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This agreement for lease made on this Date between Mr V M Joseph , aged ----, S/o.

Vattappillil House, Shine road , Vyttila , Kochi - 682019 (hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR) on the
one part AND -------------------- , aged , S/o.., Address, -------------------- , aged ,
S/o.., Address, -------------------- , aged , S/o.., Address, -------------------- ,
aged , S/o.., Address, -------------------- , aged , S/o.., Address,
AND -------------------- , aged , S/o.., Address,(hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE)
on the other part(D-whether it can be for 5 persons)
Whereas, the area and the building in Add.. (Hereinafter referred to as
the premises) belongs absolutely to the LESSOR.
And whereas the Lessee has expressed his desire to take the building on lease for his residential
purposes alone and the Lessor has agreed to grant such a lease, on certain conditions.
And whereas the parties are desirous, of reducing the terms and conditions of this agreement into
Now this agreement witnesseth as follows:
1. The lessor has agreed to give the premises on lease to the lessee for a period of eleven months
only from the date of handling over of the same, subject to the terms and conditions specified
herein below. After the lessee takes possession of the building, a separate deed may be
executed incorporating these terms and conditions.
2. The parties agree that the rent for the premises shall be Rs 12,000/- (Rupees Twelve thousand
only ) per month, which shall be paid by the Lessee to the Lessor without any default on the 5th
day of each succeeding month, commencing from --------------date for 11 months. In case of
default, the defaulted rent shall carry interest at the rate of 12% per annum from the date of
default till the date of payment .In addition, if any service tax is or becomes payable in respect
of the lease transaction, the lessee agrees that it shall be his liability to pay the same through
the lessor, that he shall pay the same and that the same shall also be treated as and form part
of, the rent payable for the scheduled building and shall be paid as a part of the monthly rent

3. The lessee has paid an amount of Rs 12,000/- as interest free refundable security deposit to the
lessor on this date. The lessee also agrees to pay an amount of Rs 12,000/- on or before the 5
July , 2014 as a part of the interest free refundable deposit to the lessor. This total amount of
Rs 24,000/- shall be repaid to the lessee as and when he vacates and surrender vacant
possession of the premises to the lessor, after adjusting any arrears or dues which may be
payable to the lessor by the lessee as on that date.

4. The lessee expressly agrees that he shall be liable to pay the monthly contributions fixed by the
Builder/Residents Association of Prince Nagar , at such rate as may be fixed by them , towards
maintenance of the common areas , amenities , facilities etc. and for the maintenance of the
building from time to time over and above the rent fixed as per Clause 2 above .The monthly
contributions so payable shall be paid by the lessee , without any default ,the lessor shall be
entitled to recover the said amounts also from the lessee as if the same where the part of the
monthly rent payable as stipulated in Clause 2, above.
5. After the expiry of the period of the lease, the parties may, by mutual agreement, extend the
period thereof for such further period as may be agreed upon, by eleven months at a time, but
subject always to the condition that the rent payable shall be enhanced in consonance with the
prevailing market rate of rent available in the locality for similarly situated buildings, subject to a
minimum increase of 10% once every eleven months.
6. If there is no mutual agreement and /or renewal of the lease , the lessee , shall for with
surrender vacant possession to the lessor at the end of the agreed period of lease .If the lessee
continues in possession beyond the period of the lease, he agrees that he shall be liable to pay
rent at the prevailing market rate in the locality , provided that such rent shall be enhanced by
at least a minimum of 10% over and above the rent payable for the immediately preceding
eleven months , once every eleven months till actual vacant possession of the premises is
surrendered to the lessor .In case of a negotiated renewal of the lease , the terms thereof shall
prevail .But any renewal shall necessarily be in writing .
7. The lease hold premises is intended to be used by the Lessee for his residential purposes only
and it is hereby agreed that the Lessee for his residential purposes only and it is hereby agreed
that the Lessee shall not use the same for any other purposes only and it is hereby agreed that
the Lessee shall not use the same for any other purposes, without the express consent in the
writing from the Lessor.
8. The Lessee shall not make any constructions, additions or alterations in the premises or do
anything which will affect the value, structure or stability of the building in any manner.
9. He shall not sublet the premises in whole, or in part, to anybody else or induct strangers into
possession thereof in any manner, without, the express written consent of the Lessor .
10. The Lessee agrees that he shall keep the premises in good repair and in good hygiene and shall
not cause any damage to the premises. Waste disposal as per Municipal norms shall be the
liability of the lessee .The premises shall not be used in any manner which will cause any
obstruction, nuisance or damages to the Lessor or any of the neighbors, including by parking of
vehicles or keeping of furniture or goods etc.
11. The lessee shall not cause or allow any vehicles to be parked obstructing the access for the other
occupants in the building . If any obstruction, damages or nuisance is caused on the account of
the occupation or use of the premises by the Lessee or any claims or prosecution arise in respect
of the conduct of the business in the premises, the lessee alone shall be liable for the same and
he shall indemnify , and keep indemnified , the lessor against all such claims and damages , in all
the circumstances.
12. The Lessee shall be liable to pay the electricity and water charges in respect of the lease hold
premises and convince the lessor of the payment every month .If there is any delay or default ,
the Lessee shall be liable to pay all the interest , costs and other charges which may become
payable on that account .
13. It is agreed that the Lessee, shall be entitled to have and to hold peaceful possession of the
premises, subject to the right of the Lessor or his agents to enter upon the premises to inspect
the condition thereof and /or to carry out any repairs, if required .The lessee shall maintain and
paint and whitewash the interior building at his cost if required and maintain it in good
condition , without modifications and alterations.
14. The Lessor shall pay the taxes and rates payable in respect of the building.
15. The Lessee shall not use the premises for any illegal, unlawful or unauthorized purposes and
shall not stock or store any explosive, inflammable or dangerous substances of any nature
whatsoever therein.
16. This lease shall be determinable within the period of the lease by the lessee by the issuance of
three months notice in writing to the other.
17. In case the Lessee commits any breach of the terms and the condition of the lease , the Lessee
shall , besides being liable to be evicted from the premises , be liable to make good the loss , if
any , caused to the Lessor for any damage sustained him as a result of the breach by the lessee .
18. This agreement is executed on stamp paper of Rs 100/- as requested by the Lessee. It is
expressedly agreed that, if in any circumstances, it is found that the agreement ought to have
been executed on the stamp paper of more value or registered and, it is held that any further
amounts are liable to be paid by way of additional stamp duty or penalty, the Lessee alone shall
be liable for the same and he shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Lessor , in respect of any
loss , damage or payments made or required to be made by the Lessor on this account .
19. The original of this agreement is retained by the Lessor and a signed duplicate copy is kept by
the Lessee.
20. only 5 persons
21. electricity bill is to be paid by the lessee and any default will be deducted from the the interest
free security deposit.
22. Construction the lessees shall not disturb any construction in the building.




1. Permanent address proof
2. Photo id card