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Narrative Jewelry

July 12 - September 6
Brumfelds Gallery
Brumfeld Gallerys Narrative Jewelry show marks a frst in their exhibition program: a show
dedicated to jewelry. However, the Narrative in the title is a strong indicator that this is not such a
departure for the gallery. Tis show sits nicely with the gallerys interest in narrative, metaphor and
allegory used to express humanistic concerns, and their regular and strong representation of mixed
media sculpture. All of the pieces in this exhibition are very wearable, but can also stand alone as
unique artworks, and will be displayed in the gallery as such. Each artist is well repespected within
the feld of jewelery practice. Te work is fnely crafed from a range of materials. In addition, the six
bodies of work, by seven artists, can stand their own ground under the scrutiny of critical assessment
for their imagery and exploration of theme within a wider art context. Te featured artists are Kat
Cole, Kim Nogueira, Rebecca Rose, Kay Seurat, Nancy Worden, and duo Robin Kranitzky and Kim
Overstreet. From old photographs of ancestry, to inspiration from natural landscapes, the pieces in
Narrative Jewelry will represent the true depth and diversity that fne art jewelry comprises.
Kim Nogueiras jewelry making began with an antique gumball charm. Purchased with the intent of
gifing it to her husband, she recognized her unwillingness to part with it, instigating her obsession
with antique and vintage toys. Tere is ofen a mechanical element to her work, which is infuenced
by a nostalgia for childhood trinkets. A trained goldsmith, she molds and deconstructs favorite
objects to create new tiny three-dimensional pieces, ofen from silver. She favors universal and
relateable themes of sentimentality and grief, in order to outwardly comunicate, as well as resolve her
own personal feelings.
Nancy Worden weaves together her own experience as an American, the roots of her ancestry, and
historic jewelry traditions from around the world. Te works have a sense of ancient ornament, but
incorporate more modern geometric forms and unusual design that refect her contemporary
experience. Her work is centered on responses to human behavior and experience. Using subjects
such as memory, protection, and the rite of passage, Worden uses each piece as a way to work through
a particular event or moment that has happened in her life.
Kay Seurat came to jewelry making through a background in working with multiple materials and
assemblage. Her love of combining materials, metals in particular, her skills as a silver-smith, and her
natural penchant for narrative have had an enormous impact on the pieces she creates. Never one to
succumb to monotony, Seurat fnds diversity in both the techniques she employs and the thematic
journeys she follows.
Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet work
together to create unique shadow box brooches.
Kranitzkys experience in ceramics combines
with Overstreets years in graphic design and
illustration to create pieces that are little
windows looking into a singular world. Tey
use multiple materials to create these tiny
tableaus, including crushed mother of pearl,
vintage wallpaper, and dried fowers. Te duo
shares a fascination for fairy tales and science
fction, and the resulting pieces are reminiscent
of a single frame of animation, frozen in time.
Taken out of their context we are lef to guess at
the rich narrative, employing the individuals
engagement with the imagery as the fnishing
touch to their distinct line of jewelry.
Kat Cole also utilizes found objects in her work, with her choices centering around manmade
objects and metals weathered by the elements. She collects things from where she lives, saving
tidbits such as rusty bolts, tins, and scraps of plastic and metal. Tese pieces are then combined
with enamel and steel to make jewelry that is refective of a certain place and time. Her attraction
to these found objects comes from their desire to express the passing of time, each object
signifying the remains of human inhabitation, both past and present. Cole connects with each
piece as an intimate memory of a particular place or event in her life.
Rebecca Rose has been creating her unique
series of Sculpturings since the age of nineteen.
Each ring begins with the fusion of objects that
spark her interest, such as childhood toys, game
pieces, and other miniature objects. Tese
treasures become the base for molds to cast the
fnished pieces in silver or bronze. Te
artist defnes these works as, an artistic
collection of small sculpture on a mobile scale for
fngers. Each piece is made with a wearer in
mind, a tiny sculpture with a unique portable
Narrative Jewelry will open on Saturday, July 12 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Brumfelds Gallery. Brumfeld
Gallerys openings are on the second Saturday of every month. Exhibition openings are open to the
public and feature a no-host bar courtesy of 13th Street Pub & Grill. To fnd out more about the
event or any of these artists, please contact the gallery at (208)333-0309 or gallery@brumfeldllc.com
Brumfelds Gallery 1513 N 13th Street Boise, ID 83702 www.brumfeldllc.com