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A Comparison between Aerocon

blocks and conventional clay bricks:-

1. Soil Consumption
Aerocon Blocks - Uses fly ash which
is a thermal power plant waste product & thus no consumption of top soil.
Clay bricks - One sq. ft. of carpet area with clay brick walling will consume 25.5 kg of
top soil.
2. Fuel Consumption
Aerocon Blocks - One sq. ft. of carpet area with Aerocon blocks will consume 1 kg of
Clay bricks - One sq. ft. of carpet area with clay bricks will consume 8 kg of coal.
3. CO2 Emission
Aerocon Blocks - One sq. ft. of carpet area will emit 2.2 kg of CO2.
Clay bricks - One sq. ft. of carpet area will emit 17.6 kg of CO2.
4. Cost Benefit
Aerocon Blocks - Reduction in dead weight leading to savings in steel and concrete.
Clay bricks None.
5. Energy Saving
Aerocon Blocks - Approximately 30% for heating and cooling.
Clay bricks None.
6. Fire Resistance (200mm wall)
Aerocon Blocks - Up to 7 hours.
Clay bricks - Around 2 hours.

7. Compressive Strength
Aerocon Blocks - 3.5-4 N/m2
Clay bricks - 2.5-3 N/m2
8. Production Facility
Aerocon Blocks - State-of-the-art factory facility.
Clay bricks - Unhealthy working conditions due to toxic gases.
9. Dry Density
Aerocon Blocks - 550-700 kg/m3
Clay bricks - 1800 kg/ m3
10. Labour
Aerocon Blocks - Organized sector with proper HR practices.
Clay bricks - Unorganized sector with rampant use of child labour.

The Aerocon Blocks are eco- friendly owing to the following reasons:-

Environment friendly
Utilization of fly ash (waste generated from thermal power plants).

Protection of precious fertile lands
Utilization of fly ash in the product avoids the dumping of fly ash on fertile
agricultural lands. Substitution of conventional clay bricks with aerocon blocks
avoids the use of clay from fertile land and soil for making clay bricks.

Conservation of forests
Since the product can replace plywood and cement bonded particle boards etc.,
in which wood is used, deforestation can be avoided.

Pollution free process (Zero waste disposal)
The manufacturing process does not generate any by-product and the waste
material generated is reused thus preventing the pollution of environment.


1) Eco-friendly
2) Faster construction
3) Light weight
4) High thermal insulation
5) Fire resistant
6) Excellent sound reduction properties
7) Water, termite and weather resistant
8) Suitable for Seismic and Cyclone prone zones
9) Thin walls (space saving)
10) Smooth finish
11) Easy workability
12) Load bearing structural application

Features and benefits:-

The manufacturing process of the products ensures constant and consistent
dimensions and thus provides a uniform base for economical application of
variety of finishing systems.

Cost reduction
Internal walls can be finished by direct P.O.P, thus eliminating the need of

Doors and windows frames can be fixed in Aerocon blocks masonry by using
screws with raw plugs.

Low maintenance
Aerocon blocks are inorganic materials impervious to rot, insects and other

The advantages of Aerocon blocks over conventional clay bricks are:-
Aerocon Blocks are an innovative product in the green building revolution.

Aerocon blocks are the new blocks in walling materials, substituting conventional
and environmentally unsustainable materials like clay bricks, concrete and hollow

The raw materials used in the manufacture of these blocks are environmentally
friendly and are certified green products. The basic raw materials used in
production of Aerocon blocks are Cement, Fly ash, lime and water.

Aerocon blocks can be plastered, painted, and dry lined or tiled.

Aerocon block is extremely light, just one-third the weight of clay bricks or one-
fourth the density of R.C.C. They are much easier to handle on the site.

They are easy to install and can complete the construction procedure in a shorter
span in case of scarcity of labour and in the usage of mortars. The required time
to complete a building with aerocon blocks is 1/3 lesser than that of the
conventional building materials.

The edges of the blocks are such that they allow easy workability and accurate
dimensioning and are easy to cut, drill, nail, shape and chase using ordinary
wood working tools. Power tools can be used for rapid chasing for embedding
service lines.

Aerocon blocks can be cut virtually in any shape or angle making them extremely

Aerocon block covers the same area as that 14 clay bricks do enabling a faster
construction results in saving of labour, time and material.

Aerated concrete is perfect building material for any climate. It is used to build all
kinds of walls: exterior and interior bearing and non-bearing walls, foundation
walls, partition walls as filling agent in framework structures, wall partitions, fire
division walls, etc.

Aerocon excellent thermal properties helps in saving recurring energy costs of
heating and cooling. The thermal resistance combined with the benefits of
thermal mass inertia and whole wall coverage eliminates the need for additional

Aerocon blocks are available in various sizes and shapes. They are available in
three types; Infill blocks, Jumbo blocks and Thermal blocks. They are included
into the category of Green Building materials because they dont emit VOC
(Volatile Organic Compounds) which cause environmental pollution.

Apart from being eco-friendly these blocks are also light weight with high thermal
insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation, have strength and durability, have
consistent quality control and gives a perfect finish with dimensional stability.
Buildings constructed out of these blocks ensure long term sustainability and
save a lot of water during the construction.

Excluding the eco-friendly characteristics of these blocks, they are also used in
construction for various other reasons. There are a number of problems involved
in acquiring the sand and bricks and also the prices of these basic materials are
hiking up. As the traditional construction materials have a higher price the
initiation of Aerocon blocks acts as better substitutes with affordable prices. Due
to these reasons the Aerocon blocks are in great demand.

Hence, it is one of the revolutionary materials that can be used to make the world
a better, greener and cleaner place to live in. It is a revolutionary material that
combines the unique properties such as durability and strength, low weight, very
simple construction technology and excellent environmental performance.

Area of application
Aerated concrete is ideal for all types of building construction: cottages, multistoried
buildings, schools, hospitals, gyms, industrial and commercial facilities and add on
floors and extension etc.

Technical Specification
Properties Values
Density (oven dry) 551-650 kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity 0.16 W/M deg. K (avg.)
Resistant to fire 2-6 hrs. Depending upon thickness
Sound Reduction Index 37-49 dB depending upon thickness
Design density 800 kg/m3