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6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science

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The rules of the game are about to change. And by about to, I mean
they already have. *wink*
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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Long, long ago, there was a realm filled with happy faces and sad
faces. And all the smiles got mad at the frowns. All the frowns got
mad at the smiles. And over many eons the smiles and frowns
fought great wars. Across many generations, their contempt &
jealousy for each other grew. That war was so great that it tore into
our world ages ago and has turned everything into a huge charade.
Today, the war continues on. And for what? Do we know who
threw the first rock? Who smiled the first smile? Who frowned the
first frown? We remember this ambiguous contempt and jealousy
for each other, but why? How do you unite two such tribes?
Certainly history has defined that telling each tribe their view is
wrong is NOT the answer. What we are learning today is to teach
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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the smiles and frowns to accept one
another. To demonstrate what that
looks like through our own actions.
We learn each others perspectives,
and we grow together, and merge
our awareness and understandings.
We make it so enticing that they
WANT to understand.
Unconditional love flourishes in
that type of environment. Love itself will save us. I cant say
the same for science. I cant say the same for religion.
The world we see is but a thin film. The world we feel lies beyond
that it is a world of form, and it is a world of infinite potential.
We like things to be simple and easily digestible. Chew it up and
swallow. We freak out when someone does something that is
unusual to us, something outside of the equation of our minds. We
freak out when our mind is expanded before choosing to expand it.
When a species is collectively trapping itself in fear, it leads to
anger, which leads to hate, which leads to suffering.
I will not save you. I simply cannot. But I will do something better.
I will teach you how to save yourself. We are so defensive because
we mistake our identity to be our thoughts, or our feelings. The key
is recognizing that you are not your thoughts. You are the
awareness of your thoughts.
The key to suffering is to learn and practice loving thy self, and
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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knowing that you are everyone and everything and thus self
love is the practice of loving All.
There are many ways that we can put this into practice. The female
way, which is expressive, creative, flowing, and intuitive. Going
with the flow, and trusting your intuition.
And there is the male way. This one is a blueprint. It is guidelines,
it is geometric, it is mathematical, and it can be put down into
words. I would like to take some time to express what these
blueprints are, and how you might use them to recognize yourself
in others, and others within yourself.
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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Sacred Geometry is the study of
particular 3D shapes in the
Universe. These Sacred shapes
include the five Platonic Solids: the
only sacred shapes that have equal
sides, angles, and faces. They are
the embodiment of unity and
balance. Sacred Geometry also
includes the Archimedean Solids,
which are close to being
symmetrical but arent quite there. They are likened to a Platonic
Solid in the middle of a shift. The freedom we seek is hidden in
Sacred Geometry. The realization of our dreams into reality is
linked to Sacred Geometry. The more complex a platonic solid is,
the more faces it has. The more faces it has, the more beautifully
complex it becomes those faces are always balanced.
Every Yin has a Yang. Every Yang has a Yin.
If we are to truly learn something new, we must apply our
knowledge of Sacred Geometry to a world other than the physical
world. We can apply Sacred Geometry to the mind. To the world of
Platonic Solids vs Archimedean Solids
Earth was originally mistaken as flat a floating Hexahedron cube
but that perception was in our mind. Our mind was the cube.
Then we discovered the truth. The world was round. And so our
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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minds became round. We think our minds are round today, but
this is a denial of our diversity. We all have differently shaped
minds. We all have a unique and valid perspective of the world.
A second awakening will reveal how we can create Heaven on
Earth through unconditional love of all the shapes. We must admit
our differences and accept them whether or not we agree or
disagree with these differences.
These are Archimedean Solids
The nature of each shape is different depending on how many sides
exist. And the shape of each side is dependent on how many faces
exist. And each face is different, even though it looks like a copy of
the others. If we apply this science to the study of the mind, we
can see that a person would have more than one potential face or
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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side to them.
