars be ill
dignified, one will be treacherous, of thievish nature as and when
one has opportunity.
If Mars be the significator, and Saturn well dignified, the
native will be coward, yet rash and cmeLhardened and of
incapable of forgiving. Gain through ancestral property and also
gain by labour, if Saturn be ill dignified, the native will be a
malignant,coward, hypocritica], treacherous, wicked and in tmubfw
and difficulties, yet often escape by betraying his companions and
generally finish his career by a miserable or violent death.
Atime of enormous frustration, hard work and disciplined
energy. Irritable, people or circumstances will be hard in your
efforts to do anything. Disputes and conflicts with others, you
should try not to threaten others, you can be a victim of other
people's aggressive intentions without any obvious stimulus on
your part, your health can be affected due to wounds, injury or
accidents. There can be complaint of Arthritis and rheumatism, so
take care of your health. Saturn indicates limitations, soyoushould
do work with limited scope but it requires hard work, do not make
fer reaching plans as you will not succeed. Avoid anger and do not
bring it out, do not act sullen and bitter, even covertly which will
bring equally anger and bitterness irom other people lest you are
victim of cruelty. This is an accident prone transit. Keep control on
your steering against rash driving and using harsh speech.
36 2. Sextile Mars Saturn sextile Mars during transit adds
adegreeofcourageto the natural timidity ofthe native. Itwill make
you generous though choleric, more bold, active, enterprising,
open and confident. You can do a thing, slowly but thoroughly.
Your actions should be controlled, reasonable and practical which
willhelp you. This is not a period forbig ideas. Yourefforts willbe
and should be more disciplined, to work long and hard whether it
is physical or mental, superiors and colleagues willbe helpful and
wiflgiveyoucredit. Modest objectives and hard work, all forms of
careful precise work and careful investment will pay you.
36 3. Square MarsOne may become treacherous, proud,
angry, ungrateful and wicked. You will be loser if not careful.
Your ambitions may provoke others to try to stop you or oppose
you in your work or social life or even personal or domestic life.
During your work with others, you will be bitter and antag-
onistic, which be avoided particularly unexpected burst of anger
to win others.
Do not be discouraged by failures and difficulties as this will
not last long. There can be accidents and injuries or broken bones,
so avoid unnecessary risk Keep control on rash driving etc.
36 4. Trine Mars Controlled activity during this transit in
any aspect of your life will pay you. Capable of doing hard work,
organize them with smallest details which can give you success.
Careful and controlled working will win you respect of others.
Favourable period for any kincLof work which requires precision
and concentrated efforts. Agood gainful period for metal or stone
work drawing up exact plans, building, grinding, polishing and
cutting especially with metal tools. Be contented and work slowly
to get your work done. Not a glamorous time but your actions can
lead to real and lasting accomplishments.
36 5. Opposition Mars : - Tins is an extremely difficult transit
because all your attempts will be failed with opposition of others,
do not feel frustrated, people, parente, officers and officials will be
a serious source of troubles to you. Do not be of revengeful nature.
Hard work physical activity and concentrated efforts will help you
to overcome thedifficulties.Duetorash actions accidents canoccur
or you may become victim of violent feelings. Avoid use of sharp
objects and fire arms. Take care of your health, and have your
medical check up.
36 6 . Conjunction JupiterAperiod of extreme restlessness
and impatience. You must work with restriction and avoid
overextension in the sphere of your life, so avoid bold action and
risk to take gain from Jupiter. You may be denied birth of Son
during this transit and experience strife, discomforts from your
children due to their odd behaviour.
If Jupiter is well dignified and Saturn is sigrrificator, the rrativi
will eain throueh rossessions and inhpHtance and profit from
articles under the ground and agriculture. The native will be
grave, sober, honest, slow and laborious. But if Jupiter is not
dignified, one will be dull, vain, superstitious, obstinate and
unfortunate. Be careful about your working. During this peri-
ods, you may expect change of job or residence, change in
financial status, solitude and conflicts with others. If your are
disciplined and work with patience, you will gain.
36 7. Sextile Jupiter You should work very hard during
this period and take advantage of every opportunity forgrowth
and expansion. Afavourable period for business and profes-
sional works and your employees, superiors, officers to get
appreciation and good will. Also for intellectual and spiritual
growth. Long plans made now will be completed successfully.
36 8. Square Jupiter :- If Saturn squares Jupiter it causes
great troubles and sufferings,persecution by the clergy and loss
through own mean actions, folly or selfishness. Restriction will
come to youin your working. LTnfavourable for finances, busi-
ness or profession. Change in environments and restlessness.
Change in job or residence is possible. You may experience
frustration in your work. Children may irk and oppose you.
36 9. Trine Jupiter :- Aperiod of balance and order.
Hard work for financial gain. Business and profession will
be smooth. Attitude toward life will be pragmatic and
practical. Help and favour from superiors, officers and
persons in power and authority. The attitude of give and
take will be favourable. Older persons will favour you. A
good period for business, contracts and investments. Plan
your things with foresight.
370. Opposition Jupiter :- Saturn will put restrictions and
limitations on your growth, opportunities and expansion
avenues .There may be financial problems especially if you will
overextend pausing you restlessness and impatience,so be pa-
tient and carry out readjustments.Challenge and opposition to
your working and ideas can be possible. Make things more sure
and more stable. Do not start anything new. Relations with others
are likely to be strained and you may not face trials, separation and
conflicts tosecure freedom. It is not agood time for expansion. Grief
from children.
371 . Conjunction Saturn Saturn conjunction to natal
Saturn during transit will be most important in your life. Great
changes will take place. Saturn will have a great impact. This
conjunction occurs after about every 29 years and second at age of
58 or 6 0 years approximately. In case you are passing through
second conjunction, analyse what happened 29 years ago and be
ready for those circumstances.
In the first phase of conjunction, you will feel ending or
change of relations, residence orj ob. Alter 29 years of age and of 58
years or so a substantial portion of life has passed and during this
period too you may experience above points you may retire from
service, change your residence or end many relations.
You may suffer financial loss during the transit, may cause
radical changes and after the period you will be better. This is a time
of endings and new beginnings.
372. Sextile SaturnThis will be aperiod of easy and pretty
time, which, much depends upon your demands and restriction
you play within, overall a period of success. Relations with other
persons will be normally good and you can pave way out diHcr-
ences with others if any. Be methodical and practical in your
working. Plan the things for future.
373. Square SaturnAcritical period of tests, tensions, crisis
of confidence, fearing of your wrong decisions. Others may create
dilliculties for you m business or professional sphere with your
insecurity. Superiors and persons inauthority will not be congenial
when your actions will be questioned. Avoid conflicts and argrt-
ments. This transit will not be good if the previous difficulties are
not surmounted. Increased responsibihty with hard work with
good analysis, otherwise you will face troubles and difficulties
through your superiors and colleagues. Relations with others will
prove difficult and may break up even.
374. Trine Saturn Atime of planning and preparation for
achieving you desires and goals, and what others want you to
attain. Your business and profession wiUmnsmoothly. Superiors
and employers will be happy and rewarding, relations with others
will be more stable now. Good understanding with others. Good
for work Not a time of testing. Keep the past incidents in view and
be benefited from them. You should have an open and flexible
mind for future success. Continue to improve your life as well as
business or profession.
Your outlook onlifehas reached a point of equilibrium. You
have agood understanding of how to lookat life, and il works well
enough that you may not question it very much. Continue to
examine yourself for improvement. Even if your life is satisfactory
now, itmay not always be. It helps to have a contingency plan for
those times when Saturn either squares or opposes its own natal
375. Opposition Saturn An important transit which occurs
after every 1 4to 1 5 years of life. In the last opposition 1 4or 1 5 years
ago, you made a series of new beginnings and entered anewphase
of awareness about hfe. You may have changed a job for new one
in ne w field. Old relations may have ended and new ones begun.
So prepare a check list of such happenings which will now be
During the last square of Saturn to your natal Saturn 7 years
ago, you were facing trials and difficulties and if those have been
cleared, this transit will be good otherwise difficult one. Old
failures not handled properly earlier will now irk you. If treated
properly, you will gain now.
In your work you may reach a peak of success, increased
responsibility, extreme hard work but very successful. On the
other hand, you will find that you are working on wrong lines,
causing difficulties in your work dissatisfaction. Your efforts may
be blocked by co- workers and superiors. Your good work even
may be criticised causing you self doubt and despair. Relations
which are in muddle for the last several years may now break up
In case you are working positively, this transit indicates a
material peak in your life, making agood impactupon others. If the
experience is not good, during the next 1 4 or 1 5 years you will
gather the resources forthenext try, beginning atthenext conjunc-
tion of Saturn with your natal Saturn. However, there can be a
productive periods during that time if you can clear out whatever
is not working now.
376 . Conjunction Rahu This time will need for social
conformity as a means of protecting personal security. One will not
be much respectful to religion and customs. Problems in finances,
profession and business will be faced causing mental depression.
Worries and anxieties will dominate and one may feel lonely.
Selfless service to public will be favourable indicating financial gain
and helpful to others
377. Sextile/Trine/Rahu/Ketu Excellent working habits.
One will have broad and serious outlook and stick to them. More
hard work will be better rewarded. Emotional and spiritual
maturity is seen during the period.
378. Square/Rahu/Ketu This is quite a strange aspect to
such an extent that limitations in life are doubly significant. This
position will give loneliness. Life seems to be fated. Call it fate,
Karma or whatever you will, it is that aim which we can do little
about except surrender to it in strict discipline.
379. Conjunction Ketu Saturn conjuncting natal Ketu
indicates that one may be involved in antisocial activities or will
have reclusive behaviour, he will not have much respect for
religious ceremony and festivities. He will have negative outlook
towards the life with the result that he will get frustrated and
depressed. When desired success will not be forthcoming. It is a
malefic transit and to be handled cautiously. Quite often,one will
witness death of relations or someone, he knows. However the
relative or acquaintance is not a close one, so this may not be
personally unfortunate after all. Do not start anything new. Blessed
with male issues, strong determination.
380. Opposition Rahu Sacrifice or surrender is the key-
word. Success is hard to achieve where Saturn's position is located
by sign and house. They just have to go through worldly and
unworldly experiences and then significance of patience. Things
will occur as late as possible.
381 . Opposition Ketu Failures in attempts, financial loss
undone will incur wrath of officers and superiors. Separation from
loved ones. Depression of mind and difficulties with finances,
profession and business. Conflict can occur with friends and
382. Conjunction Uranus This is extremely powerful
transit indicating change, a time of tension and sudden release.
Your sudden actions will annoy the people around you, find new
things that will make you more exciting anstimulating. It is a planet
of rebellion especially if its action is blocked for a long period of
time, as it is now. Unbearable pressure and sudden break in
relations, an oppressive job, or your place of residence,without
warning any body. But ill patient, and hard working.
383. SextileUranus : - You dothe work with patience, willing
to give everything a chance to prove itself. This is an excellent time
for studying and teaching others. Working with other people will
be beneficial. Your life will become stable now with the past
experiences of various changes. Try new approaches, do not reject
challenges, try to adapt yourself to circumstances because during
Saturn conjoins or square your natal Uranus it will be difficult to
adopt the challenges and then forced to make these changes.
384. Square Uranus This as an extremely upsetting and
tense period if you remain rigid in your working. Your plans will
be thwarted by people or by the circumstances and you will feel
tense which will increase, compelling you to take some radical
actions in an unexpected way to change them. So you should be
flexible to the abrupt changes. This tension will reflect on your
nervous system. Accidents can take place. Difficult to maintain
relations with relatives, friends and people around you, which may
undergo changes and may even break up. Disfavour fromsuperi-
ors. Any changes we fail to make now will cause greater troubles
inaboutsevenyears, when Satum opposes orconjoinsyour natural
385. Trine Uranus Atime of balance and stability between
old andnew into your life. The last changes are not part of your life.
You will become quite patient with the environments and happen-
ings, you will find need for change, without rushing out and over
throwing everything, you will make changes inan orderly manner.
So your superiors will appreciate your disciplined approach and
working. So work slowly and patiently. Do not remain in a rat.
386 . Opposition Uranus : - During this upsetting period, you
may feel troubles in your relationships with relatives, wife, and
people around you. Upsetting changes can occur.You will be
irritated by the people. The above relationship may evenbe broken.
Do not try to sit back gain and bear it calmly and not fly off the
handle, ft requires changes to make rather to wreck them by
obstinacy and rigid ity. Such readjustments will go along way and
to your benefit. Disciplined working will pay you.
387. Conjunction Neptune Saturn Neptune Conjunction
during transit indicates that one has to bear with negative attitude
which will be quite upsetting. This conjunction indicates confu-
sion, self doubt, uncertainty and disturbing attitude towards life.
This transit makes the things worse than they actually are. You may
suffer against chronic illness, so better have a medical check up.
388. Sextile Neptune :- Helpful in spiritual and material life
as it is a time for sober and deep understanding abo of serious
thinking. This is a way to success during this transit. Working with
religious and charitable institutions will be gainful through hard
work Avoid egotism otherwise there will be great crisis. There is
a danger of taking your own actions too seriously, so be cautious
about this aspect.
389. Square Neptune :- Saturn Neptune square during
transit is a time of great uncertainty and possible confusion. Your
objectives will be unclear and you may not be able to cope with day
to day affairs, so keep your affairs simple as you will be over-
whelmed. Not a time of robust confidence. Saturn rules the way
you view reality, while Neptune rules your ideals. Disappoint-
ments , discouragement and pessimism are all likely effects of this
transit. You will feel insecure. Do not make any permanent
decisions or commitments. This is not the best time for making any
changes. Physical and health problems can arise, so take good care
of your body and get medical check up.
390. Trine Neptune :- At this time you will reach a new
understanding of your own being and the world around you which
will be to your advantage. An excellent time for studies, yoga,
metaphysics, spiritualism and mysticism and put them in practice,
take part selflessly in movements and activities with a logical
391 . Opposition Neptune :- Atime of extreme inner conflict
which will affect your relations with others, you may become self
critical and uncertain about your ideals. You make great demands
upon yourself, but these will hardly be accomplished and you may
feeldisappointmcnts.Depression, unfulfilled responsibilities,guilt,
remorse and self doubt are the outcome of this transit. Everything
will seem worse than actually it is. Irrational sense of fear like
haunting you of ghosts etc but illusion is indistinguishable from
reality. It is one of the most difficult of all transits. Make your life
simple, reduce the demands, concentrate on the very concrete
aspects or reality. Not a good period to study occult sciences etc.
392. Conjunction Pluto :- There will be changes in structure
of your life but not suddenly or without warning. Some thing will
end or an old order of life will cease. Financial problems will come
your way, heavy burden will be imposed upon you by officers and
Govt; restricting the freedom of movements. Your health may also
be affected due to some accident. Keep one thing in mind that,
Saturn gives form to Pluto as well as repress it, and it is much more
393. Sextile Pluto You can work hard and face difficult
situations than before for a gainful work Favour from your
subordinates. Professionaladvancementcanbe there. Yourefforts
will be fruitful and rewarding. Diligence to the tasks in hand is
394. SquarePluto:- This transit canbe adifficulitimelnyour
life. Changes will not be possible due to world around you.
Ambitions and plans will be frustrated. Cut down your expenses
toavoid financial troubles. Aperiod ofunrest and destruction, you
may be associated with violent incidents, so take care making you
upset. Degree of detachment will pay you favourably. Pluto rules
breakdown and rebuilding and that is exactly what you are forced
to do. If you will do voluntarily, it will be easier and smoother.
395. Trine Pluto .- Yourhardworkwillfulfillyour ambitions.
Yogaand meditation willbe particularly effective. In your profes-
sion you will advance in an impressive and effective way. Others
will be helpful and willing to work with you for the completion of
job. Strongest effects willbe on psychological level. You will notice
that you are more effective and make a greater impact. This canbe
a extremely useful transit.
396 . Opposition Pluto Saturn opposition Pluto during
transit indicates a mixture of success failures. In order to succeed
in your profession and personal levels, you must control your
needs and wants. But you have to work very hard having many
responsibilities. This transit will indicate physical strain and over-
work and as such you take care of your health enemies will be
On the failure or negative side, your desires and hopes will
meet with disappointments.
Rahu and Ketu do not exist in the heavens and possess no
mass. They areonly two imaginaiypoints in the heavens. These are
known as Moon's Nodes. Rahu is known as Dragon's Plead and
Ketu as Dragon's Tail.
Western astrologers do not take Moon's nodes into consid-
eration, for the reason that Nodes have no physical bodies. If we
accept this point then M.C and Ascendant too have no physical
bodies and should not be taken into account. In Hindu astrology
these nodes are called Rahu and Ketu whereas in Western
literature they are frequently called Caput Draconis and Cauda
Draconis- Head and Tail of the celestial Dragon in the West. So it
will be erroneous to miss the most potent influence in the affairsof
man. Many Western learned astrologers have written books on
Nodes like George White, author of "the Moon, Nodes and their
importance in Natal Astrology", Adamuir has written a book
titled, "The book of the Nodes and the Parts of Fortune", and like
that Mohan Koparkar" LunarNodes', Bernice Prill Grebner"Lunar
Nodes- New concepts" and the like other authors and learned
astrologers have s tressed the use and importance of Rahu andKetu
in predictive astrology both in Natal Chart as well as by transits.
But recently Westerners have recognised Rahu and Ketu.
In view of the above, we have to take into account the effects
of Nodes. Varahmihirainhis book 'Brihat Samhita' has also taken
note of the effects.
There is a fundamental difference in Rahu andKetu and other
planets. The other planets are bodies of physical mass, actually
existing in the sky and visible to the eye having form, shape and
colour and their mass, gravity, atmosphere, motion, distance from
the Sunetc.whichhavebeenstudiedand ascertained in details. On
the other hand, Rahu and Ketu are only two imaginary points in
heavens, without shape and form. They are points of inter section
of the apparent of path of the Sun, with the path oftheMoon.As
these paths are circular, the points of intersection are two which are
1 80 degrees apart.
Rahu is 'The GIVER and Ketu, 'The TAKERwhich is
indicated by the house position of Rahu and Ketu in the Natal
Chart. An afflicted Rahu, attracts blessings according to house it
occupies, while Ketu robs us of coveted prizes. So where everKetu
is posited in horoscope, that area of life needs more efforts than the
opposite area. They do better in 3,6 ,1 0and 1 1 houses. Cases of
abortions, still births, death of children,happiness from children,
all come under the influence of Rahu and Ketu. Same is the case
with signs where they are placed. So their placement by signs and
houses is the very important in the predictive Astrology.
Natal planets work as Aerials of Wireless Receiving sets in
Human body. Here in the planets pick up the radio activity from
the cosmos, transmit it to the Human body producing psycho-
physical changes. Transits are more powerful and enable us to
predict the effects of the current period. In Hindu Astrology,
Transit is treated as most important. Rahu and Ketu have a strong
bearing on events in one's hfe; naturally their transits cannot be
ignored and are to be studied through houses (earlier explained in
a separate chapter), on Natal planets and when Natal planets
transit over Rahu and Ketu in one's horoscope.
The Node transitsitsownplaceinabirthchartinl8- 2/3years
and is opposite to its place in 9- 1 /3 years. These are importan tyears
and should be noted for the effects of the Nodes. If the Nodes are
adversely aspected at birth, then these years are of sorrows and
trials according to the house position of the Nodes, reverse if they
are well aspected at birth, the 1 8- 2/3 years periods markat the time
to the acquisition of some desired object. So their transit through
the houses be carefully noticed as they have a powerful effect.
Rahu has the influence of Jupiter- Venus Conjunction, it gives
much opposition and respect for the area by house where Rahu is
located or transiting. There is a popularity in this place with
optimism and cheerfulness. This is a lucky place. However, to be
more accurate, also take the sign occupied in consideration.
Ketu has the influence of Mars conjunct Saturn. In Ketu too
much accent of Saturn can produce fear and hold the Mars action
back. This can give poor timings, Mars represents energy and
Saturn, a cycle of time. With the combination we need to take stock
of the issues involved and do something about them. There is an
ambition for power where Ketu is located by house or is in transit.
The trick is to use the energy of Mars at the right amount by
discipline of Saturn in an area of selfless service rather than over-
In Hindu Astrology it is a dictum "Rahu Vat Sard, Kuj Vat
Ketu."means Rahu acts as Saturn, and Ketu as Mars.
In view of the above discussion, we must detail the effects of
Rahu and Ketu in sign which have not so far been provided. This
is with reference to their placement in birth chart.
26 0
Whenever Rahu is in Aries, Ketu will naturally be in Libra.
Their axis is always complimentary to each other. So the delinea-
tion of Ketu in the opposite sign.
Rahu/Ketu posited in dual sign and in Conjunction with or
aspected by the rulers of the 6 th, 8th or the 1 2th house will cause
loss of elder brother or father or the native. But if they are connected
with an angle or trine ruler, the wealth, power, status etc. will be
conferred on the native.
Rahu identical to its exalted sign Taurus placed in an angle or
trine gives political power and fame. He will have all comforts of
life and will become the chief of his family. Exalted signis Taurus,
but not Gemini as many believe.
Rahu placed in Taurus,Cancer or Aries gives wealth, educa-
tion,good servants, pleasing wifeorhusband and benefits from the
Dramatic instinct is strong and there is usually plenty of self
command. There will be auspicious ceremonies in the house,
acquisition of lands, perfect domestic harmony and happiness.
Failure to keep both hands tied up may cause loss of many
successful opportunities. One is brave, energetic, generous and
diplomate. Sexy, enterprising, social in family. Fortunate, sound
health, blackmole on the face. If weak causes much troubles and
great losses and accidents.
One has sense of mastership and a democratic vie wof human
necessity. There will be pilgrimage to shrines and holy places and
increase in philosophical knowledge. Will try all his best to live
nicely and comfortably and struggle to at least to maintain his
karma status. Inclined to spiritulism, interest in religious and holy
places. Philosophical thoughts ancient and traditional culture,loss
of wealth and progney, billious, more than one partner, gain of
wealth in foreign land, speech defect and unfortunate.
26 1
There will be very marked sense of humour coupled with the
desire to be just to all, makes him an admirable character, if he tries
to isolate and withdraw from society, the circumstances force him
to be with others. One has the power to suggest or transfer ideas
to others at a distance and foresee events. He has seldom a chance
or an opportunity to cultivate his emotional and material base.
Jovial, just, social, intuitive, independent, self confident,
immagination, interest in science. So fortunate that one hardly
need to work. Strong, loss of brothers. Generous and cooperative
with every body. Long life.
One will have a keen interest in new ideas and enterprises if
they relate to home comforts. Family cohesion is important to you.
Some pride is shownandatendency to boost family pres tige is also
there. One may show a colder exterior, but you can get to him
through proper emotionalism. One would like to serve the suf-
ferersand will have enthusiasm for national services. Success and
gain in latter life, but after difficulties. Emotional and boastful.
Tense, amourous, hot tampered and many friends.
You have the capacity to carry forward the large enterprises
and tosupervise others and capableofundertaking responsibilities
very early in life. The mental harmony is possibly his greatest
charm. Strong selfconditioning and self confidence is noticed in
him. You will build new houses and will travel in foreignland. Self
made, much property, Recognition, wealthy. Late progney. If in
lagna loss of virility.
Social desires are very pronounced and there is often much
stability and perseverance. He has been given many opportunities
in this life, but at the same time, he has to achieve them very
methodically. Thus, he can not skip and go on to the next game.
There will be sudden gain of much wealth. Ambitious, stable,
blackmale in the back fatal end due to fall, injury or accident. Sex
with status woman.
26 2
One will be mild and gentle, dignified and upright. One will
have a sense of justice, achieve many successes in life without
fighting for them and just utilising his mental energies. He may not
be after materialistic comforts and luxuries openly but will have
many comforts in life. Late marriage, much displeasure and
unhappiness after that. One is fondof opposite SCXand passionate.
Loss of wealth, Billious. If well aspected very good results.
Comforts and luxuries.
There will be steady accomplishment and mental discord,
robs him of much pleasure in life. One will go from one extreme
stage of living to another during his life. Your hidden motives and
energies are strong and he will use them where ever he has to. As
long as no body disturbs him, he will be quite, polite, and gentle.
Hemay forget, but never forgives, what others do to him. Excited
when challenged. Portunate through a noble partner. Govt;
honour, fair and just.
Desires for direct results leads to impatience and impulses.
Choosing a path of independence and isolation. He will take keen
interest in public life and affairs, but is apt to over reach himself. He
will achievesubstantial esoteric knowledge or understanding with
or without being involved in the occult. He is very much interested
in material things as well as in the human emotionalism. Love and
respect for partner, happy children. Prosperous, learned and
impressive, Paith in God, hasty and impatient. Ocult learning.
You will do lot of things outside home. You are endowed
withgrace and idealism, have muchcapacity for others and interest
in seeing those in his own circle, accumulates wealth. You are
logical in arguments, takes an interest in politics, like grandeur, in
buildings and gives of his substance to the weaker and less
fortunate persons. Much travelling. Sex with beauties and high
class women and misuse of wealth. Gain through foreigners.
26 3
Wealth progney, Honour, fame late in life. Graceful, Sympathetic,
interest in Politics. Generous and helping.
Be humane, mix with others and help them to solve their
problems. You will have tendency to neglect Home or office routine
if these interfere with your social ambitions. Your innovations and
abilities to tackle situations is quite amazing. Unpredictability is
always on your side which you have difficulty dealing within life.
Much strife and disputes with relatives, friends and brothers.
Indifferent to home and business to achieve his ambitions. Innova-
tive. Diplomatic but unpredictable in his actions.
Endurance in research work persistence and efficiency as
well as desire for the minutest accuracy mark the influence in life.
Your decision may not be logical on the surface, but you will not
care in that respect. Dealing with people and their emotions is
important to you as you like to exchange of feelings in the world to
keep you happy. Few sons whereas you are industrious and
reputed. Loss through wandering.
In Hindu Astrology Rahu and Ketu aspects 5th 7th and 9th
houses. As explained in chapter4, the aspect to 5thand9th houses
is called trine and 7th house aspect is called opposition in Western
and Hindu Astrology. In addition conjunction is common to both
Hindu and Western Astrology. Square and Sextile are aspects to
4thand lOthhouses and to 3rd and 1 1 th houses respectively, these
are also used in Hindu Astrology. So now we deal with Rahu and
Kem in aspects. In this case the aspects workupto 1 0 Degrees orb.
397. Sun If gives advantage to the Rahu area. This aspects
provides strong personal elevation wherever Sun is located. The
destiny often helps them in most of the ways it can during life.
Responsibilities are often given to themjust as they are ready for
them. People do lose their mates somehow, since this puts auto-
matically Kem in 7th (marriage) to the Sun.
26 4
398.Moon Agood personality, admired by all, great
internal emotional satisfaction for the native. Venus will play an
important role in the life of a native.
399. Mars One will have strong interest in athletic or
physical activities. The position over stimulates and some times
exaggerate sexual arousal. Strong assistance from friends, brothers
and sisters in getting ahead in life or vice versa.
