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To implement and monitor Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Programs, and Procedures;
To assist in complying with current health and safety legislation and/or regulations with the
objective of ensuring that all reasonable and proper measures are taen to protect the safety
and health of employee and visitors;
To increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the organi!ation;
To coordinate with the concerned department in a factory in identifying, planning and
organi!ing measures necessary for the effective control of personal injuries and to chec and
evaluate the effectiveness of the action taen or proposed to be taen to prevent personal
To identify safety aspects in all job studies, and to carry out detailed job safety studies of
selected jobs;
To carry out plant safety inspections in order to observe the physical conditions of wor and the
wor practices and procedures followed by the worers and to render advice on measures to be
adopted for removing unsafe physical conditions and preventing unsafe actions by worers;
Proper and timely assessment of riss to health and safety, and implementation of measures
"ollow up of the compliance of all the recommendations/suggestions identified as necessary
from the assessments#
To investigate and report on all serious/critical personal injury accidents occurring to
employees, and / or visitors to the appropriate authority, and to assist in the investigation of all
accidents / incidents that result in substantial damage to vehicles and property;
To investigate and report on all reportable accidents and ha!ardous woring conditions to the
appropriate authority;
To maintain records as are necessary relating to accidents, dangerous occurrences and
industrial diseases;
To respond to employees$ safety concerns;
To coordinate the Occupational Health % Safety &ommittees;
To coordinate the provision of safety signs, relevant protective clothing and e'uipment#
To respond to the orders issued by (egal )odies;
To act as liaison with all related governmental bodies and regulating agencies;
To coordinate all third party inspections/survey/investigations/testing and e*aminations either
statutory or otherwise aimed towards management of occupational safety and health;
To coordinate the training of personnel in areas of safety, including first aid, accident
prevention and investigation, wor place inspections and other matters related to implementing
safety procedures in organi!ational facilities;
To act as the organi!ation$s emergency on+site coordinator;
To assist in emergency preparedness;
To develop, review, and update the ,mergency Procedures;
To coordinate with the purchase and stores department in ensuring 'uality and availability of
personal protective e'uipment;
To be instrumental in designing and implementing the various creative initiatives in association
with the concerned departments lie campaigns, competitions, contests and other activities
which will develop and maintain the interest of the worers and enhance the worers
participation in occupational safety and health management#
To assume other duties as may be assigned#
Competence Diploma in Indut!ial Sa"et# $inimum%
E&pe!ience in Sa"et# - ' - ( #ea!