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Husainah Nasser

June 18, 2014

Rainbow Lesson Plan
Grade(s) 2
Subject(s) Arts
Length of Lesson 50 minuts
Lesson Overview/
In arts class and in many things in life will need us to know the
difference of colors. Our brain one day will ask us where and who did
each color make up its unique look. The students in this lesson will
be able to differentiate the many different colors and know the two
groups of colors, the primary and secondary color. When we say
primary colors we are referring to the group of colors from which all
other colors can be obtained by mixing. And what secondary color
mean is the opposite, a color resulting from the mixing of two
primary colors

I will be using Kidspiration where I will be sitting and showing the
students how to use a diagram to be able to clarify the system of the
two types of colors primary and secondary.
Michigan Common Cores States Standards for Arts: Grade 2

Apply skills and knowledge to perform in the arts.
ART.VA.I.2.3 Compare and explore elements of art and
principles of design to communicate ideas related to personal
ART.VA.I.2.4 Use revision strategies to modify personal
artwork and then mount it to enhance its presentation.
Apply skills and knowledge to create in the arts.
ART.VA.II.2.6 Demonstrate how artwork can be created
using computers and electronic media as a tool for creative
Analyze, describe, and evaluate works of art.
ART.VA.III.2.1 Develop a visual vocabulary
Recognize, analyze, and describe connections among
the arts; between the arts and other disciplines;
between the arts and everyday life
ART.VA.V.2.1 Describe how art is used in everyday life.
Learning Objectives The students will be able to name all the basic colors ( red,
blue, white, orange, black, pink, yellow, brown, gray, purple,
and many more)
The students will be able to know what does a secondary
color mean and how many colors and what the secondary
colors are.
The students will be able to know what we mean by primary
colors and list them.
The students will be able to demonstrate the make ups of the
secondary colors.
What two colors make up green?
What two colors make up orange?
What two colors make up purple?
Technology Uses The students will be using the computers to make their kidspiration
diagram for the rainbow colors.
Materials Computers
The primary paints
Paint brushes
Paint boards
Procedure 1) The students will be first introduced to what does color
means and what are the two types of colors.
2) The students will learn that we have these two types of colors
and that the secondary colors come out of the primaries.
3) After listening to the lecture about colors the students will
be, then, give the paints of all the primary colors in plates and
asked to make up the new different colors out of these
primary ones.
4) Each student will be give paint brushes and the primary colors
and use them to paint their hand and make as many different
colors on their hand imprints as they can to show that they
are able to bring up many colors out of only the primaries
that where given to them.
5) A big art board will be sit for each student to imprint their
prints on them and show all the colors that were made by
each one.
6) The boards will hold each students names to be able to know
who made each best colorful board and be graded for the
many different colors presented in the board.
Assessment The number one assignment will be the boards where each student,
during the class, made after the lecture of what are the types of
colors and which colors make which.

Another assignment will be a quiz asking;
Whether a given color is a primary or secondary?
What two primary colors make up green, purple, and orange?
The final assignment will be using kidspration to explain the
secondary colors from the primary ones.

Kidspiration of Mixing Colors