400. MercuryOne has good communicative talent and their
energies seem to come from unknown sources. Such aspects have
psychic values. Itgivesgood spirits and cheerful native. Assistance
on mutual exchange basis from brothers and sisters is highly
significant in the life.
401 . Jupiter : - It is a sign of good luck. In this aspect, higher
philosophies and excellent wisdom flow through the native. This
aspect does provide good material possessions and often financial
success. One will be fortunate if someone is born with Jupiter Rahu
in Conjunction.
402. Venus The person with this Conjunction is affection-
ate, sexy and warm hearted. Good things in life will come easily.
One becomes popular amongst women and with opposite sex.
Marriage relations will be successful.
403. Saturn : - It gives considerable patience to fulfillfhe work
of balancing the Nodes. All their learning experiences and limi-
tations are properly analysed and utilised in order not to make the
same mistake again. The health may remain afflicted.
404. Uranus :- He is adventurer and romantically eccentric.
His mind is wayahead of masses. Considerable utilisation of built
up nervous energy is often well channeled by these individuals,
depending upon the house position of the Conjunction. Heart
troubles andSun stroke will afflict your health. Accident can occur
which will be completely out of the individual's ability to control.
405. Neptune :- One is generous, hospitable, of sympathetic
nature, and ready to help all in need. His sensitivity and awareness
is very keen This seems to be a favourable Karma. Natal charts of
many composers or musicians have nodes with or squaring
26 5
406 . Pluto ;- Thisgivesex problems of some kind orproblems
concerning partner's money. Basically it is a kanrvic plane trespon-
sibleto give rewardorpunishment, utilising the Plutonian means.
This all too often seems to indicate a confrontation with death or
problems dealing with the occult. Rahu or Ketu in Conjunction or
affliction with Pluto can increase any changes of glandular prob-
lems or in the case of the women, female organ problems.
407. Sun This gives a greater difficultyin establishing the
new growth. This aspect indicates lack of physical vitality and
general suppression of ego. Often a conflict with father.
408. Moon : - Circulatory problems or difficulties with diges-
tive system are quite common for these people. Possible difficulties
can concern home lifeor canbe connected with the public, mother,
others or women in general.
409. Mars : - Action and fear need to be balanced. Circulatory
problems or blood difficulties can be a normal for these people.
Indulgence and misuse of physical power, sex and energies.
41 0. Mercury :- This may make the person suspicious,
outspoken andsome what tyrannical. This gives a fluctuating type
of mind .Judgement canbe poor, and so the person may not begood
at giving advice. .Nervous system, in general, can be affected
41 1 . Jupiter :- It gives a great love of adventure, always
seeking new experiences. Those people oftenlearnto overcome the
materialistic barrier eitherby choice orby heavenly force. Based on
rest of the chart, the happiness from the children might be a void
issue to these people.
41 2. Venus :- This does not exactly favour happiness. One
becomes sensitive, and cannot express his affection comfortably.
They face several hidden problems regarding love and romance.
With people of opposite sex, there canbe great sacrifice to an ideal
love. Such perrsons are very passionate and sexy.
41 3. Saturn :- Sacrifice or surrender is the key word here.
Success is hard to achieve where Saturn is located by sign and
26 6
house. They just have to go through worldly and unworldly
experiences and then with the significance of patience. Things have
a tendency to occur as late as possible.
41 4. Uranus The person with this aspect is eccentric with
fitful energy which limits him in making good use of his talents. It
is not good for marriage or partnership because it gives too great
a desire for freedom. Their methods will be strange as far as others
are concerned.
41 5. Neptune This person must be careful of drug and sex
abuse, and over s timulation of the imagination fromover idealistic
The aspect will give the individual the ability to inhale
spiritual and idealistic thoughts and goals to organise and restruc-
ture the individuality.
41 6 . Pluto He seems forced to project himself into a
separative action. They will not hesitate to use deslructing for the
sake of construction but only as a last resort. Keeping peace and
harmony will be their motto.
41 7. Sun This seem to put a stronger than usual accent on
the Sun and its position. Under this condition, one has to adjust to
the right degree. It is difficult for him to arrive at success in life in
this period. The action and stress seem to come out at the Sun's
41 8. MoonThis willgive problems for one's health Peculiar
emotional imbalance is produced. The action and stress seem to
come out at the Moon's position and through problems with
women. It is best to release the feelings in some way.
41 9. Mars Cruelty and stern nature is indicated by this
aspect. It gives impatience and may disturb the physical vitality
which can cause physical Sufferings.Of ten one finds that they have
no energy when they have a lot to do and vice versa. It gives much
sexual energy, sometimes to the point of promiscuity.
420. Mercury It makes the person seem aloof. There is a
tendency to fault finding to the point of exaggeration They need
26 7
to communicate in order to feel good, but they are frequently
unable to do so for no specific reasons. Hidden tension with
brothers or sisters are often experienced.
421 .Jupiter : - Aperson is atone extreme or another, neverin
the middle of the road. Hindrances in good luck or opportunities
are often seen in this aspect. For these people learning fromchildren
is quite common and prominent. He can be a revolutionary and
422. Venus : - There will be numerous love affaiis.lt can not
deny love but puts several obstacles that one must overcome. This
aspect is not good for lasting love and tends to make a person
tyrannical andjealous.
423. Saturn Limitations in life are doubly significant. This
position will give loneliness. The life seems to be fated and you have
to surrender to it in strict discipline.
424. Uranus One can be moody and sensitive to reckless-
ness. Defiant strange ways and means are utilised to achieve things
in life. He has a love for drastic actions. You can be compelled to
take risks making him accident prone.
425. Neptune You may get false satisfaction inthesense that
many times this aspect indicates two sides of the nature, a pull
between utter idealism and over sensitivity with power hungry
426 . Pluto He seems forced to project himself into a
separative action. In this respect, life is fullof actions and suppres-
sion of actions without any significant events. If pre- planned and
properly executed, ideas of such people have a substantially great
influence over others.
These aspects have already been explained earlier.
427. Sun :- This aspect provides good popularity, personal
elevation and execution of proper ego for that individual. Correct
and constructive actions come naturally to successfully fulfill the
destiny of the Nodes. Circumstantial assistance in getting recog-
nised in the world.
26 8
428. Moon You will have calm and steady emotional
nature. In a male chart, it attracts a woman who will help him. It
gives a cheerful temperament. The health is affected beneficially
and the personality comes across well with the public.
429. Mars Added physical energies or reserve strength is
indicated. It can give a feelings of independence because of the
'Vital nature' these people have. Assistance from brothers or to
them is very prominent in this person's life.
430. Mercury This is an intellectually stimulating aspect.
Trine aspect is good for an as trologer. All aspects to Mercury have
psychic value. Their communication and externalisation has a
magnetic force associated with that which others can not help but
431 . Jupiter Financially good luck and material success
without sacrificing anything. This aspect indicates whole hearted
pursuits of the nodal position and aids in an effective way. In this
aspect, proper use of knowledge and wisdom is shown by the
individual. Fie is also the philosopher.
432. Venus : - One will be attracted towards beautiful women
with much charm of manner and they can expect better financial
luck This gives a nature that is dependable and well able to put
actions behind the feelings of affection.
43 3. Satum: - Excellent working habits to the native. One may
see the serious broad view and stick to it. In this aspect, the harder
the person works, better will be his reward. Emotional and
spiritual maturity is seen even in early life.
434. Uranus :- It can express best himself through humanitar-
ian and social reform. Brilliant ideas and innovative things are
often associated with this aspect. One good thing about these
people is they know how to, and when to, use their unusual
435. Neptune "i- The person is talented in music and arts, or
has a great appreciation of them. Strong sense of responsibility or
of spirituality or even mediumistic attitude to the individual. It
inclines him to metaphysical studies. Fie seeks me seemingly
26 9
436 . Pluto Even the good aspects to Pluto caube separative,
but the separation is for good. Their temper, when not in control,
is quite destructive, not only to them, but to their surroundings as
well. It denotes force and depth.
Destiny is a guide time, which has forceful powers over the
lifeof a pe isons.If onedoes not believe in Nodes, he will miss some
of the best aspects to his chart. If the person craves for something
with all has heart, why he should not gauge his efforts to coincide
with the luckiest possible dates ?
Transitting Conjunction and opposition of either Rahu or
Ketu to the natal planets are of great importance. Other aspects are
minor and not considered. Transiting aspects of other planets are
minor and not considered. Transiting aspects of Nodes to natal
planets are different than the transiting aspects of other planets to
natal planets. Freewill has the most significant freedom to the two
transiting connections ie, when the destined Node are making
significant aspects to the natal planets, the free Will existence is at
its minimum. The destiny will play its important role inhis life and
he has very little to choose.
437. Sun :- This indicates the events of ego and identity. The
desire for him to be in prominence and limelight will be strong.
Success or failure will mainly depend on his own outlook to the
developments at this time. One should remain active in work to
achieve good success. Reward for work donecanbe expected, try
to avoid overdoing the things. Good period to achieve whatever
you want, provided youdo the things ina planned way. This aspect
brings recognition anda personal elevation. When transitting Rahu
trines Sun and orJupiter, this is a lucky aspect and needsonlyminor
planets to set it off.
438. Moon '.- One will be most creative causing happiness to
all loved ones. This often leads to gloomy days before the transit
completes, but one will have a sigh of rehef and a smile on his face
when this Conjunctionpasses on. It willbegoodforyouifyou share
the happy influence with someone so that he can take the full
ad vantage of it. Women in general will play an important role in hi
life at this time. One will be more practical than imaginative to his
profession or business for good and successful results. Reahzation
of debts, his suggestions will be useful for those who are in distress
or doldrums. An important interview could work out to your
advantage which will have lasting value.
439. Mars The transit would give tremendous amount of
energy and urge to dp things which the person would not want to
do in normal course. New projects started now and those already
in progress will yield good profit and progress. The person should
stick to his chosen patii or action, get around it tactfully, do not let
others to interfere to cause him to lose his temper or his good
judgement he should use his own discretion. In female's chart, this
transit signifies a strong male figure and his dominance in her life
at this time. This creative energy is at high peak, but one should not
loose by haste, excess or over enthusiasm. Accident prone tenden-
cies, over work and crossing the endurance limit should be
carefully watched. High blood pressure and irritable behaviour
will be common during this transit. By acting with common sense
and caution to make best use of this time. Select what is sound and
reject the erratic.
440. Mercury This is a positive transit with regard to
activities of natal Mercury and is likely to bring sudden changes.
Change in working method or home will be profitable or to switch
from the old to new. Changes in job are indicated. Brain strain and
fatigue be avoided. One will be involved in affairs of brothers and
sisters. Understand view points of others, but is not to be imposed
upon or lured into some emotional matter that is basically unreli-
able and unstable. If Mercury was retrograde at birth, use this
period with your excellent and intellectual endowments.
441 . Jupiter: - Atime to have substantial control over finances
and philosophies. Have self confidence, work in conventional
methods. His general attitude is well balanced by his desires and
proper circumstantial support. Be conservative. Adecision now
made will be excellent in the long ru a Popularity will increase with
charm and generosity of heart and mind with interest in others.
Over ambitiousness, wrong ambitions and failure to cooperate
with others may not create any danger. Keep control on diet to
avoid weight gain.
442. Venus : - Acooling down influence in love and romance.
It is a disturbing one but has a stabihsing influence. Avoid emo-
tional affairs. Some sober and hannonious relation may develop
making you happy, and will bring prosperity on material side.
Controloverindulgence. Amarriage now will belucky forlove and
finances. Agood business, stable income if not in abundance. So
take good careofyourmoney, avoid spending on pleasures. Avoid
over enthusiasm.
443. Saturn Efforts will not be appreciated. limitation in
working may arise. Satumian problems will come acute. Old habit
hard to break now seem easier to cope with. Good for new
experiences. Change follows change, you should compromise with
the si lualion with patience and good stamina. But be confident thai
all teste during this period will be for your benefits. Olderpersons,
older ideas and methodology working will be beneficial. Their
assistance and advice will be a guiding source and specially for
spiritual growth during this transit.
444. Rahu You will save from your income. Examine
business changes carefully, be careful what is available now may
be good, but it may not come out to be as promising as it looked to
be. Avoid any type of indulgence and keep care of diet. Avoid risks
but a progressive change with opportunity that is both exciting,
profitable and sound will be favourable. Be generous, broad
minded, friendly and sociable. Proceed carefully to deal with
superiors, credit, reputation etc. Do what you are sure and stick to
the schedule.
445. Uranus Aperiod of constructive or favourable events
farming situations. Optimism and stimulated ego plus the desires
of self assertions comes to the fore. Do not take undue risks orrely
too much on your ability to speak his mind or to act too eccentri-
cally. Be deliberate and forceful at the same time and he can find
unusual luck in the months ahead.
446 . Neptune :- Transit of Rahu over Neptune often brings
about various psychic or spiritual experiences. Often deep rooted
creative talent comes out without prior warning. Self delusion or
loss ofindividualitymay occur if Neptune was afflicted in the natal
chart. The Conjunction of Rahu Neptune is more of asoft transit,
brings idealistic behaviour,generalrappiness throughhigh imagi-
nation and fantasies etc.
447. Pluto This is not highly significant, being Pluto very
slow moving planet, The effect is felt more on a general level on
many people than on a single individual.
448. Sun Disappointments, tiring period, sudden and
unexpected problems may occur during this period which can
cause lot of troubles. Avoid speculations. Havea rigid economical
control during this period. Inferiority complex, lack of self image
and self respect is noticed. Bad for physical health, sickness, death
or regenerative process in his dose family members, specially to
father orany other male member. Fatigue, resentment, rebellion,
pride, self indulgence, physical and emotional excesses, stubborn-
ness all must be avoided. You may face problems due to obstinate
nature and suffer III health due to nervous strain or over work.
449. Moon:- Depression and isolation, avoidgloominessand
melancholy. Affairs of mother orwo man inlifeare important and
often their hindrance would be a negative aspect for him. Keep
patience in home affairs, there will be many restrictions at home.
Take care of health of your mother. Renovating property can be
more advantageous than buying ane wone. If somebody is trying
to take advantage of him, he should say no onhis face and do not
let him impose onhim, take positive stands, to know others not to
try again.
450. Mars :- You will make considerable mistakes in under-
takings, service and professions with unfavourable results. Pres-
sure on you for making a change but be assertive and decide right
things. Avoid unpleasantness with friends, colleagues, and keep
your emotions under control. Accident can take place and your
health maybe afflicted. Lowbloodpressurecanbethere.Tempera-
mental difficulties can cause future problems. Females will not be
cooperative. Avoidoverwork nervousness, worries, haste, impa-
tience etc. Spend time with good grace and compromise with
451 . Mercury Non communicative forced period, avoid
nervous break down. Balancing of energy is proper use of this
period. Be helpful to others and do not neglect your obligation to
others. Be alert for handling large sums of money or financial
accounting. Mental alertness will pay you. Avoid long term
planning or long travel which may upset you under this transit. In
case of negative or afflicted Conjunction, there may be forced
business changes to bow to the wrong individual.
452. Jupiter Unforeseen and unexpected expenditure,
sudden financial loss, over all period will be disturbing in all
directions. So you should harmonise with your desires. lie low,
take what comes andone should protect his health, and position by
avoiding excesses. You may not be able to do anything of your
choice. Avoid borrowings. Do not disturb domestic peace and
happiness by temperament or impatience. Loss of weight is indi-
453. Venus It is not a good period for love and romance.
Causing you troubles andmay end abruptly. Misjudgements, and
not favourable period for marriage, if married a great amount of
sacrifice will be there to keep relationship by both parties. Gener-
ally divorce and separation can occur. Not a good period for
finances, sudden losses and difficulties can crop up. Keep your
expenses lo won amusements and pleasures, so avoid holidays or
pleasure trips. Business may not be good, avoid changes in
business pattern or expansion etc. Try to preserve you have
financially or emotionally and wait till transit is over.
454. Saturn Anegative transit dependingonthe strength of
Saturn in natal chart. Avoid breaks where ever possible. Keep
safeguard of your health through plenty of sleep andrest. If Saturn
is not very prominent, the effects may not be noticed externally,
though youmay be knowing that something is happening, but you
can not put your fingers on it. General restrictions, physical
weakness, melancholy or isolated attitude and behaviour will be
experienced. Avoid nervous traits, mental fatigue, worry etc.
Sickness or death in a near family, especially of older relations is
noticed. Circulatory problems, weak bones, cold etc will be expe-
rienced. In general, this is a discouraging transit that often distorts
and disintegrates the individual on many fronts. If natal Saturn-
Nodes aspect is favourable, the transit may not afflict much and at
times and can be beneficial. General focus and areas of obstruction
will come from the house ruled by Capricorn in the birth chart.
455. Rahu:- Things will slow down Of even become compli-
cated but lends strength and depth to native's present opportuni-
ties. Luck can struck for benefics if you keep your feet on the
ground. Keep your eyes open, have confidence and courage
avoiding actions and plans that could undermine your security.
There is a tendency, however, to do nothing and leave things as
they are. Thus itbecomes like ashort circuit aspect to whatever area
it represents in his natal chart.
456 . Uranus :- Influences will be destructive and discourag-
ing causing your nature oppression. You can not rebel for good, so
relax and you must move with care to avoid unhappiness and set
backs. Play safe all along the line. Efforts to force your will upon
others can lead to strife, while discontent will cause a sense of
frustration and unhappiness.
457. Neptune :- Slightly unfavourable and distorted transit
It will bring self intoxication, excessive delusion, and imagination,
drugs, alcohol etc. Avoid serious errors of judgement. Be realistic,
face the facts and thus gain inner power from the close contact with
the things as they are.
458. Sun: - When Sun during transit conjunct Rahu then this
transit is good and person's approach will be in harmony with
prevailing social conditions. One is likely to earn name and fame.
Children will be source of happiness. Gain through speculation.
Married life will be happy and one will be well respected in the
social environments.
459. Moon :- Good for public relations. One's business will
prosper, family popularity will improve and will have good
working environments. He will value family traditions and will
give due respect to his parents. One will enjoy mental peace.
46 0. Mars You will work hard to get public recognition
specially with sports and physicalcompetition Rise in professional
or business activities. One will also have political ambitions.
Harmonious emotions and good respect.
46 1 . Mercury Personal publicity and social recognition
through communication or his personal ideas, through social
approval. Long travels, communications and journeys will be
favourable. Popular amongest friends, brothers and sisters, neigh-
bor and associates. The relations and friends will be source of
aspirations and happiness. Good intellectually.
46 2. Jupiter Increased social prestige, public recognition
and support for personal behefs and ideals. Active participation in
religious, philosophic educational or cultural trends and benefit
through them. If Rahu is in Pisces or in Sagittarius, the transit of
Jupiter will be unfortunate. It Rahu and Jupiter are not in Conjunc-
tion and Jupiter transits that sign or its trines, the period will bring
misfortune to the native. When Jupiter alone Rahu in natal chart,
one will have good luck without exertion.
46 3. Venus : - When Venus during transit conjunct Rahu, one
will have social popularity, harmonious awareness of expected
social behaviour and acceptance of social attihides. Emotionally
popular amongst opposite sex. Artistic and creative ability will be
high and one will get public recognition. Good chances for mar-
riage to unmarried and if married will have happy married life,
differences if any will be ironed out.
46 4. Saturn :- Not much respect but need for social confor-
mity as a mean of protecting personal security. Professional,
business or financial problems causing mental depression and
worries, anxieties will also dominate. One may feel lonely, service
to public will prove favourable.
46 5. TJanus :- Social and cultural experience. One will not
respect and beheve the prevailing customs and will become
rebellious if forced upon. Interest in business and gadgets will be
designed to exploit prevailing behefs. Benefic and success in all
46 6 . Neptune : - Intuitive and prophetic insight. One will not
follow the religion blindly but will have own conception. One will
search fortruth, and will feel happy while serving sufferers and
down trodden. Any way of sufferings will not disturb him now.
46 7. Pluto : - This transit of Pluto Conjunction Rahu will help
the native to understand and take advantage of mass psychology,
and will give him penetrating insights into the motivating forces.
Working in cooperation orin group working will be liked by him,
may oppose to persons in authority or authoritarian trends. Gain
through business and profession.
46 8. Sun : - When Sun during transit conjunct Ketu it is a bad
period. One will be burdened with the responsibility of children
which may become source of worry to him. Speculation will cause
losses. Domestic peace and harmony is likely to be disturbed and
unhappy life. Displeasure of Govt; superiors and persons in
authority and may be placed in unhappy environments. Native's
father may get serious sickness or may pass away during this
46 9. Moon Adisturbing transit, emotionally disturbed
family period. Not a good period for public relations, public
contacts be avoided. Business activities will be slow and there may
bedifferenceswith parents. Serious or pessimistic outlook towards
470. Mars Undeserving desire for power and authority.
Unfavourable for popular support and for realisations of desires.
Problems in business and profession or political field causing
unpopularity. One may be conservative in his outlook.
471 . Mercury Unfavourable time for public relations or
dealing with communication media. Critical to others. One will be
burdened with heavy responsibilities, Conservative and will be
reticento in expressing the ideas. Not favourable for long travels.
472. Jupiter Lack of public support for personal, educa-
tional, religious and cultural goals. Critical to the environments.
Respect for religion and customs. One may not do or accept which
is being done normally and do unconventional things as one will
have his ways of doing the things.
473. Venus Reserved in social circle, lack of interest in social
activities that will not serve a useful purpose for him. Reserved
emotional, social, romantic and artistic outlook. Business will be
slow and financial problems. Not favourable period for marriage.
Domestic unhappiness, avoid confrontation as for as possible.
474. Saturn Involvement in antisocial activities and will
have reclusive behaviour. Not much respect for religious ceremo-
nies and festivities. One will have negative outlook for life and will
get frustrated and depressed particularly when his desires are not
fulfilled. Amalefic transit to be handled cautiously. Death of a
relative or Some old person whom one knows, not close ones. Do
not start anything new during this period.
475.1 "ranus During this transit, friends and associates will
term the native eccentric and unpredictable. One will rebel against
the currentsocial culture and beliefs. Not a good transitforworldly
life, gain and comforts. Uplift in spiritual pursuits, so why not try
to advance it.
476 . Neptune Confusion in social purposes and lack of
understanding fromsurroundingculture and may withdrawfrom
social involvement and be onhis own. Spiritualism will show him
a light but if one is involved in materialistic world, one will face
sufferings and disappointments.
477. Pluto One may become rebellious against social laws
and traditional cultural standards. One will like to go deep behind
the religious back- ground. His business will be related to antiques,
re use of old, discarded items etc. Adifficult transit for worldly
affairs and comforts.
Transit of Uranus produces sudden troubles and disasters,
they bring about great charges, and are seldom or never fortunate
unless the planet transited was well aspected at birth. They are
strongeslover the Ascendant, Mid Heaven, Sun and Moon, but are
fiable to be felt seriously when passing over any planet that was
afflicted at birth.
Unlike Saturn, Uranus will not perhaps ever transit all the
houses of your birth chart, since it takes 84 years to get around (to
Saturn thirty) and a fewmay live out the whole cycle. The sectors
he occupies during your 'Prime of life' will indicate a lot about
whether your life is public or private. Il l "ranus occupies Ascen-
dant, you will seekandgetrecognition when your work i s worthy
and obscure, if the occupies mainly the obscure and first rise sectors
during your best years. like Saturn in 4th I"ranus will bring new
start, emergence in 7th house, climax in 1 0th, consolidation from
1 0th to 1 st and retirement at 1 st and in the obscure sectors. Saturn
remains in one house for 2- 1 /2 y ears, setting up long runpeaceand
direction of your life from Uranus position at any given time,
whether up, do wn, public or private and look to Saturn, to see how
circumstances (Saturn) will aid and abet the important pattern of
Uranus. It is an octave of VENUSand acts on love nature.
But the transits of Uranus are not malefic in traditional sense,
except to the extent that you are unwilling to accept them, this
newness and change in your life. Uranus challenges the rigid
structures in life that most people work so hard to build. Many
people value regularity and predictability so much that they will
even sacrifice personal happiness to getit. Think of all the unhappy
are afraid of insecurity that breaking up would bring.
Earlier, we have indicated res ults of Uranus in varioushouse,
nowwepro vide, theeffectsin various sign when Uranus is posited
or in transit in a sign
1 . Aries Independent, energetic, ambitious, ingenious,
forceful, positive,impulsive,active,resourcefuLinventive,change-
ful, roving, travelling, disregards facte, without self control, very
blunt, disputes, disappointments and reverses.
2. Taurus :- Headstrong, stubborn, determined, selfwilled,
persistent, suspicious,jealous,ups and downs financially, sudden
loss, unexpected reverses, gain through partner or inventions.
3. Gemini Intuitive,eccentric,ingenious, scientific, inven-
tive, unconventional, Astrologer, fond of studying electricity,
practising mesmerism, frequent journeys, making friends, and
aspiring clairvoyance. If afflicted troubles in correspondence,
journey etc, disharmony with brothers and sisters.
4. Cancer Emotional, sensitive, easily touched, attuned to
psychic vibration, improves mediumistic abilities, restless
impassionate, changeable, domestic trouble, separation, loss of
land and property, disordered stomach and nervous indigestion.
5. Leo Adamant, determined, industrious, aspiring head-
strong, forceful, unconventional rebellious, very independent,
daring, violence, occult ability, interested in electricity, invention,
machinery, journalism, sports, very changeable in love affairs," On
and on with fresh friends and off with old ones". Difficulty during
6 . Virgo Very intelligent, independent eccentric, scientific
and mechanical minds, good in teaching, electricity, electronics,
chemistry, mathematics, and science. Changes in servants and
troubles through them.
7. libra Unusual artistic ability, fond of occult subjects,
intuitive,beautiful personality, fertile imagination, much attached
to partner, hasty engagements. If afflicted, sudden separation and
even divorce or death of partner, enmity, caustic criticism,rivalry,
opposition, sorrow, worries, depressed, domestic trouble.
8. Scorpio Determined, forceful, persistent, power of
meditation, concentration, shrewd,reserved, rebellious, secretive,
self advancement, inventive, mesmeric power, industrial chemis-
try, explosives, fire arms and electric device.
9. Sagittarius :- Inventive, imaginative, tendency to dream,
occul t art, religious, philanthropic, society, erratic, eccentric, higher
education, adventurous,progressive, enterprising,foreign affairs,
overseas and long journey.
1 0. Capricorn :- Persevering, enterprising, good reasoning,
penetrating mind, ambitious, serious,responsible, executive abil-
ity, astrology, machinery, electricity, radio, transport, municipali-
ties, danger to elders, separation, estrangement, reversion, public
criticism, enmity with superiors.
