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Wind DA

No wind now we have seen a 200 kilometer/hour decrease

Draper 14 (Robert, June 18th, With Wind Calm, Serenity in Slovenia,
slovenia.html?hpw&rref=travel) OfficerTom
The subject was the Bora the ferocious northern wind that wreaks seasonal havoc on the western
Slovenian region known as the Vipava Valley, where we had just arrived and my friend expressed
disappointment that we had just missed out on the chance to experience it. It sounds so impressive,
she said. Trust me after a minute or two, you dont want any part of it, said our dining companion,
Primoz Lavrencic, a young local winemaker who had agreed to guide us through our first day in the area.
The wind speeds can be close to 200 kilometers. You cant walk, and its not a good idea to drive. Two
winters ago, they closed the schools for two weeks, and all we could do was stay indoors.
Turbines cause more wind
Markopanama 13 (February 26, 2013, Markopanama says:,
overestimated/) OfficerTom
An obvious question: As others have pointed out, windmills alter the prevailing winds and thus
inexorably, the climate. If all the CO2 generators were replaced with wind, would the anthropogenic
climate change be less? In addition, todays wind farms would have to be built for the (horribly mutated,
extreme weather producing, AGW-driven /sarc) climate of today. Successful restoration of the climate
would shift the wind patterns away from the wind farms and decrease their climate restoring benefits,
creating a climate oscillation that did not exist before. Cool. More studies to do.
Wind is bad it ruins birthday parties and injures children
9news 14 (KUSA-TV, June 7, 2014, Wind carries bounce house 200 feet; 2 kids hurt,
LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) Authorities say two children in suburban Denver were injured in the latest case
of an inflatable bounce house breaking loose and being blown around in the wind. The bounce house
rolled across a field Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree as winds gusted to around 30
mph. Witness Vannessa Atencio told KUSA-TV (http://on9news.tv/1hKQ3wZ ) that a girl was
immediately thrown from the house. A boy remained inside as it rolled about 200 feet through a
lacrosse game before stopping near a pond.