Like any other 3D object, we have sides. Lets consider that you and
I are both Platonic Solids. Literally and figuratively. From your
perspective, when you look at me, you see just one aspect or face
of my whole shape. And that is me, right? Surely. But you never see
the other sides of my shape until you see me from someones else
perspective, or I reveal it to you. But this gives you a false sense of
truth, because each of you can only see one side of my whole at a
time. Furthermore, the sides you see of me isnt actually my side.
It is yours. The only way to see my whole shape is through
unconditional love. Only then will you have a new perspective and
can see the world through my eyes. Agreements and disagreements
dont matter between two people who love each other
unconditionally. It is as it is. Always.
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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But how do people get more sides? How does all this variety,
misunderstanding, and separation come about? Why can we see
the differences between a person whose mind is shaped like
a Hexahedron and a person whose mind is shaped like
an Icosahedron?
In the beginning, we started as one. But we require division and
expansion (multiplication) in order to grow. So our first transition
is from the first dimension of wholeness to the second dimension
of duality. Now we are like a line with two opposing ends. In the
second dimension, we have two sides: Our Yin, and our Yang. (See?
We came back around full circle!)
Now, its rather difficult to describe this but im going to do my
best. You see, the human perception that we are born into and the
collective human consciousness that exists in and around all of us
is already at a space of complexity. It is far far far beyond the 2
point awareness of yin and yang, regardless of it being at the core
and foundation of our existence (right above Unity, of course). The
energy continues to fractal upwards and create many complex
geometries, and within those complexities we have what we call
our Light Bodies and our Shadow Selves, which is often regarded
as the Yin and Yang of our existence.
The best way I can describe it is with this video. Please enjoy
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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In and among all of the divisions often we
forget that there is Unity at the very core,
and in that unity there is a Duality, of
which are both perfect puzzle pieces that
fit together in perfect union. You might
know what shape im talking about. It
often is described like this >
What were left with is a feeling of
separation. The separation comes from
fear. We fear the idea of someone (ourself) not being the way we
observe it to be. It threatens our sense of truth, because we cling to
a mental image which we want to be so badly. So when a secret is
revealed to people that shouldnt know we get embarrassed. For
ourselves. For each other. The truth is only embarrassing when we
are trying to hide it. And we only hide it when we dont accept it as
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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From the perspective of BEING a Platonic Solid or Archimedean
Solid, essentially we are actively creating new faces of geometry
and expanding our own geometric field as we grow and connect
with more people, more of ourselves.
The more people you know, the more faces you have, and the more
aspects you will have to your personality. Expressing our emotions
and our personality is the effect of an ever-flowing blend of
chemicals mixing through our body. These stimuli are ALWAYS a
result of the past because they are responses of the mind. We are
changing shapes constantly based on our experiences. The things
we do and the people we meet. They happen automatically.
Whenever you act upon the past, you travel into the past.
Whenever you act upon the future, you travel into the future. The
way to create the peace you desire in the moment is to create what
you desire in the future with the awareness of what you have
experienced in the past. Put the past and the future together, with
awareness, and you will know which actions to take and which
ones not to take.
The realization and acceptance of all sides is possible through
unconditional love of All. All sides are equal and necessary. All
shapes are equal and necessary, despite their differences. And the
more sides you have, the more aware you are, and the more
complex your interactions and thoughts are, the more clear you are
about the relationship between the sides and how they work, and
how to transmute them on a larger scale to create more peace,
6/25/14, 1:07 PM The Sacred Geometry of Personality, Thought and Feeling | Spirit Science
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more prosperity, and more freedom.
It all comes down to this:
We must fall in love with ourselves, each other, all of us. Practice it,
put it into motion. This is an age of new beginnings. Things happen
quickly here. Enjoy the ride. Namaste!
- This article was originally written by our friend Michael Loyd, you
can visit his blog and read the original version here!
Article Edited by Jordan Pearce

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