1 1 . Aquarius'.- Intuitive, unselfish, (nendly, sincere, inechani-
cal ability, inventive, independent, scientific, associations, societ-
ies, clubs, public life, municipal corporation, big companies, rail-
ways, radio and airways,
1 2. Pisces. :- Occult investigation, mysterious and physical
research, dreams and visions prove correct, farsighted, intercourse
with the spirits, erratic, unsteady, unexpected misfortune, scandal,
illrepute, hostile, opposition, suicide, and commercial chemistry.
478. Conjunction Sun :- This is extremely significant transit
in many ways. Swift, important developments make this a highly
significant period. Your attitude towards life and yourself under-
goes sudden change being this most revolutionary period in your
life. Abruptly shaken out of yourself, you will face the world with
new courage and faith in your own powers. It clears away the
limitations, life will become more clear. However at its worst, this
transit cansignifya time of wild instability and chaos, whenevents
seem to happen unpredictably and dismptively. Your idealism
becomes a working reality, your creativeness a vital force. You will
have to take care of health, heart, regular check ups. Accidents are
also indicated.
You will be attracted to any thing new and exciting. Your
magnetism increases as you become spokesman for your most
characteristic self and win the support of others to your dearest
purposes. Science and technology will be new interesting subjects.
This can bring you gain of love and in business inner peace,
acquired through self sufficiency and an exciting sense of accom-
plishment. For youngsters this is a time for rebellion, particularly
against the authorities. Parents, officials and employers, will not
tolerate any restrictions.
During this period your dreams will come true, provided
you understand how to analyse them. It has been high, its
realisation will be ajoy. It has been a nightmare of defeat and
inadequacy, so your creative powers are here manifest for what
they are worth. By the careful interpretation of opportunity, you
can make this period into one of the most glowing and significant
of all the periods of your life.
479. Sextile Sun Your life will be subjected to all kinds of
new and stimulating happenings, sudden shift in your worldly
status. Achange of j ob will have far reaching effects. Changes will
not be disturbing but they open up new understandings and
opportunities will be rewarding. Asudden eventlooking like aset
back, turns out well. They may come to you through your friends
and you will be involved with new group of people. You will gain
greater control onyour life. Gain through creative work ideas held
and ideas adhered in the past, and you may be able to shake of a
lot of drudgery as a result. Opportunities will come to you for
advancement suddenly through relationships with your superi-
ors. Temperament workfor you instead of against you, especially
if you are self controlled. If you are not, self indulgence make
trouble here and denies the best results of this transit.
480. Square Sun Sudden, unexpected events are likely to
happen in your life during this transit. Unsettled domestic condi-
tions and rebellious actions to conditions in yourpersonallife. Your
security is undermined if temperament rules you. If you rule it
creative work is favoured, you enliven your environments and
drawinspirationfromit There may even be limiting circumstances
in your personal life, suchasbadmarriage or parental domination.
Frequently will accompany removal, basic change, for reach-
ing alterations the life plan. In harmony with those around you, you
will flare out, perhaps with far reaching results. Requires careful
analysis of yourself, of others, of your life program, and demands
a flexible and selfless attitude towards all there, if the best results
are to accrue. Your health may be afflicted if you are not careful.
During this transit, the disruptive events will only be a test
that you will withstand successfully but if they are beyond your
control, you should consider what changes must be made either to
minimise these effects, or to turn them into positive ones.
481 . Trine Sun :- You will feel the change creative and
exciting whereas on the other hand these will sometimes be very
upsetting are the two faces of this effect. Changes will be more
exciting, interested and alive. Ideas for new experiences will be
beneficial. Disciplined work will pay you more. Studying group
therapy, yoga, spiritual studies, Astrology and any other subjects
will be gainful. You may encounter new relations, new friends or
anew love that will allowyouto be yourself more than ever before.
You will enjoy good health, so break out the old habits that have
been damaging your body. Do not allow conservatism or insecu-
rity. Make changes for your gain.
48Z Opposition Sun:- Uranus transits opposition your natal
Sun indicates sudden change in your environments, breaking
away from restrictions that you encounter. Sudden events will
include concerning men, superiors, employers, Govt; unexpected
circumstances that force you to change your course of action,
sudden changes in relationship, in health involving your heart and
circulatory system. Death of some loved one is likely.
483. Conjunction Moon The urge to self expression is
strong and leads to unusual, not to say unconventional, action. In
a woman, health may be a factor. In either sex nerves become highly
strung, as the personality tries to live upto a very high and
individualistic standard. Sudden incidents involving women,
emotional upsets, emotional rashness and impulsiveness, sudden
changes of moods, changes in y our domestic life and personal life
speciallyathome,suddenincidents to yourmotherorotherfemale
relations are indicated.
Discontentment with things as they lead to rebellious and
irregular actions, for the satisfaction of the ego and of self indulgent
urge is stronger than desire. Sudden infatuation with opposite sex
is indicated. This period is aneyeopenerforthesoul,and whatever
events come under it will teach you some important and deep
lessons about the nature of yourself and your ideals.
484. Sextile Moon It stimulates emotional life. More
demanding in sexual relation from your partner for emotional
satisfaction. In case you can not get it, you may findnew one, your
goal is freedom of emotional self expression and experience. There
may be changes in home environments, demanding that it too be
more emotionally satisfying.
This transit indicates temperament, stimulus of the creative
and individualistic urges, caution against self indulgence, and
urges that you divert your energies, your passions, your ideas into
constructive and creative channels, instead of spelling them out in
expressing yourself.
485. Square Moon :- The transit creates tensions and sudden
changes in your personal and emotional life. Alittle tension so far
suppressed will come out now. Problems of spouse and parents are
to be dealt with now. Separation, divorce or bickerings in domestic
life is indicated provided there is a continuous tension previously.
Domestic life will upset you, there may be accidents in home,
sudden need of house repair, or other sudden problems on this
front.Noproperty transactions or change in residence. You will be
trying to have more emotional freedom at this time. Avoid new
relations. Atemporary period of instability.
486 . Trine Moon : - Agood period for making changes in your
emotional life and personal surroundings such as home, love etc.
and you can make changes. Anew relationship will bring good
emotional feelings, so make graceful changes iny our personal life.
Use this transit for more creative changes and growth.
487. Opposition Moon : - Aperiod of strange behaviour. You
will do the things you are not supposed to do. Use self control and
directoruse yourenergies into some useful channel. Hamess your
magnetism, your originality and your creative talents for all the
You willseekrelations foremolionaldependency. But women
in general will be a source of difficulty at this time regardless of y out
own sex. You may make changes with old relations etc.
488. Conjunction Mercury Mental brilliance, originality
and creative vigour, sudden rush of ideas. Practical, workable
inventions or ideas for business progress make forsuddengain. If
there isany tendency to eccentricity, this brings itout.Sharp speech
leads to strife; the quick answer may be clever, but not friendly.
Translation of all energy to the mental place, and away from the
personal or emotional, enables you to use your mind with knife- like
precision and lightening speed, for very line results. Beware of
gamble and risks, which are tempting but likely to be unsound.
This is a positive transit, new ideas, new techniques and new
approaches to life will continually come to you. Communication
will play an important role in your life this time. Astrology and the
occult sciences in general will attract you now. Also interested in
scientific and technical studies. An excellent time to study science
and mathematics. Be flexible in your thinking to gain through
opportunities. Rigid thinking will result in worries and up setting
period. Do not take decisions impulsively but with fore thought.
Travelling may be difficult causing accidents, delavs nr
pected events.
489. SextileMercury ;- This transit will create excitementand
interest in the work which you lack normally until now. You can
not stand boredom, so you may seek new contacts and friendships.
Travels will be favourable in the country side. Agood transit for
new studies like science, mathematics, technological studies espe-
cially electronics and computer work as well as Astrology or other
occult sciences. There will be constructive changes during this
transit Uranus and Mercury arejokers with people as laughing
This is a period of mental stimulation, eccentricity, self
assurance and self indulgence. Quarrels, strife,resentment at first,
followed by illumination, originality, inventiveness. Financial set
back due to bad judgement, risks ,erraticmovesordesires, imprac-
tical schemes. If you are sufficiently controlled, creative originality
all the way upto genius. If you are not, temperament all the way
down to nonsense.
490. Square Mercury;- Anextremelyconfusingtransit.Itwill
be difficult to make intelligent decisions. Be calm and cool. This
transit may be more difficult than it looks, because under this
transit people are tempted to make rash and impulsive decisions.
Business transactions will be difficult because of this tendency
especially in scientific or technological field, especially electronics.
You can be extremely nervous and tense, because of fasttempo of
events. Disruptive travelling is indicated. No matter how carefully
you make plans, your trip will not come out as planned causing
danger of accident, drive carefully. Opposition from others, diffi-
culties in professional life. Do not be dogmatic. Try to understand
other's point of views.
491 . Trine Mercury This transit often produces excitement
and interest in every day life. Your everyday activities bring new
and interesting encounters that open up aspect of life never met
earlier. Stimulated mental activity. Your mind is sharpened and
yourinterestin the world is increased. Your speech with others will
be interesting. Excellent period for encounters, learning new skills
of scientific or technological nature, for Astrology, yoga and occult
sciences. Good for travelling. Afavourable period for introducing
new ventures and element into your life.
492. Opposition Mercury During this transit you will feel
much excitement from several different sources.Ilwill increase the
tempo of your thinking and communication. Face the life with
more flexibility than usual and be prepared to change your
thinking to new and stimulating ways. You may begin to study
Astrology, occult sciences, or in a Scientific and technical field. Be
careful that tempo of your life does not become too rapid, you may
become mentally exhausted and suffer from nerves and anxiety.
Do riot be bothered by upsetting news. Deal with events calmly and
carefully. Avoid travelling,particularly for relaxation and business
purposes bringing wrong and unexpected events. Do not make
important decisions. An excellent time for new discoveries and
new experiences but not good for making any commitments or
contracts, negotiations etc.
493. Conjunction Venus When Uranus transits Conjunc-
tion your Venus is likely to bring an ideal human relation, perhaps
quite outside the beaten trackof your life. Tobe worthwhile, itmust
be kept on high plane where it begins. Ideals are paramount, and
you may reap the reward of your romantic aspiration. Aperiod of
material luck and of sudden,unexpected gains and of losses. The
purely sensational will not profit much by this. But high minded
people who have kept their spirits pure and their aspiration lofty
will reach new heights of understanding and happiness as their
deepest natures are stimulated and rewarded.
494. Sextile Venus Your social life and relationships are
brightened, you will have different opportunities for different
kinds of encounters with others. New friendships and relations
and ane w love interest will be formed which will be different from
old one s which will give you and your partners more freedom. Do
not be jealous and emotionally possessive. You will be attracted to
people fromaverydifferentsocialbackground orolderoiyounger
than you which relationship may start during unusual circum-
stances. These relations will be long lasting provided it has free-
dom, spontaneity and interest that attracted you at the first place.
Unusual social activities, doing things for entertainment will be
495. Square Venus :- Your love life and relationships in
general will be unpredictable and difficult during this transit.
Different than other relations will be formed with people in
different age group than you, class background and personality.
You will have more freedom. Adjustment in married life is good
thing, forgetting past and hidden tensions. An unstable marriage
may break up. Domestic boredom can be very destructive under
this transit.
Anew relationship may not be lasting or reliable due to
rebellion against each other. You may acquire unusual and beau-
tiful objects for your home.
4% . Trine Venus :- This is a good transit for feeling freedom
and excitement. In a new love affair, you will feel happy and the
relationship will last. Helpful to each other with closeness and
possessiveness. Alove affair, you have already, a good time to
make changes in the love pattern for independence and self
expression. Social contacts, may get fascinating experiences. Life
will not be dull during this transit.
497. Opposition Venus:- Your love lifeand relationship will
be the source of change in your life during this transit. Aloved one
may become restless and demand more freedom. Sodonotbe rigid
and possessive, if you do, you may lose. Tensions ta love and
domestic affairs can arise. You may feel boring from old love or
relationship and think of change, which may be possible with a
person or woman with diffeient background, age, culture or with
someone who is already committed to another. Such relationship
will not be lasting. So enjoy the present love and relationship with
modified changes and freedom.
498. Conjunction Mars It will cause serious troubles,
quarrels, accidents, danger, rash undertakings and misfortune
through the house Mars is occupying. In short the transit can be
dismptive, any attempt to sidestep the issues that this transit raises
could be disastrous. You will feel more irritable and angry than
usual. Conditions will become intolerable.
Calculate exactly, swift moving period for freedom perhaps
along erratic and dangerous lives. Any eccentricity or tempera-
ment comes out; quarrelsome, temptation to force issues must be
guarded against. Recklessness extends to mental, emotional and
physical planes, accidents may result, and considerable care be
used in travelling and around electricity and machinery. Attracted
to excitement, danger and fighting mood. Revolutionary tenden-
cies increase; some way or other, you are likely to kick over the
traces, orhave them kicked over for you and start along new lines
which may prove temporary. Direct energies into inventive and
creative rather than destructive and self indulgent channels.
In case of worst circumstances, you should handle carefully
and with moderation, energy can be used quite creatively. Sup-
pressing the energy will lead to worst problems and may alfect
your health illness and operation Be careftdin dealing with any
sort of machinery, fireanns explosives.
499. Sextile Mars: - Your physical energy willbe stimulated,
you will be able to work hard but not in a disciplined or sacrificing
work it does not mean selfish and self indulgent You will feel as
released from restriction and fed freedom. Free from obstacles,
enlarge your ideas, will enjoy taking chances and risks.
500. Square Mars Watch for the impulsive actions, rash
decisions and otheractions that may have sudden, unexpected and
undesirable results in future. Tension with others and it may be
difficult to avoid disputes. But avoid rashness. Do not take risks to
avoid accidents. Do what you must, but act with a little discretion
health needs tobe watched agains t illness oropera tion. During this
transit, try to achieve some scrutiny about who you are and what
you are doing? Then you will not feel suchagreatneed tobreak free
and take rash and ill considered actions. You may still feel obliged
to do something that is a significant break from your normal
routine, but it will not be so destructive.
Erroneous methods of working. Misunderstanding, Quar-
rels, set backs, stoppage of progress and sense of frustration.
Arrogance will result. You need rest. Missing of opportunities. You
will gain by retreating. Atime for passive resistance to circum-
stances. Accidents both figurative and literal. Analyse your work-
ing to learn better for future.
501 . Trine Mars You will meet with success. Acquiring new
confidence, you will work in new ways for success, new activities
with others, new projects and influence others in a dynamic way.
You may work in organisations with people to help others.
502. Opposition Mars :- Rebellious and explosive behaviour
during the transit. You will try to go out from restrictions for
freedom. The combination is dynamic. You will be in a fighting
mood toward anyone who imposes restriction upon you. You may
take risks to things which can lead you to accidents and injuries if
you are too rash. Relations with other people will be adversely
affected. You should change the old way of living, be flexible. You
may have to make truly revolutionary changes in your life, but you
will be benefited in the long run.
503. Conjunction Jupiter : - Aperiod of progress andrespon-
sivetoopportunity.Profitandgainthrough original andexpansive
ideas, inventions, business. Dare to be original andhavegoodsense
to be sound, mark a swift moving period of self expansion, rapid
adaptability to circumstances, a keen eye for the main chance, and
should not be allowed to slide by without making some major
forward stride. Beware that over optimism does not lead to
unsound venture and thus to loss.
Sudden change in fortune with unexpected events, a sudden
windfall, unexpected promotion or success in gambling or lottery.
But be cautions that there is a danger of your good fortune to easy
come and easy go. newactivitiesv sweeping changes,newphiloso-
phies and new ways of looking at things, world and relations, you
will takechances, breakdown barriers and thus opportunity comes
should not be missed. Take chances and do things. Suppress the
feelings of rebellious, self assertion if suppressed will cause illness.
Be flexible and make truce with revolutionary changes in your life,
but you will benefit in the long run.
504. Sextile Jupiter Aperiod of opportunity, with a good
chance that it will be missed. Conflict of ideas within yourself may
block progress temporarily, but can result in eventual clarification.
Some strife and conflict with others, and a tendency to stand in your
own light through stubborn if you follow wrong course of thought
or action. Avoid gambling. Creativity runs high. There will be
many oppositions from many directions. Sudden educational
opportunity and for travel. The trip will be more exciting than
relaxing. Sudden good luck Personal growth and increased free-
dom of action are two major effects of this transit.
505. Square Jupiter This transit brings a great feeling of
exuberance and optimism, foolishly over confident and to take
unwarranted financial and material risks. Can bring material and
heavy loss through neglect. Material matters may suffer, because
distraction seem more important than routine, over optimism,
speculative ventures ill timed and over stayed. An aspect of
anarchy,revolt against what is, intellectual rather than violent, but
far reaching in its consequences to the individual and so as much
of society as he influences.
During this transit, one should proceed with caution, espe-
cially with financial shortage. There can be unexpected events.
506 . Trine Jupiter :- Alucky transit which will bring unex-
pected breaks and financial good luck as well as feeling of being
free and work more. There may be sudden windfall, a sudden
opportunity for personal advancement or gain in business. New
involvements with spiritual teachings, Astrology and other revolt
against narrow way of thinking. More materialistic attitude than
507. Opposition Jupiter:- This transitcan act both ways good
or bad. Events will happens fast that you will not have the usual
time to figure them out before you act. Acting quickly will be
unpleasant, but ifyoudonotact quickly, chance may be lost. Sobe
cautious. Gambling will not be lucky. You may become res tless and
would like to be free from all restrictions which will secure the
508. Conjunction Saturn Uranus Conjunct Saturn indi-
cates sudden events. Conflicts between basic forces,either mental,
emotional, or physical, makes a period of tension, Conflicts with
authorities such as parents, superiors, traffic officers and police-
men,Feelings ofresentment against individuals,orcircumstances.
If there is no apparent psychic or mental tension, physical ailments
results, perhaps of nervous order. Your problems are now more
internal and personal than material. Hard reasons must be used. It
is a powerful combination as traits of Saturn and Uranus are
different, leading to serious conflict. You may break off an unsat-
isfactory relationship, marriage or business partnership, leave an
oppressivejob or suddenly break away from something else. Do
not suppress the energy for change, suppressing it can head to
tension related diseases such as colitis, ulcer, heart problems etc.
509.SextileSaturn:- Inyourwork this isextremelyfavourable
transit because your superiors will be impressed by your innova-
tive ideas. Aperiod for creative changes through a system, in-
cludes, workGovt orother aspectofthe socialsystem. Promotion
may be as a reward of your work Learning new techniques. You
will make changes in the place of your work through a planned
cause of actions. Solid achievement under this transitare indicated.
51 0. Square Saturn :- Challenging events, period of testing
discipline and duty, disruption and such things may force you to
revise your ideas. Restrictions may become unbearable and a
desire to break free atall costs it violates all standards of behaviour.
Your actions will surprise others. In profession, difficulty to deal
with your superior,if tension is too much youmay change job but
make such change after careful thinking.
As the conflict builds up between your desire to break freeand the
normal desire for order in your life, the physical question may
become quite intense, it is very important that you be able to
communicate with some one in order to help release the tension
damaging to your body health.
51 1 . Trine Saturn Uranus trine Saturn during transit
indicates discipline, order and responsibility which canleadyouto
understanding and freedom. Use your limitations in a positive
way. your approach to life is very methodical and thorough but you
will like change. Agood time for learning new ways to advance in
your profession. Work carefully to expand your profession, busi-
ness and avoid undue limitations on yourlife. Your practical ways
and views will pay you.
51 Z Opposition Saturn Lot of changes will take place in
your hfe. Uneasiness, hidden tensions, breaking off the relations or
in business, conflict between you and your partner may now
surface out. Tension with superiors, employers creating sudden
events. Physical tension will be experienced afflicting your health
such as colitis, ulcer orbad case of new affliction, to avoid this, care
for the cause causing tension be released. The more you resist and
try to deny what happens now, the more difficult this transit will
51 3. Conjunction Uranus This transit occurs soon after
birth in some cases and then after 84 years if one survives. At birth
when becomes retrograde, it touches once or twice the place of
birth. In such case it disrupts the conditions in childhood creating
tranquil environments. Uneasiness and urge to be free and to do
things in your own way.
Next at age of 84 years, this transit occurs, it signifies the
ending of life cycle, with positive results. This indicates also
changes, and confer highest degree of wisdom.
51 4. Sextile Uranus This transit occurs twice in life at 1 4
years age and then at 70 years age.
During first cycle you start to look world around you, home
and family also your place in society. During this period, you will
analyse the circumstances yourself rather than believe others and
act as per their advice. Friends will be important to you, you will
discover new things.
During second transit cycle, you will gain great insight for
worldly matters. Spiritual tendency and practice will help you
most and hence you may reevaluate yourself and surrounding.
51 5. Square Uranus :- This transit occurs twice in your life in
early twenties and early sixties. Each time it indicates major
changes inyour life.DuringFirsttransit,itwill make you rebellious
against established standards, that is the cause with most young-
sters . You will do things at your own accord making your founda-
tion . Aperiod of intense and rapid changes. Do not avoid respon-
sibility. Use this period in a constructive way. Avoid breaks and
changes. During sixties, you will have maturity, it indicates crisis
by ending your service, activities and work This is major effectof
this second cycle of transit. Self understanding will start now. Any
desire not achieved so far should be abandoned and allow your
mind to dwell on personal and intellectual matters. Protect health
from nerves.
51 6 . Trine Uranus :- This transit occurs at 28 years age and at 56
years age. Both times the effect will be different. The first transit
occurs close before Saturn's transit to its natal place in the horo-
scope. This is a period of important cycle of change in your life.
During first cycle transit you will try for freedom and indepen-
dence from the limitations of childhood and past. You will have
your own way of thinking. You will make significant changes in
your life and prefect self expression. Will try to have independent
During second transit, keeping in view your past life, you
way make some changes and may seek early retirement fromyour
profession, to follow new directions. You will find new ways in
dealing with your life that help you success. So do not lose this
opportunity, otherwise tension will mount on your head.
51 7. Opposition Uranus An important transit of your life.
It occurs near the age 40- 41 years, a period of major transition in
your life. Unpleasant realizations will be there. So you will try to
accomplish them acting disruptively and quickly. You may leave
a marriage or old job and take up a lifestyle quite different them
before. In case you feel young and keep company of them you will
gain through this transit and will not be upsetting or disturbing. In
middle of your life, you will change outlook of life making your
inner more strong. This is a period of important change ready and
able to follow the dictates of your intelligence rather emotions.
51 8. Conjunction Neptune Uranus Conjunction Neptune
during transit indicates a period of great self confidence and
individualism. To those with Neptune in Aries, deep individual-
ism brings it results forgood or bad; fixed ideas lead to permanent
shiftsin mental andmaterial dealings. The ego is very powerful and
needs to be checked with realistic considerations, the free play of
the intuitions, hunches, and desires can permanently undermine
security, especially if fixed ideas dominates you. To those with
Neptune in Taurus, same danger of ideas as detailed above will
exist, butgreaterchance of true illumination. Tendency tooverstress
finances, material things, to become set in nation about money,
property. Keep watch on security, health etc. If these are overcome,
chance for deep spiritual insight, mental and creative develop-
ment. Tbfhose with Neptune in Gemini, Cancer or Leo, this period
is still ahead of you and should be approached with reverence, it
offers unparalleled opportunity for the development, expression
and application of all your deepest and most intimate dreams and
desires. So this transit is called as strangest of all transits. Mystical
and occult approaches will be there. Illness that cause you to fall
asleep or be fatigued and drowsy are effects of this transit.
51 9. Sextile Neptune :- Uranus Sextile Neptune in transit
stimulates your interest in spiritual ideals and occult concerns.
Impossible ideas not matured SOfar will be completed now due to
hard work You will become deeply interested in philosophy,
metaphysics, spiritualism and mysticism. This will open your
mind, and you will attain new levels of consciousness. Enlighten-
ment and sudden insight will be experienced. Working with other
people and organizations will be very helpful to reinforce insight.
520. Square Neptune Aconfusing and misleading transit
including delusion. Ideas may control you instead. You will be
particularly interested and attracted to ideas that help you avoid
confrontation with the everyday world. You may become drug
addicted rather than'alcohol etc to provide mystical seeming
experience and its study. Older people may face health problems,
so consult doctor.
521 .Trine Nepttme:- You will becomeinterestedinspiritual,
and philosophical side of world and life and will be more involved
in these studies which will be very profitable. An excellent time to
study and realise these subjects. Also you will work very hard in
this direction. Compassionate to others to helpthim, specially with
poor and downtrodden. Loved ones will be most benefited. New
aspects of life and truth will be gained.
522. Opposition Neptune This transit will occur very late
in life. In case you are materialistic this transit will be quite
confusing. Events will happen which will not suit you. Involved
with persons who are out of touch. If you have frowned on
idealistic nations of higher metaphysical dimensions, this transit
will confuse and upset you. You will experience profound revela-
tions, and understanding.
523. Conjunction Pluto : - This transit has already occurred
who are now adults and will not occur to those who are young in
1 970s until they are quite advanced in years. So check your past
from these delineations. This indicates of revolutionary changes in
your life. Many aspects of your life thatyou have been putting up
successfully will now become a source of intolerable pressure,
forcing you to change them as quickly as possible. You will face
radically different circumstances, you will be attracted to different
persons to whom you donotknow earlier, donot expect these new
contacts as permanent although some may be. Be flexible and do
not try to hold back change. The conditions will improve, changes
may accelerate and you may become fearful of losing everything,
it is actually then the worst danger, because it provokes such
resistance to change, the transit will be more dangerous and
difficult. But if you go along changes as far as possible, the transit
will be much more constructive.
524. Sextile Pluto : - Aperiod of constructive changes in your
life, changing your values and object in life. Occult studies, Astrol-
ogy and Metaphysics will be the subjects of your interest. Friend-
ship, a new one will be helpful to you in making changes.
525. Square PI uto:- Any change brought no wwillaffectyour
life creating a total revolution. Pluto's forces do not operate
suddenly, they are deep mystical forces that operate slowly over
a long period of time. Adopt new ways discarding old ones for
more progress.
526 . Trine Pluto :- Atime of positive evolution for new and
greater unders landing for higher levels of life. You can analyse the
wrongs of your life and make corrective changes without great
upsetand pain through the adviceof occultstudies, Astrology and
yoga etc. Taking part in religious and spiritual movements will be
gainful. So take advantage of this transit
527. Opposition Pluto:- Most peoplewillnot experience this
transit till late in life. The experience and wisdom gained in life will
serve you in good stead now as long as you are flexibly working.
You certainly can not expect everything to go on as in the past. It
is the time of making sweeping changes as the conditions will also
force you to doso. Without flexibility,it is amatter of great turmoils
and stress. The changes will be through persons who present you
with many upsetting surprises which will not be bad for you. it is
quite exciting and will certainly inject an element of youth intoyour
life again.
