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Himalyan rivers

1. Indus system
a) A lrg no. of tributaries rise in himalyas
b) Shyoke,shigar and gilgit join it in j&k
c) Jhelum,Chenab,ravi,beas and Sutlej join in after entering Pakistan

1. The Ganga system
a) Lrgest river sys of india
b) Ganga is constituted of Bhagirathi nd alaknanda ,which combine at devpraag to form ganga
c) Bhagirathi the mother stream rises from gangotri glacier
d) Yamina,a mjr tributary joins at allahbad
e) Ghaghar,gandak nd kosi join frm north
f) Damodar nd son join frm south
g) Tributaries of Yamuna :Chambal,betwa,and ken (frm south)

1. The Brahmaputra system
a) 3rd mjr river sys of ind
b) Rises in Tibet,where its called tsangpo
c) Enters india as Dihang
d) Subansiri,kameng,dhansiri,manas &teesta join it frm nrth
e) Buhri dihing,disang &kapoli join it frm south
f) Lohit is also an imp tributary
g) It enters Bangladesh where ganga joins it to form sunderbans

*A tributary is a small river/stream that flows into a large river or lake and dis-tributary is a river
or stream that flows out of a large river or lake.

Peninsular rivers
EAST FLOWING ( into bay of Bengal)
1. The brahmani-subernarekha sys

a) Northern most amng east flowing peninsular rivers
b) Both rise in chhota nagpur plateau
c) Baitrani (river of this sys) rises in Keonjhar plateu in Orissa

1. The Mahanadi sys
a) Imp tributaries: seonath,hasdeo,mand,jonk and tel
b) Before leading to b of b it flows thru delta in Orissa

1. The Godavri sys
a) Lrgst in peninsular region
b) Rises in nasik
c) Imp tributaries:manjira,Penganga ,wardhapranhita,indravati and sabari
d) Rcvs tributaries frm southern part of chotta Nagpur plateau as well
e) Drains thru MP,Maharashtra,Chhattisgarh and AP

1. The Krishna sys
a) Rises in western ghats near mahabaleshwar nd flows thru AP
b) Mjr tributaries:koyna,dudhganga,panchganga,bhima,tungbhadra d musi

1. The Kaveri sys
a) Southernmost amng mjr rivers flowing into b of b frm peninsular region
b) Imp tributaries: hemvati,lokpawani,shimsa,akrawati,lakshamntirtha nd bhawani
c) Less seasonal than other peninsular rivers

WEST FLOWING (into Arabian sea)

1. Narmada sys
a) Rises in amarkantak region
b) Flows thru rift valley nd forms waterfalls
c) Mjr tributaries: burhner,banjar,shar,shakkar,dudhi,tawa,kolar
d) Marble falls is also on this river
1. The Tapi sys
a) Purna is the major tributary

1. Sabarmati sys
a)rises in aravali hills in raj and flows into gulf of cambay