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Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Mahesh Potnuru

Aludu (village),
Saravakota (Mandal),
Srikakulam (Dist.), Phone: + 919049459383.
Andhra Pradesh – 532426.


In impending future, I aspire to undertake original and dedicated research in the field of ORGANIC
CHEMISTRY to satisfy unquenchable thirst for knowledge and to exercise that science in devoting to the
community in a dynamic approach. I see this as a first major step towards fulfillment of long-term goal of
developing into a researcher with successful and creditable career. To utilize my skills towards a challenging
career in a research group associated with an institute that will provide ample opportunities to proliferate my
skills and assists my growth and facilitates more exposure towards emerging strategies in that field. I want to
continue my research career in organic chemistry as it has lot to do to mankind.

Academic Qualifications:

1) Master of Science (Organic Chemistry )

From Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, April-2009
GPA:-4.83/6.0 A-grade
2) Bachelor of science (Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics )
From Andhra University, March-2006
3) 12th (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)
From Board of Intermediate, Andhra Pradesh, June-2003
(86.1%) Distinction
4) 10th. From S. S. C. Board, Andhra Pradesh, March-2001
(80%) Distinction


➢ Qualified GATE-2009 with 91.72%

➢ Qualified Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-Junior Research Fellow ship (JRF).
➢ Got 3rd rank in NCL-entrance conducted by University of Pune.
➢ Awarded NCL Scholarship during M.Sc 1st year.
➢ Awarded Prof. Dr. Mckelvey Scholarship during M.Sc 2nd year.


Project during M.Sc.:

Title: “Synthesis of bio-active 4-aryl -2-Quinilinone, Neoflavones and Preparation of chiral Pd-Salen
As a requirement for M. Sc. degree, during the academic year 2008-09, Under the
supervision of
Dr. Suresh B Waghmode (Reader in Organic Chemistry), at Department of Chemistry,
University of Pune.

Reactions Handled:
➢ Heck reaction.
➢ NBS bromination.
➢ Formylation reactions.
➢ Protection of alcohol functionality.
➢ Resolution of cis/trans-1,2-diaminocycloheane.
➢ Preparation of Pd-salen complex.
➢ Preparation of other reagents and drying of solvents

Lab Skills:
➢ Interpretation of spectroscopic data viz. NMR, IR, UV & Mass.
➢ Expertise in handling moisture sensitive & micro scale reactions
➢ Highly conversant with experimental techniques such as thin layer & column Chromatography.
➢ Familiar with chemistry related software’s like chemoffice, ISIS Draw, Sci-finder Scholar
➢ Capable of performing collaborative as well as independent Research.

Research Interest:

➢ Synthetic organic chemistry.

➢ Total synthesis of biologically active molecules and Natural Product synthesis.
➢ Asymmetric synthesis, Asymmetric catalysis.
➢ Organ metallic Chemistry.


Hard-working, Dedication, Interest in learning new things, working in group, handling any
situation wisely & good communication skills.

Name: Mahesh Potnuru

Fathers Name: Shanmukharao

Date of Birth: 15st July, 1986.

Sex: Male

Marital status: Single

Religion: Hindu

Nationality: Indian

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Telugu

Prof. M. G. Kulkarni

Department of Chemistry
University of Pune
e-mail :
Prof. D. D. Dhavale
Department of Chemistry
University of Pune
e-mail :
Prof. R. S. Kusurkar
Department of Chemistry
University of Pune
e-mail :
Dr. Sureh B. Waghmode
Department of Chemistry
University of Pune
e-mail :


I Mahesh potnuru here by declare that the above information is true to the best of my
knowledge and also promise to fulfill my duties to best of my ability, if given a chance to
work in your esteemed organization.

Place: Pune Mahesh Potnuru