Neptune is another gaint planet far away averagely 2793
million miles fromSun. It is beyond Uranus. The diameter is about
276 00 miles. Its weight is about 1 7 times that of Earth. It was
discovered in 1 846 by Mr. Gallc andChallis. Itrevolves around the
Sun in about 1 6 4- 1 /2 years. It has not made even one round of Sun
since its discovery. It is an octave of Mercury where as Uranus is
that of Venus, it works on spiritual sideand improves the same and
makes men DIVINE. Considering its nature, PISCEShouse has
been allotted to Neptune, it offers psychic- abihty, feelings, inspira-
tion and emotions. It bestows power to foresee; it increases one's
person. One may practice and try to have self clairvoyance crystal
gazing, Hypnotism, mesmerism, through reading and spiritual
development, It gives imagination and it is beneficial to poets,
musicians, artiste and painters etc. Neptune makes one dreamy,
imaginative or learn black magic or be religious paradoxical,
impressionable or makes one an extreme in love affairs, secret
attachments, stealthily having pleasures withstrange characters. It
is difficult to understand people governed by Neptune. If Neptune
is afflicted, one will not be steady, always fond of change, not
reliable, confused, cynical and treacherous. They will think of evils
only conspire and try to harm others. They may even commit
murders by giving over dose of drug or poison of narcotics or
Neptune governs nervous system, retina, the optic nerves
and cerebra and spinal fluid etc. Diseases indicated are eye
troubles, derangement of brain, Coma Catalepsy, trance, mental
disturbances, insanity, narcotic poisoning etc.
Earlier we have provided the delineations of Neptune in
houses, now we provide its effects in signs of the horoscope at birth
as well as in transit.
1 . Aries Intensifies the native's feelings and emotions,
religious, enthusiasms, energetic and enterprising,mystical experi-
ences and beliefs, fond of travelling, sympathetic and charitable
benevolent disposition, if afflicted, will not hesitate to murder the
enemies of the society by shooting bombs, assassinating etc. Very
bold to kidnap.
2. Taurus :- Increase in one's income, savings and business,
increase in aesthetical taste, kindly, affectionate, enjoys nature's
beauty, fond of company, develops taste in music, especially
instrumental ones. Good humour. Acquires landed property,
buildings and gain much by salt. But if afflicted.enemies, disap-
pointments, if married, in married life, cheating and tragedy.
3. GeminiExtraordinary intelligence, intuition, farsighted-
ness, unusually shrewd. Good speaker, convincing argumente,
correct reasoning, logic, develops Astrology, introspection, inspi-
ration, ingenuity, fond of travellings, a good mechanic or a math-
ematician. If afflicted, vacillation, indecisive, restless, warning,
fraud and cheat.
4. Cancer :- Kind, sympathetic, affectionate, intuitive, helps
thesufferers,develop thespiritualside,mediumshipand psychical
faculty, benefits through mother, fond of happy domestic environ-
ments, changes house very often. If afflicted, entertains the fear of
haunted house.
5. Leo : - Active sense and powerful feelings, warm affections,
likes company of the opposite sex. loves pleasures, fond of society,
magnanimous, benevolent, success in educational pursuits, music,
painting, cinema, opera, drama and poetry. If afflicted disappoint-
ments in love affairs and in children. SKY, delicate and cowardly,
fickle minded, and unreliable.
6 . Virgo :- Very intelligent, intuition and aspiration, pro-
phetic tendency, devotional and spiritual, remarkable success as a
marine engineer, clerk nurse, mathematician, accounts and audit-
ing, medicine public health. If afflicted, one will imagine that there
is no disease leftinthe world which he is notsuffering.They should
not practice mediumship, most emotional.
7. Libra :- Develops spiritual side, increases the talent in
music,painting, engraving, dance,poetry. Keeps the company of
partner and enjoys life. Fertile imagination, charming, attracted by
opposite sex. If afflicted, not law abiding, but ever having illegiti-
mate relations. The partner willswindle the native, wifeof husband
will be unreliable.
8. Scorpio :- Neptune in Scorpio indicates extreme feelings
and emotions. Gives energy and enthusiasms. Scientific bent of
mind. Research in occult science. Desires to deliver secrete of
nature. Luxurious life. given to drinks, gain by the partnership,
insurance, inheritance, and will practical application of occult
science, if afflicted death by drowning, accidents, drugs etc.
9. Sagittarius :- Real devotion,inspiration,religious fervour,
predictive dreams, correct vision, long travel, satisfactory plea-
sures. Psychical experiences. It afflicted, bad dreams, dangerous
vision, restlessness, danger, travel and failure in politics.
1 0. Capricorn Scheming brain, contemplative mind, seri-
ous nature, good for concentration, big business, agood detective,
can solve intricate problems, research, occult and psychic lines,
gain through art and music.
1 1 Aquarius :- intuitive,perceptive, fond of natural scenery,
hopeful disposition, dreamers, idealistic, social success, mental
development, humane sympathetic. Good aspects promises for-
tune through friends, If afflicted, loss, discredit, disagreement,
difficulty and disappointments.
1 2. Pisces :- Good thinker, fertile imagination, serious out-
look, inspirational faculty, mediumisticqualities, investigating the
occult, etc. If afflicted, secret enemies, fraud, deception, sufferings
through spirits, danger of imprisonment, and difficulties by drink-
ing or over drugging. Good aspects showgain by shipping etc.
So Neptune's influence is difficult to handle. It causes life to
become confusing and unclear .Neptunehas ego denying influence
which you feel discouraged, futile and discouraged undeserving
and unworthy. Neptune dissolves whatever Satumbuilds suchas
ego, sense of duty, and responsibility.
As Neptune transits each house, watch the affairs ruled by
that house. In these areas of your life, you will have to be careful not
to fall prey to mistaken illusion. Anything connected with the
matters ruled by that house may dissolve. As Neptune transits
each, of the planet, you can expect matters ruled by that planets
energies to become confused or idealized. Neptune's transit does
not indicate good times to make permanent commitments con-
cerning planets ruled by the transited planet or house.
528. Conjunction Sun This is a long range influence, it
brings set conditions in emotional, financial and physical life and
inclines to fixed ideas that will benefit you by giving drive to your
abilities and ambitions. The self confidence includes profoundity,
creativeness and compassion. Sensitiveness will be of benefits to
you. Study the period of transit with Sun, 1 4yearsandthe specific
period of Neptune's contact with Sun, two years in order to
discover the basis you are creating within yourself forthe structure
of your life to rest on. Fatigue is the result of this transit, you may
be disappointed or sorry for yourself, causing confusion, weak-
ness, aimless and purposeless actions. An extremely difficult
period for drunkard and drug addicted persons. Avoid indiges-
tion, and take care of your health. You may deceive others, if you
do, you had better to be good at it. Usually idealistic, if the ideals
are not reality, you will meet with disappointments is almost
529. Sextile Sun j - During this transit, the friends willbemore
important to you. Concerned with their welfare,you are willing to
work forthem if necessary. Flelpful to less fortunatepeople,do wn
trodden section of society selflessly without any personal gain
Spiritualism,religion or other cults will be more important to you,
and thus you will achieve great understanding. Sensitive so the
world around you, so retire to place of worship and place you can
meditate in peace. You will then getmost benefits fromthis transit
530. Square Sun :- Aperiod of confusion and uncertainty.
Low physical vitality and low energy. Avoid unnecessary physical
stress and follow good health habits to maintain resistance to
illness. Control over the circumstances is even more completely in
your hands and centres in the personal, domestic peace, home side
etc. If this is kept peaceful, calm and conventional, it will prove a
constant wellspring of self and conventional, it will prove a
constant wellspring of self confidence and illumination. You may
experience disappointments in your work career, home life and
feel defeated and dispirited. Avoid several types of activities
during the transit. Avoid also speculations. You are likely to be
swindled, avoid temptation to changejob now.
531 . Trine Sun Attracted to religion for advancement in
spirituality. Helpful to others. Gain through creative work music,
poetry etc. Do not sit around and have day dreams. You should
work methodically and slowly but in a determined way to your
object Along period of good or bad (depending on the aspects)
luckis likely tocdme under this transit. Many people do not feel the
vibrations at all. consciously, and for this reason it tends to set up
a fatalistic attitude towards events.
532. Opposition Sun:- Be careful under this transit Calculate
exactly, influences most intense for two years before andafterexact
aspect. Confusionisthekeynoteofthis transit.Humanrelalions are
bewildering, friends will be difficultto understand. Your thoughts
and emotions are complicated, you are oversubtle, proud, with
superiority complex. Danger of introversion through your dog-
matic views. There canbe break dovvnof activity, loss of position,
difficulty in getting and keepingjob, friends etc. Psychic distur-
bances due to refusal to face the facte. Health has to be safeguarded.
Need for rigid self analysis. In its best form (seldom achieved in
fall), gives you a vast number of friends, a rare kind of popularity,
charm and magnetism, so you must have self- effacement,a true
spirit of humility and helping others. Creative energy, music, art or
literature will be of your gain and interest.
533. Conjunction Moon :- Neptune conjunct Moon causes
many changes in your emotional and personal life, hard to handle
in the first instance but are constructive. During this period, you
may find yourself less ambitious, more lazy than as before. You
may become greedier for money, more snobbish, more socially
ambitious, or any one of a thousand things. You will become
determined. To make your secrets about yourself things that make
y ou feel superior rather than inferior is the way to get most out of
this transit. You will feel more understanding, more charitable,
more religious, more idealistic and more original than others. So in
the light of one, these can be confused by your emotions, difficult
in love relationship in which you are romantically fascinated by
someone. Take care of your health against fluid disturbances in the
body. Drug or alcohol use can be there. Care for eye diseases is a
534. Sextile Moon Increased emotional sensitivity andean
know intuitively the other's feelings, avoid contacts with people
with negative thoughts. It will stimulate psychic and mystical
experiences. Your emotion will be high, making your imagination
much more active and creative. You may form a new love relation
which can be very highly romanticized relationship.
535. Square Moon Strange moods and feelings, be careful
of your speech and language. Avoid people, who are under the
influence of strong negative emotions, also to people who control
your thinking. This transit may create misunderstandings. Prob-
lems can arise in your home, personal or emotional life and
relationships. Unrealistic and yetvery fascinating love relation can
start. Your own negative emotions can be very destructive. Avoid
use of drugs. Digestive problems can occur.
536 . Trine Moon Increased sensitivity to feelings and
moods and even in the thoughts. Astrongly intuitive transit to get
feelings of the future to be remarkably accurate. Compassionate
and helpful to others for which this is a good time. Ideal and
spiritual love relations without physical, relations, which will be
very helpful to your development. Make a change to reality.
537. Opposition Moon Neptune transits opposition your
Moon indicates simple nature, you get fixed ideas which may
sometimes be withoutany relations to reality. Atransit of delusion.
Yourhealthmaysufferthroughfixedideas. Emotional matters will
undergo strange moods and obsessions making your life difficult.
Material and practical matters suffer due to non concentration of
mind. You can be deceived by your feelings. Be careful in love
matters and also about your eating and drinking. Keep your home
life neat and orderly, you may have problems with female relatives
or friends during this transit.
538. Conjunction Mercury An extremely difficult transit to
handle, due to the fact that both planets are different in their
functions. Acuteness of sense perceptions can lead you to sensa-
tionalism of a very destructive sortor create a sense of beauty and
sympathy which you express intellectually and artistically inyour
life. Your mind maybe absorbed in sensory impressions, obsessed
by sight sound, smell and specially by imaginative pictures. A
fixed idea or day dreaming, dreams can undermine efficiency,
danger of giving way to your mental reactions. You need rigid self
discipline. Emotions become dangerous. An inspired period to
know the world.
539. Sextile Mercury Aperiod of greater inspiration and
gain through communications. Acreative time for art, music and
poetry. Increased sensitivity. Afascinating world life around you.
Useful to associate with other people. Agood time to teach others
about your spiritual or psychic experiences. Faith and reasons are
in a state of balance at this time. You believe and act and recognize
the limits of national intellect.
540. Square Mercury Confusion of the senses, inaccuracy
of thought, errors of judgement due to erroneous sense impres-
sions and improper application of logic. Tendency to wish think-
ing, the habit of believing what you want to believe despite
evidence; refusal to look facts in the face; escape tendencies. Danger
of bad habits, if controlled, nature individuals, creative force,
necessitating plenty of self discipline to keep the mind working
smoothly along progressive channels; it tends to slip of into
practical and intangible day dreams.
541 . Trine Mercury :- Agood time for poetry and having
correspondence. This is one of the most imaginative period of your
life in a positive way. Intuitive, intellect and feelings will work as
a team to make the time quite fertile. Good relations with others,
verbal or through communication. Interest in metaphysical and
spiritual subjects. Teaching work will be successful.
542. Opposition Mercury j- During this transit, communica-
tion and thinking will be problem creating confusing state. A
dangerous timetomake decisions. You can be deceived,be careful
in correspondence with Others. Misunderstanding with others can
lead to more unpleasant situations. Be careful not to become
obsessed by delusions. The tried and true principles are more
reliable in life than before. Be careful in business negotiations,
buying and selling lest you are deceived and also against theft.
Avoid getting involved in any scheme. Nervous ailments, physical
or psychological, anxieties and nervousness.
543. Conjunction Venus Afascinating aspect between
Neptune and Venus, with increased emotional sensitivity. Idealis-
tic or physical, humane or sensual, with great intensity, great
magnetism and popularity over a tendency to be hurt, broad, feel
sorry for yourself if youare introvert. Agood period forartisticand
creative people. Liking for beautiful, special interest in arts, music
and poetry. This is a romantic transit par excellence, you may fall
mad ly in love with someone, because he or she seems so perfect and
ideal, although, truth may be different. Disappointments are
frequent effects of this transit, specially if the partner is not worth
while, habits relating to love and sex are important and tend to
become fixed; emotional attitudes now endure along time.
Avoid relations with alcoholic, or drug addicted persons.
Hypochondria, expensive and excessive forms of relaxations, self
indulgence of one kind or other can have grip on you. You may
become stubborn in a curious way. Distrust your hunches unless
you are an exceptionally self controlled.
In short this transit indicates deep magnetism, ideal love,
with creative powers, a sense of beauty and order, truly superior,
charming person, with an extraordinary beauty of spirit.
544. Sextile Venus : - Apleasantand dreamy transit. You may
not be very practical, but good period for artistic or music talents.
Love relationships with the opposite sex, love with others will be
most important than any other things, in short you will meet some
one destined for you. Humane, Danger of being imposed on
through softness.
545. Square Venus Bewilderment of emotions, touchiness
dueto misunderstanding andsensitiveness,asenseofknowingthe
unknowable, which more often than not is interpreted wrongly.
Falling in with evil companions owing to increased sensationalism.
Self indulgence. In best forms it leads to self to the will of others and
true humility. Unrealistic attitude in personal relationships may
cause problems. Avoid confrontation with others and yourself.
546 . Trine Venus Romantic nature will cause relations with
the opposite sex, beautiful dreams and illusions. Love will be more
romantic and idealised, avoid over idolization, more compassion-
ate and understanding your loved ones.
547. Opposition Venus Love relationship may cause
problems having an unrealistic attitude about the relationship.
Disillusionment and disappointments are results in love matters.
Obscure problems with existing relations. It stimulate creative
imagination, but keep truth and imagination separate to get most
benefits from the transit. Artistic creativity will be high. Anew
relation started during this transit should be forced to withstand
the test of time, it may undergo fundamental changes.
548. Conjunction Mars Your energy works automatically
under the dominance of intuition. Aperiod of great success or
failure, due, in either case, to the nature of dream you hold, which
you express with great intensity. Aunion is effected between your
deepest inner nature and the energy expression factor through
which you externalize. If yourinnernature is dark, sensational and
destructive, it manifests itself here in that form. If it is shining and
idealistic, master of high dreaming you accomplish wonders. To
translate your hiddenpowers, to express your suppressed desires,
is the task of this period and in the accomplishment of this task you
will be helped thenby luck and your magnetism. Avery powerful
transit leading you to success,power,riches fameetc. or to the exact
reverse depending on the aspects, the transit receives.
549. Sextile Mars Success will notseemso important to you.
Aperiod of sharing spiritual or metaphysical goals and take part
in religious and spiritual movements. Atime of reflection rather
than vigorous actions. You may become dominant during this
period. Helpful to others.
550. Square Mats Experiences of deception, betrayal or
illusion of them, which everis worse. Needs fighting continuously.
Energy will be used for destructive channels so you will have to
reevaluate yourself. LTpheaval of far reaching consequences. So
keep discipline. There will be number of dangers, concerning your
work and home, people will workagainst you and act indifferently,
no help from others. Be careful against involving you in any
dubious schemes, so avoid corrupt or dishonest working in any
shape, youmay face defeats, confrontations andit is a period of low
physical energy.
551 . Trine Mars : - It is not good time to work boldly, do not
feelinclinedto assert yourself at people's expenses instead work in
collaborations withothers. Agood period for charitable works and
working for the poor and downtrodden people. Mystical and
spiritual experiences. Do not be afraid that your life will lack
fulfillment. You will find that your needs and desires will be
common as that of other people, so work accord ingly. You will not
be isolated at this time.
552. Opposition Mars Neptune opposition Mars indicates
a very careful working and keeping your perceptions rather low.
Be careful not to involve yourself wittingly or unwittingly in any
kind of bogus enterprises. This transit can create deceitful actions
and you may be involved there in, so scrutinize well and work
carefully, also avoid high risks ventures, swindling working. Also
keep care of your health. Do not plan to start new projects. Use of
drugs etc. be avoided.
553. Conjunction Jupiter Aperiod of unparalleled oppor-
tunity, new chances for material and spiritual expansion. Do not
allow your life or viewpoint to get into a rut, chances of success are
high. Avoid as for as possible, the materialistic thoughts, practical
rewards will be on your side. Human, social, artistic or humanitar-
ian aspects of life will be high and help you. Unusual and spectacu-
lar developments can take place. In the worst form when afflicted,
leads to physical excesses, extravagance and self indulgence.
You will be sympathetic but helpful to others. Do not be
carried away by youridealism. Afoolishconfidencethat whatever
you will do will do well be avoided, so do not take risks and avoid
gambling also. Not a good period for long term investments, you
canbe swindled awayby the appeals androsy sympathetic words
of others, so do not try to advance your material interests,
554. Sextile Jupiter :- Study of occults, spiritual and meta-
physics with religious teachings will be a matter of special interest.
Working with religious groups and organizations will pay you
more. Agood time for travel. Avoid tempting fate with wild and
ill considered actions, being this a period of all round success but
your optimistic and positive ideas can help you for success. Enjoy
the company of friends, who will be helpful to you. Generous with
555. Square Jupiter Do not be impatient by restrictions
imposed upon you but accept these limitations for your gain.
Helpful to others to be benefited. Do not have overdeveloped
beliefs, over confidence, indicating defeat and disappointments.
Speculations and risks be avoided lest you lose all. Do not be misled
by flattery. Gain through religious or spiritual movements, avoid
their dulsion in your material life. Starry eyed, idealists, are not
very useful when there is much hard work to be done.
556 . Trine Jupiter Optimistic and hopeful for future. A
good chance to gain through spiritualism, occults,philosophy and
metaphysics. This transit will increase your confidence and opti-
mism even for taking risks which be avoided like gambling or
speculation etc. Material considerations are now expendable.
Travelling by sea or air for above purposes will be rewarding,
particularly long trips. Helpful to others.
557. Opposition Jupiter Inflated expectations, excessive
and impractical idealism and sudden disappointments are the
dangers of this transit. You are in illusion that nothing can defeat
you, and also you feel lucky thus you will be incited to take foolish
risks as financial risks, speculation, gambling, which be avoided.
Avoid travels. Becarefulparticularlynoltooverextendfinancially.
Study religion or mysticism. Helpful to others, let other's not
derive undue benefit from your generosity.
558. Conjunction Saturn Difficult, confusing, depressing
and desperate transit. You will meet a number of disappointments
causing anxiety. Fear and loss of self confidence. Ambitions are
defeated. This will do something lasting to your zest for achieve-
ments. it increases terrific intuitive and psychic power, it is a period
of confusionso reduce the stress and strain by having a comfortable
surroundings. Try to avoid making any decision. You should avoid
people, who seem difficult or demoralizing. Be always in a calm
position. Your health may be afflicted with a disease hard to
diagnose, periodical medical check up is needed.
559. Sextile Saturn You will have confidence to deal with
matters for success. Ideals andreal senses are balanced inyourlife
now. Agood time to adopt calm and meditative attitude towards
your working to attain success. Success in works which help others.
This would satisfy your need to act selflessly and to be part of the
larger scheme.
56 0. Square Saturn Aperiod of insecurity and anxiety,
feeling confused and disoriented. All problems during transit are
creation of your own mind, if you can handle its effects on your
consciousness, you can handle anything. You will have doubts and
fears for handling the affairs and will feel like withdrawing from
everything. Severe the relations with persons who shake your
confidence. Insecurity and lack of belief will upset yourjob and the
domestic life. Do not make any commitments, contracts or nego-
tiations. Be careful about property and possession. Be contended
during the transit. Care for health.
56 1 . Trine Saturn Aperiod to work very hard, and in a
practical way to achieve your objects. You are optimistic now. You
are now reluctant to saddle yourself with possessions that may be
pleasant to own, but may complicate your life. Agood time for
psychic, spiritual and occult studies. You will have spiritual
advancement well measured and disciplined.
56 2. Opposition Saturn: - Asignificant butnot very pleasant
transit. Your sense of proportion willbe distorted, fear and anxiety
during the transit but donot fear that things are as bad as they look
Avaluable change will take place inspite of fear and depression.
Causing you to feel disoriented. So avoid fear and anxiety coupled
with depression. Agood period for research in human potential
work. Challenge and confrontation withothers. Long term chronic
illness in indicated in some cases.
56 3. Conjunction Uranus This transit will occur later in
one's life. So the delineations have not so farbeen observed.
56 4. Sextile Uranus This is a knowledge expanding transit
particularly in the material universe and abstract things. Spir-
itualism can be of interest to you, accompanied by occult, mysti-
cism and Astrology. You may be involved in movements of social
reforming. Helpful to people. Changes will take place.
56 5. Square Uranus :- Sudden changes. The people may be
different than you know them earlier confusing you over the
situation. You may become addicted in drugs and alcohol. Psychic
and mystical experiences, which may upset you because they
challenge the way of your looking at the world so be carefulabout
these experiences. Do not attempt to place the insights you encoun-
ter into any kind of system.
56 6 . Trine Uranus :- You will experience wider interest,
increased ability and greater depths in the world's matters and
psyche side. More interested in occult and Astrology. Philosophi-
cal studies will benefit you. Helpful to down trodden and needy
persons. You may become involved in a religious or spiritual
56 7. Opposition Uranus :- You will be involved in philo-
sophical occult, magic, Astrology and metaphysics studies per-
haps through drugs or meditation through groups because this is
a period of tremendous psychological insight and change but not
much stabihty. Do not try to build permanent structure during the
period because you will have to change them again and again.
Confusion doubts and uncertainty will prevail. Cut down your
requirements, avoid long range commitments.
56 8. Conjunction Neptune :- Neptune conjunct Neptune
happens just afterbirth and not likely to occur again during lifetime
as it takes 1 6 4 years to go round.
56 9. Sextile Neptune :- This transit occurs at the same time
whenyourfirstSatum re turns to your natal Saturn and their effects
are closelylinked. Atimeofnewawakening ,and will see the world
andyour life in the largerperspective. Itdoes not arouse your sense
of idealism. You maybe attracted to rather mystical ideas andmake
positive reforms in your life. The change that occurs somewhat
scary but is best in the long run.
570. Square Neptune It is a transit which takes place at
about forty two years age and is a crisis of middle age. Some
changes will take place, you may do works half way and will not
try to complete them. Self security is needed during this transit.
Acting too quickly will cause disturbances in your emotional and
domestic life or in your work. Do not make permanent commit-
ments during this transit.
571 . Trine Neptune : - At forty five years age this transit will
occur. People will be helpful to you. You will have increased
relations with others. Follow the spiritual dimensions. You will be
attracted to metaphysics, philosophies and mystical studies and
experiences. Religion may be the center of your interest. Selfless
actions in your relations with others. Helpful to others.
5 72. Opposition Neptune This transit will not occur earlier
than mid - eighties. All this time, Uranus will conjunct Uranus also.
Old standard of living and experiences will not be of any interest
to you. Be patient and allow your thinking and working to be
spiritual so that this time may not of confusion and defeat Take
care of your health against hospitalization.
5 73. ConjimctionFlutor- NeptunePlutoConjunctionhasnot
happened so far since 1 890.
574. Sextile Pluto : - During this transit, you will have a new
start and new level, and will not be very troublesome under any
circumstances. It will be least difficult and most profitable. Social
changes will take place. An excellent time to under go psychic,
mind expanding philosophy of human potential. So you should not
waste the time ofhis transit.
575. Square Pluto Aperiod of psychological changes in
your hfe. Matters important to you are not so now. There will be
considerable tension due to pressures and compulsions. Changes
will take place. Do not feel some destructive impulses. You must
face the situation calmly and patiently.
576 . Trine Pluto : - Interest in hidden psychological forces in
many ways. Involvement in group activities, your desire to have
greater control will meet with disastrous results. You should
31 0
handle the situation tactfully. Interest in mystical and occult
577. Opposition Pluto In early sixties or latter you will
experience this transit. In indicates encounters of various aspects
of your life. Spiritual dimensions will increase. Avoid taking face
value of any new encounters with person or circumstances. The
persons may deceive you. Develop a habit of waiting rather acting
during this transit.
Pluto's position during transit ina house indicates the transit
of your life which will be subjected to change, serious power
struggle with others. Inevitable changes come about disastrously.
It takes 248.42 years to go round the Sun.
Now we will explain the effects of PLUTOin different signs
of the zodiac during transit.
1 st House: Aperiod to reshape gradually many aspects of
your life and your personality over which you will have greater
control making your relationships more rewarding.
You wlllbe tempted tocontrol everything around you, which
be avoided if not it will bring negative results like misunderstand-
ing and conflicts in relations etc. You will be more attracted to
mystries and hidden aspects of life. Also of Astrology, Yoga and
other occult or spiritual doctrines.
2nd House: Changes in future in personal possessions and
material planes including financial aspects not toyour taste. So you
have to change you working methods to become solid in finances
gradually. More attracted towards metaphysical and moral val-
3rd House: This transit indicates heavy tone in communica-
tions and with younger people in every day life. Neighbours,
immediate relations, nearest dear ones, daily business and routine
matters too will become fraught with significance causing great
changes alround.
31 1
So check everything weH in daily routine. Try to get as
close as possible to the inner working of your life. May become
interested in occult, yoga and intellectual pursuits.
4th House: The effects will be more deeper, internal and
personal as you want change and you will be able to do. An
excellent period to undergo psychotherapy changing home life
tremendously. Changes or repair to house and in family like
divorce, separation or a tremendous change in your family rela-
5th House: Afateful period in your life with children
necessarily bad SObe careful and use common sense when dealing
with them. It will indicate powerful struggle with them.
