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Our Repair, Replacement and Installation Services

Water Heater Repair Las Vegas h bn serving plumbing repairs f ll types in Las Vegas fr
mn years. W r a family-owned nd operated ompany! nd proud tht lient are i f th highest
importane t us. "ur ob#etive i t $rvid %ui&! eonomial nd trusted water heater repair servies!
$'ill in emergeny situation situations(
W understand tht eonomial repair osts r generally a hoosing element fr mn f ur ustomers
nd w strive t offer th vr bt pried repair nd water heater maintenane servies w an. With
prevention ations nd bing proative with maintenane will assist in lessening th re%uirement fr mn
repairs nd prolong th life f n water heater. )elaying plumbing troubles 'n b n aggravating! unsafe!
nd priey mista&e.
We are s&illed in all &inds of Water *eater +nstallations and ,eplaements! onsisting of gas water heaters!
eletri water heaters! tan&less water heaters! and solar water heaters.
Other Plumbing Repair and Water Heater Repair Service in Las Vegas
+n addition t water heater repairs! w r l vilbl t assist with general plumbing servies nd
repairs! frm lea&ing fauets! drain leaning! toilet repairs! vn slab lea& repairs. -hr r fw plumbing
repair situations w hv nt 'm 'r vr th years! assisting ur ne.t-door neighbors.
Las Vegas Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Tips
Water heaters made today hv 'm a lng w in terms f thir tehnology nd nd littl up&eep.
/onetheless! with n appliane! thr r m regular up&eep #obs tht nd t b dn t hl$ prevent
ommon troubles.
-h water in th tan& nd t b drained a minimum f n' a year t gt rid f n sediment tht gathers
whi'h 'n trigger orrosion nd a redution effiieny. )ing will l llw th heater t run mr
%uietly. +f u hv vr hd popping r banging sounds frm frm th water heater tan&! it i a sign tht it
nd t hv th sediment leared.
-est th pressure-relief valve b lifting th valve0s handle nd letting it snap ba&. -hi huld release a
burst f water int th overflow drain. +f it d not! a brand-new valve huld b installed. 1llwing thi
test! wath ut fr littl lea&s frm th valve. -hi i a good yearly test also.
2aintain 3 feet f unused spae rund th water heater nd &$ th area beneath lean nd wll swept.
4vr thr t 5 years! analy6e th sarifiial anode rod inside th tan& t e.amine t .'tl hw
%ui&ly th r wearing away. +f vn mr thn 7 inhes f th ore steel wire i e.posed it wuld b bt
t 'hng th rod.
+nsulate older units with a fiberglass oat 8typially sold t hardware stores9 t improve effiieny! bing
autious t avoid ontat with th flue. /ewer devies r lrd optimi6ed fr pea& energy effiieny! but
till ma&e u f pipe insulation rund ll pipes! nt #ut th hot water pipes.
+f n i planning n bing w frm home fr a prolonged period f time! ad#ust th thermostat setting n
gas heaters t a :Vaation: setting! whi'h preserves th pilot burner withut heating th water.
When Is a Las Vegas Water Heater Replacement eeded!
; with mt n home appliane! a water heater will brea& dwn it m t th mt unfavorable time.
-hough! thr r mt lw signs tht n heater i nearing ompletion f it life span.
<onventional storage-tan& water heaters nearing ompletion f thr => t =?-year life e.petany!
replaement i $rbbl unavoidable. /w designs r u$ t 3> @ mr effetive nd 'n save mu'h
AB>> in energy osts vr th life f th devie. /onetheless! if ur water heater i #ut a fw years old!
mr fre%uently thn not! it 'n b fi.ed nd servied withut needing a replaement water heater.
+f u r l&ing fr a sinere! trustworthy! respetful nd affordable plumbing tehniian! l& n
additional. C hoosing Water *eater ,epair Las Vegas fr ur residential nd industrial plumbing
servies! u will reeive th e.tremely bt servie possible.