Love affairwill be very heavy, very emotionally involved
and intense. Not good to adopt any love affair as partner. This
period will have a lasting effects on your life. Experiences in
many fields in deep sense way.
6 th House: Overstrain physically so take care of your health
precisely. Good time to change and reschedule your diet forbetter
Great changes in your work can be expected with regards
to your career creating difficult period of tension particularly
with superiors causing change injob elsewhere.
You will succeed more in works like dealing with secrete
orsubversive elements of society orwith secret projects as Pluto
is their significator.
7th House: Radical changes in all relations like marriage,
love affair, business partner, encounter with enemies, or persons
to whom you consult. Transit causes crisis in above relations.
Not good to start a new business, partnership or marriage. For
persons need emotional intensity in relations, period is best for
marriage. Avoid power struggles with enemies or opponents.
8th House: Since Pluto relates to death and resurrection
symbolically which too is indicated by 8th house. So Pluto is "at
31 2
Aperiod of major transformation. Your life is not in danger
but of people around you having important effects on you.
You will be involved in occult and issues relating to death.
Interested in mysteries of life. Joint resources, possessions and
finances can feel major impact. Do not have any debt. Inher-
itance can depend on your whole chart.
9th House: You will have maturing experiences which will
transform you to better statu s. Welfare around y ou. Attraction for
occult and mystical sciences will become powerful but do not
become fanatic in this direction. Group or movements will attract
you for involvement slowly.
1 Oth House: Will strivefor more than you have which you will
get. Opportunity togreatsuccess. You may change job often. Too
much ambitions be avoided to escape quite tragic. Do not leave
humanity and play the game fairly to achieve your goal. Do not
take shortcuts.
You may experience considerable changes. Avoid hurry.
1 1 th House: Friends will change, enjoyed activities will be lost
and change in your environments and people around you. Pleas-
ant or otherwise encounters on emotional side which may change
your life.
As regards finances accumulated by you, same be safe-
guarded from friends because in changed set up you may not
loose them.
1 2th House: Psychological effects are foremost. Subversion
activities of yours will come in open which you need to control
them. Secret enemies cannot work against you in the open. Face
your inner honestly and you will gain success.
578. Conjunction Sun:- Pluto Conjunct Sun indicates positive
and negative effects. It increases your sensitivity and compassion
for the people around you inne w way s. Your desire nowis totally
new start, changes home or even towns .divorce your marriage
partner and in extreme cases refuse custody of your children.
Conditions which have upset you in past are now swept aside.
Pluto brings drastic, revolutionary changes, but ones which are
31 3
necessary to help the process of stagnation and instigate continued
growth. You will feel fatigue, futile and ineffectual, you may tend
to be disappointed, confusion, aimless and purposeless actions.
Drugs, drinks and even doctor's prescription may cause problems.
You may deceive others.
579. Sextile Sun Friends and their affairs will be more
important to you and you will be willing to workfor them. Travel
forsplritualismorgrouporreligious institutions. Flelpfultodown
trodden and poor people selflessly. More sensitive.
580. Square Sun Aperiod of uncertainty and confusion. You
may seem to be temporarily paralyzed. Avoid unnecessary physi-
cal stress, keep careof your health. You may experience disappoint-
ments, defect. Avoid multi action activities.risks, speculations and
gambling. Be active.
581 . Trine Sun :- Spiritual practice will help you in your
materialistic attitude. Love, affectionforothers who are physically,
mentally or economically week. Agood period for creative works,
artistic creativity especially in music and, poetry.
582. Opposition Sun:- Yourphysicalvitality willbe weakened,
keep your diet balanced. You may try to dominate others. You may
be given more work and responsibilities. Do not be contentious,
your energy will now be high but needs to be directed in the right
direction. Others will not keep up with your fast pace, employees
orcoworkers will rebel if you push them. Control yourown actions.
Do not be aggressive, but be assertive. Treat people with authority,
superiors and officers with velvet gloves, belligerence only brings
you more problems.
583. Conjunction Moon :- Changes during this transit will
affect your feelings, domestic life and sense of security. You are
more emotional, an inner balance between your individualistic
impulses and your need for deep,intense relationships is oneof the
potential fruits of this transit. So to succeed, self control is a key to
success. Be kind to your mother, do not have any resentment
against her. There can be danger of confusion in your emotions,
31 4
difficulties with love relationships. Avoid taking up new ideas.
Your health may have fluid disturbances diseases, so be careful.
584. Sextile Moon You will experience your emotions as
profound, real and intense but not difficult. You will deal with
people with much more emotional depth and feeling than usual.
This transit can affect your personal and domestic life and causes
to make creative changes and reforms in your relationship with
people you meet daily such as parents, family and relatives. You
may make physical changes in your home harmonize with your
585. Square Moon This transit will cause changes with more
tension. People supporting you previously will now oppose you.
obstacles in emotional set up. Control your anger forassertiveness
rather than aggressiveness. Hidden resentment and anger will
now surface up. Emotional power struggle with someone, can be
destructive because it will be based on guilt, jealously or sense of
duty. You will be fascinated by opposite sex which relation will be
bad for you. Emotional confrontation in family life, avoid it to avoid
it to avoid destruction. Changes in home or residence.
586 . Trine Moon Aperiod of positive and creative changes,
profound based on magic and intuition. Important new relations
will be formed which may or may not be sexual existing relations
will have more emotional contents. Psychotherapy or other con-
sciousness expanding therapies canbe practical by successful. You
will have chance for making positive changes. You can make
repairs, construct new buildings etc. Good and peace in domestic
life. Good period for buying property.
587. Opposition Moon Your relationship now seem unsat-
isfactory. Jealousies and old resentments stir up feelings on both
sides. The thinking and non- possessive attitude are now needed.
Either you or a lover are likely to feel smothered in an existing
relationship, anhonestapproach to everyone is best. Talkoveryour
feelings with trusted friend or counseller, avoiding any tendency
to rationalize or diminish the importance of those feelings.
31 5
588. Conjunction Mercury Your thoughts are penetrating,
acute perception, you are not interested in superficial answers you
want the truth. Religious or philosophical studies will be of your
interest. Astrology, occult and psychology sciences will be of your
interest. Be flexible and willing to concede the notions which may
not be as good as you thought earlier. Do not be stubborn. This
transit will broaden your horizons. Be receptive This is an educa-
tional time foryou. You may become involved to adoptyourviews.
You will provoke opposition to your ideas, which may defeat you.
You can be victim of an obsession or fanatical ideal.
589. Sextile Mercury : - Agood period f ordeep intellectual and
beliefs. Sharp mental powers and keen perception. Will like the
truth rather to have asuperficial answer, soyourdepthofmindwill
increase and you will influence other people. Your opinion and
what you say will weight with others. This is an excellent time to
study occult philosophy, metaphysics, or even psychology or
psychiatry. Any discipline related to healing the mind will be
beneficial at this time.
590. Square Mercury Your letters, conversation and other
such exchanges may cause conflicts and encounters with others
because you will force your ideas upon others or others may try to
do so with you. Not a good time to yield to other's opinions or to
other's demand should bow to your ideas. So try to face the facts
and find out the reality. This transit can be a source of positive
learning. You may be attracted to new ideas that have intense
emotional overtones. Magic and other allied sciences will produce
tragic consequences if not handled property.
591 . Trine Mercury You all gain greater intellectual insights
to learn more. Agood time to study new subjects. You may meet
someone having powerful effects upon you as your words will
have greater influence and effects upon others. Gain through
communications. AGuru may lead you to open up the universe to
you. Teach others and learn from others.
592. Opposition Mercury Your conversations, letters, formal
writing and study become more intense to the tune of fanatical
31 6
obsessed with the ideas so much that you may not get peace until
you have done so. Hard work will pay you but do not overstrain
yourself. Otherwise you can be subject to exhaustion or even a
nervous breakdown. Research and other mental exploration, oc-
cult, hidden matters are the most dangerous, because they can be
very obsessive, exercises with restraint in working.
593. Conjunction Venus Pluto Conjunct Venus indicates
your relations will become in general more intense, specially those
involving sex and love. You will experience emotional exterems
andmay evenbreaksomeoldestrelations. You will become intense
emotionally withsomeoneandplayanimportantpartinsomeone's
life, lukewarm relations will not survive. But remain vigilant to
meet people who will give you important lessons about love. You
may contacta person who can teach you as Guru orteacherina love
relations. Yonrsex drive is strong, you may contact a personas such
with intense relations but not smooth indicating you as Lover's
Power'. Relations will be compulsive and are not very rational. Be
careful not to have relations with anyone, who is very difficult to
get along with disciplinarians with other who is not very good for
you is a great danger with this transit. Aperfect decent relation can
also be possible.
594. Sextile Venus Make more profound your existing
relations. You may have new friendship or love relationship which
will have important effects on you life. Your practical relationship
will become less routine. Alove relationship will have an intensity
of feelings that will amaze you. Your sense pleasure and enjoy-
ments will be highduring this transit. Artistic and creative activity
will be high. Be careful not to abuse the energies. Love and
creativity have the power to transform y our talent this time. Do not
waste this opportunity.
595. Trine Venus :- Thistransitisasourceof challengeandeven
difficulty. Changes and hardship, an old relation will undergo
changes also, there will be service to others at this time. You will
have strong intense desire for love now. New love relations will
form, where you will become suddenly fascinated to an opposite
sex. Avoid temptation to go with other persons as these relations
31 7
will not be long lasting. Do not make any commitment. Stress and
strains in love relations may not surface now such as tension,
jealousy, possessiveness, unwillingness to grant the partner etc.
Analyse the situation calmly and hones tly to solve the above points
resulting that bad ones may end but, agood one will be comedeeper
and more profound.
596 . Opposition Venus Your love des ire and physical expres-
sion will be strong during this desire. Relations with loved ones
may not be so congenial due to compulsive or obsessive quality.
Keep your standards high, as you will come in contact or attracting
a member of the underworld set, someone who is already attached
or someone who is looking forthe sex, rather than a person capable
of making both the sacrifices and the commitment you deem
necessary. New relations can be formed, aim or an attachments
based on love, trust and gentleness, a relation deepen, not disinte-
grate, with time. During this transit some relations may end orgo
under a change may positive or negative. Sexual relations during
this period will be strongly affected having effect on your life.
597. Conjunction Mars :- High energy will take you toward
achievement with a drive that will sweep all obstacles or get you
over them. You will work hard even if you are tired. This
undisciplined approach may exhaust you to the point where you
are forced by troubled circumstances or ill health to stop, Amore
disciplined approach help you forsuccess. Atbothwork and home,
look for new and more efficient methods to complete ajob. Pluto
Conjunction Mars during transit indicates a great striving in your
life, a time of sever struggle against tremendous obstacles. Be
careful against violent injury or violent injury or violence through
others. Do not dominate others andtry to gain power,you will lose.
So work for the good of the people than domination. Avoid any
598. Sextile Mars :- The transit is an opportunity to workand
complete on a grand scale. Influential to others. Agreat progress
during the work Agood period of great changes and reforms in
your environments. Avoid any situation likely to frustrate or limit
31 8
you as you will be given opportunity to do something, not
compelled to do it, so do not miss it.
599. Square Mars Adangerous transit unless handled prop-
erly. Itshouldbe used in andfor constructive ways. It arouses your
ambitions to go ahead at any cost, if you are not careful, you can
work so hard that you become physically exhausted. Exposing
yourself open to illness and physical breakdown so never overdo.
Your working for success, power, fame etc without paying any
attention to people who disagree with you or oppose you. Loss
through enemies. You will face in a fighting situation. Do not do it
alone better avoid. Accidente can occur during transit, so avoid
risks and opposition to enemies.
6 00. Trine Mars You are desirous of doing good great feats.
Success in profession and in other fields. You will work long and
hard to gain success and power and many changes. Physical
activities are favoured such as athletics, yoga, weight lifting etc. A
good period for repair, rebuilding, renovating furniture or build-
ing. You can rebuild your self confidence and strength.
6 01 . Opposition Mars You will notsuitto any one's authority,
even when it is needed. Your energy and ambitions are high and
uncontrolled attracting authorities attention, whetheritbe through
speeding or arguments with co- workers. Possibility of accidents.
Self control will be advantageous. To use and channeling the
energy in a constructive way will help you to accomplish much
more. You have strong drive to win, to succeed and even to
dominate others, if you deny this attitude you will experience
tension within yourself with regards to others. Opposition from
others. Avoid using tactics, subversive and underground activi-
ties. Do not borrow money from financiers. This transit can help
create a new you.
6 02. Conjunction Jupiter :- Aperiod of great success or people
will oppose your efforts, depends on what you are trying to
accomplish andhow. There will be changes. This transit works out
well, fameand success. Gain through business social workor some
other means. Difficulties with authorities. In extreme circum-
31 9
stances, this transit can even indicate arrest. Possibility of opposi-
tion fromauthorities youare working for a noble cause. Butifyour
point of view is limited to yourself, you will have trouble and
6 03. Sex tile Jupiter This transit favours business and profes-
sional interests as well as any other enterprise involving working
with other groups. Reformation and changes inyour life, drive for
personal SUCCESS, you may be more idealistic. Excellent time to
study lawor with authorities. Good relations with employer who
will be helpful also.
6 04. Square Jupiter :- Basically it is a good transit for success,
but you heed certain dangers. Success in profession and in all
endeavors. Do not get too much involved, overinflated expecta-
tions. You may become arrogant, and overbearing in dealing with
others and have a nature of compromise and understand other's
position. Guard against legal problems, if not careful, the transit
could even signify arrest. Do not force your ideas upon others.
6 05. Trine Jupiter The conditions will be improved, positive
reforms and changes. Helpful to others. Congenial working with
friends, neighbours, relatives and professional associates. Inter-
ested in law. religion, philosophy and metaphysics. Afavourable
period for dealing with the law, with superiors, persons in power
and authority, who will help to make the kinds of changes thatyou
want to make. Gain in personal power. Not a good period for
egoistical drive. Generous and will do good to the people.
6 06 . Opposition Jupiter :- Success, excellence or preeminence
in some way. Arrogantand dominant. Gainagreater understand-
ing of truth. Avoid any behaviour that could get you into trouble
with law. Civil suits be avoided if possible, as you can not win the
case. Avoid superiority complex. New meetings and relations with
old friends and loved ones will showyouthe way of development.
There canbe conflicts with them.
6 07. Conjunction Saturn ;- Pluto Conjunction Saturn indicates
a stressful period infyourlife. Your perspective is now narrow, so
you are not able to look at changes as opportunities. The high
premium you place on security may prove detrimental to your
growth. Try not to react what you do not like. This is not the time
to take your attitudes towards work or life time goals forgranted.
Do not forget responsibilities to others when you are wrapped in
your personal goals. It increases your persistence and tenacity.
Money, possessions, relationships or something else valuable too
much to you may be taken away. You must learn to get along with
as little as possible.
6 08. Sextile Saturn Agood time to face hardships and keep
discipline as it gives you tremendous tenacity and toughness.
Patience is the watchword of this transit. In a slow but powerful
way, you will gain your objects. You will be changing yourself not
drastically and suddenly, but slowly and in powerful way. You
may work alone. You will succeed when painstaking work is
6 09. Square Saturn You have to withstand some challenges
in your way of life. You must adaptto the forces at work during this
period foryour own sake. Circumstances and situations will work
against you, you will feel pressure and will put up tremendous
resistance. Loss of finances, material or otherwise. Thisis partofthe
test of this transit. Not agood time to expand your business, now
ventures, face them calmly and honestly. You can expect struggle
during this period, which will not be fruitless, unless you try to
hold on blindly to everything as it is now.
6 1 0. Trine Saturn There will be profound and gradual
changes in your life, work with great patience and attention in
detail. Endurance, and working over along period of time will pay
you. Aslow period will bring changes, profound ones inyour life.
Changes will be in daily work and profession. Be carefulunderthis
transit, be in discipline and do not waste. Social reforms and
fairness will pay you. Favour from super! ors, persons in authority
and in business to enable you to reorganise your structural level.
6 1 1 . Opposition Saturn : - Aperiod of changing circumstances
and situations that may force you to surrender any thing life
material goods, finances and relationships etc. You will need great
discipline during this transit Suppressed feelings will be experi-
enced during this period but keep your heart open. Your circum-
stances are not stable to bring any success.
6 1 2. Conjunction Uranus Arebellious and independent
nature. You are inclined to make impulsive changes which could
have long lasting effects so think twice before you act. You may
break from many through impatience. Rebellion against restric-
tions for changes, use your energies in a constructive way. Incase
you do not rebel for changes, they may change you, which will be
upsetting, but be calm.
6 1 3. Sextile Uranus :- Aperiod of profound but creative
changes which may change your life in a creative way in your
environments as well as within you. Newstudies, revealing hidden
aspects of life will be favourable also technical. Science, Astrology
and occult Sciences will be of interest to you. Group or organised
movements will be of your interest and effective for reforms. Good
period for psychological work
6 1 4. Square LTranus :- Aperiod of change and upheavals in
your life. The change will originate from society as whole. Rigidity
will make the situation worse as you could not resist the pressure
forchange .1 1 1 "ran us is strong in your natal chart, you will become
agent of change. If you feel circumstances have limited you
severely, you will probably be attracted to persons and movements
that set themselves up as agent of a new order. That may be ona
grand political and social scale. Do not lose track of feelings in
making or experiencing sweeping changes in your life.
6 1 5. Trine Uranu s : - Aperiod of creative and radical transfor-
mation either in your life or in the lives around you. Changes will
be lasting and thorough. Quite extraordinary work will be done
which will broaden your outlook New kinds of ideas, gain of new
friends. You will not feelsenseofloss,butratherasenseofnewbirth
and freedom.
6 1 6 . Opposition Uranus :- Aperiod of massive changes,
creative revolution, and suddenly. Many events will pass away
suddenly. Leave the things which have outlived their purpose in
life, personal and professional side will be strongly affected.
6 1 7. Conjunction Neptune Pluto Conjunction Neptune
during transit indicates a time of questioning long held behefs in a
search of personal meaning. Introspection is one of the main
manifestation of this period. You may also work hard to achieve
your old ideals for which you will have success. You may become
disoriented in your life, Advice of old people will be beneficial.
Relationships, jobsituationand places may pass away now. Agood
period to study subjects forgreater understanding about your life.
6 1 8. Sextile Neptune This transit is a long term transit from
1 91 0 to end of 20th century. Concerned with mystical beliefs.
Spiritual interest rather thanoccult study. Materialistic interest will
not be beneficial. You will explore the hidden depths of existence
and have experiences that are profound and healings.
6 1 9. Square Neptune The transit will occur for those living
now in your late sixties and after. As we move into twenty first
century, tfe transit will occur progressively later in people's lives.
This is because the sextile between transitting Pluto and Neptune
will last for rest of the century.
There will not be dramatic signs of social struggle and change.
Your personality that you want to keep secret will be now open
which you no longer avoid. Study of subject like psychology,
scientific research occult. Spiritualism or mystical philosophy may
be of your interest and advantage.
6 20. Opposition Neptune Pluto Neptune opposition has not
happened to any one now alive and will not happen again for at
least another century.
6 21 . Conjunction Pluto This transit does not happen to
anyone except possibly right after death.
6 22. Sextile Pluto Changes will be part of creative evolution.
It will create additional opportunities for growth that you may or
may not choose to take advantage of. This is a period of stabilizing
within change. Agood time for self analysis and of Universe as a
whole. The life will be stabilizing and maturing. Period of rapid
change has passed, this transit does not represent setting into
rigidity, but stability.
6 23. Square Pluto This transit will occur in late forties. A
period of general regeneration, whichmaynotbeentirelypleasant.
Bad elements will be uprooted. Problems forgotten but are still
working unconsciously in your life may reappear and become
active now, usually, but not always to yourdetriment.Manythings
maybe destroyed atthis time, if you defend with rigidity may cause
destruction. Increase increativeand regenerative processes,Interest
in occult. Avoid magic and its use.
6 24. Trine Pluto The transit has happened only to those who
are in their eighties or nineties.
6 25. Opposition Pluto This transit occurs at a time that is
beyond the normal life expectancy.
Afterexplaining the transitof various planets forming different
aspects with natal planets, we have learnt that their effects are
pronounced and important but these results are subject to the
various limitations and modifications depending upon the aspects
of other planets upon the transited planet.
The most sensitive points in the birth chart are Ascendant and
Midheaven or 1 0th house, the transit whether benefic or malefic
carry a big value on these points and are provided in a nutshell for
the guidance of readers.
Transit to the Ascendant affect the general health, and also
produce mental disturbances if malefic otherwise good results.
The aspects to 1 0th house on the other hand denotes honour,
employment, reputation and the parents according to the nature of
the influences operating whether adverse or benefic. Allowance
must be made for the condition of planet concerned, in the nativity.
An afflicted benefic will produce comparatively good results by its
favourable aspects to Ascendant or 1 0th house and similarly a
malefic dignified and well aspected will produce little evil, but
rather a strain which will call out all the native's latent powers and
in the end prove a blessings rather than a fortune.
1 . Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Sun Public
honour, gain through Govt good health, general toning up of the
whole system. Success in attachments and marriage.
2. Ascendant Conjunction,Trine or Sextile Moonlike-
lihood of long sea journey, some public favour, general gain,
successful attachments with married women, the birth of a daugh-
3. Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Mercury :-
Studious period, acquisition of knowledge and general gain.
4. Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Venus
Much pleasure, strong attachments, acquisition of wealth and
property. Marriage or strong permanent attachment.
5. Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Mars : - Great
activity, much self confidence; with females, impube to form
attachments, or desire for birth of a son.
6 . Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Jupiter
Many new friends, much social activity, some distinction in
position, general rise in life andfinancialgain. Opposition of Jupiter
will also produce good results.
7. Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Saturn : - Gain
through inheritance, acquisition of land and house property. Grave
and seriously disposed, and inclined to be preserving, industrious
and pains taking.
8. Ascendant Conjunction Trine or Sextile Rahu In-
creased self confidence. Initiative, independent working, good
personality and individuality. Success ineffortsthrough the power
of his own personality and develop self sufficiency.
9. Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Ketu : - More
arduous and burden some duties. Clear thinking and planning will
help you for success. Self confidence needs to be reinforced by his
recognition of efficiency gained through past or present experi-
1 0. Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Uranus :-
Unexpected events of a favourable nature, gains and unexpected
benefits. Strange attachments and successful friendships.
1 1 . Ascendant Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Neptune :-
Probability of clairvoyance, remarkable visions, strange dreams
and very pleasant happenings.
1 . Ascendant Square or Opposition Moon:- Difficulties
with enemies, afflicted health through cancerous, or tumorous
diseases if there are such indications in birth chart. Difficulties in
travel or voyages. Unpopular period as a general in which health
will sufferthrough vitality or want of it, and also through deflation.
2. AscendantSquareorOppositionSun;- Lackof stamina
for health and enterprise, tendency to stagnation in ideas, poverty
of blood.
3. Ascendant Square or Opposition Mars : - Feverish and
inflammatory complaints, liability to accidents, disputes, disfa-
vour from others, violent or unexpected hurt or injury, adverse for
4. Ascendant Square or Opposition Mercury Nervous
disorder, bowl troubles. Suffering through fraud or enemies.
5. Ascendant Square or Opposition Venus Loss through
extravagance or intemperate habits, troubles through women and
serious difficulties where affections and attachments are con-
cerned. Difficulties in generative system.
6 . Ascendant Square or Opposition Jupiter : - If Jupiter is
malefic, then only blood disorders, liver complaints, troubles
through false friends and extravagances, loss through intemper-
ance, unwise enthusiasm, undue hopefulness etc. If benefic mar-
riage and close partnerships will work well. They may attract
others to people of weath or social position.
7. Ascendant Square or Opposition Saturn :- Liability to
accidents, many colds or chills, disorder of a lingering character,
troubles in connection with elderly persons and affairs will go
wrong particularly with honour, reputation and family affairs.
8. Ascendant Square or Opposition Rahu Lack of self
confidence, one should not rely on anybody except on his own
initiative. He willbe forced to project himself dependingonthesign
9. Ascendant Square or Opposition Ketu;- Sudden set
backs and reversals not to his liking. Scattering mental impulses.
Problems with self. Lack of self confidence. More arduous and
burdensome duties.
1 0. Ascendant Square or Opposition Uranus:- Strange and
peculiar compaints, nervous disorders, liability to undergo opera-
tion, sudden actions, peculiar happenings, and somewhat
unfavourable period in all affairs.
1 1 . Ascendant Square or Opposition Neptune: - Nervous
troubles,psychic disorders,peculiar,fancies, strange imaginations
and general disorder of nerve aura.
1 .M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Sun - Increase of
honour, desire for achievement, elevation as regards influence,
added breadth of view.
2. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Moon.;- Long voyage,
some responsibility, domestic success, probable marriage and
birth of children.
3. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Mars Very enterpris-
ing spirit, much activity and general success in all matters of a
mechanical nature, and great axcess of ambition or worldly enter-
4. M.C. Conjunction Trine,or Sextile Mercury :- New
enterprises, journeys and a very active period regarding business,
much dealing with lawyers, merchants, and great access to learn-
ing and education.
5. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Venus :- Strong
attachments of a favourable character. Marriage, birth of child,
good fortune, where affections are concerned. Gain and prosper-
6 . M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Jupiter :- Much gain
and inf luencethrough social affairs, rise in life and general success.
All things are now tending to go well and looking prosperous.
7. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Saturn :- Some respon-
sibility or position of trust, increase of position, organising power,
general improvement in matters of service, employment or avoca-
tion. Gain through elders, inheritance and general success.
8. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Rahu :- Public recog-
nition, and honours for services rendered. Public social work.
Success through hard work and personal sacrifices. Leader and
protector of masses. Plan a sound expansion programme. Ad-
vancement in business, service and wider field of influence.
9. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Ketu Indicates
tendency to resist control by others. Power and success for help of
others. Control of selfish desires, ambition and power. Try to win
goodwill and sympathy of others. Work with time.
1 0. M.C. ConjunctionTrineor Sextile Uranus: - Suddenand
unexpected popularity, much credit and success in dealing with
societies and associations. Favourable new experiences, unex-
pected changes for good.
1 1 . M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Neptune :- Unex-
pected gain, peculiar and strange benefits, ideal attachments,
pleasant travel and general success.
1 .M.C. Square or Opposition Sun :- Loss of position, death
of parent, andanunpopularperiod, with a liability to offend others
grievously. No success with Govt; or persons in authority or
2. M.C. Square or Opposition Moon :- Difficulties in domes-
tic affairs, sometimes death of mother, troubles in populace and
discredit from others.
3. M.C. Square or Opposition Mars :- Liability of heavy
losses, disputes and difficulties with others and in business,
troubles through parents, it usually causes death of a parent,
liability of grievous injury.
4. M.C. Square or Opposition Mercury :- Troubles in con-
nection with writings, correspondence,literature, solicitors, travel,
relatives etc.
5. M.C. Square or Opposition Venus :- Troubles through
jealously, attachments, separations,difficultiesin domestic affairs,
loss through rash conduct. Scandals and extravagances through
lackof prudence.
6 . M.C. Square or Opposition Jupiter If Jupiter is malefic,
will indicate danger of law suits, legal troubles, legal disputes,
difficulties in social life, and persons with power and authority, loss
of money and financial disputes.
7. M.C. Square or Opposition Saturn Dishonour and
disgrace, legal troubles, difficulties with avocation, suffering at
hands of those of inferior, birth or position. Difficulties in respon-
sibilities and any occupation requiring trust and integrity.
8. M.C. Squareor Opposition RahuVocation or profession
will need attention requiring neglect of home and domestic life.
Personal sacrifices. Substantial efforts and great exertion.
9. M.C. Square or Opposition Ketu Disappointments,
dissatisfaction with vocation, bringing many changes. Vain self
glory, control yourselfishdesires, ambition and power. Hold gains
already one has. One should be patient when he encounters delay
and consider this to be an opportunity for further preparation.
1 0. M.C. Square or Opposition Uranus Sudden and
unexpected troubles and diseases. Sudden losses and tax upon the
reputation. liability to suffer much discredit All things will go
wrong, suddenly and unexpectedly. This oftenproduces death of
parents, generally that of father.
1 1 .M.C. Square or Opposition Neptune Peculiar and
unexpected events. Suffers through fraud or treachery or advice of
friends, strange and peculiar remarks regarding reputation.
The general effect produced by one body in transit over
another is in principal the same as conjunction of the two by
The slower a planet is in motion the more effects does its
transit produce. Aplanet stationary within two degrees of some
sensitive point in the horoscope is always important and this rule
holds good all through. Slower planets are much more marked in
the results they bring about than are those that move quickly, and
their influence extends over a much longer period. Because of this,
the planets can be divided for the purpose of transit into two
groups; Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter whereas
other planets are quick Mars however, is capable of producing
distinct effects by transit at critical times when directions agree.
The slow moving planets often mark unfortunate periods
than definite dates. The influence of a slow planet is of course
strongest on the day when its transit is exact or within the orb.
Transit should always be noted to the day, for a list of such dates
serves to the good and bad days through the year. The transit of
Mars in particular often acts very promptly. The transit of the quick
moving planets mark days rather than periods, for their influence
seldom extends over more than two days. Mercury and Venus
indicate events of slight interest. The Moon, although the quickest
in motion of all, is of more all round importance.
Transits of Moon are of considerable use in deciding fortu-
nate and unfortunate days. When Moon is passing through any
house in the horoscope, it gives some degree of prominence and
importance to affairs governed by the house, and the result will be
fortunate or reverse according to the condition of that house in the
radical horoscope. Thus if second house was badly afflicted at
birth, the Moon's transit through it once a month will always tend
to be more or less unfortunate. If the ephemeris shows that Moon
receives bad aspects that day, such as opposition of Saturn, the
tendency to misfortune will be increased; and if it receives some
good aspect, such as trine of Jupiter, not much benefit can be
expected from it because of the radical affliction, if on the other
hand, a house is fortunate at birth the Moon's transit through it will
marka day that is fortunate for affairs governed by that house; and
this will be increased if the ephemeris shows that the Moonis well
aspected and not much lessened by afflictions.
When the Moon transits the place of benefic,in the horoscope,
Jupiter, Venus or a well aspected Sun, Moon or Mercury, it will
indicate a fortunate day. When it passes over the Conjunction or
opposition of a malefic or of a seriously afflicted Sun, Moon or
Mercury, a day will be indicated as unfortunate, when it will be
wise to be careful. In each case, if the ephemeris shows that Moon
is well aspected on that day, the good will be increased and evil
lessened; and vice versa if the ephemeris show that it is badly
aspected; but the radical birth chart indications are the most
Generally speaking, the transit of Moon through a house or
over the place of a planet tends to call forth the natural meaning of
that house or planet forgood or for evil according to its significance
by position and aspects at birth. Its transits over Jupiter's place or
Venus will bring enjoyable days, pleasure, social intercourse, or
gain; over Mercury, good days for writing, reading, studying and
beginning new undertakings governed by that planet If the Moon
was, say, in trine to Jupiter at birth, its transit over either of those
two places will indicate a fortunate days.
The transit of Moon through the Ascendant is fortunate in
most cases, especially for going ajourney or making changes,
except when a malefic or seriously afflicted planet was rising or
setting at birth.
In this way fortunate and unfortunate days can be marked
out according to the Moon's transits through the birth chart; and
although the Moon is not the only factor that has to be taken into
account in this way, yet its influence is very important. Journeys be
undertaken if the Moon transits 1 st, 3rd, or 9th house or even its
own place if well aspected. Business should be begun whenMoon
is passing through 2nd 6 th or 1 0th house, which even is most
fortunate, are when it transits Jupiter or Venus.
The most potent and noticeable transits are the following:-
When the Moon by direction is forming a square or opposi-
tion to Satum, a transit of Saturn over the place of the progressed
Moon will bring out all the evil of the lunar directions. In the same
way a benefic aspect of the Moon to Jupiter will be doubly benefic
when Jupiter by transit is passing over the Moon's progressed
One of the most certain and direct transits is that of Satum
hunting the Moon as it is termed, that is, when Saturn is in transit
over the Moon's progressed place. Since the progressed Moon
takes twenty eight and Saturn thirty years to complete the circle,
this will often lastfor many years and in some cases for a lifetime.
The most unfortunate aspect in a nativity is the affliction of the
Moon by Saturn, either by square or opposition, and when the
aspect is very close and the progressive Moon is moving slowly, or
at the same rate as Saturn the transit of Saturn goes on for the best
part of the life. For the Moon progressive motion moves through
one signof the Zodiac in two and ahalf years and Saturn's motion
by transit is at the same rate, therefore unless the Moon is moving
fast and moving out of the sphere of influence of Saturn, a double
affliction is kept up for the best part of life. This, of course can only
be the case where the Moon is in conjunction, square or opposition
with Saturn at birth.
1 . Mercury in transit over the Sun is fortunate for study,
writing, literature, employment, business and new ideas and
undertakings: but if afflicted at the same time either no benefic
results or there is trouble.
2. Mercury in transit overthe Moon is formnate for journeys,
publishing, writings, business, speech making and most matters
governed by the planet unless seriously afflicted.
3. Mercury in transit over its OWNPLACEstrengthens all
matters and things signified by the planet according to its capacity
as shown by its position and aspect atbirth; but if seriously afflicted,
disappointments, worries, false reports and anxiety are the results.
4. Mercury in transit over Venus is fortunate for social and
family matters, for friends, pleasure, love affairs, holiday making
and general success.
5.Mercury in transit over Mars may make the mind active
and have useful results for those following Mars occupations, but
there is always risk attending it. Danger of disputes, fraud, false
rumours, things written or hastily spoken causing trouble, neural-
gia, headache, sleeplessness, for those who are liable to them.
Avoid mental excitement.
6 . Mercury in transit overJupiter is fortunate for businessand
all literary occupations, itbrings friends, socialsuccess, honour and
7. Mercury in transit over Saturn causes danger of mental
trouble, anxiety, depression, loss and ill success through writings
or study. But if very well aspected, and free from affliction, gain
through occupation and matters ruled by the planet.
8. Mercury in transit over Uranus willmake the mind active,
inclined to study or investigation of things signified by Uranus,
occultism, out of the way subjects, Science or inventions. If seri-
ously afflicted. Trouble will follow.
9. Mercury in transit over Neptune is very uncertain. It
makes the mind intuitional and inclines to things psychic ; it is good
for musicians, artists, poets, novelists and actors; but whether it is
lucky in the worldly sense depends largely upon aspect.
1 .Mars in transit over Sun infuses activity and energy into
matters signified by the Sunand the house in which it is placed, and
is good for Mars men those who follow occupations of planets; but
it is accompanied by risk of disputes, accidents, ill health, rashness
and extravagance, and requires to be met with caution.
2. Mars in transit OverMooncauses quarrels, enmity, trouble
through females, sometimes a death, danger of imprudent and
rash conduct. If well aspected, travelling and activity in business.
3. Mars in transit over Mercury makes the mind busy and
ingenious but critical, and enemies are likely to be made by tongue
or pen, danger of law suits. If Mercury was afflicted at birth many
annoyances may result, nervous excitement, headache or neural-
4. Mars in transit over V enus if well aspected brings pleasure,
social enjoyment, holidays and activity in matters ruled by Venus;
but if mtich afflicted, threatens loss, extravagance, sufferings
through women or friends, or dissipation.
5. Mars in transit over ITSOWNPLACEstrengthens all the
characteristic of Planet according to its position and aspects at
6 . Mars in transit over .1 1 i'l'l l 'Rbrings activity in social
affairs and success through them or through business. Butif Jupiter
was much afflicted at birth, extravagance or loss, and trouble
through law or religion.
7. Mars in transit over SATURNthreatens accidents, trouble
in the occupation or with superiors or the aged; quarrels, danger
of ill health, the father may suffer.
8. Mars in transit over URANUSsudden trouble, danger of
accidents, quarrels, unwise actions, nervous afflictions.
9. Mars in transit over NEPTUNEbrings danger from water
or liquids, liability to over indulgence in pleasure, the feelings too
unrestrained; butif well aspected may give activity and energy in
art, music, or affairs of the house in which it is placed.
1 .Venus in transit over SUNbrings pleasure, social and
general success, and friends among people in good position.
2. Venus in transit overMoonis fortunatefor family,domes-
tic and social affairs, it brings friends, especially among women,
and tends to pleasure, holiday making, enjoyment and success.
3. Venus in transit over MERCURY is fortunate for writing,
study and the pursuits of Mercury, for trade, for travelling and for
society and friends.
4. Venus in transit over ITSown PLACEis fortunate for all
things signified by the planet according to its house and sign at
birth; but if much afflicted in the birth chart, not much good will
5. VENUSin transit over MARSbrings danger of extrava-
gance, loss, too much pleasure seeking, and idleness, but if well
aspected benefits may result from enterprise and activity in mat-
ters signified by either planet.
6 . Venus in transit over JPTITERbrings good fortune and
general prosperity, friends, popularity, and pleasure, If seriously
afflicted by malefic, the benefic effects will be lessened.
7. Venus in transit over SATl "RK can not do much good
unless very well aspected at birth when good fortune through
business or money matters may follow.
8. Venus in transit over URANUSwill bring some success in
affairs that are governed by Uranus, but it is not important.
9. Venus in transit over Neptune inclines the mind to social
activities, friendships, love affairs, and pleasures, it is moderately
fortunate for money and business; but much depends upon as-
pects. If afflicted, loss, disappointment or scandal may follow.
1 . Jupiter in transit over the SPINbrings good fortune,
success, the favour of superiors or Govt; gain through business or
employment through father, or husband; pleasure, holiday enjoy-
ment and health improves.
2. Jupiter in transit over the MOONis fortunate over the
family, domestic, and social matters; benefit through mother or
wife: popularity,public success, health improves, good for travel-
ling or change of residence.
3. Jupiter in transit over Ml :R( 'l RY brings benefits through
literary works, writing, study and affairs governed by the planet
generally. It removes mental troubles and makes the mind peaceful
and well disposed.
4. Jupiter in transit overVENUSinclines to pleasure, holiday
making, social amusements, friendships, love making with the
young, and may bring success in art, music, drama, the occupation
of Venus and favour of women.
5. Jupiter in transit over MARSmay improve the business
and affairs, especially with those who follow occupations of Mars
and may lead to- activity and changes; but if afflicted heavey
expenses and loss.
6 . Jupiter in transit over ITS OWNPLACEbrings good
fortune and pleasure according to the position and aspects of the
planet at birth.
7. Jupiter in transit over SATURNdoes not do much good
unless SATURNwas well placed and aspected at birth, when there
may be gain of money or property, benefits through superiors, or
elders, and through occupation and persons ruled by Saturn.
8. Jupiter in transit over URANUSbrings good results from
occultism, science,philosophy,from occupying some public posi-
tion orposition of authority and from occupa tions and affairs ruled
by Uranus . But if weak and afflicted at birth, no good will result.
9. Jupiter in transit over NEPTUNEmay bring benefit or
pleasure through music, art, drama, psychism or the water: but
unless well placed and aspected at birth not much may result.
Saturn as per standard dictum produces troubles in health
or affairs or both. Saturn is a planet of limitation and restrictions
producing loss and misfortune. The vitality is lowered when
transiting Ascendant, Sun or Moon and there is likelihood of colds,
rheumatism, or accidents. It coinciding with bad directions, such
transit may mark a very serious time when every thing goes wrong,
but under good directions the trouble is only temporary.
But the author is of firm views that Saturn is a great benefic
as already explained in author's world famous book "SATTTIN
During transit, aspects of other planets be noted carefully. An
evil Saturn during transit, if aspected by good Jupiter becomes
powerless to a great degree for making mischief, where as aspect
of VENUSreduces the evil effects by about 20% .
1 . Saturn in transit over SUNbrings troubles with superiors,
persons with power and authority, loss, position and reputation is
in danger, business and affairs suffer, trouble through father or
husband. Not good for health.
2. Saturn in transit over MOONbrings trouble or loss
through business, property, family or domestic matters and house
or land; unfortunate for mother or wife and female relatives.
Unpopularity, afflicted health and the mind may become de-
3. SATURNin transitoverMERCURY brings trouble through
writings, study, books, documents, books and persons ruled by
Mercury. Depressed mind and worry, and nervous upset.
4. SATURNin transit over VENUSbrings troubles through
female affections, through social and family matters, and through
females, friends and relatives. Occupations and pursuits ruled by
Venus suffer. Under bad directions there will be scandals or
financial loss. If Venus is very well aspected, some gain may occur.
5. Saturnin transit overMARSbrings dangerof quarrels and
accidents, change of occupation may occur, rash enterprises are
undertaken. Sudden troubles may crop up.
6 .Saturnintransitover JUPITERwill bring financial benefits,
if Jupiter was well placed and aspected at birth. Gain through
investment and by economy. Benefit through religion or Law. But
if afflicted, danger of loss and troubles.
7. Saturn in transit over ITS OWNPLACEbrings troubles
according to its position and aspect at birth. If very well aspected
gain may result through things signified by the planet; but there is
often loss.
8. Saturn in transit over URANUSbrings danger of loss and
troubles of various kinds, disputes with superiors, disfavour by
authorities, decline in power and reputation. Butifwell aspected
there may be benefit through persons and things ruled by Uranus,
occultism, inventions, science or public affairs.
9. Satum in transit over NEPTftNEis unfortunate and brings
trouble through things signified by the house in which Neptune is
posited and its aspects.
These produce sudden troubles and disasters, they bring
about great changes, and are seldom or never fortunate unless the
planet transited was extremely well aspected at birth. Moon, but
are liable to be felt seriously when passing over any planet that was
afflicted at birth.
1 . Uranus in transit overthe Sun brings troubles through the
occupation, superiors, persons in authority, father or husband,
reputation in danger, health may suffer
2. Uranus in transitovertheMOONbringsjourneys, changes
of residence, family and domestic troubles, trouble throughmother,
wife, or female relatives, the health may, suffer. In some cases
unusual experiences may occur and the attention be attracted
towards things physical or occult.
3. Uranus in transit over MERCURY if well aspected may
bring new ideas into the mined and incline towards science,
philosophy, inventions and the occultorpsychical. If Mercury was
afflicted there will be troubles through writings, study and persons
and affairs ruled by the planet, and the nerves may be upset.
4. Uranus in transit over VENUSbrings troubles through the
affections, love, marriage, friends, social affairs and through fe-
5. Uranus in transit over MARSis liable to cause serious
troubles, quarrels, accidents, danger,rash undertakings, and mis-
fortune the MARSoccupying the house at birth.
6 . Uranus in transit over JUPITERmay bring gain or benefit
through religion, law, philosophy, increased power of some sort
if the planets are well aspected. But if afflicted, there will be loss,
troubles or disputes through these.
7. Uranus in transit over SATURNbrings troubles through
land, house, property, fathers, elders and other things ruled by
Saturn as well as by the house, where it is posited.
8. Uranus in transit over ITSOWNPLACEis unfortunate for
things signified by the planet and house unless it was extremely
well aspected at birth in which case benefits may result like
increase of power or prominence or attraction to things occult.
9. Uranus in transit over NEPTUNEis favourable for psy-
chic, occult and uncommon pursuits and experiences, but if
afflicted it is very unfortunate influence, bringing loss, failure of
undertakings, and confusioninmatters ruled by the house in which
it is posited.
These cause changes and uncertainty, a restless and unsettled
state of affairs, entailing anxiety, loss confusion and difficulties of
all sorts; if badly afflicted disasters. They cause changes of resi-
dence, of occupation of habits and opinions, and incline to travel-
ling and voyage. Psychic and occult experiences occur in some
1 .Neptune in transit over SUNis liable to bring any or all of
the above mentioned troubles; difficulties with superiors and
persons in authority, father, husband and occupation. Credit or
reputation in danger. If the SftNis well aspected and placed, not
much harm is done and the result may be good. The health may
2. Neptune in transit overMOONcauses changes in domes-
tic, business or general affairs, uncertainty, anxiety, restlessness,
travel, change of residence, trouble through mother, wife Offemale
relatives. Psychic or occult experiences may occur the, health may
3. Neptune in transit over Ml iRCl RY brings change of
opinions and habits of mind; introduces new ideas andmay incline
to things psychic. But unless Mercury was very well aspected there
is liable to be trouble through writings, study, documents, exami-
nation, trade or profession, nervous troubles and inclination for
4. Neptune in transit over VENUS tend to love affairs,
friendships, social pleasures, gain or advantage through persons
and affairs ruled by Venus. But if afflicted, loss, disappointments,
anxiety in these matters and danger of excesses.
5. Neptune in transit over MARSthreatens disputes, quar-
rels, accidents, fever, infectious disease, troubles through Mars
persons and heavy expenses.
6 . Neptune in transit over JUPITERbrings gain, prosperity,
honour, success in religion, or laworin other matters ruled by the
planet and the house "in which it is posited; friends, social advan-
tages, and pleasure. If afflicted: not much good results.
7. Neptune in transit over SATURNbrings discredit, loss,
reversal of position, trouble in the occupation and through persons
and things signified by Saturn, generally an unfortunate time.
8. Neptune in transit over URANUSis fortunate for occult
and psychic activities, for science, invention, new ideas and public
undertakings, and gives more power or prominence. But if afflict-
ed at birth, there is danger to unity, opposition, failure, some sort
of downfall, disfavours of authorities or of the public.
The first and 1 0th houses are the most important for transits;
and the 4th and 7th houses next to these. These are the four angles
of the birth chart; transit through the other houses are of much less
importance, and their effects are felt mainly when radical or
progressed planetary positions are affected by the transit.
The transits of these planets is so quick and regular that their
effects and a little vitality and stimulus to the affairs of the house
through which they pass, in so far as the natural significationof the
planet can blend with that of the house.
Mercury in the Ascendant and 1 0th house indicates New
ideas, and is fortunate for those born under this planet orfollo wing
occupations ruled by it, study, writings clerical work literature,
speaking, teaching and so on. When passing through 4th or 7th
house, the above effects are bit less experienced.
VENUSin Ascendant or 1 0th house is a fortunate time forali
things governed by Venus; for social affairs, visiting friends,
holiday making, pleasures, marriage and for occupation of Venus.
The same above effects are felt to a lesser extent when in 4th or 7th
These two planets Mercuryand Venus influence other houses
chiefly when they transit the conjunction or opposition of planets
in them.
The SUNpassing through the houses marks off periods
according to the points where New and full Moon fall. ANew
Moon gives an impetus to the affairs of the house, where in it
occurs, especially so in angles, and this is spread more or less over
the whole period of Sun's stay in the house, and is not greater on
one day than an other. ANew Moon in the Ascendant is fortunate
for health, for personal undertakings, for new work and for
holidays. In the 2nd and 1 0th houses, it is fortunate for money,
business matters, for public work and for approaching superiors
to seek favour from them. And so on with other houses, each
according to its meanings.
When transiting a planet, the Sun tends to vitalise and
strengthens it somewhat and to bring out the significance of
matters ruled by it. its transit over malefics and their opposition
marks days that are more or less unfortunate; and the same is true
to its passage over almost any planet that was very seriously
afflicted at birth. Because their solar transits are on the same days
year afteryear, some persons find thattheyhavelucky and unlucky
days which repeat themselves through a succession of years.
The time of year when Sun is in opposition to its own place
at birth is seldom fortunate; lowered vitality is experienced and
liability to trifling complaints, colds, weakness, and so on accord-
ing to the sign. This is especially so, if afflicted atbirth, and it applies
more to the Sun's passage through its opposition sign than to any
one day in particular.
The effects of this transit are quick and soon over; they tend
to precipitate matters and rarely give any choice of action. Being
hot, expensive, rapid and impulsive, not temperate as in case of
The rapid expansion produces impulsiveand unpremeditated
action, and seems to act as anexplodent, so to speak, mild or violent
according to temperament, for the thought force that has been
generated in the past; therefore much depends upon the native's
past thoughts as to how the transits of Mars will act. In an
undeveloped Ego, where impulse and feelings weigh on the mind,
the transit of Mars will find a convenient field for operation, but in
a developed Ego the thought control normally exercised will tend
to contract the explosive nature of this planet and the transits of
Mars will consequently avail but little, and in some cases have no
appreciable effects upon the life other than by supplying an extra
fund of working energy. The passage of Mars through the houses
is of less importance than that of either Saturn or Jupiter, but seems
to have more effects when passing over the luminaries and the
1 . Mars passing through 1 st house arouses the temper, and
stimulates the desire towards action and impulse.
2. Mars passing through 2nd house tends to impulsive
expenditure, extravagance and some waste. It promotes both
acquisitiveness and inquisitiveness.
3. Mars passing through 3rd house is not good for travel,
giving liabihty to accidents. It makes the mind Uirbulent and hasty.
4. Mars passing through 4th house is not good for change of
residence or removals.
5. Mars passing through 5th house inchnes to prodigality,
violent demonstration of feelings and the awakening of the pas-
6 . Mars passing through the 6 th house, affects health through
overwork and brings troubles through inferiors.
7. Mars passing through the 7th house is not good for
marriage, attachments, law suite, or partnership. It tends to pro-
mote quarrels and opposition.
8. Mars passing through the 8th house is unimportant.
9. Mars passing through the 9th house, enthusiastic, and rash
1 0. Mars passing through the 1 0th house. Scandal, loss of
credit and reputation. But may be good for Mars men.
1 1 .Mars passing through the Hth house, troubles through
friends and acquaintances.
1 2. Mars passing through the 1 2th house, liability to false
accusations and troubles through enemies and opponents.
The transit of Jupiter is a blessing of a more or less definite
character. It brings fortune of minor or major importance accord-
ing to the power of the native to respond and the conditions
imposed by the birth chart. The transit brings opportunities for
improvement and progress in all spheres of life, but mainly social
and spiritual. In some cases social advancement takes place when
Jupiter sets in motion a benefic direction, in other cases a spiritual
upliftment is experienced by those who are given to prayer and
aspirations; in all it tends to expand and increase the emotional side
of the nature.
1 . Jupiter passing through 1 st HOUSEindicates good health,
renewed vigour, increased vitality, much cheerfulness hope and
joy. It often brings advancement, and social advantages and
opportunities to make the most of personal abilities.
2. Jupiter passing through 2nd HOUSEincreases financial
prospects, and opportunity to make money. If birth chart is good
for finances, it increases the income and adds considerably to the
3. Jupiter passing through 3rd HOUSEimproves the mind,
gives favourable journeys and cordial relations with friends and
neighbours. Good for correspondence, travel, literary work or
mental pursuits.
4. Jupiter passing through 4th HOI SEis good for domestic
affairs and home life. The awaited settlement matters will be
5. Jupiter passing through 5th HOUSEbrings opportunity to
speculate, invest, or otherwise increase income through enterprise.
It brings some pleasure, increase of consciousness, and favours
love affairs, courtships and attachments.
6 . Jupiter passing through 6 th HOUSEbenefits health and is
good for work and industry, bringing gain or success, through
inferiors, agents, employees and servants etc. It too is a favourable
period for all ceremonies, forms of respect and accepted customs.
Good relations with aunts, uncles and distant relations.
7. Jupiter passing through 7th HOUSEis good for marriage,
partnerships, and unions of all kinds. It binds persons together
causing unity, amity and satisfactory ties. Favourable for law suite,
and favours from lovers of justice viz judges etc.
8. Jupiter passing through 8th HOUSEbrings legacies, gain
through partners and coworkers. It is good for all occult or psychic
investigations and favours dreams, psychic or sub conscious side
of the nature. To the dying, it brings a peaceful death and to others
religious experiences.
9. Jupiterpassingthrough9thHOUSEis favourable formind
aspirations, clear thinking, intuition and philosophic thoughts.
Good for all foreign affairs, and all benefits and emoluments
coming from abroad. Long travel or sea voyages.
1 0. Jupiter passing through 1 0th HOUSEis good for honour
and reputations. Fame and gain in profession. Credit and good
1 1 .Jupiter passing through 1 1 th HOUSEis good for friend-
ships, gain from elder brothers, favours and unions. Peaceful and
happy state of mind and some internal spiritual realisations.
1 2. Jupiter passing through 1 2th HOUSEbrings indirect
success through opponents and enemies. Good for overcoming on
bad or unfavourable conditions. Good for occultism, romance,
secret adventures and unpopular enterprise.
An unfortunate nativity is often improved by the transits of
Jupiter, but without the power onthepartof the native to respond
to the transit of this planet it will avail very little. For Jupiter acts
more upon the interior planete than the exterior, and by working
through the consciousness from within prompts to success and
fortune,rather than actually producing good fortune from outside,
therefore the most inmitive and the most highly cultured will gain
mostby its transits. Experience has proved that in this case fortune
and verifies the dictum that "to him who hath shall be given".
Jupiter transiting either of the luminaries or the Ascendant is
always a promising period, bringing opportunities that come at no
other time. It takes Jupiter one year to pass through each signof the
zodiac andas it occupies fully one month in passing over the radical
place the Sun or Moon, it brings all the influence received by the
luminaries from the other planets; and if either are in aspect to
Jupiter at birth, the benefic nature of Jupiter is then seen to most
advantage. The secretof its influence lies in expansion and fullness
of expression.
Sarurn'stransitbeloware general andbe modifiedaccording
to benefic or malefic aspects and position of sign.
1 Saturn passing through the FIRSTHOUSEof the birth
chart will produce depressing influences. In a chart of progressive
order, the transit will bring responsibilities, and a patient and
careful frame of mind, producing caution, reserve and tactfulness.
2. Saturn in 2nd HOUSEwill decrease the income, loss of
finances, monetary anxieties to person whose birth chart denotes
financial troubles. In other good charts, economy, carefulness,
regard ing expenditure, and prudence in giving to others, temper-
ing mercy or benevolence withjustice.
3. Saturn in 3rd HOUSEdenotes hindrances and delay in
travels, disappointments and difficulties through relatives. To a
good horoscope, this transit will bring gravity ofmind, thoughtful-
ness, and an inclination to engage in profound and deep studies,
or perhaps a desire to investigate occult and mystical subjects.
4. Saturn in 4th HOUSEwill bring domestic troubles, be-
reavements, unfavourable changes, and hallucinations etc. To the
more highly evolved individual a desire for rest, and more atten-
tion to the needs of the household, preparations for the closing
years of life (Its transit in 2nd or 3rd cycle), and making secure of
benefits to family and heirs after the close of the earthly career.
5. Saturn passing through SthHOUSEwill cause disappoint-
ments, break of attachments, loss of children and speculation,
troubles over investments, but to the enlightened, it will bring
chastity, prudence in affection, careful examination of all invest-
ments and avoidance of hazardous enterprises, and more care and
thought with regard to the welfare of young.
6 . Samrn passing through 6 th HOUSEwill depress the vital
conditions, cause sickness and colds, troubles with inferiors.
Persons havingStrongSatumatbirth will be inclined to carefulness
regarding diet a cautious preparation against climatic change and
temperature and elderly relatives.
7. Satiira is transit in 7th HOUSEwill cause domestic
troubles, sadness, grave misunderstanding, separations and grief.
But in a good horoscope it will strengthen conjugal ties, gives
faithful adherence to contracts and vows, and bind closer the ties
that unite and cement true unions.
8. Saturn in 8th HOUSEwill bring deaths; troubles, through
partners orlegacies to the awakened individuals, connections with
occult societies, reconcihation to change of consciousness, and
thoughts concerning the soul's conditions after death.
9. Saturn passing through 9th HOUSEwill bring legal
troubles, disputes with partners, relatives and unfavourble voy-
ages ; to progressive nature, calm and deliberate thought regarding
metaphysics, equity into Philosophy and a devout mind, prone to
meditate and think deeply. Financial loss as it aspects 1 Ithhouse.
1 0. SaUim passing through M.C. or 1 0th house, will bring
failures Scandal, troubles through superiors causing loss of honour
and credit. To the culmred and refined person, it will cause
prudence in speech and conduct, the undertaking of great respon-
sibilities, and a strict scrutiny of moral conduct.
1 1 . SaUim through 1 1 th HOUSEwill bring false friends,
deception and frustration to hopes and wishes; in the thoughtful it
will produce a respect for elders and a scientific turn of mind. It will
also bring care in choice of acquaintances and a true appreciation
of friendship. Good for finances.
1 2. Saturn passing through 1 2thHOUSEwill produce sor-
rows, enmities, confinements, and sad experiences generally, to the
mystic, strange realisations, careful reflections, a patient review of
the past and in turning of the mind in search of latent possibilities.
When Saturn transits the places of luminaries orpasses to an
adverse aspect there to, it denotes a critical period; if in square,
opposition or conjunction, with the place of Sun or Moon, at birth
denotes a period of depression, ill health and loss, depend ingin the
precise nature of house and sign occupied by both; but transit will
have less effects if merely traversing the houses and not affecting
either of the luminaries.
The most important transits of Saturn are when this planet is
passing through one of the angles. For then critical periods are
reached. When in.the first house or Eastern angle the health of the
native is affected; colds and chills. When passing through 1 0th
house or Southern Angle, business affairs are affected, loss of
credit, grave risks are tun, all matters of a responsible nature
having reached a critical stage. While passing through the Western
Angle, opposition and obstacles are met of a trying and difficult
nature. The transit through 4th house or Northern Angle, is felt
more when occurring towards close of life, than at the beginning,
but it nearly upsets domestic affairs, and causes trouble in home
The work of Saturn is solidifying, concreting and tending to
make the affairs of life more stable and secure; hence if the native
is not ready for these conditions, it disturbs and unsettles the mind,
causing resentment, at the conditions which it imposes Saturn
tends to produce permanent moods of consciousness, and pro-
duces settled habits, which become firmly built into character. This
transit consequently is often the beginning of conditions that finally
become permanent
In the end of this long chapter we advise our learned readers
that a very careful study of transits is necessary to obtain the best
results or take fell advantage of their influence. When the planets
are grouped together in one sign transits have most effect, espe-
cially when there is a satellitium of planets in an angle.
The declinations of the transiting planets should always be
carefully noted, for they are very powerful and from their slow
formation are separative for a much longer period than the
ordinary aspects.
The aspects of other planets on the transiting planets should
NEVERBEIGNORED for correct delineations.
Astronomically, an eclipse is the inter position of a dark
celestial body between a luminous one and the eye, or the passing
of a luminous body into a shadow of another body. Eclipses of Sun
always happen atNewMoon and eclipses of Moon at Full Moon.
Eclipse of Sun always comes on from the West, and passes over
Eastward, while eclipse of the Moon comes on from the East and
passes Westward. Ancientastrologers discovered the regularity of
the reoccurrences of eclipses after a period of 1 8 years and odd.
How they arrived atthis result, we donot know, as eclipses are not
always visible in any single place.
Eclipse, so is an obstruction, total or partial, and not simply
by clouds, of the light coming to us froma heavenly body. Echpse
of the Sun means an obstruction of his light, occasioned by the
interposition of the darkbody of the Moon between him and our
sight. An eclipse of the Suncan occur only atNew Moon. Eclipses
are partial or total.
An eclipse is a special kind of transit, because as Sun and
Moon are conjoined they both transit a natal planet, but other
' aspects may have a weaker effect. Authorities differ on this point.
But if an eclipse transits a planet or angle by opposition or
conjunction, it puts that planet or angle to a high energy state in
which its capacity to generate action is increased, either for both
good or bad. Eclipses are often said to be difficult, but that is not
necessarily SO. The difficulty, of the eclipse depends more Upon the
condition of the natal planet as indicated by house position and
aspects to it from other natal planets.
Thus activated, the natal planet is more likely to signify a
major event latter when transited by another planet, more fre-
quently by Mars or Sun that acts as a trigger and signifies the time
of release of the stored up energy. Thus the events related to the
eclipse seldom coincide with it; in fact it may occur up to several
months later.
The ancients had only eclipses, transits and the New Moons
from which to make their predictions, and they were able to trace
definite connection between the changes taking place in the heav-
ens and the course of human events. The significance of an eclipse
having been determined by its sign position, usually comes to pass
exactly atthe time whenoneof the major planets afterwards makes
its transit, more so by conjunction or opposition. The duration of
an eclipse depends on the amount of time of obstruction, which
shows as many years forhours of obstruction in Solar Eclipse and
months in Lunar Echpse. ASolar eclipse infixed signs 2,5,8,1 1 , will
lastforseveralyears, in movable signs 1 ,4,7,1 0,the effects are over
in a far more brief space of time, but in common signs 3,6 ,9,1 2 the
effects commence much sooner and continue for along time, while
in force and affect mankind far more powerfully. If an eclipse
occurs during the time when a comet is visible, it usually foretells
the birth or death of some eminent person or powerful ruler.
Eclipse may operate unfavourably in a birth chart when they
fallin Conjunction with, or opposition to any important planet such
as the Sun, Moon, malefic planets, Moon's Nodes and other
sensitive points or parte of the natal chart. On the other hand, if they
fall in Sextile or Trine to the Sun,Moon and sensitive points, when
in Conjunction with benefic points, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, the
action is favourable. The permissible orb is 5 degrees.
Transits over eclipse positions affecting the significators will
have the maximum effect, according to the planets concerned.
Planets, that become stationary when in the act of transit over the
radical place of the significator, have greater effect than those that
are direct in that department of life, indicated by the planet or
significator so affected. In this sense. Mercury relates to the
intellectual life, mental faculties, business, trade, journeys and
general activities. Venus maybe significatorofdomestic and social
affairs, and also sisters. Mars denotes brothers, Jupiter indicates
uncles and Mercury indicates aunts. The Sunindicates. Father, and
Moon, the Mother. Saturn also sometimes denotes father and
elders, and Venus the wife etc. Uranus indicates uncles and the
grand parents or scientific people. Neptune denotes cripples or
mystical friends.
Jataka Tatva contains a dictum that "if the Sun eclipsed by
Rahu occupy the Lagna, and Saturn and Mars be in 5th or 9th, the
person concerned will be born blind."
Solar and Lunar eclipses occur in Amavasya (New Moon)
and Poornima (Full Moon) days respectively, the Sun being in
Conjunction with either of the nodes. The one surra deals with a
case of a solar eclipse caused by the Sun being conjoined with Rahu,
the Ascending Nodes. Rahu in Lagna, letus examine the nature of
relationship existing between these two significators the Sun and
Rahu. With reference to Leo or Simha, the Mooltrikona of the Sun,
Rahu in his constellations Swati, Satabhishaand Aridrain3rd, 7th
and 1 1 th houses, which all are unfavourable for friendship. Fur-
ther, Rahu is the embodiment of darkness and he being atparwith
Saturn is the worst enemy of the Sun. The descending node claims
equality with Mars and stands for fire. The stars ruled by Ketu are
Magha, Moola and Aswini. They are posited in 1 st, 5th and 9th
houses from Simha, which are friendly houses. Hence a solar
eclipse caused by the association of the ascending node is more
malefic in nature than thatby Ketu. And it is but right that darkness
(Rahu) should be a factor to cause blindness. In this connection,
among Hindus, more Shanti is ordained to be performed at the
time of solar eclipse occurring in a Solar's natal star when theeclipse
is caused by Rahu than when it is by Ketu."
Varahmihira in Brihat Samhita (vol- 1 ) has stated in detail.
Importance is attached to the angle of Sun or Moon in relation to
the place where the eclipse is seen. Did it occur rising or setting? In
whichsectionof the heaven, half risen,second section, mid heaven,
fifth section or sixth section? This is easily understood. You divide
the semi circle into six sections of 30 degrees. You get six houses ie
7 to 1 2. Atpoint 1 2theluminary would be rising, at point 1 0 it would
be in the Mid heaven and at point 7 it would be setting. It is stated
that should the eclipse occurs in the 1 9th nakshatra from the birth
Nakshatra, then the person will feel the ill effects of the eclipse.
Scpharial. the celebrated English astrologer says in his book
" Theory and Practice of Eclipses " has s ta ted that the sign occu pied
by the eclipsed luminary and the house in which it falls has the
greatest significance. In his "New Dictionary of Astrology, " he
writes as follows:
"As regards individuals, eclipses have not a great signifi-
cance, f allingonfheplaces,radical ordirections ,offhesignificators,
the Sun, Moon, Planets, Mid heaven, and the Ascendant, when
they have the greatest significance for disaster, tribulation, sickness
and even death, but the latter more especially when the said
significator has vital prerogatives and is bad ly afflicted radically or
by direction. Falling on the Moon, they denote hurt to Mother, on
the Sun to the father, on Jupiter to uncles, on Mars to brothers, on
Venus to sisters or wife and on an Mercury to aunts."
Another well known British Astrologer Vivian E. Robson,
writes thus, "An eclipse falling on any planet in the map is of great
importance and is usually adverse, as it cuts off the things signified
by the body in the radical map. Unlike on ordinary New or Full
Moon, an eclipse lasts much longer than a month and its influence
is often felt for a long time. The effects of an eclipse of the Sun are
said to last for as many years as the eclipse is in hours in duration
and those of the Moon for as many months. As the Lunar eclipse
effects will be felt stimulated by directions or transits, the most
marked e ffects will always occur when a planet is in transit overthe
eclipse point, the nature of the eclipse being shown by the nature
of the transiting body, Mars causing cuts and burns, Saturn falls
and limitations and soon. The affairs of the house on which eclipse
falls in the birth chart will also be disturbed. Although usually
adverse an eclipse may sometimes produce ultimate good, and in
the case of an eclipse falling on Jupiter, and to a lesser extent when
on Venus, the immediate result is unpleasant but the final result is
advantageous. Eclipses are of most importance and be studied
carefully. The most dangerous are those that fall upon the Sun,
Moon, or Ascendant, as they usually disturb the health and
frequently denote death when the directions are sufficiently se-
vere." (Text Book of Astrology PP- 207).
So far the horoscopes go. the following are important accord-
ing to author in Hindu Astrology.
1 . If a Lunar eclipse occurs in solar Ascendant or Surya or Sun
Lagna, the person concerned willsufferifthedisc was not aspected
by Jupiter.
2. An eclipse falling on the Sun radix, the father's side will
3. If on Moon radix, the mother's side will suffer.
4. If the solar or lunar eclipse falls in Natal Ascendant, then
the native will suffer.
Varaha Mihira states that 'If the Moon should be eclipsed by
Ketu; she will destroy property, health and prosperity". Are we to
understand by this that when Moon is eclipsed by Rahu the
converse is the case?Itmustbe so according to thesloka; "Yorahathi
parithyajathi dushtanrahayathi Vyajathi Vasarahukh". He that is
pure, he that does not combine with the wicked and weak he that
delivers from the oppressions of the wicked, he is Rahu.
1 .Aries
Zerodeg. to lOdeg.: - When the Sun is eclipsed in any of first
degrees of Aries, which is the first Decanate, it portends thesudden
and frequent motion of armies, continual expeditions, assaults and
batteries, with many tumults, sedition, and controversies, and an
inclination of the air to intemperate heat and drought.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. It denotes imprisonment, trouble and
sadness of some king, and danger of death to him; a corruption of
trees that are fruitfuLor of such fruits as are produced of trees; as
also of Earth.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Grief and sadness to mortals, death of
great women and a scarcity or diminution of cattle.
2. Taurus
Odeg.to 1 0 deg.: - An eclipse of the Sun, happening in the first
Decanate of Taurus, afflicts negotiators, agents and solicitors,
destroys business and the corn upon the earth.
lOdeg. to20deg. In the second Decanate of Taurus, afflicts
in commodities to such as bear children, and also to travellers.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Pestilence and famine, from whence we
may imply the destruction of more cattle, bulls, ox and cows.
3. Gemini
Odeg.to 1 0 deg. It causes dissension among priests, what-
soever order they are, inveterate hatred, seditions, and contempt
both the Law of God and man is to be feared.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Thefts and robberies, piracies and
20 deg. to 30 deg. Deathof some king, and various mischief
to such commonwealths as are under Gemini and the frustration
of such cities affairs and negotiations.
4. Cancer
Odeg. to 1 0deg.:- Itdisturbsthe air,and causesvarious winds
and changes in weather.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg.: - Drying up of rivers and fountains etc. and
cause petulant and grievous mortalities.
20 deg. to 30 deg. In countries and places ruled by Cancer,
the eclipse to Sun in 3rd Decanate of Cancer causes hydropicaf
diseases, seditions etc.
5. Leo
Odeg. to lOdeg. :- Ildenotesthe death of someeminentprince
and scarcity of bread and eatables.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Troubles and anxieties to kings, princes,
and great men or magistrates.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Captivities, slaughters, rapines and
profanation of holy and sacred houses, churches and monasteries
6 . Virgo
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. : - It indicates grievous calamity and death of
some certain king in the confines of VIRGO.
1 0deg.to20deg.: - Famine, pestilence, and deadly seditions.
20deg. to30deg.In the 3rd Decanate, to pictures, poets, and
merchant and as suchas live by their ingenuity and wit; slaughters,
destruction, banishment and like.
7. Libra
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. It corrupts the air, causes pestilence and a
scarcity and dearness of com and wheat etc.
lOdeg.to 20 deg. :- It portends the death of some great king
under the dominion of LIBRA, seditions and famine.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Discords amongst great ones, and
detriment in their estates.
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. It moves and stirs up wars and tumults,
slaughter, hatred, plots, captivities and treacheries.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Mischief to some kings, whose mind is
averse to war.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Rise of some tyrant, slothfulness,and
idleness of the former king being hateful to everyone.
9. Sagittarius
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. Grievous dissensions and deadly feuds
amongst men.
lOdeg. to 20 deg. Death of camels and cattle that chew the
cud or the like grass etc.
20 deg. to 30 deg.One or king will be prejud ice to horses and
1 0. Capricorn
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. It denotes unhappiness, and chances to
great men; she transmigration of some kings, and the rebellion of
some nobles and rustics.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg.: - Soldiers are excited and animated against
their commanders and superiors, and it frustrates all their devices.
20 deg. to 30 deg. :- It indicates the tumultuary motion of the
king and causes famine.
1 1 . Aquarius
0 deg. to lOdeg. Itcauses public sorrows and sadness.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Public thefts, rapines and robberies,
earthquake and famine.
20 deg. to 30 deg. :- Deathand slaughter of animals and beasts
of the field.
1 2. Pisces
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. Rivers are dried, unfortunate to sea, and
the affairs there of.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Death of famous and excellent men,
destruction of fish and Earthquake etc.
20 deg. to 30 deg.: - Cruelty, furiousness and inhumanity of
1 .Aries
Odeg. to 1 0 deg. It indicates fevers, destruction of wood by
fire, and a dryness of air.
1 0deg. to20 deg. Pestilence.
20 deg. to30deg.Abortive births, incommodities, and such
like dangers to women.
2. Taurus
Odeg. to 1 0 deg.It denotes destruction, and death to cattle,
ox, cow, etc.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Scarcity of seeds, and barrenness of the
20 deg. to 30 deg. Cruelty on serpents, andsuchlikereptiles
indicating calamities.
3. Gemini
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. Threatens incursions, and repiness of
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Frequent motion of armies, and the
solicitations of private and public things.
20deg. to 30 deg.Death of some illustrious and favous man.
4. Cancer
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. Excites and stirs up wars.
lOdeg. to 20 deg. Grievous exactions, intolerable tributes,
taxation and such like burdens.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Death to female sex, and sudden
destruction and miseries.
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. Death of either some illustrious king, or
famous man.
lOdeg. to20deg.Joumeyof the Idng and imitation of things.
20 deg. to 30 deg.: - Excitement amongst people and armies
to new actions and attempts.
6 . Virgo
Odeg. to lOdeg.Causes diseases and infirmities to the king.
Various seditions and discord among men.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Mischief to councillors, scribes, or such
like men.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Indicates deadly diseases.
7. Libra
Odeg. to 1 0 deg. It provokes the furious and tempestuous
hailstorms, winds and windstorms.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Mischief and troubles to everyone.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Death to some famous and illustrious
8. Scorpio
0 deg. to 1 0 deg. Much thunder and lightning, and some-
times Earthquakes.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Dry air burning fevers.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Threatened with death, many seditions,
quarrels and troubles, over and above.
9. Sagittarius
0 deg. to 1 0 deg.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg
20 deg. to 30 deg
1 0. Capricorn
0 deg. to deg. Misfortune of some kings under
1 1 . Aquarius. 0 deg. to 1 0 deg: - Illness of the ruler.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Universally hurt the seeds of the earth.
I nferlilily of earth.
20 deg. to 30 deg. Changes in all things and spheres.
1 2. Pisces
Odeg. to 1 0 deg.: - Brings sadness and anxiety to priests, and
religious houses.
1 0 deg. to 20 deg. Death of some great and illustrious
20 deg. to 30 deg. Thefts, repines, robberies by land, and
piracies and troubles by sea.
1 st House : An eclipse falling in the Ascendant will bring
changes in the physical make up. The period becomes accident
prone and one will have several. One may be involved in an
automobile accident and the other may slip at home and meet wi th
a bone fracture. Such accidents come ina rapid succession, though
nothing serious, but enough to cause worries. Just walking down
a street becomes problem. If the eclipse is in favourable aspects, it
will bring his personal elevation that is lasting and durable. He will
meet success in whatever he will do at this time.
2nd House : Relates to finances and possessions, if favourably
aspected at an eclipse, it will not only enhance the person's assets
Thefts and rapines.
.: - Destruction of horses and mules.
. The pestilence and many evils.
but will also provide an additional source or sources of earning.
This is a good time to start and try his luck at speculation.
Naturally, adverse aspect will indicate loss of finances, of failures
at financial ventures. Remember to watch when a planet by degree
transits an eclipse point, for all squares and opposition will act in
a negative manner, while the sextile and trine will bring favou rable
events financially in his hfe.
3rd House : If favourably aspected, the person will find
relatives, communications and others in harmonious environ-
ments. Good and promising news. The adverse aspect may cause
him upset with unpleasant and tiresome journeys. Close relations
will be source of worries and demanding to his dismay. The mail
may be delayed or wrongly delivered.
4th House : If favourably aspected, domestic peace and
happiness. Family members and parents will be source of happi-
ness to you. Adversely aspected. will cause upheaval in the
domestic life and parent will become a great burden or problem to
him. If he is in advanced years, much misery and unhappiness for
the rest of his life.
5th House : If favourably aspected, pleasure, joys in associa-
tions. Children will be source of happiness. Some sort of recogni-
tion or elevation will come to his children. If adversely aspected,
children will cause worry and sufferingto him. Disappointments
in emotional life, if one is female and she is of a romantic age, many
will be attracted to her. Investment will bring grief and loss through
6 th House : Rules over health, employment and services. If
favourably aspected, it will bring favours and improvements in
above points. Adverse aspect, some indisposition to health, dis-
pleasure, demands from the superiors, keep control over diet.
7th House : Denotes partners marriage or business, unions,
open enemies are brought to fore at eclipse time.
If favourably aspected, there will be cooperation from the
partners, social contacts will be pleasing. If ad versely as pected ,one
will have much bickering and unhappiness in married life and
business partnership. He will not just get along with other people
unless he is careful. Involvement in litigations and law suite.
Contracts, business or martial relations should be well studied
before any signatures.
8th House : Brings activity where other's money is con-
cerned. With a favourable aspect, securities and reserves will
increase, one gets gifts and gain from legacies. Loans will be easily
paid, insurance policies will get remunerations. Adverse aspects
will denote expenditure from reserves, debts,increase in liabilities
and troubles and some tax problems can arise. May be death of a
close relation.
9th House : Favourable aspects will bring peace, prosperity
to the traits of this house, it will bring long journeys and travel in
his life, which are educational and full of pleasures. Adversely
aspected, eclipse here can bring trouble through religion or litiga-
tion, which go against him. Difficulties in travelling to distant
places. There will be difficultiesandproblems inali enterprises and
any amount of labour will not bear favourable results.
1 0th House : If favourable, eclipse here can bring fame and
elevation. Working conditions, professional activities and worldly
affairs will be to his advantage. If in employment, promotion and
if in business, expansion cannot be ruled out. Adverse aspect will
denote trails and tribulations in the professional career. Sometimes
death of a parent or separation from them may take place under the
adverse eclipse. Remember that this house is of native's status in
the world, the way other people see him, so be sure that he sees the
best side of his nature and individuality.
1 1 th House : House of hopes and wishes, also friends and
associates. With favourable aspects, one will be surrounded by
influential and sincere friends, who will extend full cooperation to
realize his hopes and wishes even without his knowledge. Difficul-
ties with friends and associates is indicated when adverse aspects
are there One will be blamed for the incidents where one is least
involved. He may be blackmailed, if contesting for any office,
disappointments and failures. Try to choose friends wisely, spe-
cially new ones during eclipse period. The aspects determine the
kind of people one attracts during this influence.
36 0
1 2th House : Ahouse of residuals of karmas and the house
of sufferings and self undoing in this life. So either he helps others
or helped by others. Under a favourable aspect. He will be source
of happiness and encouragement to the persons confined in
hospitals, institution and jails. He will be more inclined to religion
and spiritualism. Under adverse aspect,hemay himself be subject
to hospital!sation, confinement or imprisonment. There may be
financial losses through thefts etc. but under favourable aspect, he
will spend money for good cause Viz for children's marriage. As
this is the house of self undoing, and if the native sees an eclipse
point culminating in near future on this house; better be sure that
his actions and endeavours are above board.
The major effects an individual may have from an eclipse
depends upon where the eclipse falls in one's horoscope. An eclipse
should not effect one particularly unless it makes some direct
contact with the luminaries, planets. Moon's Nodes or sensitive
points. An eclipse in Conjunction with a natal planet weakens the
effects of that planet, as it cuts df the things signified by that body
in the radical map. If the person so affected does note compromise
with the situation and attempts to force issues along lines indicated
by that planet, one will be heading for the troubles, Eclipse and
opposition a natal planet acts in exactly the opposite member. It is
the opposition by eclipse intensifies and greatly increases the
power of that planet.
From the advanced Ephemeris, you can find the eclipses
ahead, and can calculate fovourable and unfavourable effects and
periods. You can act and guide out lives accordingly making the
real use of Astrology.
The effectsof eclipses on individuals have been explained as
above in detail. Likewise solar and Lunar eclipses are prominent
features in Mundane Astrology, for they indicate most important
and far reaching events, and their period of influence extends over
some considerable period of time. The figure foreachlunareclipse,
for the ecliptic opposition, and not for time of central eclipse. The
time of the eclipse conjunction and opposition are those of the New
and Full Moon.
36 1
Eclipses have most effects in those countries where they are
visible, and more especially where they are on the meridian at the
moment of central eclipse. They also affect the countries and cities
ruled by the signs in which they are placed.
In eclipse of the Moon, it has been found that the effects
commence almost immediately, but in those of the Sun it has been
generally observed that some months elapse before the greatest
effects appear, and also that the greater or lesser effects of each
eclipse will be in proportion to the magnitude of such eclipse, or in
other words, the more total an eclipse, the more powerfully will it
operate upon the earth and its inhabitants. Also, that eclipses which
are invisible will have no peculiar effects or over that region, city
or country in which they are visible.
In Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, we find the following rules laid
down in regard to eclipse.
"In all eclipses of the Sunand Moon and especially in suchas
are fully visible, the place in the zodiac where the eclipse happens
is to be noted; and it must be seen what countries are in familiarity
with that place, and in like means, it must be observed what cities
are under the influence of the signin which the influence happens,
either by means of the Ascendant and the situation of the Luminar-
ies at the time of their foundation. Whatsoever countries or cities
shall be thus found in familiarity with the elliptical place will all be
comprehended in the event, which will however, principally
attach to all those parts which may be connected with the identical
sign of the eclipse, and in which it may be visible while above the
Further it has been found that effects ofeclipses falling in the
Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces) will have a very
lasting effects; those that are formed in cardinal signs (Aries,
Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be brief and soon over, while
those that are formed in common signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
and Aquarius) will commence sooner, and last longer, but that
their effects will be liable to interruptions, they will continue for a
time, suddenly cease, and then commence again.
As regards the effects,the sign position is first to be taken into
36 2
1 .Eclipses in Fiery Signs : These threaten the destruction of
Cattle and sheep, exile or imprisonmentor murder of some king of
notable person, or great ruler. Much discontent and dissension
among the people. Movements of armies. Fighting, Fires, Fevers,
pestilence, and scarcity of the Fruits of earth, especially in regions
affected by the eclipse.
2. Eclipses in Earthy Sings : These foreshadow scarcity of
corn and product of the earth by drought, and cause earthquakes,
mining disasters and great agricultural depression.
3. Eclipses in Airy Signs : Famine, sickness, pestilence, and
tempests and stormy winds hurtful to man kind.
4. Eclipses in Watery Sings : These denotes much mortality
among the common people, great destruction of fowls, and fishes,
and such things as live in or near the sea.
THE FOLLOWING RULES should also be observed in
judging the effects of eclipses.
Thcstrengthofplanetrulingthesiguiu which the eclipse falls
should be considered, and its position in the figure of such eclipses
duly noted, for the significations of this planet will principally
Thus, if Mars rules over the sign where eclipse falls, and is
placed in 8th house of the chart, will denote some grievous
calamity, causing many sudden and terrible deaths; if in sixth
house much sickness, if in the third many terrible railway acci-
dents. The same with other malefics. When the beneficsrule over
the place of eclipse, the effects are better, but much depends upon
the strength of the ruling planet.
The effects of planets are spread over a long period in
proportion to the duration of eclipse. If a solar eclipse, then the
effects will last for as many months as the eclipse in hours long.
It is not altogether certain whether this period of duration
means from the date of eclipse or from the commencement of the
effects, but it is more probably the latter.
Several rules are given in regard to this matter, and experi-
ence alone can best decide which are correct.
36 3
Cardan says, "To know when the effects of an eclipse will
begin to be felt, take the distance of the rising of the luminary to the
middle of the eclipse, or from the middle of the eclipse to the next
rising of the luminary in hours and minutes. The proportion of
time, the length of day may bear to the year in the case of a Solar
eclipse, and the proportion of time in night may bear to the year in
a Lunar eclipse, will show the proportion of the year due to the
interval obtained."
Ptolemy Says :
1 . If the eclipse fall in the Eastern horizon, the effects will
manifest themselves about the next four months, and moststrongly
will operate during the first third of such period.
2. If it falls in the midheaven, the events there of will begin to
appear from 4th to 8th month following the eclipse, and the chief
effects will happen during middle or second part of the period.
3. If falling in Western horizon, the effects will appear from
8th to 1 2th months following the eclipse, and the chief effects will
be felt in the last part of that period.
The most reliable rule, as far as far as experience goes, is to
calculate the time of Sumise or Sunset from the middle of the
eclipse, and reckon this time at the rate of one day for every four
minutes, or24 hours to the year.
Transits : - It has always been considered that while an eclipse
is powerfulin its own right, any planet passing overthe point latter,
until such time as the duration of the eclipse is over, tend to set cf
affairs connected with that happened while the eclipse pattern
itself. This has been particularly true with the passage of the malefic
planets,possibly because they affect us inamore material way than
the others and can be more easily checked, though Uranus,
considered a malefic will awaken us to new knowledge or new
understandings that we may consider until much latter.
Solar and Lunar eclipses are often feared as a harbinger of
personal or family death or some other misfortune. Such events do
sometimes happen, but frequentlythe event is good. Eclipses affect
36 4
rulers, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Ambassadors etc,
more than commoners, so that for the majority, there may not be
any event at all of any consequence.
Eclipses are to be effectiveby Conjunctionand opposition. As
a rule, the effects of a solar eclipse are felt four months after the
eclipse, while the effects of a lunar eclipses are felt about a week
after the eclipse. However, the event may occur latter or occasion-
ally even prior to the eclipse.
An eclipse falling on the opposite of national Sun, the Moon,
or Ascendant, is usually good, especially formonarchs,Presidents,
Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, business executives, novelists,
poets etc. Falling on or in opposition to the Sun, it usually denotes
accession to power, fame as an author etc. while On or opposite the
Moon or ascendant a change of position or residence may be more
descriptive though there is not much difference.
An eclipse following on or opposite natal Mars or Saturn,
However, is usually dangerous or fatal to chiefs of states and
country and foreshadows death by assassination.
In order to delineate the effects of Eclipse on the Mundane
level the Zodiac signs of countries needs to be memorized by the
reader, which have been observed by the astrologers from remote
Great changes and transformations have taken place on the
world since then and although modern experience bears out what
Ptolemy wrote, the unknown world is much larger than it was then,
and additional countries have sprung up into existence, necessitat-
ing a readjustmentof the Zodiacal rulers hip of the different regions
and places of the world.
The following is the table of countries and places ruled by the
twelve signs, and has been obtained from most authoritative
sources, and may be considered as correct.
Sign Countries Town and cities
I.Aries England, Denmark Bermingham, old ham,
36 5
2. Taurus
3 .Gemini
Germany, Western
Poland, Burgundy,
Palestine, Syria,
Poland and Japan.
Ireland, Persia,
poland, Asia
Minor Georgia
Switzerland^ y prus,
Grecian, Archipelago,
South of Russia,
Great Briton.
UnitedStates, Belgium,
Brabant, Lcimbardy,
Lower Egypt, Sardinia,
West of England,
Armenia, Tripoli,
4. Cancer
Leicester, Blackburn,
Clowrence, Naples,
Verona, Pad uaMarseiles
Saragassa, Utrecht,
Capua,and Brunswick.
Dublin, Leipsic,
Mantua, Parma,
Caucasus, Palermo,
Rhades, St. Louis,
Ashton- under- Lyne,
London, Plymouth,
Melborne, Bruges,
Cordova JVTetz Nure-
mberg, Versailles,
Wales. Wolverhampton,
Scotland, Flolland,
New Zealand, North
and West Africa, Isle
of Mauritius, Paraguay.
Tunis, Algiers,
York, Venice,
Berne, Lubeck Milan,
magdeburg, Cadiz, Ne w
York Manchester, Stock
holm, Constantipole,
Genoa, Deptford,
Rochdale, Georgia.
5. Leo
France, Italy, Bohemia, Rome,Bris tal.
Sicily, Chaldea to
Damascus, Chicago
(1 st - Decanate).
and parte near Sidon
and tyre.
Philadelphia Prague,
Bassorah, North of
Rumania, Apulia,
Bombay (3rd Decanate),
36 6
6 . Virgo Turkey, Switzerland,
Germany, Paris
West Indies, Croatia,
Selesia, Babylonia,
Parts of Greece, Virginia,
Brazil, California.
7. Libra Austria, Indo China,
China; Tibet Upper
Egypt, Savoy, North
China, Livonia, Burma,
Argentina, Japan,
Massachusetts and
8. Scorpio Algeria, Baveria,
South Africadlarbary,
Maroco, Norway,
North- Syria, Trans veal.
Queens land, Haryana
9. Sagit- Arabia, Australia,
tarius Felix,Cape,Finisterre,
Rattenburg, Nattin-
gham, Dalmatia,
Hengary, Istria,
Moravia, Sclavonia,
Spain, Province in
France, Madascar,
1 0 .Capr- India, Chorassan,
icorn Circan, Punjab
Afghanistan, Mace-
donia, Albania,
Jesusalem, Corintie,
Boston, USA., Los
Angelos, Strasburg.
Frankfut, Fribourg,
Vienna, Lisbon,
Johansburg (27deg.),
Co- penhagen Ideg.
New Orleans, Dover,
Washington, D.C.,
Baltimore, Stock Port.
Buddapest, Narbonne.
Sheffield,! aranto,
Delhi, Oxford, Port
Said, Brandeburg,
Tortona, Constanz,
Brussels, Keighley.
Bulgaria, Greece,
Romandalia, Mexico,
Orkney Islands, parts
of Persia.
36 7
1 1 . Aquarius Arabia the stony, Brighton, Bremen,
Prussia, Red Russia, Pt. Ingolstadt, Satzbury,
Soviet Russia, Poland, Trent, Hamburg,
Sweden, Circassia, Salisbury, Moscow.
Tartray, Lithunia, West phalia,
Wallachia, Abyssinia,
State affairs in
England particularly
1 3Deg. West phallica.
1 2.Pisces Portugal, Calabria,
Galicia, Normandy,
Nubia, Sahara desert.
South part,
Plexandria, Ratisbon,
Worms, Bournemouth,
Lancaster, Preston.
Watch the progress or events of a country through progress
of planets through signs. Serious troubles are always seen in those
countries ruled by whatever sign Mars or Saturn is passing
Through in transit, the Mars causing fires, accidents, incendiarism,
and insurrections. Cities governed by the signs these two planets
are passing through are likely to be most disturbing, especially
when planets transit the exact degrees ruling such city. As in the
case of London 1 7deg. - 56 '.
Uranus passing through the sign ruling the different coun-
tries will cause insurrections, strikes, and rioting among the people,
and generally disposes to Anarchic or Nihilistic outrages. The
element of reform by peaceful or violent means is restored to.
Witness the events occurred in India during the past years, due to
this planet being in the sign Capricorn, which rules India.
When beneficsare passing through the different s igns, many
benefits will fall on the d ifferentcountries and places ruled by such
sign. Improvement of trade, advantageous changes in Govt; and
general benefits to the country.
The Conjunction of major planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,
1 Tan us, Neptune and Pluto in different signs should be noted, as
these are most important, and prominent events are likely to follow
such configurations.
36 8
To find Ruling sign of a country
Late Prof. R.V. Vaidya, provides his own observations as to
the methods of determining the ruling sign of a country, published
in A.M. Bangalore during January 1 96 6 , which is reproduced for
guidance and ready reference of the readers.
Method I : If a country is known to have been ruled by a
number of kings insuccession, then find outfrom History, the year
of accession of that king who has ruled forthe longest period. Then
find out the position of Pluto in that year. It will give you the
approximate degrees of M.C. of that country's horoscope. Form the
Table of houses find out the Ascendant and cusp of other houses
corresponding to the Latitude of the capital city that country. Then
note down the transiting periods of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus
through various houses of the horoscope and get satisfied fromthe
past events that the horoscope is correct.
Rule I : When Pluto passes through the meridian of a
country's horoscope, the person and the party in power would
continue to remain in dominating position for a fairly long period
of time. Uranus passing through the meridian indicates crushing
defeat or bloody revolution or war. Neptune helps in creating
soothing conditions.
Rule II: Remember that Pluto is both malefic and beneficlike
Saturn. Neptune is benefic like Jupiter and Uranus brings about
sudden effect, malefic in nature like Mars. The exact influence and
conditions created in accordance with house through which they
Rule HI: Pluto in 4th house sometimes indicates long rule by
a vicious person or a tyrant. Pluto in the 1 st house also sometimes
created similar conditions. Pluto and Llranus in 6 th or 8th house
indicate definitely bring about disaster. Pluto passing through the
4th house indicates transfer of power.
Method 2- Sometimes events related to a city or province as
recorded for century or more in which major planets are observed
as passing throughaparticularsignorsigns,giveadueto the fixing
of the ruling sign of the ct ty or the province. And when it is reliably
36 9
found that all such events occurring in the city definitely effected
the country ineach case, the ruling sign of the city suggest the sign
of Country.
Example : Let us find the ruling sign and horoscope of
HARYANASTATE ININDIAAtiny but most prosperous state
of India. Haryana was formed on 1 - 1 1 - 1 96 6 on Tuesday between
7- 48 AM and 1 0.08 AM at Chandigarh. The Chief Ministers ruled
Haryanaso forare as below. Letus fmdsignsinviewof aboverules.
Period Chief Minister Period
Form 1 .1 1 .1 96 6 Pt.Bhagwat Dyal 0Year- (
30.1 .1 96 7 Sharma
3.57 to 205.6 8 Rao Birindra Singh 1 - 2
21 5.6 8 to 30.1 1 .75 Sh. Bansi Lai Ji 7- 6
1 .1 2.75 to Sh. B.D. Guptaji 1 - 5
20.6 .77
21 .6 .77 to 27.6 .79 Ch. Devi Lalji 2- 0
28.6 .79 to Date (1 984) Sh. Bhajan LaljiContinued.
According to the above rule, period of the longest ruleso far
was of Shri Bansi Lalji and Pluto in 5/6 8 was in Leo Sign and on
the date of accession viz 21 .5.1 96 8 it was retrograde as Leo 26 deg.
- 51 ', Thus the Pluto inM.C. wasLeo26 Deg.- 51 '. and consequently
the Ascendant or Lagna is Scorpio.
In this case we have to calculate lagna Chandigarh at 1 0.00
A.M. on L1 1 .1 96 6 ivhichcomesto Scorpio 27deg.- 38- 32" seconds.
Which in other words coincides with each other. The Lagna of
HARYANASTATE is SCORPIO. Sidereal time is 1 2.20.01 hrs,
mts, sece.
With above'data, now we erect horoscope of Haryana State
with data as under as per Chart No. 1 .
Dater of Formation
1 .1 1 .1 96 6 (Tuesday)
1 0.00 AM.
The caculatecl horoscope of the State is as under
Sun 6 '- 1 4
- 54'
Moon 1 - 1 6 - 38
Mars 4- 1 8- 9
Mer. 7- 7- 55
Jup. 3- 1 0- 25
Ven. 6 - 1 2- 56
Sat. 1 0- 29- 56 (R)
Rahu 0- 23- 1 9
Ketu 6 - 23- 1 9
Hers 4- 29- 28
Nept 6 - 28- 0
Pluto 4- 26 - 30
Ayanamsa 23o- 23'- 23" ((Lahiri)
Birth dasa of state Moon 4y- llm- 28d.
for record and
we lay down
that Sh. Bansi
Lalji took oath
at 8.1 5 A.M. at
Delhi, the horo-
scope for oath
taking moment
is shown infig.
Sat (R)
Rahu Moon
Nep. Sun
Ven. Ketu
Birth Chart of Haryana State
Sat (r)
Lhart No.2
Shri B.D.
Gupta took oath
on 1 .1 2.1 975 be-
tween 9 to 1 0
A.M. at
the chart of the
moment is as per
fig- a
Chief Minister
under Janta
Govt; on
21 .6 .1 977 at
6 .03 P.M. at
the Chart is as
per fig.4.
Chief Minister Sh. Bhajanlalji took oath of office on
28- 6 - 1 979at 1 1 -
1 0 A. M . a t
Chart of the
moment is as
per figure 5.
Dasa Balance
ym d
6 - 1 1 1 1
Chart No.3
Ketu Mars
Jup Mer
Chart No.4
Chart No. 5
Asc Sat
Nept. Hers Pluto
From the above events, charts and details as above, we
conclude that:-
1 .Haryana was formed on Tuesday in Scorpio Lagna (Mars
2. Shri Bansi La! ji took oath on Tuesday.
3. Shri B.D. Gupta, when took oath, Mars was aspecting
4. Ch. Devi lal ji took oath on Tuesday and in Scorpio
Lagna(Mars LOrd).
5. Shri Bhajan lalji took oath when Mars was in 1 0th house
and was powerfully aspecting Lagna.
6 . Bansi lalji joined as Chief Minister on 5.6 .86 resignedpn
1 8.6 .87 due to defeat in election.
The above details indicate that Mars is ruling planet of
So in this way the Mundane Map of a state etc. is erected.
The details of the house in mundane chart show their power
and significations, which is applicable to astate,nation orthe world
at large. If it could be formulated, the administrative channels
could be clear at all levels and flow easily.
Since the Ascendants of various States, Nations and the
World organisation differ, the above portfolios change with refer-
ence to the Ascendant.
The strongest houses are the 1 0th, 7th 4th, then the 2nd, 5th,
8th and llthand lastly, the 3rd, 6 th, 9th and 1 2th. The 1 st, 3rd and
9th house are termed intellectual houses, because the 1 st represents
the minds of people, the 3rd has todo with newspapers and the like
and the 9th house represents, the religious attitude of the people.
In dealing this, the same rule applies as in delineating a
horoscope, for where the latter applies to an individual, in Mun-
dane Astrology, it refers to a nation and it therefore follows that the
same mode or procedure must be applied, but in amore extended
The influence of the twelve houses in connection with na-
tional affairs is as follows :
IstHouse : Ministry of Homet- 'l hc commonpeople, public
health, general conditions of the country, and state of home affairs
generally. It also signifies the masses, of general state of that locality
of kingdom where the figure is erected.
2ns House : Ministry ofFood : National exchequer, Revenue,
stock exchange, Banks, commercial affairs, and trade, signifies
national wealth, banking activities, and matters which concern
revenue in general.
3rd House : Ministry of Communications : Railways and
matters to do with them traffic returns, stocks and shares, tele-
graph, telephone and postal affairs, locomotion and means of
transit, motors, omnibuses, and the like; Books, newspapers and
literary Concerns, libraries, and public education generally.
4th House : Ministry of Geology : The weather, agriculture,
crops and landed interest; mines, public buildings; and the oppo-
sition party to the Govt; Determines the termination or end of
5th House : Ministry of Education : Theaters, music balls,
and places of amusements, children, education, birth rate, schools,
morals and bettings, ambassadors.
6 th House : Ministry ofDefence : Sickness, public health.
Army and Navy, warships, working classes generally, industries
and sanitation.
7th House : Ministry of Foreign Policy : Foreign affairs and
relations with other powers, war and international disputes,
marriages, divorces, foreign trade.
8th House : Ministry of Health : Mortality, death- rate,
suicide; Privy councils, death of national rulers and matters that
may be involved because of such deaths.
9th House : Ministry of Law: Courts, judges, clergy,religion
colonial Trade, and affairs, commercial powers, Sciences, ship-
ping, and matters to do there with.
1 0th House : Ministry of Industries : The king royalty,
Government, ruling power, Aristocracy, Nobility and society,
upper class, or those in power and authority (as did the 6 th house,
the masses and those who serve).
1 1 th House : Ministry of Hnances : Parliament, House of
Commons. Legislation, associates or allies of the nation.
1 2th House : Ministry of Planning : Persons, workhouses,
Hospitals, Asylums. Reformatories, charitable institutions; Crime,
murders, spies and secret Forces.
Planets as Significators
1 . The Sunis significator of head of nation, country, of cabinet
or central power of Govt;
2. Mercury of press, post offices, publicity, vehicles.
3. Moon indicates People or general public- masses.
4. Venus of art, entertainment, public rejoicing, pomp and
5. Jupiter denotes Political party at the centre, of the spiritual
power, of philosophy and philosophers, of judiciary and of the
6 . Mars indicates desire, activator of warlike spirit, of the
criminal classes, agitators etc. Public health matters, activator of
epidemics, of infectious diseases.
7. Saturn denotes Political party of the right reactionaries of
Govt; officials, of the land owners and big capitalists.
8. Uranus of scientists, economists, or revolution and trade
9. Neptune of Political party of the left, of subversive forces,
of communistic and socialistic movements, of occult power, and of
occultists generally, and of eccentric developments in Arts.
To provide a break in a strenuous study about transit of
planets and Eclipse, we now provide the classification of "MU-
TUALRELATIONS" which are required to be checked in day to
day life. This Chapter is a ready reckoner for checking the relations
between two parties whether they will remain happy ornot. In case
you do not know the date of birth of any one, it does not matter, first
word of your names will give you guidance about the type of
relations. Or in case you know Moon signs, ruling sign or planet or
the Ascendant too you can check.
The term partner includes business partner, life Partner,
lover, beloved, friends enemies or other persons in whose contact
you come in. On this definition, these thought provoking lines have
been detailed for the daily use for readers and public at large. This
will benefit them to check and analyse whether the contracts,
partnership etc. be established, continued or not.
In our day to day life we find that some close human
relationships inspire a sublime degree of happiness, others lead to
nothing butconflict, heart rendering unhappiness. Why doyoufeel
an instant rapport with one person at first meeting and, for no
apparent reason, find another turns you df, even repels you? The
mysteries of com patibility intrigue mankind andyet Astrology, the
oldest science can supply many answers to the riddle.
To enjoy permanent friendship and love in social life, in
business and in married life is blessings, which can be checked from
your Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendant or ruling planet or sign or
first word of your name.
Nowletus seehowtheabovesigns, when combined together
will pull on. The following reactions will not be obvious in passing
acquittances because it takes time for two people to know one
another. However, you will be able to see how the Chemistry of the
Zodiac affects marriage, partnerships which all are termed as
"PARTNERS" All possible combinations of 1 2 signs are listed,
giving total of 78 pairs.
Before we proceed further, here isachecklistofyourSunsign
as per Hindu Astrology. The other signs like Moon sign, Ascen-
dant, ruling sign etc. canbe ascertained fromyourhoroscope. The
Moon sign can be checked from the first word of your name. The
name should be your birth name, if you do not have, use your
present name to check the relations. Find the signs denoted by first
word of your names and check the relations from the details and
combinations provided therein.
Sign Hindu Dates English dates First letter of your
bom within (Sun signs) name indicating
(Sun Sign) Moon sign.
Narayana Sayana
1 . Aries 1 3th April- 1 4th May 21 st March- 1 9th April ^ "5T, efi, eh, cj, rt, ch, 3r,
'2. Taurus 1 4th May- 1 5th June 20th April- 20th May
i, - 3, rr ^ ^ % , ^r,
3. Gemini 1 5th June- 1 6 th July 21 st May- 21 st June
^> 1 , ^ ^
4. Cancer 1 6 th July- 1 6 th Aug. 22nd June- 22nd July
f\, h, fr, ^t, ^ t, it,
5. Leo 1 6 th Aug- 1 6 th Sep. 23rd July- 22nd Aug.
jt, it, ^ i, it, it, z, t,
6 . Virgo 1 6 th Sep- 1 7th Oct. 23rd Aug.- 22nd Sept.
it, T, 5, W, '"TT, < 5, h, it.
7. Libra 1 7th Oct- 1 6 th Nov. 23rd Sept.- 23rd Oct.
t, - ft, t Tt, tr, it, ^ t,
8. Scorpio 1 6 th Nov- 1 5th Dec. 24th Oct.22nd Nov.
it, z, it, % i, it, it, ^
9. Sagittarius 1 5th Dec.- 1 4th Jan. 23rd Nov.- 21 st Dec.
i, # , *r, it, 5, a, ^ s, i,
0. Capricorn 1 4th Jan- 1 3th Feb. 22nd Dec.- 1 9th Jan.
it, w, fi, ^ st, it, it, i, # , it, it,
1 . Acquarius 1 3th Feb- 1 3th March 20th Jan.- 1 8th Feb.
tj, i, it, f, % it, i, it, t,
2. Pisces 1 4th March- 1 3th April 1 9th Feb.- 29th March.
^ ^ sr, h, it, it
Before we give details of relations between different signs;
you must understand that there are four Groups into which signs
have been divided. Each group is known as Element - Fire, air,
water and Earth.
So it is important to know to which of the element You Sun
Moon sign, ruling sign or planet or the Ascendant belongs,
and how it intersect with the others.
1 .Fiery Signs : Fiery signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.Fire
is compatible with Fire and Air, except in the case of opposite pairs
which you can find easily as Aries- Libra; Leo- Aquarius and
Sagittarius- Gemini. There can be a strong initial attraction between
opposite signs butaftera while, the pendulum may swing theother
way, causing friction. Fire does not combine readily with Water or
with an Earthy sign.
2. Airy Signs :- Airy signs are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.
Air is compatible with Air and Fire, although initial affinity
between the opposite pairs Gemini- Sagittarius, Libra- Aries and
Aquarius- Leo, may bring conflict. Air does not have much in
common with Water on Earth.
3. Watery Signs :- Watery signs are Cancer, Scorpio and
Pisces. Water is compatible with Water and Earth, except in some
cases when the pairs of signs are on opposite sides. These are
Cancer- Capricorn, Scorpio- Taurus and Pisces- Virgo. Water has
little affinity with Fire or Air, so they are danger Zones.
4. Earthy Signs :- Earthy signs are Capricorn, Taurus and
Virgo. Earth is compatible with Earth and Water, although some
conflict may develop with a Watery sign if it is opposite your earth
sign which are Capricorn- Cancer. Taurus- Scorpio and Virgo-
Pisces. Earth does not easily mix with Fire or Air.
Awriter has rightly said these words, soon the basis of same,
we now provide the combinations guide to Zodiac togetherness
and tangents.
"Yes, people who need people are the luckiest people in the
world as long as they don't end up as star- crossed lovers,
some combinations are simply signposts to strife."
Before detailing the 78 possible combinations of the zodiac
signs, let us have a look at some of the fundamental characteristics
of each rising sign because they will play a significant role in
determining compatibility when two people get together in a close
personal relations. Check both Ascendants ect.
For detailed characteristics, readers are requested to refer
author's world famous book, "SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS OF
HOROSCOPE" Flere we providejust in a nutshell.
You are ambitious, rashand aggressive, frankandofoutspo-
ken nature. You cannot work under subordination and always try
to dominate. "Astorm in a tea cup" is the phrase fits in your
temperament, impulsive, quick and impetuous. Become bored on
long range plan. You are happiest doing things on the spur of
moment. Being aggressive and combative you thoroughly enjoys
a battie of wits. You have marvellous ability to rise to the occasion
in times of emergency but do not have endurance to cope with
prolonged hardships.
Of independent views, happy in command, creates impres-
sion everywhere. life will be fullof struggle and variable fortune.
Youare frankand enthusiastic inlove, yourgood nature and charm
attract the opposi te sex. You are of practical views, lasting affection,
freedom and adventure in love are your basic traits. Quick and
decisive in act and thinking, any hindrance makes you impatient
and aggressive. Finish what you start, do not keep them hanging.
Ladies! you are witty, intelligent, zealous but of independent
views.Proud and always talk highof yourdomesticenvironmente.
Agoodhost. You expect that your husband, lover of friendsshould
look after you well, speak high and praise you, SOthat you canlove
him. You generally override your husbands, aggressive and very
romantic. You can be controlled with tact and patience. You have
Fiery nature in all spheres of life, in short you like to be first cf the
mark and prefer to lead.
Advice : You should take plenty of rest and relax. You should
control your feelings, avoid worry, excitement and anger. Do not
be too much independent. Avoid stimulate food. Do not start in a
flash and end in a crash, think calmly and seriously before any
Lucky Days, Numbers, Colours etc. Lucky days are
Tuesday, Saturday and Fridays. Monday and Sunday are fair.
Number 9 and 1 are lucky, 4 and 8 attract, 2,3, and 5 are passive
where as 6 and 7 disagree.
You have a loving nature and fond of beauty, music, colour
and artistic ways. Pleasure, luxury living and good food are your
weak points. In middle age, you will gain weight. You place great
importance on physical, financial and emotional security. You
have solid, steadfast, reliable and practical qualities. Conservator,
not dreamer, have materialistic point of view. You take time to
decide and once decided, plan has to be carried out, as you are
determined and preserving. Stubborn, violent and unrelenting.
On the other hand you are kind, affectionate, seldom moody
and not easily offended. You have inflexible nature, dependable,
highly diplomat and over smiling. You are definitely fond of ease,
comforts, opposite sex, and will have many love affairs. Troubles
and difficulties may arise due to your stubbornness and unreason-
able resistance. Usually secretive, reserved, sincere, reliable and
trustworthy. Flard work and can not yield when opposed. Take
long time" in selecting partner as you are not impulsive in love.
Respond well to kind treatment. Divorce is rare with them.
Ladies are good wives, mothers, reserved and calm. They
doubt their husbands, take more care of their home, children and
are good as parents. Gentle a